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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


Folks, you're seeing the damage right now done from big liberal mega donors, the George Soros types and others. What they've done to influence local elections, local elections, not globally impactful elections, local elections. This show is gonna blow your mind a little bit today. Got this. I've got a ton of news to get through in how it's impacting people in the United States right now, like the McCluskey's Today Show brought to you by our friends and express VPN, your online activity.


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All right, go. Let's go. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.


Joe's given us the verbal bell. Clearly, some technical difficulties with the mechanical bell gremlins everywhere is going to hit. Let's get right to the card then, because I don't at least the card that's going to be very good, even if the technical side of the show is struggling a little bit. So, folks, I've been warning you and in my next book, Follow the Money, it's coming out in October, but it's available for preorder. Now, I have an entire chapter on George Soros.


You know, God forbid you talk about Soros, Joe. You know, Media Matters, they lose their minds. And that's how, you know, you're over the target, by the way, which makes me just double down to talk about it more than you can't talk about George Soros, God forbid. Talk about George Soros will accuse you of anti-Semitism. Explain that again, if you follow the history of Soros, you may want to reword that.


That's a whole other thing, but we're not going to be dissuaded from talking about what we want on this show. We'll do whatever we want when we want, because we're talking about issues that are affecting Americans. What does this have to do with this story up at The Washington Examiner? It's garnered national, in some cases international attention. It's a story of a St. Louis couple that prior to, what, two or three weeks ago was probably pretty anonymous outside of their local area, the McCluskey's.


Remember them? The St. Louis couple who brandished a weapon at the protesters, according as Washington Examiner title and was charged. Article by Mike Breast. Yeah, the McCluskey's who, when a group of violent protesters, they were not peaceful, they were violent, they were violent, that that that statement tautologically ripped their front gate down on private property. And we're threatening them with violence. That would mean violent protesters for all the liberals listening who have seven inch thick skulls, dunce's really stupid people I'm sorry, who keep insisting that the McCluskey's who left their house, they had appeared to be an AR 15 and a pistol and were defending their home.


To the liberals who keep saying on television and in writing, although they were just intimidating, peaceful protest, they were not peaceful. They were not peaceful. Stop advertising your stupidity for the world to see. Nobody believes you were laughing at you when you say that because you were a dunce, when you break down someone's front gate, you tear it down with a mob. You then threaten the homeowner with burning their house down and murdering them. That is not peaceful.


Nobody believes you. No one. We're laughing at you. We know what you're doing. We know your gaslighting efforts. And nobody's buying it. So the McCluskey's were charged by the just to read the Occulus Lee outrageously bad, corrupt local prosecutor Kim Gardner, who is really probably right now one of the most dangerous politicians in America. She charged them for daring to defend their own property against a violent mob, threatening to burn their house down and kill them after they ripped their front gate down.


The prosecutor charged the McCluskey's. If you haven't heard this story, you probably have. I mean, unless you're living in a cave somewhere. So most of you probably heard this story. But if you haven't, you probably like Dan, you this is you've got the story wrong here is scratching your head like baby me. So you're telling me just to be clear here, you're telling me. I know. Producer Drew loves the hand gesticulations. It's an Italian thing.


I'm sorry. He loves me. If I don't do it, he is very upset. So you're telling me here that a violent mob rips down a couple's front gate, storms their house, threatens them and threatens that they basically break into the house by a forced home invasion? The couple doesn't never fires a shot, but walks outside with their weapons, defending their home and the couple defending their home was start. Yes. Yes, that's what I'm telling you.


What the heck does this have to do with George Soros and liberal mega donors? Ladies and gentlemen, is their plan the whole time? Get this article in a second here. But. How did this corrupt. Absolutely, grotesquely corrupt prosecutors say Lewis, who charged the couple defending their lives in their home. How did she get into office? They say, sorry. Liberals, Joe, I can see it. Or a pardon. Sorry, liberal for the FCC.


Pass it by. It is. Let's look at this, just the news piece. John Solomon's terrific Web site, just the news. St. Louis prosecutor Kym Gardner targeting the McCluskey's get seventy eight thousand dollar infusion from Soros Link-Up at that guy's back there. It is really because we can see the money trail. Now, by the way, just a side note. My next book, which is available for preorder now. Follow the Money, has a whole chapter on Soros and how exactly he does what he does.


Paying people. Oh, look at that, Paula. Throwing the book up very nice. They follow the money. There's the cover right there. There's a whole chapter on what Soros does, but. So just the news article. Paul, can you put that just the news piece up, because I'm not sure I'm reading this right, John Solomon and his site there with reporters after they do actual reporting, just the news that a St. Louis couple not on as a jar.


He gets sixty seventy eight thousand dollars from a source linked group. There we go by Christine Dolan. I'm just checking Joe Paul. By reading that headline Wrong. St. Louis prosecutor target him because he's get 78 came from source group. OK. I'm not reading that right now.


What's the problem here? What are they really doing? What are they up to? What sort of something what source is interest a billionaire in a local race in St. Louis? Folks, this is my warning to you and it's been my warning to you for a long time. These liberal communists and socialists and anti-American, American hating anti fur types and your pigs in a blanket flyer, a frame like bacon types. They will not stop. They want to destroy that country and you in the process.


Do you understand that? Please horse blinders for a minute. My gosh, if there's anything I ever tell you, you need to be crystal clear about this right away. So you understand the fight ahead. You think you're walking into a fight with an unexperienced guy. You're going to win in a minute and you find yourself in an Apollo Creed Rocky 15 round there. And at the end of the 15th round, you go, and what the hell just happened?


Please understand, these liberal groups are in it to win it. I'm not talking about all Democrats in the country. I'm talking with these radical leftists. They are in it to win it. And their version of a win is the destruction of everything, you know, as America today. Soros and his liberal donors and these liberal groups they work with figured out a long time ago that you have to fight what's been called by some friends in a group I roll with.


We're used to the 30 front war. Again, you can call it a conspiracy theory if you're left this stall you want, it only means we're over the target. I don't care. I disregard you buffoons all the time. What is the 30 front war? The left knows and Joe is the audience referee step in if I don't explain this well, please Icer. The 30 front war is a war on local elections, national elections, the court system, the culture, entertainment, academia, the DOD, the technical or the tech tyrants out there.


Google for rising everywhere. Why a 30 front war? Why not just focus your energy on, say, the presidency or national elections? Because, folks, the way our system is set up with checks and balances, both horizontal and vertical in our constitutional republic, it's difficult to get major initiatives like destroying people's liberty, destroying their right to defend themselves. Either McCluskey's you get it to take out the Second Amendment, to take their money through confiscatory taxation and implement new forms of socialism, taxes, taxation and regulation.


To take your health care away, to indoctrinate your kids, it's hard to do that. There's always that obstacle in that one front. If the president tries to do it. So when you hit them on all fronts, you elect people locally like Gardner. Gardner takes away your Second Amendment right by simply charging people. Now, people in St. Louis are afraid that if they defend themselves against the mob and they, God forbid, have to use a firearm to defend the lives of them, their kids or their family or protect their property, they're afraid they're going to go to jail.


Ladies and gentlemen, whether you've whether the Second Amendment is there or not, it's St. Louis is irrelevant for them now. Do you understand that? Yeah. Yeah. If they can't get the Second Amendment taken away legally, they'll just get it taken away in a de facto, not the jury matter. They'll make it so ineffective and so useless that God forbid, you use the Second Amendment to defend your property or your family's lives. You'll go to jail.


It's the Second Amendment. Even real then. What's real for us? But not if you live in St. Louis. They couldn't get it done through Barack Obama alone, so they figured, let's fight on every front. At the same time and overwhelm people who believe in big our God given rights and free much to overwhelm them, get them banned from Twitter. Sue them. Put them in jail. If they defend themselves, indict them. Soros figured that out.


That's why. What is George Soros care about the prosecutor in St. Louis? He doesn't he cares about this 30 front fight. That's why his money and not just him, but others, liberal mega donors. The LinkedIn guy and elsewhere, that's why their money filters its way down to different fronts. The culture war, the tech wars, the court, the academic institutions. Front groups, antifa. Prosecutors international, like in my book, where I talk about sources, money in Ukraine.


How Ukraine went to fight this fight globally to attack political enemies. Ladies and gentlemen, these people aren't stupid, they want to wipe you out and any resistance to their big government agenda. This is very serious. Now, luckily, I do have a lot to get through. There are some people still standing in the way. The purpose of this block, though, before I get this, is Frinks videos of Missouri, the attorney general from Missouri, the entire state, obviously.


Now, St. Louis being in Missouri, obviously the mistreatment of Missouri attorney general had something to say about this ridiculous corrupt charging. And the McCluskey's by Kim Gardner. George Soros sponsored a local prosecutor. He had something to say, too. But I just before we get to this clip, I want to express to you the importance now in 20 in 2016 to 2020. This election coming up in just over 100 days. Do not dare walk into the election booth, folks, and just vote for the presidency and walk out, please, with humility and the greatest of respect.


Do not even consider that. Down ballot races are just as important. If Soros knows it and left this note, we need to know that two. It's usually Senate excuse me, presidency, Senate, if you have one on, if you have one on the U.S. Senate race on the ballot, then it's your congressional Reps, then it's your state delegates, ladies and gentlemen. Republican down the line. And Republicans aren't the answer to our problems, they're not.


They've largely sold you out, too. But Democrats are most definitely the cause of all your problems. I'm not telling you there's a good choice. I'm telling you there's a less bad choice, you have to deal with the World War and not the world you want to live in. It's no more difficult than that to understand. Republican down the line. I'm very sorry, they are not the party we thought they were. But the Democrats are exactly the party we think they are.


Down ballot races matter. Because when you don't vote. Down ballot races. People like Kim Gardner get in office and slowly whittle away your Second Amendment. By default. Here's a Missouri attorney general fighting back against a ridiculous charging of the McCluskey's. Check this out. Hello. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt. The right to keep and bear arms is given the highest level protection in the Missouri Constitution in our laws, which I'm charged with protecting. This includes the Missouri Castle Doctrine, which provides broad rights to Missourians to protect and defend their personal safety and property against those who wish to do the harm.


And yet, in the wake of radical calls to defund the police, it was rates of violent crime skyrocketing each day. The single circuit attorney filed suit against the same asshole who, according to published reports, say they were doing just that, defending the safety of their family in their private property. Enough is enough. As Missouri's chief law enforcement officer, I simply will not stand by while Missouri laws be ignored. That's why I'm entering this case in seeking the dismissal of this case to protect the rights of Missourians, to defend themselves into property under Missouri's castle doctrine.


But political prosecutions such as this one would have a chilling effect on Missourians exercising the right to self-defense. The law in Missouri is clear and must be protected.


Do you understand what he's saying there? Eric Schmitt, this disguise not stupid. The Missouri attorney general knows exactly what's going on. Ladies and gentlemen, you can cite the cost driving app for the Constitution. My form that kidding you carry around a hard copy. Now it's on an app. Everything's tech. The technical now. That Second Amendment, you understand, is meaningless if people like him, Gardner, can put you in jail for exercising it. Those big our God given rights are not going to defend themselves.


The Constitution is the greatest governing document in human history. But ladies and gentlemen, let's be candid. It is just a piece of paper. The principals exercised in it when appropriately defended. Are the greatest governing principals in the history of humankind. It's a document I adore. And the men who wrote it were brilliant. But it's meaningless if it's not defensible. Meaningless. You have the right to defend yourself. But if you exercise, it will put you in jail.


Now, folks, the media is in on this. I'm going to get to a quick clip by an MSNBC contributor, one of the legendary dopes of MSNBC. But Hileman, who's just a moron. But. I want you to understand before I get to this one eighth, my second sponsor, before I get this, I want to just quickly set you up for this. The media is in on this, too. They understand the 30 front war, political, legal, cultural court system, academia, the media's role as activist and Pravda like propagandise like the Soviets.


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C Bohlen branch dot com for details go today. She's just super comfortable. I said it's really bad for hotels. That's the only downside. Sometimes I got to travel. Okay. The media is one of those. Thirty plus fronts. It's more like a 50 front war. But they know their role. Hileman, MSNBC, CNN, you know, the Soviets, the prov, the like propaganda agit propers. So their role, again, is to make sure that your big our God given rights are whittled away.


So what do they do? They go on TV and say things like this to make sure, you know, if you're in the resistance, the resistance to chaos and you choose to defend yourself, that you're the bad guy and the criminals are the good guys. Listen to the way Harmon describes President Trump sending in federal agents to stop you in your buildings from being burned down. Check this out.


Everything that's been said here, I think, is about this particular issue is right. But not doesn't go far enough. You know, we're talking this not just performative authoritarianism. This is authoritarianism. This is a these are paramilitary units. These are the kinds of things that we have seen in tyrannical authoritarian regimes in third world countries throughout the 20th, second half of the 20th century. This is not a this not a mystery what's going on here. And I think that to pretend to look at this through the prism of symbolic politics, the Law and Order campaign, Trump try to rerun the Nixon playbook is true, but doesn't, as I say, go far enough.


We're looking, I think, here and this is a dark and I don't want to be overly alarmist about this, but I think this is the time to be alarmist, knowing where Donald Trump stands right now, politically, understanding where we are headed in this election. I think we're looking at a potentially a trial run for a kind of j a genuine attempt to to to through intimidation and potentially through force to try to to try to steal this election.


Do you see what he did there? I know if this story's totally upside down. Trump now is the one using intimidation and force Trump. You have people in Portland whose businesses and buildings have been under relentless attack for almost three months now. Relentless attack. Graffiti attacked. Burned down, people attacked, people being punched in the face. The videos are everywhere. Just go to Andy knows account, his social media accounts. If you don't believe you could see the videos yourself.


You know, the terror group and Tifa, the fascists, the fascist terror group and diva in Portland violently trying to overthrow the city. President Trump sends in federal agents. By the way, notes he calls them paramilitary, paramilitary. They're federal agents. They're not military or paramilitary. They're federal agents. Sends them in to protect the people there. And we're the ones the citizens these people represent. These federal agents were the ones guilty of intimidation. High wind knows exactly what he's doing.


He's working on behalf of big liberal, big government, socialist, communist activist groups that are trying to break down any resistance to their plans. They will attack you, it will. They will basically alienate your bigger God given rights and you will shut up and you will be educated. Disgusting. All right. Moving on, as always, we spend more time in these topics and on plannings, I have a lot to get through, right? Showing you how you think I'm crazy here.


And this is just the media culture, cultural, elitist, academic, elitist, those. No, no, this is elected. So like Kim Gardner, elected politicians and the worst attorney general in the history of humankind anywhere. Keith Ellison in Minnesota, former congressman and ongoing disaster. This is an actual clip. This is not The Onion or the Babylon Bee. It's not a satire site. It's not meant to be sarcastic. This is an actual clip of the attorney general of a major American state, Minnesota.


Saying how, if you're raped, that cops should not respond. Folks, if you're saying to me that this can't possibly be true, you're clearly using hysteria here. Just listen to the cut. You'll probably have a different opinion on the other side of it. If you're a woman who's been a victim of a sexual assault and the assailant is ran away. Wouldn't you rather talk to somebody who is trained in helping you deal with what you're dealing with as opposed to somebody whose main training is that they know how to use a firearm?


Right. I. I just heard a grown over from Paula, which is rare. Which is where I'm working on getting Paula, Mike, Bubba. I got all your feedback. I know she's just one of them. She might be on my way. But you have to do it. There's too much feedback. People want they want Paula. When I hear a groan, I typically know that that story has been like a gut punch. Joe, you heard what I heard right now.


Here. So you're the victim of a sexual assault? Mm hmm. I mean, a violation of your body. It's unimaginable. And Alison suggesting, no, no, we don't want the cops there, we want a social worker. Ladies and gentlemen, listen, I'm not here. I am I. I said I spent a lot of time in school studying psychology and a great kid. I'm not knocking social workers at all. I don't intend to.


And don't take no don't take my words in any way to mean that. They do a lot of McGrain fix, though, you know, a lot of problems for a lot of people. God forbid you're the victim of a sexual assault. I want that guy locked up. I want him locked up quick and I want the guys with the guns responding because they are the guys with arrest powers. I'm not kidding when I tell you if a conservative said this.


Yeah, if a woman is raped, a victim of a sexual assault. No cops. Let's get a social worker there instead. Cancel culture. You would potentially be subjected to the guillotine. I have not heard a dumber idea proposed by an attorney general of a major state. Then this dumb idea. And by the way, Joe, just a question, where are the women's groups on this? Where are, you know. Yeah. Women's groups are for women's right.


Where where where are you? On the site. I haven't heard anything.


Well, I mean. Not now. Joe, you here in Aning and you're in women's group. Alina Cho. Women's groups, Ellyson now. Nothing there either. Nobody's at the door. No, nobody's at the other end. Oh, not now. There are nobody at my door. That's interesting you on your computer, Joe. Ginger, Drudge Report, anything like that women's because out are you having because women's groups are silent. Fourteen people hurt, shot in Chicago last night.


Oh, my God. Black lives matter. I thought the Black Lives Matter matter and really matter eyes. Ironically, no matter to Black Lives Matter. Where are they where are the women's groups on Keith Ellison? Yeah. Social workers should respond to sexual abuse case. Where are they? Answers are nowhere. Because Democrats are enjoying this suck. I'm talking about elected officials. They are they're enjoying this suck. You know, the suck you've been in the military or law enforcement.


Embrace the suck. You know, that means you're really harsh work conditions you work in, whatever you're doing, you're on a mission. And it really stinks. Embrace the suck. You have no choice. Democrats are embracing the suck all over the country. They love this chaos. They think it's great. God forbid you are the victim of rape. They want a social worker to show up. This is real, folks. I'm just playing their own words.


OK? These are their words. They're not they're not my. Something. God forbid, like this happens to you. I want the cops showing up. And I want the dude locked up like Stad. Idiots, morons, morons. All right. Speaking of media morons, and we will spend a heavy show so far. So on a lighter note, the great Caylee McEneaney yesterday in our presser at the White House had an interesting moment. Now, Jon Karl, who doesn't know much about anything, is an alleged journalist say alleged because he doesn't really know anything about anything.


And you would think journalists would their expertise would be in facts and background and things like that. Ask the question of Caylee McKinney, because, you know, the media is on the side again, like Holmen and others of chaos. The criminals are the good guys and you're the bad guys for defending yourself. So Jon Karl asked Caylee McEneaney in this presser yesterday in the Brady press room. Hey, how does President Trump have the authority to go in there with federal agents and do crazy things like enforce the law?


You didn't you didn't know the answers. Joe, what's the golden rule right about when you're in politics? Never, ever ask a question. You don't know the answer to it. Is that not the Golden Rule JROTC? Never ask a question. You don't know the answer to an advance. I'm just sayin. Jon Karl would have followed this rule. He wouldn't have been totally, completely, 100 percent r e Katie racked by Kaili MacInerney yesterday. Check this out.


Where in the Constitution does the president derive the authority to send federal law enforcement officers to the streets of American cities against the will of the elected officials in those cities?


Yes. Well, what you're referring to is Portland and 40 U.S. Code one three one five gives DHS the ability to deputize officers in any department or agency like ICE, Customs and Border Patrol and Secret Service, quote, as officers and agents, they can be deputized for the duty of. In connection with the protection of property owned or occupied by the federal government and persons on that property. And when a federal courthouse is being lit on fire, commercial fireworks being shot at, it being shot at the officers.


I think that that falls pretty well within the limits of 40 U.S. Code 13.


Joe, the only thing that would have made that cut better, I'd have these lint rollers for money if she went like this. What's your take? I have these for when I do Fox, you know. Wouldn't it be great if she just walked away and, like, pulled out a little longer? She had a black dress. It's not a big classic. That would have been the greatest moment ever. There she just like lit road or like took a sip of coffee after that.


Mike Right. Yeah. Yeah. Mike dropped like off Obama at that time with my drop. Oh. Oh. Never ask a question. You don't know the answer to guns. You don't know the you are real. Jon Karl, respected reporter, folks, trust me, I've dealt with reporters on my prior line of work. They were. I'm not kidding. Not all of them want to stereotype. The people I dealt with were some of the dumbest people I have ever met in my life.


I'm not kidding. If you heard their conversations, you would be. I can't say this enough. You would scratch your head. Like what? Did this guy finish the third grade? He was unaware the president has authority to defend federal property. He's the chief executive of the federal government. One man. Dead giveaway. Every time, every time I this job. Thank you. But I was going to end this. Bob sorry, Joe just inadvertently extended this segment.


Here's a trick for you reporters out there. I get it. You know, information, double digit IQ stuff, the price the computer does and why I get that. But when you see. A descriptor in front of an object that says federal like federal courthouse. Federal property. The president probably has some authority to do something law enforcement wise. I'm just throwing that out there. I'm just throwing that out there. You know, I'm not I'm not a journalist like you guys, and I'm not that smart.


I mean, I'm not smart enough to be a journalist. What am I? Do some dopey former cop, Joe Dopy, order you and you went away to morons. What do we know? Federal. Yeah. Do you do shuggie. Federal court. Half federal. I swear, this gavel, someone said, is the greatest tool ever because I have to, like Hammer set myself on the Mellons sometimes to make sure the computer's still functioning. So I'm like, are these people really this stupid?


The answer is yes. They are good for Caylee McEneaney for setting this down straight. All right. I've got another media clip. I'm sorry for a little media madness where I get them and I get my next sponsor. But CNN Brianna Keilar up there with Jon Kyl. Member, what I told you. These are some of the dumbest people who ever me who apparently doesn't read CNN dot com. Before she goes on the dope, they'll miss some more.


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They sound great. You okay. So getting back to this. You know, the media madness, I pointed out again for reason, so you understand going into these elections that you're not getting legitimate, accurate information. You're getting activism. That's what they do. They have an agenda. When you understand their agenda, you understand how to dismantle it. So this is a clip from CNN yesterday. Tim Murtaugh, who is the communications head for the Trump campaign.


Tim Murtaugh was on CNN with the dreadful Brianna Keilar, who doesn't know very much. And the topic of hydroxy chloroquine came up. And Dr. Keiller, just kidding. She's not a doctor at all. She's a journalist who had some interesting words about Hydroxy Clark when I'll play that and then we'll put up some interesting commentary from CNN dot com afterwards. I guess she doesn't read that. Check this out.


But let's remember, when you're talking about things like this, you remember the hydroxyl chloroquine fiasco where the entirety of the media was dead set against anyone ever talking about this simply because the president expressed optimism.


That's not why it's free, because it kills everything. Yes. And everybody embraced a study that showed that it that it was a failure. And then that study had to actually be withdrawn. And now there's another study that shows that it can actually cut deaths by as much as. Are you.


Are you're talking about this study that also use that? Are you talking about this study that also includes corticosteroids which are helpful in coronavirus? It's not hydroxy chloroquine that helps patients. I mean, you're not a doctor.


Clearly, you're checking your pick. Again, your charite, you're cherry picking your chair. I'd like to talk to scientists and doctors and clearly you don't. So then why. No, I've been bringing this up. I again, I'm sorry to keep it. They are some of the dumbest people you will ever meet. Collective collective IQ is in the possibly the single digits. So Dr. Brianna Keilar just came. She's a journalist. She says, you know, hydroxy chloroquine kills people, you know, I talked to scientists and doctors, she says.


Do you talk to the people at CNN dot com where this article just yet? Oh, boy. Yeah, well, this is. Oh, gosh. Oh. Huh? Are you see that CNN health study finds hydroxy chloroquine may have boosted survival, but other researchers have doubts by Maggie Fox. Andrea Kane and Elizabeth Cohen. So there Tim Murtaugh was right. There's a study that finds it hydroxy chloroquine boosts survival. A study covered by CNN. But Brianna Keilar is on the air.


By the way, if I was a producer of hydroxy chloroquine, I would sue this woman. Hydroxy chloroquine kills people, she said. Hydroxycut can kill you standing by that. For those of you out there who are aboard today and have nothing to do, I suggest you e-mail CNN and respectfully ask, is that statement accurate? We'd like Brianna Keilar to address that again on the air that Hydroxy Corkman kills people. It appears she's giving medical advice on the air, does it not?


Just asking Pierce. Is she nice? He is. So if you're on hydroxy chloroquine and it could save your life, you have lupus, an auto immune disorder. Or it's being used to treat you under medical advice for the dreadful symptoms of coronavirus. Brianna Keilar is telling you that drugs are going to kill you. This is CNN of a little bit of a problem on their hands here. Not only she say, yes, she was really confident about it.


She talks to scientists and doctors. Apparently you've told her that I guess most what, you just made it up. What scientist or doctor told told you that? Exactly. Be a real shame, e-mailed CNN and ask her to go on the record again with that. We would like to see her double down on that one if she really believes that. Shemar, Brianna Keilar is a moron who doesn't know anything, who candidly would rather see would rather give erroneous, outrageous, unscientific advice on the air.


To try and attack President Trump in his communications. That's the only reason she said that she's not smart enough to say anything otherwise. That's a real. By the way, again, we didn't edit that, we just cut it short. Everything you needed to see, you saw right there. All right, moving on. Folks, there is a lot of substantive, really critical, candidly dangerous stuff to talk about tonight as well. Dangerous, I mean, dangers for the future of the country.


We opened up the show talking about the organized attack on your rights to the 30 front war. But there's also in that legal front. Legal political front. That's one of the fronts we have to be very, very concerned about. Folks, if we lose when I say the political front, I should say legal front, legal, I mean by changing the laws. But the battle by the left, obviously, to take back the election win for Joe Biden to win and for them to take back the Senate could be deeply troubling for us.


Check out this article, The Washington Examiner. It's a good one. It's up in my show notes either from today or yesterday, Bunji or that. Com slash newsletter. Please check out the show notes. That's how you subscribe. GOP Gallery of Nightmares, 10 policies Biden and the Democrats would ram through after axing the filibuster. Folks, this should scare the living Hades out of every single one of you. Here's the Democrats plan for you, which will dismantle the republic and probably under a few years if all this stuff goes through.


Number one, they want to get rid of the filibuster. The filibuster is Tucker Carlson described last night. We talked about last week on the show as well. Is the only thing right now if we lose the presidential presidential election in the Senate, the only thing between you and the chaos. The only thing the filibuster is a way the minority in the Senate. The minority party, which is the Democrats now, but could be the Republicans if we lose the Senate.


It's the only way the minority party can stop disastrous things from happening. If that goes away and a simple majority vote, the Senate's the way to pass legislation, the Democrats have the majority. God forbid you are going to see these 10 things I'm going to talk about be shoved right down your throat and it ain't going to taste good. In case you don't believe me, though, and you think all the Democrats would dare get rid of the filibuster.


There's 100 hundred plus year tradition of the filibuster in the Senate. They wouldn't just casually throw that out. Would they? Again, ladies and gentlemen, don't listen to me. Listen to Chuck Schumer himself. Check this out.


Vice President Biden recently suggested that he would be open to supporting eliminating the filibuster if Republicans obstruct his agenda. Where do you stand on that? Are you more receptive?


Taking a look at doing a job, no one is for us to get the majority. We don't take anything for granted, but it's looking better and better.


And once we get the majority, we'll discuss it in our caucus.


Nothing's off the table again, folks. Don't listen to me. Listen to the Democrats. Was that Dennis Green Line? They are who we thought they were. The Democrats are who they say they are. You don't need my word for it, just listen to Chuckie Schumer. They will dump the filibuster. Day one. Day one, by the middle of January, you will be looking at a legislative apocalypse. You cannot stop anymore. So what's on their agenda, what are these 10 things?


Let me just go through them quickly, the list of horribles that you can expect to see. God forbid we lose this election. There will be an assault weapons ban, assault weapons. Now, why do I use the Democrat terminology there? That's the point. Assault weapons. That term doesn't mean easy. Democrats have never been able to define it. Well, what's the purpose of leaving it? Loosely defined. Because enemies, whatever the Democrats say it means for guns, painted black, for guns, really law.


If it has a scary grip, if it has a site on top. If it has a chainsaw bayonet at the bottom. Remember that gem from the.


You know, if that's real, by the way, USA Today. Remember that. But really, chainsaw bayonet. That's the whole point. An assault weapons ban will mean the Democrats will ban whatever firearm they want. Everything will be an assault weapon. Secondly, amnesty. Oh, that's a lock. You'll see that in a heartbeat. Pushed right through, no filibuster, no way to stop it. Amnesty for 12 to 15 million people in the country, totally illegal.


That one is a lock. You'll see taxpayer funded abortions again. Whether you believe in life, from conception to natural death like I do or you're pro-abortion. I think we can all agree taxpayer money shouldn't pay for it. Oh, that'll be gone. Elby, taxpayer funded abortions will be your tax dollars going to terminate human life, no doubt about that. Tax hikes. We already know that talked about it last week. Come on. And then I can hike our taxes in a government imposed recession because of these disasters like I was on all they've already said they will.


Oh, you don't know that. You don't read the capital gains tax hikes, corporate tax hikes, income tax hikes, financial transaction taxes that you haven't C.M.A. You haven't seen any us. I'm really sorry if you're a liberal watching and you're under the mistaken guys that are going to hike by middle class taxes, they've already said they will. They've already said that. That is definitely coming your way. Card check. So, again, whether you believe in the power of unions or not.


Again, I'm not anti-union. I'm anti I. Yeah. Mantei force and coercion. Card check. So that you don't have a secret ballot anymore, deciding to join a union. You can be basically to card check. Force, they submit a card instead. Democrats have wanted that for years. Democrats don't believe in choice. They only say they do. D.C. statehood. Washington, D.C. is not a state. It is the seat of the federal government.


It has always been that way. Washington, D.C., which I don't believe in modern times, has ever voted for a Republican president ever. D.C. will be a state, you will have two more Democrat senators, and that will never, ever change. You will never get the majority back. Court packing. You know, there's five, four rulings that the Supreme Court, Joe, there'll be 50, 40 as they pack the Supreme Court and then we pack the Supreme Court.


Next thing you know, you have one thousand six hundred seventy two justices on the Supreme Court. They'll have to expand the building court packing. That's their thing. Next, whenever they get in, they'll throw five, six more justices on. Then the Republicans, you know, the bad ones will be like, but we need to be principled, we can't do the same thing now that we pack it, do that will add 10 more and in ala 20 more.


And you'll be looking at the end stages in the United States. Public option for health care. That's coming. The public option, no way. Oh, yeah. Ten. Why wouldn't we have a public eye? That sounds great. People can choose a government option for health care. You know, government health caring. That sounds fair. Folks, you don't really believe that. Do you know what the purpose of a government public option is? Because it's the government, it can use your taxpayer dollars to charge below market fees, which would do what, Joe?


Run insurance companies out of business. Therefore, it wouldn't become the public option. It would become the only option. How does that sound? You like your insurance company now. Then you better fight the public option because your insurance company be out of business when the public option uses your taxpayer dollars to drive your free market health care option right off the market. He'd say, I can't get any worse. Oh, wait, Will. There'll be a full blown attack on the oil companies, I know if you're a liberalises scrummy companies, I had to listen.


I'm not for corporate welfare in any respect. But having said that, the attack on the oil companies will be. Thirty fronts. Meaning what? Your gas bill probably go up by 100 or 200 percent. You like that? I like the idea of seventy two dollar gas. You vote Democrat. Finally, the Green New Deal. You know, no more farting cows, air travel or anything like that. Whether that passes, I'm not sure. I think even blue state Democrat senators would be laughed out of the joint.


I mean, nobody voted for AOSIS Green Deal, but. To be candid, folks. There's nothing stopping him. Now, without that filibuster. I don't want to be to Debbie Downer either. It's a good chance we hold the Senate. We could even add to it. There's a good chance we win the presidency, too. I'm just telling you, ladies and gentlemen, as I did on yesterday's show. Elections are contrast are binary choices. This candidate or that candidate, we're doing everyone on this show a disservice.


If we are, let's not be pessimistic and explain them. Downside. No, no. Let's explain the downsides. So you understand, if you don't show up to vote, exactly what's going to happen to you folks? Let me just be clear. I put this on my social media counterpart of the other day. I'm not kidding. I don't give a rat's caboose if there's a Category 72 hurricane or tornado in your neighborhood on Election Day. I don't care if it's raining, snowing, sleeting haling.


I don't care if cats and dogs are dumping from the sky. I don't care if the rain is horizontal. You have got to vote and take ten of your friends with you. Take 20. Rent a van and take 40. I don't care. I don't care if they put broken glass in front of the vote, walk over it to get to those polls. This is without a doubt, the most critical election in our lifetime. I have got more to get to.


Really, it's a big a lot of news. Let me get to my final sponsor. Let me get to this relief bill, which is another disaster. They're proposing another coronavirus relief bill, ladies and gentlemen. It's just I mean. And we if we were trying to bankrupt the country, would you do anything different? And the answer is no, of course you would. We're doing it exactly the way you'd planned. All right. Find a sponsor, those Patriot mobile listening while the left embraces cancel culture.


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They're not shy about it. They share your values. They support our Constitution. They put people before profits. Switching is easy. Keep your phone number, bring your own phone or buy a new one. Right now, when you join their family, a freedom loving Americans get free activation. That's nice. Plus, a free gift with the offer code. Dan, veterans and first responders see save even more money. So please make the switch today.


Call nine seven two Patriot. That's nine seven two Patriot or visit Patriot Mobile dot com slash. Then get your customized plan starting at just twenty five dollars nine seven two Patriot. That's nine seven two. Patriot or Patriot Mobile. That com slash Dan go today. Thanks, Patrick Mobile, for supporting the show. So there's another bill out there you need to be aware of and you have to be. Very skeptical about what's going on right now, folks, sadly, as a lot of the good conservatives up in Congress and on the Senate side have been pointing out Republicans, many of whom have sadly abandoned their values.


It's an excuse to stay home on Election Day. I'm very sorry that every Republican has not managed to live up to our standards. But as I've said to you and I will say again, no matter what. Although Republicans may not be the answer to all of your problems, that Democrats are most definitely the cause of all of your problems. Some of them are abandoning their principles. This next pandemic relief bill they're proposing is an example that they have an article up in The Washington Examiner can be up in the show notes today.


Please check it out by Jay Heflin. What's on the table in these pandemic relief talks, folks? Enough of the proposed relief packages. They're not relieving anything anymore. Here's what's in it. It's not all bad. Sadly, the majority of it is really bad. First, there's a good idea in it which we should be, as it should be, a stand alone bill. A payroll tax cut. That would be great. A cut on your payroll taxes would put more money back in your pocket to morrow.


Whenever you get paid, your check would go up. Go up at four in a row, pretty decent chunk of change to. It's not. Listen, I get it. It's a short term stimulus. I like more long term structural changes. It's better than nothing. Let people spend their own money because cost and quality matter the cost of what you says. Milton Friedman always says. The cost of what you're buying matters and the quality matters because you're buying it with your money.


That's the good part, secondees another good part to it. What's the downside? Well, we'll get to that. There are some legal shields built in. Ladies and gentlemen. Listen, some people are in the trial of the legal profession, have taken advantage of this pandemic and are suing everybody and their mother. Listen, gross negligence. No, you don't deserve any protection. You get it willingly or just from your own pure, unadulterated stupidity. Get people sick, then that's fine.


But if you're taking proper precautions in your business, folks, you can't be sued by every person that walks in the door. We'll have no businesses left. There are some legal shields built in. I think this is a very good idea. Where if you're taking appropriate precautions, you will be shielded legally. Good idea. Package that I'm all for it. Payroll tax and legal protections. That's not just what's in there. We've got, unfortunately, more relief checks going out.


Ladies and gentlemen, these relief checks are coming from you. It's not fake money. It's not monopoly money. It's your money being given back to you. Just let everyone keep their own money through a payroll tax. Why are you taking it? Sending it to the government to send it back in the form of a relief check. Has anybody thought this through? Just let everyone keep their own money in the first place. No, no, let's take it and give it back to them first while we take a cut for ourselves.


No more relief checks, let people keep their own money. They won't need your check. They'll get a paycheck. State aid, ladies, gentlemen. No more state aid. The states have to figure this out. I know that hurts and I know we have to do big boy rules now. But I moved to Florida to get away from profligate states like Marigot, Maryland and New York that just take their taxpayer money and just spend it on whatever they want.


I got away from that. I'm not paying for New York anymore, and neither should you. State aid is finished. We gave enough state aid. I'm sorry. We've got to take the syrup of ipecac here and talk like a mature adults. Talk about spending money we don't have. They want more money for testing Danu objective, testing out an objective testing, they haven't spent the money from the last really package on testing. Can you spend that first?


I'm Jack. We're just asking questions. The Kahrizak testing money hasn't all been spent yet. Before we do more money on testing, can we spend that? Just a question, folks. Finally, there's talk for more enhanced unemployment benefits, folks. Listen, this is a really dumb idea. If you pay people more money than they can make working, they're not going to work. Not all of them, but enough of them that you're going to cause a deep impact and a long term recession.


We will never be out of this thing if you pay people to not go back to work. I know that hurts for liberals who can't do math, but it's true. Boy, frustrating dealing with these people, this thing is a really bad idea. The payroll tax and the legal protections, good, the rest of this stuff. I mean, you're just begging for a long term recession. I'm marketing. All right. Moving on. Loaded Newsday today, the tactility continues.


No way yet how it's hit home for us again. I've told you a lot of my horror stories, right? Twitter banning us from running ads and all the big mistake, by the way. Big mistake. It's probably wise jumped on with parler. It shouldn't have done that.


Twitter National Pulse article up at Bandino Report. Oh, Bunji. To report that carb free plug. But why? Here's a story in the national polls. Google appears to blacklist non mainstream news sites. Calls it, quote, a technical issue. Here we go, Joe. Again, another technical issue with the tech companies. Now, to be fair to Google, because I'm fair, unlike people are fair to us. What happened yesterday? I got an email.


Give you a little background from a listener. He sadhana something weird happened. I Googled Bungeni dot com. I have two Web sites, Bundes. You know, that common bond geno report, that com, which is the conservative alternative to the liberal Drudge Report. Lot of you use it every day and we appreciate that. But a listener e-mailed me and said, I can't get it. It's weird, I put Bandino reporting in Bunji, no report doesn't come up.


I send it to Paula and she was like, huh? Paul is the Internet guru in this house. She was like, I don't get it. What's wrong? Well, now it all makes sense. Screenshot from this piece of the National Pulse about the Joe technical issue again. Oh, that managed to block access to my Web site, quote, the search engine powerhouse Google, which lamented President Trump's election in 2016 and published a document entitled The Good Censor was for a period of time not showing results for sites like the national polls.


Bright BART Citizens, Free Press. The Daily Caller. Red State. The Bond Geno Report and more. Oh, what are they all have in common? Oh, conservative leaning sites, we heard. We are now, again, to be fair to Google, there were some left their sites in there. One of them was the Daily Kos and Occupy Democrats. But these weird technical tactical issues. Always appear to impact the majority of conservative sites. Isn't that weird?


Again, are we not allowed to talk about this, we're not allowed to ask questions anymore. Such as that these articles we up in the show notes. And by the way, bright partitioning peace to our horizon. AT&T and T-Mobile apparently have an issue with President Trump's texting program. They shut it down. Fries and AT&T, T-Mobile shut down Trump campaigns texting for a while, really? Yeah, citing some regulatory issues. Those regulatory issues affect other campaigns that are Democrat.


But I'm just I'm I'm I'm just checking. And we're just asking question, or is it just the Trump campaign that has these regulatory issues? Just throwing that out there, folks. All right. I'm running out of time here. I want to get to these two stories there and hold them for days, and I've got to clean the slate. They got to clean the deck here. So time is a piece. But, you know, I always I'm pointing out liberal hypocrisy everywhere.


So this is a fascinating one. Joe, I want you to check this out. Time headline here from TIME magazine. He once formerly great magazine.


These millionaires and billionaires say they should pay more taxes to cover cover 19 costs.


Oh, okay, yeah. Just like to said of those are more history now that it is a story. It's to pay more. All right. Hemingway, you stop. Here you go, baby. There's nothing I enjoy more than pointing out these frauds. You've made their own money. Who now want to read part taxes on themselves or we want to just pay more. There's a box. Check the box. Send the money. You won't. I think I've read.


What was it with the number? The highest amount of revenue the federal government has ever received in voluntary tax payments was 12 million dollars in additional tax money. Twelve million. Twelve million. One billionaire could pay that himself. If all the liberals in America got together and put a dollar in data have more money than the twelve million dollars the government raised. I think in record tax, voluntary taxpayers, they don't do what these people are. Total, complete frauds and phonies, fakes every time, total frauds.


We want to pay more. Go right ahead. Nobody's stopping you. All right, let me get this last story, because I got to clear the deck today and I want to I don't want to. Sometimes I roll over news because there's so much to talk about. All right. My last baseball I discussed this yesterday. I discussed this at the beginning of the show. So I got to leave it to the end today to get in the other news.


But is Major League Baseball intentionally trying to piss off its entire fan base and bankrupt itself? I'm just asking because if you weren't gonna do it, this is the way you would do it. Right. Interesting piece up in The Washington Examiner today by Tom Joyce. The last thing baseball needs is Wolke Activisms case. You missed that. I played a video yesterday. Major League Baseball was proud of it, by the way. They put it out in their Twitter feed with the San Francisco Giants kneeling for the national anthem, you know, crapping on the country, disrespecting the country.


That's just what baseball, Major League Baseball thinks is great now. So Tom Joyce has some interesting thoughts about this. Are they trying to go bankrupt? Major League Baseball? Let's go to Square, a first green check from the speciesism. Guess what a good pay. I don't agree with everything in it, but this is a good piece that has some interesting thoughts. Check this out. He talks about how the fan base here is already declining. He says, quote, The league's popularity is declining already.


Attendance has dropped pretty substantially in recent times. In 2007, 80 million people attended regular season MLB games, including repeat fans. Last year, the number dropped to sixty eight point five million. The league's fan base is getting older, is at risk of dying off in 2017. The average fan was 57 years old, up from 52 in 2006. Additionally, just seven percent of their fans were under the age of 18, even though minors were about one fourth of the population of the 2010 census.


I know about you, but when my fan base declines, thankfully, it hasn't. First thing I want to do is piss the rest of them off. That's a great move. You wonder who the business geniuses are. By the way, for those of you who sent me emails and Facebook messages. Who worked in MLB? I'm not going to say your names, don't you worry, it wouldn't there. And who have sons and daughters who work in Major League Baseball?


And told me what's really going on. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. It's a lot. War is so much worse than you thought. I'll leave it at that. Oh, yes, Joe. They were fascinating. I wasn't just one either. Now, case, you think, well, worked out so great for the NFL, you know, the whole disrespecting the national anthem. Alienating your fan base. The second screenshot from the piece dated.


Quote, A 2007 Washington Post poll found that 53 percent of people felt the zone was never appropriate to kneel for the national anthem. Over the course of the 2016 2017 NFL seasons, the least TV ratings declined by more than 17 percent. A J.D. Power poll and a UBS poll both found that the top reason for fans tuning out. Protests of the national anthem. Choose your entertainment choices wisely. They want a Neeli, you. You could stand up for something at them.


You will stand them. I'll put my hand on my heart and respect that anthem every time you want to protest. You protest the way. But don't disrespect our flag. We have choices, too. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. Please subscribe to my show, You Tube dot com slash Bandino and on Apple podcast as well. Subscriptions are always free. They help us move up the charts. I help as other people find.


This is what we really appreciate that. Thanks again.


You just heard Dan Bongino.