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Ladies and gentlemen, I am really terrified. I mean, scared, really fragile. Said this before the show through Joe. Don't even get I got to get the bell and it organizes my thoughts better. So don't say this. Pretend you're not there. You just said yes. You can't say you know how the show works for you regular listeners. But Joe even brought it up before the show that, you know, we're living in it almost like the medieval dark ages now.


It's just like the weirdest thing ever. You have one political party openly supporting a violent fascist, racist terror group trying to burn down in America. It's like, is this real? Joe says to me before the show, you can pretend you're not there, Joe. He's like. I don't know, Dad, I'm a little worried. I'm like, Joe replicative the whole conversation. Joe, you're correct, my friend. I'm worried, too. Not only that, we're living in an anti science era where, God forbid, you mention it's like the who's that character from Harry Potter, Voldemort or whatever it is.


I don't even know the person who shall not be named. It's like you mention, this drug is a potential treatment and you're banned from the public space and subjected to the gates. You say Hydroxycut, don't say it. This is crazy. Sorry for the opening like that. But I really I have so much to get through today, today, so much of my express VPN. Protect your online data today from those prying eyeballs. Get a VPN, get a VPN.


Now go to express VPN dotcom. Welcome to the Dan Bongino show, Joe. Sorry for that very scattered opening, but your conversation before the show with me really got me going. So how are you today?


Points to a great man. I mean, I just like the way we start off each day. It's a little surprise here. Little surprise there. Glad to be.


I don't know how it's going to go either. I don't know. I have thoughts in my head and Joe and I start chatting and things just go totally haywire. But yeah, you are right, Joe. I'm worried, too. And you were right to be concerned. All right. Let's get right to it. We've got a lot of content. And I'm going to start out with Trump's tweet this morning, which set the world on fire before we get to that Today show brought to you by Jen.


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Check out. All right, let's go. Quick programming note here, ladies and gents, we will have an interview show this week, what am I reaching for with my right hand, my right arm, which functions a lot better than my slowly decaying meat stick on my left arm. Greg Gutfeld, the Greg Sturr, who I love, is a personal friend at Fox about his new book. The plus will be taping it today by launching either Friday or Saturday morning.


I'll tell you tomorrow. But Greg never disappoints on an interview. Pick up his book today. It's self-help for people who hate self-help. That's a typical great title. I love that. All right. First, let's get to President Trump right before we came on the air. Tweeted this morning suggesting with a question mark here it is actually watching right now because everybody's losing their minds. It's like everybody, there's hair on fire. People try to delay the election until people can properly, securely and safely vote was the end of his tweet.


Question mark, question mark, question mark. In other words, suggesting with a question mark that should be considered delaying the vote until we can fix all the massive problems that are undoubtedly occurring. Oh, holy Moses. Hair on fire, people scattering around Bill that, you know, liberals smashing their heads against the walls. You ever see those the new robots that vacuum your floor, the little round things and stuff? There's videos all over of them.


You know, they bump into walls a couple of times and then they figure it out. And then that's the liberals, the Trump tweets, they run into a wall, bouncing off a few walls until they finally render themselves semi unconscious and calm. Everybody calm down. Please calm down. And Trump is not delaying the election. They're getting out my favorite tweet of all time. Let me just be candid with you. He's not delaying the election, ladies and gentlemen.


Everybody, please calm down, not you in my audience, I would never speak in a condescending tone to you. You're the smart ones. I'm speaking for you if you track, because I hope it's not coming out the wrong way. I'm speaking for you to the hair on fire. Liberal lunatic robot floor sweepers bouncing off the walls right now. Calm down. I'm not kidding. Everybody's on fire. Cable news, Twitter, parler, every parlor's more sane.


Thankfully, Facebook trumps martial law trumps going to delay the troops in the streets. Take it easy. As we haven't said in two years on the show, he said the t shirts about him. Yeah, as we used to say in New York, Tagaris. He's not delaying the election, this is what Trump does. He poked and prodded people to get them to think about an issue. Again, not my favorite tweet. I'm not going to cover it.


I'm not going to try to put lipstick on. Not my favorite tweet. We shouldn't be messing around with that. But this is typical what Trump does. He doesn't feel like there's enough attention being given to a substantive issue, the noted problems we're having right now with mass mail in voting, so he pokes people and of course, liberal media people set their own hair on fire, bashed their heads against the walls, and in a total uncontrolled walking dead like twenty eight days later.


But rage virus. Until someone talks about it, well, what is the president talking about? Why did he can't? Should we delay the elected or not delaying the election, folks? OK, it's no one's doing that. Well, folks, there's a congressional election going on right now in New York, you're like still. Yes, still, the mail in voting in New York has been a disaster, there were pre stamped ballots and I'm not present but pre-paid ballots with those.


The post office does not put a stamp date on it. Nobody knows when the ballots were cast. There's still not a known winner in that election. Total chaos and a one congressional district. That tried this similar type of thing. So a local TV set, you see this Wojo, you get that, can you get the cheat you see in advance? But have you seen this, folks? I'll ask you. I want you to listen, watch this.


This is a local television station in Augusta, Georgia, atip w r d w that did a little investigation if we went to mass mail in ballots. Just to be clear, I'm not talking about absentee or mail in requests that typically happen in Florida and elsewhere. I vote by mail. It's very efficient. Our election supervisor down here is amazing. You can track your own ballot online. You go right there. What is it? Martin County votes or whatever it is.


You can check it right there. It has little things laid out. Step one, step two. It can't get any simpler. I don't mind mail in voting when there's a good system, so I just want to be clear, I do not want to sound like a hypocrite here. I do it I do it for a very specific reason. What I'm talking about, to be clear, is mass mail in ballots where they basically say, Joe, if this doesn't make sense to me, it should.


But, you know, liberals are watching and they get confused easily. I'm talking about saying, no, no, we're not going to open up live in-person voting because of the coronavirus. We're just going to mail everyone about. That's what I'm talking about, where infrastructures are not set up to handle that kind of. Is everybody clear? OK, good. I know my listeners are getting it, but again, we have liberals out there who willingly play stupid a lot.


So WDW did a little analysis of what that could look like and kind of test it out, the mail system, they mailed a bunch of Froebel not fake ballots. They weren't trying to vote. They mailed them to their own P.O. box, figuring, let's see how quickly the votes would get to our own P.O. box if it was kind of a faux election. Check this out about a minute, 30 clip, we had to cut it a little bit short, but this is WTW.


Check out the results of this disaster.


If you knew how to mail a letter, you already know how to mail in your vote. I know. Thank you very much. But how long might it take for that vote to actually arrive and be counted? You have a graph here.


We decided to test it, sending 100 mock ballots, simulating 100 voters from locations all across Philadelphia to a P.O. box we set up to represent a local election office.


A couple of days later, we mailed 100 more using the same size envelopes and the same class of mail as real ballots. Here to approximate the weight, we even folded mock votes into every one. In the following week, we checked our P.O. Box for the results. Mail pickup notices more when we went to collect everything, though.


Nothing most of our votes seem to be lost. That's all I remember right now. I'm sure you're totally sure. I believe you. I thought I was that OK. Figure we had to ask for a manager and try to do something about family values and explain ourselves before someone finally found our votes somewhere else. OK, thank you.


One, two. We soon discovered another problem is sorted mail.


Two pieces of it. We got a birthday card from Mike. Tharani have a sweet bidet. Get it. There's a B on top. When the birthday greetings ended 12 13, we found a bigger issue. Twenty one percent of our votes hadn't materialized after four days and the batch we'd mailed a week prior, some of those were missing to folks.


That goes on for like another 30, 40 seconds. You can check out WDW in Augusta, Georgia. Their website has the full clip. But in the interest of time, it only gets worse from that point on. Right. So this is not good. Now, folks, just imagine for a moment, again, putting in context, I'm not here to put lipstick on anything. Again, I wasn't crazy about the tweet. Even the suggestion we should delay the election, of course, is going to cause mass chaos in this country, which we didn't need right now.


But having said that, Trump drawing attention to this issue is very real and the media with their hair on fire, covering the delay, the election part, without addressing Trump's very substantive concerns about the mail and voting disaster occurring right now in New York that you want to take nationwide in light of what w w discovered is ridiculous. Can you just imagine Florida, where I live, notorious for paper thin elections? We all remember Bush v. Gore like it was yesterday.


Can you imagine that happening in four or five swing states? Imagine Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, all at the same time in an election decided by zero point zero five percent of the vote. People showing up on television in mass saying, hey, I mailed my ballot. I don't know what happened. My vote's never been counted. I went to the website, they said they never got it. Folks. You want to talk about the dismantling of the republic overnight, there would be mass chaos in the streets.


So again, before you jump down Trump's throat, everyone who Trump is good hair on fire, robots bouncing off the walls, you get the whole routine. Maybe you should consider that he's on to something here. That this mail in voting suggestion, mass mail in voting nationwide is going to be total chaos and you may have an election and not have an election at the same time, what do I mean? You'll have an election, you'll get results, the results will be in doubt because people will start popping up on the news every night.


I never got my vote, thousands of them on both sides. And what's going to happen, Joe? People on both sides are going to say we need a new election. So you had an election, but you really didn't. Folks, we got to get this down, we are the most advanced economy in the world in the history of the planet, can we please get this system down? This really wouldn't be difficult if the Democrats wouldn't constantly be in the way of an effective constitutional republic, a representative democracy, voter I.D. in person voting, Maylin, with exceptions and absentee, this isn't hard.


It's not hard to figure out. The Democrats aren't interested. They want chaos. All right. That kind of threw the show a little bit, came up right before we came on the air, but it's important don't focus so much on hyperbole. The president does this all the time. Focus on the substance. He's not wrong. The mail and stuff is a disaster. Spread that WTW thing around. That's interesting. And it went something like twenty one percent of ballots didn't even arrive.


You magic 21. If two point one percent don't arrive would be chaos. If zero point two one percent don't arrive would be chaos. All right, moving on, because there's a lot of news. Speaking of media misinformation campaigns, I'm going to get to a Harris poll in a minute showing you how the media has lost more credibility, literally, than anyone other than the airlines. And I'll get to that in a second. Showing you why, here's an NBC tweet this morning.


We had a bad GDP second quarter, obviously breaking US GDP falls by a record thirty two point nine percent in the second quarter. More than one point forty three million people filed for unemployment. Oh, gosh, I'm sorry, folks, this is like really breaking news. Not a joke. Herman Cain is past. Oh, my God. God rest his soul. Ma'am, I'm sorry, I just saw that on the news. Wow. Herman was a good man.


You know, he had the coronavirus. Gosh, I got to. It's a good man, I'll never forget being over in Israel with him. And I went over I with an event that Glenn Beck had and I ran into him in the King David Hotel and he couldn't have made a bigger deal. I was you know, I did have a show or anything back then. I was just the local guy running for office. And he made a really big deal about came on over and give me a big hug.


How are you, buddy? And wow, sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt the show, but that's important.


Herman was a good man. He had a big, big heart, big soul, super successful businessman. That really stinks. God rest his soul, and I hope his family pray for their strength going forward. All right, all right, let me get back to that unintentional Segway, but. Sometimes that stuff happens. You know, news, I mean, in the middle of the show, gosh. You ever interview him, Joe, when you were on the show?


I talked to him a couple of times. He was our guest there with Sean and Fran, right? Yeah, he was great, really, before he went on to you know, you could converse with a very regular guy. Yeah, really good. Nice guy.


Good man. All right, Schenn Bob. Sorry, Paula, if he could put that back up. So just showing you again how the media handles these situations. We had a terrible second quarter economically. Ladies and gentlemen, the thirty two point nine percent drop was an annualized number. The actual drop in the second quarter was nine and a half percent. Now, again, NBC's not stupid. You think they would report this more accurately? They would report more accurately that that thirty two point nine percent number is an annualized number at a different time, continuing the actual drop was nine and a half percent.


Neither one of those is good and to be fair, annualise. They are reported annualized frequently. But there's typically a disclaimer put in that it's an annualized number. NBC, again, has to put the worst number in there without putting that it's annualise and not indicating that it was nine and a half percent. You see this all the time. People get tired of it. Now, what has been the impact on your brand, not mine. We tell the truth here.


When I say your brand, I mean the liberal media by constantly doing this. You know, hair on fire about Trump's tweets, reporting numbers and not putting them in context, the effect has been this. Look at this Harris poll again, just creeped out before we came on the air. Harris poll, Axios Harris poll. Forgive me. How has your view of each of the following industries changed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic? There are some industries whose the public perception has gone up in a more positive way at the top doctors, nurses and hospitals, justifiably so.


At forty seven percent, grocery stores, justifiably so, stayed open, fed everyone through this pandemic. Thirty five percent technology went up, food and beverages, telecom, whatever at the bottom there. Nobody did worse in this poll. Nobody, with the exception of the airlines, then the media, the media, minus five. As if it could get any worse, airlines minus seven, you can see it on our YouTube, you can look at the actual drop.


Nobody did worse than the media with the exception of the airlines. Folks, it's for a reason. They simply cannot tell you the truth, and when they tell you the truth, they do it in a context that again makes this president, his policies appear worse, just like they did with that tweet. They'll come back NBC and say we didn't lie to drop was thirty two point nine percent annualized. Well put annualized in their. And then report the real number in the second quarter, nine and a half percent, which I just did.


I'm not afraid of the number, I'm afraid of what happened, I'm terrified of the lockdown's, but I'm not afraid of reporting new facts. You're smart people. You can figure it out. I'm not trying to put lipstick on it again. Like I'm not trying to put lipstick on that tweet. I'm here to give you the facts that there are two sides to this. The media is not here to damage the president the worst possible way they they possibly can.


They massaged numbers, you massage therapists out there, you know, to the elbow stuff, whatever they do, reflexology, really, they massage the numbers. You get the worst possible number and make the president look terrible. Why am I talking about that relationship to the tweet, which just came up again before we came on the air? Because my intention was, as I covered in my parlor preview, I do every morning in my parlor account. Was to cover the just unbelievable misinformation campaign going on again about the facts and science surrounding the coronavirus debate.


Listen, I get it. I'm about to get into a block of a show that I'm totally aware we will probably, again, be throttled or removed for giving you just data and the facts. I'm aware of that. And candidly, I don't care. I don't care, I'm going to continue to report on actual science and let you make the decisions, let me caveat this. I'm not recommending any treatment. I am not a doctor, a medical professional.


I have experienced one of these things through my family. But it doesn't make me a medical professional. I'm not aware of the pharmacology or I am simply reporting to you the data that's out there by experts familiar with this. You do with this what you want. You will not get this data with liberal mainstream media folks.


What happened, what am I talking about? The board, the pharmacy board in Ohio came out with this strange edict yesterday, again, cutting doctors out of the loop who want to prescribe Hydroxy Clark and oh my gosh, we said it will definitely be banned from YouTube. God forbid we mention that this actually happened. Here it is, folks, on YouTube, the state of Ohio Board of Pharmacy, they now inserted these additional requirements for dispensing or selling chloroquine and hydroxy chloroquine in Ohio.


Essentially putting a wall between doctors and patients and doctors who would like to prescribe this for a coronavirus infections. Is this science or is this politics now? I just saw this morning the governor of Ohio, who I I'm not a big fan of the win, by the way, came out and said, listen, this is not good. I strongly encourage you to reconsider this. Let the doctors and patients figure it out. I want to be clear with you.


That's all I'm asking. I'm not recommending this. I'm not not recommending it. I don't understand the pharmacology of it because it's not my area of expertise. I did neuropsychology. Not antivirals or anti parasitic. That's not my area of expertise. I'm simply suggesting that this Ohio board of pharmacy, what are the what is the pharmaceutical board know that doctors don't. If doctors want to prescribe Plack or hydroxy chloroquine, the trade name in a generic name. To call to excuse me to patients infected with the coronavirus, why is the board of pharmacy, the pharmacy board, getting in the way?


Again, is this politics or is this science? Someone pointed me to something yesterday, Steve Davis was a pretty good radio host in his own right. Steve pointed me to something, yes. I found this website, it's going to be on my show notes and folks, please, I can encourage you in strong enough terms. Everybody needs to put aside their politics. It's hard. I know what everything is politicized now. Everyone needs to take their politics and stick it in a shoe box for a few minutes here because we're talking about people's lives.


This just happened with Herman Cain. This was a friend of mine, a friend of many other people in the movement who's now dead. This isn't the time for anybody to take political celebratory victory laps because you want a stupid political. People are really dying. This isn't some joke, it's not funny. It's time to look at real science and data that can help someone I was pointed to this website. It's C one nine four C 19 covid-19, C one nine study dotcom.


It's a compendium of the studies on hydroxy chloroquine, its actual science, you can see yourself, there's a screenshot Paula was kind enough to put up from the website again, see one nine study dotcom. Folks, it's actual scientific and medical data. It's not my opinion, it's not me adding to it. There's not a blog attached to it. It's just a compendium of very easy to read, studies on the effectiveness or lack thereof of hydroxy chloroquine.


Interestingly enough, you'll see it's very easy to read, too, to the left on the site when you go to the Web and the site will be linked at my show notes, by the way, by Jeno dot com newsletter. If you like to subscribe to the newsletter, that is the show notes, I encourage you to do so. On the left, you'll see they have a little color marker, a positive study about hydroxy chloroquine, another color for negative studies actually says negative in case, you know, you're a liberal and you don't want to read any of other another code designator via color for inconclusive.


They're not all positive. They're not all inconclusive and they're not all negative, but what you'll find with the actual science. Again, I'm not making any recommendations. I'm just passing you off actual science. You're all smart. You can figure it out. What's interesting is there are fifty three searches there on medical studies on this drug. Thirty two were peer reviewed and three quarters of them were positive. Again, I know, will be banned because we live in the dark ages and the tech tyrants don't want you to see the sun.


I'm sure they'll wipe the website clean tomorrow to. I'm just passing to you the data. Look at it yourself, 30 to peer reviewed studies, three quarters of them were positive. A quarter of them were not positive, they were negative results. Meaning the data is out there for you, your doctor, to have a conversation, God forbid you happen to be a victim to this virus. Again, I'm Joe's conversation this morning right before the show kind of threw me and hence the scattered opening.


But one of my favorites, because sometimes the scattered ones are the best, because you get my you're getting a lifetime view into my neurons when that happens. I'm worried like you are, Joe. I'm only really at the point where the tech terrorists out there are treating us like amateur hour infantile idiots who can't read a basic study or at a minimum, some, you know, some actually aren't familiar with the jargon or that we can't send it to a medical professional or a doctor friend of ours and say, hey, what do you think of this?


I mean. Is that where we are? We're scientific opinions. Of course, always open to change. Scientific data is to be wiped clean from the Internet. Book burning style because we dared to bring up actual science. Where are we going, I mean, seriously, is the guillotine next? Folks, it gets worse, I mean, as I told you, any time we talk about this kind of stuff and actual information from professionals and medical professionals were throttled and our video audience, magically, half of it disappears, which is really weird.


The whole week we're rocking one hundred eighty two hundred thousand views. You mention anything, anything that challenges scientific or pseudoscientific dogma. All of a sudden half our audience goes away. Crazy how that happens. But we're not going to stop. Here's more, by the way, check that website up. Here's a video of Dr. Redfield from the CDC. Addressing the cost benefit. Analysis of opening schools for the first time ever, starting to put out there into the mainstream the idea that this closing of schools may be costing a lot more lives than you think it's saving.


Listen to this is critical.


There has been another cost that we've seen, particularly in high schools. We're seeing, sadly, far greater suicides now than we are from covid. We're seeing far greater deaths from drug overdose than are above access. We had his background then. We are seeing deaths from.


Now, does the conversation we had on this show over the last three months start to make more sense and kind of come into full Technicolor now? How when you say things and you take your politics out of the shoe box and you tattoo them on your forehead on the left, and you say silly things to people questioning lockdowns and school closings, questioning it based on valid scientific fact based question. Fact based questions like, are we really saving lives for this?


And people say, do you just want people to die now? Do you see why that? Generates as fire and fury in me and makes me upset. Because you're not a you're not a serious person, you're not engaging in any kind of a serious debate, you're using emotionally loaded language to stop me from asking questions that have answers you are uncomfortable with. Questions like, is locking down schools, saving lives, or are people actually dying in greater numbers?


Redfield seems to think that people are dying in greater numbers because we're shutting schools down. And I'm just to be clear, I'm the one by asking that question. I'm the one who wants people to die. I'm the one. I'm going to get to more on this, I got to get to my second sponsor, but this we talked about this yesterday. There's a Wall Street Journal piece that's amazing. Really, really good by a Hoover Institution affiliated individual.


Really, really good piece about how this school closing, how this is going to absolutely backfire and blow up in the teacher's unions faces and how they don't see this predictable disaster coming is astounding to me. Don't go anywhere. I got that. I've got some video possibly of the year so far, too. So don't go anywhere. All right. Today's show about you, our friends and express VPN. Listen, let's talk about castle culture on social media sites and what you can do about it.


The left wants to silence and boycott any voices they don't agree with. It's disgraceful. Twitter and Facebook and others were supposed to be open platforms. We don't need their content. Moderators acting like the op ed section of The New York Times. So instead of letting social media sites cancel your right to free speech, how about canceling them and said instead, now you can just deactivate all your social media accounts, but that would just be given the left just what they want in the first place.


Instead, we use in our house here express VPN. You've heard them in the beginning of the show where I talk about him every day. Ever wonder how free to access sites like Facebook make their money? Did you know this? Well, they make it by tracking your searches, your video history and everything. You click on it and selling your valuable data. You know that when you use Express VPN, you anonymize much of your online presence by hiding your IP address.


Don't let them snoop on you, it makes your activity more difficult to trace and sell to advertisers nice. Why would you not want this and express VPN couldn't be easier to set up. Listen, I set it up. I'm not the most tech savvy guy you could just tap. Paul is laughing because she set up the router to but the VPN. I can't. It's really this simple. You just tap one button on your phone or computer and you are protected.


Express VPN also encrypts one 100 percent of your data to protect you from hackers and other Internet bad actors. It's finally time to say no to censorship and take back your online privacy. Do it easily. It's simple to use today to express VPN Dotcom Bongino. Go to my special link. You'll get an extra three months of express VPN service for free again. That's Express VPN Dotcom Bongino Express VPN Dotcom. Com Bongino. Protect your online data from prying eyes today.


Don't wait another minute. Express VPN Dotcom spongier. OK. So getting back to this Wall Street Journal article I was telling you about, I addressed this yesterday, how the teachers unions are typically more politically savvy than this. They for years ago talk about individual teacher talking to the unions who organized labor interests that have been damaging and destroying the lives of a lot of young children around the country by trying to shut down charter schools and educational opportunities that will actually develop and enrich their brains.


You know, that fight that conservatives have been fighting forever, you know, like giving kids opportunity and stuff, you know, that kind of thing. Things they swear liberals are liberal, tolerant, opportunity for all. You just not for kids and crappy schools. The teachers unions are very savvy, they've actually been very good at convincing Americans that they're too stupid to figure out what school their kids should go to, the teachers union will tell you they don't phrase it that way.


They're a little more politically savvy. But trust me, that's exactly what they mean. We'll tell you where your kids are going to school, shut your piles. And they're very effective political messages. They're totally blowing it on this school lockdown thing. The teachers unions pushing to keep the schools, schools close our eyes. The disaster. This is so bad. How do they not see this coming? Let's go to the Wall Street Journal piece. They got a couple of screenshots from it because it's a doozy.


The virus may strike teachers unions. What happens when they refuse to do their jobs? And it turns out home schoolers are better at it anyway. By David R. Henderson. He says, listen. And I put this in, I'm not kidding, there's a note right here. To the teachers, forget the unions, I'm not interested in the unions, they've been that they're not on the side of kids, so I'm not interested in them. To the actual teachers who I am on the side of, I mean it from the bottom.


My heart take it for what it's worth. There's no disguised agenda here. And I just put this note in. I say this is different for you. I mean it as a friend. A warning now fight back against your unions, because these three things are going to absolutely blow up in the union's face, are going to change education forever to your detriment if you don't figure this out soon. These are good. Let's go to number one, Henderson says there are three reasons to be optimistic about the future of education.


First, many parents will be more prepared to homeschool their kids than they were in the spring, which just kind of popped on everyone. He says they or their hired teachers will do a better job of educating children in many cases than the public schools. I said it yesterday, Joe, did we not? Parents are figuring it out, folks, yet they are not going to sit back and let their kids turn into cerebral vegetables. It's not going to happen.


They're not going to let their brains start to mush. It's not going to happen. Parents will find a way we are a very entrepreneurial, hard working society overall, the vast majority of people are deeply concerned about the future of their children. If teachers unions say we're not going to teach them, then we'll figure it out. It's happening in my neighborhood. Little mini schools popping up, charter waitlists exploding. Catholic school waitlist exploding. It's happening right here and all over Paris.


We'll figure it out. Second. They're even going to figure out the mediocrity of some of the schools teachers unions have had a monopoly over. He says, second, once the pandemic ends, many parents, perhaps millions, will have a new appreciation of how mediocre a job the public schools were doing, many of them will continue homeschooling, switch to a private school or push hard to end restrictions on the growth of charter schools. I again, I don't.


I warned you. I come at you as a friend to the teachers and an ally. I'm telling you, this is going to happen. People are going to say to themselves, wait, you know, my kid's doing a little bit better now, math, reading, I'm noticing my homeschooling results or my little mini school or charter school or tutoring results are even better than they were in a public school. I'm out. I don't say you weren't warned, don't mark the show, but is it episode one three zero nine?


Finally, one more saying a lot more to get, including the greatest video I've seen in a long time.


But last one, folks. No one's going to pay. Third, as schools sit empty and homebound, teachers draw their regular salaries for less effective work, there'll be more opposition to more funding for public schools, which in turn will make local school boards amenable to lower cost options such as charter schools.


Ladies and gentlemen, let me some that have simply by saying no one's going to pay for no work, no work, no pay, I'm very sorry. I don't want you to not get paid, I don't want you out of a job. I'm simply suggesting it is time for you to speak up, speak up loudly. And folks to the teachers, not this specifically. So you don't think I speak with forked tongue? I made this exact same argument for police unions during the crisis when cops were being forced to mask police and arrest people for violating quarantine.


Remember that if you're a regular listener, you know what happened. I spoke out and said to the police unions, which some of them did, you got to come out ahead of this thing and do the right thing. So I do not speak with forked tongue. And those are those are my friends. I work with them. I was law enforcement for 15 years of my life. I'm now telling you as a friend, yeah, there needs to be a revolt against these teachers unions because whoever is telling you, we got to lock it down no matter what.


While grocery store clerks are back at work, cops, firemen and candidly, just about everyone else, people in restaurants, there's no argument there. I'm sorry, take precautionary measures, get good sanitation measures in place, have conversations with the parents. All good. But this we're going to lock it down and we're not going to teach and you're going to pay us. Is the Joe, have you heard of a bigger loser of a political argument in modern American history?


Just checking Nathman. Now, that's a joke that he picked up. Loser argument, I'm telling you, as a friend saw argument. You may say, come on, they're not really pushing to not teach at all and get paid. No, they are. Oh, I'm going to go to two tweets by Alec's parents. Here's the first one about showing you the stupidity of the lockdown policy in California. Here's the great Alex Berenson on Twitter. He says this is a real policy, by the way.


This is from the South Pasadena, California, Unified School District. Schools will be online only folks who have no choice now in South Pasadena. What's the problem? Well, there's a caveat that, however, students up to eighth grade, Joe, they could go to extended daycare eight hours daily and attend their online classrooms while staying together in rooms holding up to 12 students.


To read that right, I'm just to be clear. So the teachers union say no school. The school board in South Pasadena, California, knows schools too dangerous to go to school. But the kids that were in school. We're going to send them to other buildings, not schools. They're called daycare centers because it's called daycare. The virus don't spread. Now, take take school off your elementary and call it daycare and you're OK. We're going to stick the same kids in that room up to 12 for eight hours a day.


But they can't go to school and they can take their classes by computer and a daycare with likely the same building layout as the school. And don't worry, the infection won't spread their. This is one of those gavel to Melen Melen to table moments where you're like that, I read that, right? Yes, you did. Don't send your kids to school, send them to a daycare instead of the school, and we'll send the school via computer to the daycare, the daycare workers apparently can go to work.


No one's worried about their lives, right? Right. It's just the teachers. This folks, I'm really sorry. And I don't mean to make this personal, but if this makes sense to you. Take an IQ test quickly if you break triple digits. I'll be astonished. How this will not spread in a daycare building with the exact same students you could have put in a school. I'm just checking. Now, you may say, well, Dan, you mentioned there are teachers pushing to not go back to work at all and still want to get paid.


Oh, yes, that's happening, too. Here's another berentson tweet. I go to his social media feeds for grade information and updates on the just absolute red lining of the public would panic over this when they're not willing to do science and data. So here's Berenson. Here's the new teacher union position per The New York Times. We don't want to work in person or remotely. Hey, at least they came out and said it just pay us to do nothing.


This is an actual headline in The New York Times I'm reading. I'm going to read the headline for this, by the way, teachers union. I know teachers want to get back to work. A lot of I get your e-mails, but this is an actual headline. Teachers wary of returning to class and online instruction to unions are threatening to strike if classrooms reopen, but are also pushing to limit remote teaching, their demands will shape pandemic education. That may be understatement of the millennium.


You're expecting the public through massive property taxes levied upon us to work to pay you to not work so we can pay other people to educate the kids, and that makes sense. Who told you this was a good idea? To the teachers union that hired the political consultant that told them this was a good idea, fire them yesterday. You will see a mass red peeling of America on school choice in in in literally record time. What the teachers unions have indoctrinated people into believing for now 50 years, money equals a better education.


There's no evidence of that at all. None zero charter schools stink. No evidence of that at all either. Parents don't know what's best for their kids. No evidence. They read that for 50 is about to collapse in a seriously in a quarter of a year. This is an absurd position. Speaking of red paling when I get to my sponsor, but I got two videos for you, they're really great. Sometimes I question playing these, but they're really, really good.


The first one is the best confrontation I've seen on MSNBC in a long time by Rep. Vernon Jones, who's a Democrat who's just had enough of this dance at MSNBC. I got that. And then I got the US attorney in Oregon just wrecking this media person who refuses to call criminal activity criminal unless sponsor one of our faves. Joe and I both got venturer watches. Ladies and gentlemen, watch. Watch like this. This is the altitude, Joe is the altitude with the green band at the altitude with the brown band.


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This is Rep. Vernon Jones, a Democrat. By the way, he happens to be black, which doesn't matter to conservatives watching the show, but liberals, of course, are obsessed with everything race and he's on MSNBC and the host picks the wrong fight with Rep. Jones video of the day, folks. Here it is.


Are you are you a paid campaign surrogate or are you being compensated? Everybody. Let me be clear. You get paid to shape a liberal narrative. You get paid to attack this president to pay for this press. I don't get a dime from the campaign. Everything I've done in me and based on my principles. See, that's the problem when I'm African-American. That's just not raise your hand or you're not going to win because you're there. So don't ask me that.


You only ask me that because I don't fit your narrative. Know anything I don't want anything from this president is what I can do for my country. And you need to accept that many other African-Americans and others support this president because of his policies.


And to insult me to say, am I getting paid this race, I have asked the same question. And that's where the Democrats and their narrative to keep silent who happen to support this president. Why can't I be like white liberals or otherwise? No question that they're getting paid. They have to get paid. Do you ask Democrats I just you about Joe Biden. Just as I just said, I hope they stay with her.


And Jones represented Jones. Thank you. Oh, folks, listen to our radio and digital audio listeners, please check that video out on YouTube. The facial expressions are priceless. YouTube dot com slash padrino. Vernon Jones, well done. How that actually hurt my elbow. Well, I am so fragile, it's pathetic. Don't let anything like the square jaw thing for you. I am as fragile as Mr Glass from those unbreakable movies. Seriously, I break at a moment's notice.


Do you believe this? He asked the guy if he's paid. Are you. Are you being paid? I know be paying it out, but George is like. You sure you want to ask me that? Oh. That may be video of a baby, maybe the week it's Thursday, unless something supersedes that tomorrow. That may be video. It gets better. This one's a little more. I'm kind of I'm like feisty like Joan. So I like that this one's a little more sedate.


But it's the US attorney in Oregon and he's giving a is outside the Portland courthouse under attack by the fascist racist terror group Antifa. You know, the fascists, the pro fascist group, I like to call them Protei for I know it's supposed to be Profar. I prefer Protea. Yes, they are fascists. Calling themselves anti fascist is a scam. They're a pro fascist group and they're full of racists. So they're trying to burn the courthouse down. And every night they show up there and, you know, they do things like lobbing incendiary devices, commercial grade fireworks, kerosene bombs.


They assault cops, you know, peaceful protest, child's play. Yeah, peaceful. Yeah. Just trying to burn the building down, you know, murder, homicide, you know, just messing around. Joe, you're just kidding. So that's what the fascist racist terror group A.F. is up to. So the local media does an interview with the US attorney. He is the federal government's lead prosecutor for Oregon. His name is Billy Williams. Billy Williams goes a semi beast mode in a very calm kind of way, but asking the reporter why you don't want to call this criminal activity, keep in mind, if you're watching, I need you in the background to the courthouse, fully graffitied up, you know, the one they're trying to burn to the ground.


Check this out. This, again, is the media trying to hide the shock troops, the fascist group Antifa for the Democrats. Check this out.


So we're going back to how you were talking about this is shadowing the overall message about Black Lives Matter. You feel like the late night demonstrations are taking away from the fight for racial justice. These are late night demonstrations. This is criminal activity. There's a difference of what what you have failed in the media have failed to distinguish between. You seem unwilling to call people engaged in criminal conduct as criminals as opposed to lawful protesting.


Well, some may argue that the way the federal agents are acting is criminal thing, not argue away on that. But we're not saying either. So well, so so I'm just saying that there needs to be a distinction made between lawful, constitutionally protected protest and this. This is unlawful and and people whether you're you're an opportunist antagonist and agitator or an anarchist, I call it out for what it is. So you're saying the late night activity, that is criminal?


What I'm telling you is you seem to refuse to call something a late night activity. This is criminal. I just said the late night activity that you say is criminal, right? What I'm saying is, why can't you call it out as such? Because I'm not using late night, late night activity. It sounds like a party. It's criminal.


It's great. I love this guy. He the left loves the euphemism game. You know that right euphemisms are their thing. That's what they do. The left. What if I told you four of the five plus years we've been doing the show, maybe more.


I forget to remember where we started anymore. The left never runs on their real agenda. They can't their real agenda doesn't appeal to 51 percent of people nationally necessary to elect the president. They can do it in individual Looney Tunes congressional districts like Pelosi's district, but in national elections where our national election for the presidency. And even in statewide elections in swing states, the left always hides their agenda, they rarely, if ever. Come out and say, we're going to tax you more.


We're going to take away your health care. We're going to burn your cities, then you may say, well, then that's happening now. It's happening now as a this has been what I've always called the gift of Donald Trump. The left hates Donald Trump so much that their prior ability to disguise their agenda and use euphemisms to hide tax hikes. It's a fair and equality game. You're going to hike taxes. I'm talking about fairness. Talking about it when you say health care, all countries all over the world, they have systems that are more fair and equitable.


You're talking about taking away my health care now. It's not what they do, the euphemism. They've abandoned that in the era of Trump, but the media people who are a little more savvy get it. They know they have to cover for the shock troops, the anti shock troops they represent. The Democrats did it the other day up on the Hill. This guy's had enough of it. We have to call them on the euphemism game every single time they get on with the deal.


We did it great on the defund the police thing. We got every one of them on the record. You need to get every one of them on the record about antifa to, you know, just say, let me prepare you for their answer. Right now. The left will say, just like the media person be like we don't support any kind of violent activity. We support protest. I'm asking you about the Antifa folks self-identified that have shown up and tried to burn a courthouse down in Portland and have assaulted and tried to kill federal officers with commercial grade explosives.


I'm asking you about that. Yes or no. Do you support that? We did a great job with defunding the police. That's what we have to do. That's what this guy just did. This US attorney in the area, he just called her out late night activities. What is this like? MTV Cribs? We're having a couple of people over for gin and juice or something. This is a riot downtown trying to burn a building down late night activities.


I like late night activities. And I assure you, none of those involve burning buildings down. Or a commercial grade fireworks chief would not be. The family, I don't even go there, OK, I can read your mind because it's like E.S.P, I put a little extra sensory. That's right. We need to do more of this. We need to do more. Vernon Jones, the Democratic state rep who just nailed that MSNBC anchor to the wall, this is how you read people.


This is how you convert them. You make the people interviewing you uncomfortable by questioning them. Beautiful and just a note on what Vernon Jones said. I don't mean to go backwards in the segment. This whole Democrat strategy when it comes to black voters, have we offer you nothing? We've destroyed your neighborhoods everywhere. You have a majority black inner city. We have wrecked your lives, your economy, your kids future, your kid's education system everywhere. We've done that.


And yet we still want you to vote for us in blocks of 85 and 90 percent. The strategy they have has been effective, the strategy has been this they don't obviously run on what I just said, although what I just said is a fact.


We've destroyed your neighborhoods. Pull the lever for us. An election that they run on. The GOP hates you. They're all racists. We're going to protect you. That is the Democrat's message to the black community. Folks, I took a little note here, I said, listen, this GOP doesn't like you line in the race. This is not going to last forever. It has to be backed up eventually by real world evidence. There is not.


It happened here in Florida, where a lot of black mothers saw that the Republican candidate for governor around the Santurce was the only one in their corner when it came to school choice. It's happening elsewhere, too. You're seeing people, Vernon Jones and others. Patriotic black Americans looking around their communities saying. Who's in charge here, folks, that will be Democrats for 50 to 70 years, really? We were told that the Republicans don't like us. How can they not like you?


They're not even here. The Democrats have done this. I'm not saying Trump's going to get 51 percent of the black vote. And I'm really not in the predictions game anymore. But I am suggesting to you that I'm seeing a groundswell in the black community of people who are really waking up to this, and I wouldn't be surprised. If his percentage of the black vote is higher than any Republican candidate's gotten in four or five, six election cycles, I wouldn't be surprised.


Not one bit. Remember that message, GOP hates you, they're all racists, only works if there's actual evidence, you can't keep saying this for decades in the era of so era of social media, where people can just go online and look at it like, wow, that's interesting because it's the Antifa people in Oregon who are getting up in the face of black law enforcement officers calling them the N-word. That's Antifa, you know, the fascist leftist liberal racist hate group.


It's not conservatives out there. They can see it. All right, doing good. Doing good. All right, I wanted to get to this is important. It is that yesterday. So showing you the insanity of castle culture, ladies and gentlemen, there is a columnist for the Chicago Tribune. He wrote a piece and I warned you about this, I've been warning you about this for a long time, he wrote a piece about the decaying situation and a lot of American cities as a result of district attorneys getting elected in these inner cities who have a crime is a OK approach.


And we're going to coddle the criminals. The essence of his piece was, hey, there's a lot of money behind this, so he wrote a piece. We can't say this is like saying Hydroxy Clark went on, this will definitely be banned. Now, he wrote a piece in that column. He suggested, listen, there's been a lot of George Soros for those you don't know, George Soros. He's a very wealthy, far left leaning individual who donates a lot of money to leftist political campaigns and leftist political causes.


So this columnist, by the way, that he donates money to leftist political causes is not an area of any controversy. You can look it up yourself. It's a matter of public record. So the columnist said, well, why is George Soros, international businessman, very wealthy guy, trying to get local district attorneys elected who clearly are soft on crime? What benefit is he doesn't live in these neighborhoods. Oh, the storm you can fill in the beginning part of that that resulted from this day at the local Chicago Tribune or media unions, whatever they are, they wanted they want this guy, like, sanctioned.


Shut this guy up. You can't mention I warned you whenever you mentioned George Soros and you're over a target, the left panics and freaks out. Here's the piece in the Chicago Tribune. You can see, by the way, to my show, it's by John Kass. He's the writer. This is a follow up piece actually to the piece he wrote. He says, Colum, what happened to an America where you could freely speak your mind? So let me go to a few screenshots where he describes what he did and what the reaction was.


So first, again, this is the follow up to his original column where people lost their minds when Kass asked the simple question like, hey, why is a billionaire funding a lot of races for district attorneys who are being soft on crime while these cities are pretty? Fair question. No.


From his follow up piece, he says last week, with violence spiking around the country, I wrote a column on the growing sense of lawlessness in America's urban areas. In response, the Tribune newspaper union, the Chicago Tribune Guild, which I've repeatedly and politely declined to join, wrote an open letter to management defaming me by falsely accusing him, Joe Girardi, of religious bigotry and fomenting conspiracy theories. This is the left's tactic. Never, ever attacked a message.


Attack the messenger. He goes on. Newspaper management has decided not to engage publicly with the union. So I will.


Good for this, Mr. Cass. For right now, let's deal with the facts, he says the July 20 second column in question was titled Something Grows in the Big Cities Run by Democrats, an overwhelming sense of lawlessness. What did I tell you folks, when the Democrats have no substance to stand on, like they do did, like they did with Vernon Jones, what they do with Antifa, they attack the messenger and engage in a euphemism game with Jones.


Oh, you've been paid off the speak truck with Kass, who brings up the fact that George Soros has documented that there's documented records of George Soros paying money and his groups paying money to political campaigns for left wing prosecutors who won't prosecute crime. He's accused of religious bigotry. If you're questioning like what what does that have to do with a column on law and order and political donations? Yeah. Just like the rain and Stimpy land of the left of episode, folks where they go, nobody knows, nobody knows.


It has nothing to do with religious bigotry. This is all the Democrats have because they think they've used this attack so often. And this is why I call it the double barrel. Middle finger. I'll use this one instead. The double barrel middle finger approach. This is why you have to be like John Kass and fight back, because the left, they're cowards. They try the religious bigotry or a racist line all the time. It has nothing to do with any of that.


And they think you'll cower. They can't fight us all at once when you turn around and flip them the double barreled middle finger and say, you're making that up, you're a total liar. I'm going to stick to the point. You can engage in these ridiculous, absurd ad hominem attacks. But I'm going to stay double down on Soros money and non law and order candidates destroying these inner cities. You do your thing, they back off because they can't fight us all at once.


Remember the Alinsky tactic? Isolate a target, Saul Alinsky rules for radicals. What's one of those rules? Isolate, isolate, y isolate, because you make people feel alone, you make them feel alone under pressure from blue checkmark. Twitter, the pressure I got, I got to come back and I got to rescind that column talking about documented political donations to left wing candidates in Twin Cities that are going lawless. That are just in total chaos. Is like now.


Now I'm now I'm writing another column. Here's another portion of that Chicago Trib piece from Casse, here's what his piece actually did. It explored the connections between soft on crime prosecutors and increases in violence, along with the political political donations of left wing billionaire George Soros, who in several states has funded liberal candidates for prosecutor, including Cook County state's attorney Kim Cook. Services influence on these races is undeniable, it's been widely reported. In that column, he didn't even mention Soroses ethnicity or religion.


Folks can fought back, Mr. Cass, and you need to to I know a lot of you are doing it now. A lot of you were in this fight deep in the weeds. You're not even west deep, waist deep. Your chin deep in this good. I know it stinks. But I want you to just never forget that I know you're under attack a lot. They can't fight us all at once and they are cowards. They need you isolate.


You're not isolated. You're not alone. We're all out there. It happens to us on this show all the time. As Joe knows, we don't bring up 99 percent of what happens to us behind the scenes, candidly, because I don't want to bore you and we're not whiners. You're not in this alone, they can't isolate you if you don't feel isolated, there are others out there standing up to flip them. The double darel, the double barreled Madell Barrel swaddled bootloader, double barrel, middle finger and tell them, get out of my way.


Barge right through. They can't stop you, there's nothing they can do, whatever they do to me. We will find another way to get the message out there, there's nothing they can do to stop us. Remember that line I've used before by Bernard Malamud, who wrote the book The Natural? Malamud's Lyons, a great, great movie, too, I loved it. Where he says at one point, the girlfriend says to Roy. You know, the old girlfriend, she says we all live two lives, the one we learn from and the one we live after, that the real path to happiness is through suffering.


I know it's a book about baseball, but that is I use that line as often as I can because it's true. It's in our suffering and in this fight we find meeting and when we come out on the other side knowing we did the right thing, that's the path to happiness. I listen, I'm not trying to engage in, you know, Plato dialogues or anything. I'm not a preacher and I'm certainly not some philosopher. But the suffering does matter.


It's the path to real happiness, I mean, that I've always felt that way, we have to go through this right now. We're in a really tough time in American history. But you are not alone. There are others out there fighting this fight. Sharpen up those double barrel middle fingers, flip off the left and power right through. They cannot fight us all at the same time. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. I really appreciate again will be taping that interview with Greg Gutfeld later today to launch either Friday or Saturday.


I'll let you know tomorrow it'll be a good one. It's about his new book, Check that I will be talking about Cancel Culture, its primary focus of the book. And one of the ideas he had I heard the other night about which I agree with them of mutually assured destruction. You want to play games or cancel culture? We can play that game, too. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, YouTube, Dotcom Bongino and on the Apple podcast app as well, subscribe to the show.


We really appreciate it.


Thanks, folks. See ya tomorrow. You just heard Dan Bongino.