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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


Pope's three year three. Three euro shot in the face in Chicago, you may want to re-evaluate that whole position for some of the weak kneed rhino Republicans telling President Trump, yeah, don't do anything.


Pottery Barn theory. You break it, you fix it. You can't go into Chicago. It could be broken. You'd have to fix it. We have a big show today, folks. We're going to talk about that. We're gonna have some very, very difficult conversations. Let's talk about that. What to talk about again, more just stunning data emerging about the low risk to children and teachers from school and just the fly in the face advice of everyone out there trying to get more money for schools who are just torturing our kids for a political purpose.


Totally unacceptable. We're going to do data and science on the show. Unlike Elsewhere Today Show Batebi Express, VPN Ladies Gym and protect your online information, your activity from prying eyes. Get a VPN today. Don't wait. Go to express VPN dot com slash bunji. No. Welcome to Dan. You know, show producer Joe. Thank you for your. I did now. I usually give Joe a warning when these are gonna be, you know, more somber openings.


But I appreciate you being here today and it's gonna be a bit of a difficult show, so. All right. Get ready, Big Joe. Sounds good. Thank you. This is a yeah. Yeah. I was going on the air last night. I got interesting story. Do and I was ready. Get ready to Hannity and I'll tell you, I'm actually gonna show you the results of a Google search. All right. Let's get to it.


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Dan three zero Dark Thirty. All right Joe, let's go. All right, ladies and gentlemen, so just a quick back story. So last night I was getting ready to go on the Sean Hannity show, which I do pretty much most nights. And I was on in the box. It's right out of the chute at nine o'clock, nine p.m. Eastern Time. And I want to do the job. The appearance they called a hit in the industry that they hit was about.


Chicago. A lot of our cities in chaos, Chicago being near an epidemic, violence there. And I'm not kidding, I told the story on the air and I want to tell it today because it matters. I wanted to check in on a story I had heard earlier on Fox about a three year old girl shot in the face in Chicago. What happened afterwards on the air was fascinating because I wanted everyone to hear it. Before I get to that, let's go to a little bit of background about what happened in what President Trump, thankfully.


Ladies and gentlemen, listen. No president is ever going to meet. Any kind of a perfect standard, because every president is flesh and bone and we are all imperfect. All of us, obviously a tautological statement. But this president. He has a lot of guts, and I know for a fact that there are a lot of people whispering in his here to stay the hell out of Chicago, New York and elsewhere and to let the people who voted those people in who have destroyed, utterly destroyed those cities and are watching them burn to the ground.


Let the people see the damage of those decisions. Ladies and gentlemen. No, no, no, no, no, I cannot. What language do you. This is a stupid idea. And no. In every single known spoken human dialect. No, this is a dumb idea. Again, with due respect to some of the commentators promoting this, it's not personal. I saw an article the other about this Pottery Barn theory. If it's if you break it, you own it.


So don't go into Chicago because if you break it, you're out. No, it is all ready. Broke in. You're not walking into a Pottery Barn and breaking things, you're walking into a Pottery Barn after an earthquake where everything's already broken. You're going in there with a dust plant, a pan, a mop and a broom, and you're helping clean it up. It's all ready, broke in. People are dying. He is the president of the United States.


It's time to lead. Listen. Politics is in my blood. I'm a conservative, it's not a secret. It's hard to divorce myself from politics. I recognize that to the liberals listening. I can be very harsh towards you. I get it. You're probably harsh back. Fair. Totally fair. Period. This is not political for me. It's not I am a city kid, I grew up in the city, my wife grew up in Columbia, not South Carolina, was just telling me the country, Colombia, before we got on the air.


How? When she was a kid. They did. The instructions were clear. When you hear the gunshots run back to the house and get under the bed, no kid should be forced to live like that for a moment. Take your politics and shove them up because they don't matter. He's the president, the United States. It's time to lead. And he's doing it. And he deserves all of our support. Forget this. I'll let the voters suffer.


No, no. Don't let the voters die. That is totally un-American. And if you disagree, that's totally fine. I'm not trying to indoctrinate anyone. I will 1000 percent fight against that. Here's what President Trump did. So this article, New York Post be up in the show notes today and you to check it out. New York Post Trump orders feds to Chicago and other cities to address the rampage of violence. Steven Nelson, New York Post.


A quick video. President Trump at the White House yesterday in a magnificent but short speech. Speaking from the heart and prompter there, but. I'm sure he meant every single word of this. This was an important speech. Here's a quick snippet of the speech yesterday where he talks about sending federal agents, which he's perfectly. Has the beat the absolute authority to do into these cities to stop this plague of violence?


Check this out.


Today, I am announcing that the Department of Justice will immediately surge federal law enforcement to the city of Chicago.


The FBI, ATF, DEA, U.S. Marshals Service and Homeland Security will together be sending hundreds of skilled law enforcement officers to Chicago to help drive down violent crime. But we must remember that the job of policing a neighborhood falls on the shoulders of local elected leadership. Never forget that when they abdicate their duty, the results are catastrophic.


This is the man we need right now. I have never been more convinced he's the right choice going forward. There is a clear contrast and choice right now in this 2020 election. Forget about the tweets, forget about the personality, forget about the bravado you either like or dislike. I'm asking you to make a clear choice. There's a fork in the road going forward. Do you want chaos or do you want order on the streets? Do you want to be able to walk out the street and your baby without worrying about your three year old getting shot in the face?


Or do you want to live. Locked up in your apartment in constant fear, the death and destruction that awaits you when you open that front door? The choice can never be more clear than it is now. You doubt me? This is one of those rare occasions, this video, where we use a video on the show. And honestly, I believe the audio's more powerful. What I always tell our radio listeners and our audio only listen, I say, if you want, go to our YouTube.


Watch the video. This is one of those cases where, honestly, I think the audio of the video alone is probably as powerful as the imagery. What is this? Why is President Trump trying to stop the carnage in our cities? This is a brief, maybe 30 second clip or so. Of a shooting, a mass shooting in Chicago the other night. By some criminals. Who shot the numbers? Fifteen. Seventeen. I'm not even sure at the final number is somewhere between 14 and 17 people in broad daylight.


These criminals knowing full well they'll be on video. And they didn't care. I want you to listen to this. You watching on the YouTube, you can see it, too. But listen, I think, again, I think the audio is just as powerful. This is a street. Not in Kabul. This is a United States street in broad daylight, in full view of cameras. Everybody knows you're there. And they did this anyway.


You hear those folks in the background.


You hear that. If listen in on audio, I'd encourage you to just listen that again, try to drown out the gunshots for a moment. Sixty round 60. What's the Standard magazine? Eight or 10 rounds, depending on the caliber. So you're talking about six magazines of rounds or six separate guns with four magazines. Or three guns loaded twice. I mean, the math equations and permutations are endless about how 60 rounds in broad daylight, in full view of cameras were unloaded on an American street in the middle of the day.


But tell me again, we should just let this happen. Please explain to me. To the political class obsessed with politics only, please explain to me how it's a good idea to let those crying people suffer because they voted the wrong runway. You hear them? You hear those people won't listen. Listen to it. Take every single bit of it and digest it and listen to it over and over again and tell me again. We're supposed to just but let them all die knowing we can do something about it.


Please explain that to me with a straight face. That I really I'm not sure what's worse, the video or the audio of that. I'm not sure. This is one of the times I think in the video, stop the video and just go listen to the audio, because the screams really penetrate. Folks, we can do something about this. And thank God. And I'm not using the Lord's name in vain. I don't do that when I do, I apologize if I do it out of rage or ignorance.


Thank God we have a president charge. Who's saying no, no. I'm not going to win Chicago. I'm not going to get one damn vote out of this. I'm not going to win New York and I sure as hell ain't going to win Portland. But I sure as hell ain't going to let a bunch of innocent people be massacred in an American street on my watch because I think I can, what, garner a percentage point in a public opinion poll?


You can take that percentage point and ram it right up your caboose. Folks, things are already happening right now. Again. And for Republicans and Democrats alike. Listen to my show. I appreciate your feedback always, but sometimes even from Republicans, understandably enough, because the media doesn't cover a lot of this because they hate President Trump. Understand? We all get e-mails. And those e-mails will say things like day and nothing's happening, nothing's happening. I get it.


I get it. There is stuff happening on this front. There is President Trump in his Department of Justice under Bill Barr are cracking down on this right now. Folks, all you have to do is look up the press releases yourself. Here's just one I pulled from Friday Eastern District in New York. This is our federal Department of Justice under the command of Bill Barr falling under President Trump and the executive branch. United States Attorney's Office. Eastern District in New York.


Look what they did for immediate release Friday, July 17. Twenty twenty three members of the Brooklyn based real right set of Bloods gang arrested for attempted murder and other charges. These press releases are everywhere. It's no excuse to slow down. It's no time to pat ourselves on the block. We arrested three members of the Bloods in Brooklyn. It's not enough. But again, I want to encourage you to let me show you totally and completely, fully grasp the understanding that the president is absolutely committed as his bill bar to cleaning this mess up caused by de Blasio and lightweight in Chicago and TED reeler report.


Commit chaos. Agents committed to chaos and destruction in the streets that Trump is on the other side of that. He's saying not today, not on my watch. I have federal tools, and you're damn right I'm gonna use them. This stuff matters. As I said to you yesterday, and I'll continue to say today, I think I'm I'm not sure, but I think I may be one of the few commentators in this space who's worked in both the federal side of law enforcement and the local side.


There are others who've been I've met John. I'm John Guillam and he's with the FBI. I don't know if he was ever a local cop. I'm not sure. I don't know anybody out there may be another one, but that's an added value here, because I've seen both sides. And I'm telling you, the New York City justice system, in contrast to the federal one, is far different. When you go to the federal system, that bail is going to be high, in other words, you're not getting out.


Unless you can come up with bail, you're not getting out. I will never forget being a federal agent, locking up someone in our federal system and they look at their lawyer when they find out their bail is two hundred fifty thousand dollars. And they're like, what do you what do you mean? I'm not kidding. They're stunned. I'm not going home today. I've been arrested 20 times by New York City police officers put into their justice system there.


And I walk right home. You're not going home tonight. Not tonight, pal. And what happens? What happens is they talk. I know they talk because when you arrest them and they find out they're arrested before, they don't know when you get out of a car as a Secret Service agent, FBI or DEA agent. And you're in plain clothes and you say police don't move. Pretty much the universal sign that you're being arrested by a police officer.


Police don't move. There's no uniform. They think they're being arrested by local plainclothes cops. When you put him in the car and the adrenaline is always an adrenaline dump and everybody calms down and they find out they've been arrested by the feds. Ladies and gentlemen, it's an ex Slack's moment. I am not kidding. Watch the look on there. I've been there. I've done it. I'm not. This is not a self praised moment. It's a facts moment.


I've seen the look on their face. The blood drains from their face. They can't believe it. What do you mean? I've been arrested by the feds. Yes, we're Secret Service agents. You're under federal arrest. What's the first thing they tell you? My buddy Joe or Donnie or whatever. Told me the Fed system sucks. Sucks for you. For us. These criminals talk. They talk about local police as well. I live in Martin County, Florida.


The sheriff here doesn't take any. Rhymes with pit. None of it. You think I'm messing with you? Ask people from Broward County if you know any criminals in Broward County, I hope you don't ask him what it's like to cross the border and get arrested in Martin County after they cruised through Palm Beach, SC criminal in Palm Beach County. They see that. Welcome to Martin County side. They turn around and do a U-turn right quick, as you'd say, down south.


Because the sheriff here is not going to play out your case either are the local attorneys if they don't have to. You're going to spend a lot of time in jail. Criminals talk. And they're going to be talking soon about the crackdown. Donald Trump is about to initiate inner cities. Now, folks, before I went on the air last night. I kind of opened up with this story. This is to show you this was not hyperbole for a fact that was getting ready to go on Sean Hannity's show at 9:00 p.m. on Fox and.


Again, I had heard earlier about a three year old shot in the face. Three year old. In the face. So I had to do an Internet search because I wanted to be sure I checked in on the three year old. And I punched in my foot right here. This is a screenshot from my phone. Paulo was kind enough to put up this is an actual screenshot from my phone. I left the top in. So, you know, that's exactly what I put in a search engine there.


Three year old shot in Chicago. Look at it on the top. You watch it on YouTube, you can see it. And ladies and gentlemen, you'll notice that there are a number of stories that keep in mind this is just a screenshot of the first four stories that pop up. If you were to scroll down to more results, you'll find that there's probably 20 or 30 stories of three year olds shot in Inglewood. South shore, you have to pick through the stories.


You have to pick through the stories to figure out which three year old who was shot in Chicago you're actually talking about. So you figure if the three year old girl I was looking up and I can't even find what her condition is, apparently as glass in her face, I guess, was shot. Do we know of a car? Three. A three year old who got shot, looks like. If you're over 18 and you think you can handle it, I encourage you to look at the pictures.


Go find a picture of what a three year old looks like, and maybe you could see the reality of what some people think, oh, we should just let it go and let them suffer the consequences. Now. So if you're three. I thought about this before I went on the air, and this is the reason I looked it up, I wanted to see how she was doing and if she was going to survive. Because one of the points I was thinking about.


As if to say this three year old girl who was shot in the face was going to live a standard life of about 80 years, a 75, whatever it may be. I don't know exactly what the life expectation is, but I. Seventy five years. If this three year old shot in the face in Chicago dies. This planet's been robbed of 73 years. Seventy three years, maybe seventy seven years. She loves the lady. Seventy three seventy years of this girl's presence.


Soon to be woman. Then senior citizen at some point. Seventy to seventy seven years of her life on this planet were taken away from all of us. If she doesn't make it. And taken away from her to. We're supposed to let that happen and the president's supposed to let that happen, why? Because people made some dumb political choices. That is, General, we all made dumb political choices. People politicians lie all the time. We're supposed to just let this carnage go on.


No screams go on on the streets of Chicago because again, what we can do, what, getting approval bump. The Pottery Barn theory is dumb. And it's a moral. I mean, think about it. She's going to live to 85, it's 82 years. No kids, no grandkids, no moments, no first communions, no birthday parties. No dance recitals. No tears, no laughter, no joy, no oxygen, no nothing, no breaths, nothing more.


Totally taken away if this three year old doesn't pull through. And you have to ask yourself, what did she do? You know, again, it's a very limited group of insiders who were telling the president this, but some are very limited. Well, you know, let them suffer for their decisions. Well, what did she do? No, it's a serious question, is it not a fair question? What a three year old do. Well, how does a moral society.


Not take every step they can to prevent that. The shooting in the face and potential death of a three year old. You can't vote, you even know how to vote. They even know what voting means. Probably barely speaks in coherent sentences. Just three. You have a choice going forward. And you should all be very proud what the president did yesterday, because I'm telling you, he's standing in the face of a lot of advice. By a lot of people.


Who have only politics on their mind. And it took a lot of guts to go out there and do that, and he did the right thing, not the easy thing. Let me make one more point on this. There's been some commentators on cable news as well who keep telling you things that are just factually not true. And I just wish it would stop. The president needs No. Permission. He doesn't need to be cleared by any big city mayor or governor of a state to enforce federal laws in those states.


Do you understand? I don't care what your title is, who you think you are. Anyone on cable news telling you that is lying? I was a cop and I was a federal agent. At no point did I have to ask the local police when I was a federal agent to go and arrest someone for counterfeiting, fraud, child porn trafficking or anything we did in the Secret Service crimes, we investigated. No point. Sometimes you'd give a courtesy call.


We'll be in the neighborhood. Sometimes you wouldn't. I did not need their permission. Likewise, when I was a street cop. With the NYPD, at no point did I call the FBI or anyone else or ask for the ask permission to arrest anyone. You do it because you have the ability and you've been sworn in to enforce New York City's laws and New York State's laws. Anyone on television, anyone? Telling you the president does not have the authority to do this is an ignoramus is just making it up.


The president doesn't need anything to go away to tell the FBI anything. No permission at all to enforce federal law. And regarding the courthouse's and the protection of federal property, I heard someone say the other day, the president needs permission from the local. That is totally, completely 100 percent fabricated and made up. Folks, you want to read it yourself? Go to the U.S. Code. United States code. That's where our laws are. A law that empowers a secret services, 18 UFC, a USC, the UFC.


It's not the UFC at USC team. It's always on my mind. Eighteen UFC. They did it again, USC. Thirty 56. The law that empowers. The Department of Homeland Security secretary. Do basically deputize agents of the federal government to go and protect federal property. Is 40 USC United States code. One three. One five. Thirteen. Fifteen. Look it up yourself. Read it. Anyone telling you the president doesn't have the authority to the homeland security secretary to protect and investigate the destruction of federal property like you're doing a poll is just making it up.


Read it yourself. Forty. You see one three, one five. I'd read through the whole statute if we had time. It's clear as day. You're just making that up. Stop spreading misinformation. Oh, the president needs permission. I'm holding back here because I'm very annoyed because people use the imprimatur of authority to say things on television and people who don't know don't call them out. And now people believe it. Oh, my gosh. The president needs permission from Ted Wheeler of Portland to protect the courthouse.


Where did you hear that? That's totally made up. It's not true. 40 USC one three one five. Look it up yourself. All right, I gotta move on, I got a lot to get through, it's obviously an emotional story. I appreciate your patience, Joe, with that as well. I know those are tough stories, man. I am sure. Yeah, I know I was a true story last night, but, you know, Googling it, I said, Paula.


It's amazing. What which three year old are you talking about? Like, we have to do this in America. If it was in DA four, it'd be a huge issue because it was Chicago. It's a damn political football. All right. I want to get to the story about our schools as well, because there's so much misinformation about your kids risk and teachers risk from going back to school. It's it's turning into just outright propaganda. All Taisho also brought to you by our friends at all form.


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Again, just with the sole interest of trying to attack Donald Trump at the. Extreme risks to your children. I'm not kidding. What am I talking about here? Put up this Wall Street Journal article, please. I'm begging you, stop torturing our kids and destroying their lives over corona virus propaganda because you don't understand the science. It is really deeply disturbing. Article by the great James Freeman at The Wall Street Journal. Do teachers have an excuse for missing class?


It looks like a really bad day for media narratives. Folks. You know, I've said this before. I'm not conditioning things here, I'm not trying to couch my arguments. My life was changed by good teachers. Having said that, the entire world is at risk for this virus. Everyone from there, the 18 year old girl we know that works in the public's down the block from us to the mail carrier to us going out. Me and Paula, I had to travel the other day.


There's a risk for everyone. It's not zero. We can minimize that risk in certain scenarios. You can keep your hands washed. You can social distance. That risk will never be zero even if there is a vaccine. There will never be zero risk. The question is, what is the risk reward and the argument that we should keep kids home and destroy their lives? And. Stick them in their rooms for solitary confinement for another school year, because the risk to them is so great, the teachers is bull.


I never wanted to see the rest of that word so much. You're making it up. Let's do the data. From The Wall Street Journal piece today. Just how small is the risk for teachers returning to school classrooms this fall? The Times of London, by the way, no bastion of right wing conspiracy theories. The Times of London reports, quote, There has been no recorded case. Let me read that opening line again, folks. For those of you out there, you know, all my garçon can't can't send a teachers back.


They're going to get infected from the kids. Quote, There has been no recorded case of a teacher catching the corona virus from a pupil anywhere in the world, according to one of the government's leading scientific advice. Wait, wait. Are we doing science? Are we doing science? Oh, here's the name of the science case. You want to look this up yourself? By the way, the Times of London article is in the show. Notes today, Mark Woodlouse, a leading epidemiologist and member of the government's sage committee, told the Times that it may have been a mistake to close schools in March.


Gee, you think, given the limited role children play in spreading the virus. Listen to me. Thank you to the teachers for doing what you do, it's not personal. You've got to go back to work. I'm very sorry. You have got to go back to work. The risk calculus, you people are trying to I don't know if you just haven't read the science. I don't know if you're believing hysterical media reports in an effort to own Trump.


You are not at a significant risk of catching this from kids. There is no science to back that up at all. You have no reason not to go back. I'm very sorry. I'm not looking to put you at risk. I'm not looking to insult you. I'm not looking to degrade the very important critical work you do for our kids in the future of our country. I mean that from the bottom, my heart. You have to go back to work.


If you don't want to go back to work, find a different line of work. So someone can. You are not at the risk. You think you're at if you're telling us you're at high risk because you're not. The risk is not zero. It's not insignificant. But that applies to everyone. To the parents out there, I believe in liberty and freedom. You don't want your kids back in school. Great. I do. To the numb nuts who tweeted to me the other day, the blue checkmark moron author.


Your kids first. Yes, please, please my kids first. Did you not read my tweet, please? My daughter needs to be around her friends and socialize. She's eight. Eight. She's eight. She's sitting in a room and listen. We have a nice house. I'm not a boy. It's not like torture. We've been very lucky, having grown up not so lucky. There's a person I know shall remain nameless. They live in a trailer park.


They're stuck in one big square room all day. The kids have to go back. If you don't want to send your kid back. Keep them at home. That's not my business anymore. My country is my business. But if you want to make that decision because you erroneously believe your kid is going to be a super spreader, despite no science to back that up at all, then you do you. But my kid is going back to school.


You can do the eye pad thing fine. You think you have a better solution? I love homeschooling. It's great. We can't do that. We have a job we have to pay for our house and our kids and the food and everything else. I don't have that. I'd love home schoolers. If you can find a good home schooling program, your kid will be probably a lot better off. A lot of parents can't. If you want to keep your kids home because you have some kind of erroneous, irrational fear, they're going to become a massive super spreader.


Do your thing. Just leave my kids alone. We're going back. Do the distance learning. I'm not telling you how to live your life. You're telling me how to live mine. I don't want your kids back in school either. Take that. Sometimes I wish we were digital only. You know where you can stick that advice? How does that affect your kid? Setup. Distance learning programs, just tons of them out there. My kids going back to school.


You don't believe me and the thetas on our side. It is you sure you actually read the data? Do you read it all? Here's a tweet by Ibe, I encourage you to check this out in her Twitter feed. Woman I just came into contact with today a Mary Vogt, who has an excellent thread. This is just one of many pieces out of 12 tweets she put out on this Mary vote about school closings, quote, Schools are open in Sweden and closed in Finland.


Researchers conclude, quote, closure or not, of schools had no measurable direct impact on the number of laboratory confirmed cases in school aged children in Finland or Sweden. Again, please cite to me the data your kid is going to be some super spreader of this virus, Sweden stayed open, Finland closed, no measurable impact. Measurable meaning they measured it like science. Now, that's not enough, Dan, Wall Street Journal Times, no cases of student to teacher transmission, no measurable impact of closing the schools.


That's not enough for me. I want to keep your kids home, too. OK, let's go to The Economist. The Economist, by the way, about as leftist as you can get. The Economist headline, The risks of keeping schools closed far outweigh the benefits. Millions of young minds are going to waste. This is The Economist. This is not. Magga verse daily. This is a left leaning magazine I used to read before they went crazy.


Telling you the risks of keeping your kid home are dramatic. Compared to the very small risk of your kid becoming sick or dying from this and contracting it in school, what are you gonna do with your kid during flu season? Fair question. Right. Flu vaccines only about 80 percent effective. To keep mom home, too, it could die from they could legitimately die from the flu. Oh, I meant that. I understand. Not a fair question.


We had an outbreak in Martin County here about two years ago of hepatitis, say, I don't recall ever an argument about closing the school ever. Very contagious. Why not? Maybe because this has become a political argument, not an argument based on any science whatsoever. Come on. Dan, that's not enough. The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Times of London. Actual science in Sweden and Finland. I need more. Okay, I'll give you more.


Don't you worry about that. Here's The Boston Globe here, Boston Globe again. You know what? That big right wing Allitt here. Listen to the science and reopen schools. Adding months more to this toll will be an educational disaster that some children may never recover from. We have a screenshot from this video, right? Yes. This is a long story behind the screen, Chapala. Everyone, thank Paula collectively for this screenshot. I'll tell you the story another day in the interest of time.


Screenshot from the Boston Globe piece. But what about the risk to teachers and staff? We've been told these kids are super spreader going to kill all the teachers. Well, again, quote. Listen to the science. I thought we were doing science. A report led by the former head of the CDC under Obama concluded that children appear less likely than adults to transmit COVA to others. Unlike other viruses like influenza, though, the evidence is still limited and preliminary.


All right. Studies examining schools with known cases of Cauvin have shown low, low transmission rates. For instance, in one case, just two students and no teachers, in fact, did. Out of eight hundred and sixty three close contacts. Others show zero confirmed infections, even among teachers and students who sat in the same classroom with a symptomatic child. Again, please tell me why you want my kid imprisoned in solitary confinement, staring at an eye pad for 10 hours a day because you think the kids are super spreaders that are going to infect everyone.


What data are you actually basing that on? You want to keep your kid home? Knock yourself out. Leave my kid alone. Unlike you, I believe in liberty and freedom and that kind of thing. What about more evidence? This is another poll, especially an NPR study about YMCA and daycare. What parents can learn from childcare centres that stayed open during lockdowns. NPR, you know, NPR, Joe, that far right leaning Alette. I'm joking, of course.


Maggie Daley, NPR. You know what they found? That due out to pandemic, many child care centers stayed open for frontline workers. Everyone from grocery store clerks to doctors to YMCA of New York in New York City's Department Education have been caring for collectively tens of thousands of children since March. The kids show, you know, the super spreaders. Yeah, and these daycare workers tell NPR they have weighed how many? Ten thousand reports of. No, no, that's no.


They have no reports of corona virus clusters are out. My reading that. Right. Paula, I read Joy. I need a double check on this. You're good. Well, OK. Thank you. So the daycare workers allegedly working around these devastating kids, super spreaders that are killing everyone. They tell NPR they have no reports of coronavirus clusters or outbreaks. Because on. Just as school halls swept over reopening plans and with just over half the parents telling pollsters they're comfortable with in-person school, this small public health and policy experts say education leaders should be discussing and drawing on these real world childcare experiences.


Again, are we doing science, because what's interesting is when I mentioned science and data on this show, the video partner on this show, YouTube points of crushing our shelf. You notice that how weird that is. We're not doing science is that we're crazy how our audio keeps exploding. And every time we mentioned science, the video gets crushed. It's just weird, isn't it? Boston Globe economist. Science from Sweden and Finland. Wall Street Journal. Times of London.


NPR. Dan, you got us say even more signs. OK, let's do that, because you know what we have here? This is The Lancet. You know, well respected medical journal. Yeah. Here's an actual research paper, Joe.


Let's talk about lockdown's now, too. You know, science and stuff, a country level analysis measuring the impact of government actions, country preparedness and socioeconomic factors on colvard mortality and related health outcomes. Let me translate that for you. Hat tip, by the way, the great Alex Berenson, an actual journalist who covered this story, The Lancet, The Lancet, did a study show, you know, science and a medical journal. Hey, these lockdowns do anything.


That's the headline. Synopsis. Dan Bongino version. What do these lockdowns do? We can actually look at that. Here's the data right there. Crazy comes up even simple. Joe in the findings section. Oh, yeah. Let me read the last sentence. Rapid border closures, full lockdowns and widespread testing. Where, where, where, where does that say we're not? Again, I'm just checking here. We're not associated with Cauvin mortality per million people, just to be clear.


Let me read that sentence again. Border closures, full lockdowns and widespread testing were not associated with covered mortality per million. In other words, you know, science and stop where when we put this out, our videos get squashed. I don't know why anybody's doing that. Now we're living in Orwellian, kind of 1984. All kinds of like. This is like, you know, Animal Farm type stuff, too. Some animals are better than. So the lockdown's had nothing to do with decreasing or increasing the mortality rate, meaning the lockdown's did nothing to stop people from dying from his MJM, just checking.


So we washed people's businesses, destroyed their lives, in many cases, their families lives and their kids futures, too, would have inherited those businesses. We did that because why? There's a whole bunch of evidence at work. No, no, there's none. No, there's actually no evidence. Again. God forbid. You know, we do actual science on the show. Please challenge just by the way. Unlike CNN and MSNBC and The New York Times, The Washington Post, the other fake news specialists that specialize in propaganda.


We just gave you one, two, three, four, five, six pieces of data and reporting that what you're telling people to do. Don't send your kids to school to scoop or super spreaders is absolutely false. Lockdown's. We need more of them. They don't work. And you'll do it anyway because we got our orange band bad. We got our own Trump. You got a good. You keep doing that. Idiots. Just another brick in the wall, buddy.


All in all. Was it for Roger Waters? I would still listen to Pink Floyd Dentally has lost his mind. They were a great band, still like David Gilmore didn't always it. Syd Barrett. Was he in there? But he was an acrobat, too, Ray. Wasn't he the one who had some problems? Yeah. Early on, I was always going to pop culture stuff. All right. I got my final sponsor and I got another stunning piece of video of a member of Congress.


Soft, funny folks. It's just I'm not surprise me anymore. A member of Congress actively on the floor promoting Chinese propaganda. I'll play this cut. You're going to be. This is an actual member of Congress. They don't surprise a Democrat, of course. I mean, that's what they do. All right. I'll find a sponsor today. Our friends at my Patriots play go today to prepare with the ENCOM. Why? Because you ensure everything in your life that matters.


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Go to prepare with Dan Today as prepare within Go today. All right. Thanks, Supply. We always appreciate you supporting the show. Good stuff there. So, you know, again, I'm not kidding the Democrats, this is not. I was talking to someone, a friend of mine the other day. I want to say who because he gets like, hey, look at me. I have all these support for a stupid I hate it.


But let's just say a friend who's influential in the Trump circle and was bringing up the point that she's right. That this isn't even a fight anymore, this election between like our liberals and conservatives, communists versus free marketeers, Republicans. It's not it's legitimately a fight between really, really evil people and people who are I'm not gonna say I'm going to say good. I'm just gonna say people who are fighting against evil. It is you don't believe me, look at this car.


This is Adam Smith, the disastrous Democrat congressman who just humiliated himself on the floor, giving his speech where he comes to the door. This is not a joke. This is a real cut. He comes to the defense of the Chinese for not warning us about the China virus, not warning us about it at all. The Corona virus for Muharrem. He comes to the defense of the Chinese government that the Chinese people, lot of them died from this do.


He comes to the defense of China and finds a way to make Trump the bad guy. China, by the way, the Chinese Communist Party is loving every second of this clip. They're probably using it in their own TV commercials. Check this imbecile out.


We absolutely need to hold accountable Russia, China, whoever wants to interfere with our process of developing a vaccine or cyber hackers in any other way. And there were enormous number of tools to do so. I do want to point out and just simply make an urgent plea. One of the gentlemen's arguments was that China hid the true risk of the virus from the American people. And yes, that is terrible that China did that. It's not actually their job to warn the American people.


It's the president's job to warn the American people.


You may say to yourself, that's clearly a paid lobbyist by China. That's a U.S. congressman. You're the groans in the background here. From the Republicans forced to stay relatively silent. You hear the groans in the back of people like, oh, wait, did you just say that this is Adam Smith. So if he's your congressman. You know, we will leave the of course, the nasty garbage to the left. But I strongly encourage you, if he's your congressman, to send a nice, respectful e-mail and phone call to his office saying, yep, that.


Most Jews who side are exactly are you? Buddy. It's not China's job to tell us that a deadly virus. That could wipe out up to three hundred thousand Americans who are in at risk groups and who are elderly. It's not their job to tell us it. It isn't. No, it's Trump's job to go over and what monitor the conditions in the wool Hohn lab every day. He's supposed to check in and punch a time clock. I'm here checking out your conditions.


It's not China's job to do that. So just to be clear, Adam Smith, I mean, clearly imbecile of the week, and we still have a show tomorrow. It's over. He won. It's definitely not Trump's job to save a three year old from being shot in the face in Chicago. Stay out of this city's Adam Smith says loser, congressman, Democrat. Stay out of the Senate, those three year olds be murdered in the streets.


Got a Google search to write three year old. But it's definitely his job to punch a time clock in the war on virology lab and check in on the Chinese Communist Party so they don't affect the world, the world with the biggest plague we've seen in decades. Got it. God makes perfect. Perfect sense. Again, please tell me again how were. Not a fight. A Manichaean battle between. Evil and people fighting against evil. Please, again, just explain that to me.


As a U.S. congressman. U.S. congressman. China couldn't have paid a lobbyist to go to bat for them better than this. This loser. All right. This is my final story, this is an important story I've been following for a long time, and it's an important story because it's a story. You're not hearing anything about that. Of all the things happening right now, this is going to have a really deep impact in your life. If. You own a home in the suburbs.


Which, by the way, I'm sure are many of my listeners. Again, I'm not here to tell you who to vote for. I'm only going to tell you who I'm voting for. It's not a secret. I'm voting for President Trump. I've never been more convinced he's the right guy. But if you are voting for Joe Biden, I just want you to understand again what you're voting for. So check out this story at The New York Post, it's in the show notes, please read it by Betsy McCaughey, the former lieutenant governor of New York under George Pataki.


Yeah. Mama. Yeah. She was a little heavy on Obamacare. Think she's a medical doctor? Yeah. Stories up in the show notes that access the show notes. Go to Bandino dot com slash newsletter. Just click subscribe. We send you the e-mail every everyday with all the notes in it. Joe Biden's disastrous plans for America's suburbs shows heard the story so many times, he could probably he does even need to see the Post article. This is about a program called the A.F. f h if you don't know it.


Look it up, because if you have a house in the suburbs and you think you're vote for Joe Biden because don't worry, I'll be left alone. This is what, by the way, this is what a lot of Democrats do. They vote for things, thinking they're not going to affect them. I don't care about school choice. I send my kid to a private school. You know, rich liberals. I don't care about higher taxes. I've got the highest paid account in neighbored.


I get out of all my taxes. I don't care about, you know, patient controlled health care. I'm going to pay my doctor for concierge service. That's what liberals do. They're frauds. They're total frauds. Their lives are for everything they stand for is fake. Fake. Because they think what they vote for is not going to affect them. Well, a lot of these rich liberals live in the burbs. How are you going to feel when a high density housing, you know, low income apartment complexes are placed right next door to your house?


Libera, you know, the liberal show all the liberal, it's all about fairness and equity. OK, we're going to build next to your house. An 80 family, 300 square foot unit, low income housing. You know, the house you work your whole life to. Yeah, we're going to build that next door. You watch the libs will lose their minds. NIMBY because they're fakes. They're phonies. They're total, complete, utter frauds. This is what's coming if you vote for Joe Biden.


There he is all about A.F., FH, affirmatively furthering fair housing. Notice the language play there from the New York Post piece. Biden wants to ramp up an Obama era social engineering scheme called affirmatively furthering fair housing that mercifully barely got underway before Trump took office, vowing to stop it. Biden's plan? Listen up, you suburbanite liberals says what you're voting for. Biden's plan is to force suburban towns with single family homes and minimum lot sizes to build high density, affordable housing smack in the middle of their leafy neighborhoods.


Local preferences and local control be damn. You know, again, I know you're frauds with school choice because your kids go to private schools. I know you're fraud's on taxes because you have fancy accountants right there ready to lower your tax bill. I know you're fraud's on health care because you have your own concierge service, your own private doctors. You're not going to be able to be a fraud on this one. Joe Biden is fully in love with this AFFO page that is going to wipe out your local zoning and make sure they build nice, low income, high density housing in your neighbor.


Now, keep in mind, if you object to this, Joe, what do you think the standard liberal line is? Tom Marr approach? Remember, Tom, he and God rest his soul. It's of course, it's coming. If you object to this, you are definitely a raw artist. Sixty or seventy eight were a hundred percent because that's all they have. Yeah. Like it. I'm out. I'm a red. That's weird. I'm a racist because in the neighborhood we just moved from the block we lived on.


Paul, if I'm getting this in accurately, please, because I, I don't like hyperbole for a fact because people can fact check. You have no problem without giving up where I you live. Who made it not black. I just moved from my neighbor was Cuban. The guy down the block in the cul de sac was black. The neighbor on the other side of me is white and across the street was white, black, Hispanic. My wife, by the way.


Oh, gosh, my wife. I totally forgot. So our household. I'm not even kidding. I totally forgot. So our household has an immigrant Colombian successful woman and my wife, the neighbors, Cuban. I was a middle income neighborhood. The guy in the corner happened to be black. How do you know that? Because I see him. He's my neighbor. And then the guy was white and the other guy was white. So, I mean, we're all racist, right?


I live in a I mean, it's a diverse the use of a block, as you could possibly live on. There were only about 10 houses on the block. And yet we were all racist, why? You mean Sophie. If you were a rageous checking like his liberal racist code is always hard to decipher, Joe. Wouldn't you, if you were a hardcore racist? Just checking. Wouldn't the first thing on your mind when you were picking where you were going to live, like the place you spend eight to 10 hours a day if you go to work?


Wouldn't the first thing and maybe I got to make sure everybody looks like me around here, right? Yeah. Just checking. Right. So none of that really happening. By the way, it's fully 100 percent. Thank God. Illegal to discriminate on showing someone to house or selling someone a house because of their race. Which is obviously a good thing. It's already illegal. But if you object to having low income, high rise is stuck next to your house, you're definitely a racist.


Well, again, you can take that and ram it up your caboose, because, you know, you're just making that up and I'm not going to play ball with you. What are they really doing here, the Democrats? Well, as I explained to you, I was using a great piece by Stanley Kurz, who writes at National Review, who's been all over this, your suburbs are about to be destroyed if you vote in Joe Biden. Do you think they're not coming for you?


You're insane. Biden and his crew are knocking on your door. Here's what their real goal. It's got nothing to do with race ladies, if that's what they did. The racism card is all they have to scare you to shut up. But you're not scaring me or anyone else speaking out against this occluding Betsy McCoy. This is two things. Number one, the Democrats have figured out they're wasting a lot of votes in big cities. What do I mean by that?


People who live in New York, they're winning elections for Congress in New York City, Manhattan and elsewhere. The Democrats, it is by margins that are ridiculous. Joe, 90 10. I'm not kidding. Eighty five. Fifteen. And he may say, well, what's the problem? That why would Democrats not want to win by big margins? Because, ladies and gentlemen, there's a limited number of people in the United States, 330 million people.


And when you pack them all in one congressional district and you win those races overwhelmingly, you lose elsewhere because all your people are in one spot. Please tell me you're following me here. The Democrats need to start winning races by smaller, not bigger margins so they can take some of those people and move them into the suburbs. They're losing by one or two points, maybe a thousand votes and take ten thousand people. They don't need in this city they winning that election by 30 points.


They don't need those twenty thousand thirty thousand people in that congressional district. They need them to vote elsewhere and they can start to take back seats in the suburbs. They need to start diluting their vote, concentrated vote margins are not good. They're bad. They're called wasted votes. Joe, you ever hear that joke about medical school, what do they call the guy who graduates last in medical school? Yes, Doctor. Yeah. That's what they call it.


You ever hear that joke? It's true. What's next for graduates last? Three hundred. Did they call him doctor? Right. What do you call the candidate who wins by fifty point one percent of the vote? In contrast to the guy who wins ninety nine percent. What do you call him? Joe winner. You call him Congressman. You call him the winner. It doesn't matter. That's reason number one. They want to wreck your suburbs.


It's all about politics. But there's another reason to. The cities are hemorrhaging people, so by moving voters, what they think will be Democrat. Remember, there's no guarantee they'll move in the suburbs, vote Democrat, but they think by moving Democrat voters into the suburbs, they can get Democrat voters in said suburbs to start voting suburban conservatives out and start to vote for things like redistributing the tax income from the suburbs back to the cities, seniors. Devious, terrible.


Immoral patchiness. People in charge aren't stupid. You want to vote for Joe Biden? You go ahead. Do your thing. I'm just telling you, you think you're going to escape it? Oh, they're going to leave me alone. My kid goes to a private school. I'm insulated from the effects of these terrible Democratic policies, Motluk. All right, and get some of your stuff, Glenn, baseball get that tomorrow is really loaded show very emotional today and I hope you can share the beginning of that because it matters.


Do not believe for a second the president abdicating his responsibility. Here is some kind of a positive approach. It's immoral. The president is doing the right thing. He should be applauded and he needs your support doing it. If Mayor Lightweight and de Blasio are going to let three year olds be shot in their cities and people killed and we're going to come in and we're going to fix it because it's the right moral, upstanding, God fearing thing to do.


Thanks for tuning in, folks. Really appreciate it. If I may ask, can you please subscribe to our YouTube channel, YouTube dot com slash Bunji? No, we're having a lot of trouble over there. And until we can find an alternate option there, we're looking at it now. We're having a lot of issues over there. You know, I don't want to waste your time explaining about my personal problems there, but it's getting rough. We need you to subscribe, please.


It helps us a lot. I also subscribe and Apple podcast as well, helps us move up the charts.


You just heard Dan Bongino.