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The whole world can hear. I know. I'm reading the chat. I love you guys in the chat. Someone's talking about the cinnamon french toast, blackout coffee. I'm like, I told you they got smooth, baby. Yeah, of course I can hear once I hear. No, it's not like when you're on Fox. When you're on Fox, the mic is turned off until the show starts. Starts, not on this show. We rock and roll right from the beginning. I love being in the chat. Thanks for being here. I got a little note to a couple of folks in the beginning. You guys are amazing. But big show today. I've got, you know, Victor Davis Hansen. He did this ten minute, they asked him a question on a podcast he was on. He gave a ten minute answer. I'm obviously not going to play the whole thing in the interest of time, but I got to tell you, even after yesterday's interview, it's probably the second best thing we've played this week. That absolutely nails the problem we're having with the left going forward and what they're really afraid of. Big show. And another January 6 update came out yesterday.


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I love being here with you. Thanks, pal. I love my job. McKee, don't you agree? Tuesday's a total headfake. We said this over and over. Wednesday, you're like almost towards the end of the week, Tony. Right? Tuesday's a total headfake, isn't it? It's a total headfake. It's like this fake. He's not there anymore. I love doing this show. Don't get me wrong, it's not like hard work or anything. Hey, Monday. Yeah, Monday, it's like, you just accept. I actually love Monday because I really am stoked for the weekend. Tuesday, total head fake. Total head fake. Total Tuesday's bullshit. We should wipe out Tuesday, not Monday bullshit. Yeah, there you go. So I get a letter this morning from a you actually. I don't know if you remember this guy, but I'm not going to say his name. But he worked at the blaze with CRTV. Joe and I worked with him. Joe's been with me forever. Sends me this really nice email this morning. And the gist of it was this. I don't want to spend too much time on it, folks. You know how I personally feel about our military and police officers. But also a special place in my heart and on this show is always reserved for tradesmen, craftsmen, skilled workers out there.


The plumbers, the HVAC techs, the railroad workers, sheet rock installers, the carpenters, the steam fitters, the tin knockers. All of you out there, I really love you guys and women out there a lot. My dad was a plumber. My brother's an electrician. The gravediggers out there, this country doesn't work if it's not for you, like, doesn't work at all. We can do without 5000 different white paper writers on CRT theory. Nothing's going to happen. If they all were to move tomorrow. If you guys and women out there who build this country leave the truckers out there. The truckers, I mean, emotional. They don't truck our stuff. We're all dead. So I get this email, this guy email about something different, but he says, listen, I'm working with this trade group and we have all these people and tradesmen and I asked them their favorite show, and you came up the Dan Bongino show. So, hey, man, I pound my heart, but my elbows don't work. But I love you guys and I know Joe does too. Thank you for everything. And thanks for listening to the show and thanks for building this country. You mean the world to me.


I want to make sure we get that out there. Okay, folks, you've heard this so many times on the show. It's probably one of those things, when I mentioned it, the Chatsters, you get it. One of the things that really irks me about swampy republicans is they really believe we're fighting the left that cares about being liked and cares about not being hypocrites. That's not what we're fighting. We are fighting a bunch of freaking communists. They don't care about hypocrisy. Looking like hypocrites, looking like double standards. Looking like. Just listen to Tarloff yesterday on the five. I saw some of you in the chat ripping on Jessica Tarloff on the five yesterday for her hilarious defense of what's happening in New York. Hilariously stupid. They don't care. They don't care. These people are communists. Communists care about what? Think it through. What do commies care about? They care about power. That's all they care about. Power at your expense. They don't care if they look like hypocrites. Frauds, losers, zeros. It doesn't matter. The morality of the situation is irrelevant to them. They care about what? They care about hierarchy. You've heard me say it endlessly on this show, hierarchy.


The left cares about power. And them on the power structure being above you. They have power, you don't. I mean literal power, not figurative power. Power over your money. That's why they like high taxes. It's not that they want more of your money. It's that they want more of your output. That's freaking control, baby. They don't want more of your. No, no, Dan, they do. That's why they advocate for higher taxes. Bullshit. If I told you higher taxes lead to less tax revenue, but you'd control people more? The left still wants it. I can go through endless lists of examples of tax hikes that resulted in less revenue to the government because people fled. And they still push for higher taxes. Proving my point. They don't care about the money. They care about control and power. It's not about tax money. It's about you working for them. Period. Put a dot at the end of that sentence. They don't care about education. They care about controlling education. Your kids could be dumb as a box of rocks. As long as they control it and the curriculum and the ability to indoctrinate your kids, they don't care about anything else.


This is about pure, unadulterated power. Health care, ladies and gentlemen. They don't want control of your health care because they give a shit about your health. They want to control who lives or dies, because that is real power. If you understand anything about this, show hierarchy over hypocrisy. If you don't understand that, I'm sorry, but we can't be friends. I kid, maybe later. It is about power and hierarchical systems of power, them being on top of you. It is not an accident that tyrants want you to know they're in charge. The judge Engo run people out of New York decision. Letitia James Fonnie Willis they don't care that you think they're frauds, commies, thieves or crooks. They don't care. They're not in the business of morality. They are in the business of power. You know, Victor Davis Hansen, I'm going to tell you, one of the greatest minds of our time, a guy respected across the entire republican spectrum, from standard old school republicans to libertarians to conservatives, a brilliant thinker, a guy who absolutely gets it and has been getting it for years, he talks about exactly this on this. I wrote this down.


This actually says this right here in my notes. Here, I'll show it to you. It says, damn, this evdiation interview is fire. Here's about a minute plus of him talking about this exact problem that we don't get that the hierarchy problem. And a lot of people don't understand this. The left doesn't care. You're fighting the wrong enemy. If you think you're going to fight them on a morality clause, you're fighting the Jessica tarloffs and others of the world who don't give a damn about morality or any of that stuff. All they care about is letting you know they're in charge and you're not. And you better get on the right team quicker. They're coming for you next. Holy Moses. Listen to this. Part one, and this is actually part two, happened later in the interview, but this is so good, I had to stick it first. Listen to this.


And so what we're talking about, I guess to sum up and end this, they understand deterrence. They are saying to the american people, we are sobs we're capable of everything and anything. Now which side do you want to be on? Because if you're on our side, you can do what Hunter Biden is. There's no consequences. If you want to say that the voting machines are crooked like Jill Stein, go ahead. She did in 2016, if you want to be Barbara boxer and 32 Democrats and say, you know what, we're not going to certify the Ohio count and hold up the whole election, we're going to try to do that. Don't worry, they did it in 2004. If you're Al Goer and the registrar and the attorney general says, well, the votes have been counted and they have been certified in Florida, oh, no, we're going to sue. We're going to sue and hold up the entire election for a month. And so you can do all of that as long as you're on our side. But if you don't do that and you want to go on the other side, then you're going to be in big trouble.


And that's the message that they're trying to say. That's what we're really getting down to join the winning side. It's sort of like in the Soviet Union, if you're part of the nomenclature and you join the party, you're exempt. If you're not, well, you're on your own.


Just let that breathe. Why do we put on the London hat when we hear something so profound? I have no idea. I just did it once and it's just become a thing in my head. The Peaky Blinders hat. I don't know. That's gangster right there. That's why. Holy shit, folks. How many times, if you're a P, one listener to the show, have we had that conversation again? Maybe I don't say it as eloquently. Yesterday is Ben's or VDH, but, you know, you've heard that exact sentiment here, have you not? You're either part of the nomenclatora or you're not. Either part. You're either on the team or you're not. Nomenclator. That's a good one, some would say. Notice how he says in the beginning, yeah, we're sobs and we know it. Have I not told you that? Why? Fighting them on moral grounds, writing op eds in the Washington Post like Mitt Romney, crying in front of people like Adam Kinzinger. Oh, let's take the high road. Adam Kinzinger is a moron. He is a useful idiot. The soviet class we're dealing with now absolutely loves useful idiots like Kinzinger, who, the second he speaks truth and exposes the left will be immediately discarded by the same quote.


Sobs, they don't care at all. This is not about friends, folks, again, in all caps, please do not fight the wrong enemy. This is not cutesy time. We have the shirt. The cutesy time is over shirt. And I get it. It's glib, it's funny, it's sarcastic. I promise you, the principle behind that is not funny at all. I try to take the temperature of the show down by not always making it so apocalyptic, even though we're in rough times because no one wants to. Sometimes you need a little humor. Even horror movies give you a break from the suspense once in a while. That shit is real cutesy. Time is over. They don't care. We're sobs. And I love how he lays out all of the examples of exactly what he's talking about. The left has been complaining about every single presidential election they've lost for 100 years. No, it was never a problem. It was never a problem until we did it and said, hey, we got a. And unlike them, those bullshit artists, unlike them, we had a legitimate complaint. Hey, in 2020, you guys use this Covid thing for mass mail and ballots.


We never did that before. And your own reporting indicates that mail in ballots, there's a real fraud issue. You're not allowed to talk about that. You're not allowed to talk about that. It's not double standards. They don't care. It's one standard. We're in charge and you're not. Shut your freaking mouths. So why are they so afraid right now? Why are you seeing this extinction burst of behavior engo run people out of New York, Letitia, James, Fonnie Willis, Jack Smith, Merrick Garland Biden, the media freaking out. I mean, even for them, this is like new levels of insanity. Why? Because, folks, Trump is ahead in a massive number of polls. And as I predicted, because you're not wasting your freaking time here, folks. RFK in the race is hurting Biden. It's not hurting Trump. It's taking a minuscule number of people away from Trump and a ton of people away from Biden. As I told you, the reason the left wants RFK out of the race is not because he's helping Joe Biden. It's because he's hurting Joe Biden. What are you, an idiot? The left wing media wants him out of the race because he's good for them.


Trump is ahead by even more with RFK in the race. They are freaking out. Listen to part two of this here. This is where Victor Davis Hansen it's about a minute or so, again, addresses this exact fact that Trump gets it. They're terrified. Trump's first term is four years that Trump has figured out what they're up to. They're terrified now that Trump is going to correct his prior mistakes from the first term, personnel mistakes. Assuming goodwill. He did that. He assumed goodwill. He had dinner with Mitt Romney. He assumed these people weren't absolute freaking lunatics, which they were. They're afraid now that Trump, without the pressure of reelection and a collection of ideas he didn't get to implement the first time because he assumed goodwill from government, that all that shit is gone now. He understands the personnel problem, and now he knows he's dealing with a bunch of people who are straight up commies. And they're terrified. Listen to Victor Davis Hansen explain that part of it. Check this out.


They look at Trump as a vampire, and they put a stake in his heart, but they're afraid that that stake could come out anytime that he's undying. And they're afraid of him. They are terrified of him. You know why they're terrified of him? Because they think he's smarter this time. And he has just caused to really get angry because of what they did to him. They can write all of the Atlantic Monthly, and they can write all the New Yorker clever, glib little essays about Donald Trump was a threat to democracy, or they can write all their little Molly ball time essays, how clever and brilliant they were with their cabals and their conspiracies to get rid of them. But deep down inside, they know that if the right ever did that to Barack Obama or Joe Biden, they could have really made something out of the fact that Barack Obama had a hot mic expose where he told the president of Russia, you tell Vladimir that I will be flexible on missile defense. That's the security of the United States of America. If he gives me space in my last election, and Putin did do that, that's an impeachable offense.


If a phone call to Ukraine is so, they understand that, that the right could have done that to them, and they understand now the right probably will do that to them for their own survival. And they are scared. They're saying if a mega candidate wins and they win, the House and the Senate were cooked because they're going to get special prosecutors and they're going to go after the Biden family like they've never gone after anybody. And they're going to find stuff because we know Joe is crooked.


You see why I'm long in the United States? You see why does it make sense? Now? I know some of you aren't. It's okay. Listen, I'm not here to be your rah rah number. You know, the foamy number one finger guy, USA's number one. I love my country. I love our military. I love our people. I love everything about it. But I totally get why people are down. I'm not saying you don't love the country, but I get why you'd be depressed. I totally understand. I totally get it. I am in no way diminishing your skepticism that the United States may in fact be on a downward trajectory. It's going to be hard to dig out of. Listen to me. I totally get you. I get you. I feel differently. I feel like God's blessed this country. Maybe my religion is clouding my judgment, my faith. I don't know, maybe it is. Okay, fair enough. But I feel like he is sending people. I'm not going to mention names. This guy's nobody's apostles or disciples. There's no saints here. Everybody's sinners. But I do feel like he's sending people and he's sending a rescue team to pull us from the doldrums we're in.


Maybe we had to hit rock bottom with Obama and Biden to see what rock bottom looked like before we started sending that mountain again. I don't know. But I know Victor Davis Hansen is right that the left is changing their diapers every ten minutes now because they know Trump. And good Republicans, the swampy ones, are just part of the problem. The good Republicans, even if it's a small sliver, and Donald Trump can do a whole lot in four years to clean this mess out. And it starts with what he just said. These people are crooked. Cutesy time is over. The same tools they use against us, we're going to be using against them. And I don't want to hear jack shit from the media. And Jack left town about how it's immoral, unethical. You want to use the law, we'll use the same law. The difference is we don't need to bend it because your guys are actually crooked and our guys aren't. You like the game you started? We're going to finish it and I'm going to make sure if he wins, I stay on top of it, too. We are going to finish it.


And that's why I'm long in the United States, folks. The lawfare operation against Trump, though, is worse than you thought. I just found this out yesterday. Sorry, I was dealing with a lot. This judge. Engel, run people out of here. Engel, run people out of here. This judge's ruling, shockingly, is even worse than you thought. This lawfare operation is one of the most destructive things I've ever seen. I'm going to tell you what I mean here. Coming up in a second. There's a little asterisk in this ruling. That if you understand business is so detrimental to the trump team, and they did this on purpose. Ladies and gentlemen, payback is coming. But as I said before, the difference is they actually broke the law. We didn't quick break. Americanfinancing. Net the credit card balances increased by $50 billion in quarter four last year, meaning Americans are sitting on more debt than ever before. It makes sense. Everything's still more expensive, and people have to put essentials on a credit card. Homeowners, you have a way out of this credit card spiral. Call my friends at American Finance. They're helping customers save an average of $854 a month.


By using your home's equity to pay off that debt, $854 a month adds up to over $10,000 a year. Mortgage rates are lower than they've been in a long time and much better than the average credit card rate. That's important. It takes just ten minutes to get started. It costs you nothing to see how much you can save. You can close in as fast as ten days and you may be able to delay two mortgage payments. American financing american financing here's the number, 8899-4766 again, 8899-4766 or you can visit them Americanfinancing. Net nmls 182334 thanks, american financing. Folks, I want you to listen to Jonathan Turley first yesterday on Fox about this Engelron case out of New York, the Trump case. What was it, folks in the chat? $142,000,000,000,000 ruling against Donald Trump. Obviously a legal obscenity. Judge Engoran is a humiliating embarrassment to humankind, to the state of New York. There has a lot of decent people left in New York. Imagine having this guy who, again, doesn't even look like he bathes, determining who can do business inside and outside of New York. New York is going to suffer. It was my home state.


I was born there. I just want the people in New York to know we didn't do this to you. Your own elected politicians and the crazy left wing, non bathing judges did this to you. Businesses are going to pull out of New York in droves. New York is going to be damaged. And by the way, this is a case with absolutely no victims. Am I going to listen to Turley? The only reason I play Turley a lot is because Turley is not even like a Trump guy. Matter of fact, I'm not even sure he's a conservative or even a Republican. He's a law professor. Here's Turley on the bizarre Judge Egaron ruling. There's no fraud here. There's no fraud against anyone. You can't have fraud if you have no victim. Take a look. Part of the disconnect here is that you have what will be over $455,000,000 if you include interest. And then on the other side of the ledger, you have zero. There's not a single dollar lost by these victims. In fact, the people that James calls the victims actually wanted to do more business with Donald Trump. They said they made a lot of money and they viewed him as a whale client.


They wanted more loans with him. Now, of course, if you listen to Tarloff yesterday on the five, a persistent defender of communism, inequity, socialism, and basically political malpractice. If you heard that whole. Saw. Again, the reason I bring it up, I saw a bunch of people chatting in the chat room about how awful she is, and she is, she has no idea what she's talking about. She's frequently clueless is she's like, well, you guys are saying fraud is okay. No, we're not saying that. I'm asking you where the fraud happened, because Gee works here. So does Tony. If I tell Gee, I'm going to pay you $94 trillion an hour and I pay Gee 100, okay, that would be fraud. However, if Gee has no complaints and Gee signs the contract and reads it and says, oh, Dan was joking one time. Let's say I come in and this may be a bad example, but I mean it. I come in and get, Gee, you're so valuable to the company, which he is. We love you. I'd love to play you trillions. Gee knows that's hyperbole. Businesses in New York that deal with real estate investors are both sophisticated.


They understand the investor is probably going to value his assets at the peak because he wants a lower interest rate. That's not fraud. You may have a disagreement with him, but if you don't want to loan him the money, you don't loan him the money. It doesn't mean you were defrauded, you dumbass. This is what happens when liberals like Tarloff, who've never had actual jobs ever, who have never had actual jobs, understand nothing about business. I'm an equity holder in multiple companies out there. I went to business school because I never wanted to look like an idiot in a business meeting. She doesn't care about looking like an idiot. Does that example make sense? People come into a room, Joe, does this make sense the banks are in the room, they're going, Trump's saying, this is worth, whatever, a trillion dollars. What do you think it's worth, guys? I don't know. Maybe 400 billion. Should we give him the loan? I think we should. This guy's a whale. Like Turley said, he's worth it business wise. We're pretty sure he's going to pay us back. No one got defrauded. You don't accuse people of fraud on tv because you don't like the valuation of their property.


You a dumb ass. Human sacrifice. Dogs and cats living together. Masses terrier. This is insane. And here's what I was talking about with engron. In other words, this is an op ed by Turley. Democrats weaponized the justice system to punish Trump in the business case. Here's where the thing gets even worse. Under New York law, Trump can't appeal this ruling without depositing the full amount. So Angoron knew this going in. So this $455,000,000 ruling means if Trump. This is absolutely a legal abomination. Everybody knows it. So for Trump to appeal, he's got to secure a bond, which requires the company to guarantee payment for a defendant who's been barred from doing business in New York and is facing the need to liquidate much of his portfolio. But here's the thing. Just like a bail bondsman in a criminal case, say the bond, say you were getting out of jail, Joe robbed the bank, and the bail was $455,000,000. Joe doesn't have that. I don't have that. However, Joe may find some really nice Dan Bongino show listener who will pay a bail bondsman, say, the bail bondsman says, hey, you, give me 10% of the bond, $45 million, I'll cover the rest.


That's gone. That money is in the wind. In other words, even if Trump wins, he loses. This is how bad they needed to screw him over with lawfare. Now, you may say, well, Dan, he could just put the whole $455,000,000 into an account, hope he wins, and then he gets it back. No, ladies and gentlemen, when you're worth the kind of money Trump is worth anywhere from. I don't know, I've heard one to 4 billion. This is not liquid. Again, for the. I don't want to talk down to my audience chatsters. I'm sorry. You guys are really smart. Like, dan, we get this, but you have to understand, there are liberals listening who are freaking stupid. You have, like, tarloff types who've never had real jobs and don't understand anything. They don't understand. For Trump to come up with a liquid $455,000,000, like cash or equivalents to pay off this fine in an escrow account, he's got to sell stuff in a crap market. Liquidating it. What do you think he's going to do? Go buy it back afterwards? Man, folks, they did a lot of damage, and anybody telling you otherwise, I'm sorry, is just lying.


Oh, don't worry. It's no big deal. No, it is a big deal. This ango run piece of garbage did a lot of damage. And that is why I have been begging you and imploring you, please get out of New York. Get out. No excuses anymore. Oh, we're fighting to say there's no fighting to save it. It's over. Get out. Get your family out. Don't do business in New York. Don't travel to New York. Don't deliver to New York. Do nothing. You get a call from New York for a service business you have, and you're in Texas. Hang up the phone. I'm very sorry. We don't do business in New York. Do not do business in New York. Everybody tracking me. I'm sorry. I can't be nice about it. Get the out of business. Don't sniff it. Don't go near it. Don't buy an I love New York shirt. Don't do anything in York any. You are not safe truckers. You lead the charge. Wait before the spot. I got to play this. You know, Mr. Wonderful from Shark tank. Again, I don't even know this guy's politics. I don't care. I just know he's always looking for royalties in shark tank.


He's a good business guy. He's canadian. Here's Kevin O'Leary, one of the wealthiest, most successful businessmen on planet Earth. Again, I don't even know this guy's politics. Here he is telling you what I'm telling you. Do not do business in New York, no matter what. Check this out. Doesn't matter what the governor says. New York was already a loser state. Like California is a loser state. There are many loser states because of policy, high taxes, uncompetitive regulation. It was already on the top of the list of being a loser state. I would never invest in New York now, and I'm not the only person saying that. No, he's not. I had two friends call me yesterday asking what they should do about a service contract in New York. What do you think I told them? Do not sign on that dotted line. It's a good contract. Don't do it. I said don't do it. You're a republican donor. They know it. You are not safe. Don't do it. You will thank me later. Please, don't do it. I got two more friends and a family member. That's it. They're out already, looking to move. They can't take it anymore.


Get out of New York. Don't do business there. Don't deliver there. Don't answer calls from there. Don't travel there. Don't transfer there on a flight. Stay out of New York. I'm very sorry. It's my home state. I grew up there. It is gone. It's finished. It is now a separate communist country. Let them eat themselves alive. The liberals. All right. I got another just crazy update on this January 6 bomber case. The Schellenberger, Taibi, and others piling on the work of Julie Kelly, Darren, Steve Baker and others. You know this bomb location at the RNC? Now, it turns out the FBI was probably lying about the location of that bomb, too. Dan, I thought you're talking about the DS. No, the RNC. Stay tuned. I got that. And another secret service story that's kind of under my skin. It's my beloved agency and, guys, come on, man. This thing with RFK really let me get to this. A lot more to get to. Big show. Hey. A great day begins with a great night's sleep. You're missing out if you're not sleeping on a helix mattress. Helix offers 20 unique mattresses for big, tall, short, wide, even special ones for kids.


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Consult with your healthcare provider. Okay, back to the show. Thanks, Jason. So the January 6 case, of course, has taken another bizarre turn. The bombing case on January 6, a case no one in the mainstream media wants to tell you about, unless you're Julie Kelly, Darren Beatty, Steve Baker, me, a couple of conservative commentators, and now Schellenberger and Alex Gutentag, who've jumped on this in public. Apparently they got some information now that you'll see from their latest piece, that some anonymous source of them created a detailed illustration of the map of the bomb on January 6 found at the RNC. So the DNC bomb was the one they found with Kamala Harris there. We've covered that at length. We're still going to have some more coming on that in the future. But did you know there was another one at the RNC? What's the catch, ladies and gentlemen? The catch is it doesn't appear the bomb was found at the RNC. It appears the FBI may have been misrepresenting the location. Well, why would you want someone to think a bomb was found at the RNC because you would want it to appear like a political attack or RNC Republican and DNC Democrat.


You get it. Schellenberger and Gutentag know by now this anonymous security expert has created a series of highly detailed illustrations of the misleading mapping of the location of the RNC bomb. The FBI map misrepresents the dimensions of the RNC and Capitol Hill club buildings, making it appear the bomb was closer to the RNC. So weird, folks, let's make it look like a political attack. Look, we found a bomb at the RNC. Was it at the RNC? Well, not really. It was found there, but let's just say that here's what it looked like. Go to the next screenshot, if you could, from the public piece here. There is the map. They note the correct location of the bomb along with the bomb's initial location where they made you believe it was near the RNC, where actually it appears a whole lot closer to the Capitol Hill club. Not in fact the RNC. The RNC is the building in red. If you're looking at this at home, this bomb, practically speaking, is nowhere near the RNC. It's actually across the street and the Capitol Hill club. But again, if you want to make this appear like it's a political attack, what's the better narrative?


It's found at the Capitol Hill club where people are googling. What are people putting because they're left wingers. What do they do? Because they believe in this? What are they putting in Google, folks? What is the Capitol Hill club? Right? That's what they're putting in there. The RNC is pretty straightforward. It's actually got Republican in the name. It's a political attack. It's an insurrection. What about the lady who found the bomb? And this, by the way, was reported a long time ago by Julie Kelly, Darren Beatty and others. This is not new, but it's in the piece and he appropriately cites them, which is the right thing to do. Schellenberger writes in his piece, the woman who found the bomb at the Capitol Hill club, not the RNC, by the way, in the alleyway, her name is Carlin Younger. I don't know Carlin Younger. I'm not alleging anything. Carlin Junger could be completely innocent. I have no idea. However, they note in the piece that Carlin Juner, who found the bomb, self described reaction to what she believed was a bomb, Schellenberger notes, was unrealistically calm. The security expert they spoke to said younger never expressed any worry.


The security expert expressed suspicions about other facts that Younger alleged, including that she had walked past the alleged bomb three times without noticing it. Younger did not respond to public's request for comment. Also noted by Julie Kelly in the past is that the individual apparently at some point worked for a security contractor, may have had some contracts with the FBI. Here's a picture from the piece of the bomb location, ladies and gentlemen. Look at the one on the right in the alleyway of the Capitol Hill club. Would you walk by that three times? Maybe. By the way, that thing in the corner, it looks like a rat trap to some. My eyesight's not great, but why? I have some of those around my house. You're in Florida, you get these tree rats, and we have these enormous things. Would you walk by that three times? I don't know. You tell me. Where are the cameras? All right, folks, moving on. I'll keep you updated on this case, but look at. Thank you. There you go. Would you walk by that? Is that Tony, that looks like a rat trap there in the corner. Yeah. That is a rodent trap.


Yeah, it is. Yeah, I know. I have them around my house. What are you infested with? Rat stand? No, I live in Florida. They have these tree rats. You ever see them? They're freaking enormous. They go up in the palm trees. They're all over the place down here. You know what comes and eats them? The birds off the water. You find shredded rats sometime all over. One time in bandcamp. No, one time I'm in my palm city house when I first moved down here, and I found a dead rat with a head cut off in front of my house. And I'm like, on the phone with the sheriff. I'm like, sheriff, someone let him. A dead hat in front, a dead rat. And this is like, six, seven years ago. And I'm like, ah, stand down. I think it was a bird. A big chunk taken out. Folks, they're losing their minds. I want you to understand something again. I wrote this down, and I like to take notes when I'm thinking clearly. At the end of the day, as Victor Davis Hansen said, these people are. They know. They're sobs. They don't care. They will do anything.


They have done everything. The guardrails are off. The January 6 bomber narrative, again, is another setup. They will do anything. You expecting morality out of these people is crazy. And they will turn on anyone, even people in their own party. Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney. Oh, they're Republicans. No, they're not. They're Democrats. They will turn on anyone in a heartbeat if they think you're in their way. Do you understand that? If you were an obstacle, they will discard you like a Saturday paper on Sunday morning in a second. These are ruthless people. That explains this, by the way. Pull up that political piece. Joe Biden's brother used his name to promote a hospital chain, then it collapsed. They know Jim Biden played a major role in a company called Americorps, which the government has accused of a massive Medicare fraud. Where's this article? Blaze breitbart, No, politico. Politico bullshitico. You mean the left wing? Why? Why? Folks, the knives are out for. Someone sent me. This is the Dan Bongino show. Very nice. I forget who said, but thank you for doing it. The knives are out for Biden. This is actually a cool knife.


Sometimes I forget I have. Nice, man, nice. Was it a sponsor? Oh, yeah, it was. It was a knife guy. Yeah. Yeah, man. You got a good memory. I totally forgot that. That's a cool knife. The knives around someone and the cabal, whatever you want to call it. What did Jim Comey call it? The corpus or the mosaic. Yeah, the intel community. Right, Joe? The ngos, all of these people who are operating this kind of shadow government behind the scenes, they have declared Biden is done. You understand me? It's now here. The knives are out for Biden. The political knives are out. The Democrat, we were dumb on them the minute he was elected, if you get what I mean. We get that the left, the blob has now decided Biden needs to go away. If you ever needed more proof of that. Oh, Dan, it's bullshit. It go, whatever. Maybe they just accidentally did an act of journalism. That's a good one. That's funny. That's good. You guys are really getting funny in the chat. We love that. I know you don't believe that. Look at this article. NBC News national security experts criticized Joe Biden's handling of classified documents.


Who's the author, chatsters? Who's the author? Who's the other? What's his nickname? Come on. Come through in the clutch for me. That's right. Fusion Ken Delaneyan. Fusion Ken, ladies and gentlemen, as predicted a couple of weeks ago when special counsel Robert her H-U-R his report came out about Joe Biden's classified documents handling and that he's potentially senile. What did I tell you? It was a breaking point. There were only two ways out and the Democrats knew they were in a corner. They either have to admit Joe Biden is senile or they have to say he's not senile and he's a criminal. They don't want the choice. They're done with him. That Ken Delaney and wrote this piece throwing Biden under the bus. Fusion Ken, a guy so deeply wed to the intel community, he will repeat whatever bullshit they give him. This reporter friend of mine, he's actually a left winger, too. I knew him back in the day from my time. He had told me these, oh, quote machines. I even wrote in my book, he calls these people quote machines like you just feed them quotes and they'll write anything. That's Kendallaneyan. That's Natasha Bertrand.


This is an intelligence blob. The mosaic what Comey and Brennan referred to, that whole shadow government. This is a hit on Biden. This is not an accident. They are done with this guy. There are people now trying to push him out. What is the only thing standing in their way? Joe Biden. He is a cocky, arrogant sociopath and has been his entire life. He does not want to give up power because he's a sociopath. By the way, look at this. You want to see another reason they can't defend this anymore? Here's Biden the other day. I want to squeeze this in yesterday. I didn't have the time. Here he is. He's asked a question about the funding of Ukraine and he appears to confuse the NATO alliance with Ukraine. It appears he implies here that Ukraine's in NATO. It's news to me. That would be a major piece of breaking news, wouldn't it? Here, check this out.


The idea that we're going to walk away from Ukraine, the idea that we're going to let NATO begin to split is totally against the interests of the United States of America and it is against our word. We've given our sense all the way back to Eisenhower. So it's about time we make sure that Congress come home and pass the legislation funding NATO.


It's critical, folks. There is no funding. I don't know what he's talking about. There's a Ukraine bill, ladies and gentlemen. Can you update me in the chat? Did Ukraine get in NATO? Joe? Did you see Tony miss something? Because usually you and I report on breaking news. Ukraine's not in NATO. Did something happen? Did we miss it? Hold on. Let me go to Twitter here for a second. No, don't see anything, folks. I don't see any breaking news. This is a hit on this guy. Here's another hit on this guy. This is how desperate they are. Now, this is going to be a little inside baseball. I want to. This hurts my heart. I was at a book signing this weekend and a friend of a friend gave me. I haven't seen one of these in a long time. Oddly enough, I don't have any left, which is crazy when you're on the presidential protection division. I know we can't zoom in or anything, but in the secret Service you can buy these coins. They're really cool. Says United States Secret Service, presidential protective division. And it's a picture of the. So they're great. It's a little american flag thing.


And a guy who's a friend of a friend of mine who worked on the detail with me gave it to me this weekend. Folks, I really love the Secret Service. The agents I work with, there were the finest people I'd ever worked with in my life. I mean that. I mean, people you would trust with your wife, your kid and your car. I can't say anything more important than that. You know what I mean, Joe? I mean, blood brothers, my friends. This one guy. I mean, I had this one guy staying at my house for a month. He moved down to was. My wife would laugh because one day I had to leave. He sat on the. We had a fireplace in this house in Saverna Park. Joe, you were at the house. Remember? There was a fireplace there. The guy would not sit. My wife was like, it's so funny. Or like watching tv. I'm gone. He wouldn't even sit anywhere near Paula. She was like, you can sit over there and we're not going to bite you. This is how great these guys were. I mean, they were the nicest guys. They would give you anything.


So it absolutely kills me that the working guys and women over there are pretty good folks. However, there are some people at the top who were decimating this agency. And the fact that institutions like the FBI with the j six bomber case, Spygate and all that stuff, that my beloved secret Service is collapsing into some of the same institutional morass is really, really disappointing. The fact that the communications on January 6 have disappeared because you said you were changing devices, which is obviously a lie. Come on. You're obviously lying. The cocaine gate thing. You're obviously hiding stuff. I mean, come on, man. Do I have to come out of retirement and run this? Don't laugh. Do I have to come in there and clean the place up? You don't want that, okay? Trust me, you don't want that. Here's another thing, Robert. F. Kennedy Jr. Running for president. RFK tweeted this out the other day. It's a long tweet. I'm not going to read the whole thing. But the gist of it is this. Nikki Haley was granted secret service protection, which is really strange because Bobby Kennedy, RFK, wasn't. And they still have a request pending.


They were denied again, which is strange because as Robert Kennedy, and folks, listen, Robert F. Kennedy's welcome on my show. I will give him a fair interview on my radio show. He has my absolute word, I will never vote for RFK and will never recommend you do it, ever. I'm a Trump guy. That's it. Period. However, what's fair is fair. And the fact that RFK cannot get secret service protection. Scroll down this tweet and people can read it if they want. And that Nikki Haley does has secret service protection is ridiculous. He's actually polling ahead of Nikki Haley in some of these things. This is obscenely stupid. I don't mean ahead. I mean his chance of winning. Precision matters. He's not actually polling. His chance of winning is better as a third party candidate. Let me just explain to you a couple of things here and why this upsets me, Dan. Why would you care about RFK versus Nikki Haley? Because, folks, here's what I think is going on again. I think this was a political decision. What you have to ask yourself, the Biden administration and their friends, whether at the top of the secret service, top of the FBI or elsewhere, they are in this for Biden, not for you.


And that's not the Secret Service I knew. I'm being dead serious with you. It didn't matter who was in charge. They did the right thing. I remember a couple of times they had to tell Bush and Obama and their team to stick it because they were making dumb decisions that would have got them hurt. That's gone now. Why chatsters? You know the answer. Why is it in the DHS, Majorcas, they run the secret service and Biden's administration, obviously the boss. More at Majorcas's boss. Why is it in their interests to give Nikki Haley protection and not RFK? Come on, you know the answer. Because the secret Service protection gives you the air of legitimacy. They want to boost Nikki Haley to make sure she stays in the race and drains trump of money during the primary. And they want to destroy RFK's campaign by not giving it to him. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry, but it's the only thing that makes sense. You understand? I'm just going to tell you the truth, how much money and headaches are saved by having secret Service protection? You want a quick example? Guys, is this boring? This is stupid.


Tell me. Just move on, Joe. Is this stupid? You got to hire your own service, don't you? Yes. Thank you. Money, bro. You have to hire your own security, number one, which costs a fortune. For professional level security, you're talking 25, $100,000 a month sometimes. And secondly, when you have secret service protection, you get to coast through airports and everything else. You have any idea how much time is saved? Secret Service protectees, ladies and gentlemen, don't go through the magnetometers. Do you know that the flight takes off at five? You can get there at 455. Breeze right through. You know how much that adds up when you're bouncing around the country on a campaign? A lot of it's private flight, but not all of it is. They're trying to screw this guy over. The only thing that makes sense, Nikki Haley has zero chance of being president. RFK actually has a shot. It's a distant one, but it's there. And I told you that is why. Don't believe the hype. Oh, RFK is going to hurt Trump. Bullshit. Why are they trying to get him out then? He's not going to hurt Trump. He's going to hurt Biden.


That's why they're trying to hurt him. I want you to watch this, too, because this is just disturbing. I've never seen this. Biden's situation must have gotten really bad. Situation? Let me describe, I'm sorry, his cognitive situation and his cognitive deficit, the mental problems he's having with his brain. I mean, just to say it plainly, must be getting really bad. Why do I bring that up, folks? I've never seen this before. I spent twelve years in the secret Service. There is a mantra in that job repeated so often, it's almost tattooed on your brain, and it's this, what do you say? Don't shit to bed. Yeah, that. But there's another one. The other one is stay the hell out of the shot. What does that mean? When the president's having a photo op moment, getting on Air Force one. There's a power moment there, remember? What are campaigns? Snapshots and soundbites, right? There's nothing like the power of getting on Air Force one and waving that snapshot. Picture confers power. Power. It's always about power. The last thing you want in a snapshot is someone clogging up your view. Have you ever in the past seen a secret service agent standing right next to the president.


He's waving at everyone. No, they're at the top and they hide behind the door. Once in a while, you see their face peeking out. I know what to look for. Stay out of the shot. If you show up in the pictures, they're going to get pissed at you. Trust me, I was there. Can you roll this as a vo? Is that possible? I want you to watch this here. I've never seen this before. You know what? Very few people are talking about this. There's a video of Biden going to get on Air Force one. And there's a guy that I can't absolutely confirm it's an agent, but I'm guessing it could be a staffer, but I doubt it. But the staffers are told to stay out of the shot, too. You're going to see Biden walking towards Air Force one. And my guess here is they've told either the agents or a staffer. Hey, man, I don't care if we're using the short stairs or not. Play that thing. I don't care if we're using the short stairs or not. If this guy falls, you better catch him. Look at this. Now, the air Force guys are always there.


That's not unusual. Look at the guy off the left shoulder. Is that a staffer? I got to see the pin and I can't see him either. Look, watching him go up the stairs, folks. I'm telling you, man, I did this. Twelve years, I have never seen anything. Yes. Perfect. That is awesome. Look at that. Stay out of the shot one. He's using the short stairs, which of course, they've been doing now because they're afraid he's going to fall. But did you notice, too? He's got the presidential seal on the back. He's got the opportunity to wave for the power shot. You notice he doesn't do it. They must have told him, get the hell up those stairs. Don't wave. And we got a guy down there to catch you. Do you know how bad it has to be that they've totally abandoned this stay out of the shot mentality? Folks. This guy is in really bad shape. That leads me to my last story, which is something close to my heart here, and I hope you'll bear with me for a second. So, without going into any detail at all, because it's very personal, we're going through a lot right now with family and friends and Alzheimer's and dementia.


It's a lot. Unfortunately, in my family, it's happened quite often. So it's something very sensitive to me, folks. This is not the beginning of the end. If we lose this election, it's the end of the beginning. It's the end of the beginning of the tyranny coming because you haven't seen the half of it yet. I know you may think things are bad, but I promise you, if we lose this election, they'll get worse. I want you to read this article. This article was about cognitive decline and Biden. It's in the Wall Street Journal. It's a great article by Alicia Finley. She does some good writing over there. The article was about Biden and how he's going to degenerate because cognitive decline gets just, that's just the way the disease progresses. But in the end, she talks about how regulators are trying to stop massive advances we've made against Alzheimer's. Like early testing. They can do things right now like have artificial intelligence, look at how you walk and listen to how you talk. And it has an extremely effective rate of catching Alzheimer's early just by listening to how you talk and changes in the way you walk.


You know, the FDA is trying to make it harder to launch these tests. Why, folks, for the same reason that cancer test, the blood test I told you about, gallery grail, that can detect some cancers early by a simple blood test. I take the test. I'm about to take it. The, why doesn't the FDA and the federal swamp and bureaucracy, why don't they want these Alzheimer's AI tests and these blood tests for cancer? Why don't they want them? Anyone in the chat know, you know the answer. You know the answer just like I do. Because these people want you to die. Did you just say that? I did, because I mean it. These government bureaucrats want you to die. They don't want you catching cancer early. You know why? It's expensive. It's more expensive to treat cancer for you early than if they just catch it at the end and you just die. Remember Obama? Remember what he said that time? Oh, we'll just give you the pill, the pain pill. Remember that? Take the pill. How many times we use that, Joe? Why don't they want you catching Alzheimer's early? Because the treatments they have that remove the plaques are really expensive and they would just rather you die.


Folks, this is what's coming. Don't think it's the beginning of the end. This is just the end of the beginning. If we lose, you have no idea how bad this will get. They want you to die. These people are insane. You can read it right there. The FDA is really trying to stop this. All right, folks, I really appreciate you tuning in. Don't miss the radio show here at Rumble. Thanks so much. Everybody. Picked up the shirts, by the way, at the store. We've just been blowing it up. You guys are great. Store store we have the don't get dead liberals suck. We have mugs and hats, hoodies and stuff like don't get dead. Check it out. So we really appreciate it. You guys are awesome. Some of the stuff sold out day one. But check it out. We still got a ton of stuff left there. Store download the Rumble app join us on Rumble for the chat. Join us for the show 11:00 a.m. Every day eastern time, Bongino see you on the radio show a little bit back here tomorrow. You just heard the Dan Bongino show.