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With your host, Dan Bongino. I just said to gee, you know, you know, temperature scales like zero kelvin, like all movement, like stops and stuff. That's how little of a chance we have of me getting through the whole show today. Because so much shit happened yesterday. There's zero chance I did a whole show.


It's like, like three pages of stuff. Zero chance.


Folks, last night we have.


I mean, if Biden, I've warned you.


Repeatedly, as your friend, as your homie here, I love you guys. I hope we love each other. It's great to have you. How many times have I told you what a piece of garbage Biden is? I mean, an actual piece of garbage.


He is a piece of garbage.


Like a garbage person.


Comprised of garbage.


That is the kind of guy. The guy is a sociopathic, kid sniffing, woman feeling bribe taking, chinese communist party money taking, lying loser.


That's all he's ever been. That's all he's been his entire life. The guy is garbage.


He is a human garbage person. And if that press conference last night didn't hammer home exactly what I've been telling you the entire time, I don't know what will.


Can you imagine after getting busted, committing what appears to be a criminal act.


Of squirreling away classified documents and then trying to lock up your political opponent? Can you imagine throwing your staff under the bus in front of the entire country? Oh, my staff did it. I didn't know.


While in the report it says you knew.


Do you imagine what kind of scumbag.


You need to be to do this? What a piece of garbage.


I got that got Tucker and. Folks, are we doing news on news channels anymore?


Are we doing news or is it the grudge channels?


Going to cause a little bit of trouble today?


I'm sorry.


Get ready.


You ready? You ready?


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Joseph? It's Friday, my man. Let's get this party started right. Where's Joe? Did we miss Joe?


We can't get this party started right or quickly.


Some of you will get that, my man. Okay, Joe.


We can't start the show on Friday without you. So I'll try this again. Let's get this party started.


Roar. It's Friday.


Thank you.


Thank you.


You grew up in New York. Remember that song?


Let's get this party started quickly?


I know me and my singing is not too good. Whatever.


Who cares what an absolute piece of garbage Joe Biden is? Garbage. You have garbage.


Hold on a second.


You got a garbage can over there? Yeah, we got a piece of paper. Let's see if I can hit this. This would be so money.


What do you think, Joe?


What are the chances of me hitting, bro? Absolutely zero.


Matter of fact, what did you say?


I missed by about four or 5ft. I'm going to be straight with you. Obviously, I'm not that great a basketball player either. I should have just done my typical free throws.


This guy's garbage. He's total garbage. I'm going to start off with this clip right away.


Imagine a report comes out yesterday by special counsel Bob Hurr, who.


Let me just tell you in advance.


Everybody'S jumping down this guy's throat on the conservative right. I can't believe he didn't charge Biden all this stuff.


I think he take a little reminder here because I don't want to forget.


I think he pulled a dipsy do.


I can't prove it, but I think.


He pulled a dipsy do.


First. Let's get the piece of garbage. Biden. Here he is, despite the report saying that he told a ghostwriter while writing a book that there were classified documents downstairs indicating a Mensrea criminal mind he knew. That's why it's in the report by special counsel Bob Hurr about Biden squirreling.


Away classified documents, which is against the law for him.


Here he is throwing his staff under the bus like any piece of human garbage would.


Check this out.


Take responsibility for at least being careless with classified material.


I take responsibility for not having seen exactly what my staff was doing. Goes in and points out things that appeared in my garage, things that came out of my home, things that were moved. Were moved not by me, but my staff, but my staff.


What a punk. He's Biden. Oh, that was close. That was garbage, guys. Dude's garbage. Two pieces of garbage, total garbage. Throws his staff under the bus. What a piece of garbage, folks.


Did I not tell you this? Come on, chasters.


You know, right?


I mean, Ostaf.


Guy'S garbage, man. He's a kid.


Sniffing inappropriate shower, taking women, feeling.


Dude's garbage, man. It's been garbage his whole life.


What kind of guy throws his staff under the bus even though in the report it says that the staff didn't do it, that he was the one who said he knew that whether the staff put the documents down or not.


He knew about it and he did nothing.


I got a lot to say about this. Now let me just get to the dipsy doo quick because I'm pretty convinced Bob Hur pulled the dipsy doo. Now, let me be fair to you in the chat. If you're mad at me about this, it's okay. I don't know.


Bob Hurr.


Bob Hur, to be clear, is a special counsel in charge of the investigating the Biden classified documents in Berlio fiasco.


Okay, Bob Hur's report comes out yesterday.


Robert Hur. I've never met this guy in my life.


He was a Trump appointee.


I think he pulled a dipsy do.


What do I mean?


It's clear he was not going to be able to. Indicting a sitting president is not going to happen, folks. This goes all the way back to Bob Mueller and all this other stuff. There is existing DOJ and legal precedent that indicting a sitting president is probably not going to happen. You have to impeach him first for.


Some of this stuff.




That's a whole other issue her was.


Never going to get an indictment out of. I've, I got this from a really.


I don't want to say too much. I want to give it away.


Her knows he's not going to get an indictment. So because her knows he's not going to get an indictment on Biden, he writes this exhaustive report and figures, well, if I'm not going to get an indictment, I might as well put a legal reason in there why I couldn't get it. So a lot of conservatives, you following.


Me, are mad at Robert, her.


Tony, if this doesn't make sense, tell.


Me they're mad at Robert Hur because.


They'Re like, I can't believe they didn't indict this guy.


They didn't indict him because he said his memory was terrible. And Biden even remember he had classified documents.


I don't think that's what happened at all. I think what happened is Derek Farland, our attorney general and name only, who is a Biden ass kisser.


Here's Biden's ass. Here's Garland right up in his face. What?


He's like, oh, my gosh.


If you're saying I'm in trouble, right in his face.


Garland's got his lips on Biden's ass.


There is no way, no way her is going to get an indictment. So her is probably saying to himself, okay, there's no indictment possible.


Well, I'm going to tell the country.


The truth about what really happened. So here's why. I don't think this case would probably.


Proceed if it was a normal person, because this guy's got a terrible memory and he can't remember anything.


I'm telling you, Chesters, what do you think?


You think I'm crazy?


I swear, I think this guy pulled the dipsy doo flipperoo if he wasn't.


Going to get an indictment anyway.


He's like, well, I might as well give a reason. This guy doesn't remember anything.


And you will never see a political press conference do more damage. I mean, did this guy, his staff set him up last night so bad?


This guy's staff set him up? Her pulls the dipsy doo flipperoo.


Garland tells her, we're not indicting this guy.


Her is like, okay, you're not indicting this guy. I'm going to give a reason. He can't remember jack shit. Why do I think this dipsy do is real? Anyone know?


Joe, anyone know? Here's why I think the dipsy do is real. Apparently Biden's team got a hold of the report on Saturday. It is now Friday.


Biden's team flipped out and said, you.


Better pull that shit about him not remembering anything out of there.


And what did her say? He said, push karate man right there. Double barrel, middle finger. Karate man. I'm not telling you her is a friend or a foe.


I'm just telling you that her is probably trying to save his reputation. Knowing Trump may win, he's probably trying to save his reputation. And if he's saying, hell, you're not.


Going to let me charge this guy.


I'm going to explain to the country.


Why you're not going to hear that anywhere else. But for a guy who's been in the federal criminal justice system twelve years.


I can tell you right now, not.


Everything'S what you think. This cat pulled a dipsy doo flipperoo. I am sure of it. Forgetting, folks, the political damage done to.


Joe Biden last night is 10,000 times greater than any indictment would have done.


It would have been litigated till kingdom come. I.


Listen, bro, I'm not here to bullshit you, okay? I'm not here to bullshit.


I don't have time for bullshit. I know a lot of people like.


It'S a double standard. It's not a double standard of justice.


What? It isn't. It's one standard. The liberal fascists are in charge. They're on top, and they abuse power. There's no double no, no. But Trump got yes, it's one standard. Liberals weaponize the justice system. That's the only standard.


And I think Robert Hirsch stuck it.


Right back to him and said, okay.


You'Re not going to indict. I'll explain this whole thing. You want to play politics? I'll explain the politics, too. I know I'm right. What happened last night in that press conference is the single most destructive political moment of Joe Biden's career. He comes out screaming and yelling like a freaking lunatic.


Screaming like a maniac. He then throws his staff under the bus, which I can't believe even sane democrats liked. You're a leader.


You come out and say it was a screw up. I'm not saying this is right, but this is what he should have said.


Joe, if you think I'm wrong, tell me.


The report indicates this was not criminal. The report didn't say that. I get it. But I'm just saying if you're Biden's political advisors, that they weren't going to prosecute me criminally. Clearly, mistakes were made. It's my responsibility. We're moving on. The country's got important issues. I'm the president. Mistakes were made. I take responsibility.


The buck stops here. He did none of that.


And you know what, Joe?


Everyone would have moved on, right? On the Democrat side, he did none of that.


And then comes the coup de gras. Four words that are going to end.


This guy's political career, and he will live in him for me forever. My memory is fine, because what happened.


Next, Joe Biden, folks.


What is the worst headline you can possibly have in a.


When Joey bag of donuts says he doesn't beat his wife.


Where does that come from? You ever hear the when did you stop beating your wife question?


I don't beat my wife. What's the headline? Joey bag of donuts says he doesn't beat his wife.


What do people think as they're reading.


The headline, he beats his wife. Why'd he say no?


Someone asked him about that. Is there an allegation out there? My memory is fine.


Is the end of this guy?


And making matters worse, why? This was the worst presidential press conference I have ever seen. And I say that objectively, even though I subjectively cannot stand the kid sniffer, because just moments later, he's discussing the crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel, and he bizarrely claims he spoke to.


The president of Mexico.


Now, I know Mexico has like their own pyramids and stuff, but I'm pretty.


Sure Joe Giza's in Egypt.


Maybe there was some pyramidal confusion.


Watch this.


As you know, initially the president of Mexico, Cece, did not want to open up the gate to allow humanitarian material to get in. I talked to him. I convinced him to open the gate. I talked to Bibi to open the gate on the israeli side.


I know someone in the chat said dance.


Believe me, I get it.


I'm just saying, folks, I don't know.


What to laugh before you cry, dude.


There is a major war in the.


Middle east right now. You've got Vladimir Putin yesterday with Tucker.


Indicating that this thing is not going.


To stop over in Ukraine.


And you've got a president who apparently.


Thinks that Mexico shares a border with. Can't I can't with this.




Donald Trump had his best day in months. You know what?


Hold that Tucker clip for a second. I'll get to it, but I'm going to just move it a little bit. All right. Not to throw you guys any curveballs.


But Donald Trump had his best day in months.




The Supreme Court case was an absolute humiliation. The case to keep him off the ballot in Colorado, when you have Kentanji Brown Jackson, a liberal justice who doesn't even know what a woman is, asking simple questions that the Colorado legal team can't even answer, I mean, it is going to be a humiliating mess. Not that I rely on the courts. I don't. I don't rely on questions. I have zero faith in the courts at all. I'm just saying the questioning alone yesterday.


Was worth the price of admission and.


The classified documents case, folks, Donald Trump.


Nobody does it better.


Why are you licking your. Just not. Actually, I'm kind of a germaphobe because.


Nobody has their finger on the political.


Wins better than him.


I will never, ever forget back after Mitt Romney lost, a bunch of focus.


Group Republicans telling me immigration was a dead issue. Republicans should never talk about it again. And what happens when Donald J. Trump runs on building the wall and wins.


One of the biggest victories we've had.


Presidentially in a long time in the electoral college.


Donald Trump's running against something again and.


Everybody'S gaffing it off in the media.


What is he running against?


Anybody know any ideas? He's running against the police state and he's saying, I am the only thing stopping them from coming for you. And yesterday proved it.


Joe Biden gets off because the fascist.


Hierarchy said so in the weaponized police state.


Joe Biden gets off.


Yet Donald Trump's case, even though he has a legal justification as president to declassify documents still going forward.


I'm telling you, yesterday was the best day Donald Trump's had for a long time.


A lot of conservatives were melting down. Biden's not going to get charged, folks, I've got news for you. Biden was never going to get charged. There is absolutely zero, and I mean zero chance Merrick Garland was going to improve, was going to approve any prosecution now, or if Biden, God forbid, wins in another, there's no chance it is.


Not going to happen.


The best thing that could have happened was her to put together that report.


And tell you why.


And Joe Biden fell right in a trap and walked out there screaming like a lunatic, blaming his staff and confusing Mexico with Gaza. Donald Trump had his best day yesterday.


And I'm telling you, it was a dipsy do.


I got a whole lot more on this, folks. I'm not done one quick question. Gee wanted me to ask you guys. We've gone with a couple different backgrounds. You guys like that black background yesterday or this blue one? The cameras we finally fixed know it's all for you. Let me know in the chat what you like. He's going to be watching.


He wanted me to put that out there.


All right, let me take a quick break and I'm going to get back. I'm not done with this Biden case at all. Also, I want to just address something.


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Okay, back to this case yesterday. I just, again, want to anchor you right now with this one idea here because this is super important, okay? I think yesterday is the best day we've had in a long time. The fact that Joe Biden did not get indicted sucks, but it was never going to happen. So now that we know it was never, can we all agree, Chatster? Seriously, does anybody disagree with me? Do any of you actually think Merrick Garland was going to indict Joe Biden? Yes, you do, or no, you don't. So if it's a no and Boccino will tell us. I guess it's going to be 90%. No, you know what I'm saying is true. If they're not going to indict him.


The best we can do is explain why. And Robert, her explaining how this guy.


Is mentally incompetent just absolutely decimated them. This also.


What do I tell you? What are campaigns?


What are campaigns, Joe? What are campaigns are two things. Anybody know they posted?


Yes, sir. Brother Dude's been with me a long time. Campaigns are what, ladies and gentlemen, they.


Are snapshots and they are sound bites. How do you think this snapshot looks of Joe Biden's Delaware garage?


That looks like shit.


Doesn't look good. What about this one, Joe?


How does that look?


Any better? No, it's just close up shit. Close up, right?


Close up shit, folks.


Campaigns, man.


Or snapshots and sound bites?




Because you and I don't say this to virtue signal anyone.


There's no need for it.


You work for a living, correct?


You have kids, you've got issues. You're dealing with things with your mom.


And your parents and your kids and.


Your children and soccer games and work and orders and purchase orders that got to be filled. You don't have time to read a 62 page white paper on something. But when you see a picture like.


This, throw that up again. Oh, wait, is that Donald Trump's alleged.


Classified documents that he's being prosecuted falsely for?


Oh, no, that's Joe Biden's garage. Joe Biden, who was a senator and vice president with no declassification authority at. Oh, that hurts. Like he's treating it like garbage.


Apparently those are classified documents on know, like the whole war thing, sources and methods and all. Oh, you're right.


In the garage.


The Trump team, by the way, which was smart, sent out a thing about.


This, I'll get to it later.


Sent out an email right away, which was brilliant because campaigns are snapshots and soundbites showing those documents saying, hey, look at this.


I thought we. So strange.


It looks like Joe Biden, who actually wasn't the president at the time, we.


Had no declassification authority, did this. Oh, there it is right there. Thank you.


Statement by Donald where he attaches.




Absolutely brilliant.


Look at that.


You attached the picture. Absolutely brilliant. Snapshots and soundbites.


Don't ever, ever forget it. Brilliant.


Look at this AP headline.


Special counsel finds evidence Biden willfully mishandled classified info, but no charges warranted. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the AP. The AP are full time communist propagandists do you understand? What?


The soviet national anthem. Here it is, everyone.


I know.


Tony, this is it. Every morning at 09:00 a.m.. Joe, do.


You have that again?


Every morning, 09:00 a.m. Every morning, the soviet national anthem at AP even. They had no way this chicken shit, they couldn't make it into chicken salad either. Special counsel finds evidence Biden willfully mishandle classified info, but no charges warranted, folks.


It gets worse, man. It gets worse.


Don't fret here.


This is politically a thousand times more destructive than an indictment would ever be because one, it was never going to happen. But even if it did, it would.


Be litigated, candidly speaking.


And I'm sorry, I'm not wishing ill on anyone. Biden would be long dead before this thing ever made it into a court system, ever.


It would take years. Can you.


These headlines are decimating this guy today.


Not no victory lapse. Let's not sword off the Dom Perignon or the VUV Cleco, whatever.


I think it's vove.


I went to their thing in champagne.


There's no time for that. I'm just telling you, snapshots and soundbites and that snapshot and that sound bite in the AP really suck.


It gets even worse. Here's a tweet by Jonathan Turley. This is just like, I mean, you want to talk about an absolute horror show.


Biden's DOJ is, quote, defending the lack.


Of criminal charges against Joe Biden, while noting the difficulty of going to trial.


Against a well meaning elderly man with a poor memory. Holy shit. Can you think of something less presidential than this? Well meaning's not even true. He's a kid sniffer, dude. He sniffs kids. You don't sniff kids when you, well, me.


Stop sniffing kids.


It's gross. Just stop feeling women up.


Stop taking money from the chinese communist party. It's disgusting.


This is his own DOJ, folks.


No one's going to believe this guy, man. No one's going to believe this guy. Look at this, man. From the document, Delaware home was not a basis for prosecution because as vice president, president, he had authority to keep classified documents in his home.


What the hell?


The best case for charges would rely on Mr. Biden's possession of the Afghanistan documents in his Virginia home in February 2017 when he was a private citizen.


Listen to this.


When he told his ghost writer he had just found classified material, it's stunning. Let me tell you quickly what the.


Real issue this guy's going to have is. Oh, yeah, wait, listen, we got another one.


Sorry, go back to that one.


Go back to.


I wanted to make a point here. I'm sorry, folks. I'm just like, there's so much shit here, I don't even know where to start. Remember the big deal the left is making? Let me just give you a lefty talking point right now. The lefty talking point. And this is going to be, these two cases are different. Even though Biden had no authority to declassify these documents because Trump allegedly obstructed justice, it's not actually true. But that's what they're saying. Everybody tracking me in the chat, they're saying, no, that's why it's different. It's not. Trump actually let people in. They had him look at the locker and mar a lago, he did not.


Obstruct justice at all. Here's where the kicker comes back to that old thing.


When he told the ghost writer who was writing this book, and look at.


The date in February of 2017, he's not even president.


He told a ghostwriter he had just found classified material. Go to the next one.




You want to talk about a massive.


Kick in the balls?


At some point, after learning about her's appointment as special counsel, Mr. Biden's ghostwriter deleted digital audio recordings of his conversations.


With Biden during the writing of the.


Folks, I'm just asking questions, brothers. Did somebody tell the ghostwriter to delete those files? Because I don't know about you, but that sounds like it could be, listen, everybody's innocent or proven guilty here, but that sounds like it could be an obstructive act. Folks. We haven't even scratched the surface of how ugly this thing really is.




Let me tell you before I take a quick break, what they're really covering up here, too. I've said it before, if you're a p. One listener, you know where I'm going with this. This guy, Michael Carpenter, I want you to look at this guy. This guy worked with Joe Biden. I want you to look at this picture. It talks about all of the stuff this guy did, all of the stuff this guy's been around. Ambassador Michael Carpenter was nominated by Biden to serve as a rep to the United States Organization for Security in Europe.


Whatever, who cares? Doesn't matter.


Prior to that position, Dr. Carpenter was the managing director of the Penn Biden center. He served in the Pentagon as deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine, worked in the White House as a.


Foreign policy advisor to VP Biden.


He knew a lot about Ukraine. And then he worked in the Penn Biden center. Anyone know why the Penn Biden center? And this guy being a managing director, might have something to do with this documents case.




Because they found these classified documents at the Penn Biden center.




You mean like documents about Ukraine?


I don't know.


Look at this. Just a news article and you tell me.


I'm just reporting the news. Look at key, the highlight, all Fancy.


Classified Ukraine documents discovered in Biden's possession.


From time of Hunter Biden's Burisma work.


So just to be clear, Burisma is.


Paying Hunter Biden $80,000 a month. Burisma is a ukrainian natural gas company. What are they paying Hunter for?


Was it access?


Because it's kind of weird that some of the classified documents Biden took wound up in a Penn Biden center that was being run by a guy who was his foreign policy advisor with some expertise on Ukraine. Kind of sounds like that Burisma may have been interested in maybe kind of.


Sort of that stuff.


Ukraine. Here's the surface. We've been all over this shit from day one. Remember the video?


I'm not going to play it again today. Remember the famous son of a bitch video? Well, son of a bitch, we got the prosecutor fired when he was looking into my son.


Remember that?


Who's sitting next to Biden? Anyone in the chat?


Remember? Yes.


Michael Carpenter. The same guy who ran the Penn Biden center where they found a lot of these classified documents. Some of those classified documents, as we know from just the news, involved Ukraine.


What exactly was Joe Biden selling?


Oh, boy, folks, this thing stinks to the heavens.


I got more here, including CNN.


No one knows.


The media, you understand, is in a unique bind here.


And this is why, again, from the.


Bottom of my heart, I don't know.


Robert, her.


I am not defending anything about this guy. Everybody clear, please. I don't like being accused of stuff when it doesn't happen. I'm just telling you, from what I know about this case and what I'm hearing from some smart folks, Robert Herr kicked Biden in the balls last night politically, because now by writing in the report how mentally deficient Biden is, do you understand this conundrum the media has himself in?


It's a classic dilemma.


Acknowledge Biden didn't commit the crime we know he committed because he's mentally not.


There, or pretend he is mentally there and therefore had the mens rea the.


Criminal mind to commit the crime.


What's the dilemma? Dilemma? He's either a criminal or he's mentally.


Not capable of being president.


You understand the dipsy do.


Why is no one else talking about this? I'm going to prove it to you with these CNN cuts next.


Nobody knows how to talk about it.


Because her painted them into a corner.


Whether he knows it or not. Quick break. Everybody knows Chuck Norris.




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I can't do this segment if you don't understand what I just said. I know you get it. I know you get it. You guys are super smart.


This is not a dumb liberal show.


You guys get it.


Hers got them boxed in a corner. The media has two choices. Is this guy a freaking criminal or does he have dementia? Her put him in that box. Watch CNN here. Explain here. Notice how they frame his dementia as.


Listen to this quote. Soft factors.


I love watching them do this.


Check this out.


I think there is also a potentially very damaging political headline that we really need to take a beat to talk about as well.


And that's okay.


You could have let it play.


That's not it.


Actually, you know what?


I'd say, play that one again. But we're going to skip that one.


There she talks about the poor memory thing.


Leave that one. It doesn't even matter because I'm running out of time and I have a whole bunch of stuff I want to get to.


It's not their fault, folks. We are like, this is my show sheet today.


Look at this.


I never write in the margins. This is how much shit I've got to get to.


What's that?


Yeah, I can see it on the.


Screen now hold on.


Before you get to that. First, just so I covered with that, she basically says there that in the report they had to admit it was.


His poor memory here.


This is the one I want you to listen to how they have to frame the dementia and this little panel here as soft factors.


Take a look.


Ultimately, what Robert Hur says in this report is essentially the technical elements of a crime it appears Robert Hur is saying were met. But what he ends up doing is looking at the soft factors. And you're allowed to do that. You have to do that as a prosecutor. And he takes into consideration things like what he says. And maybe this is overstated, maybe not. I'll leave that to the political folks. But he says essentially Joe Biden would have created a sympathetic picture in front of a jury. He had memory issues, he had age issues. And that goes into was he able to form the mental intent?


Would do you guys and ladies out there see how glorious this is?


How on a CNN panel they have.


No idea how to talk about this. The word dilemma. Dilemma. They have two choices and both of them are shit.


Either addressed that Joe Biden has dementia and therefore forgot and therefore didn't have the mens rea the criminal mind to.


Steal the documents or admit he's a criminal. They don't know what to say. Do you see the euphemisms? We're judging the soft factors. The soft factors. Did those soft factors. The guy admits in the report that he knew he had classified documents and knew the rules. Folks, this is the greatest dipsy do flipperoo I have ever seen. Her. Gave them the double barrel, there's no doubt. I can't understand why some conservatives are flipping out. We should have indicted them. That was never going to happen. This report is the single most destructive political document Joe Biden has ever had to deal with. You're either a criminal or you've got dementia. Here's where it gets even worse. Now, the soft factors, I. E. Joe Biden's above the law because he's got dementia, which, is this a fucking argument? This is the argument. Joe Biden's above the law.


He's got dementia. You realize this guy's the commander in chief of the military who could annihilate the entire world with thousands of nuclear weapons.


That's okay, it's okay. They just made the opposite case.


I'm only going to play about 20.


Seconds of this hat tip.


Tom Elliot at Grabian here is a quickie supercut. This goes on for minutes. I'm going to play about, like I.


Said, 20, 30 seconds of Democrats and media people and Pence and others arguing.


Nobody'S above the law. Unless you have to mention you're Joe Biden.


Take a look.


The idea that no person is above the law is a bedrock principle of american justice. No man is above the law no matter what the crime.


And I agree with you. No man is above the law. No person is above the law.


No one is above the law. No one is above the law.


No one's above the law.


No one is above the law. No man is above the law.


Nobody is above the law. No one is above the law. No man is above the law.


He has to be held accountable. He's not above the law.


Again, do not mistake this for hypocrisy.


Stop, don't do it.


They are not hypocrites.


They are tyrants. Tyrants have one standard. We're in power. Go f yourself. We will do whatever we want with it. It's not hypocrite. I mean it. I'm not trying to play silly word games. Don't confuse the two.


I expose them as being buffoons and liars.


To expose them as tyrants. Not hypocrites. This is not hypocrisy. They mean it. No one's above the law who we.


Need to throw in prison, who's against us politically.


That's what they mean.


Biden's done, folks.


He's finished.


He's finished. This is not.


Could he win an election?


They could steal it. I don't know. I'm telling you right now, this guy will be remembered by history as the single worst human being to ever occupy the oval office. By the way, this should be playing everywhere. I want you to look at this 60 minutes clip.


How do you think this looks right now?


60 minutes in an interview where Joe Biden had the balls to say, well, how did that happen to classify them? When he told a ghostwriter he knew.


He had classified documents. Check this out.


You saw the photograph of the top secret documents laid out on the floor.


At Mar a Lago.


What did you think to yourself looking at that image? How that could possibly happen? How anyone could be that irresponsible? And I thought, what data was in there that may compromise sources and methods? By that I mean names of people who helped, et cetera. And it's just totally irresponsible.


That should be playing everywhere. Every GOP candidate around the country should run that portion. It was totally irresponsible.


Yeah, Joe, it was.


But make no mistake, it's not hypocrisy.


It's tyranny. Don't confuse the two.


You're fighting one thing when this thing's coming. You're fighting the dragon. When the godzilla figure is coming from.


Another direction you're fighting Mothra and here's Godzilla coming up on your six. This is not hypocrisy. This is not hypocrisy, man. This is tyranny.


And of course, the New York Times had to get involved. They did it, folks.




They went there. Where do you think they went?


Any guesses, Joe? Republicans pounce. New York Times. Literally, Republicans pounce. Republicans pounce. A report that puts spotlight on Biden's memory lapses. Everybody know why they do this shit? You know? Right? This is a devastating story.


Whenever there's a devastating story, about a Democrat. The way the New York Times that.


Has to cover it covers it is in order to avoid covering Joe Biden's disaster, they focus on the Republicans'response, my man. Yeah, yeah.


Play the stinger.


We haven't done that in a long time.


We haven't done that in like eons.


They can't focus on this. They can't possibly write the real headline.


Joe Biden's either a criminal or has dementia. They can't write that.


So you got to focus on the Republicans.


Now let's go back to the tucker.


Thing in the beginning, this has a.


Lot to do with a lot of.


What'S going was, I don't mean to abruptly switch gears on you, but something happened yesterday.


The reason Biden gave that press conference yesterday, I think had a lot to.


Do with a lot of things. I can't prove it, and I want to be fair.


I'm speculating, but I think one of the reasons Biden's team allowed him to give a disastrous press conference at 07:45 p.m. Eastern time turned into more like eight is I'm absolutely convinced they wanted to put the kibosh there on Tucker.


Carlson's explosive interview with Vladimir Putin. And I mean explosive.


I mean, the stuff that was obviously, I can't play the whole thing. It's on Tucker's page, on rumble. It's blowing up on x two. New media is here. Old media is dying, if not close to the grave.




There were a lot of groundbreaking things in there. His take on Poland. Putin basically said he wouldn't attack Poland unless Putin at Poland attacks him. The question is, what does he mean by attack? Does he mean give him weapons? He spent maybe 20 minutes on some kind of historical lesson, why he feels he's entitled to Ukraine. He was very open about his intentions. It was a very informative interview. I'm going to do a lot of it on Monday, too. Evan Gershkovich, the reporter who's in prison in Russia, Tucker really nailed Putin pretty good on that. I think a lot of people were really impressed by the way Tucker kind of held his feet to the fire on know he's imprisoning people in the media. There was one piece of it, though. I'm just going to play a little bit of it today because there's so much to get to in there. I don't want to give it a.


Kind of shortcut, this thing.


But Putin kind of gave up a few cookies here on AI and like this super soldier thing. And the irony is and the reason I'm playing this cut is I think this is the cut that got the least attention.


But I got to tell you, if.


Anything piqued my interest on what Vladimir.


Putin's up to, it was this. Check this out.


So when does the AI empire start, do you think?




You're asking increasingly more complicated questions. To answer them, you need to be an expert in big numbers, big data and AI. Mankind is currently facing many threats. Due to the genetic researches. It is now possible to create a superhuman, a specialized human being, a genetically engineered athlete, scientist, military man. There are reports that Elon Musk has already had a chip implanted in the human brain in the USA.


You think Vladimir Putin, guys just threw that out there, know there's genetic research going on to create super soldiers? What do you think he, you think he just watched Captain America civil war with, like, Bucky or it. What was the Winter Soldier?


You think Putin was just bored? I'm actually stunned that because there's so.


Many news nuggets, and I promise we're going to get to more next week.


On it, that got the least attention. You've got a guy right now engaged in this war in Ukraine who has.


A large enough economy to do significant.


Damage, has a bevy of nuclear weapons. Who's talking to one of America's now premier journalists, Tucker Carlson, about, hey, you know, there's genetic research going out on super soldiers, Joe. That's the one that got the least attention. I listened. I was like, holy shit. Really? Did this guy just give that up?


Listen, I want to cause any trouble.


With this segment here, because I'm not, contrary to my reputation for being a flamethrower, I actually like to try to.


Say, folks, is Fox News a news channel or not?


You know, I'm going to tell you something. This is where I'm a little upset.


I'm not picking any fights with anybody.


I left on fine terms. I was not fired. I don't care what anybody tells you. I offered $100,000 to Philip bump if he can prove tangible evidence, email, documents, that I was actually fired from Fox, meaning I had a position they terminated. I will give him $100,000 cash.


He wrote that in a tweet.


I mean it.


I'll put that offer out cash. I'm not kidding. This is not a joke. That's how confident I am. A matter of fact, I'll up it. I'll give him 250,000 cash. Folks, listen to me.


I'm not laughing.


I'm not pretending to be Captain Rich guy. I will give him. He's got to declare it as taxes. He can give me a w nine, $250,000. I will give him in cash. It may take me a while to get it from the bank if he can prove I was not fired. I couldn't work Saturday nights anymore. I got kids.


It just didn't work out.


Having said that, it's clear that this is now a one way street. I was never rude or mean going out the door. My team loved me. I love them back. But is this a news station or not?


It's Fox News.


I didn't say anything last week. I didn't bring it up. I kind of hinted, but didn't say anything because I didn't want to call anybody out. We did an interview with Donald Trump.


Where we broke major news.


Donald Trump was calling officially for debates with Joe Biden. It was covered everywhere. ABC, CBS, the Hill, every left wing outlet known to man picked it up.


It was strange, though. Fox ignored it.


And then Tucker Carlson last night. Does folks, anyone in the chat doubt what happened with Tucker yesterday? Was newsworthy?


Joe, was that newsworthy?


Tucker interviewing Vladimir Putin a little bit.


Little newsworthy, right? Yeah, you're damn right.


Big time. Tony.


News event, gigantic. Gee, thank you. Huge news event. Huge. As far as I know with Fox so far, I got no beef over there.


I got a lot of friends over there that still work there who are good people.


I told Megyn Kelly in our interview when I interviewed with Megan, the world.


Needs a healthy Fox right now. Outside of Newsmax and Oan, it's our only outlet. But I got to tell you, not covering the Tucker thing and ignoring, is.


This the Fox grudge channel or the Fox News Channel. I'm not asking anything from you guys, anything at all. I don't need it.


I'm doing fine. Our audience has doubled since I left.


You can look at the numbers yourself.


We're talking to 128,000 people at 11:00 in the morning without a cable news channel. I filled up the Michigan football stadium and 20,000 more.


I was really shocked they didn't pick up the Trump debate thing. I mean, I was shocked.




Thank you.


Listen, folks, obviously, you know what? Gee, and we're going to end this here because honestly, a man of very.


Few words, he has heard me before.


The show when I'm not on the air, in private conversations, complain about certain people, and then I get on the show and none of that makes it on the air because it's personal.


It doesn't matter what matters is what.


They said politically and how we can advance the football. I don't take my grudges on the air.


I cover Fox hosts fairly. I've got a lot of good friends there. But how the fuck do you not cover the Tucker Carlson interview? You're a fucking news channel. Are you shitting me?


I'm sorry, man, but I'm like, embarrassed.


For you and the whole thing, avoiding.


Our interview with Trump. I didn't even bring it up because then it sounds personal, but don't think.


I didn't notice that either. Ridiculous. And just so you know, going forward, I got no grudges. I ain't mad. I'll cover your network just like I.


Would anyone else, even though I work there and I got a lot of friends there. But that's embarrassing. All right, a couple more things.


I want to get to the disaster yesterday at the Supreme Court.


I'm not going to have time for all this. I'm going to have to cover this block.


More on to.


I don't want to throw a curveball.


At you here, but can we just.


Go to the Kintanji Brown Jackson one on the is. This was probably yesterday's Supreme Court case. You know the background. Colorado is trying to kick President Trump off the ballot. Absurdity on its face. Kentanji Brown Jackson is as left as you're going to get. You're not going to find a more left leaning Supreme Court justice. Sotomayor and horror, by far the most liberal. Kentanji Brown Jackson asked a very simple question yesterday of the Colorado legal team trying to kick him off the ballot. President Trump, I'm going to show you the 14th amendment in a second, so get that ready afterwards. The 14th amendment is clear. It does not mention the president at all in this insurrection clause.


It doesn't.


So if it doesn't mention the president, how can you use the 14th amendment.


To kick the president off? It makes no sense. This is liberal Kentanji Brown Jackson, who doesn't even know what a woman is, asking a simple question. This is how bad of a day.


Team Biden and the left had yesterday.


Check this out from rising again in the context of these sort of local elections as opposed to focusing on the presidency.


Two points on that, Justice Jackson. First is that as I discussed earlier, there isn't the same history of states regulating ballot access at this time. So ballot access rules to restrict presidential candidates wouldn't have existed. They wouldn't have been raised one way or another.


Right, but I'm not making a distinction between ballot access and anything else understood.


But the more broad point I want to make is that what is very clear from the history is that the framers were concerned about charismatic rebels who might rise through the ranks up to and including the presidency of the United States.


But then why didn't they put the word president in the very enumerated list in section three? The thing that really is troubling to me is I totally understand your argument, but they were listing people that were barred and president is not there. And so I guess that just makes me worry that maybe they weren't focusing on the president. And for example, the fact that electors of vice president and president are there suggests that really what they thought was, if we're worried about the charismatic person, we're going to bar insurrectionist electors, and therefore that person is never going to rise.


Folks, I don't know how it could get any worse for you making a legal case in court in front of the Supreme Court.


Again, just so we're clear, I'm not.


Putting any faith in the Supreme Court.


Would I be stunned, Joe?


Would I be stunned if we actually lost this case?


Five, four? Honestly, no, I wouldn't.


Come on, Dan.


It went so bad yesterday, folks.


It went bad in court for Obamacare, too, until John Roberts saved it. I put zero faith in the court. I'm just telling you right now, at.


This moment in time, it's going to be impossible for the left on tv.


To frame this as any kind of a success.


The questions were devastating. If they wanted to include and eliminate.


A presidential candidate as an insurrectionist, they would have put the office of president.


Here's the 14th amendment. It mentions nothing about the office of president. It mentions electors of the president and.


Vice president, senators, congressional representatives, office, civil or military, under the United States or under any state. Who was that they describe as an insurrectionist? Meaning no person shall hold any office.


It says it right there. It does not mention the president. It mentions the electors. It's not in there. I don't know. I'm not a lawyer. I'm also not a moron. If I write an HR rule for.


Our office here, and I say this rule applies to everyone but Tony, because.


He'S grandfathered it or whatever it says.


Like everyone but Tony.


I can't go to court later and go.


But I meant Tony.


No, you didn't. It actually says everyone but Tony. It says it right there. It's not in there. You're telling me the framers that we're.


Trying to prevent with the 14th amendment, insurrectionists from holding office just forgot. I haven't even gotten into the argument about this was not an insurrection. And by the way, folks, now that we got a new record, by the way, I think 131,900 people watching, it's not a new record. We've actually had more people than this.


Holy Moses, I'm losing track 134 Monday.


I'm hoping by Monday I may have some news on the January 6 bomber insurrection thing, too.


Forget that part for a second. This was not even an insurrection. Even if it was, which it wasn't. Even if it was, that clause does not apply to the president. The amendment does not apply to the president. What else do you need to hear.


Folks, I'm going to leave you with this.


Do. My radio show was an important day. Yesterday was the best day Donald Trump has had in a long time.


I'm going to say to the Trump team over the next few days, soundbites and snapshots, there's no need for any long speeches or anything like that. That picture of Joe Biden's garage speaks for itself. Short, quick soundbites, police state hierarchy over hypocrisy. You focus on this and you will win. Stay focused over these next coming days, and Joe Biden will drop two or three points in the approval because everyone in America knows that the classic dilemma is on this guy's hands right now. He's got only two arguments and only two to make. I either have dementia and I'm not a criminal, or I'm a criminal and don't have dementia. Every one of those arguments absolutely sucks. Thanks for tuning in, folks. Hey, do us a favor, please download the Rumble app. We've had tons and tons of downloads.


The app is just going to do crazy good enhancements.


You're going to love it. It is totally free. Go to your App Store, download the Rumble app. Start an account. If you like, you can watch the show without it.


It's free.


But if you want to chat with us, start an account on Rumble.


I'd love to see you in the chat. We have 15,000 people in the chat room before the show today. That's crazy. I will see you back here on Monday. See you back in the radio show in a few minutes. And thank you. Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it.


Good day, sir. You just heard the Dan Bongino Show.