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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


Folks, again, these are not protests, they're not peaceful protest. Forget peaceful. They're not peaceful. They're not protests, they're not peaceful protest. They're not protests that are peaceful. These are riots. These are mobs. These are aggressive terrorists in the street trying to intimidate you, trying to bring about the destruction of our country. I'm going to go into that today. I've got the evidence the Democrats supported this. Now they're realizing it was a disaster because shocker, middle class American families, soccer moms and dads and people who work for a living don't like to watch their cities and towns being burned to the ground.


Stunner, stunner. Democrats are just figuring that out. Today show brought to you by Express VPN, protect your online activity from prying eyes today. Get a VPN. Don't wait. Go to express VPN. Dotcom Bongino. Welcome to Dan Bongino Show on this fine Monday producer. Joe, how are you. Hope you had a good weekend.


Yeah man, I had a pretty good weekend and now it's good to be back. Of course we're getting all ready for another stunning, stunning show. Yes.


You know that. Well, I just turned up the juice a little bit, if you saw my left hand. So if it sounds a little louder now.


Sorry, Joe just noticed it was a little low on the dial. They're going to make a midcourse adjustment there, folks. These are not protests. Let's be crystal clear. These are liberal cities with liberal rioters advancing liberal causes, with liberal city council members, with liberal politicians supporting it, supported by liberal money, attacking conservatives and Trump supporters. But yet the media will try to blame Trump. Get. All right. Let's get to it today, show a bunch of our friends at as we slowly adjust to a new normal.


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It is. Oh it's a big Dingding.


Yeah. Now I know a volume issue. You got to bump that sucker up there. These are not protests. OK, can we put that baby to bed after what my wife and I went through Thursday night walking out of the White House that President Trump's acceptance speech at the RNC event where we were attacked, we were accosted. My wife was called all kinds of disgusting, grotesque, horrible names by a bunch of violent animal savages. These were not protest.


That was an organized intimidation event. Now you see some of the video here. Thank you to everyone who watched it on YouTube. It was one of our most watched shows ever. On Thursday. You can see these people we made famous who I promised I'd make famous. And by the way, I just want to I'm not throwing this in there to be kind of, you know, fake tough guys who does a show. But my wife and I weren't intimidated.


It was it was concerning and anxiety producing. And I'll tell you why. You can't you don't have eyes in the back of your head. This is why I think we're going to have to bring security to these events and be the biggest tough guy in the world. You can't fight off twenty five people. Then what worried me is at one point I had to get on the other. I was walking to the left of my wife as the maniac violent guy who was threatening to rape my wife.


A couple of them next to us. We're walking. And I didn't know which side to get on because the guy on the bike kept trying to circle us. Right. So we envision this. You're walking with your wife. You've got a group of people who left their violent foaming at the mouth, rabid animal dogs. Right. And they're calling your wife the B word, you know, which rhymes with twitch. You know what I'm talking about, right?


They're threatening to rape her. Right. And make you watch. And you may say, well, how is that not intimidating? Because they were obviously chumps and cowards. You can tell any man or woman who's been there and faced and knows violence and has seen it up close and personal. And see that look in people's eyes when they're chumps and can see that look in people's eyes when they're not. These guys were chumps, but what was intimidating about it is the way they circle you when you walk, when we walk through D.C. after the Trump event drew this pack of animals is you don't know where it's going to come from.


And what bothered me is at one point, this lunatic skateboarder, I thought it was a dude, but it was actually a shaved head female. I don't know how she identifies. I don't know why, but came up on the skateboard. And what worried me is these antifa folks use skateboards to attack you and it could cause real damage if you hit someone with a skateboard with the wheels. So I had to get on the other side of my wife.


Thankfully, the Border Patrol guys were there. With us walking, so we had kind of some set of eyeballs, folks, I can't express to you enough how insane these people are. These are not protests. These are street savages. These are not protests. Now, why am I bringing this up again, because I want to go through today how a couple of questions, who's funding this? How did these people get to D.C. with a D.C. residents?


If they weren't D.C. residents, how did they get there with a bussed in? Why did a number of people report that they were with Uber drivers who reported picking some of these people up and driving them there? Why did we see a few of them coming out of the hotel the next day after we left the hotel? Why do they need a hotel? If they were locals protesting, if they weren't locals protesting, who was funding, who paid for these hotels?


Folks, don't ever forget they're trying to turn this around on President Trump now in one of the most disgusting, epic bouts of media lying in gaslighting I've ever seen in my life. Don't ever forget, these are liberal protests by liberal groups attacking conservatives exclusively in liberal cities run by liberal mayors, liberal city councils trying to advocate liberal causes again to attack and brutalize conservatives. There is no here's the amount of blame President Trump has on this, despite the fact that he's trying at multiple points to offer help to stop this stuff.


Here's my. They are ready for you. How much? Zero. That's me making a zero with my fingers is zero, blame zero. This is Joe Biden's America conservative counties where President Trump won the vote and where conservatives dominate. Conservatives are the sheriffs and the mayors and the local county and town councils. You're not seeing any of this. Did you notice that? So I had some of my eye there. We don't have this problem where I live in Martin County, where the sheriff's got some really simple rules, protest all you want.


That's your right. God bless you. You can't walk in the street. You can't block traffic and you can't attack anyone. Crazy how those rules work out. That's right. Guys, we're just asking a few simple things don't beat anyone to death, try not to threaten to rape their family members. And if you're going to protest, don't walk into the street where, Joe, get a load of this. There are moving cars and you may get killed or hurt someone else.


But that's crazy rules. I know, crazy. But when you're dealing with leftist animals in many cases, like we ran into Thursday night outside of the White House, animal savage animals, I think I just the defense, the animals, they can't even follow basic rules like that. So finally, we have some lawmakers in D.C. who are starting to wake up to this, as many of you know, it wasn't only me and my wife were accosted, it was hundreds of others walked out of the White House into a mob of lunatics.


Senator Rand Paul was among the people who were accosted with his wife, Kelly, threats to them. They were screaming, look, we've got Rand Paul cornered. And I believe Rand Paul, who said that if it weren't for the police officers there who escorted him over to his hotel where he was staying or whatever, that he probably would have been killed. I don't think he's being hyperbolic, given what the gauntlet we walk through of lunatics. Now, I know you say.


Well, then he said some of them were fake, were chumps. Yeah. But some of them weren't. Some of them weren't. The ones around us were fraudster's, they were you know, they used to call in the late 1980s, 1990s, 90s in New York, halfway crooks never hear that's what was that? Was that Bob Debus?


I only remember it were the halfway crooks, but some of them were not. Some of them were there to really cause pain. And hurt. So Fox News dot com has an article this morning where some lawmakers are starting to say. How to get there, who's funding this? Ken Buck is a congressman from Colorado. Doubles down on Rand Paul's call for investigation into the funding of these violent protesters, the Justice Department has opened an investigation into who's funding these violent riots.


Fox You're damn right they do. Folks, if this was a legitimate protest, the justice, the Justice Department would have no business opening up an investigation, regardless of what they're protesting, as long as it's not. Criminal, you can stage a protest calling for terror acts and the death of the president. United States, you're not allowed to threaten people if they are legitimate protests in advance of a cause, whether we agree with it or not.


This goes without saying it's principled conservatives. That is their absolute right to do that written into our Constitution. And thank God we have it as such because our God given rights, this was not a protest. This was an aggressive, violent mob. It is perfectly legitimate and I believe required of the Justice Department to determine right now who is protesting organized mobs on American streets threatening to rape, kill and beat the snot out of people walking down an American street because they attended a political event for Donald Trump.


How are we allowing this? Zain, a political issue. This is a public safety issue. Are you suggesting to me with a straight face if this was the Obama administration and upon his re-election, he had an event on the south grounds of the White House and a bunch of Democrat politicians walked out into a raving mob of savage lunatics being threatened with rape, death, murder, assault, having things thrown at them that there wouldn't be a DOJ investigation into some right wing group that did that.


Of course, no right wing group ever did that because conservatives don't do that. And when people do do that and claim to be right wing people, they're not we don't claim these people at all. We isolate them away from our group. It's getting worse, folks. Look at this clip from The Blaze. So in case you hadn't heard about it, in the media, they've discovered that the media is just disgusting in this kind of liberal media.


It's just a disgusting, filthy embarrassment the way they're covering for these anti terror groups who now have apparently murdered someone on the streets of Portland. The blaze. Not a joke, folks. Not a bad one, a real story, not a bad joke. This is an actual story. New footage from Portland shooting suggests the victim was targeted. We've got a couple right here. Hey, hey. We got a couple right here. We've got a couple of what?


Well, the allegations, as reported by The New York Post this morning, or that someone who of a an Antifa member. Who declared himself one hundred percent antifa, quote, The allegations are this person may have been involved in this shooting. There was a murder on the streets of Portland. Of a man who belonged to a pro civil rights group called Patriot Prayer. In other words, he was on the right of the political aisle, so he was murdered on the streets of Portland.


Did you miss this this weekend? You like that? Come on, Dad, clearly you're talking about the streets of downtown Kabul right here, right in the middle of what happened in the Afghanistan right after 9/11. We had a very clearly is a no no. I'm talking about Portland, Portland, which is now turned into a third world city. A member of a conservative group was murdered on the streets. And one of the suspects. One of the suspects in the case is The New York Post reporting this morning is put on his some of his Facebook.


One hundred percent antifa. Again, I'm just asking you for a slight role reversal for a moment, do you believe if a group of Obama supporters were walking down the streets of Portland and a Tea Party member murdered one of them in the middle of the street and then had Facebook posts saying one hundred percent Tea Party? Do you really think everyone in the media would just be sitting back saying, let's let the facts get out? No. Yeah, of course you would.


Now, the Democrats own this. The Democrats own this, they are the party, the party of violence, total street chaos, aggressive mobs. I don't care what they tell you. The Democrats and their media apparatchiks, their mouthpieces have been covering for far left radical Joe Biden riots, Democrat riots from the beginning. Some of them haven't even disguised it in cutesy talk or anything like that. Some of these Democrats have outright apologized for it and suggested it's not going to stop.


I've got video coming up here. From a PJ media piece, which is really good to put up in a minute. Of prominent Democrats actively encouraging this street violence and now all of a sudden, as they opened up in the beginning of the show, shockingly, Democrats are figuring out now that burning down people's cities and towns amazingly turns people against you. Stonner. So now six months too late, you hear Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, by the way, who supported the Minnesota Freedom Fund that bailed out, bailed out the street terrorists that went out to go burn other buildings down.


She tweeted support for that out. It's on my social media feed this morning. But now all of a sudden, oh, we don't need street violence. Well, maybe you should have said that before the cities burn. I'm going to get to the piece in the video, so let me get to my second sponsor. We got a loaded show today, a lot of material to get through. I just want to be sure we get all this in those appreciators sponsors.


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All right. So PJ Media has a great piece. It'll be in the show. Notes that he please read the show notes. There are some spectacular articles, including one about voter fraud we're going to get to in a minute, which is blowing up on vaginalis If you want our show notes sponginess dot com slash newsletter to sign up, we'll email you these articles every day. It's free, of course. PJ Media has this piece about the Democrats encouraging violence, encouraging violence, outright encouraging it, or suggesting to the American public that, hey, this isn't going away instead of doing the right thing, which is saying, hey, protesting is great.


That's what we do. Here's what we've always done. That's not this. These are protests. These are street mobs and violent, aggressive people. And you should stop that. Not hard, right? P.J. Stacey, lettings flashback, Democrat leaders have encouraged political violence, beginning with Barack Obama, read this piece. It's really good. Here are some of the videos embedded in this piece. Here's Kamala Harris telling us what's his name. Stephen Colbert didn't have a fake name or something.


I don't even know who was the fake persona, whatever it is. Here's Kamala Harris, who supported the Freedom Fund. Freedom for Street Terrorists. Yeah, that one bailing out streets. I remember Justin Timberlake, Justin Timberlake, the innocent guy him. Yeah, they supported that. So here's Kamala Harris telling Stephen Colbert or whatever his name is. Oh, yeah. Yeah. This is going to basically continue to not know no effort to dissuade people from engaging in violence in the streets whatsoever.


Check this out.


Clear that I know that there are protests still happening in major cities across the United States. I just not seeing the reporting on it that I think that's right for the first few weeks. But they're not.


No, they're not going to stop. And that's they're not this is a movement. I'm telling you, they're not going to stop. And everyone beware because they're not going to stop. It is going to they're not going to stop before Election Day in November and they're not going to stop after Election Day. And that should be everyone should take note of that on both levels, that this is they're not going to let up and they should not. And we should not.


There you go, folks. There's your potential future vice president. God forbid Joe Biden wins this election that you should all quote, quote, folks, beware. They're not going to stop and they and no, not what she has and they shouldn't. Now she'll say to you, oh, I was just talking about the peaceful protesters. When you find them, let me know. I'm not sure where this stuff happens in the day that is generally peaceful when you find the peaceful protesters in Portland, Oakland, outside of the White House fence in Washington, D.C., when you find them, fill us in.


We we'd love to hear about it. You may say, wow, she's going to bail our way out of that one and say, no, I'm just talking about the peaceful protest as well. Ayanna Pressley, a member of the squad, the squad member, Ayanna Pressley, hears. I had a press basically calling for unrest in the streets. Yes, prominent member of the squad, radical leftist communists who basically doesn't see any problem with this at all and is suggesting she loves to lecture everyone.


Ayanna Pressley, by the way, she's so much smarter than you. Here she is basically encouraging the street unrest. Check this out.


I'm looking to the public. You know, this is as much about public outcry and organizing and mobilizing and applying pressure so that this GOP led Senate and that these governors that continue to carry water for this administration, putting the American people in harm's way, turning a deaf ear to the needs of our families and our communities, hold him accountable.


Well, make the phone calls and the emails show up. You know, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives. And unfortunately, there's plenty to go around.


We didn't manipulate that. That's actually a member of Congress calling for unrest in the streets as long as there's unrest in our lives. She is a well paid glorified by the mainstream media member, media member of the squad in Congress. And there's unrest in your lives, unlike people who actually work for a living and are struggling right now to get through this plague and the economic unrest. But we're worried about you.


There it is again, all on tape. These are this is a manipulated media. It's all on tape for you to see all of it. Here's another classic, and by classic, I mean another disgusting moment by a radical far leftist encouraging street violence. Celebrate again. But again, if this was a politician on the right, they'd probably be in jail right now. They would definitely be the subject of endless media stories about how they are violent provocateurs.


But when it's a leftist lunatic like Maxine Waters, again, this stuff here, memory hole room right down the memory hole. Here's Maxine Waters. Outright encouraging street confrontations of people who support Trump and her Trump administration members. She's not even hiding. Check this out.


If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you go in and you. Do you guys remember that one, some of you seem to forgot that liberals, of course, again, memory hole, liberal memory. Hold that one. You conservatives, you're the violent one, who am I? All I did was go to a political event at the White House with my wife, but where the violence was.


So just to be clear, we're not allowed to walk down the street anymore without threats of rape and death. I'm just checking we used your your mere showing up in courage that you did it. How dare you show up in a liberal city and walk down the street? What, are you crazy? Maxine Waters warned you we're going to confront you and threaten to rape your wife and beat the snot out of everyone. Come on. It's your fault, Joe.


We should have known better. Joe should have known better. Well, yeah. And you should have gone my way and told me not to do it as a responsible producer. How dare you walk down the street? You live close to there, don't you? Joe's only 40 miles out of D.C.. Joe, you're irresponsible. You neglected your duties. You should have carried water for the media, said Deadfall. I live near D.C. You have no right to walk down those streets with your wife.


None. It's your fault. I know, I know you feel bad, it's OK, I forgive you. Thanks, man. Our relationship is stable. Don't worry, but I'm very upset. You, Maxine warned you, Joe, to warn Dan, don't dare walk down the street. I have an association ideologically with the Trump administration. I obviously believe in what they've done. I wouldn't support him. I won't say he warned me not to walk down the street.


I mean, could clearly my fault. You may say, gosh, is that it? No, no, it gets worse. Here's a the hapless Jennifer Rubin from The Washington Post, who still hilariously claims to be a conservative. And Jennifer Rubin, total hack, sellout, not a sliver of dignity at all. Jennifer Rubin, this is from the PJ Media piece who said this, quote, After taking after after taking about burning down the GOP no longer conservative, Jennifer Rubin said President Trump's supporters must be, quote, leveled.


Here's the quote leveled folks. So again, this is alleged conservative at The Washington Post warning you, quote, Jennifer Rubin, we have to level them, because if there are survivors and there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again. They will take this as confirmation that, hey, it just pays to ride the wave. Look at me. I've made it through. There it is, a major American garbage newspaper, The Washington Post, an alleged newspaper with a columnist who fakes being a conservative in order to attack everything conservative about this country.


Saying how we should all be, quote, leveled. Now, in one of the more grotesque, disgusting acts by our really horrible, awful mainstream media who refuses to tell the truth about what's going on in American streets right now, that the fascist terror group Antifa and their their partners in crime, the BLM, Marxist terrorists, that they're burning down, attacking and threatening people on American streets for daring to express a political opinion. The media refuses to tell the truth, but not that's not that's not news.


Nothing's breaking on the Dan Bongino show. Like, my gosh, Dan said, the media lies. We all knew that nobody actually trusts the media. Just look at the polls. Media is a hilarious caricature of real, honest people. They're fools, buffoons, the Brian Stelter, Chuck Todd Moskal, Rachel Maddow crowd. Jennifer Rubin and other clowns. But what they're doing. The professional level platinum award winning gaslighting they're engaging in. To get you to remain helpless, sheep in the streets is candidly, folks, one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen in my life.


How are they doing this? Well, you know, I have the. Alternative to the Drudge Report, we have Bongino report where we actually report real news, but Drudge use a fake news, Drudge Report filthy propaganda outlet for the left. Right now, they're disgusting. The Drudge Report. Sometimes I click on in the morning for show content about what Drudge is putting out there because there's such a propaganda outlet for the left. And one of the pieces Drudge was highlighting this morning.


Was this stunningly dishonest, brazen, brazen? I didn't even know what else is a platinum level gaslighting operation by The Seattle Times. Look at this disaster again, highlighted by the now radical leftists at Drudge. Seattle Times police faced complaints of Tolt what am I reading this right? Police face complaints of tolerating vigilantes. Watch what they're doing here. You get you picking this up, the media, nothing, nothing more than Provida, like Soviet level era propaganda pieces for the left have now figured out that in liberal cities in liberal America, dominated by liberal politics, where liberal interest groups funded by liberal money are brazenly, openly attacking people, destroying their lives, killing them on Portland, in Portland, killing, there was a murder burning down their businesses, attacking their families and aggressively confronting them like we just went through in D.C. They're figuring out that free American people, if the police aren't going to protect him, are not going to volunteer to get killed.


This is a shocker to them, Joe. It's a stunner. They're like, oh, my gosh, there are people out there who are actually going to defend their own lives and property in the threat of their lives being destroyed and some of them be killed. They may defend themselves. So what have they done? The Seattle Times, this grotesque, disgusting, filthy propaganda outlet for the left has now managed to flip the script where if you dare to defend your own life, you are now an armed vigilante and the police should be looking out for you.


Notice the headline, can you put that up again, Paul, is that possible? The Seattle Times is now trying to pressure the police. Read the headline, Police faced complaints. No, these are not their complaints from Antifa that wants to just beat that stuff out of people and doesn't want them to defend themselves. Police faced complaints of tolerating vigilantes. Watch how they frame this from the Seattle Times piece, how, again, if you dare to defend your own life, you are now the bad guy, not the terrorist burning your cities to the ground.


Quote Seattle Times. Filthy rag. Filthy, disgusting rag. As protesters march against racism and police violence, protesters marching and who's marching in night against racism and police, they're burning the city down. But listen again to the framing as they march against racism and police violence in cities and towns across the nation, they told listen to this, listen to this. They you know, the rioters, the terrorists, they are being confronted by groups of armed civilians who claim to be assisting and showing support for police battered and overwhelmed by the process.


Now, keep in mind, they don't come back to me for a second here. Notice the gas saying, ladies and gentlemen, watch what these slime balls do in their opening sentence, they don't say as protesters who claim to be supporting anti-racism in the fight against police violence, they don't claim that. Go back to the peace of second. I'm sorry to Bausman, but this is important. This is how they it's assumed that the terrorist BLM, Marxists and Antifa fascists as protesters march against racism and police vans, that's assumed that that's what they're doing, despite the evidence on the video in front of your face, that they're burning down cities and towns.


But look how we follow up. When you show up, God forbid your arm, do you want to defend your business or your family? You only claim to be showing support for police. That's just the claim. Now, Joe, is this a claim? But the rioters who actually kerosine your business, they're marching against racism and police violence here, they go on notice how the violence is now your fault. It says the confrontations have left at least three people dead in recent days.


In addition to two protesters killed Tuesday in Kenosha, a man thought to be an a man thought to be associated with a far right group called the far right group called Patriot Prayer. Far right don't. Even if you're a patriot and you pray, you are definitely far right. Who was fatally shot Saturday, late Saturday in Portland, Oregon?


These are disgusting, horrible people. The media in this country is and is a colossal apocalyptic level human disgrace, these are human filth, people who do this. They are destroying this country, they are actively creating a hostile, toxic environment in the street by defending and covering for the bad guys and making anyone who dares defend themselves in the street the actual bad. Because like I said on Fox and Friends this morning, when we all grew up, we understand there were undeniable truth.


Cops were the good guys. Robbers were the bad guys. That's totally reversed now. Now the robbers are the heroes and the cops are the bad guys. And if you dare defend yourself against the robbers, terrorists, arsonists and murderers, you, in fact, are far right members claiming to be defending yourselves in the police. This was the headline on Unbroken, horrible, disgraceful traumatology. I don't even know if Matura has anything to do with it anymore.


I'm just telling you, that site is filth. That's why we started Bungeni report. Because it's filth, it's legit filth, it's disgusting what they're doing. Pouring gasoline on a fire right now brewing in our American streets. Do not miss these efforts at gaslighting you, they are critical. They are trying it right now, they want to make sure the police don't focus their attention on the Antifa and BLM terrorists and that they focus their attention on you.


If you dare to defend yourself, you're the problem. They're not even being subtle about it. They're hinting to the police. You can't tolerate vigilante's. But tolerate the burnings and the buildings and the murders and every everything else. I've got more becloud and come in in a minute and how, again, the media ties into this grotesque for you, I'm a little upset this morning. You can probably tell mayor of Portland a failed human being and everywhere, not a failed mayor, a failed human being.


Who is now using the media again to flip the script that his city liberal city burning to the ground because of liberal groups attacking and paid for by liberals bailing people out, how that somehow trumps. I'll get to that in a second. Let me get to my third sponsor today, our third sponsor, our friends at LifeLock, ladies and gentlemen, I had my identity stolen a long time ago. It was a real horror show, by the way, not Paul.


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Do it for your family too. I have it for my kids as well. Very, very important stuff. All right, let's get back to the show. So I told you the broken, failed human being not just failed me again, failed human being. The mayor of Portland, whose city is descended into third world chaos, is now desperate with the media's help, of course, to try to make this about Trump. I'm not going to I'm going to go through the of am I going to do it again?


This is so obvious liberal here. This is so obvious, liberal, obviously liberal run violence on our streets that anyone trying to tell you otherwise really thinks you're a moron. I mean, I'm not kidding. Thinks you're an imbecile with a double digit IQ. Let me play this video. Here's the broken mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, dealer amazingly trying to suggest. That it's him who wants to work across the aisle to secure his city, which is burning to the ground on his watch.


Just pay attention. He wants to work across the aisle. Check this out.


Now, the work that we have to do in our communities across this nation in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, I'm up to that challenge. And I hope the president is, too. And I'm ready to reach across any aisles. I need to reach across any political divides that I need to cross in order to bring us back together. Somebody's got to do it. I'm committed to it. I know my colleagues on the Portland city are committed to it.


I'd like to hear the president of the United States say he's all in. Let's bring this great nation back together.


This lunatic just submitted a nineteen point plan to defund this police department while the city of Portland is burning to the ground. Sheesh. He wants Joe. He wants to reach across the aisle. Now, what what do you think happened? Quick question, Joe. Let me give you two alternatives. I'll allow you to answer. Do you think the hapless radical leftist communist mayor of Portland who watched the city burn to the ground for years now, which has been taken over by a.


. Do you think, a Joe, that this is a really principled guy who wants to work across the aisle to secure the safety and security of the businesses and citizens of Portland that say, do you think that or be? Radical leftist communist mayor of Portland watched the city burn to the ground and has figured out that the polls are turning against him and all of a sudden he's figured out that the residents of Portland don't want to watch their city burn to the ground.


You think it's A or B..


Well, Dan, I think I got to go with B. I think I know it. I know it took a while. I know you had to really think that through. But I'm going to go with B to that. This guy's an epic, colossal fraud. Who doesn't give a damn about his citizens, hasn't for years now while Antifa owns his city and owns him and is now just figured out that, gosh, these polls aren't looking good.


We took a poll and sixty one percent of American people let me make it even more simple. Closer to home, we took a poll and a focus group and sixty one percent of Portland residents when asked, do you want to be burned alive by indifference? Sixty one percent said, no, I don't want to be burned alive. Gosh, we better do something. The crosstab, you know, you haven't you ever have you ever run from have crosstab, they call him crosstabs, these questions and all the stuff crosstab question to while walking down the streets of Portland, do you prefer to be left alone A or a question?


B, do you prefer to have a baseball bat over the head and be potentially murdered by a guy who declared himself one hundred percent antifa? Again, according to The New York Post, there's some interesting reporting. What do you prefer? I'm going to go with a I think I'd rather not be Murdy. I'm just saying. Yeah, that is a shocker. Told me on that one. I don't want to be murdered either. So now all of a sudden, he's seen the light road to Damascus moment for Ted Wheeler dealer.


But he just said, you heard the video, right? He just said he wants to work across the aisle with like Republicans. You know, Republicans like the president said, he he just said that, right? You heard it. So why I played that first. So let's see how he works across the aisle. Ted Wheeler, dealer people being murdered and his city city streets there. Let's go to this New York Post article about Ted Wheeler dealer who's all of a sudden found religion.


New York Post again in the show, notes today, Mark more Trump slams Portland's incompetent mayor calls for the National Guard. So, you know, Ted Wheeler, dealer, communist mayor of Portland, he wants to work across the aisle, National Guard sounds like a good idea, right? He just had a murder in your city. Maybe try something, maybe some federal agents separate and distinct from the National Guard, maybe something compromise back and forth. Republican trump.


Democrat, communist, wheeler dealer across the aisle aisle, Republican and Democrat across. So what did he do with President Trump's offer to help secure his city? Clearly, he took it wheeler dealer, right. You'd be wrong, of course, on that quote. New York Post in an open letter, open letter Friday in an open letter, Joe. He didn't just turn it down. He wanted everyone to know about it. In an open letter sent Friday, Wheeler dealer said, quote, No thanks to Trump's offer to send troops.


We don't need your politics of division and demagoguery and our Nadira politics of this is like a child. The letter said. But Trump said if Oregon Gov. Kate Brown reaches out to him, he'd help. Again, I'm just curious, outside of The New York Post, which is a right leaning paper, I know most of you not from New York, don't know that. You know, no reason to The New York Post, The New York Daily News is the leftist paper.


The New York Post is the same paper. New York Post, finally. Actually doing some reporting here, reporting the actual truth, you won't hear from the mainstream media. That despite the Democrats on the media's efforts again to make these conservative tree chaos, this is President Trump's fall. It's President Trump one offering to help, and it's wheeler dealer in the communists who are actually enjoying this. Street chaos. But they're not enjoying it anymore because, again, crosstab question three, would you prefer a night to be sleeping in your bed peacefully, A or B for your house to be burned down and lasers being shined a new window by antifa, shockingly.


Sixty one percent of people think that Ted Wheeler stung by that. Oh, my gosh. They don't like that. They don't like being blinded by antifa lasers in the rifles. What the hell's wrong with these people? Idiots. Now the clowning doesn't stop. My wife thought this was funny to be clowning. I think that's the funniest word ever to be clown.


But what is clowning? I saw this word years ago, and it always cracks me up. My wife suggested we call this segment the clowning, you know, like The Shining like Jack because you put them in front of somebody. But a word with an int, it always sounds more serious. But here is this is how stupid this is. God, remember what this segment is about. Leftists own the violence, they've defended the violence, they've promoted the violence the media has covered for the violence.


Now the media has figured out with their leftist activists and wheeler dealer and others that the violence isn't popular. So now they're trying to blame it, in fact, on Republicans. I want you to see how the media specifically trash outlets like CNN, how they cover for this stuff to. And how even things like, well, gosh, these rallies. You know, this shouldn't even been at the White House and Hamas. Tony, I want you to see this clown on CNN, this doctor guy who's supposed to be on there, given, I guess, his medical perspective, who tries to claim that, hey, what happened in D.C. the next day after where they had some rally on the on the Lincoln Memorial?


That's OK. But the rally the day before at the White House in support of President Trump. This is definitely a dangerous, deadly event for the coronavirus. This is, again, how the media covers for all of them all the time, even when it involves something as non-political as a virus. Check this. This is the ultimate clowning. This guy should turn his medical degree in tomorrow. Check this out.


Yeah, I was very concerned about the White House event last night. Fifteen hundred people packed shoulder to shoulder the head of the White House coronavirus task force in attendance without a mask with his family, its elderly mother without a mask. And it's it's concerning. We know people weren't tested. Only people in direct contact with President Trump had testing done. So I think we're going to see cases come out of that. And it's just modeling bad behavior. Now, when we juxtapose that to what's happening in Washington, D.C. right now, people are mostly wearing masks now.


True, there is social distancing issues. However, this is a public health crisis. They're marching against systemic racism.


This that's an actual segment from a guy who is an actual doctor. Now you see why the public just laughs at these people while even and I'm not I'm not knocking the good doctors out there, the overwhelming majority of which you are and got in it to legitimately save lives. I'm friends with a lot of doctors myself. There's some of the best people I know. But the clowns out there, the clown doctors who clown themselves on TV and their medical, whatever medical advice is.


Yeah, the Trump rally was a unique danger, even though it was an outdoor event. And adults, when they wanted a social distance, they did. If they didn't, they didn't show up. That's a unique danger in public. But the packed rally on the D.C. Mall the next day, don't worry, that was OK because they were fighting systemic racism, the systemic racism in a city where the system is dominated by liberals and where the night before that same liberal city was the result of a mass organized mob attacking conservatives, they walked out of the White House.


Makes total sense. Doch. Good job. What would we do without doctors like you? Don't you worry about the Korona at that event, but at the White House event, it's definitely a super spreader event. You're all going to die. What a moron. So we could comment to. All right, let me move on, because I want to get to this article about. Now, voter fraud, as you see this article. I asked Matt, who is my editor over at the Bungeni


Can you put this one back up, I want to run this is a top story for like two days straight, which we never do. We refresh our content often. I'm going to get this story in a second. It is a devastating insider's account of how exactly radical left this commit voter fraud. Folks, I have never in my life you sick screenshots from a piece, but we're going to go through them in this. This piece is just devastating.


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It is an astonishing insider's account, a verified insider, by the way, whistleblower of how leftists commit voter fraud. And it's pretty staggering. Let's get right to it. Here's this article. This is in the schnozz. Please, please read this. It's also up on jeno Spread this article around far and why, quote, Confessions of a Voter Fraudster. I was a master at fixing mail in ballots. An article by the great John Levine.


I follow on Social Media's Great. Well, let's go to how exactly they do this, because when you listen, I've been studying this issue for a long time. I read the Heritage Foundation, their whole website. They have dedicated to voter fraud, the work of Hans von Spakovsky, who's done work on voter fraud forever. I suggest you Google it, but I'd never even heard of some of these scams. These are just gems. First, let's get to the bona fides you like.


Who is this so-called insider? So the poster does good work. They say the whistleblower whose identity, rap sheet and long history working as a consultant to various campaigns were confirmed by the Post. OK, good. This is legit. He says he not only changed ballots himself over the years, but led teams of fraud with teams of fraudsters. I heard voter fraud wasn't real and mentored at least 20 operatives in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, a critical 20 20 swing state.


OK, so now we've established bona fide is that a legitimate insider work for political campaigns is admitting he's a fraudster and his teams of voter fraudsters who manipulate elections. I thought that stuff didn't happen. The media says it's all a myth and a fairy tale. Wow. Weird how this goes down. Let's go to screenshot number one about the war they're fighting. This is from the fraudster quote, This is a real thing, he said. And there is going to be a blanking war coming November 3rd over this stuff, if they knew how the sausage was made, they could fix it.


Well, let's show you how the sausage is made. And how this blanking war is going to go down over these ballots. Let's talk first about loosening the glue, loosening the glue, what the heck could that mean? To the next screen shot, these are this piece was so good, you got to read it, I believe me, I left out some of the other stuff. He says the fraudster, his operatives would go house to House convincing voters to let them mail their completed ballots on their behalf as a public service.


The fraudsters and the minions get a load of this, would then take the sealed envelopes home and hold them over boiling water, you have to steam it to loosen the glue, said the fraudster, the insider. He would then remove the real ballot place, the counterfeit ballot, which they had printed on a photocopier inside the signed certificate and reseal the envelope. Five minutes per ballot tops, said the insider. The insider said he took care, not the stuff, the fake ballots into just a few public mailboxes.


So they thought this through, too, but sprinkle them around town. That way, he avoided the attention that foil the sloppy voter fraud operation in Paterson, New Jersey, council this year where nine hundred ballots were found in just three mailboxes. If they'd spread them in different mailboxes, nothing would have happened, the insider said. Don't worry, the media's told us it's all a myth and that conservatives are responsible for the street violence. They're always right.


I mean, after all, they're journalists, right? Insider. So, again, I couldn't hope the peace is long, but, man, is it good, he's talking about how the ballots you can just photocopy them. There are no security measures built into these ballots. You photocopy a blank ballot, you then go to a home, you knock on a door, hey, will deliver your ballot. Person turns over the ballot, sealed, they loosen the glue, remove the ballot, take the counterfeit one, fill out their preferred candidate, reinserted into the throw the legitimate ballot out re glue it up and send it in, but make sure you don't put them all in one mailbox.


God forbid you get caught or something like that. Don't worry, folks, it's all a myth, it's all a fairy tale mass mail in voting, no problems at all, despite the fact there are problems now we have inside history. You think the Democrats will call this guy up to the Hill, the Democrat run House of Representatives for a for a hearing, you think? Well, we'll hear about that. Yeah. Yeah, I don't think I don't think so either.


Probably not. Now, here's an interesting we have probably not is probably right. There is interesting. What about mail carriers.


He says in some cases, mail carriers were members of his, quote, work crew and would sift ballots from the mail and hand them over to the operative. What?


In twenty seventeen more than five hundred mail in ballots in New York City never arrived to the Board of Elections for the races, leaving hundreds disenfranchised. The ballots were eventually discovered in April of twenty eighteen for liberals watching this a year after the election. For some undetermined reasons, some baskets of mail that were bound for the New York City Board of Elections were put off to the side at a Brooklyn processing facility facility, city elections boss Michael Ryan said at the time of Discovery.


I'm not indicting all post office members out there, I wouldn't dare do that, I love my mail carrier. It's the best. Do you think we may want to look into that charge that there may be mail carriers involved, this may be find who this guy is and interview me? I'm just an idea. He's alleging that mail carriers were sifting through ballots in Republican areas and hey, put those on the side, he's going to go. What about the nursing homes angle?


There's another angle to this of nursing homes. Oh, there's many angles in this piece. Again, these are just the lowlights. Back to the post piece. So apparently they hit up assisted living facilities and Joe, they, quote, helped the elderly fill out their absentee ballots. He says this was a gold mine of votes, according to The Insider. He says there are nursing homes where the nurse is actually a paid operative and they go room by room by room to these old people who they still feel like like they want to be relevant, said the whistleblower.


They literally fill it out for them.


Wow, this is the trifecta here. Wow, she's talking about corrupted mail carriers, nursing home fraudsters, loosening the glue on ballots and reinserting their own ballots. Surely that's it, right? Gosh, that sounds really horrible. No, no, there's more. It's actually quite a few more. Here's the last one from the piece In the Interest of Time. He says, oh, there's another one here. They go to districts where a lot of people are registered voters but don't vote, and then you go out and you fill out index cards with the person's name and district and you go around the city and say, hey, you're going to be this guy, you're going to be him, the insider said of how he dispatched his team of dirty tricksters.


So at the polling place, the fake voter pretending to be a voter who generally doesn't vote would sign in, get on the line and vote, the insider said. The imposter's would simply recreate the signature that appears in the voter roll as best they could. In the rare instance that a real voter had already signed it and cast the ballot, the impersonator would just chalk it up to an innocent mistake and both. Don't worry them, nothing to worry about here.


Let's do a mass mail in ballot mailing ballots, everything is done. Let's ignore this stuff. Let's not find you. This is it. By the way. If these were conservatives, conservative insiders doing this, this would be a national scandal tomorrow. But because there's no indication of that, the Democrats who seem to worship voter fraud these days. Simply ignored. All right, let me get this final piece of video for the day, because it's important.


Folks, the gaslighting operation we've discussed, whether it's voter fraud or violence in the street, we've made a centerpiece of the show today and how the media is trying to flip the script on you. It's really a gross act of malfeasance, not misfeasance, and how the media tolerates, not only tolerates, but promotes propaganda nonsense, especially when it's obvious nonsense on their network, it's just absurd. I want to play this video of the absolutely hapless Adam Schiff, known, discredited, debunked Russian collusion hoax or career liar.


And again, a life loser in general. So he was on CNN this weekend. And you'd never I love how the daisy chain together scandals, fake scandals, not real ones. So the violence in the street has turned broken really bad for the Democrats because everybody knows it's a liberal run operation, people like Adam Schiff apologized for forever. So now that the polls have turned, Schiff needs an excuse. So you'd say to yourself, there's no way Schiff is like Russian collusion when it comes to the BLM, Marxist terrorists on the street.


How do you associate those two frauds that BLM actually cares about black lives? They don't. And the Russian collusion front, Adam Schiff manages to make it happen on CNN without an ounce of pushback from CNN, by the way, where he actually blames the Russians for the Black Lives Matter, violence in the street at these protests. I'm not kidding. Check out shifty sleazeball Adam Schiff in his own words on CNN in terms of what we can expect from the Russians or what the Russians are doing.


The Russians four years ago down exploited Black Lives Matter. They set up their own false flags online to try to divide people along racial lines.


And they don't have to who they are once again, doing their best in social media, in their overt media and other means to grow these divisions again. And I think that most pernicious, we got it. We have to worry about their aggravating these tensions in our cities.


So just to be clear, Black Lives Matter or tools of the Russians now. We're descending into total, complete chaos here. No pushback, no pushback at all. What do you say? Are you saying that the Russians are sowing division which Black Lives Matter took advantage of, so in other words, they're too stupid to figure out the difference black lives matter between Russian propaganda and legitimate activism? Or are you suggesting that Black Lives Matter is working for the Russians to promote disinformation and street violence?


What what do you see? No pushback at all. This is how terrified the Democrats are that the narrative is shifting. Then they're using their tools in the media to get out and promote active disinformation efforts. The Russians are behind this now. Black Lives Matter. So Russians. And dopey people believe it. You know, I got time for one more quick start going to put into orbit. You got time for that. Just the news thing. I just want to put this in because it's in the show notes today.


I'll close out the show with this. John Solomon, excellent news. The news has an interesting article, I just want to fit this in a spider because I've got an interesting segment tomorrow on this you're not going to want to miss. John Solomon, CIA conducting the Russia assessment may be next boomerang in the probe of the investigators. Folks, John Brennan's in a lot of trouble right now, a lot going to be arrested, prosecuted? I don't know.


Again, for the thousandth time, I don't get into that. I've been disappointed many times before. I'm simply here to tell you that the Obama dossier, right, the intelligence community assessment, you remember that folks after the election, 17 intelligence agencies, Putin wants to help Trump get elected. Remember that thing we call the Obama dossier hat tip, Devin Nunes, the fake intelligence community assessment based on the dossier that Putin was in it to help Trump, which they just made up.


What if I told you that there were dissenting voices in the CIA? That probably made their way to Brennan and others and said, hey, listen, this Putin is trying to help Trump the story. I'm not sure that's exactly accurate. I'm not sure we should be pumping that out to the media, that sounds more like politics than actual intelligence. What happened to those voices you heard about them in The Washington Post, right? Hey, maybe Putin isn't trying to help Trump now.


Of course you did. But someone else may be hearing about those voices and how they were silenced, look at this screenshot from the just the news piece by John Solomon. Says the officials, talking about a twenty eighteen secret report to the CIA inspector general from the House Intel Committee. Said it highlighted dissent and doubts by some intelligence community analysts about Vladimir Putin's intentions in intervening in the election, some believed it was to help Trump. Others believed it was to simply sew chaos without picking a winner.


And still others saw evidence Putin might have preferred Hillary Clinton, the official said. You heard about that, right? The New York Times, CIA voices, intelligence voices who thought Putin might actually be in it to help Hillary Clinton?


Of course, you didn't hear about that. Why? Why didn't you hear about that? Fascinating how Brennan is going to answer that question when someone from the Durham committee investigating this. Sorry for the dorm investigation, I'm kind of curious as to what his answer is going to be. I've got more on that tomorrow, a lot more. Don't miss it. I'll be in on the 5:00 today. By the way, if you want to check that, I'll be co-host and a fox.


Check that out. I really appreciate it, folks. Last week was our. Most listened to and watched shows ever, and it means the world to me, I deeply appreciate it. Thank you so much. Please subscribe to our YouTube dot com slash Bongino Apple podcast wherever you get your podcast. Subscriptions are free. Help us move up the charts. I really appreciate it. Thanks for tuning in. So important show today. We'll see you tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.