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Cringe. Cringe, yes, cringe again. Cringe, triple exclamation point. I'm sorry, but Joe Biden's speech last night was a disaster, a disaster, an apocalyptic disaster. Anyone I don't care what network, who they are. Anyone telling you Joe Biden's speech last night on the last night of the Democratic National Convention where he accepted the nomination for the presidency, was some kind of, you know, rock star Reagan 1980 moment here is insane. It was a mess.


The guy could barely keep up with the teleprompter. We I I'm sitting there. I know. I know. I never opened the show. But I'm sitting here with Paula and I look over and we're sitting in bed watching and it's one of these. She looks back at me and goes. I look back at her and go. And then she looks back one more time because. And then I look back at her like, wow, a total, total mess.


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It's a VPN we use go there today. Welcome to Dan Bongino. So how are you doing producing yours along. Ensure I know you're not used to that, but in your worst game voice we have to do the well, it's Friday. Last Friday we were up in a Attila's gym to go support those guys too. So I just got a online. If you ever watch the show, you get to see Joe actually doing it in person. All right.


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All right, let's go. All right, first, because it's Friday, we got to start with a little cringe because the DNC has been full Akridge and I get it, you know, it's the first time they've had to do this thing virtual online Zoome type of thing, whatever. It was still an epic disaster between the something's happening here thing, which was terrible if you saw it, you know what I mean? That singer who was doing that whole thing and he had like a cap on or something, I don't know if he's trying to be Batman or whatever.


The thing has been a nonstop cringe fest. This is by far. I will never watch Seinfeld the same way again. If this this is of all the cringe moments is the cringe is cringe moment of the cringe. And there have been a lot of cringe ones. Here's Julia Louis-Dreyfus. What was her name in Seinfeld? Elaine is Elaine Paul. I love SCIAF. I can't remember any Paula. Let's seen every episode. I haven't seen everyone, but I will never look at Elaine the same way again.


Here's Elaine from Seinfeld with Andrew Yang, who had run for president in Abraham, the Yangyang and all that stuff, the universal basic income guy. So here's a it's trying they're trying to do some kind of a toss and they're trying to make it funny. So Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who's supposed to be funny, trying to toss at the yang and this thing just descends into the cringe moment I think I've ever seen at a political convention up convention. And check this out.


It's Hey, Julia. Hi, Andrew. I'm so glad to see you. So what did you think about Kamala Harris speech last night? It was tremendous. I was so happy for her. I know. Me too. She's fabulous. I cannot wait to see her debate our current vice president, McAlpine's. Or is it pants? It's pronounced pontes, I believe. Oh, some kind of weird foreign name. Yeah, not very American sounding. Yeah, that's what people are saying strongly.


Well, thank you, Andrew. And please give my regards to the gang. I will write in the next room. Have a great night. Julia, thank you so much. Good evening, America.


Oh, so funny. Well, yeah, why the hell was that? So listen, for a Seinfeld reference.


They should have just yada, yada, yada. Oh, man, if just yada, yada, yada, yada, yada. Don't even. If you watch that, if you're watching us on YouTube, by the way, and you watch, it's even worse you like that can't possibly be. I'm listening on digital terrestrial radio, Apple podcast, whatever. The audio is embarrassing enough. Just watch the video. It's even worse. Next time, just yada, yada, yada, yada, and skip the whole thing.


Seinfeld fans get the joke.


All right, moving on. Joe Biden gave a speech last night. And, of course, you know, we get the. Political class, for some reason, eager to help out Joe Biden or cover for him, I just don't get it. The reviews are in. Even Republicans say it was it was a terrible speech. The guy couldn't get out of his own way. I'm telling you, Paula. Paula, looking at me, we're look at each other like what is going on here?


They couldn't even comb his hair, right? Go back and look at it over his right ear. He's got like Fuzzy's hanging out, like, get a scissor man. Cut the guy's hair. Holy Moses, it was the worst thing I've ever seen. The guy, by the way, the dude at the teleprompter. Because, you know, Joe can't talk off teleprompter, he can barely talk on teleprompter, but he can't talk off teleprompter either.


That dude at the teleprompter, I saw this on on Parler this morning. Remember the scene, an airplane, when the guy, the comedy movie airplane, when he's flying a plane, he's sweating all the guy and Bob must have been sweating. Someone probably had a rag and was wiping him. Darling, don't you if you dare shut the prompter off. So the guy I've been backstage is an agent. When they do this, the teleprompter guy is one of the toughest jobs you've got because Obama go off script a lot, so does Trump.


So you got to know you've got to pay attention the whole time, because once he goes back on the script, you've got to be like you've got to turn that dial and keep the prompter moving. I've been backstage and watched it. That guy must have been sweating. They must have had a he must have taken like a degree or dove antiperspirant and like done his forehead to make sure, like, the sweat didn't get his eyes.


Total mass. Total mess. Yeah, I'm just going to play one short clip, because here's Biden again and why they give this guy a pass on the it's all about character and decency front. Biden doesn't have any character. I'm really sorry to inform you, but here's Biden trying to hit on. It's all about character and decency. They're on the ballot. Well, I hope they are, because I'm not voting for you. Check this out.


Character isn't on the ballot. Compassion is on the ballot. Decency, science, democracy, they're all on the ballot. Who we are as a nation, what we stand for. Most importantly, who we want to be, that's all on the ballot. The choice could not be more clear, yeah, choice is pretty clear, Joe, if it's about character and decency and that choice is a new. So The Wall Street Journal has a good piece this morning showing all the times that Mr.


Character dreaded air quotes Joe Biden, captain character, you know him, Superman, the big Captain America shield both. But to say he's got the Vibranium Shield and the Superman Powers captain character Joe Biden, not so much Wall Street Journal piece that Joe Biden we know. What is his long political career? What does the 47 years tell us about how he how he'd govern? Let's go to a few screenshots here about captain character Joe Biden. So good.


So good speech was awful. Last about how many times Joe Biden's flip flopped on major issues. Let's undress Joe Biden here.


And I don't think that's a cringe worthy amount of me now. I mean, that's sundresses policy and immediate correction.


The Wall Street Journal quote, There's a reason for pessimism from the evidence of Joe Biden's long career. He's opposed taxpayer funding for abortion for four decades until he reversed himself last year. In the 1990s, he led the fight for a crime bill that he now disavows as he finds America guilty of systemic racism. Listen, it's about character, right? So he wants to put people in jail to clean up American cities until he doesn't want to put people in jail, let the criminals out, just to be clear.


Joe Biden doesn't support taxpayer funding for abortion until the liberals are going to ask, he said now either all character, at least Trump's promises he's fulfilled. Let's go to takeaway number two, Joe Biden, remember the whole Robert Bork confirmation hearing for us older folks out there? Bork was nominated to Supreme Court. Biden said he'd probably have to vote for him because of his qualifications than Teddy Kennedy launched a tirade against Bork and Mr Biden running the Judiciary Committee.


He fell right in line and Bork Roger Robert Bork and destroyed his nomination. Now we have Clarence Thomas was a great pick. But Bork was destroyed because by. The character guy character go to take away number three about by. Fire and rescue these. Biden supported the invasion of Iraq in 2002 while chairing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Then he flipped when most Democrats did. And as the fighting became difficult, then he opposed the Iraq surge, saying it would fail.


Then in 2011, he supported Barack Obama's withdrawal from Iraq. That set the stage for the rise of the Islamic State. He then opposed the raid on Osama bin Laden. Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue of our time, not according to me, but according to Bob Gates. I'll get to that in a little while to. Lobar character. Well, if it's about character, Joe Biden's been in Delaware for a long time, he's been a senator or some form of politician for forty seven years to run for president, about sixty two times.


Where is Joe Biden in Delaware, you think after 40 plus years, four decades plus people in Delaware would have at least seen him at some event here? Are there 40 years? A long time. Joe Biden's been in office two years longer than I've been alive. Oh, here's the great flex at Flex on social media who we love. And he's got a video they took in Delaware. Basically asking around, like, have you seen Joe Biden, everybody say, oh, yeah, we see him all the time.


That's not really what they said. Check this out.


Joe Biden doesn't do nothing here. I'm from I live on e t H Street, right across the street from the projects. And I've never seen Joe Biden a day in my life never to come to Delaware and do anything. It's lies. It's all I've got is he got four years, Donald being on for four years, clean up their mess for over a hundred hundreds of years. It's not his fault. This is their politicians. This is the change.


Donald Trump is the change for us. Right. And what they need to know.


I love, by the way, that gentleman happens to be black, which is irrelevant to conservatives that don't judge people by the melanin component of their skin, but matters a whole lot to liberals where it's everything. Now, listen, because he hasn't seen Joe Biden is not necessarily a full indictment, to be fair. But interesting that this Delaware resident, again, who happens to be black, remember, that only matters to liberals because that determines everything. If you're a liberal, it means nothing if you're a conservative, because we care about who you are, not the melanin component of your skin.


I know that's hard for liberals. Get your arms around, but that's not the way we think that matters to them. And it's interesting, this guy is he so he doesn't seem to have any love for Joe Biden at all. Never seen him. Never done a darn thing for Delaware. His words, not not mine. Biden, a train wreck, he's an incompetent train wreck who has enriched his family with shady deals with foreign governments who are enemies of the United States, and then on a point man, the point man for the Obama administration on Ukraine had a prosecutor fired who was investigating the company his son worked for for these shady deals.


He has flip flop. He has lied. He is a known plagiarist. And worst part of all is all of that stuff's not going to matter because he doesn't even remember any of it, because he's losing his cognitive capabilities to even determine where he is every day. Yet the media continues to cover for him. I saw it last night. Biden got up and. Knocked it out of the park. No, it was a mess. Just because Biden didn't collapse, thankfully, in the middle of the speech does not make it some kind of transformative moment in the nation's body politic.


It was a terrible speech delivered in a terrible, awful tone, he could barely keep up with the prompter. This is an amazing montage. It's worth your time. This is from our friends at the Media Research Center, News Busters, who, as they have really terrific content. This montage on their sites, about two minutes, we cut out about 10, 20 seconds for the sake of time for the show. This is a devastating montage of all of Biden's atrocious gaffes from his racial gaffes.


To his documented lies, and I want you to listen to the media afterwards, covering every single time Joe Biden has screwed up massively. Check this out.


First, mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright, clean, nice looking guy. I mean, that's a story. There is a part of Biden that feels more Reagan esque. That way you're like, oh, it's grandpa, it's Uncle Joe.


We're kids. You're just as bright and just as talented white kids. Those oh, that Joe moments are part of his political charm. I'm beginning to see why your wife left you. So much of what is appealing about him to a lot of voters is the fact that he's authentic. I got hairy legs. The fact that he doesn't always seem scripted. The kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down your arm for a change.


This is not OK. All right.


Joe Biden yesterday just showed the other side of his humanity, and that is he's a fighter.


All right.


Some people see that as charming, a candidate who's willing to air it out face to face with guy. This is going to be a net plus for Joe Biden, Ashton Carter, Joe Biden, the vice president, was swearing him in to be defense secretary. He waved his wife over and little hands on treatment from the vice president. Everybody knows he's a touchy feely guy and he's just very friendly. He is. He was reportedly comforting her after she fell on ice is love.


Cohen said Maggie was not uncomfortable at all. You're going to put you all back in chains. He's making an historic reference he may not have been right to do, but it certainly wasn't malignant. I'm not even sure it had any anything to do with race.


Play the radio, make sure the television excuse me. Make sure you have the record player on the phone. Still, he is a master of the quick recovery. Make sure that kids hear words. These qualities are almost endearing to voters. We choose truth over facts.


They find him more believable because he makes missteps every so often. All right, Jack, thank you very much. All right.


It's crass, but anyway, I ended that there. That goes on for like 30 seconds. But I ended it there. By the way, when Joe's doing the touchy feely, super creepy thing he does, Paul is sitting there and about watching her. And she's like, oh, it's just gross. It's just so uncomfortable. It's just listen, just a word of advice to Joe. So you just keep your mouth to yourself. Just stop touching people.


It's weird. Stopped sniffing. People stop sniffing their hair. What do you what dog stopped sniffing people. It's weird. It's creepy. I'm sorry. It's super creepy. Stop with the kids and the rubs and it just stop. I'm not messing with you. Paul was like er. Just stop. I got more on Biden. There's a really, really good piece out of just the news. John Solomon said to be up on my shoulder saying, please read it.


Bongino dotcom newsletter, if you want to subscribe to the US, is worth your time. Joe Biden's lengthy history of fabrication, plagiarism and racial controversy, Biden claim he's a character guy, decent guy, Uncle Joe, the screen kid is like an immigrant kid. Notre Dame fighting guy to Scranton kid. He's a liar, he's a plagiarist. The man has no character, he's enriched his family at your expense, using power given to him by voters character.


Ladies and gentlemen, I get it, the whole respect your elders thing. But you're not supposed to respect your elders when your elders are doing things that are going to destroy the country. The man has shown no evidence of character of this Solomon piece, I wrote down some of the things he addresses in the Solomon piece. Remember Biden? I finished at the top of my class in law school. He finishes the bottom of his class. Seventy six out of eighty five.


Liar. Oh, Dan, that's one thing. Oh, no, there's more. He admitted plagiarizing in law school. Later got caught plagiarizing a speech from Neil Kinnock. A very famous speech thinking nobody would catch him. He's a noted plagiarist, even his website in the campaign plagiarized things on the Green New Deal. He told people he marched in the civil rights movement. He didn't. He told people he was shot at in Iraq, he wasn't he told people he was arrested in South Africa trying to see Mandela.


He wasn't. He's a liar. He's a liar. It's not one little white lie. These are big things. Listen to me. Everybody lies. I wish we didn't, but we're human. We're all sinners. Everybody lies. People lie about things. I man, I got there five minutes early. Where were you? Meanwhile, you showed up late and the guy missed you, right? Who lies about marching in the civil rights movement? I was there, folks, I was there.


Dan Bongino marched in the civil rights. No, he didn't. I wasn't there. That's a big thing to lie about. That's a huge thing. I was shot at in Iraq. You think people who were legitimately shot at in Iraq may get offended that you lied about it? I know. Why would. I was shot at in Iraq, I was in Afghanistan, I was legitimate, I wasn't shot at running around telling people I was shot at.


Who shot it in Afghanistan? I wasn't, but let me tell you, the people who we were there with, these brave military men and women, many of them have been shot at. You were arrested trying to see Nelson Mandela, kind of a big fudge, no way to fudge that one. He wasn't arrested. We stopped at the airport. Yeah, it's called customs or whatever. You never seen that before. It gets worse with Biden, you seen this real clear article, if you haven't, it's up at the show notes today again.


But you know that consolation newsletter, it's an older article, but it's worth your time. Bob Gates, who was Obama's defense secretary, by the way, stands by his statement that Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy question, May 13, 20, 19. Tim Haynes, Real Clear Politics, want the exact quote. It was Obama's defense secretary, he'd worked for Republicans, too, to be clear, but this is Bob Gates.


They ask him, they're questioning. They say, hey, he's talking about Biden. He's a man of integrity and capable of hiding what he really thinks, and one of those rare people could turn for help in a personal crisis. Still, I think he's been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades. This is a question she says, would that be an effective commander in chief? She's she's quoting what Bob Gates has said in the past.


Gates responds, I don't know. But I think I stand by that statement. He and I agreed on some key issues in the Obama administration. We disagreed significantly on Afghanistan and other issues. I think that the vice president had some issues with the military. So how we'd get along with the senior military and what relationship? I just think it would depend on the personalities at the time. So he agrees with the statement that Obama has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy issue in the last few decades.


This is Obama's guy, Gates. Folks, the apocalypse coming if this guy is elected by I really I I'm genuinely fearful about what will happen. These are some of the supporters he has, by the way, this is a video from Ashley St. Clair does some work, I believe, of four turning points would be good video on her Twitter feed. Check this out. This is our two rallies, a bunch of Trump supporters and this one Biden guy walking by with a sign there's a whole boatload.


And there's something interesting on the genesis that speaks for itself.


We're glad you're here. Support our. Oh, oh, oh, oh oh.


So there's hundreds of Trump supporters and one Biden guy who's carrying a sign, the sign says, Donald Trump, you're fired. Y o u r. Maybe spell check doesn't work for science. You're the guy, by the way, rewind that, listen to it again. You're the guy goes, we have a blind spot here, has to learn to spell you here. And now you'll go back and you'll hear it. It's kind of funny. All right.


One last segment. So I want to move. I got a lot more to talk about, but it is a major news event, even though it was a disaster. And I just want to correct the spin out there. The spin you're going to hear today is like, oh, Biden got up and did what he had to do. He did not. It was a disaster. And I'm saying that as objectively as possible, the speech was a mess.


Not every speech Donald Trump gives is great either that every speech Obama or Bush or Abraham Lincoln gave was a knockout. Last night was a disaster. One last article, Washington Examiner, but an important one. You know, here's the article I'm talking about, David Drucker. He writes on David. He's citing other Republicans. Republicans concede Biden did not look mentally unfit. No, no. Again, this is Drucker citing one of the Republicans. I don't know why Republicans are doing this.


You saw what I saw. He didn't look mentally unfit. Did you watch the same speech? Listen, I wanted to get Paul on the show today. I want to seriously what he I don't know what you guys think of the idea. You can email us, but I want him to, like, pull up a guest seat because she had, like, the best analysis, let's say her analysis. Was it. She looked at me like, what is going on here, and I'm like, you need to because I'm obviously a partisan.


She's sitting there and I'm obviously a partisan. I try to be objective, but it's hard. She's not as partisan as I am and can view things from a non-political lens because it's not her life like it is mine. And she looked at me like, this is really awful. Am I good? You need to do the show tomorrow. We'll turn the segment over them. What do you have? We'll do a policy segment once a week. I would be great, said Rabbi.


Come on, it'll be great.


It was terrible. I'm really sorry. It was awful. All right, moving on to. You know, before we get there, let me get to my second sponsor, California, rapidly descending into North Korea. You ever see those satellite pictures of North Korea where the lights are out at night? They could show you satellite pictures of North Korea. California, you wouldn't even know the difference if you didn't have a map in front of you. Unbelievable folks today show.


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Dan Bongino go today.


So California continues to descend into North Korean like madness. Folks, when are you going to get when are you gonna have enough there? When are you going to have enough? I love California. I do going out there for soon for something. I love California. I like it, I eat it this Azabal place. I know it's fufu and everything, but it's good. As I get older, I sadly, I'm losing my edge and I'm into like fufu stuff now, like I said, bulls, ordinarily I just eat a bowl of Cheerios, but there's my favorite I I'm not going to tell you where because liberals are burn it down and I don't want them to do that.


You know, tolerant liberals, they'll show up and probably kerosine the whole place. So I'm not allowed to tell you where it is, but it's really good. I like California, there's a lot of conservatives there, but the liberals are in charge, monopolistic, they run the whole state. So now we have rolling blackouts. Tonight, California is descending into complete madness. Tianna Low, Washington Examiner. Rolling blackouts, no uber businesses flee. California's Democrats dream for America.


Yes, yes, it is turning into a socialist utopia and a real world hell.


Sadly. Folks, what happened? Well, not only is California turning out the electricity at night, you know, people need oxygen and things like that, people on separate machines and otherwise people need refrigeration for their insulin.


You have no power like, you know, the third world, like Haiti after the earthquake. That's California. One of the richest states in the country. It would take an idiot to screw up California, and that's what you elected, sadly, a lot of idiots the Democrats at. Conservatives didn't elect these dopes. Not only is California subjected to North Korea style blackouts, and I'm telling you, it's one of those satellite photos you see North Korea that's dark all the time.


They have no power. And let's see California, which is dark, two parts of it.


Well, California decided be a good idea to drive Cooper out to, you know, that EB five Auto Assembly Bill five. So they don't like Uber, of course, because they're in the pockets of unions, that's what big government liberal politicians do. They get paid off by unions. So they're in the pockets and they don't like Uber because Uber is not unionized. So what do they do? They passed a bill that said, you know what, you're going to have to classify these Uber drivers as employees.


They're not employees. They're contractors. They're the very definition of contractors. So what happened? AB five was written in such a broad, awful fashion that they started not only putting Uber out of business, which was forced to close down, but was saved last night by a state, by a judge. Uber was going to shut down this week in California. I don't know if you missed this or not. That's a huge story. They were granted a stay by a judge, but there's a strong potential that by the end of the week or next week, Uber will be gone from California and Lyft do.


All you kids that like Uber and Lyft and found a way to get around on the super cheap supercheap, thank you. California liberal socialism is a great. Creating scarcity out of abundance, socialism every single time. So what happened? The law was written in such a broad fashion in California to attack independent contractors that the backlash was severe. Eventually, people who write for journalism outlets who weren't full time employees but would submit articles they got fired to. Who else got fired, independent artists, musicians and such.


Some of the people who vote for Democrats where I still can't figure that out. Why? Because they'd show up in a gig economy. They'd show up at a club and do a gig. They're not an employee of the club and not a bartender or not a bouncer and not a waiter or a server or a runner. They're just a gig that shows up to perform their gig in the gig economy. Well, they got into. Huesca can. A bunch of Uber and Lyft drivers, again, who could not be classified as full time employees, many who happen to be younger, working in a gig economy and would happen to vote for Democrats.


Look at this piece by Danylo. California's power is not as carbon efficient, as clean nuclear energy, nor is it as cheap as traditional mass fossil fuels. If you're looking to drink your problems away, though, at our favorite dive bar, because you have no power, of course. Well, too bad Governor Newsom shut the indoor dining room. Still, this is his socialist utopia they live in. If you want to sit on a patio, you have to seek out the establishments that survive the state shut down soon enough.


You might be better off just bingeing in your basement as the California machine is mobilized to abolish the ride sharing apps that revolutionized the state. So you can't even get away from your home using a ride share app and go visit your friends because there aren't going to be any. I was trying to take a note of some of the special things California has shown us in the United States through their model of socialism and Democrat monopolies. So we have rolling blackouts.


Shuttered restaurants, evacuating businesses, confiscatory taxes. Rampant homelessness. Defecation maps in San Francisco, so you can avoid defecation. Not a joke, wish it was not a joke. Defecation maps don't go here. You can avoid the defecation in the streets. And we have revolutionary ride sharing apps being shut down so you can go back to the old model of getting around. Your two dogs. Good luck with that. Hope you're having fun. Nice job.


How do we deal with these idiots? All right, here's kind of an interesting article about the live meltdown have in Washington Examiner. Liberals are melting down because Trump did the greatest troll of all time with the media. What did he do? He bought the masthead of The Washington Post. Did you see this? Did you catch this one? Watch The Examiner. Emotional breakdowns after Trump ads appear on The Washington Post website. Beckert Adams, Washington Examiner.


What happened?


This is great. The Trump team. But an ad in The Washington Post masthead, so when you went to their website, it auto played, ladies and gentlemen, liberals went into a Tier one full level apocalyptic meltdown. They couldn't take it that they went to their home base. The Washington Post. And when they went there, the masthead was dominated by the Trump campaign. And look at some of these tweets. Here's Jeff Jarvis. Here's that blue checkmark lib.


No Washington Post. No, no, no. How dare you wear these pieces of silver worth the price of your soul. And it's this screenshot the masthead, the messed up with the Trump article. Joe Biden, radical leftist. Here's another woman, Anita Zerlina, losing her mind. It's way worse when you are not logged in. It opens up to an auto play, full page video interstitial that only has a tiny scroll to Washington Post footer genius move.


Nobody trolls the left better than the Trump campaign. Nobody genius. All right, just a little bit of light humor until we get onto some serious stuff. All right. I'm going into my third sponsor, but I've got an email I got from a fire department, New York City official. I'm obviously not going to say who rank or anything like that. But it's fascinating what's going on there. Make it quick, but it's worth your time. Stay tuned.


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What's going on here is really, really awful. Again, this is the reason I'm putting this after the California story is because New York is not far, far behind California in enacting a socialist utopia and a real world hell. So Mayor de Blasio easily the worst mayor in the history of New York City, one of the worst in the history of the country, I might add, has spent this city into absolute bankruptcy. They're running out of money and they're running out of money fast because the Blasio wants a socialist paradise.


He's been spending money on failed social programs, his wife's pet projects. I have an article up on He has spent the taxpayer base money of New York City into oblivion. And they are, ladies and gentlemen, they are running out of money. They can't print it. There's no New York City currency. There's only Federal Reserve notes, whereas the federal government, through their Federal Reserve, can print its way out of a disaster and create another disaster.


As a result, New York City doesn't have it. They don't have the money. There's no money. So this person sent me an email and in the email he said that New York City's threatening massed emotions of fire department officials, the closure of firehouses. The temporary brownout at night of other firehouses may be upwards of 20 firehouses closing. And that they're doing it as a worst case scenario to extort the federal government, to bail out New York City.


Ladies and gentlemen, think about this, if you live in one of these neighborhoods and there's a fire or medical emergency and you don't have that firehouse close by and they shut that down. These are literally life and death decisions being made because Bill de Blasio, Bill de Blasio is trying to extort the federal government out of more money. Instead of sitting down with the books, however ugly they may be in New York and prioritizing and triaging your needs like any business would have to do right now.


Government is not a business that's the problem. Thank you. Sitting down and saying, what do we have and what do we need, the Blasio doesn't want to do in. So they're threatening to shut down emergency services in your neighborhood. No question these are emergency services that some joke. This is the real deal, they're threatening to do it, hoping to turn the public against the federal government because de Blasio can't manage his money. This is really happening right now.


To the. Wonderful human being who sent me that email, keep me updated, because I'm going to follow this story. You'd rather see people die in their houses burned down because you're trying to make a political statement against Donald Trump and you can't manage your taxpayer base pretty gross, but again, indicative of where the left is right now. All right. This is the debunking part of the show. Oh, gosh, man, I so much stuff.


I hate Fridays sometimes because I have so much stuff I want to get in and I just. It's very frustrating. So some of you heard about the story yesterday on the show about Steve Bannon, former adviser to President Trump, who was arrested on charges, still allegations again that they defrauded people. Through this, we build we build the wall. Remember that it was a private entity that did it go fund me to raise money to build sections of the wall near allegations.


We'll see how it pans out against Bannon. Read the indictment. I've worked fraud cases a lot. It doesn't look good. But again, leave it to the left to pile on and the left to make a ridiculous, far fetched, otherworldly conspiracy theories to pile on. So you remember this, do you remember was it a couple of months ago, the Southern District of New York, the United States attorney, the one who prosecuted the lead prosecutor for all the cases?


That's where Banin that's where he's being prosecuted in the FDNY, the southern district of New York. You remember a couple of months ago, the United States attorney there, Berman, was fired, was asked to leave by Bill Bar. Remember, he made a big stink about it. I'm not leaving and Baqi back. I said, oh, you're leaving. Remember that one? So, of course, Democrats who love conspiracy theories are trying to connect the two and said, oh, wait, wait, we got it now.


We got it. This is why Berman was fired, Joe, because he was looking into Ben and and, of course, you know, liberals who never, ever do their homework ever, of course, started tweeting it out and putting it on Facebook and elsewhere. This isn't a conspiracy theory. This is after the hoax and the post office hoax, which is getting dismantled right now. By the way, as Louie The Joy is up in Congress, the postmaster general just shredding every dopey Democrat conspiracy theory.


The problem is Berman was already asked about this if he was fired because of any pending case. So you would think the Democrats conspiracy theory that Berman was fired because they knew Bannon was going to be arrested, that Berman would be the one to say that, hey, I think I'm being fired because we're looking at the Trump people. Did he say that? Well, of course he did. And we have the actual testimony had tipped the oversight committee.


You tweeted this out in their account. Here's what Berman actually said when he was can. Berman testified the attorney general did not mention any specific witnesses, defendants or cases, his reasons for why he was being asked to resign as the US attorney. Here's the question they asked him. Did the attorney general, did the attorney general did not raise any pending cases with you, did he, Berman? No. Another question, was there any discussion of any particular witness that was appearing before the Southern District, whether it was in the Eppstein case or anything like that?


There was no discussion of any witness. OK, can we debunk that one bedcovers? Can we put that baby to bed? Of course we can't because Democrats don't do facts. But again, as a listener reminded me yesterday and thank you for the really kind of email she said then sometimes you have to remind people when you're pointing out all the media malfeasance and the blue checkmark, liberal brigade's nonsense and conspiracy theories. Sometimes you have to remind them about why you are here.


And she said in caps at the end, because you can find the truth here. Thank you. I forget that sometimes. I appreciate that that email meant a lot to me. You're right, sometimes I deal with a smash, these media, people's dopey conspiracies, conspiracy theories, I forget to remind you. You're not wasting your time. You can always find the truth here, so when you hear that silly conspiracy theory out from your liberal friends, if they were trying to cover up for Banan, you could say really?


Because Bermann, the guy who was fired, didn't actually say that when they asked him. All right, let me get to my final sponsor and I got a couple more stories we're getting to no matter what, and a look at two pages of Today Show also sponsored by a friend. And he likes he likes you know, I love you, ladies and gentlemen, because I sleep on it every single night. He'll sleep, makes personalized mattresses for you right here in America.


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You won't regret it. Really good. All right.


So again, in the media malfeasance department, it's incredible. We have had how many convictions exactly have we had of the Trump family, the Trump team, Trump White House members, Trump campaign team members. How many convictions and arrests have we had for Russian collusion?


Hold on, John. Let me think about this going through this tough way now in my Melen. So I know it's tough. I'm not going to give you my answer and tell me if you think I'm right about it's a big zero, a donut.


These are my griper thingies. I do before the show. These are pretty good, by the way. Not not a sponsor, by the way, but these are really good. And then they have the gripper thingy like this where you can, like, expand. So you get the back side of your forms. But that's a big donut. A zero. Yeah. We've had no people arrested. Joe, have you do you remember? I think just checking.


Let me probe that melody, OK. Yeah, right. Thank you very much. Just checking. Paul, if we had any Paul, I would just get to Paul shaking our head. No, we have had exactly zero arrests of the Trump team members or anyone associated with Trump at all for collusion. We have, however, had multiple FBI firings. We have had charges levied against people and now we have the first guilty plea of an FBI employee for lying about the spying operation on Trump, lying about an official piece of evidence to spy on Trump.


Washington Examiner FBI lawyer Kevin Kleinsmith pleads guilty in Durham investigation. Why do I bring that up, because you're not hearing about it anywhere in the media, because the media has chosen to sideline the story after three years of relentless promotion of the tape hoax for years now you've heard nothing, right? No arrests, zero for collusion yet we have had arrests and now guilty pleas for FBI spying on President Trump and the manipulation of evidence. Fascinating, isn't it?


Here's another story that's getting sidelined to that you haven't heard about that's pretty darn big. The Daily Caller, Chuck Ross, who's really done some spectacular work, huge Hattab, I don't know, Chuck never met him, but his work has really been on Spygate. Incredible. Ex State Department official destroyed records at the request of Christopher Steele, you heard about this one in the mainstream media, right? Remember this one the other night? I know you haven't.


Of course you haven't. You heard about it here? Because as that listener reminded me, here's where you get the truth. So this just came out recently. What a State Department official was destroying email quote from Jack Ross's piece. A former State Department official told the Senate Intel Committee he destroyed records in January of 2017 at the request of former British spy Christopher Steele, according to a report released on Tuesday. Really? Wow, that's interesting. I'm sure we've heard that everywhere.


Fascinating when he did that. Can you go back to that clip a minute? So Jonathan Winer, who we know is dealing with Clinton surrogates, and Christopher Steele, who put together the hoax dossier, remember him, Steele, that Christopher Steele asked him to destroy records in January of twenty seventeen? You would think that would be a big story, no. A State Department official is dealing with a former British spy working for Team Hillary to put together a dossier we know is fake.


The State Department official is working with that former spy working for Hillary was asked by that former spy to destroy records in January of 2017. You would think that would be a huge revelation if you haven't heard much about it. I wonder why. Well, what happened in. On January excuse me, go back to The Daily Caller, please, it's really important I want to make sure we are absolutely precise on this because I want you have you get this is going to spin your wheels big time.


Jan, I think I said July, he destroyed records in January of twenty seventeen, remember that? What happened in January of 2017 that a State Department official was asked to destroy records? Remember that Oval Office meeting? The Oval Office meeting on January 5th of twenty seventeen in the last days of the Obama administration. Where Obama is telling the FBI to get the right people to investigate the Trump team, where Joe Biden proposes targeting Flynn for the Logan Act. That was the interview Susan Rice memorialized in that dreaded January 20th email, that ridiculous, absurd email.


We're going to do everything by the book email. Remember that? Well, you know, it's really interesting that right after that meeting, it appears in January of 2017, that a whole bunch of records seemed to disappear, including Jonathan Weiner's. You know who else is records disappeared in January of 2017, right around that time, Obama is telling the FBI to get the right people to investigate the Trump team. Oh, Christopher Steeles to. Isn't this interesting, here is Christopher Steeles on the record testimony in the United Kingdom court, they ask him about his records.


He says, quote, I have no record of it. They ask him, you have no record of anything, have you? I haven't gotten any records relating to the creation of a 112. He's talking about report 112. They say, well, what about any other man, Miranda? No, they were white in early January 2017. So no one in the media finds that even a little bit odd that Obama has this infamous January 5th twenty seventeen meeting, that Susan Rice feels the need to write a CIA email about later in that meeting with Comey, the Intel officials, Sally Yates and others, where Obama says get the right people to investigate Trump.


After that meeting, records start getting destroyed at the State Department, Christopher Steele and elsewhere. And nobody in the media finds this story even remotely interesting. I bring that up in light of the Washington Examiner story about the FBI lawyer who has now pled guilty. For manipulating evidence in the case. Because I think the FBI lawyers, just a small piece of a huge evidence, destruction and manipulation scheme, we haven't even scratched the surface on yet. But again, you'll hear none of that in the mainstream media if you're not watching this show, you missed the story entirely.


Mainstream media right over their heads, intentionally every single time. We're doing good here. We're doing good. All right, you're home for the truth, right? Right here, I promise you that my pledge. Folks, if the coronavirus switching gears here, if the coronavirus starts to become a significant, significant danger to your kid or your kid becomes a significant danger to you as some kind of a super spreader, bring it home. I promise you'll hear it here first.


I have no agenda. I'm not looking to get teachers hurt, school administrators, janitors, principals, I'm not looking to get kids hurt. I have no political point here whatsoever. I want the kids in school. I want the kids in school if it's safe. But ladies and gentlemen, you are being subjected to a 24 hour hate machine to keep your kids out of school for one reason and one reason only the teachers unions are screwing you over because they want more money.


They don't give a damn about health. Ladies and gentlemen, not knocking the teachers, knocking the unions. Great article in yesterday's show, notes I covered today's birthday behind these stories with this one was just we were loaded yesterday, Reason magazine by the great Corrie DeAngelis school reopenings linked to union influence in politics, not safety. So Corey did a pretty exhaustive analysis here of where schools were opening for in-person instruction and where they were, and they found an awfully strong correlation between you would think, right, if it's to.


Let's roll. Let's rewind the tape a little bit, you would think, if you're believing the teachers unions, right, Joe, the teachers union statement is we're not open the schools because it's all about safety and health and local outbreaks and all that stuff. So you would think if that's correct, a fair analysis would be, well, where this significant outbreak of coronavirus, you would see more school closings. Yeah. And when there's not a significant outbreak, you would see more school schools reopening it.


Just simple correlation. And it's about safety. Big outbreak, schools closed, not a big outbreak. Schools open. That correlation doesn't exist at all. No. But there is a correlation that does exist. It's between school closings and the strength of the teachers union in that area. We're crazy how that happens. And oddly enough, even when you control for the outbreak and the level of infection, I don't yet know how you get to school. Here it is.


Quote from the post. Like, I don't have a screenshot. Now, we got a screenshot, Yevgeniy, some of them here from the piece. In theory, school districts in unionized states could be more likely to go fully online this fall simply because they might be in areas more covid cases and risk. Yeah, it makes sense in theory. Right. But but. The data generally do not support that theory, the relationship between unionization and reopening decisions remains substantively and statistically significant, even after controlling for school district size and coronavirus deaths per capita in the county.


In other words, ladies and gentlemen, if you have a strong teachers union, your schools ain't opening up. It doesn't have a darn thing to do with coronavirus. Safety is all about safety. Kids are super spreaders, not true. Now, the teachers unions have engaged in the worst P.R. strategy in the history of humankind. Look at this Breitbart article as well. So somehow teachers in Arizona thought it would be a good idea to go on strike, go on strike.


I'd like to see that if farmers and food workers did that, too, we'd all starve to death. But because the teachers union said it's OK, we're supposed to just say everyone else has to take a risk. But no, not you, even though the risk is substantially lower when you're around kids. Arizona teachers stage sickout, forcing the school districts to cancel reopening. This is really great teachers unions. You guys are really knocking it out of the park and your strategy is a great idea.


Let's piss off fifty one percent of the country. Nice work. Now, you may say, oh, come on, then no one's really going to hold it against the teachers union. Well, you'd be wrong. PJ Media has a really good piece on this. Teachers unions falling out of favor with Americans. Is it any wonder? Stacy Lennox, PJ Media. Teachers unions approval ratings have dropped dramatically since they started this year, they're down in the 30 percent range now.


Well. Nice job, you can be down there with the media, so. Again, not a knock on teachers, but maybe it's time to pick new leadership. Now, what have I told you repeatedly, because we do science here, this is your home for the truth. I've told you that the evidence, the science which can change science, is a series of testable hypotheses, some of them change. Sometimes new information changes what you can test them, what your hypothesis is.


But the evidence to this point has been that kids are at very low risk for a severe. Severe outbreak of symptoms, if they're infected with coronavirus and they are at very low risk of spreading it. As if on cue, Joe, as schools start opening, we get this report and it's from Harvard, Harvard. Oh my gosh, kids are going to be mega super spreaders. Again, this was the media pitch. Here's the actual study. And here's the headline from the Harvard Gazette.


Children's role in the spread of fire is bigger than thought. Oh, no. Everything we told you on the show was wrong. Here we go again. Sub headline study found extremely high levels of sars-cov-2 in Children's Airways. This thing was everywhere because, again, the media does histeria, not the truth. You read the study and it's a Harvard Gazette's covering some Massachusetts General Hospital study associate with Harvard. This has got to be real, right? Dan's been lying to us the whole time.


No, it's a real study. Let's see what the study actually said. In a study of one hundred ninety two children ages zero to 20 to. Can you come back? Joe, how will this little Joe I think it's 20 to now, yeah. What do you consider having your young child? He's a Marine, he's a Marine, he's leathered. Semper Fi Marine. I'm pretty. I'm reasonably he was a man four years ago.


Oh, my gosh. My daughter's 16. She's not my young child, OK? Oh, my gosh. I can't take it to stupid. I'm sorry. I don't mean to move away from the mic, but I'm literally like my eyes are getting red if you're watching on YouTube because this is like the comedy hour of stupid. You're studying children zero to 20 to. Maybe you want to, like, lock that down to like zero to eight or so, you think kids who are zero and adults who are twenty two might be a little different.


Just a tad bit. Well, what else was in the report that the media is hyping now, kids are super spreaders, massive viral loads are going to kill us all, shut the schools down, give the teachers unions more money. What else was in the report, by the way? Big hat tip to Phil Kerpen on Twitter, who's been following this better than anyone in the business. That's where I got this from. Quote from that report.


Transmissibility was not assessed in this study. Oh, it wasn't, huh, that's not what I heard from the media. I heard that kids are super spreaders now. We all got a panic. Hunker down, Joe, hide in your room under the blankets, wear a full face mask with a plastic thing over your face and a full bio contamination suit. Ready, Dan, we're ready. Don't leave your house no matter. Get a full respirator and a gas mask.


Let me read that again, transmissibility was not assessed in this study for liberals society, that means they weren't studying how you can transmit it, just the viral loads in the twenty two year old kids. Another part of the study. In order to make it seem again that the viral load in children was substantially higher than it is in adults. That was their conclusion. What did they study? They studied children air quotes, zero to 20 to. They study them on infection day zero to infection day two and compared them to adults at day seven plus.


Well, why would you do that? Well, you do that to get a hysterical headline about the viral load of children being substantially higher than adults. Of course, it is there at the beginning stages of an infection, zero to two, while the adults you studied were at seven plus when they're beating the thing down. I'm just asking why, why? Why did you do. You do that. Maybe to create a hysterical headline again, that.


Children's viral load, their super spreaders, they are, because that's not exactly what you study, transmissibility was not assessed in this study on these twenty two year old children, the preschool. Twenty two year olds. Now, you may say, because, again, the media is hyping this thing, you can't send the kids back to school super spreaders. Twenty two year old preschoolers are spreading this thing everywhere. Stop the insanity now. Shut the schools down.


Give us more money. You may say, gosh, at least they did this study unlike millions of kids who went back to school, right? How many kids exactly did they test that were asymptomatic but had a high viral load and tested positive for coronavirus millions? Hundred thousand, ten thousand five hundred, that's a decent sample size, right? Three, what then? Three thousand, No. Three, like one, two, three, three, there were three kids who were asymptomatically positive.


So just to be clear, because you'll hear about the Massachusetts general, that you'll hear about super spreaders. Twenty two year old preschoolers are killing everyone. They were not kids. Many of them were twenty two year olds. They didn't study transmission or how infectious it was. They studied viral loads and they compared it to adults who were already getting over the virus. And they found exactly three kids to study. Now, if you know anything about basic statistics, which most liberals don't, and media people definitely I mean, that's why they're in the media, because they're not smart.


I mean, you know, they have a real job otherwise. You'd go and you'd go and find a real study. A real study of like millions or hundreds of thousands or even thousands may say, you going to find one? Isn't there one? Yes, there already is one. The Sweden study. That's right. But this came to a non favorite narrative conclusion. So you have to hide this one. Here's the great Paula who found this study for us.


Residential context and covid-19 mortality amongst the elderly in Stockholm, a population based observational study of what is that one point eight million people? And they came to the conclusion that, quote, We found no additional impact of co residing with children, even though Swedish schools have remained open for children below age 16 throughout the pandemic. The result does not support hypothesis of children as a major transmitter of SARS covid to.


Come here for the truth. Watch the media and you'll be under the mistaken belief that your children, you're twenty two year old preschoolers are coming home with massive viral loads compared to people already over the disease, largely. And you'll believe they're sneezing and killing everyone in your house. None of that's actually true, of course. But it made for a cute narrative. Now you see why during yesterday's show we covered that Tucker Colebatch yesterday's show, we covered Tucker Carlson's monologue, where he talked about how if you live in a area populated by liberals and watch liberal media like CNN and MSNBC and you read The Washington Post, The New York Times, you live in a universe that doesn't exist, where 22 year old preschoolers are killing everyone and bringing home viruses from preschool, sneezing all over everyone.


And everyone's dying. That world doesn't exist, but you live in it. And that's why you know nothing and you're proud of it. The mass general study, you mean the one that didn't study transmission, yeah, that one infection transmission. You realized you read the report right now. Of course, you it you're in the media. You don't actually read. All right, one last story only I could wrap up, but I'm going to get through this, this Washington Examiner story was a good one yesterday, shown us was going to cover a quick but it's a good story on a Friday.


It was in yesterday shown us by Michael Barone, blue and red America differences could hurt Democrats. He makes a great point here. I mean, just sum it up this way on a on a Friday after a great week of listenership from you. You ever see that shirt? It's a joke. When I was at Six Flags Great Adventure once in New Jersey when I was a kid, I saw the shirt and I left my butt off. It's a joke.


But the beatings will continue until morale improves. The beatings will continue until morale. I thought that shirt was hilarious. Took me a minute to get it. I was young when I saw it and I was like, that doesn't make sense. I didn't get it was a joke. The point of Michael's article is a good one. He goes to a bunch of things. I'm just going to quickly to zip through a few of them here. But how Democrats are willing to destroy their own population of voting liberals who vote them in order to make a point known Trump.


He makes the point out they're willing to emulate the New York strategy coronavirus, although more people have died in New York per million than just about any red state in the country. How they're celebrating the response in these liberal states to mostly, mostly peaceful protests, despite these mostly peaceful protests, resulted in beatings, killings, mass burnings of buildings, looting on a mass scale. They're celebrating because they don't want to admit they screwed up. So they'd rather have you subjected to a coronavirus plan that gets you sick and have your businesses burned down and B, beat the snot that admit they're wrong because they want to own Trump.


They want to keep up with the lockdown's why, because Trump's against them, so they'll lock you down and bankrupt you. They want to follow the teacher's unions off the abess, destroying the educational opportunities of millions of minority Hispanic, white Asian students. Young women and men lives destroyed because the teachers unions told us so, but we got trumped anyway, we're going to lock it down. Twenty two year old preschooler's super spreaders keep him out of our schools.


And the last one in the piece he mentions, which is right. They will even shun potentially life saving medications and treatments or because Trump said they may work. You want to kill yourself and eliminate a potential treatment because Trump said it may work, do you realize what kind of sociopath you must be to do that? That's read that piece really good. All right, folks, thanks again. It's been a really great week. Really appreciate your support.


The show has been growing just that at near geometric scale these days. Thank you so much. Please share the show and please subscribe on Apple podcast, YouTube dotcom slash Bongino. We really appreciate it. The subscriptions are free, but it helps us get recognized as we move up the charts despite our tech overseers trying to keep our show suppressed. Thanks a lot. See you on Monday. Good day, sir.


You just heard Dan Bongino.