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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino. Folks, I got to tell you, I'm a little overwhelmed today starting the show, you know, a lot of times we laugh together and a lot of sarcasm, and I mean it. I'm a little overwhelmed today because I came up this, you know, and, gee, get here early, and I said to Tony about 2 hours, said, you know, I feel like my life's work. I mean, I mean it. My capstone project, my life, which was this entire spygate scandal, spying on operation attempted take down a trump just last night, is overflowed with emotion due to the amazing work of matt taibi, Alex Gutentag, and Michael schellenberg. Today's show is going to know. I get people say this a lot, but when I tell you today's show is the most important show I've ever done, I promise you, I'm not kidding. Let's get right to it. We got a lot to talk about. Today's show is sponsored by our friends at blackout coffee. Stop giving your money to woke companies. Don't care about you. Go to bongino.


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You just mix the beam's dream powder into hot water or milk and enjoy before bedtime. You want to try it? The beam's best selling dream powder. Get up to 40% off for a limited time when you go to Bongino and use code Bongino at checkout. Again, the website is shopbeam, Bongino and use code bongino for up to 40% off. It works. Give it a shot. Joe, you've been with me a long time, man. We've been doing a lot together with this story. It's Wednesday show. Yep. I needed that so I don't confuse anyone. Today, I'm going to do everyone a favor and I'm going to tell you the summary of what I'm about to tell you and then I'm going to go into the details. I say bluff a lot. Bottom line up front, folks. Every one of the stories and scandals I'm about to address in this next sentence or two, every one of them, it's all the same story. I have been telling you this for years. There is absolutely no difference between the Ukraine story going on now. The Mar a Lago raid, the effort to paper over the scandal with Fisa, the collusion hoax, spygate, the impeachment hoax, and the Biden documents scandal.


It is all the same thing. And it is this. They spied on Donald Trump and others, by the way. They spied on Donald Trump using foreign actors. One of those foreign actors who assisted in the plot to take down Donald Trump was the. Don't, don't you have to write it down? I'm going to get to all of this. I'm going to go through it piece by piece right here so you have the whole story up front. The ukrainian government was deeply involved in the effort to spy on and take down Donald Trump. The Ukrainians know about this. Joe Biden was knee deep in Ukraine in a business operation in Ukraine, while Barack Obama and his people were using Ukraine to spy on Donald Trump. The spying operation on Donald Trump. There are documents that Michael Schellenberger, Matt Taibi and Alex Gutentag say exist in a binder. It is something I heard about. They confirmed. I give them all the credit in the world, but we addressed it on the show. The raid on Mar a Lago was an effort to get rid of that intelligence, to go find it and make it go away. The FISA operation, the foreign intelligence surveillance court operation to spy on Donald Trump was the insurance policy, ladies and gentlemen.


It was nothing more than an effort to paper over what was a John Brennan, CIA Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama effort to spy on Donald Trump. The FISA operation was just nothing more than an effort to put paper behind it and give it the patina, the coating of morality and ethical behavior. It was a fake the whole time. The collusion scandal was nothing more than a fairy tale invented by Hillary Clinton and advanced by John Brennan and useful idiot Jim Comey. The spying operation on Donald Trump was nothing more than an effort to set him up with a push pull operation I described years ago where they kept pushing intel into the Trump team, fake intel, hoping they would suck it up so they could frame them for being involved with the Russians. The impeachment hoax on Donald Trump only happened after Donald Trump started asking questions about Ukraine and their role in both Hunter Biden and their role to keep him out of office. They impeached him for the phone call. The Biden documents scandal, the documents he was hiding were documents about Ukraine. Who was knee deep in the Spygate scandal. Folks, the global swamp.


The global swamp is freaking out right now. Again, I'm going to say their names again because they deserve a lot of credit. A lot of people are freaking out today. I said this. I said that, folks, pardon the language. Who gives a fuck? This is about uncovering the deep state. Do you really give a shit who gets the credit? Is this what this is a race, though? I said, who cares who said what? First, Taibi Schellenberger and Alex Gutentag have a Substack out. We're a new source. That, yes, confirms a lot of what we knew. But the source is new. They did it. I don't know who this source is. Was it my source, another source? I have no idea. But this is incredible. The global swamp right now is freaking out and the rats are jumping off the ship. Why? Because Donald Trump, after the Robert, her letter and the hit from Obama in that letter, Obama's team was absolutely involved in this takedown of Biden with that Robert, her letter that he's mentally incompetent. I'm sure of it. I'm sure whether her knows it or not, they realize Biden's done and that he is going to lose.


Everyone is freaking out because they know Trump is going to get back into office and declassify, finally all of this shit fire bureaucrats who get in the way because he doesn't have to worry about reelection or anything else. And they are freaking out. Laws were broken. People committed crimes. Oh, and look at this conveniently. This morning, a dear colleague letter goes out to members of the House. Oh, folks, what a coincidence. The House permanent select Committee on Intelligence has identified an urgent matter with regard to a destabilizing foreign military capability that should be known by all congressional policymakers. Wow. Emergency meeting, Joe, we better renew FISA and spying authority. We got some emergency information. Yeah, better the chances. Trust no one. They all hate you. Do you understand? Trust no one. Trust no one. They all hate you. You get what I'm telling you? You get what I'm telling you? Trust no one. Let me start with this 60 minutes clip here. How the media played a role in covering up the biggest scandal in political history. That the CIA has been basically stealing elections around the world and in the United States for years now.


And they got caught. Donald Trump knew this a long time ago. And I want you to watch these absolute life losers in the media try and shut them down. Watch this, Jim walk out of a.


Store and he's walking with an ice cream. And the question the media asks him, what kind of ice cream? What flavor ice cream do you have? And he's in the midst of a scandal.


He's not.


And he's taking. Course he is. It's the second biggest scandal. The biggest scandal was when they spied on my campaign. They spied on my campaign.


There's no real evidence of that.


Of course there is. It's all over the place, Leslie. They spied on my campaign and they got.


Can I say something? This is 60 minutes, and we can't put on things we can't verify.


Put it on because it's bad for Biden.


We can't put on things we can't verify.


Leslie, they spied on my campaign. Well, we can't verify it's been totally verified. No, just go down and get the papers. They spied on my campaign. They got caught.




And then they went much further than that, and they got caught. And you will see that, Leslie, and you know that. But you just don't want to put it on the.


As a matter of fact, I don't know, believe these garbage, these absolute garbage. Human beings in the media, folks, we have known this story for years. Forget about the credit. Forget about the credit. It doesn't matter. What matters is the deep state spied on Donald Trump and got caught and then tried to impeach him when he asked questions about it. And now all of a sudden, the Democrats that hated Ukraine and loved Russia forever, all of a sudden love Ukraine. Now that they know Ukraine's got the goodies on the spy operation, let's walk through it piece by piece, folks. You want to know how this worked? I'm not trying to sell you my book. I genuinely don't give a shit. I promise you. I don't care. Get it from the freaking library. Ask your library. I say library. Ask your neighbor to borrow it. I don't care. Ask Joe to borrow his copy. I need you to read this, like, today. It's called follow the money. Chapter three. Look what I did. I even used the Frank Faghazi head bookmark. In 2015, more than a year before Brennan left the CIA to become the most unhinged, never Trumper of the Obama administration, his agency was receiving intelligence about figures connected to Trump and known or suspected russian agents.


Page 44. And the Brennan chapter, Dan, that says, in 2015, this was going on. Yeah, it was. John Brennan who is on the COVID of the book, prominently displayed. It's right there. He's the ringmaster of all of this. Well, technically, Obama, I get that. But the tactical ringmaster, the battlefield general, who the president gave the orders to, was John Brennan. John Brennan was given instructions, very simply, take down Donald Trump and make him look like a foreign agent. Do you understand? And John Brennan dutifully replied, now, how did they do it? That's the interesting part. Now, you can read the whole book, but I've got another 50 minutes with you. I'm going to explain it to you right now in case you don't feel like reading it, because whether you buy it or not, that's up to you. But the footnotes in there are extensive. Ladies and gentlemen, my source referred to this early on as a information laundering operation. If I'm going to make up a story about guy, that guy's a bank robber, which he's not, but I feel like making up the story and getting the FBI to arrest him. I can go to the FBI and say, gee, robbed a bank.


They're going to say, do you have any evidence? I heard from a friend, the FBI is going to be like, well, when you get some evidence, come back. But what happens if five or six other people walk into the FBI office and go, hey, I know this guy. I think he robbed a bank, Joe, you think the FBI now is going to say, oh, shit, I think we got something. It's like five or six people, right? They're going to say, wow, I think we may have something. Here's the thing, folks. None of those five or six people, including me, produced any evidence. They all just walked in and said, hey, I think he just robbed a bank. That's exactly what this was. John Brennan. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama used what my source always called the pipes operation. They fed this information down different pipes, knowing that it would get to gullible idiots in the FBI who would then open up a case because why? Because they wanted to. They hated Donald Trump. All they needed was some poking and prodding. But, Dan, they never had any evidence. It doesn't matter. They just needed pipes.


The pipes were the prodding. Who were the pipes that Brennan flushed this information out? Pipe one, pipe two, pipe three. Where did those pipes end? The FBI, because they were the only ones that had the power to spy domestically on Donald Trump. The only ones. Who are the pipes? I'm going to go through them and then I'm going to produce the receipts because receipts matter. Please don't go anywhere. Please, I'm begging you on today's show, cancel whatever you were doing. Here are the pipes. One of them was the Democrat Senate up on Capitol Hill, led by Harry Reid. They flushed it down that pipe. I'll get to that in a second. The second was the Clinton campaign through Robie Mooc and Jake Sullivan. Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor. Now, same guy. The next pipe was Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shears. Sidney Blumenthal. You mean the Clinton, Sid vicious, the Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton Hitman? Yes. That guy. He was another pipe, the FBI pipe. Even though they were the end of it all, the FBI still had its own pipe. There was a DOJ pipe, Dunnelli and Bruce Orr. And there was also a fusion, a GPS pipe.


They worked for Hillary Clinton. The fusion GPS pipe is far more complicated than you understand, though. Hillary Clinton and their team did not hire Glenn Simpson. They did not hire Glenn Simpson to go and investigate russian collusion. You need to understand this, Chatster. Stop me immediately if this doesn't make sense, because if you don't understand this, you'll never understand this case. Hillary Clinton and her team hired fusion GPS not to gather information about Donald Trump with Russia, because it was all made up and they knew it. They hired them so they could be useful. Patsies. Fall guy. Because the CIA was firing on Glenn Simpson, too. Why? You hear what I just said? These intelligence agencies were spying on Glenn Simpson, too. Let me walk you through it. I'll give you an example, maybe to make sense again. I want to make up a story. That guy robbed a bank. He didn't rob a bank. I know that for a fact. So I hire Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPs. They do research, they do investigations. Private company, just like a PI, private investigator. I hire them to constantly poke and prod people around. Gee. But the people I send to Fusion GPs to interview already know that they're going to tell Fusion GPs that he robbed the bank even though he didn't.


Joe, are you following me? I send people to them. You're good. Fusion GPs. Interview this guy. He's got. Yeah. And then the CIA and intelligence agencies are listening in and reading the traffic of fusion gps as they're talking about information about, gee, robbing the bank they got from people that I hired. Let's go through the pipes one by one. In case you have any doubt, here's pipe number one. Judicial Watch sues the CIA for documents on dossier leak to Senator Harry Reid, Senate minority leader. Obviously a Democrat. Well, Democrat always, but he was the Senate minority leader at the time. Harry Reid, Democrat, reportedly believed then Obama CIA director John Brennan was feeding him information. Sounds like a pipe. About alleged links between the Trump campaign and the russian government in order to make public accusations. Let's go to another pipe here. Cue up that video, if you would, fellas, of Robbie Mook. Robbie Mook was the Clinton campaign manager. Robbie Mooc knew this information about guy robbing the bank and Trump colluding with the Russians was total bullshit, was absolutely made up out of whole cloth. There's nothing to it at all. But I want you to watch CNN play useful idiots, just like Leslie Stahl from 60 minutes.


When Robbie Mooc goes on CNN to say, hey, man, listen, the Russians, I don't know, hacking into a service, stealing information to help Donald Trump watch CNN just blissfully go along with it. Check this out. What's disturbing to us is that experts are telling us that russian state actors broke into the DNC, stole these emails. And other experts are now saying that the Russians are releasing these emails for the purpose of actually helping Donald Trump. I don't think it's coincidental that these emails were released on the eve of our convention. I want you to understand this is all coming from John Brennan, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. This is all made up. It's just being bullshit. Information being flushed down ten different toilets to wind up in the FBI sewage pond. Folks, my source, I'm going to tell you something, I'm going to get to the other pipes in a second, but I will never forget this conversation. My source said to me, dan, the end of all this was designed to be the FBI, so they would spy on Donald Trump so that the media could write reports about the FBI suspecting Donald Trump of collusion.


He said, you have to think of the FBI in this case like a mushroom farm. I said, what does that mean? He said, keep them in the dark and feed them shit. Pretty telling, folks. For as destructive as the FBI was in this case, and believe me, they hated Donald Trump. Jim Comey, I'm telling you, 100% got played by Brennan. Comey is a vicious, awful, anti Trump lunatic. But Comey to this day has never told you the true story about the mushroom farm. He is bitter to this day that they got fed a bunch of bullshit and hung out to dry. Oh, believe me, they wanted Trump out and they were going to do anything to open a case. Even a modicum of ethics would have stopped the FBI early on, and they had none. But I'm telling you, the ringleader of this was Brennan, Obama and Hillary Flushing shit down the pipe into the mushroom farm. I'm going to take a quick break and I'm going to get back to the other man. Like I said, my life's work today. I can't believe they got another source on this. Hey, it's time for you to be awake, not woke.


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That's bongino. Or use coupon code bongino. For 20% off your first order, make the switch to blackout coffee. You're going to love it. All right, back to the show. So we covered pipe one, flush it to Harry Reid. This moron in the Senate. Get them to say Trump colluded with the Russians. Flush it through the Clinton campaign. Robbie Mooc and Jake Sullivan. Here's another pipe they worked. You remember Sidney Blumenthal? Sidney Blumenthal was the Clinton hatchet man. Just look it up, folks. I don't have time to go in it today. You know it. If you follow politics. Sid Blumenthal, aka Sid vicious, is the Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton most prominent political ax murderer. He's a former reporter. He has a lot of connections in the media. Because the Clinton campaign had to detach itself from the origins of this. The Clinton campaign wanted you to believe that the FBI and CIA found evidence through foreigners of a Trump collusion thing, and they were just innocently putting it out. Do you understand that? The story's the exact opposite. The Clinton campaign made this whole thing up and fed it and laundered it through those other people.


And one of the channels to get it to the media was Sid vicious. Here, the Hill former Obama official confirms esteel Dossier was given to State Department in an op ed for the Washington Post titled Devin Nunes is investigating me, this former State Department official, Jonathan Weiner, says Christopher Steele and Sidney Blumenthal approached him with separate dossiers, claiming malfeasance between Trump and Russia. Sid vicious, baby laundered it through the media, laundered it through the state Department. And here's the kick in the balls from this one. The dossier information in the Blumenthal dossier and the Steele dossier is almost exactly the same. Sound like a couple of pipes to me. You see what they're doing, right? Feed a bunch of bullshit information to the FBI downstream from 20 or 30 different people. And even though it's totally made up without a shred of evidence, eventually the FBI will believe it because so many people told them there was the FBI pipe as well. What? I just told you. The mushroom farm where Andy Weisman and others were feeding information to the FBI. Hey, man, I think we got something here. Russian collusion. We'll get to that part a little later.


There was a Department of justice pipe. They had to flush it through the Department of Justice, too. How did they do that? Fusion GPs hired Nelly Orr. Who was Nelly Orr? She was espoused to Bruce Orr, who was a higher up in the Justice Department, who conveniently wrote a bunch of high honey emails to the Department of Justice about russian collusion. The Hill John Solomon may 2019. Nelly Ore's high honey emails to DOJ about Russia collusion should alarm us all. And ladies and gentlemen, there was the fusion pipe, which I explained to you before how Hillary Clinton hired Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPs and Nellie Orr not to find evidence of Trump Russia collusion because there was none. They hired them to feed it to them so that the CIA could spy on Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPs and intelligence agencies and dig the information Hillary Clinton pushed into them so that they could pull it out and make it look legitimate. This is critical. You understand this. The Fusion GPS thing is a red herring. It always was. This was an information laundering operation. It was a push pull operation. Hillary pushed all of this out there.


Trump colluded with the Russians. Trump colluded with the Russians. The CIA then pulled it from various sources and then pushed it down the pipes. Here is the substac from Schellenberger, Taibi and Gutentag that just blows the doors off this thing. They apparently have a new source. I don't know who this source is. Can only tell you who my source was. And the information sounds a lot alike. I don't know if there's a political one, but hot tip to these guys for just knocking this shit out of the park. If you haven't read the substac, you should. It's on public. It's called CIA had foreign allies spy on the Trump team, triggering the russian collusion hoax, sources say. Here is the first screenshot from this piece that is just damning where it indicates the entire time. This was exactly what our original source said. They spied on Donald Trump, our CIA, and used foreign sources to do it. They note that until now, the official story has basically been the Papadopoulos thing. This australian guy downer heard Papadopoulos say this about Russians and Hillary Clinton's emails. That story's always been bullshit. Forget it. I told you that six years ago.


Gutentag, Taibi and Schellenberger note. In truth, the US intelligence community asked the Five Eyes intelligence alliance. So Australia, New Zealand, UK, the United States, and whoever. I'm missing the Five Eyes intelligence alliance. What's that? Canada. Sorry. To surveil Trump's associates and share the intelligence they acquired with us. Agencies say sources close to this investigation. Oh, yeah, it says right there. Sorry. That is exactly what happened. Ladies and gentlemen, how many times do I have to show you this piece at CNN, of all places, written in 2017, that exposed the entire operation? These guys added to the story, make no mistake. But this story is not new at all. They know that. They're suggesting the sourcing is new on it. April 2017, CNN british intelligence passed Trump's associates communications with Russians onto us counterparts. Folks, this article is still up there. Is this in the newsletter? Go to We're adding it. This is. Read this article. It's still there. British and other european intelligence agencies intercepted communications between Trump associates and russian officials and other russian individuals during the campaign and passed them to their us counterparts. It's right there. Now you're probably asking in the chat why the would CNN out the fact that the United States was using foreign intel to spy on a presidential candidate and a president?


Because, folks, back then, you got to understand the pipe the media is being fed from Brennan people and Blumenthal and others that this is real, that Trump is really colluding with the Russians. And did CNN reported on this and outed the biggest scandal of all time on April 14 of 2017 because they thought this was real, that Trump had really colluded with the Russians and their narrative at the top of this, their narrative is this. My gosh, this was so serious, even foreign intel knew about it. Tony, is this making sense? Do you understand this? Don't give CNN any credit here. CNN thinks they're telling you this shit is so real. Even the Brits were like, holy shit, Trump's colluding with the Russians. They had no idea this thing was totally fake. Come on, Dan. They're evil. Yes, they're evil. That's not the point. They hated Trump so much, they actually believed this stupid story about a peepee tape. That's why they wrote this piece. Get in their heads. They are crazy. They are crazy, folks. They thought this shit was real. I want you to watch this clip. This is from me on Fox in 2019.


Not a pat on the back. It is important you understand this. I have been trying to get this message out for shit, four years now, five years. Ukraine, Mar a Lago, the FISA process, spygate, impeachment, the Biden documents scandal, it's all the same scandal. A spying operation on Donald Trump and an effort to cover it up. Here is me in 2019 on Hannity trying to explain to you how the Democrats hated Ukraine forever. And then when Ukraine that knew about this entire thing, then when Ukraine all of a sudden had information that could hurt the Democrats because they knew about the spying operation, all of a sudden there's nothing they won't do for Ukraine. They hated Ukraine. They hit the reset button with Russia, not Ukraine. Watch me try to explain this back in 2019. I just wish these fuck sticks in the media would have listened. Check this out. This is all the same story. Let's just ground where we are. The same Obama administration that sat on its ass and did nothing while Ukraine was invaded. The same Obama administration where the president Obama was caught on a hot mic talking to the russian president at the time, telling him they'll have more flexibility after the election.


The same Obama administration that did absolutely nothing but send the Ukrainians warm, fuzzy blankets while they were being attacked. The same Obama administration that kissed the Russians'collective butts to get them on board for an Iran deal that their DIA director Mike Flyn hated. That same Obama administration, by the way, that targeted President Trump via its law enforcement and intelligence apparatus. The same Obama administration that worked with Hillary Clinton's team had money streams going to fusion gps through a law firm that used, by the way, Ukrainians, yes, Ukrainians, to feed information, to go to a court to spy on Trump. This is not two separate scandals. Ukraine Gate and Spygate are the exact same thing. Am I getting odly emotional watching this even though I put it all together myself? Let me go back to the book, folks, because I've been trying to warn people for a long time. The first chapter in the book written back in 2020, way before there was a Ukraine invasion. The first chapter in the book is called insane in Ukraine. I've been trying to warn you. Ukraine knew about Spygate. Biden needs to keep Ukraine quiet. Ukraine also knows about what Biden was doing with hunter Biden over there to get money out of Ukraine.


This is all one big scandal, folks. When Trump started asking questions about what was going on in Ukraine in the effort to take him out, all of a sudden the Democrats panicked and impeached him because they couldn't have the truth out there. This Ukraine angle is even worse than you know. Let me take a quick break. I'm going to get back to the CNN piece for a second. I didn't read something and then I want to get back to the Taibi piece because I have just started to scratch the surface on this quick break here. It's probably a good time for it. Mike Lindell and my pillow employees, I want to thank the Dan Bongino show listeners for your continued support to thank you. They're having an overstock clearance and new product sale right now for the best prices ever. When you use promo code, Dan, you get free shipping on your entire order. I sleep on a my pillow. I love it. Get 50% off the my pillow 2.0. Also 50% off the brand new flannel sheets that just arrived. That won't last long. Six pack towel sets for only 29 98 which solved my fuzzy's problem and take advantage of the free shipping on larger items such as mattresses and mattress toppers.


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Obama loved Russia. He was a big Russia fan. Why all of a sudden the Democrats and Biden, they can't give away money quick enough. They're looking to get, all they want to do is fund Ukraine. I'm not telling you Putin's some good guy. I'm just telling you they hated, they couldn't say they did nothing for the Ukrainians except pick their pockets forever. They loved the Russians. Why do they love the Ukrainians all of a sudden? Go back to the CNN piece because I want to be sure you understand this. Look, when they're talking about these communications and using these five Eyes people to spy communications were captured during routine surveillance of russian officials and other Russians known to western intelligence, GCHQ, the british intelligence agency, they were not proactively targeting the Trump team, but picked these up during incidental collection. That's bullshit. What happened is we prodded them to do it, and the Russians that were contacting members of the Trump team were being prodded to do it by the Clinton Obama John Brennan orbit. This was a setup. This is what the bump was referred to in the Taibi piece. Let's go to the second part of the Taibi piece.


The official part of this thing falls apart. Go to the next screen, if you could, after public and racket. That's the outlet Taibi and I'm writing here, had been told that President Obama's CIA director Brennan had identified 26 Trump associates for five Eyes to target. A source confirmed that the intelligence community had identified them as people to bump or make contact with or manipulate. They were targets of our own intelligence community and law enforcement for collection and misinformation campaigns. We put these Russians up to it. You see what they were doing? The Clinton Obama Brennan team were pushing people, Russians and russian connected people, to reach out to the Trump people so the CIA could use foreign intelligence to spy on the Trump people. Go, look, they contacted Russian. This was all bullshit. This was all bullshit. Now those 26 names, gee, can you pop up my list? Wait, before you do it, folks, I've never shown you this before and I debated showing it to you. Now my list is more than 26 names. I'm obviously not going to tell you who I got this from, but the list of people to bump and target with russian interaction and spying.


Put it on the screen. I've never shown you this before. This is from my source, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump. Ben Carson. Some of the names are not spellwrights for a reason I can't describe. I'll maybe go into it a different time. Don Trump Jr. Eric Ivanka Lara Trump Melania Jared Kushner Jason Miller Dave Bossy Sam Clovis Paul Manafort Jason Johnson Carter Page Papadopoulos Alice Stewart Victoria Coates Christopher Bourne Jason Osborne Chris Christie Don McGann Michael Cohen Spellrunner Michael Flyn Alexander Jones Jeff Sessions Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone. That's the list I was given of people. They were targeted. That's obviously more than 26. Maybe their source has a different list. They may be some of the same people, folks. We asked them to spy. We told these foreigners to spy. As we prompted people connected to Russia to, quote, bump Trump people, I want you to listen to this. Cut. This was me in a hotel room four years ago. The mic stand didn't even work, trying to warn you about this entire thing. How this FISA operation. Wait, before I play this, the FISA warrant that they got to spy on the Donald Trump team, I need you to understand, is the insurance policy.


The FISA warrant was an effort by John Brennan and the CIA, through the FBI, to put official paper, a warrant on a fake investigation to make it look real so they could feed it to the media. Does everybody understand that? Tony, does this make sense? I keep picking on Tony. He's the newest guy here, and he's heard this and Joe's heard this a thousand times. You get what I'm saying? They put this warrant, they knew the FBI hated Trump and would be dumb and would lie in front of the FISA court, and that made the whole thing official, even though it was all made up. Listen to me. Four years ago try to explain this to people in a hotel room somewhere in the BFE. I don't even know where the hell I was. Check this out. The entire FISA operation, the FBI law enforcement operation, using the FISA courts to formally using paperwork and warrants, spy on the Trump team, I believe, is a cover up for a pre existing intelligence operation to spy on the Trump campaign exactly like they did against Mike Flint. Whoever gets credit for shit is absolutely 100% irrelevant.


Do you understand? I don't care who gets credit, but this shit has been out there for a long time. The problem is Taibi has been doing great work. Schellenberger and others them outstanding here. Mainstream media officials could have watched the show four years ago and broke the biggest story of a lifetime. The FISA warrant is bullshit. It is a fake cover and a mask on a bullshit, made up collusion story that these suckers in the FBI willingly fell for. Morons got played by John Brennan, folks, the whole thing, there's a Soros angle of this, too, by the way, with the FBI in Ukraine, I don't even have time for that today. It's in the first chapter of the book right there. It's right in the book. You can read in the first chapter, insane in Ukraine. Just go pick it up or rent it or I don't give a shit, whatever. It doesn't matter. It's right there. Here's another part of the Schellenberger piece, which is damning, I should say. Schellenberger, Taibi and Gutentaig, they all deserve credit. Unknown details about the FBI's investigation of the Trump campaign and raw intelligence related to the intelligence community surveillance of Trump campaign are in a ten inch binder that Trump ordered to be declassified at the end of his presidency.


Like we said, I didn't know it was a ten inch binder, but Trump had the papers. Now, does the Mar a Lago raid make sense? Hold. Keep this up a second. If the top secret documents exist proving these charges, they do. They're potential proof that multiple intel officials broke laws against spying and election interference. Now does it make sense why the FBI and a cleanup on aisle four had to go to Mar a Lago? They don't know if Trump has his binder that gives up exactly what I just told you, that this entire story is made up. The entire collusion thing is a John Brennan Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama fairy tale. And we knew it. And we were the ones that pushed foreign intel people to do the dirty work, wet work for us. Does the Mar a Lago raid make sense? Now, folks, understand, if this document exists, multiple laws were broken. And whatever faith you may have had in the United States government, which is probably nil at this point, is absolutely gone. Folks. I'm not telling you if this is true. I'm telling you it is. And I'm telling you we are almost at a time right now to clean this mess up and fire every single person who sniffed this thing in the government, and you're not going to have a government left.


This is the single worst thing the government has ever done. Keith, you would just skip to the tweet for a second just to show you how awful the media is. The David corns, the Leslie Stahls. Here's a great tweet by Molly Hemingway. So CNN promoted Natasha Bertrand yesterday. Natasha Bertrand, folks, you realize Natasha Bertrand was one of the biggest PP tape collusion hoaxers on planet Earth. She got a promotion yesterday. Molly Hemingway notes, never forget Natasha. Quote, fusion GPS. Bertrand funneled the russian collusion lie into print and was the author of the Disinformation op, claiming America's intel experts said the hunter laptop was russian. CNN's now rewarding her for her propaganda with a promotion. I'm honored you spend time with me here, and I promise you it's one thing I will never be Natasha Bertrand. You understand? Because unlike Natasha Bertrand, when you go back and read her work on the peepee hoax, you're now embarrassed for this idiot. Go back and read my work. Spygate exonerated. Follow the money, all these books, and you're going to be like, holy shit, that guy wasn't crazy. Let's hit the Ukraine angle. You now understand the Mar a Lago angle.


The raid's obvious. It was a cleanup operation. You now understand the FISA operation was the insurance policy. It was meant to put paper on a fake story to make it look real so you could feed it to the media. Now you know the collusion hoax was nothing. It was just a fake story they made up. The spy operation was not Spygate. The spying operation on Donald Trump. The spying operation on Donald Trump was nothing more than an effort to keep poking him. Do Russia, do Russia, do Russia. And nobody did it. The impeachment hoax. Donald Trump started asking questions about Ukraine. Hey, do you guys know about this shit? Biden's document scandals were Ukraine documents. What's Ukraine's role in all of this? Because everybody loves Ukraine now. And the Democrat party couldn't do more to reset with Russia and kiss their asses. Remember this little gem? In January 2017 in Politico, an article they'd all like to make disappear right now. Ken Vogel. Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Donald Trump backfire. Wait, what? Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire. When was this written? Holy shit. January of 2017. What are the chances? Quote, Donald Trump wasn't the only presidential candidate whose campaign was boosted by officials of a former soviet bloc country.


You see the narrative here? Look, the Russians and former soviet bloc countries were helping Trump. Little did they know that this would come back to bite them right in their asses. Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office. They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aiden corruption when suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election. And they helped Clinton's allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisors of Politico information his investigation found. This may be the first time in U. S. History Politico got a story right, folks. The Ukrainians know everything. They know about Joe Biden's family corruption. They know about Obama's role in Spygate. They know all of it. Why do you think you see this story? 95 billion to Ukraine and you got a bunch of both Republicans and Democrats eager to fork over now hundreds of billions. Put that Wall Street Journal story up. What do you think? This is out of nowhere. The Democrats who hated Ukraine, they probably couldn't even find Ukraine on a map. They were hitting russian reset buttons the whole time.


Senate passes $95.3 billion Ukraine Israel aid package. Oh, so interesting. Why would they do that? Oh, weird. And then when some of us reported on the fact that the ukrainian embassy, George Soros, the FBI over in Ukraine, when we reported on the fact that they were assisting in the operation to make up a fake russian collusion story, all of a sudden we got spied on. Come on, Dan, you're a conspiracy theorist. Judicial Watch, State Department records show us embassy in Ukraine monitored these media figures. Who's on that list? Oh, look, Dan Bonjin. No, they have actual emails. The emails show that Marie Ivanovich, the ambassador, was aware of the social media monitoring campaign. Now, folks, to be clear, they were monitoring my social media. I have no evidence they were watching my emails. And it is public. But aren't you just mildly curious why little old Dan Bongino would be the subject of a monitoring program by the ukrainian embassy? I thought they cared about, like, the russian threat and all that. What are you worried about me for? Maybe because if you go back and you look at the emails showing they were monitoring my social media, it was at the exact same time I was covering Ukraine's role in the biggest political spying scandal and collusion hoax of our lifetime.


It seems weird a little bit. Even peewee knows at this point. I feel like, again, this is kind of the capstone project to my entire life, folks. The Ukrainians are knee deep in this. I'm not suggesting they deserve to be bombed or killed. I'm not a nihilistic maniac. But I am telling you that if you think for a second Ukraine's role in any of this is clean as a whistle, you are out of your mind. The Ukrainians knew about this. The Ukrainians were playing a big role in this, and Zelensky knows it. Zelensky could have saved Donald Trump and his presidency by just telling the truth and coming out and saying during the impeachment hoax. Listen, what Trump is telling you is correct. Our government had a role in trying to take him down, and his son was knee deep in a money influence peddling scandal, and Zelensky didn't do shit. That doesn't mean he deserves any of this. Doesn't mean I don't feel for the ukrainian people, but it means I'm interested in actual reporting here. And if I find myself on some hit list, either real or political, fine. Let it be. They've already spied on my social media before, but I'm telling you, they're knee deep in this.


And that's why Biden and Obama need the Ukrainians to shut the hell up. Why do you think Biden squirreled away a bunch of Ukraine documents? He probably wanted to be prepared when the shit hits the fan. Folks, a couple takeaways before we go. I want you to remember two terms, the mushroom farm and the mosaic. The FBI mushroom farm. My source was clear with me from the day we started this series of books and investigations into the biggest scandal. The FBI were useful idiots in this. They hated Trump and they were too stupid to do their homework. And John Brennan and Obama knew it. Jim Comey is a moron. He is the stereotypical stupid smart person, too smart for his own good and so arrogant he didn't realize he was getting played. The mushroom farm, keep them in the dark and feed them shit and you'll grow mushrooms. And that's exactly what they did. That's why Jim Comey to this day, he'll refer to the mosaic of information. You'll hear Brennan refer to it as the corpus of information. What are they talking about? They're talking about the pipes. They're talking about how this spy collusion thing, Trump colluding with the Russians came down from different people all over.


That's the mosaic they're talking about. These things are all connected. Impeachment, Ukraine, Mar a Lago, FISA, all of it. They've always been connected. Now we know we just addressed a couple things before we get off the air. Obviously lost last night in the congressional race on Long island. Folks, there's no time to panic. I'm not making excuses. We lost. The Nassau County GOP did not do that great of a job in this, but just a couple of quick points shows you the stupidity of getting rid of George Santos. George Santos, a fraud, a fake, and a phony. What kind of dumb ass stupid party gets rid of this guy? I mean, you're just morons. You really just totally screwed this whole thing up. Freaking idiots. I wish I could return you all for a refund. I'm serious. Are you guys idiots? Let's get rid of George Santos and lose the seat. Brilliant. I'm not surprised. Seriously, don't panic over this race, though. The candidate running, and you notice I didn't even mention it. She's really not that great of a candidate, honestly, is probably half a know moved away from Trump, which is funny. Everybody's like, oh, blame Trump for this.


The lady didn't even want anything to do with Trump. So please stop the nonsense that's going to get redistricted anyway. It's probably going to be a solid DC, so don't panic about that. A bit of good news last night. Finally got the impeachment vote against my orchest. I told you last week not to panic over this. They just needed Scalise back. Except Gallagher, McClintock, and Buck still voted no. I'll play some video on that tomorrow. I don't have time today. So it was a really big news day. But I just want you to know, man, today is a really big day, and I appreciate the p one hardcore listeners who've been with me and Joe for a long time. Please, if you would, again, get it from a library, it doesn't matter. Pick the book up, folks. I promise you, everything I told you is all in there. And if you look in the end of the book, there are just pages and pages. Just read the footnotes. You don't even have to read the book. You can see we used a lot of left wing resources so that you would never be able to deny what happened.


You want to know about Brennan? You want to know about Ukraine? You want to know about Soros in Ukraine and how this is all tied to the effort to take down Trump. Just follow the money. It's all in there, I promise you. Now, time to go on radio, do it all over again, and make sure the whole country hears what I just told you. Download the Rumble app, folks. We've had a great week. Open up an account. It's absolutely free. You can watch the show for free. bongino. Every day at 11:00 a.m. Eastern time. We really appreciate having you here. This is another huge audience. We've been averaging about 130,000 the entire week. So we really appreciate it. I'll see you back here tomorrow. You just heard the damn Bon Geno show.