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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


What if we played footage of Joe Biden debating himself and we called it like the Biden v. Biden debates? I got that today. I got a short segment for you, but this is how confused Joe Biden is. He can actually debate himself effectively, who can debate themselves effectively. He's so convincing that you don't know who's lying. Old Joe knew Joe or who's telling the truth, knew Joe, old Joe, Joe V, Joe Biden, VP Joe Biden, VP Biden, Joe Biden.


Who knows?


I got that today. I've got some other news. Nancy Pelosi gets busted and I'm going to start off the show today with the Democrats. Listen, let me just warn you, I put this out the other day. Get ready for post Election Day chaos. I'm I'm just warning you now I've got their plan, the Democrats plan post Election Day today, show Batebi Express VPN. My online listeners and viewers get a VPN. Why they don't want people looking at their online activity.


That's why keep your online activity safe from prying eyes. Go to express VPN Dotcom Bungeni today. Pick up a VPN. Welcome to Dan Bongino, show producer. Joe, how are you today? Fine, sir.


Oh brother, I'm hanging in there. It's seems like a fast week so far. So much stuff happening, you know. It has. I know.


Yeah, it's flying by. I've got some special surprises coming up to Joe and Paula worked hard on the Biden v Biden debate this morning. So this should be fun. Also got some information about the Caronna. Let's get right to today's show. Today show brought you by Job Creators Network. Folks, this is the most important election in American history, no doubt. Hands down, full stop period. A way of life is on the ballot as we watch far left radicals burn down our cities and attack our police are free enterprise system, our constitution and our history.


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All right, so let's go first. Listen, I'm not trying to scare you, all right? It's not my bag of donuts to do that, but we're in real trouble. The Democrats are preparing the media, the academic elites, the cultural icons. And believe me, I use that term loosely. Hollywood types, singers, academia, elsewhere. They're preparing them for post-election day chaos, I'm telling you, get ready, ladies and gentlemen, they're not even hiding their intentions.


This is very serious stuff. This is not a joke. Let me warn you now, Mark, the date, today's date, September 2nd, Wednesday. The election is right around the corner. Just a few days into November. Remember this, Joe Biden will not concede on election night. If Joe Biden loses convincingly based on exit polling analysis. The counting of absentees, the voter tallies, the way that they make these prognostications, these media outlets, when they call states, Joe Biden will not concede.


If you lose, obviously. They are preparing right now and softening you up with body blows for the post-election chaos. They the left are about to call now. Of course, if the media calls it for Biden, it'll be a total deal. Expect a peaceful transition in that respect. But if Joe Biden loses, you could throw that peaceful transition thing out the window. Saw this this morning on Axios. Read this article, read it, read it, memorize every word of it.


So a group funded by who this group will get to that in a second Dem group warns of apparent Trump Election Day landslide. Axios got a screenshot from this. So a group funded by oh, what a throw up that screenshot, if you don't mind, from the actors piece is already warning, Hey, if Trump wins in a landslide, it may not be a win. It's called Hawk Fish, which is funded by. Oh, Michael Bloomberg.


Yes, that's right. Slurpee straw nanny state. Take away your firearms guy, that guy. So they're saying now. Imagine America with its polarization of misinformation, if the vote tally swings wildly towards Joe Biden and Trump loses days later as the mail ballots are counted. I'll translate this for you a minute. It says this group funded by Bloomberg is warning that this is a very real, if not foreordained outcome. Ladies and gentlemen. What are they doing here?


Body blows, soften up, drop your arms right to the head, body, body, head. They are softening you up right now. What they're suggesting here, this Democrat group, this is talking points for the media folks. It's hey, listen. Trump could win this race resoundingly in the Electoral College and in a landslide, but Joe Biden is not going to concede. He's not going to concede because we want post-election chaos and we want to steal this election.


If that scenario happens, of course, Trump could lose.


But if that scenario happens where Donald Trump wins and it seems overwhelming on election night, that's just a facade because we still have time to cheat. You get it, Joe, you get it. Oh, do we still have time to cheat? And if the if the media people call the race knowing Trump won in a landslide. That'll take political capital and momentum away from the cheating effort because there'll be no guesswork, in other words, if every media outlet says.


We predict Donald Trump, the winner of the 20 20 presidential election based on this Electoral College tally and the popular vote within each state, that'll cut off immediately Joe Biden's efforts to cheat at the knees. So follow me here. Here's the scam. The scammer, Rusedski Hawk Fish, this group by Michael Bloomberg is already putting out through this well-funded effort, the media talking points that, hey, listen, even though Trump could win in a landslide, the race could obviously be over on election night.


Hey, who knows what could happen in the coming days? And we should all. We get a nod, we should all refrain from calling the race, even though we know we should call the race. You ever seen anything like this in your life? No, we have been calling presidential races in the media. I've been on the air for with CATV last time 2016 election, the same way forever. You base it on exit polling. When polls close, you get an early count of the numbers and you can predict with general accuracy who won each state.


If you don't, they hold out. They don't want any of that happening because they're not going to concede. I'm telling you, they're not going to concede market. Remember Hillary Clinton's job? Was it just a week ago? We played that video a week two weeks ago. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden shouldn't concede no matter what. Folks, I'm just preparing you now. I'm not this is not an alarmist show. I love this country. We can get through anything, I hope.


Yet goosebumps talking about not even kidding. I don't know what's going to happen. I'm worried about it. You should be to. We are dealing with deranged lunatics. Who will not concede a presidential election? What do you do? I understand there's a constitutional process for disputed elections in the House of Representatives, I know exactly what happens. But you're assuming that that process is going to be respected, like what, the same process that we're not supposed to spy on American citizens or impeach the president for made up crimes, those processes?


Those didn't quite work out either that they. I am really, really concerned where this is going. So not only we have this group, Rockfish, funded by Bloomberg, just a coincidence, of course, of course. And they got the talking points, the media, don't you dare call this race, even if Trump wins overwhelmingly because we still have time to cheat afterwards. Don't you dare. Here's an interesting little memo, I found a hat tip Davor boy, who I said I saw this.


This is the Transition Integrity Project. This is one hundred thought leaders code for we can't stand Donald Trump, who got together and they had this report preventing a disrupted presidential election in transition. The gaslighted here is just spectacular. The gaslighted and the dipsy do flip. Borucki is just absolutely spectacular. This is not going well today with Miss Paul in the background and back to me, Hagop. No, no, I can't read that. That's too small.


I thought, you know, that's just the cover. So I just. It's been a long morning. The Transition Integrity Project is already putting out talking points to. Check it out this. Look at this. If there is a crisis, listen, Jo, Jo, Jo, pay attention for the audience here, Armacost will do. Sir, this is the talking point to the media. Here's what's going to happen. Media people, not only should you not declare Trump the winner even in a landslide, but if you see street chaos, I want you to get your talking points in your narratives ready now to cover for the people burning down buildings in the event Trump wins.


Here we go from the Transition Integrity Project code for never Trump. If there is a crisis, events will unfold quickly.


Oh, my gosh. And sleep deprived leaders will be asked to make consequential decisions quickly. Hmm, you think that's a little hat tip to the military folks thinking through options now will help to ensure better decisions. In other words, military folks and others, you better get ready for some Streamcast. Think this through now. Don't declare Trump the winner immediately, folks. It's not a joke. This is on paper, the Transition Integrity Project. Here we go.


Planners need to take seriously the notion that this this what? This may well be a street fight, not a legal battle. That is not Dan Bongino improv. That is from the Transition Integrity Project's own document. Planners need to take seriously the notion this may be a street fight, not a legal battle. Technocratic solutions and courts and a reliance on elites observing norms are not the answer here. Dude, are you reading what I'm reading here? Yeah, man, yeah, typical comic these and a setup.


Yeah, exactly. Exactly. This is going to be a street fight, you hear, you know what you're doing here, right? There's softening up the media and the public to get ready to cover for mass demonstrations that could potentially turn to violence in the streets if they don't get the outcome they want. And they're already preparing the media to don't you dare give the public the outcome. That is, give them the outcome we want by not calling the race for Trump, no matter what happens, even in the event of a landslide, because we still have time to cheat.


And when the riots break out, get your talking points ready now. And by the way, you media, military folks and government leaders and otherwise, don't you dare make sleep deprived decisions like calling an election a Trump win for Trump. What do we do then you get ready. I told you this fight was coming to your door. I was not kidding. Get ready for unrest like you've never seen before. Be well prepared. Again, I'm very sorry I'm not here to scare you.


But I think before 20, 20 things we thought we'd never see in our lifetime, we've seen it in our lifetime all in the same year. Before I move on, I want to just leave you with an optimistic note, I do believe this country's been through a lot. We've been through a civil war, a revolution, two world wars, and we've come through it on the other side. My generation, I'm in my 40s. We have escaped a lot of the horrors of our older generations, lifetime trench warfare, world wars, not all of us.


We've had a lot of people my age who've been to Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere, but we live in the most prosperous time in American history. Not saying that's going to end. I'm just saying after this election. Get ready for a, quote, street fight, my their words, not mine. All right, moving on. Why are the Democrats worried, they're terrified because they have an absolutely hapless candidate who's terrible. I'm going to get to this to say I'm going to show you Joe Biden, who is so confused, he can actually debate himself.


I did a segment like this once when I was filling in for Sean Hannity on the radio program years ago. The Obama versus Obama debate showing how Democrats lie all the time, you know, love him or hate him for Donald Trump. I'm obviously a supporter. He set out a set of principles when he ran. We're going to build the wall. We're going to cut your taxes. We're going to cut regulations. We're going to appoint you a good quality constitutionalist, federal judges.


And that's exactly what he did. You call him a liar all you want, but what he said he was going to do, he actually did. You don't know what Biden's going to do because he debates himself. Let me get to that in a second. First, my second sponsor, the Patriot Mobile. Ladies and gentlemen, stop supporting these big mobile companies that really can't stand you. Sadly, America's students are being caught up in the politics of coronaviruses.


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All right. So they have an absolutely hapless candidate. That's why the Democrats are preparing you for post-election chaos because they are genuinely afraid Donald Trump is going to win in a landslide. He may. He may not. I'm out of the prediction business. Who knows what's going to happen. I'm just telling you that Democrat insiders are softening up the media for street chaos later and telling them get ready to prepare your mostly peaceful narratives now as they try to burn down the streets if Donald Trump wins.


And don't you dare call the race, they're doing it because their candidate is absolutely hapless. So I thought to myself, what if we did a short segment on Joe Biden actually debating Joe Biden? Imagine for a second this is like Joe Biden one and Joe Biden. Did you do that? The wonderful Paula, of course, Biden Vibha this. You see she's pulling stunts on me. Now, if you're watching on YouTube, you'll get the trick she's putting up with I used my show.


I don't have an editor. I do all the content. You're not allowed to improv. She just improv. But that was great because I tricked there yesterday asking her for the footage of Biden calling out Antifa. She was like her. I'm like, yeah, the reason it was a joke. Thank you. That was actually for Joe Biden v Biden. Thank you, Paula, for that great graphic. So what if we were a debate moderator, right, and there are two Joe Biden's on the stage, Joe Biden and Joe Biden clone, and we said former Vice President Biden, let's play video one here.


What's the first thing you'll do when you get into office?


God forbid, as the president, I will raise taxes for anybody making over four hundred thousand dollars. Let me tell you, I'm going to do it. It's about time they start paying a fair share of the responsibility we have. The very wealthy should pay a fair share.


OK, so you're only going to raise taxes, Joe, on people who make four hundred thousand dollars a year. So Joe Biden clone, can you debate Joe Biden here and say, hey, what about me? What if I'm doing OK and, you know, I just want to be left alone, maybe not making four hundred thousand dollars a year. But what do you think about original Joe Biden? What do you think what he just said? Let's get his answer on that really good shape.


Right. Really changed the way you did. Well, that's good humor. I'm glad to see you're doing well already and I'm good. But guess what? If you're like me, you're not going to have your taxes are going to be raised. Knokke.


Thank you, Joe Biden Klown for calling out Joe Biden, original Joe Biden, clone Biden, original Biden. But wait, just to be sure, is clone Joe Biden debating Joe Biden is clone Joe Biden. Absolutely sure. Whose taxes are getting high because remember, we got a middle class, substantial middle class tax cut with the Trump tax cuts. You can all check that out on your own and just look it up on the interweb. It's all out there for you.


So clone Joe Biden, is the original Joe Biden wrong? He said none of our taxes are getting raised if we didn't make over four hundred thousand dollars. But the Trump tax cuts did cut our taxes if we're under that. So clone Joe Biden, can you just contrast what original Joe Biden just said about the tax cuts? Check this out.


In the fact of the matter is, there is plenty plenty of money to go around. First thing I would do as president was eliminate the president's tax cut.


This is some debate. Who is just trying to clone Biden? Original Biden clone Biden, an original. But remember Dolly the sheep, they cloned a sheep. This is clone Joe Biden attacking Joe Biden. Can you even do that if you were cloned? Is there like some kind of cognitive mental distance, like an ESP connection between clone you and actual, you know, the folks? Of course, that's the same Joe Biden. Joe Biden, as far as I know it, Joe, he's not been cloned yet, right, be a major news story.


Thankfully, we have not had a clone right. Of it. OK, just to following up, of course, this is Joe Biden actually debating himself. They're going to raise your taxes if you make over four hundred thousand dollars a year. I'm going to get rid of those Trump tax cuts. The first thing I'm going to do and the first thing I'm going to do is raise your taxes if I get elected, which Joe Biden wins the debate.


The answer is, how the hell do I know he's debating himself? Not to beat a dead horse here, but let's go to another issue. Joe Biden. Seems confused, debates himself all the time. So here's original not clone Joe Biden, when we asked him a question on fracking, he says, I'm not going to I'm going to do anything to stop fracking. Mr. Biden, what are you going to do about fracking? I am not banning fracking.


Paul, can you play that one again? Are we sure, Mr. Biden on fracking, please? I am not banning fracking. Sorry, Paul. I know. I know I am. I'm driving you crazy. Original Joe Biden, not Joe Biden. One more time on fracking. So all of the American public understands I am not banning fracking. OK, now is the debate moderator. I'm not confused in any way. I'm a smart guy.


I'm debating. I got I just got original Joe Biden on the record. He is not banning fracking. He said it three times. He actually said it once, repeated three times. But you get the point now, quote, Joe Biden, what do you have to say about fracking in response to original Joe Biden to answer about fracking? No more.


No new fracking. We are we are getting rid of fossil fuels. What about stopping fracking and stopping it?


Would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking in a Biden administration? No, we would we would work it out. We would make sure it's eliminated.


I guarantee I guarantee you we're going to end fossil fuel to. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill. Period ends No. One, three consecutive American presidents have enjoyed stints of explosive economic growth due to a boom in oil and natural gas production. As president, would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth, even knowing potentially that it could displace thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of blue collar workers in the interest of transitioning to that greener economy?


The answer is yes. The answer is yes.


No more, no new fracking. We even had other debate moderators interject there who were confused. Middle segment. Asking clone Joe Biden about original Joe Biden's statement that he's not going to ban fracking, he seems pretty conclusive. Now, what if we asked him to look people in the eye, look him in the eye? Clone Joe Biden, look, people in the eye. And go at original Joe Biden, who said he's not going to ban fracking.


Look people in the eye and tell them how you feel about fracking. Check this out.


But I want to look in my eyes, I guarantee I guarantee you we're going to end fossil fuel and. Joe, eyes look familiar. What was that? Meet the parents, remember lunatic Bob DeNiro, Focker Fox right here he look. So who's telling the truth? Clone IJO, original Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe Biden, VP Biden, Joe Biden, Biden v Joe, who knows who knows who's telling the truth because there is no clone Joe Biden as a clown.


Joe Biden. But there's no clone Joe Biden. Let's do one more quick one, where Joe Biden debates again himself because he can't make a decision, because he doesn't want to or he's confused and forgot what decision he made just a few weeks or months ago. Mr. O'Brien, how do you feel about the Second Amendment? This is original Joe Biden, original Joe. How do you feel about the Second Amendment? I'm not opposed to Second Amendment. Second Amendment is an absolute though like any other amendments, not handsome.


He's not opposed to the Second Amendment seems to be hedging his bets. They're not opposed to the Second Amendment. It's not an absolute well, nothing in life is absolute. But there's already been a Supreme Court case on the 2nd Amendment showing that rifles, specifically AR 15s and others are in common use and they fall under the 2nd Amendment. So I assume you're not opposed to that either because there's already a Supreme Court case. Remember that. Of course, you know.


So now let's just clone Joe Biden, how he feels about original Joe Biden's statement that they're not opposed to the Second Amendment, which would, of course, mean AR 15s, others which are in common usage. Check this out.


The idea that we don't have elimination of assault type weapons magazines that can hold multiple bullets in them is absolutely mindless and is no violation of the Second Amendment. It is. It's just a vow to the special interests of the gun manufacturers in the NRA.


Cloney Joe Original Joe, Joe V, Joe Biden v. Biden. Joe Biden, Biden, Veja, Whoknows. Here's your answer. Joe Biden is not really debating himself, of course. Joe Biden didn't forget where he stood. They can take notes form. Joe Biden will say anything because he's weak. And being weak is dangerous. One thing President Trump is his week, he gets an idea in his head. Believe me, it's in his head. I can tell you that from firsthand experience.


Joe Biden, whatever's in Joe Biden's head is put there by whatever radical left, this leaves the room last. It's not that he's debating himself, it's that he'll say anything to get elected when he gets in office, the most radical people he appoints, which are going to be the AOC types, the Bernie Sanders types are going to put in his head these radical ideas to hike your taxes, to take away your job in the energy industry, to take away your firearms.


And you're not going to have a darn thing to say about it.


You're going to be stuck with him for four years. I could have done this all day, by the way, but in the interest of time, I just wanted to use those three issues to show that this guy doesn't have a scintilla of principle or dignity. He will say whatever he needs to say. And on the fracking one, he will look you right in the eye and lie to you. Yep. He obviously lied to that little girl in that video.


Obviously, he just said the exact opposite thing. Oh, you can't call him a liar. No, I can do my show called People Whatever I Want. All right, let me get to this story about Nancy Pelosi. This is a good one. Pelosi, who will have until parallelled power in a Biden administration, how then she could be the speaker of the House or at a minimum, the minority leader? Because Joe Biden doesn't have any principles, Pelosi is a radical leftist, she's going to push him to the left on everything, but she's a big phony, just like Joe Biden.


They should call this block the big phonies, the big D.C. Capitol Hill swamp rat phonies. You know, all those guys up in New York. I think the union guys have to have the big blow up that they put in front of sites is that we need that in D.C. in front of Pelosi's office. She's a fraud. You know, I'm talking about. Right. And we see video of it. Yeah. Here's a Fox News story that went viral last night.


And this morning, Nancy Pelosi fraudster used a shuttered San Francisco hair salon for a blowout. Owner calls it a slap in the face. Ladies, gentlemen, I've got to be honest, I had no idea what a blowout was. Apparently, it's a hair thingy, but he used a hair dryer. Blow out your hair. I have no idea. I don't I don't obviously don't have a blowout issue. Blow dryer, is that what it is, I need Paula's expertise on this.


So Pelosi, who's been crystal clear that you are Skeletor from Imman like you are an evil human being if you don't wear a mask, shows up in a hair salon, no mask that's closed due to Korona for a lockdown nobody believes actually works. I'll get to that in a second to. Correlations, the opposite shows up to get a own haircut in one of the worst Marie Antoinette moments I've ever seen in my lifetime, number two being. Remember her twin subsidies for greater with the ice cream?


Look at me, I'm in a lockdown and I'm running short on my seven thousand dollar Reja ice cream. This woman is so out of touch. And it just reminds me, because I've been through this locally, how we have this masked man mandate locally by these frauds. We have to pretend to be Republicans in my county. And I ran into one of them in a breakfast place up from the table with no mask on, no mask, big phony.


You got to wear a mask and a counter. You get up from the table, the mask, and then he gets out. He comes over to me to say hello is Mascotte. You're like, dude? Are we missing something? Fraudster, fraud star. Tired of these people, and you should be too shuttering businesses, you may be you're probably asking the question now if the hair salon was closed, how did Pelosi get in there and why the owner then released the footage.


The owner rents the whatever the chair to stylist, the stylist who who works in the place and rents a chair, let Pelosi in. The owners furious the owner is going to be crushed. Is business going to be finished? The business going to be done? Not sure if it's him or her. But as long as Pelosi Antoinette gets in there, Nancy Antoinette, as long as she gets a blow out, everything else is OK. Just like the local guy here, by the way, happens to be a Republican.


You got to wear a mask except for me. Fakes. By the way, you have that photo of Cuomo, another fraud hat, Janice Dean from Fox for this friezes fraud in New York. You better wear a mask. Stop the spread, flatten occur. Here he is, Andrew Cuomo, by the way, do a couple of crunches or some deadlifts there and you well, potbelly around the waist. A polo shirt is hide near a six pack, like a twenty four pack.


You got to go in there and you may want to clean that up, but here's Andrew Cuomo walking his dog. No mask, of course, but you have to wear a mask. And conveniently, the Department of Justice is asking Andrew Cuomo for his data on nursing home deaths, which is believed to be through the roof in New York. And, Joe, get a load of this. Cuomo came back and said, you know, we can't give you that data yet, but we may have it available November 5th, November 5th.


Joe wins the election again two days before that. It's weird, right? Weird. Cuomo No, he's on the up and up. Cuomo is totally on the up and up him and his brother over at CNN at the top of the totem pole for morals and ethics. Yeah, DOJ will get you that nursing home data about how our policies led to the deaths of potentially up to 20 thousand people in New York. But we'll do it after the election.


Convenient. And I've got another story on this in The Lockdown's, it's going viral on the Wall Street Journal this morning. I want to talk about you. Let me get to my third sponsor. It's important. I appreciate my sponsors being here. I appreciate you supporting them. I'll get this Wall Street Journal story, and I've got a lot more, including the NBA. Just some more. Just get won't go broke. These people are so stupid that they can't figure this out.


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That wasn't the click. That was me dropping it. If it's not a perfect fits in the back for a total refund, we the people hostas that com slashed and we the people hostas dotcom slashed in ten dollars off additional with the offer. Couldn't check them out. All right. So again, folks, on this disastrous coronavirus story and it has been a disaster and we should not play this down. There's no politics involved in my show with this at all.


The politics are always introduced by our ideological opponents who want to sadly politicize the virus. Now that we've seen some data from one of the largest mass experiments in human history, what is that? It's an experiment. It's a natural experiment in the real world, but the experiment was to see what would happen if we shut down the entire world economy right around the same time. A natural experiment, as I mentioned before the show, when I when I was to earlier in the show excuse me, and I was talking about 20, 20 things we never thought would happen, a natural experiment we never thought would happen ever.


Nobody ever thought we would be looking at the results of a shutdown of basically the entire world economy. But we are. And now we have the data, you know, data. I'm sure will be banned or something for talking about things like data, but there's a study out there now that The Wall Street Journal covered this morning in an article that's blowing up on the Internet about what actually happened due to the lockdown's. Headline Donald Luskin The Failed Experiment of covid Lockdown's new data suggests that social distancing and reopening.


Haven't determined the spread. Interesting. You know, given that we conducted one of the largest and most destructive natural experiments in modern human history, the bankrupting of millions, if not hundreds of millions of people, the destruction of businesses, the destruction of wealth and prosperity, you would think we'd at least be able to say, well, it did some good by stemming the tide. Of coronavirus and infections, excuse me, and was correlated with a lower rate of infection.


You'd think we'd be able to say that, right? No, no. No, no, no, no, the correlation to variables, right, shut downs, lockdown's infection's. Now, basic data analysis, not even one on one like zero zero one like a kindergartner, if your conclusion, your hypothesis is that the the lockdown's will be effective. At stemming the new infections from the coronavirus that after the lockdown's completed, you should be able to see in those places where the lockdowns were strictest, a decrease in the number of infections.


Joe, is any of this complicated? Now, I know you're really smart guy. I'm just checking to be sure you and I are tracking here and we're cool. That is a testable hypothesis, correct? Well, we now have the data. Let's check out this snapshot from The Wall Street Journal right here, measuring from the start of the year to each state's point of maximum lockdown, which range from April 5th to April 18th. It turns out that lockdown's correlated with a greater spread of the virus, Mayra.


States with longer, stricter lockdowns also had larger covid outbreak way were. The five places with the harshest lockdown's D.C., New York, Michigan, New Jersey and Massachusetts had the heaviest caseloads. Folks, I'm I'm just giving you the data. I'm just giving you the data, what you do with the data. If you believe in science and data and facts is up to you. But as I've repeatedly stated on this show, and I'm consistent, correlation does not mean causation.


It's clear now that these variables, although weakly correlated, are correlate. Now, if your hypothesis was shut it down and we'll stop new infections or slow, that's all the time. Well, the place where the shut down was the most severe should have the least and lowest caseload. Ladies and gentlemen, the correlation is in the other direction. Now, to be fair, it's a weak correlation. But the correlation is between Strich Lockdown's and. Greater case loads, that means more up this direction.


It doesn't mean lockdowns caused. Because, again, we do data science and facts on this show, it doesn't mean lockdowns cause greater caseloads. But I can tell you what it definitely doesn't mean, it doesn't mean the lockdown's stem the tide of new infections because the correlation is in the other direction. There's an inverse correlation. Strich Lockdown's or infection's? Your hypothesis, Strich Lockdown's less infection's is not right. Which means it's wrong. But keep it up so you'll figure it out.


Keep up, the lockdown's keep threatening lockdown's like Joe Biden, remember Joe Biden, the scientist tell me you mean the scientists that are looking over that data. Which scientists are you talking about exactly? Unbelievable. We're having this conversation, the left, we believe in science, you do you sure about that? Because it's funny, I'm showing you actual science and data. You don't believe it. I'm sure the tech tyrants will shut us down to monetize us and ban us for giving you an actual study, because none of them are interested in actual data.


But you have to ask yourself, who's really telling me the truth? Dan Bongino, who just cited data, acknowledge that it doesn't mean lockdowns mean more infections causally. Even though those variables are correlated, it doesn't mean that doesn't mean lockdowns cause greater infections. It could be a third variable affecting their. But it definitely doesn't mean that it caused lower infections, because that's not there's no correlation at all between that. It's in the other direction. So frustrating.


All right, moving on, Gabacho broke, folks, for you folks out there, corporate boardroom members who shamefully weekly spinelessly listen to the blue checkmark Twitter Brigade and are really convinced we got to push our company in a WOAK direction, support the Marxist Black Lives Matter protesters. We got to do that so way forward. This is what America wants. Well, there's a testable hypothesis there, too, wouldn't there be, Joe, if this is working out, let's say, a brand that goes all in right now, the NBA, they're all in on Black Lives Matter, a Marxist anarchist terror group.


Self professed, by the way, Black Lives Matter Zone leaders, yeah, we're Marxists, we're trained, organized. Yeah, we know you are. You said it. Who went all in on it? The NBA all in. So you would think if this was such a popular message and the American public really wanted to align themselves with a Marxist terror group causing street chaos like they did for me and my wife when we left the White House last Thursday night.


You would think people would be flocking over to your NBA product, what are you selling in the NBA? You're selling a product, an entertainment service. If people didn't find NBA basketball and the very talented players, no doubt, who play there. They didn't find it entertaining. They wouldn't do what? Watch it. So why would they not find it entertaining in drastic numbers as people are dropping off and turning away from the NFL? Maybe because they decided to get WOAK and go all in on Black Lives Matter.


Look at this article. Breitbart up in the show and check this out. NBA playoff ratings crashed by twenty three percent, lowest watched in five years. Up in the show, notes Warner, Todd Houston. Again, basic data analysis for the liberals watching the show, I know this stuff is complicated. But if your claim is that there's this mass movement in America. Americans are tired, they hate this country, it's a racist country, it's really awful.


Therefore, we have to support Marxist groups for change like BLM and everybody's with us, then you'd think that would be correlated with a jump. In people watching a product that's gone all in on that exact message, yeah, your audience is down twenty three percent, meaning people who found basketball entertaining. Twenty three percent of those people who may have been watching don't find it entertaining anymore. Maybe you'd ask why, gee, what have we done differently lately?


Let's kneel for the national anthem disrespecting our country. Let's go all in on a Marxist group. You understand this is amazing. It's like this is the old that they cut off your nose to spite your face. They are boycotting themselves out of business and they are really too stupid to see it. It's stunning. It's stunning. President Trump, of course, warned us about this a long time ago, where he said there was this slippery slope, this dangerous chasm we were all falling in.


If we don't stop this stuff now, he is the bull in a china shop. We needed to put a stop sign in front of the radical American left and say, enough, we hear your voices. America has a process for change. We are not going to be canceled. Cultural pressures pressured it to change. We are not going to tear down our history and we are not going to get engaged in George Orwell type moments. Trump was that guy who said no, and they hate him for it.


He warned us that if we allow this stuff to fester, this cancer of leftism in our country, that what started as an attack on statues of civil war, military leaders in the south was going to evolve into attacks on Jefferson and Washington, Ben Franklin and our founding fathers. And everybody laughed. Everybody laughed, the trump, the elites, the academics are. Buffoonery, what a buffoon is just about civil war, Stach, not about Washington, the country's history, really.


Let me show you a little snippet, you may have seen this last night on the news, this is the radical leftist near communist mayor of Washington, D.C., Muriel Bowser, who put together a commission. D.C. faces a working group to report on what they should do with assets and statutes around D.C.. This is real. This is page twenty two. I want you to pay specific attention to number four and eight. This is Asset Group three. The D.C. faces executive summary landmarks and commemorative works.


Here's what they recommend. Using the D.C. mayor's position on the National Capital Advisory Commission. And recommend that the federal government remove, relocate or contextualize the following assets. They want to remove or relocate the following assets, look at number four. Yeah, you're reading that right? The Jefferson Memorial. What oh, yeah, gets worse is more here, Christopher Columbus is number one, look at number eight. They want to remove or relocate the Washington Monument.


No, when everybody thought that was hilarious, President Trump was an alarmist, what a dope, soon they're going to come from Washington and Jefferson and Franklin and everyone else. There it is in writing. For you to see yourself. Kind of reminds you Orwell, doesn't it, he read this Orwell quote from nineteen eighty four, Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every Statue Street building has been renamed.


Every day it's been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History is stop. Nothing exists except an endless prison in which the party is always right. George Orwell. 1984. Could be called George Orwell 20, 20 right now. You rewrite that. They're trying to wipe away every single piece of our collective identity. Why? Our history, good and bad, why you thought about why? Ladies and gentlemen, they don't want anything to bond us together.


What binds us together is a collective history, both good and bad of struggles we live through and overcome. Scourge of slavery and the failings in our founding documents to a civil war, we fought hundreds of thousands of casualties to save this country from the scourge of slavery, the evils of it. Fascism, we've overcome overseas our collective proud history, not without sin, not without stain, but a proud history. On the margin, the finest in the history of the planet, no country on earth has conquered other countries and given it back the land.


We've we've we've defeated people on their soil. Countries and giving them back their own land, taking only pieces in many cases to bury our dead. That's us. The greatest country in the history of humankind. But when you believe that you want to save it. And if you want to remake and tear something down, you don't want people to believe that because you don't want people to want to save it. So you tear that history to shreds and you erase it, so there's nothing tying any of us together.


As Orwell predicted, a never ending cycle of the present where the party. The apparatchiks, the bureaucrats, the elitists are always right. Really shameful. Thanks to the inside baseball guy who sent me that piece, you know who you are. All right. I've got a couple more stories I want to get to because they're important, including a development in the McFlynn case. I warned you. I warned you what Judge Sullivan was doing. I warned you.


It's important. And another quick update on what happened with the Woods file. The Woods file. What's that, Joe? And I've only been talking about the woods for forever. I find a sponsor. They listen. Always a troubling spot for me to read because I'm hungry at this time of the day. Omaha Steaks, they're offering a steak house grilling package right now with an exclusive offer just for my listeners. Chordoma Steaks, Dotcom, enter the code.


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Every Omaha steaks orders flash frozen, vacuum sealed and safely delivered in a cooler which we have delivered. Florida stuff comes frozen, flash frozen, vacuum sealed, super fresh, fresher than fresh. When you open it up, check it out. Omaha Steaks Dotcom type on Jeno in the search bar. All right. So I've warned you about this Mike Flynn case. Mike Flynn, of course, the national security adviser, former national security advisor for the Trump administration, a decorated U.S. patriot, three star general who was falsely prosecuted.


By the tyrants in the Mueller team for lying to the FBI about a conversation about sanctions that he never lied about because he was never asked about sanctions. So the Department of Justice threw out the case and the judge in the case will not let the Department of Justice throw the case out because he's an Obama judge. He's not really a judge. He's a politician in a black robe is what he said. This guy is not a he is a Gaono, a judge in name only.


He's not a judge. He may be appointed a judge. But based on the principles of how judges actually act, Judge Sullivan is not, in fact, the judge. That's why I always call them air quotes, Judge Sullivan, because he's not a real judge. Judge Sullivan never disappoints. I covered yesterday what happened, Judge Sullivan, who's like a litigant in this case now, will not let the Department of Justice dismiss the case against Flynn. Why?


Because he wants the Flynn case to drag on till after the election, hoping Joe Biden wins. So Flynn can be prosecuted because Judge Sullivan is not a judge. He just doesn't like Flynn. It's personal and political because he's an Obama judge. Well, there's a piece of National Review, great update on this by the terrific Andy McCarthy. I warned you about all of this stuff with Sullivan's up to and McCarthy goes into a little bit more detail about the devious plot.


I think this guy putting together piece of be up in the show, not today, but election looming. Judge Sullivan will drag out the Flynn case. That's the title and National Review piece. Let's go to screenshot number one first ladies. This is all politics. Judge Sullivan is not a principled man. He's not acting as a judge. The guy's a hack. He's a politician totally from the McCarthy piece. Nothing prevents this judge from acting on the case now.


So the case was thrown back to him from the appeals court. He could dismiss this today. Keep in mind, there's no prosecutor. The Department of Justice wants to throw this case out. There's no crime here. They've already acknowledged it. Sullivan knows the parties would not object and they want a quick resolution and the court doesn't need a status report. Sullivan is now taking three weeks. He's saying, hey, listen, we need a status report.


He's just delaying. Sullivan also knows the status of the Flint case. Like the back of his hand, the DOJ move to dismiss. Flynn concurs in that motion, even though Sullivan should not have permitted an appointed third parties to intervene in the case. He did so and they've already filed submissions. Sullivan just needs to hold a hearing if he really thinks he need one needs one to rule on the motion. So what happened? The case was thrown back to Sullivan from an appeals court that punted on it.


Sullivan can make the decision right now except the DOJ, its conclusion they're not going to prosecute and move on, get rid of this case. He will not do it. He is delaying. He is delaying and delaying. He say any more time? I need more time. I need a few more weeks. Why does he need more time? What's he really doing? MacCarthy sums this up absolutely beautifully. Well done. And check this out. Here's his real plan.


Sullivan knows Flynn in the DOJ want the case dismissed, Flynn, for obvious reasons in the DOJ to affirm the executive's authority to prosecute. And we're not the judge also knows that if the former Vice President Biden wins the election, a Biden DOJ is sure to change course, of course, and withdraw the motion to dismiss. That's to ensure the case against Flynn is dropped, it would be necessary for President Trump to pardon Flynn before Biden takes office. Oh, wait, it goes on.


I saw that.


That is not what Flynn wants. Flynn wants to be vindicated by having the prosecuting authority, the DOJ, drop it. Sullivan can't prevent a part, but he figures he can arrange things, so the historic record is that Flynn fully admitted his guilt twice in court and those guilty pleas were extinguished only due to a politically motivated pardon, not with the judicial imprimatur. Let me translate that for you. Thank you. I figured that Sullivan's delaying this case, knowing President Trump is not going to let Mike Flynn go to jail for a crime everybody now acknowledges never not only he didn't commit, that never happened.


He did not lie about sanctions to the FBI on Russia. He was never asked about them at all. We have the transcript. No crime was committed. It's not that Flynn didn't rob a bank. There was no bank robber. Sullivan absolutely knows this. He knows he has to drop this case. He figures if he delays it long enough and a Biden Justice Department comes in and announces, say, during a transition that they're likely to reverse the decision to drop the case.


You follow me, Joe and others know we're going to reprosecute Flynn. What's Trump going to do? Trump, of course, is not going to let his guy dangle in the way, he's going to pardon them full pardon. Sullivan wants to make sure the historical record is that Democrats can then go back and say, oh, he was just pardoned because it was politically motivated. We never threw that case out. And we had a good case. If we would if the Biden Justice Department would have got in there, we would have definitely had Flynn lying about the sanctions.


He was never asked about you. But I'm saying this is all politics. Just like the clients Mr. we talked about yesterday. They want to make sure kleinsmith we did you doctor evidence. Yes, but I didn't mean it. They're giving the media narratives. No, Flyn was really guilty. Trump just pardoned him. He was really guilty. If we were to want to court on that in a Biden DOJ, we would have had him. All narratives all the time.


Sullivan is fully enmeshed in the political demagoguery and the nonsense. This is not a legitimate judge. He's a fake. He's a total fraud. He is delaying this thing, praying for part. Now, you may say, Dan, you've called for a Flyn pardon and I do today. Because, ladies and gentlemen, a pardon is a legitimate constitutional process, what's happening to Mike Flynn in the judicial branch of government right now is not. So Judge Sullivan can cry and whine like a baby all he wants.


Oh, my gosh, Mike Flynn's going to be pardoned. That's so terrible. Look what happened. We would have really what we because he's not the judge. He's he's like the prosecutor himself. But the bottom line is everybody with a straight face following this and a sane mind and connecting neurons together understands that Mike Flynn. Was the subject of one of the ugliest political prosecutions in American history and the only legitimate political process that went on was the president's unquestioned constitutional authority to pardon people wronged by the Justice Department of the judicial system.


Excuse me. I still believe he should be pardoned today. I know a lot of you disagree, I get emails on this all the time. Some of them are fiery. Dan, let the process work out. Folks, there is no process. I'm sorry. Genuinely sorry. You believe that. I'm not kidding. I'm not trying to be condescending. I value your opinion. People reach out to us all the time. An email. That's why I read them.


This is not a process, a process in place order, does it? Does it or does it not, a process requires order, a legitimate process, order has not been followed at all. You have a judge acting as a litigant in a case he's been ordered to drop and the rules demanded drop it and he still refuses to drop it. And you want to continue to play this game because. Why? I'm I don't get it. You want to box in a boxing match with the guys in there with a.


Like a twenty two inch blade stabbing you and you've got 20 yards closing, like the process, the ref jump in, you jump in, you're dying, you're bleeding out. There's no process. A pardon is a legitimate process written into our Constitution. This is not. I don't care what the left says anymore. Believe me, they don't care what we say, they just make stuff up. They're already preparing for a, quote, street fight after the election.


And you want to play tiddlywinks with them. We may lose the media narrative, the media, you think the media cares? The media is going to report Flynn's guilty anyway. It doesn't matter. I know I'm not convincing many of you, and that's OK. Again, I respect your opinion. But you holding out hope that the ref is going to save you from the guy in the boxing ring, shanking you with a switchblade right now is I'm sorry.


It's just. You know, fool me once, you know how that goes. You really think this process is going to save McFlynn? I'm really sorry you feel that way. All right, last story, while we're on this whole Spygate pitch, this is a. Pretty big bombshell by Sarah Carter yesterday, breaking Carter pages, Pfizer related Woods file disappeared. Was it malice or incompetence? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. You know, the Woods file, some of her audience may not is a great piece.


Sakar to be in the show notes again, but newsletter if you want to subscribe to the show. So Joe and I have only been talking about this for what, three years out of three and a half, three, three now.


So yeah, right. The words fossicking.


We've been hammering this home. We've been hammering home the name of Joe Pianka, a supervisory special agent with the FBI for a long time to White House folks when they spy on someone in the FBI like they spied on. Carter Page used to work for the Trump team and that's why they spied on him, because he used to work for the Trump team. In order to do it, they have to put together a file, it's like a spreadsheet of all of the reasons why they want to spy on someone, you, Carter Page, whoever.


And in that spreadsheet called the Woods File, named after Michael Woods, who organized the procedures they have to put in that Woods file if they verified that information or not. You can't just put on the woods. I think Joe robbed the bank. Why? Because I think it you have to put in the woods file. Someone told me this year when they told me, here's how I verified it. Isn't it weird that we just found out yesterday, this breaking news, this huge bombshell, of course, ignored by the mainstream media from Sarah Carter?


That the wood's file that would have the data showing what the FBI did to verify that they were spying on the Trump team for the right reasons, disappeared two years ago. We just found this out. I've only been telling you about the Woods file forever. Because the woods fall, the conclusive proof that the FBI spied on Trump with no reason because the reasons are in the Woods file, which disappeared two years ago. Kind of interesting, though, here's why we spied on Trump, why, I don't know, the file disappeared two years ago.


And who was in charge of the Woods file, Joe Pianka. Is he cooperating? How do they know it disappeared two years ago, Pianka was in charge of it? Is he talking? He hasn't been fired yet, right. Why hasn't he been fired? Is he talking right now? Because he's probably has a lot to say. Here's why we spied on Trump, why? I don't know. We lost the file. You did. We had a quote, recreate the file for the Mueller team.


I wonder how that one I'm sure the recreation process went really swimmingly, didn't it? Kind of a big story now. Not if you watch any other media outlets were totally ignored, completely, probably hadn't heard it at all, read the story in the show notes. It's a good one. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. Hope you enjoyed the 5:00 yesterday. Rosignol spicy at times, but that's my thing. Thank you for another great week.


Please subscribe to the show YouTube Dotcom Slash, Bongino Apple podcasts. And wherever you find your podcast, subscriptions are free. They help us move up the charts quick. We really appreciate your viewership and listenership means a lot to us.


Syama, you just heard Dan Bongino.