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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


Listen, I live by the Rush Limba theorem. You know why? Because I'm no Rush Limba. I'm just not. Rush, the godfather of the talk radio, talking head forum for conservatism.


He used to say all the time, did he not?


You listened, a lot of you remember.


It's not time to panic. Yesterday was a mess. I'm going to explain to you why it's a mess, why something I warned you about was going to happen happened, and why not to just drop the panic bomb yet. I got a lot to talk about. Let's get to the show. Paul and I spent a lot of time on emergency preparedness.


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A lot to talk about today. I've got that. Ron and McDaniel stepping down from the RNC. I'm going to touch on that. Nikki Haley losing to a candidate that's called...


The initials are N-O-Y.


T-a-n-o-d-a. None. Joe, what was the guy's name? None. Was the 'of' the middle name or was it a confirmation name? None. Middle name 'of', confirmation 'the', and then last name of I never heard of this guy. I never heard of this guy. It reminds me that time I was in the Secret Service, and someone said to me, Hey, man, this Fanu Lanu guy is getting away with everything. He's in every report. I said, Fanu Lanu? Fanu Lanu means first name unknown, last name unknown. It's basically anyone you don't know. I was like, Holy shit, this Fanu Lanu guy is everywhere.


That happened.


Listen up.


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Com/dan. Joseph, let's go on this Wednesday. Kiss my orcus. It's show time. It is. And I know I may look a little funny. It's an odd Gee and Tony. I promise you, we had a... Do I look funny in the chat? How do I look to you? Yeah, I thought so. I look a little tan. Look at me. I did a little tanning booth last.


I got sprayed a little bit.


No, I'm kidding.


I don't actually use a tanning booth, although I do live in Florida, which is a perpetual tanning booth.


One of our cameras shorted out or melted down. Tony and Guy are going to figure it out after the show. So luckily, we have backups, but this one, the color is a little bit off, and we didn't have time to mess with it. So it's either Dan Bongino looking a little orange and tan or no show at all, and I ain't doing no show at all.


So here we go.


Well, do you care in the chat?


Do you really care where I look? You just care that I'm here, right?


I mean, what the hell? So Rachel Campos Duffy, my good friend, nailed it with this tweet last night. So they tried to impeach Secretary Mayorkas last night, took a house The house vote went down in flames. And look at this. George Santos would have voted yes. Holy shit. Sounds like something I said, Joe. Sounds like something I thought. Chats there, you remember? Tell me you don't remember this conversation. Joe, you remember? Which one? Do you remember? Do you remember me saying... Dude, how many times have you and I, in the eight years we've been doing this show, tried to tell these freaking dumb ass Republicans, Cutsy time is over. They still think it's cutesy time. You've got Ilhan Omar, allegedly involved in some inappropriate relationship with her brother or something. You've got all of these losers up there, like Menendez on the Democrat side, who's alleged to have taken gold bars from the Egyptians. You've got legions of corruption on love. You got Swalwell, who's alleged to be doing the with a woman called Fang-Fang. You've got Chinese spies in Democrats senators' offices. Do these people step down? Tony, did they step down. Apparently not.


No, no. No. Because Democrats say, And what do we say? No, let's play nice. Let's play cute. Now you see what happened? Do I like George Santos? No. Is George Santos a good guy? Probably not. Does George Santos have some serious allegations of potential fraud? Yes, he does. When George Santos have voted to impeach Mayorkas? You bet your fucking ass he would. But let's get rid of him. Let's get rid of him because we're showing him we're going to take the high road. Now, I said in the beginning of the show, Although I'm emotional about this topic, and I'm not even done here, don't panic about this for a couple of reasons. Number one, there's this tendency on Twitter to go nuclear about everything. You got to remember, 216 people outside of three Republicans voted to impeach the guy. So folks, that's just a fact. I ain't no fan of the Republican Party. What's the golden rule? Joe, the golden rule is Most Republicans on Capitol Hill are really Democrats. However, no Democrats are really Republicans. They vote in unison.


That rule struck yesterday.


Also, Republicans are not the solution to your problems, but Democrats are the cause of them. You remember those golden rules and that politicians hate you all the time. You'll never be disappointed. However, last night, I don't understand why this is a Republican Party thing. Yes, 216. One, by the way, Blakemore changed his vote. Don't get pissed off at him. He changed his vote to a no so that the impeachment vote could get back on the docket. Everybody's like, shitting on Blake Mohr. He's fine. That changing to a no vote to not impeach him was a strictly tactical thing. He was a yes. So don't get on him. The three people who voted no are Gallagher, who's just a completely lost cause. Gallagher, the guy wants to bomb every country all over the world. Mcclent Buck, who the hell knows what's going on with him? And Ken Buck, who's just a piece of garbage and has been for a long time. Ken Buck's the guy who couldn't find any evidence on the Hunter Biden case despite the SARS, bank records, business associates, emails, text, photos, the laptop. Ken Buck's just a moron. He really is. Ken Buck is a grifter moron who just voted no because he hates you and he hates himself.


And Ken Buck is just a piece of garbage. But Ken Buck, it is personal because he just chooses to be a freaking moron. He's an embarrassment. He's not a member of the Republican Party anyway.


Again, Gallagher is just lost.


He's got an ego the size of West Texas. Mcclintock, these guys are just stupid. But the rest of the Republican Party voted to impeach him. Having said that, the reason Blakemore changed his vote from a yes, impeach the guy to a no, don't blame Blakemore. More did it because of this procedural mechanism that if it's a tie, Chad Pergram is great on this. They can vote on it again. Here's the thing. Why would they want to vote on it again? Because folks, they'll have the votes or may have the votes. You can never trust the party. There's always some dipstick who does something stupid. But Steve Scalese was getting cancer treatments. Scalese is apparently a yes. So if everybody votes the same way and Scalese comes back, they'll get the impeachment thing. Having said that, I'm sorry, but Speaker Johnson should have had the whip countdown before. That's your job, folks. Do you understand the job of the speaker and the whip? The job of the speaker and the whip is what? Any lawyers in the chat? Yes or no? I'm going to ask you a question, lawyers. See who's first. See who's first.


Can I just enable slow?


You can enable slow chat?


That's pretty cool. I didn't even see that, and I just accidentally hit the list.


Lawyers, what's the golden rule about asking questions in court? Yes. Never ask a question. Question, Joe. You don't know the answer to. What's the golden rule about votes in Congress? Never take a vote. You don't know the answer to. And you didn't know the answer. How do I know that? Because you failed last night. This is no moment to celebrate. We look like a bunch of morons. But again, having said that, we got to be realistic. 216 people before more changed their vote, out of a Republican Party, absent three dipsticks, voted yes. What are What are you going to do? Hey, look at you, pieces of shit. You voted yeah. I mean, they did what they were supposed to do with these three morons. I blame Johnson for not whipping this thing, right? Mcclintock, Gallagher, and Buck. And Buck just said, but forget, Buck's just a waste of time. Buck is a moron. I played you a video of that fight. Yes, with him, it is personal because he's stupid. He's just an idiot. The guy was on TV. Remember we played that clip on CNN? I don't know. I don't see any evidence of the 100 by the...


Okay, really?


You don't see any? Are you this dumb all the time, or is it just a Wednesday thing? Now, getting back as I opened up this...


Hold on, I need some help. But seriously, I'm going to have a heart attack.


I was wondering about your blood pressure, dude.


It is. It's bad. I get this, wait, it's an aura ring. Everybody's asking me, Why does your ring always on the right and wrong finger? It's not a wedding ring. It's an aura ring. It always says, Your blood pressure is dangerously high, and it's always the time I start the podcast. It's 11:00 and noon when I start the radio show. Folks, our lives don't revolve around a handful of people in Washington, DC, okay? We've got kids, we've got jobs, we've got things to do. These guys and ladies, I tweeted out last night, put on my true social account. They all hate you.


Do you understand that in the chat? They all hate you. When you properly digest that, when you chew on it and you incorporate it into your being, you'll never be disappointed. They all hate you. They all hate you. It's okay. We don't like them either. We use them as tools. That is it. Last night, we had 216 tools that worked, 216 hammers that hit a nail. We had three that didn't. When you don't get emotional about it and you say, Okay, well, let's email and call the offices of these three idiots, I'm going to tell you, don't even waste your time on Buck. He's really too stupid, and it's not even worth your time. I'm serious. I hate to tell you that. Ken Buck is not worth it. The guy is clinically stupid. Mcclintock and Gallagher, who, again, is a lost cause, too. But Gallagher, it's worth sending, of course, do it the right way.


You know that matters.


But don't Blake Morris It's not the problem. There was a lot of Twitter stuff about that. Leave Blake more out of it. He had nothing to do. He changed his vote for a tactical reason. Now, this pisses me off because we're the dumb party. We're the dumb party all the time. We We got rid of George Santos, which was unforgivable, a clown and a Joker, Santos. Why? Why did we do that? Because we were setting an example. Setting an example for who? A bunch of censorship-loving tyrannical tyrants? Look at this. We got extra. What are you doing?


We got extra computers going on here?


What the hell? What is it we got, folks? We got so much shit going on.


This looks like a war game scenario.


Are we launching a nuclear explosive or something like that? On I know that bad.


Hey, listen to me.


The money quote this morning on Fox News, the money quote this morning, I think it was McClintock who was on. He said about the impeachment of Mayorkas. This just sums up when I talk about, sarcastically, the cutesy time attitude, where they're still playing cute with a Democrat Party who wants to destroy the country. We share no common principles at all with them. You can either fight back or you can burn. That is it. This isn't a disagreement about tax rates. They fake impeached Donald Trump. They spied on them. They censored Americans. They're putting people in jail for political thought crimes. We have an invasion at our Southern border. These are existential questions. The Wall Street Journal editorial column, McClintock and Gallagher, buck another dumb ass. These guys don't get it. They're fighting yesterday's fight. The money quote was this. Mcclintock said something to the effect of, Well, if we do this and we impeach Mayorkas, then we're going to set a dangerous precedent.


Holy shit. Running out of wind here.


I got to...


I'm looking for something else to throw.


If we impeach Mayorkas, then we'll set a dangerous precedent.


What fucking precedent?


Impeaching a president who did nothing wrong twice and making it up? What precedent? You effing dips shit. If there was ever a quote that summed up the dumb ass wing, it's not all of them, the dumb ass wing of the Republican Party, that's it. So they will continue to impeach people, the President, any Republican they want, lock them up and censor them while you're fighting back on principles that don't exist. What dumb sons of bitches are these people? Chatsters, am I crazy? You guys hear what I'm showing you here? Did you hear? I heard it. I heard it this morning. If we do that, it'll set a dangerous... There is no precedent. How many times do I have to give you simple examples, you dumb SOBs? How many times you walk into a boxing ring, you think you're ready for a match, you're getting in there, my final south bar today. You walk in the ring, you think it's a professionally sanction bout. You walk in there, a gate comes down, the ref jumps out, and the guy pulls out two Ninja swords. What do they call them? Like, katanas? And he's like, Do you fight back or do you die?


That's where we are. To the Wall Street Journal, McClintock, Gallagher, and dumb ass buck. I don't understand. You're fighting for what? Principles that don't exist? The irony of this whole thing is this is a high crime and misdemeanor, facilitating an invasion of the United States. That's the irony of the whole thing. You actually have something here. Folks, this party is not all of them. Again, I do not want to do stupid time either. There are some out there who get it. Mike Lee's office practically killed that dreadful border bill on their own. You had 216 people who voted to get rid of this guy. What am I going to do? Fault them. But some of those same people voted to get rid of George Santos. Dumb ass move.


Guys, I'm serious. And to the chatsters out there, you better get ready to fight politically.


Are you ready to fight politically or are you ready to play these bullshit games? Because if one side got katana blades in the boxing match, in other words, the Democrats, let's make it simple for the Wall Street Journal and others.


How did you do that? Why do I hear myself?


If one side got katana blades, right? Let's just do this example like the Democrats. The Democrats have tools like the katana blades, why we got the 20oz boxing gloves on because we thought it was a sparring session. The Democrats have fake impeachment, censorship via social media, the FBI locking up political opponents, fake bomb plots, fake insurrections, spying on political opponents through spying. And we're sitting back doing what? Pretending that the laws 20, 30 years ago that restricted these actions still exist when they don't? I'm not suggesting anyone break the law, folks. I'm not, because then it's anarchy. I'm just suggesting that people like Gallagher, McClintox, and forget Buck, he's useless, the eunic, didn't have balls, grow some freaking nuts and understand this is a real fight. We had this impeachment issue, and you idiots blew it. And you blew it before by getting rid of George Santos, fighting for principles in Congress that don't exist. Nobody Nobody thinks you guys have any principles. We rate Congress lower than the shell game guy in 1980s Times Square. These Republicans got no balls, Dan. Even Biden knows it.


Joe's having way too much fun with that AI. All right, let me take a quick break. I'm going to get back to Nikki Haley again.


You want to talk about one show. This was it. Jim, can you attest to this, too? Producer Jim for radio. We haven't even touched the beginning of the actual show.


I just threw this in this morning.


These three stories, I'm talking about beginning, Nikki Haley, the Impeachment, and Ronan McDaniel. If they will so describe the dreadful state of where the brand is with the party right now. Quick break. Jay's case, folks, I showed it to you before.


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But Nikki Haley is endemic of the problem with the swampy wing of the Republican Party that still hasn't figured out how to freaking read the room and go, here's them. You ever play outfield in baseball? You throw grass up in the air at the beginning of the beginning to see the way the wind's blowing so you know how to shade the fly ball. Nikki Haley, bizarrely, along with Ken Buck, McClintock, and Gallagher, three complete zeros, have no ability to read the room at all. They think they're fighting for some principles or something. They're not fighting for anything. What we're fighting for the future of our country. And Nikki Haley is becoming a drag. I love primaries. I've said that. If you're a regular P1 here, viewer, listener, you know that. However, I like primaries that serve a function. Competitive primaries give good candidates a reason to get media coverage. It gets activists involved. It generates money. Non-competitive primaries, ladies and gentlemen, become a waste of time. The primary may have been somewhat semi-competitive up until New Hampshire, where Nikki Haley thought she had a shot. She lost. She lost by double digits despite pouring everything into New Hampshire.


Now, I mean, if this isn't an absolute kick in the nuts, I don't know what is. Fox News. So Nevada, a little complicated in Nevada. Here's what happens.


Nevada has a primary that happened yesterday and a caucus, which is going to happen later in the week.


The caucus is the official delegate allocation device.


The caucus is all that matter.


But they had a primary, too.


Sponsored by the state, okay?


Trump was not on the ballot for the primary, but Nikki Haley was. Folks, this is amazing. I mean amazing in a bad way. I woke up this morning, and I'm telling you as a guy who is knee-deep in politics, I just figured by default, Nikki Haley would win Nevada's primary. Why? Because she was the only real significant name left on the ballot running. What happened? Fox News. Trump wasn't on the ballot. But Nikki Haley loses Nevada's presidential primary. Ladies and gentlemen, how the do you lose a primary when you're the only person on the ballot? Hey, mom, the mean love. Right? How do you... Joe. And folks, not only she lost badly, she lost to a line in the booth called None of the Above. I never met this guy. None? I don't know. Is that a title? Is it a religion? I don't know. I don't know who it is. I don't know who that is. She lost. Listen to me. This is not a joke. I'm not kidding. This is real. She really lost to none of the above. Nikki, it's not personal with Buck, it is. You sound like your reasonably smart lady.


Salvage what's left to your I'm going to get you to the point, Johnny. You're going to lose your reputation. Last night was an utter humiliation. You're going to obviously get destroyed in a caucus because you're not even there in later in the week, and you're going to lose your home state of South Carolina. Probably, I guess this is stupid, but I'll venture to guess, she's probably going to lose South Carolina by 15 to 20 points.


It's over, Johnny.


Okay? It's over. It's time to step aside. It's become an unnecessary distraction. And what starts to happen is you become like you're nipping now, like you're nipping at people. It's embarrassing. Listen, man, I lost. I know what it's like. It's horrible. But you step aside when you lose. You're losing. It's time to get out. You're wasting everybody's time, and you're wasting a bunch of donor money.


Oh, wow. Look at that. I can see through that for the first time because we got a new camera. I didn't even realize.


I'm like, Why is Guy's face on my... I'm like, Why is Guy on the teleprompter? He's not.


I can see through it for the little... It's like a ball camera in there.


It's the one we used to use, Joe, in the studio over in Palm City. Oh, okay.


Remember that one? That little ball thing? We were like, We got to upgrade, man.


All right, one more story about the dreadful state of the Republican Party, because folks, it's a mess right now. But I don't want you to panic. There's going to be another vote later in the week on the impeachment of Mayorkas because of Blakemore changing his vote, which was a good move. We'll see what happens. If it succeeds, it succeeds. If it doesn't, it doesn't make me any less of a conservative. I told you these people freaking hate you in DC. They hate you. They do things to let you know they hate you, and you don't matter to them. I don't live and die by everything they do. I don't. I saw this thing go down last night. I was brushing my teeth or something. I had this electric toothbrush, and they're like, And the vote goes down. And the vote goes down. You better be right. The impeachment vote went down in flames. You think I was surprised? What has two thumbs him was like, not surprised at all. I was like, I totally get it. These people suck. Of course, they were going to screw it up.


National Pulse reporting, Ronan McDaniel is going to step down as the RNC chair.


Listen, I did a locals video before the show.


I'm not going to I've spent a lot of time in this because I want to get back to this border bill and a couple of other things that went down before I got to my real show yet. Folks, here's the deal. Can I just be straight with you on this? You come here for the skinny, right? Who gives a shit?


No, I'm serious. Does anybody care about the RNC anymore?


Oh, you're so out of touch and out of step without politics.


No, I'm actually not. Folks, when I ran for office, the RNC didn't do shit.


They didn't do anything.


The RNC, just so I can walk you through this, just quick and slow, quick and slow at the same time. The RNC was valuable 30 and 40 years ago before X Twitter, Facebook, proliferation of websites rights. It was a helpful mechanism for contacting donors, for outreach, for organization.


The RNC is freaking useless now.


They did nothing for me. I ran in Maryland in Congressional district 6. Joe was very familiar. We were friends back then. That was a seat. No Republican had come within 15 points of winning. We only lost by one point in that race. And folks, you know what? The RNC didn't do a damn thing. The RNC probably helped nothing. Remember Joe? No, they didn't do Jack shit. They helped other people in other races, and they lost by more. It doesn't matter. Who cares? Now, having said that, if we're going to have an RNC, I like Harmeet Dylan. I think she'd be great. But folks, I genuinely don't care. I'm not going to burn a lot of ammo on this stuff. It doesn't matter. Outside of sponsoring some debates, they don't do anything. It's a useless organization at this point. It was functional and it made a difference 30 years ago. Now, give your money to candidates.


Don't waste any time. All right, I want to get back to my intended show. Biden gave a speech yesterday. I'm going to take a quick break and we get back to this. Biden gave a speech yesterday on that dreadful Ukraine/ The border bill, the border invasion bill.


They want us to sponsor. And no worries.


I just want to prep you before I get to it, folks.


Folks, now we should definitely support the border, but we should. But then for three days, you've been telling us how shitty this bill is. No, it's shitty. But don't worry, folks. Biden Joe says the chamber of commerce is for it. Joe, now I'm definitely in. The chamber of commerce. Me and Joe take all of our instructions from the chamber. That was an actual line. Biden actually said yesterday, Hey, And the chamber of commerce is there for something. I'm almost automatically against it. This is an organization that has burned every single conservative for the last decade or so, but he actually is pitching that. Oh, the chamber of commerce wants cheap labor. Oh, that's your selling point? It's like selling me a used car and going, Listen, the battery goes on fire. You could die in this car. But the battery is cool looking. It got a little pink on the side. Kids may like it. What?


Chamber of commerce.


You think that's a sales? That was a sales pitch to Republicans, Joe, 30 years ago when you started to talk radio. Not anymore. We're not the corporate class anymore. We're about the people. Read the room. Throw the grass in the air.


Quick break. I'll tell you what I mean.


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We appreciate.


Okay, folks, the bill is obviously the border disaster, Ukraine bill, invasion bill, whatever you want to call it, is obviously an abomination. I have shown you over the course of the last two days, plus today, Wednesday, how the bill and it's alleged, Oh, we're going to shut the border down after 5,000 people break the law. That's not even a real number. It doesn't count people from non-contiguous countries, which is basically everyone. The numbers are farce. It keeps the border open all day. Anyone telling you otherwise either hasn't read the bill or is just lying in your face because they think you're crazy. It's probably people with the same mentality as Gallagher or McClintock. They just I think you're dumb. The chamber of commerce supports it. Chuck Schumer supports it. Joe Biden supports it. And basically, all the Democrats are going to the wall. So I'm going to ask you a question in the chat. If you were asked blindly, like the Pepsi challenge thing, remember that back in the day?


If I blindly asked you with no additional information, do you support Policy X? I can't tell you what it is, but it's supported by the chamber of commerce.


It's supported by Joe Biden, supported by Chuck Schumer, and basically all of Democrat leadership.


Would you vote for that?


Knowing nothing more.


The answer is, no. Of course you wouldn't. This bill sucks, okay? It's an invasion bill.


I really like this guy, this guy, Peter St. Anon, because he just goes for it like I do, and there's no sacred cows with him. Here's like 50 seconds or so of him on this bill and how much money it chips off to this new swamp. Hold on a second.


The new swamp is basically Basically, state-sponsored welfare groups that profit off the welfare apparatus.


That's the Democrat part of the swamp.


And the Republican swamp is basically cheap labor chamber of commerce types.


They love this bill. Check this out.


Washington Uniparty just crapped out a border deal that, as you would expect, puts America last. The deal trades more money for Ukraine and Israel in return for keeping our borders wide open and actually giving 1.5 million illegal border crossers amnesty while walking in card giveaways through 2030, presumably in the expectation that they will become loyal socialist voters as previous waves of illegals have. The Welfare Warfore state in full effect with the added bonus of replacing Americans with a crop of brand new voters. If it works for California, buy gum, it can work for America. This little deuce was hatched by a handful of corrupt rhinos teaming up with socialist Democrats. As always, when you hear the word bipartisan in Washington, that means the corrupt Uniparty is coming for you. First, the specifics. It would spend 118 billion. For this, we would get legalization of 1.5 million illegals per year. That's 5,000 per day. The other 10 million plus illegals will presumably have to wait for another war, perhaps the one we are cooking up with Iran. On or over Taiwan. It hands 2.3 billion immediately to the non-government organizations that are making a mint, importing welfare cases to every nook and cranny of America because Democrats do know who brought them to the party.


You're damn right. This guy nails it. That's exactly what this is, folks. This is the new swamp. It's the Democrats trying to build basically a government/corporate/welfare state they all profit from. Ngos, Democrats who stay in power, donor groups, liberal billionaires, which builds voting power. Dan Goldman, the second dumbest member of Congress after AOC, he doesn't want you to talk about this. He did the replacement theory thing again this morning.


I'm not going to beat that up anymore, folks. It's so beyond stupid. That's a Democrat thing. I fired back at him in the tweet.


But that's why they don't want you to talk about this, because what St. Andrew said is absolutely accurate. This is the new summary of this absolute turkey of a bill.


Folks, cutesy time is over, okay?


Unless we get back to a common set of unifying principles we can all agree on, you understand we don't have a country. Listen, man, I say this with no sense of pride, okay?


I'm just going to read the chat.


I say this with no sense of pride in this at all because it's disturbing to watch.


We're all like members of a clubhouse, Clubhouse USA.


And the rules we used to live by had a name called the Constitution. It's gone. I don't know what to tell you. To the people who want to play nice and sweet, if we just show them the Mike Gallegher's of the world, if we show them we're more dignified, they're going to somehow start acting normal with respect and fidelity to the Constitution. You're going to get your balls kicked up into your throat. The Democrats are not screwing around. When the Democrats are ready to get back to a unifying set of principles, love of America, borders, and allegiance to a Constitution, they'll let us know. But that's not today.


Ladies and gentlemen, we can't legislate sanity. We can't legislate love of country.


I'm going to show you what I mean.


This is Wall Street Journal article. I'm dying to get to for days now. You see it came out February second. It's the seventh today. This is incredible. I mean, this is a group of people that at least claimed to be or Well, they claim to be journalists, to be fair.


But the paper is unquestionably written towards a Republican audience.


And they're confused if this is an invasion or not. The first question is whether migration, however anarchic, is an invasion Elesian.


Do Conservatives really want to start stretching constitutional terms? Progressives will do that better. Do you understand the Do you understand the cell phone here? The Wall Street Journal is acknowledging here that progressives are already stretching constitutional terms. Read the last line. Do you see what I see? And you're pretending that if we don't declare the invasion, the invasion by playing word games, that it'll teach progressives a lesson not to redefine words, to stretch constitutional terms? Holy shit, man. Really? You really believe that? That playing cute about what an invasion is, is all of a sudden going to get the progressives to go, Man, we better stop stretching the Constitution. You understand you're not going to have a country left. Folks, we can play word games all day, too. There are two Americas right now.


There are.


When John Edwards ran for President, that crazy Democrat, he was right, but he was right for the wrong reasons. There are two Americas. There are no unifying principles left anymore. None. None that matter. Things we held foundational. Freedom of speech, the idea that we wouldn't censor our political opponents, that we wouldn't lock them up for political wrong thing. The idea that we had some border, even if it was porous, at least we would try to enforce it. It's all gone. There are things we have to stand up and protect, folks. The separation of powers, our borders, freedom of expression. If we don't have these things, nothing matters. We don't have a country. We've got a landmass with anarchy and a bunch of people who are all just living by their own credo. You understand Dems don't see it that way? Look at what happened to President Trump the other day. How do you compromise with this insanity? The United States Court of Appeals wants to prosecute President Trump for official acts he did in office. You want to play nice with these people. I want you to read For the purpose of this criminal case, former President Trump has become Citizen Trump?


He was not Citizen Trump. He was the President on January sixth when he told people to march peacefully and patriotically and recorded a video and told people to go home. I'm sure he would have said certain things different that day, but there is zero question he did absolutely nothing wrong. He was the President. If he He thought there was something wrong with a vote count affecting his election that could affect any other presidential election in the future. It was his duty. He was not a citizen, a standard everyday citizen. He was the President. Folks, they only learn by example. Why is there... I mean, think about it. Why is there no talk of charging Joe Biden right now? Joe Biden for facilitating an invasion at the Southern border. Why? Come on, chatsters, you know why. There's no talk of charging Joe Biden for this invasion because they were afraid everyone in the media go, Oh, that's crazy. You Republicans are nuts. These dips The shits did the same thing. They're charging President Trump for exercising his presidential authority to say, Hey, I challenge to vote here. Like Democrats have done in every presidential election they've ever lost, like ever.


Folks, there can be no compromise on these principles. You understand what's going to happen with the presidency now? Now we have turned into a complete banana Republic a third-world tin-pot dictatorship. You got the Gallegers and the Bucks and the McClintox and the people who voted to get rid of George Santos who were playing along thinking, Oh, if we just play nice, we'll get back to a sound semblance of what the powers of the executive branch are. Bullshit. We will not. We have reached the point now. Do you understand that if this goes forward, every single president moving forward, Democrat or Republican, as soon as they get out of office, is going to be indicted for something? Do you want that? Do you want that? The only way they're going to learn is when we play by the same rules. Joe Biden, the second he gets out of office, if he is not not indicted by a US attorney for actual crimes, we're not breaking any laws. There is more than enough probable cause that Joe Biden, with his hidden documents case and this issue with his son taking money, there's more than enough evidence he violated multiple federal laws.


If he's not charged, you're not going to have a country. You better grow some balls, man, fast. Folks, there can be no compromise on principles. If you compromise on principles, i. E. Our Constitution, Constitution and our big R God-given rights. Do you understand you don't have a tree house club. You just have anarchy. Censorship is another one. Separation of powers. We can't compromise on this. There is no, Oh, but let the Democrats get their way and be nice. I want you to listen to this.


This is testimony was given about a new artificial intelligence tool. I've been warning you about this.


This is a new AI tool, specifically tailored to scour the Internet like you're combing a beach and pull out what lefties call disinformation and misinformation. Folks, if they are allowed to hijack AI moving forward, you understand, censorship will be the norm. You will never be able to post a little microblog on Twitter or video anywhere without some AI tool putting a big misinformation blotter over you and your thing getting pulled down.


Listen to this.


Last month, I revealed documents on the activities of Logically, a British artificial intelligence firm that is poised to shape the 2024 election. It's important to underscore why the American public should be aware of this firm. Logically previously had contracts in the United Kingdom to combat misinformation during the pandemic. But like many other firms of this nature, they instead surveilled legitimate forms of speech, including thoughtful concerns about pandemic lockdowns. Logically, boasted of a special partnership with Facebook to automatically suppress and label any content they deemed as misinformation, giving the company immense influence over content moderation decisions. In my official written remarks, my testimony, I go into much greater detail about my record on these issues. Writing on censorship and surveillance of animal rights activists and labor union activists. I've profiled the various private contractors that began by spying on behalf of the FBI during the war on terror that now utilize artificial intelligence to spy on conservative anti-vaccine mandate activists. More recently, I've reported on organized suppression of peaceful speech by pro-Palestinian activists.


Do you see what I'm talking about?


Folks, in a perfect world?


Let me just describe to you what I mean so you don't think I'm talking in otherworldly terms here about why we can't compromise in principles.


In a perfect world, we have this Constitution. We abide by it with fidelity to it and belief in it.


The Constitution is just a piece of paper. If there's no loyalty to the Constitution and everybody just takes a leak on it, then it doesn't mean it. It doesn't have special powers. But It's only power as if we all abide by it. In a perfect world, we have this constitutional document. We all agree that this is what the executive does, that when they're exercising their powers, they're going to be drafted a certain amount of immunity, be given a certain amount of immunity, or else, they're They're not going to do anything, Congress or anyone else. We all agree that we have a court system.


We all agree that we have legislators that have the power of the purse on one side, can check nominations on the other side.


They don't agree with any of that. They want to throw that out, and whatever they feel like doing on any given day, they're going to do. They're going to use the AI tool to scour the Internet. Anyone who disagrees with that and makes a clever argument that, Hey, mask mandates? There's nothing constitutional about that. You're going to be thrown off the Internet and labeled misinformation. Conversations like this. This was Patrick Bet David.


I've had him on my Fox show when I was still over there.


He's with Bill Maher. Bill Maher, he just practically wrecks him on his own show here, Patrick Bet David. This conversation will never be allowed to happen in the future with an AI monitor. It'll knock this right out. You will never see this. Listen to this. He forced America to take the vaccine bill. 70% Americans took the vaccine and they didn't want to take it. A lot of them didn't want to take it. Wait a second. When did the vaccine come about? Under Biden? No, under Trump. No, it didn't. It came two days after the election was over with. Two days after the election was over with, if Pfizer announced it was not under Trump. They intentionally kept the vaccine after the elections.


Folks, you don't remember that? Listen, I'm no fan of the vaccine. I don't care who was behind it, Trump, anyone else. I don't care. But what Patrick said there is accurate.


The vaccine at the time, before everybody knew what the issues with it were, was being sold as some panacea. You remember? And they held it back until after the election to make sure Trump wouldn't get any a bump from people who saw this vaccine at the time as some life-saving mechanism. None of those conversations are going to be allowed out there.


I want to show you this, too, by the way. Hat-tip Maze More is great.


Did you notice? I didn't catch this.


Hat-tip to Mays for this on Twitter. Remember when Biden used to carry around that card? Do you guys remember this?


Oh, look at all these people that died. A tragedy nonetheless. But they died as if Donald Trump killed them, as if he was pulling out a list of victims of a serial killer, Donald Trump. Do you remember when Biden used to do that? Do you notice now that the number, the body count under Biden is past the Donald Trump body count? Do you notice Biden doesn't do this anymore? Here's about 50 seconds. You guys remember this? Check this out. Each day, I receive a small card in my pocket that I carry with me in my schedule. It shows the number of Americans who have been infected by or died from COVID-19. I carry a card in my pocket. I carry this card every day with my schedule on it. As the pressure knows, I carry a card in my pocket. Each day, I carry a card in my pocket with my schedule on it. I carry a card in my pocket. I hope I have it with me. 500,071 dead. 527,726 is 554,064 dead. That's lives that have been lost.


Where's that card? Where's that card?


Anybody know? Has anybody seen that card lately? Kind of strange how that disappeared, didn't it? Folks, there can be no compromise with liars, tyrants, and authoritarians.


By the way, Guy wanted me to remind you, I know I look super orange today. I promise I was not in a tanning booth, and no, I didn't cut my hair weird or anything like that. We had a camera malfunction earlier, so we had to use a different camera for the show. It broke down last minute, so we had to snap to it, so we didn't have time to make all the color adjustments. But you know me, man, I'm doing a show no matter what, so I ain't skipping the show. Forget it. It ain't going to happen. All right, listen, I'm going to wrap up A little early today because of the camera, the malfunction, everything clearly bothering some people. But here's what I'm going to get to tomorrow. I can't have you miss tomorrow's show. It's super important.


Do you remember the thing I told you about the gun list?


Here, I'll preview it quick. Just throw up that article fast. It's just a news article. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to go into this in detail on tomorrow's show. The ATF is preparing to regulate private gun sales with this background checklist. Folks, I've been warning you about this if you're a P1 forever.


This has nothing to do with background checks and everything to do with making sure there is an accountable list of every gun holder in America.


They're going to do that along with redefining what a federal firearms licensed gun salesperson is. I'm going to explain you exactly what's going on. I'm warning you, this is a big deal.


You know if you're a regular Another listener. I've been on this for, gosh, since Joe and I started doing this show, they want a list. And before Biden leaves office, he's going to try to get one.


That's what this is about. And also on tomorrow's show, one more thing.


I'm going to cover, and tell me if you guys are cool with this. Quickie poll Before we go, you guys are interested in a little short, maybe 5, 10 minute block about new media. Joe Rogan just signed what's supposed to be a $250 million deal.


The number was a little bit disputed, but I have no doubt it's large. It's the most popular podcaster in the world.


And it's interesting how few people understand the power of what new media is.


I get it a lot. A lot of folks are like, oh, my gosh, you're not on Fox.


So I'm actually like, well, my audience is bigger now that I'm not on Fox, and they don't understand. So I want to do a show tomorrow, new media, dumb boxes, This is new media streaming versus livestreaming versus VOD, slinging technology, how headsets are going to defeat the two-button problem. I think this is going to be interesting.


I think you're going to dig it.


I've got a clip by Tim Pool I'm going to play tomorrow about this massive deal, Rogan sign, and why it's such a huge deal. This new media ecosystem moving forward, I promise you, is going to be an absolute game changer.


Folks, thanks again for tuning in. I really appreciate. I had a nice crowd today, considering the tech issue. Sorry about the RNG look. I promise, hopefully, I'll look normal tomorrow. We'll try to fix the camera. I promise. I patience. I'll be on a radio show in a little bit, hopefully on this channel, rumble. Com/bongino. Download the Rumbel app. We'd love to have you join the chat, join the show every day at 11:00 AM Eastern Time. See you soon. You just heard the Dan Bongino Show.