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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


Why is it. I've asked this question now. My gosh. For three, four years. When I saw a Horizon commercial with a Hollywood celebrity who had said some outrageous things about cops. Why is it that celebrities are allowed to say the most bigoted, anti-Semitic, racist, misogynistic, whatever things out there? And they always get a pass. Well, ladies and gentlemen, for a simple reason, has nothing to do with any of those things other than power.


And celebrities happen to be liberal. And if you're liberal, you're a protected class. I got that. I got a lot more on the show today, including more just stunning research charts and stuff that is going to show you were being totally gastelum right now. Today show. But you buy friends at Express VPN. Ladies and gentlemen, protect your online data. Protect it. Get a VPN today from those prying government eyes. You don't need that.


Get a VPN. Go to express VPN dot com slash bungeni. All right. Welcome to the Dan Bongino show producer. Joe, how are you today? Fine, sir. Mr. Bae.


Gino. I'm doing good. But, you know, I'm tired of feeling like prey. I feel like prey. Yeah. Well, every time on every issue. And it's just like we're being. And that's why I'm gonna flip the script a little today. I've been starting off with a lot of coronavirus stuff, but this is important stuff that why celebrities and liberal left leaning entertainers, sports figures, whatever, always get a pass. Yet if you're on the right and you're a conservative and you say something that's even mildly milquetoast, perceived to be wrong boycott's D platform, maybe it's a it's a joke.


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All right Joe, let's go. All right. Do you know now? Yes. This is I had to alter the order of the show today because this really had me furious. And I do these intros kind of teasers for the show on my parler account at Tebunginako every morning. And I'm like, I'm turning the show upside down because this is infuriating. You know, couple years back, I was living in my other house there and I saw this variety in AD and it featured a Hollywood actor who had recently been on the wrong side of me, just saying some really supporting some horrible things that were said about policing.


And I thought, that's interesting. Horizon, a huge company. You think like they would run away from controversy, right? Oh, my gosh, we don't want that. We're trying to appeal to a broad base of customers. We don't want to put people out there who are polarizing. But nothing happened whatsoever. Nothing, zero, zilch. NRDC, Mo. Nothing. Now we have this. Look at this Daily Mail story. Nick Cannon, you've you know who Nick Cannon and he and Nick Cannon is, he used to be on America's Got Talent.


He was the in the role now is the great Terry Crews that used to be the dreadful Nick Cannon. So, Nick, Nick Cannon, who is he's an entertainer and a celebrity in every respect. I think he does a whole bunch of different stuff. Nick Cannon apologizes for being anti Semitic, but not for calling white people. This is a, quote, evil rapists and savages. As that here's the rest of the headline, the Daily Mail's longest headlines ever as black stars back him and shar me.


I'm not calling this guy that he calls himself Charlamagne. Got a Charlamagne. OK, I forgive me. And Charlemagne's says Viacom CBS firing him proves that, quote, Jews have the power. Wow, dude. Those are quotes. By the way, not much. Those are code. You know, I know liberals again. Tough time with facts and reader's quotes, meaning those words actually said, spoken verbatim. By Nick Cannon and Charlamagne. Who says that because Nick Cannon was let go by Viacom for calling white people were Savard savages?


So why do people savages? Yes, exactly like that. That that proves that Jews have the power. OK. Let's go on a little more about what Nick Cannon said to keep in mind nothing serious is ever going to happen. Ben not going to be D platform. There'll be accepted in circles and Hollywood celebrity circuses. Remember, if you're a leftist, you could say whatever you want. Cops are pigs. Jews have the power. White people are savages.


It doesn't matter because you're left this and none of this is about protecting minorities, judging people by who they are not. Their religion has nothing to do with that. Nothing. This has everything to do with obtaining and keeping political power and crushing your political opposition. And if they see you as a useful tool, like a celebrity with a big following, you will rapidly be forgiven by the clowns in the media. The elitist snobs and the academic elitist losers who tell you we're really in it for the cause.


Your cause is power. Your cause has nothing to do with protecting black voters, Hispanic voters, black citizens, people from foreign countries, immigrants, people who are Muslim, Jewish has nothing to do with any of that. You don't care. This man would be if that was actually true. Removed from polite society tomorrow, meaning not accepted anywhere in public circles, nothing is going to happen to Nick Cannon of any significance whatsoever in the long run because they don't care.


Let's go to the piece. In case you think I'm making any of this up. Despite the fallout from Nick Cannon calling white people savages, a number of celebrities have this is not a joke. This is a real quote from The Daily Mail. A number of celebrities have voiced their support for the TV producer on social media. Wait. Joe, clearly, I'm reading that wrong. A number of celebrities have boycotted their support. No, no, no.


Have voiced their support for the TV production, including P. Diddy, who used to be Puff Daddy, who somehow thought P. Diddy was a better name. And former NBA star Dwayne Wade. Diddy real name Sean Combs, offered Canada a spot on his TV network on Wednesday, inviting him to, quote, come home to a truly black owned media company. We're doing what we're doing. Segregation thing is that we're doing now. The black owned would ask is what we're doing now where we're segregating things by race.


I'm just I'm just asking folks. I'm just asking questions. I thought that was wrong. Oh, it goes on. I see you over there. The only way we can change the narrative, educate and uplift each other is if we do it together. Nick, my brother. This is Daddy, your daddy or whatever. I'm here to support you fully in any way you need. What we are not going to do is turn our backs on our brothers and sisters when they challenged the system, Combs said in an integral and an Instagram post.


Oh, my gosh. This is real. This is real. These are the accept. Do you understand these people are morons, right? I'm not kidding. Listen, I. Can I again, point of personal privilege on the show here. If I may, in my prior line of work, which I really am getting tired of it, but it's important. A lot of times, especially when I was working with the Clintons, not so much with Republicans, but with Democrats like the Clintons when I was a Secret Service agent.


It's supporting their detail, especially Mrs. Clinton, when she was running for Senate in New York and then 1999, 2000. We would be around celebrities a lot because that's who they hang around with. I'm not stereotyping everyone, there's some very smart celebrities out there on the right and on the left. I'm just telling you my experiences. I gave you my experiences with the media last week and the press plane and what they do, these deranged I mean, lunatics on the press plane.


These are the people telling you the truth and the facts. The media people, some of the stuff I saw, you know you know, when you when you hear about what they do behind closed doors, you'd be up. You revolt in horror. Celebrities are some of the dumbest people on the planet. Some of the questions you would get to them. What I was going to say who? Because it would be unfair. But you get things like this all the time, I got this one may be minor, but it just made me laugh so much.


I was sitting there at the U.S. Open tennis tournament. I was an agent and I forget who I was there with, Condy Rice or Hillary Clinton. I forget who it was at the time. But a celebrity sat next to me and I was listening to his conversation. And it was what, you know, the story she. It was that at the level of probably a fourth grader. The converse. I'm not kidding. This is a celebrity hates Trump, by the way.


And he looked at my watch and said, hey, man, is that one of those Mondo's? I was like, man, but Nonno, what the hell is a Manado? Like an Italian ice company? I mean, you meet a Movado like, OK, you may be all right. I get it. Like maybe I'm déclassé. I don't know. But I don't know what I'm a non though. Is that like a real company? I have no idea.


And then I remember going away party in the Hamptons up for me. I was working as an agent because Clinton was going there, Bill Clinton, and there were a number of other celebrities. Again, I'll leave them out of this. And they were talking to me and asking me questions. I swear, it was like, is this for real? Is this person not understanding what I'm saying? Or they genuinely this stupid? This is what you're dealing with.


Racist, bigoted, anti Semitic, openly, openly anti-Semitic. The Jews have the power. What? Where we're doing at what Star Wars like conspiracy theories now. White people are savages. These are real quotes from people who get backup from other people who I'm telling you in the long run. Nothing will happen because this is not about combating racism or anything like that. It is to us. It's not to them. It's about political power. And these people doing this saying these abhorrent, grotesque things are useful to the left.


So in the long run, they'll make it all go away like they always do. It's disgusting. All right, moving on, finally, finally, a governor with some guts. I'm loving this guy more and more by by the day, by the way. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp makes, I think, his first appearance on the show here. We love this guy. So Georgia Governor Brian Kemp with Mahoneys made of pure 100 percent titanium, unadulterated by any other minerals or metals or cheaper metals, titanium, titanium.


You kicked him. Your ankle hurts, not him. Georgia Governor Brian Camp banned cities and counties from mandating masks. Nice. As I said and I will say again. I'm not anti mask if it makes you comfortable to wear one. Go right ahead. I'm not a tyrant. Like the left, I'm not here to make fun of you or insult you. I have read the data. Masks don't do anything. If you are not sick, they do.


And they can help in a limited fashion if you are sick and sneezing. They can help prevent you from contaminating others. In case you haven't noticed, though, the research on the masks, which is everywhere, by the way, including the WHL, which Joe Biden loves and we can't stand themselves, did a meta analysis on masks and couldn't find basically any research showing that they're effective in combating respiratory diseases. But if you want to wear one, go right ahead.


If your business wants people to wear one. That's your call. I understand. I will, of course, Don. One, if that's what you want your business. I just don't want government telling us what to do. And if someone said to me the other day, a health care professional, e-mail me, you know, it's fascinating that people really believe masks work. How do you think you're breathing in the mask? The air is taking the path of least resistance around there while it stops the droplets.


Not all of them folks. The evidence is actually very limited. They do anything at all. So good for Governor Brian Kemp. He's done a couple things. And I heard this guy much respect, much respect, one, for respecting individual liberty and adults to make their own adult decisions about the mess. But secondly, for opening up early because lockdowns don't matter. Dan, you can't say that lockdowns definitely work. We know that there's science behind.


There is. Where's that again? Are we allowed to ask questions anymore? Are we doing that? Are we asking questions? Or is the liberal media controlling the narrative so much that if we ask questions, we're the ones who get boycotted and removed from public life? You know, if you again, if you're a liberal, you could say things like, you know, Jews have the power and say, OK, you'll be fine. But if you're a conservative and you dare to ask a question like is there any actual research just checking that masks work?


No. But if you ask that, you're definitely a racist. I like. This is what passes for common sense, he says. Let's go to this article at Effy. Dawn. Why Sweden succeeded in flattening the curve in New York failed. The reason New York failed to flatten the curve and Sweden succeeded probably has little to do with Lockdown's. Now, of course, you have people like the dreadful governor of California, a total failure in every respect that I'm just an abomination, a man destroying one of the greatest states in the union.


People vote these the these just the morons in. And I just don't get it. I mean, he's actually decimating and destroying your state by the mid. How does that make you feel if you're a citizen in New York or California, knowing you voted these people in and they're destroying your life that make you feel that I'm. I'm just I'm just checking. So let's look at some evidence here. So I read this piece, which is in the show notes I strongly encourage you to read because some of you still believe, like economic lockdowns have any effect whatsoever on the spread of this virus corona virus to one virus from China.


Some of you still believe that for some bizarre reason. I don't know why there's no evidence at all out there. Again, just like the evidence on masks is a counter, but they're counterproductive in many cases. Let's go to a screenshot from this piece. Check out my show notes, by the way, by Gedo dot com slash newsletter, if you want to check it out, because we're doing facts here. It says, hey, flattening the curve was the primary goal of policymakers, you know, flattening the curve, keeping the fatality count low, but more spread out over time.


That way, hospitals weren't overwhelmed. Then Sweden was largely a success in New York, despite widespread closures and strict enforcement of social distancing policies. New York was not a success. The reason New York failed and Sweden succeeded probably has relatively little to do with the fact that bars and restaurants were open in Sweden. In other words, ladies and gentlemen, Sweden maintained a relatively light touch approach to Lockdown's. They let their economy, relatively speaking, stay open.


New York locked everything down. New York had a massive fatality count and Sweden did not. As Weiss explains, the difference probably isn't related to lockdowns at all. It probably has much more to do with the fact that New York failed to protect the most out risk populations, the elderly and infirm who.


Here's the money, quote, ladies and gentlemen. Here's the good news. You can shut down businesses or keep them open closed schools or stay in session, wear masks or not, says Weiss, a graduate of Harvard Business School. The virus will make its way through in either case. And if we protect the elderly, then deaths will be spared. You don't believe me? You don't think I'm kidding Sweden, which maintains, again, a relatively light touch and did not shut their country down.


You want to see the body count New York, which which did, you know, government and force lockdowns basically shut down the whole say you want to show how useless they were. Look at this chart. If you want to check it out, go to YouTube, dot com slash Punchy and I'll explain to you. Here it is from Oenone Weiss's Twitter feed. Here, let me just explain it to you. Here's a big, huge crest in deaths in New York and a relatively flat khurvin tweet in Sweden.


You can see it right there. Come back to me. I'll I'll explain. So here, here's New York up. Really? Let me. That's Invision. This, folks. For those of you listening on audio only, we have a massive mountain in New York of fatalities and we have a small little rolling hill in Sweden. Mountain, New York, small rolling hail in Sweden. Now, some will come back and say, well, Sweden compared to Belgium had a higher fatality rate.


OK, fair. It also had a lower fatality rate than other European countries as well. So it's interesting how you only compare Sweden to some countries and cherry pick your data to make it look like they're non lockdown policy was an abomination. But when you compare it to a place that actually locked down like New York, all of a sudden you don't want to, you know, want to discuss that data at all. Again, that's not science. That's your opinion?


That's your bias, your affirmation bias, where you've pre concluded what you think is the conclusion was drawn before you even looked at the data. Folks, we're getting to a dangerous place here. I'm telling you, we are in a post science world where, ironically, liberals have hijacked the word science when they're really talking about propaganda. Let me get to one more articles. I have a lot to get to. Today's was the chaos in New York.


Video is going to blow your mind. I can't believe this stuff is happening. But Washington Examiner, again, the power of freedom and liberty. Private religious schools are more likely than public schools to reopen in the fall. By Nicholas Rowe in the Washington Examiner article. Be up at the show notes. Why do you think that is? What do you think private schools are opening up while public schools, many of them are locking down? Well, maybe because parents in private schools choose to send their kids there.


And if they do so, schools then choose to not open. Those parents may choose not to pay. Crazy Joe. School choice. Markets. Capitalism. Freedom. Liberty. Your own crazy ideas like that. Private schools opening, so I have a suggestion. And hopefully I'll get this story later about the dreadful teachers union, Los Angeles, which doesn't give a damn about the kids at all. Please, can we stop that for a minute? That knocking you teachers out there?


Don't dare misconstrue what I'm saying. The teachers unions out there pushing for these lockdowns. We want more money, much more money. It's probably the largest line item of every local budget right now. You need more money. Not about the kids. You wanted so just to be clear, everybody wants to defund the police that are on the front lines dealing with Cauvin patients in the street every single day, along with rampant criminality of big cities, defund them.


But let's fund schools that aren't even open. That makes sense to you. I'm just checking. Again, we're just asking questions that make sense to you. If it does, you're most likely a liberal. Course, private religious schools will open because if they don't, they won't get paid. But again, teachers unions don't open those schools. We're good. Leave your kids at home. We're OK. I don't think so. All right, let me get to my second sponsor.


I want to get to this New York Post piece because, ladies and gentlemen, they're not peaceful protesters. OK, can we stop this nonsense if you get hit with a bat and they open your skull up? I don't know in what dictionary or thesaurus you found the word peaceful. Next to that. OK, maybe I'm missing something here. All right, today's show also brought to you by our good friends at Tommy John. One of the secrets of staying sweat free this summer, I recommend Tommy John's alter a breathable underwear and bras.


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It is a damn shame to watch this city descend into chaos and not only descend into chaos, but descend into chaos so rapidly. Look at this article at The New York Post. You know, the dirty little secret of criminology that people who've studied this now is a very small portion of the population commits an overwhelming percentage of the crime. You know, the day the old 80 20 rule, you know, 20 percent of people commit 80 percent of the crimes, 20 percent of the people do 80 percent of the work.


That 80 20 rule works in criminology to video shows protesters get shipment of bats before Brooklyn Bridge brawl. Now, what's even more interesting about this New York Post article, this again shows the media they can't stop lying to schools. Corona virus lockdown's. It doesn't matter if you are watching these imbeciles in the media. You are getting your bizarro Superman land coverage of things that are not, you know, bizarro Superman. Everything's upside down. It's the Seinfeld episode where he does everything wrong.


That's the media. Joe, largely peaceful protest. Well, there actually was a peaceful protest going on. It was a unity rally where community affairs officers from the NYPD, Joe, were marching with people from the community for actual peace. The very definition of a peaceful protest walk arm in arm. Call for peace. Peace, I mean. I mean, liberals, I don't know. Liberals are a peace means anymore. The absence of violence, I mean, I don't how to describe it other than using negation.


From the New York Post piece, this is fascinating. The other, you know, as they described BLM in a. a largely peaceful as they're burning down buildings and attacking people. This is fencing. They got a delivery of baseball bats beforehand in a vehicle. Baseball bats. You know, but folks, they weren't playing tee ball. This was not the Port St. Lucie Mets. They weren't taking batting practice. They got deliveries of baseball bats and a car because they were taking batting practice on people's bodies.


What did I tell you about the radical left? They always need their shock troops on the front line. And the reason they need the shock troops is to scare you into silence because the radical left doesn't want resistance, any resistance. They don't want counterprotests. They want you in fear. That's what big government fascist tyrants do. They need a fearful populace that will shut their mouth, stay in their house, and you need shock troops to do that.


The reason the left wants to defund the police is because the police are going to get in their way and they're going to attack them now to. The videos with sound to this, but there's a you may have missed this, but here's a video of the Brooklyn Bridge. Meanwhile, keep in mind, this is a protest where cops were marching with community members, with community members for peace. They were then attacked by activists. Well, you know, again, largely peaceful.


And here's a video of, yes, a guy bashing the NYPD police chief on the head, opening his skull up with a cane. Again, largely peaceful protests. Now, this is again, this is the Orwellian. Bizarro world. Seinfeld. George Costanza doing everything backwards episode we live in. We're an actual peaceful protests of cops and civilians walking across the bridge, marching for actual peace is attacked by a bunch of radical maniacs who get a delivery of baseball bats and proceed to bash the police chief in the skull.


And yet the liberal media will continue to paint the liberal radical activists as peaceful protests and the cops as the enemy. They need the shock troops. Why matters? I haven't said that while. And one of the things I enjoy doing on the show is not just showing you the footage, but the why. You know, why do they want lockdown's immediate? They want lockdown's because they know it'll damage Trump, because Trump's going to run on the economy has nothing to do with science.


So science is lockdown's to anything for the corona virus mitigation measures at all. Why do they support, support, violent, openly violent shock troops on the front line, because they intimidate opposition from gathering, protesting themselves and getting out their political message. It's no more complicated than that. Now, again. Showing you how the media. We'll spin, and this is great. This is always this group of those free beacon, the Washington Free Beacon, put together a great montage.


Hat tip to them, going to play in about a minute long way.


You pay attention. This is important. Understand the why, again, why they claim these are peaceful protests by liberal activists that are not. They need the shock troops out there and they don't want public opposition against the shock troops. So despite the fact that the public is viewing videos every day of antifa, some BLM activists and radical left is beating the snot out of people. They can't have that narrative that they're the violent ones because sane American citizens don't like violence.


So they say what? Largely peaceful protest, but they can't. I can find no evidence of conservative rallies, violence at conservative rallies. And don't you dare. By the way, talk about that, Charles. That that guy down there that don't even did that's not dead. No, no, no, no. That's not. No, no, no, no, no, no. We're not going to fall for that one bit. You can't find any evidence of conservatives at all engaged in violence at any rallies.


So here's the media gaslighting you again. Remember everything with that when it talks to that, when it comes to discussing Trump and the right. It's gonna be about wars, violent overtones. Here is a montage of the media with Trump's various, quote, wars, even though he's the one calling for law and order and peace in the streets has been going on forever. Check this out.


Donald Trump's war on elements of his own government, Trump's war on absentee ballots, Trump's war on Foushee, President Trump's war on facemask.


Trump's war on world order. Donald Trump's war on women. Trump's war on science trumps war on children.


President Trump's war on the truth. Trump's war on reality.


Trump's war on institutions. Trump's war and his own executive branch. Donald Trump's war on the FBI. Donald Trump's war on the FBI. Trump's war on Jeff Sessions. Is it Trump's war on Obamacare? Donald Trump's war on law enforcement.


Trump's war on China. Trump's war on the whistleblower. Trump's war on the Freedom Caucus. President Trump's war on the NFL comes war on Amazon. Trump's war on trade. Donald Trump's war on Intel. Trump's more on the intel community. Trump's war on intelligence. Donald Trump's war on immigration. From its war on immigrant labor.


From President Trump's war on the press. President Trump's unprecedented first year war in the media. Trump's war on the media or in the media.


War on the press. War on the media. Trump's war on the media. Coming up in our next hour, Trump's war on the media continues. Donald Trump's war on just as Trump's war on. Just as Donald Trump's war on Justice Donald Trump's war on Justice.


Donald Trump's war on Justice.


Trump's war on the justice system. President Trump's war on Christmas.


You think that's a mistake? No. But these persistent, never ending analogies to violence when it comes to conservatives like Donald Trump. Because Joe just said, of course, no, of course it is. Ladies and gentlemen, it's again meant to paint a complicated mosaic. You have a hard time kind of seeing the picture unless you back away. It's meant to confuse you. The left aren't the violent ones. It's the right to violent conservatives. You have actual evidence of that anywhere.


Conservatives engaging in mass violence at rallies. You have any evidence of that at all? No. No, we don't. OK. Thank you. Of course you don't. It's the radical leftist. But everything is flip, the script is flipped. It's this Costanza episode. Everything is upside down. By the way, one interesting side note to the stats there, I don't mean to be out of order disjointed the show anyway. But Nick Cannon, who I discussed in the beginning, chauffeurs, openly anti-Semitic, racist comments, is issued some kind of a Twitter apology claiming I, you know, spoke you know, I spoke out of turn again.


I thought there'll be no long term consequences for these people at all. Dwayne Wade as well put out some Twitter apology. The NBA, a former NBA star. I didn't realize I was, you know, backing these comments. I'm not I'm walking the news. Nothing will happen. But remember, if you're a conservative and they discover something you said when you were six years old at a pick and paint party somewhere and it's on video, you are not allowed to apologize for that.


My game, because the rules are the rules, the road. There's no rules at all. The rules are power, power, raw, naked power. How do we get it? Who's useful for obtaining it? And when celebrities are useful, they will always be forgiven. When conservatives need to be politically disposed of, they will be damaged for what they said when they were six at the pick and paint party. Ridiculous. By the way, nice job of the free beacon on that month, Trump War, war, not everything.


Wars on everything. They don't talk about the liberal war on like people. Actual people bashing them in the head with stuff, as you can see in that video.


You know what? I'm glad that you're taking the time to explain this with this war thing means and was done suddenly and long term because, you know, I don't think people understand it. And I'm glad you were saying what you said. Nice job.


No, it the damage is, you know, is that it works. I mean. And Joy, you but you probably understand this as well as anybody. People are sibs are very susceptible. This even the smart and at the smartest. What me folks. Me to everyone. I'm I'm I'm I'm not excluding myself from this at all. I gosh, I'm so high brow. People are very susceptible to the influence of narratives over time. And you immerse people in it now.


I mean, what's the line? You know, by famous line, by, you know, fascist tyrants all over the world. You know, you repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. It's very difficult to escape it when you hear it all the time. Think about the way they discuss conservatives all the time. Violent war like analogies. Yet when they discuss liberals, it's a peaceful protest. Wait, there's a guy bashing a guy in the head with a cane.


Remember that Ali Velshi from MSNBC, the buildings burning down behind them item by having a hard time describing this. Anything other as a peaceful path, a building burning down by it all it sets in. And that's why, if I may add one more thing, and I'm glad you brought this up. I don't mean to get distracted, but this is important. When I ran in Maryland for the U.S. Senate, I knocked on the doors in largely black communities.


What I found fascinating in Prince George's County, which is the wealthiest, largely minority community, one of them in the United States. Black families, doctors, architects, pilots. What I found fascinating is many of them were registered Democrats. I know because you can tell them you can't tell how they vote. It's a secret ballot. You can tell how the register I would knock on the door. I knock on doors anyway. Didn't care, Democrat or Republican.


It was a statewide election. I had won the primary. I want to talk to people. And what I was stunned is, as I got in the conversations with them, if they didn't ask me my party affiliation, they would typically talk to me. A lot of the voters, some would. In a minute I said it was a Republican, but the more I talk, they could not believe. I'm not kidding how conservative they were. Social issues, religious issues, abortion, firearm rights, the economy.


And I'd say at the end, I don't understand. Why, you're a Democrat, I mean, I'm really I'm perplexed that mean vote for me or not, I'm genuinely confused. Why you're nothing you're saying is a staple of Democrat Party principles. And I would get the same answer almost every time. Well, you know, Republicans just don't like us. And I'd be like. Who told you that I am? I'm here. I'm here now.


Like no republic. No, no Democrats knocking on your door. I'm here. If I didn't like you, why would I be here? That is the goal of long term activists, media narratives, where they suddenly, every single day wear away your ability to reason until you actually believe this stuff. And you see it again with the framing of this incident with Nick Cannon, with the framing of the Corona virus, have nothing and none of this is based in size.


The framing of Nick. Oh, listen, he's apologetic. All right. I'm idle. I have no problem with redemption. Christ forgave a murderer on the cross. But minutes before death. But that rule doesn't apply to conservatives. Thanks, bro. Damn shame and not on you. And maybe that's an interesting Segway. Maybe that's why I have this next story from The Washington Times about are there pockets of air quotes, secret Trump voters out there we don't know about?


You know, I'm skeptical of polls. I want to be clear. I don't write the polls off. I don't I don't write I never write poll and polls or data points like anything else. Give me data. I believe in science and facts. I just want to see the data and want to see if the data is accurate. Interesting story in The Washington Times. You really should read again in the show notes. Go to Bunji. Go that compilation newsletter.


You can subscribe to the show notes for free will send them to you every day. Washington Times. Poll shows Biden leading in Pennsylvania, but finds widespread suspicion of, quote, secret Trump voters. Ladies and gentlemen, I've been suspicious about this for a really long time. Quick back story. I was in the gym a little while ago and I was talking to a guy who is a very, very active Republican and he was talking to me about the polls and he said, you know, I get these calls all the time on my landline from pollsters.


And I tell them I'm supporting. And I forget as a way before this is before Bridon Biden. I think he'd even announce he's supporting the Democrat when he lied to them on the phone. Whether you do that or not is up to you. I'm not judging the guy, but he seemed to think it was under the impression that if he told game pollsters misinformation, it would benefit Trump. I don't think that's necessarily true. But. Paula, every challenge I think I told you at the start, I think I told the story to Joe, too, on the show.


I was surprised because a lot of Trump voters, I think, are really convinced if they give pollsters inaccurate information that those somehow benefit. It may may not. I don't I don't know. I'm not judging you for it. But from The Washington Times piece, this is fascinating. They did a survey. And 57 percent of registered voters believe that there are a number of so-called secret voters in their community who support Trump but won't tell anyone. Here's what's interesting, though.


Less than half that number. Twenty seven percent believe there are secret voters for Mr. Biden. Folks, do not get this off. Again, I'm not dismissing polls. I'm not going to tell you ignore all the polls. We're going to win in a landslide. I don't think that benefits us either. Polls are data points, take them and digest them, but take them in with a grain of salt and be skeptical. Skepticism matters. It's the very essence of science.


But don't you find it fascinating that when you actually ask people in the community if they believe, hey, they're a bunch of people out here going to vote for Trump, we're probably not telling anyone that nearly 60 percent of people talking about Trump say yes. But only 27 percent about Biden, what do you think that is? Folks in this show, we like to weave stories together, I constantly go back to what I said. I tell you what I'm going to tell you, I tell you and then I tell you what I told you.


It's the best way to learn things, right, for me to. What I tell you in the beginning. It's acceptable amongst the Hollywood elitists, the media leaders, academics, sports celebrities, what we would call pop culture, people who have influence. It's acceptable in many cases, sadly to them, to say openly racist, bigoted, in the case of the story, opened up with anti-Semitic things. As long as you come out with a makeup a few days later and then everything's a OK, it's acceptable if you're a liberal, because if you're a liberal, just like a lot of the black voters I spoke to when they knocked on the door.


If you vote for them, it's assumed you're a good guy and the Republicans are the ones coming after people. So even if you screw up and say bad things, you have a higher moral standing in society because you're on the right side of it. You're not on the right side of it, but you're on the right side of it. Because pop culture, the media, academics, sports figures, entertainment figures have told you you're on the right side of it.


None of that's actually true. It's like telling you two plus two equals 76 and you believe even oh, you know, it's not true because the media said if they put a story out about it. Now, does it make sense why people, when asked by pollsters, knows who they're voting for, may say something like? I don't know. I'm considering by maybe third party.


Meanwhile, in their head, they're fully committed to President Trump. Because why the media and those other groups I told you about have all of the other neighbors believing, God forbid you, you're a Republican. You're the one that hates people, despite the fact there's no evidence that the liberals doing that. And you don't want to be judged by your neighbor and you just don't, you know, Sanea, you're taking out your garbage and you don't have time for a big argument.


Hey, neighbor. Shall we bag a on? Hey, Joey. How are you today, sir? I'm just checking who you voted for in the election. You think the guy has any time to be called a racist by his neighbor to neighbor? Doesn't know anything. Often the neighbor know my neighbors are smart, but they are they're good. But. Neighbors, but his neighbors, they don't know anything. They've heard on the media. Republicans don't like blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, raising us all false.


Of course, but they believe it because everybody's told them that. So you've earned far. I don't know, neighbor. I'm considering Joe Biden. This is a case in which Joe Biden, bones out of reach, doesn't want to say anything because he the one to deal with the neighbor in his lecture. Does that make sense? Bingo. Do you think this is an error in this Washington Times? It's not an error. The reason people know of a neighbor or someone else who's voting Trump not saying is because they know the person, the person probably told them that.


So. You know, you do suspect your neighbor way taking out the garbage is a Biden guy. You don't wanna get in an argument with me. I maybe vote for Biden. He's great or whatever. But then you go out to dinner with your conservative friends. Who actually believe in big our God given rights and judging people by their character. And you tell them. The neighbor asked me who I'd vote for and want to get him when arguing with him.


So I just told them by. That's why people are answering this impulse, because they've been told this story by neighbors who are keeping their phone quiet because they don't want to be called a lunatic, an imbecile or a white supremacist by deranged maniacs in the media who live in George Costanza world from the Seinfeld episode. Listen. I'm like I said, I'm out of the predictions business or I'm trying to because it's useless. And it doesn't matter if I tell you Trump's going to win.


I'm afraid it's gonna breed apathy if I tell you Trump's gonna lose. I'm afraid it's gonna breed a lot of e-mails where people like, why are you saying he's going to lose? I don't I'm I'm not taking a stance on this. I support him. I think he's I think there's a good chance he could win. But I'm telling you, take these polls with a healthy degree, a grain of salt. This big and skepticism. Because I believe it's true that a lot of these people are saying, hey, I'll vote for Biden and don't really mean it.


All right. I want to get this next clip, I will get my finest by this is if you want to talk about peak media stupidity. Katy Tur from MSNBC, as is just a walking gaffe machine. I'm going to get to that in a minute. I'm going to show you. She had this segment on with Tim Murtaugh from the Trump campaign that was so absurd. I had the laugh. I'll do it before you get that. My last sponsor.


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Change and alter my top 10 dumbest people in media chart because, Katie, terrorists rapidly creeping up the chart. You know, Brian Stelter has been number one for a long time. Chuck Todd's a solid number two. He was number one for, I think, a week. Yeah, yeah. Cuomo, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon are probably three and four. They changed spots like Katie Tur may be number five. So she was on yesterday with Tim Murtaugh from the Trump campaign.


And she's trying again. Again, this is this is supposed to be a media personality. She's not. She's trying to, again, make the case somehow that this virus discriminates between left leaning protests and Trump rallies, that somehow the virus knows the difference. Instead of just saying maybe it's not a good idea to cram yourself into tight spaces inside outsiders. She doesn't want to say that because she's a hack. So she gets on with Tim Murtaugh. She lectures him.


And I want you to. This is great. Watch out. Tim Murtaugh from the Trump campaign. Watch at the end how he fires back at or just this subtle kind of sarcastic way. It's really good. Check this out.


The president is the only one having indoor rallies or events of that scale in the entire country. Again, the protests were outdoors. All of the the doctors and health experts say that that is a safer place to hold them. I attended a number of those rallies. Everybody was wearing a mask, hand sanitizer. So it was handed out. We just saw the images of those rallies. People were not wearing man. I was inside the president's rally. There was not social distancing being practiced.


We saw the signs being removed from and handed out to rallies fantasized about having hanger. They were they weren't wearing them. And also, Dr. Foushee today has said that the incubation period for this disease could be longer than then. Just two weeks. So more talk. Thanks so much for joining us. We appreciate all of your time. Stephanie HKT, thank you.


I appreciate that speech, Katie. Thank you. Katie Cha, who I'm not kidding, is one of the silliest, dopiest people in media. Daring liberal mayors are now acknowledging that these outdoor protests were hilariously jump. Everybody there was using sanitizer and wearing that they were wet in between burning the buildings down. What are you talking about? The liberal mayors are acknowledging and by the way, even the ones that didn't result in riots that stayed. Some of them did.


Largely peaceful. Some of them did. There is no evidence. Everyone there was wearing masks and using sanitizer. Some may have. I saw the videos, too. What is she talking about? These liberal mayors themselves are acknowledging that these protests resulted in probably wide spread transmission of this virus. What kind of dopey silly even Chuck Todd, the second dumbest guy in media sitting there like you? What? Yeah. Yeah. What? I get this.


This is not a smart person. Now, just to show you some. Here's a Katy Tur classic she's on with. I believe it's Philip Bob. Another genius from The Washington Post. But he asked to correct her on this because Katy Tur apparently is unaware that in the United States Senate races where everyone in the state eligible to vote can vote. Therefore, there's no gerrymandering. You can't cut up a state. Katy wasn't aware of that. So she's wondering how gerrymandering.


Please don't send me an e-mail, by the way. It's Gary Mann. I know Eldridge. I know. I know. Please don't it. No email. I love my audience, but no e-mail. I know what it's. People just say gerrymander. I know. I get it. But here's Katik juror who seems to think you can gerrymander an entire state. Check this out.


So what is the Lietzau resolution to that? Is is gerrymandering something that would help improve the situation? Is how does how does that sort of divide promote consensus in the Senate or even in the House? Well, I mean, the only resolution gerrymander is not can do anything in the Senate. We're talking about states right now, interim interstates. The only solution is for Democrats to appeal to voters in those states. Right. This is the genius who thinks that the virus doesn't affect people at liberal activist rallies.


She's wondering how gerrymandering is going to affect the state election. Nice job, Cadyville. By the way, if you Google Katie toward gaffes, you can just scroll through the pages where she is and understand our taxation work. But again, MSNBC will celebrate her double digit IQ and put her out there as she lectures Tim Murtaugh, who is probably sitting there going, why did I do an interview with this silly person right here? And real. All right, you see this story.


Legal insurrection be up in the show today. So, again, we're back to dividing people up by race and color and creed, but not ice. No, no, not now, not us, not conservatives, libertarians, Republicans and Democrats who believe in things like the Constitution and big our God given rights. We're not doing any of that. But let's not review this headline. This is by the great Kimberly K. Legal Insurrection. So who said this?


Signs of whiteness are rugged individualism, the nuclear family, scientific method and work ethic. That would be the National Museum of African-American History and Culture. Whoo! In case you missed it, put up a handy chart to to show you the characteristics of whiteness. This is not a joke. You know, white culture, the holidays, competitiveness. These are work ethic. Ladies and gentlemen, we are living through peak stupid. This is the National Museum of African-American History and Culture.


Telling people out there that if you're competitive, what you believe in science, any of these things. That those are characteristics of whiteness. Now, you may ask yourself again why these liberal far left organizations, by the way, they get. I believe they get some taxpayer money through the whole Smithsonian network. They're. Why are they doing this? Why are they obsessed with moving back towards segregation, separating people into white and black and Jew and Muslim man, woman and man and union and non-union?


Why are they doing this? Well, I've explained this multiple times, and you need to embrace it, because if you don't understand the why, nothing else matters. They do it because liberals radical left this. They can't run on things and gain political power by being open and honest about what they want because what they want is ridiculously unpopular. Well, what do they want? They want your money through high taxes. They want to control your kid's education through failing, in many cases, crappy public schools.


They want to control your health care by making you go through a government bureaucrat to seek permission to stay alive or have you crack your chest cracked open if you're having a heart attack. They want control and they want power. They know that's not popular. But why? Because, ladies and gentlemen, human beings will always, as a reflection of our God given just desire for liberty and freedom, will always seek to be free from control of others. They will.


The left knows that, so they can never get you to vote for them if they're honest about what they want. So what they do is they embrace identity politics. Here are the characteristics of whiteness. The Jews have the power. White people are savages. All of this stuff they want to do. They want to make sure that they your allegiance is to a class or group. They have set up for you. Don't let me lose you, because this is an important point.


And I really need you to embrace this. The left does not want you to identify with things that would give you objective values, objective values, free from their influence, God, family. So they don't want you to identify as a mother, Christian, anything like that. They want you to identify with a category. They can tell you the Republicans hate. So if you happen to be a black male who's a father and you don't see yourself as a black man, I mean, look in the mirror and see yourself.


I mean, you don't you just don't go about your life that way. You're an American citizen. Is it that you don't walk around every day obsessed with the melanin component of your skin? They hate that. Because if they don't get you to believe that first, that that's primarily what you are, you're defined by the melanin component of your skin. Then they can't get you to believe that they're protecting you against the evil Republican horde. Because remember, as we saw in the video clip, trumps at war with everybody.


War, war or on the minority community War on Justice Year. And who's there to protect you? The Democrats, so go full circle, the Democrats know they can't talk to black men and women or Hispanic men and women reasonably and tell them things like, hey, here's what we support. Give us your money. Give us your kids. Give us your health care system and let's terminate life in the womb. They can't say that because they don't want to vote for them.


So they knock on their door and say, hey, you know, you're black, right? Yeah, I knew that those Republicans really hate you.


You know, you're an immigrant. You know, those Republicans, they really hate you. None of that's actually true.


But if you don't identify with that category first, primarily. There'll be lost, then they'll have no message. That's why they constantly seek out these absurdities and these openly racist things like here are categories of whiteness. Ladies and gentlemen, read that chart. I assure you, if if you. As a leftist, I really believe that competition, science and the nuclear family are principles that only apply to white people. You are a hard core racist. I am not.


You're not a mild racist. You're not a dog whistle racist. Joe, would you agree? You are a hard core racist. I'm not kidding. Right with you. I'm not saying that hyperbolically. If your public position. Is that if you're a dad to your kids in a nuclear family who goes to work and competes and and wants to excel in his life and who believes in science, that you are in fact not black, your white dad or you're not your dad?


That's not that sounds that's a condition of whiteness only. You are a serious, hard core racist. Who needs hard core professional help? How weird. I mean, how are people not seeing this? Is it not obvious that, again, the melanin component of your skin? Can I just tell you again, a quick story here, ism. I'm Italian and Irish. Ladies and gentlemen, and I'm Italian, Irish, German and English. We want to be.


We'll give Doe the whole thing. I don't identify with any of that. I'm an American citizen. I'm a dad, a husband. I'm I'm a, you know, a commentator. Those things matter to me. Not that I don't care about this. I just. I've never been to Italy. I love Italians. They're great. I just don't get into that. I'm an American citizen. I'm not a hyphenated American citizen. I love this country.


Never even been to Italy, I haven't been Ireland. I have been to Germany. I happen to have relatively dark skin, red, olive toned skin, especially out here in Florida, where it's a hundred and fourteen degrees on Christmas. You walk out to get your garbage cans from the front curb when you agree poorly your tan and in about two minutes, perfectly tan from from a white out like white. And you have olive toed right away at Florida.


Sun is powerful. Why do I bring this up? Because I got an email once from a Media Matters lunatic. I'm not kidding. This Oliver clown asking me how I identify myself if I identify myself as black. But at. I know I'm not kidding. The guy's a total nut job. Dubai. And an answer that. Because they're so stupid. Do I identify myself? It goes to show you how ridiculous identifying and judging people by the melanin component of their skin is.


You can't even figure it out yourself. So blackness versus whiteness is so important to the left, not to us. So important. And you should judge people by it. Yet when you see people, you're not sure which one they are. Kind of a big mess there. No, Joe. Right. I'm just saying, like, if you misjudge him, like I if you go online, a lot of people think I'm black. I'm not.


I'm again, Italian, German, Irish and English. It doesn't matter to me. They're obsessed with it because they don't know they're like two buttons show. Way, way is the evil whiteness guy. Is he there or is he the good guy? Minority guy? We don't know. It doesn't matter what I say or do. They're upset. They had to email me the question.


How do you identify? How do you identify as a human being? I thought that's how we were identifying people. I'm just checking. No, no, not them. You're so obsessed with race as the definitive characteristic of who the good guys and the bad guys are, yet you yourself don't know the race of the people you wanted to find. Again, kind of a big mess. No. If you're evil or bad based on your race, like leftists want us to believe, you better damn well get that question right.


Right. We don't have to ask that question. Conservatives and libertarians. And freedom loving Democrats. If there are any left anymore. Why do we have to ask it? Because we don't care. It's a meaningless characteristic to us stuff. What you do matters. The left had ethnic. You know what? Hold on. We're going to do this on a show. I'm going to try to find a six. You think I'm making this up? Hold on a second.


I mean, I may I hope I didn't delete this.


Zeien here. This would be. This would be classic if I could find this. I don't know. Don't edit any of this out. This is I'm not messing with you. I know who sent me the email. I may have deleted it. Let me put it in, Oliver. Media man. I'm sure show I'm not even kidding. I'll read the actual e-mail. I may have deleted it because he was such a numbskull and even want this guy.


My e-mail box. Darn it, I can't find it. But I'm telling you, it happened. Oliver Willis, Media Matters. Email me about how I identify myself. As a human being is the answer. Which I never answered him because I don't answer those people. Not how you identify yourself. Moms, dads, those kind of things. In other words, ladies and gentlemen, the things that really matter. Being a mom, being a spouse, being a dad, being a grandmother.


The roles you fill and you see yourself in where you can really make an impact and make the world a better place. Not be melanin component of your skin as the primary determinant of your life. They're obsessed with it. All right, let me just that's Paul. We go to that vice story quick, it's important. I want to finish off with this today because folks, I am and again, and one of the owners of Parler, I have to say that just out of fair disclosure, my audience, which is a competitor to Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere, but Twitter at a major meltdown yesterday, folks.


I thought the security was a little better there. Twitter, in case you missed it, major league accounts, some other about baseball and do well. People with huge followings were hacked into yesterday. Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Elon Musk and others. And they put a Bitcoin account up and they basically got money from people. Here's a vice story. Hackers convinced Twitter employees to help them hijack accounts. Wait, what parler was OK yesterday? Just like that on the record.


Now, if you were a blue checkmark account on Twitter, for those of you not social media savvy, a blue checkmark next to your name means I have one. So I'm always careful how I talk about it. Either way, you sound like a jerk, but it means you have somewhat of a following and they give you a blue checkmark to make sure people don't impersonate you. That's why we have a verification process on parler as well. So if you had a blue checkmark, which probably means you have a pretty decent following to Twitter in response to this hack, shut down all blue checkmarks from posting for about two hours.


I was shut out, wasn't shut out of parlor. Parlor was OK. Which was good. But folks from this vice viceroy's, it's fascinating. How much how much power do these people have? Quote, On Wednesday, the accounts of Joe Biden, Neilan, must, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Uber and Apple tweeted cryptocurrency scams in an apparent hack. What did we miss? We use the wrap. This is a quote. This is the people who hacked into it.


They told Vice. We use the wrap that literally done all the work for us. One of the sources told Motherboard, the second source and excuse me, little motherboard that the second source added they paid the Twitter insider. Motherboard granted the source's anonymity to speak candidly about a security incident. Twitter says they're still investigating whether the employee hijacked the accounts themselves or gave hackers access to the tool. Folks, how much power Twitter insiders have is a serious question.


I get it. Again, I'm a part owner of a competitor. But I say this with as much objectivity as I can. How much power? Twitter insiders have? Joe, can I just pitch you a hypothetical before we wrap the show for it? I certainly do. So a Twitter insider had enough access to either sell his access to these high profile accounts or have his account hijacked and people post that on behalf of Joe Biden and Barack Obama.


You probably see where I'm going with this. There's a Twitter insider have the ability to then go into Donald Trump's account. Yes. Which was already canceled by Twitter. Remember that? No, that incident while gone, they had reinstated. What if they would oppose something like, hey, Russia? Heads up. There's a few nukes coming your way. I'm just asking like, isn't it what kind of power these do you understand? The power of Twitter is one of the reasons we started, partly because their power is almost monopolistic.


Well, those same leaders could go out on parler accounts and say, hey, what just happened over on Twitter or Facebook or whatever, to be fair to other social media accounts? And say, hey, that's not us. We are not bombing Russia as we speak. I think Twitter needs to do some serious soul searching, and we will to. But just keep in mind and parler all a user verification data you provide, we delete all that.


We only keep yourself here. We don't keep any of your stuff. We don't data mine. We don't do any of that because we don't want to be responsible for your data. We're not. These other companies out there are selling your data. This dangerous stuff. It's a serious question. Hey, China will go to war tomorrow. Imagine someone posting had a Twitter account. Serious questions. All right, folks, I will be on the 5:00 today.


Want to check it out? I'll be cohosting the 5:00 at 5:00 on the Fox News Channel, if we want to check that out. Should be a lot of fun. So don't miss that. I don't know who is in today's. Are we. So he's a little spicy when I'm there. You know how I feel about getting into it with the tussling with the Libs a little bit. Thanks again for doing it. And please subscribe to the podcast YouTube dot com slash Bond Geno and on Apple podcast as well.


Subscriptions are free. They help us move up the charts. We really appreciate it. Thanks a lot, folks. See Odama.


You just heard Dan Bongino.