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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino. This is it. I have this cut of video, video and audio, and this piece from the Wall Street Journal that sums up the entire cancerous rot in Washington, DC, right now. What's the problem in Washington, DC? Let me throw this question out before we start. Serious question, chatsters, everyone else out there. Are you expecting Washington, DC people? Think about what I'm about to say before you answer. Are you expecting them, politicians and bureaucrats in DC, the moron class, to, quote, solve your problems? I'm going to ponder that for a minute. Don't just jump to an answer. Once you understand what that question means in the answer, this whole show will make sense. Hey, I've been raving about Beam's Dream Powder. You know, their hot cocoa for sleep I use every night. Get up to 40% off for a limited time when you go to shop stream. Com/bongino. Use code Bongino at checkout. Also, I got a big announcement for you folks out there who liked my latest book, The Gift of Failure. We are adding another stop in the book tour.


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The weekend starts tomorrow. Okay, you heard about the book signing. I appreciate that. This is what I'm talking about. My experience running for office was really... This show would not be successful. I mean it, it wouldn't be. And I think Joe can probably attest this. I was a different person after I ran for office because you just see so much. It's like hearing about the promised land and then someone dropping you in it. And you're like, oh, my gosh, look, it's so much different being here and experiencing the fruits of the whole thing. You have to experience. In this case, it's the opposite effect. It's the unpromised land. Be careful what you wish for. Right. Be careful what you wish for because you just may get it. I think I want to be a politician. And then you go and surround yourself with politicians. You're like, holy shit, these people suck. These are like the most mercenary, me first, one-way IA holes I've ever met in my entire life. And they magically all found themselves in politics. I can't get past this impeachment vote the other night and how these weak-need Republicans, Ken Buck, McClintock, and Mike Gallagher, keep trying to explain a way how somehow, follow me, they don't want to set a precedent by impeaching a cabinet official for what they call maladministration, what I call high crimes and misdemeanors assisting in the invasion of the United States.


Here's what I mean. Go to this Wall Street Journal piece here. This is Mike Gallagher, again, this weak-need Republican from Wisconsin. This guy has tried a thousand different ways to explain away why he was a no vote, and he had to go and write a Wall Street Journal op-ed about this thing. Here's the most comical part of this whole op-ed. He says, But I disagree with my Republican colleagues who voted on Tuesday to impeach Mr. Mayorkas. Obviously, you voted no to impeach Mayorkas. Impeachment not only would fail to resolve Mr. Biden's border crisis, but would also set a dangerous new precedent that would be used against future Republican administrations. Holy shit. Just done as a freaking rock A dangerous new precedent. Yeah. Joe, precedent. Meaning this was... So, Joe, let's just speak English for you. Joe's a very smart guy. He's done a lot of stuff. If it's a new precedent, impeaching an official for what he calls maladministration, but what's clearly here, high crimes and misdemeanors, right? Yeah. That would mean it was unprecedented, right? Because it's a new precedent, Joe, correct? Yes, correct. So if you and I are setting a new precedent in podcasting by reaching a listener number, that means it's unprecedented, correct?


Just follow my... Joe, which means it hasn't happened before, right? With you so far, bro. Okay. Joe, has anyone been impeached? Let's just... You know what? Let's not say anyone. Let's just say in the last 10 years, Wynkey Wynkey. Has anyone been impeached in the last 10 years over what politicians would call maladministration? He's like, I've seen him before. Nice hair, flowing Maine. He's real estate. Yes, Donald Trump. Yeah, that guy. Just checking, man. See, do you understand how these people think you're stupid? Number one, Mike Gallagher spends the... I'm not even going to show you the whole op-ed because it's a waste of your time. Spends the entire op-ed in the Wall Street Journal of a Republican arguing against the impeachment, claiming and pulling out legal penumbras, how assisting in an invasion of the United States, clearly against his protect and defend the Constitution role, is somehow not a high crime and misdemeanor. He spends the entire time arguing against the Republican cause. This is a Republican. And he then claims, Is this guy stupid? That it would set a dangerous new precedent as if impeachment of Donald Trump twice on maladmittance Administration hasn't already happened.


Folks, listen, if you caught my radio show yesterday, you caught it. Now, forgive me for telling this story again, but this is critical you understand this. Listen to me. Everybody ready? It's going to be one of the most important things I ever tell you. It is time to get the bullshit, sandbox, playtime, romper room shit over and throw it out. If you're not ready to play bare-knuckle politics, then get the hell out of office. Politics. Politics is about the projection of power. Do you understand that? Politics is not cutesy time. It's not third-grade math. It's not an SAT prep course. Get your head out of your ass. It is about the projection of power. That is it. How do we take our conservative principles and use our administrative political power granted to us by our elected to project that power and to move the country in that more constitutionally oriented direction? How do we do that? This Gallagher spends the whole time arguing against it. Claiming ridiculously that there's no precedent for an impeachment of an official. The irony being we actually have high crimes and misdemeanors here. Folks, I've told you this story before, but you want you to listen Listen to me.


I want you to understand the projection of power, projecting power, being able to use power, to project it, to make it work. It has to be based on a reputation. There is no power in people not being at least in some way afraid that you're going to do what you say you're going to do. I don't mean that in a nasty way. I mean, if you say, Here's my 100-point plan as a Republican candidate to run for President, and then you elected and you do absolutely none of it, you have no power because nobody freaking trusts you to project that power. Does that make sense? This is important, man. Folks, in the chat, tell me to shut the fuck up if you don't like this. But this is important. Nobody gets this. I didn't spend six years in school studying psychology and waste your time. I know the education thing may sound like a mora, but it's important. It's about projecting power, and there is no power with a shitty reputation. I don't know any other way to say it. If people trust your You're going to do what you say you're going to do, and when people toy with you, you're going to fight back, there is power in that, and they stop effing with you.


I told the story many times, that famous Chinese general The guy had a reputation for being an ass kicker, a war strategist of the highest order. It's a true story. I read about in this book. He gets hold up in a castle. He's got like 500 guys with him, 20,000 soldiers. I think they were Mongols or outside the gate. They feared this guy so much. These 20,000 soldiers had no idea how many people this Chinese general had in the castle. None. Could have had nobody. This Chinese general had a reputation for balls of freaking stone. Says, I'm going to go up to the top of the tower in this castle, and I'm going to play the harp. And his soldiers are like, We're going to get killed, general. What are you talking about? There's 20,000 people outside. He says, Watch. It goes upstairs, watchtower, starts playing the harp because it's up there high. The sound projects out. These 20,000 soldiers look up and they go, What the fuck? This guy's playing the harp? He's got to have 50,000 men in there. He's so cocky, Joe. He's playing the harp. You know what they did? It's a true story.


They walked away. This Chinese general won this battle without ever firing a shot despite being outnumbered, I mean, 20,000 to 500 or less because his reputation saved him. When your reputation, which Mike Gallagher does not understand, is that you not only don't want to project power when you have it, but fight against it by writing long op-eds in the Wall Street Journal about why we shouldn't do what we should do, you don't understand your job and you have no business being there. Here's Another colossal dips shit along with Gallagher. Here's Ken Buck. Ken Buck, a guy who is a legitimate imbecile. Here he is on a left-wing station. Here's a cable news station. Here he is, again, falsely and ridiculously claiming that there is somehow no precedent for impeachment on, again, what they call maladministration, which is, by the way, totally false. The irony, I say that because we actually have high crimes and misdemeanors. There's no precedent that he missed Trump impeachment one or two? Listen to this, moron. Well, this is not a high crime or misdemeanor. It's not an impeachable offense. This is a policy difference. Let me, from the outset, say there is a crisis on the border.


The law needs to be enforced. But if we start going down this path of impeachment with a cabinet official, we are opening a door as Republicans that we don't want to open. The next president, who is a Republican will face the same scrutiny from Democrats. It's wrong, and we should not set this precedent. You're an idiot. You understand how the Democrats have a reputation? The Democrats have a reputation for kicking people square in the nuts. You all right, Tony? What is that? What the hell was that? What was that? Tony playing a podcast? Is he listening to Econ talk? By the way, we look a little different today because of the camera issues. So don't panic, folks. It's the same show, I promise you. You understand the Democrats, they've got reputation for grabbing you by the balls and crushing them into sand. So people are afraid of them. And the Republicans have a reputation for doing what? What Ken Buck or Gallagher are doing, which is apologizing for acting like Republicans. And when you have a reputation for caving, you will never have power, ever. Power is built on a reputation. That's a powerful story, that story of the Chinese general.


You should remember it. You can win battles without ever firing shot. And I don't mean an actual violent, but I mean even a rhetorical shot. If you have a reputation that when people toy with you, you're going to win. Folks, this sums up this impeachment vote and this border bill sums up the disconnect between American voters, you all out there, the close to 90,000 people watching right now. We fill a football stadium every day on this show. I want to hear about the Taylor Swift and dominant or any of this stuff. We fill a football stadium every day at 11:00, and a damn big one, too, of people who give a shit. And the people out there who give a damn about this country are not attached ideologically anymore to the people in DC. They are lost. This border bill and this impeachment thing is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Ken Buck, Mike Gallagher, and McClintock have totally misread the room. They think the voters out there are interested in getting back a regular order. We were years ago until we realized there is no regular order. The Democrats want chaos. And until you have a reputation of fighting chaos with chaos, the chaos will end when you develop a reputation for fighting back.


And you in the chat know that. And Mike Gallagher does not. He thinks if you play cute, the Washington Post and the New York Times are going to declare a rapprochement out there. Wake up, brother. Wake up. Open your freaking eyes, man. What do you need? The clockwork orange things? Folks, these people are totally out of touch. I asked you in the beginning of the show, and I want to move on to the second part of the segment about this border bill thing. I asked you a question. Have you been thinking about it? Do any of you out there, chatsters, I'm curious about your response here. Are any of you out there looking for Washington, DC, to solve your problems? I mean it. You have a business, you sell widgets, you had a 10% decrease in your business. Are you looking for Washington DC to bail you out? Do they know about your widgets? Your kids having a problem learning in school. You think a DC bureaucrat is going to help them? No, no, fuck no, no, no, hell no, no. But, Gino, I think it's 100%. You've got a heart problem. You called a government.


Hey, you guys got a heart surgeon for me? The answer is we don't want them to solve our problems. Just do us a freaking favor along the way. What is it? Don't cause us any new ones. Here's what I mean. I want you to listen to this speech by Lankford. Lankford, James Lankford, is a Republican Senator from Oklahoma. He was the point man who unbelievably negotiated this disastrous border bill that went down in absolute flames, thanks to you. So why are we still talking about it? Because the speech he gives yesterday, this I'm a victim's speech is pathetic. And it pretty much, again, sums up the DC mentality that they think we want them to do something. We don't. We just don't want you doing something worse. Just shut up and stay the half out of our lives. Listen to him give this big eloquent speech, I got this pen, and people send us up here to do something. We did not send you up there to do something. We sent you up there to leave us the alone. Check this out. This is the pen that I was handed at that desk when I was sworn in to the United States Senate.


I signed a book that was at that desk with this pen because I was becoming a United States Senator, because the people at home sent me here to get stuff done and to solve problems. There's no reason for me to have this pen if we're just going to do press conferences. I can do press conferences from anywhere, but we can only make law from this room. And to do that, you need one of these pens. There's a hundred of them in this room, and 60 of us have to agree to solve a problem. And I'm determined to sit down with anyone who wants to solve the problem, regardless of what side of the aisle that they're on, to figure out how we solve these things. I'm watching the chat as this thing is playing. Yes, you all are thinking what I'm thinking. Bro, just shut up. This is not the hill to die on. Nobody's asking you to solve anything. You guys are idiots. You hate us. We don't like you. No one's asking you to do anything. No, we don't want you to do anything. I know I got to take a break. Gosh, this pisses me off.


Every freaking problem, Joseph, the government has tried to solve The language I know. They have fucked up. I'm sorry. Can you solve the retirement problem? Social Security is bankrupt. Can you solve the healthcare access problem? Medicaid, Medicare, going bankrupt in the government. Can you solve the current high taxation problem. Taxes are going back up. We've got a tax code that actually benefits the rich at the expense of the poor. What? Let me get my pen. What else? We can go on. Let's solve the education problem. Let's do public schools. They're the worst in the OECD world. Just shut the fuck up. Nobody wants you to solve anything. You got a border. You've got Section 212F. I'll get to in a second. You had the ability to solve solve this problem. You just don't want to do it. Shut up. This is the entire DC problem. The next time you were at a town hall with one of these idiots and they say, I'm up there to solve problems, everyone in unison, No, you're not, loser. You're too stupid to solve problems. You're up there to get the government out of my life and stop effing my life up.


Do you understand? Do you understand your job? Look at me, fuck sticks. You're up there to get the government out of our lives. That's it. You're too stupid to solve problems. Do you understand? You are too stupid to solve my problems. You don't know me. You're probably dumber than me. Nobody likes you. We don't like you. You don't like us. Shut the fuck up. Get out of my life. Stop taking my shit, my money, putting stupid red tape on my businesses, telling my girls they're boys. Stop bankrupting my grandmother. She's already dead. She has a... Stop. Just shut up. Nobody cares about your pen. Nobody cares about your self-aggrandizement. Oh, my gosh. I'm a victim. Holy shit. If people send me here to solve problems, nobody gives a shit. Just stay the fuck out of our lives. Just go away, bro. Just go away. Remember this song? What was it? Motley Crue? Girl, don't go away, man. Just go away. You guys can't solve anything. Here's the border to the United States. Some guy sent me a bunch. You know We spoke hard. Here's the border. Here's Mexico. Here's the United States. These dips can't even figure out how to solve that problem.


It's a freaking border. You guys are here. We're there. They can't even figure that out. Just shut up. Just get out of our lives. Just move along. Just go. Go. Just go. People are suddenly here to solve their problems. No, bro. I don't know you. You don't know shit about me. You're going to solve my problems? I got a problem. You know what my problem is? One of our cameras broke. You're going to solve that? We That's my problem. You're going to solve it? I don't know anything about cameras. Of course, you're a freaking politician, so shut up. That's my problem. Get me a new camera. I can't do that. I'm a politician. Okay, you can't do anything. You don't know me. You're having trouble sleeping. You're going to after tonight. Seriously, I got to take a quick break. Is poor sleep negatively impacting your life? This is the perfect time. Have you ever tried other sleep supplements with no success? I did. It's time to embrace my new go-to, Beam's Dream Powder. It'll revolutionize your nighttime routine. What is it? It's a hot cocoa for sleep that could transform your night. It has mine.


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It's delicious, too. Folks, you get my point, man, right? Somewhere at the Bongino rants. Sometimes it happens. I know the language I get it, man. It's just the Queens in me comes out when I get upset, and it's like, Like Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, man. I'm sorry, it's hard to control for me because this is not like, Phil frustration. The keys even knows this wasn't even part of the show. This was like something I threw in last minute, a lot of this stuff. I can't get over this mentality in DC, that, again, somehow they're going to solve a problem for us. Do you understand these people are idiots, right? If these people had anything to offer the world, they would be in business, they would be in sports, entertainment, science, medicine. They don't. So they go into politics. Folks, I'm telling you, why do you bring up some... Some asshole the other day? I was like, Why do you always bring up the fact that you lost or any for office? Because it was a defining moment in my life. The show is as it is now because I surrounded myself with these people for almost six years, and I could not have been more disappointed.


I wasn't disappointed in the Secret Service. We had some terrible agents, but most of them were really good guys. I was actually proud. The cops I worked with, yeah, we had a few knuckleheads, but were overall, they were pretty great guys. Even in school, I had a couple of dips shit professors. But you know what? I was pretty impressed in school. I went to City University in New York. They were pretty smart. When I got into politics, I could not believe nearly every single person I met was a freaking moron. I don't think you understand how stupid these people are. James Lyingford, you send this up here to solve problems. Really? What problem? Here's Section 212F of the Immigration Nationality Act. It says right here, I I showed this to you the other day. Are you telling me this isn't the law right now? That the President can suspend the entry of any alien or class of aliens into the United States if he determines it would be detrimental to the interests of the United States? And that he may, by proclamation, by proclamation only, folks, and for such a period as he deems necessary, could be forever, suspend the entry of all aliens or class of aliens as immigrants or oppose upon the entry of aliens, any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.


That's the law right now. I love how Lankford is bullshitting you like, Oh, man, you guys sent me up here to solve problems. What? Enforce the law we have now? James, let me do this for you again because you're about to end your entire political career. Here's the border. Here's Mexico. Here's the United States. This is ours. This is theirs. This is the border. We don't go there without meeting their criteria. They don't come here without meeting our criteria. I already showed you what the law is. You notice how nobody's refuted or fact-checked my show that this is in the actual law now? Why? Because they don't want to be embarrassed. This is real. I didn't make this up. But he's going to solve the problem, Joe. What problem? We need a new law. What? Like the law we have right now, that the President can shut aliens out of the United States when he wants? You need a new law. Why? Because he'll definitely follow that one. Why? Because you said so? No, because people send us up here to solve problems. That's a good one. I want to show you how crazy this shit is.


For any suckers out there, Because I know there's got to be at least a couple of libs in here. Chats, there's any libs in here we can out? By the way, I believe in free speech. You're allowed in my chat, of course. Chat away. But can we out these people? If there are libs in there, I want to know which story is true, by the way. I should have got some video This is my fault. The Biden administration, I have super cuts, but I got a lot to get through, so I haven't put them in. I have these two super cuts. One of them is the Biden administration claiming the border is secure. The other super cut we've played many times is the super cut of the Biden administration saying that there's nothing they can do about the border. The Republicans did it. Okay, so what is it? Is it that the border is secure because Biden did something or the border is not secure because Biden can't do anything? Lipsters. Which one of those stories is true? Yeah, play this for the... Check this out. The border is closed. The border is secure. The border is secure.


The border is closed. The border is secure, and the border is not open. We have a secure border. I can tell you the border is secure. By what measure is it secure now, sir? So there is not a common definition. The President has done more. We can play that thing all day. We're going to cut it. You've seen it a thousand times. But then the President's also on multiple video and audio clips suggesting that there's nothing he can do about the border. He already said was secured that he said he secured. Obviously, he's lying to you. I'm telling you the truth. The President of the United States, this is the truth and the only truth and nothing but the truth, has the power right now to shut aliens out of the United States by proclamation and however long he deems necessary. It's right there in the law. He just doesn't want to. Writing a new law is going to do nothing. It's right there, folks. It's on the screen. Just read it yourself. You think I'm making it up? Here, I want to put these two sets of tweets up to show you how the left...


I'm not talking about the people who voluntarily want to destroy the country. I'm talking about the useful idiocracy on the left who will fall for anything. I want to show you these two tweets, and I'll show you what I mean. Here's an NBC news tweet. I sent this earlier. I'm sorry, headline from their tweet. The Biden administration is considering executive action to deter illegal migration at the border. I thought he just said he couldn't do anything. He's told us repeatedly the Republicans did it, and there's nothing he can do. Let me read the headline again. Keep that up a second. The Biden administration is considering executive action to deter illegal migration at the Southern border. Okay, great. He has the power to do that. Now look at this other headline. It's where it gets interesting. It's a Fox News headline. It's about the same thing. What? Oh, there we go. Look at you. He's like, pointing around. It's like a studio right here. White House says that ICE will reduce deportations and detention capacity if Republicans don't pass the border bill. Leave those up. Oh, really? So now we have a The third angle of the story.


Angle one, I can't do anything. I'm Joe Biden. I'm a moron. The Republicans screwed up the border. It's not my fault. Angle two, okay, I can do something, and I'm considering actually doing it because it is the law, and Dan Bongino just showed us. Now comes number three. Okay, I lied about the first thing that I couldn't do anything. I can do anything, but I'm not going to do it if you guys don't pass a shitty bill. I don't need to do what I just said I was going to do in a prior article at MBC. You believe these people? You fell for this? You fell for this. Stupid libs. Why are you so dumb? Why are you so stupid, liberals? Are you dumb all the time? Or is it a special Thursday directive you get from Central Command? Tony, you're a Star Trek guy? I'm not. But it was like that Borg thing. They get like a central, there's like a vive mind. Did someone tell you to be dumb on Thursdays? So I can't enforce the border. It's nothing I could do. The Republicans wrecked me. I'm going to think about doing something, according to NBC.


And then third, what I told you I was going to do, I'm not going to do. If you guys don't sign a bill to give me the authority to do what I can already do. Okay, makes perfect sense. Just dumb as a freaking rock. Right? Because Karate… By the way, that's from Trading Places. I got like a thousand emails. Dan, what's the Karate Man thing for? I'm aging. Joe and I are aging ourselves with that one. A classic Eddie Murphy movie. Just fantastic. A lot of people remember a specific scene for that movie. That's from another show. But Karate Man. Joe Biden, he's the Karate Man. If you know the Karate Man in the Jail cell, he was a bullshit artist, Eddie Murphy. That was his thing. That's Joe Biden. That's why I do the Karate Man thing. You know, jive,. Joe, are we aging ourselves? I'm serious. I got like a thousand emails about that. The hell is this Karate Man thing? Watch the scene. Put Karate Man, Eddie Murphy. You'll see what I mean. All right, let me take a quick break. I want to get back to this. Showing this do something mentality and this other I answer you in a slide.


I got three clips. Folks, I'm getting so tired of the race hustling. What have I always told you about race hustling? It's cannibalistic. Because eventually, what happens is if you are going to run saying, vote for me because I'm Black, Hispanic, Asian, whatever it is. And then you are, say, an executive in a largely Black or Hispanic community. When you suck, what eventually happens? The person in charge uses race against his own constituents, many of whom are the same race as the constituent. What What do they race this to? I'll show you what I mean. But this all happened within a week, by the way. You'll see what I mean. Folks, bone charge. In these crazy days, we need to recharge and refresh in a natural way. I discover bone charge is a holistic wellness brand with a huge range of evidence-based products to optimize life in every way. One of my favorite products I use every night, half an hour without fail. I take that back. Half an hour. The only night, I don't use it, it's Saturday. I don't want to spin your wheels, but every other night, half an hour, it's a sauna blanket.


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You're not there to solve problems. You're there to get the government to stop causing me problems. That's it. But another cancer eating us alive right now that's cannibalizing the left and destroying our country is this just absolute love affair with identity politics. Everything to the left is skin color all the time. Everything. It is absurd, it is outrageous, it is destructive, it is malignant. I want you to watch these three clips. There are three mayors here. We got the mayor in New York, mayor in Chicago, and a mayor from Dalton, Illinois, Tiffany Henyard. Tiffany Henyard is first. Tiffany Henyard, again, happens to be Black. I don't give a shit that she's Black. The left, matter of fact, that's all they care about. The melanin content of your skin is like, What? Oh, my gosh, it's everything. How the melanin content of your skin has become such this transformative? They look at melanin like the Ghees midi-chlorians from Star Wars. They have force. I don't understand Why I'm supposed to care? I don't. I don't get this. When you come in my house, do you think my wife and I go, Excuse me, sir, can we get the skin color?


What the... I don't understand this. I don't get it. This isn't some bizarre virtue. I just don't give a shit. Am I supposed to? Because that sounds racist. Here's Tiffany Henry, a black mayor who has a lot of black constituents who was accused, and they're just accusations, to be fair, everybody's innocence to have proven guilty, but was accused by a number of people of some shady economic stuff with some of the money in her town. Where does she go? Right to this. Check this out. You all should be ashamed of you all. You all are Black. You all are Black. You all sitting up here beating and attacking on a Black woman that's in power. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Dalton's difficulties got worse in recent weeks. With Waterman breaks, Hennie blames on trustee budget cuts. Then four people were shot and injured last week, leaving nerves frayed and Henrard's opponents pointing out her sizable security detail. It's unfortunate that politics are being played, but what has happened is a million dollars out of my budget has been cut because of politics. You all forget I am the leader. They want to hear from the mayor.


If you all ain't learned that yet. The mayor, not the trustees that don't do nothing, that only run their mouth. We can't have a country like this, folks. I'm sorry, we can't. We can't. This is so common sense, just like the ridiculous absurdity of Congress people and senators thinking they're going to solve problems. You can't. It's common sense. You're too stupid to solve our problem. This is common sense, too. We cannot have a country where this continues, where any time you critique someone, it instantaneously goes back to an issue of the quantity of melanin in someone's skin. The woman, her criticism is derived from Black constituents who are upset at her use of funds. Are they racist, too? We can't have a country like this, man. This is a metastases Efficacizing, rotting cancer. Here's number two. This all happened in a week. This is why it's going. We can't have a country like this, folks. We can't. Here is the Black mayor of New York City, who, Again, nobody in the conservative movement gives a shit about the color of his skin, but he's obsessed with it. Eric Adams, who I've warned you about, I'm glad this is getting around, is the foniest politician in America.


I was a cop with this guy. This guy, if you get between him and a camera, it's the most dangerous place in America. He is not smart, and he is a gloryhound. All he wants to do is be in front of a camera. Here he is given a speech, again, obsessed with the skin color of the people of the city, not the fact that the city is going bankrupt and is getting crushed by the weight of legal immigration. Look some of this. Stand up. They need to see you. Deputy Mayor Williams-Isom, Deputy Mayor Mirajosa, Deputy Mayor Al Mazard, Deputy Mayor Maria Torres, Springer. Have you ever seen this much chocolate leading the city of New York? And then go down the line. Look who's here. This is representative of the city. That's why people are hated on me. You're trying to figure out why they're hating on me? They're hating on me because those are... How many of you go to church? Then he goes on with the Jesus reference. I hate that. They're hating on you because it's a chocolate city? Folks, this shit's got to stop, man. It's got to stop. Nobody takes these people seriously anymore.


Oh, Dan, that's just two examples. No, that's just two examples from yesterday. And as I was putting the show together, as they can tell you by the order of the emails, I came back. I had to go to dentists yesterday. Not that you'd care. Take care of your teeth. It's very important. A little dental cleaning with my Dr. Vinnie McClane. Good guy. Love that guy. And I'm coming back, and another one pops over. Another video of a politician who nobody Nobody gives a shit about his skin color, who, again, is getting critiqued, like Adams and Tiffany Hayward, for policy, legislative issues, and leadership problems. Right away, they got to go to the race card. Here's Brandon Johnson in Chicago, a guy who, like Eric Adams and Tiffany Hayward, apparently can't govern but goes right to the race issue. Take a listen to this. I have children who attend schools who have soccer games, you all. You all are asking me as if I'm not a parent in this city. I get it. I'm mayor. I get it. But you're asking me to give you a date, and I have to court. Do you understand that you have not had a mayor like me?


I get that. I have a wife. I have children. They have schedules. And plus, we still have public safety that we have to address. We still have the unhoused that we have to address. I still have a budget that I have to address. And I'm doing all of that with a Black wife raising three Black children on the west side of the city of Chicago. I am going to the border as soon as possible. Oh, boy. Folks, why am I bringing this up? Well, I told you the theme of the show is going to be these rotting, metastasizing cancers that are destroying this country. Folks, in a country of 330 million and growing people, there's never going to be unanimous consent on what the best policy prescriptions moving forward are. I mean, that's obvious, correct? But we should have a unifying set of principles. We're not there. You have one party obsessed with blaming every single issue that happens in this country on some racial thing. You have another side, the Republican side, which has people in the Republican Party obsessed with the idea that they're going to Congress to do something. As long as this stuff continues, we are never going to be better than we were yesterday.


We're not. I'm also bringing it up because it's not working anymore. Here's the good news. The good news is this is falling flat. Folks, there is just no future in this faux racial division. That is the good news. There are so many There are so many race hustlers out there who... Joe, I think you'd agree. 30, 40 years ago, this stuff carried a lot of weight. Al Sharpton would show up in front of whatever, Joe's Cola Company, and say, You guys are racist because there wasn't some agreement or whatever. And all of a sudden, these racial groups who go out there and they get a whole bunch of money. That stuff is dead because we have this thing right now called the democratization of information with social media. And people are starting to hear the truth. Really? I don't understand. Everything's racial. We don't like Eric Adams because he's Black. Who told you that? There's a good chunk of Black voters in the city who don't like Eric Adams. Here, listen to this clip from MSNBC. Listen to this Hispanic voter. Folks, this is happening. The shift from Black and Hispanic voters from the race hustling left over to a more sensible, conservative movement is happening.


Whether you believe it's happening or not is irrelevant. It is. This is a clip from what is this? Msnbc. This is not Fox News. Yeah. Here, listen to this. Check this out. Liria Dominguez, who's from El Paso and moved to Vegas about five years ago, is all in for Trump. I asked her why she thinks more and more Latinos are joining her. Because they see what's happening with our economy. They know what the gas prices were. Even in 2020, we weren't born yesterday. We recognize that all of the immigrants coming in through our border is not helping. It's causing crime. It's not working, man. Folks, it's not working anymore. People aren't falling for it because information is now democratized. I don't want to dig too deep in this because I say it all the time, but I'll just sum it up in an abstract like this. 30, 40 years ago, if you heard it on the nightly news, it was true. There was no other way to get the information. None. There was no social media, there was no internet, there was no nothing. If Walter Cronkite said, Republicans are racist and Ronald Reagan's a moron, that was it.


That was the story the whole nation heard. None of that happens anymore. You got all these people going, Trump's a racist. This guy's a racist. This guy's a Nazi. And then people go to Twitter and they find out, Wait, Trump did this and that and this and that. And this is how I... It's not working anymore. Good point. Tony said even Snoop Dogg changed his mind. I love the line, by the way. This is the greatest line ever. They went in some black barber shop, and they were asking some of the customers, Biden versus Trump. And one of the guys says under Trump, Hey, man, I was eating under Trump. We were all eating under Trump. We We were all eating. We were doing damn good. Speaking of Trump, he still got a primary going on, which is absolutely insane, versus Nikki Haley. Folks, remember the Happy Days? You know the Jump the Shark reference? For you younger kids out there that watch, you know what Jump the Shark means? Back in the day, it was a very popular show called Happy Days. Hey, remember the Fonds? What a leather... Everybody wanted to be the Fonds.


Henry Winkler. The show started to lose audience. They go to the beach and the Fonds is water skiing, and he jumps over a ramp and he jumps the shark. That was it. That was it. They just knew this was a gimmick. That was the end of the show. When you jump the shark, it's the end. Nikki Haley, she was the Fonds yesterday, leather jacket in the water. I want you to listen to this shit where she Hilariously claims the Nevada primary, which happened on Tuesday, where she was the only name on the ballot still credibly in the race. Trump wasn't on it. She claims it was rigged because she lost to none of the above. Listen to this. Does that situation, Nevada, hurt a little bit? No. I mean, Nevada, it's such a scam. They were supposed to have a primary. Trump rigged it so that the GOP chairman who's been indicted would go and create a caucus. We knew months ago that we weren't going to spend a day or a dollar in Nevada because it wasn't worth it. We didn't even count Nevada. That wasn't anything we were looking at. We knew that was rigged from the start.


Our focus is on South Carolina, Michigan Super Tuesday. So if you look what we did in Iowa and you look what we did in New Hampshire, we're continuing to grow. That's what matters, I think, more than anything else Dude. I don't want them to stare at each other. It's weird. Maybe one guy, right? If one guy stares this guy, maybe he stares it this way. Reminds me of the Goodfellas. Remember Goodfellas with the painting? Yeah. One guy, look at this. One dog, look at this way. Folks, are we freaking serious? They said, The Nevada was rigged. Rigged for who? You were the only name on the ballot. How was it rigged? And I love her other line. I want you to look what we... Joe, did you hear it? Look what we did in Iowa. You finished third. Here, wait. Here, let's do Iowa. Here's Trump. Here's DeSantis. Here's Nikki Haley in Iowa. Okay. All right. Wait, hold on. Tony, take this one. We're going to do... Here, she says, then, Look what we did in New Hampshire. Okay, let's look what you did in New Hampshire. Here's Trump. Here's Nikki Haley in New Hampshire.


Look, they even said, You finish second. What are we watching? This woman is delusional. Nikki, listen, it ain't personal. It's time to go. You're wasting everybody's time and money. It's not serious at this point. You look like a clown. I want you to look what we did in Iowa. Finish third? We did look. I want you to look what we did in New Hampshire. What? Spend a shit ton of money to get crushed by double digits in second place? Oh, and by the way, Nevada was rigged. How? You were the only name in the primary. Rigged for who? None of the above? Did they have campaign signs out there? None of the above for President. Was that out there? Do you realize how How shitty of a candidate you have to be for people to show up? Think about this. Tony, for a second. You show up to vote for no one in a row. That's how bad you are. You're the only one on the ballot. Tony for mayor. Everybody shows up and writes in, not that guy. Do you know how bad you got to suck? Do you have any idea? It's over, okay?


So just get some dignity. Time to move on, okay? All right, folks. Joe, you got your flag it book. It's time to unflag it. Go back. Remember when I told you guys, this is a serious topic here, ladies and gentlemen. I'm laughing a little too much. There's no even cut here. This is like deadly serious stuff. You know I'm a huge Second Amendment advocate because if you don't have the right to defend yourself and your family, you have nothing. Hey, look, I got this money I worked for my kids in my house. What are you going to do when the bandits and the crazies come to your house? I'm going to use foul language. No, you're not. You're going to get killed. This is what's going to happen. You You don't have a Second Amendment right. You don't have anything. All those other rights, the Second Amendment backs that up. You have a God-given right to defend yourself. I mean that, God-given right. I've been warning you, gosh, Joe, eight years. He knows he's been with me the longest. We flagged this thing probably back in, I don't know, 2015 when we started doing the show.


That's when we started doing it. I think it was February. I had told you a long time ago that the Biden administration wants universal back background checks, follow me, not because they want background checks. They don't care about background checks. It has nothing to do with that. They want to make sure every single person goes through an ATF form. So so that they can collect the forms and get a list. Right now, I'm not going to say it's a way around it because it's not meant to be a way around it. But if you sell your firearms privately, which is your business, and you don't sell it to someone who is a prohibited possession Possessor. If I sell a gun to, whatever, Joey Bag of Donuts, and he's a felon, he can commit a crime. He's a prohibited possessor. But if I sell my gun, say, privately to my nephew or something like that, or give him my shotgun, whatever it may be, because I live on a farm or whatever it may be. That's my business. It's none of the government's business. Like I said, the government's too stupid to know anything anyway. It's none of their freaking business.


The government doesn't like that. Why? Because then they can show up at your house one day, ask you where your guns are, and if you gave them away, they have nothing to hold over your head. Oh, look at this. I've been warning you about this universal background check scam forever. It's a way to wipe out private sales. Look, John Solomon. Cross it off the list, Joe. Unflag it. Do we have an unflag it emoji? Can someone draft that up, a flag, a red flag, like a thing in between it, like a line? Can we do that? Unflag it because I told you it was happening, and here it is. Atf preparing to regulate private gun sales with a background check, whistleblower group alleges. In a letter Wednesday to a guy, Merrick Garland, Empower Oversight, this gun group, said it learned from two sources that the ATF was directed by the White House to make a change that has drafted a 1,300-page document in support of a rule that would effectively ban private sales of firearms from one citizen to another by requiring background checks for every sale. There it is. There it is. I don't know where it is.


Look at the archives. Unflag. Joe, we've been flagging this for so long. Maybe your audience archive is Judy. They got to look for it. We have been warning about this. Seriously, we did a show with Well, I have a mail trotter in my basement in Maryland, warning about exactly this. Folks, what you do with your firearms, if it is legal, is none of the freaking government's business. This private sale thing is a scam. They want to make sure you have to go through the ATF with your guns so that you're on a list. That's all this is. It's a big scam. And then what they're going to do, which they've already done, is they're going to redefine what a federal firearms licensee is so that you need a license if you sell, say, even one or two guns. They're going to move towards that in the future. So that everybody goes through this ATF system So they can take the documents and compile a list of gun owners. Folks in the chat, why would they want to list the gun owners? That's right. When they take power and they get a super majority, they want to draft up a law saying that, Hey, you've got to declare all the guns you own.


And if you don't declare the guns you own, you're going to get a knock on your door. Hey, we've got your list. You've got six AR-15s, a shotgun, and a Glock pistol. Can we see that? It's on the list. I warned you. All right, folks, I promise I'm going to get to that new media segment at some time in the future. It is definitely going to happen. But I just want to one more thing. Let's just do the Reclaim the Net story, too. I want to get to this, too. We got an election coming up, folks. I want you to be really careful. This election coming up, if you were on YouTube, we have had an amazing week at Rumbel. You've got options now. You've got Rumbel, you've got X, you've got other platforms out there. I'm telling you now, if you are out there producing video content, the same people who are going to put you on a list are getting ready to censor you right now for hate speech. Reclaim the net. This is in the newsletter today. Youtube CEO vows to censor hate speech and boost authoritative sources When people look for election news in 2024, I'm telling you, I'm an investor in Rumbl, full disclosure.


I like everyone. There's more than enough room for everybody in the video space. I like what Elon is doing. Just telling you, you're not setting up an account on Rumbl. You are going to be censored as the election gets close. I absolutely promise you, they're not hiding it. If you wait, you are missing out on an opportunity to build your audience in a platform. You're going to find yourself censored one day, and you're going to be left with nothing. As I said, I'm an investor there. I put my money where my mouth is. I'm not shy about it. I do it for a reason because I'm long in the future. And tomorrow, I'm going to get to a whole segment on new media. I put this thing together. It is going to lay out the case conclusively that new media X, Rumble, Apps, is absolutely the future. Cable news, as you know it, is dead. Mainstream media, as you know it, is dead. I've got the receipts to back it up. But please set up a Rumble account. We'd love to have you. Thank you. We had a big crowd today. Appreciate it. Again, 100,000 people every day, filling stadiums and Rumble.


Taylor Swift, we do it every day at 11:00 in the morning. Right here, rumble. Com/bongino. Download the Rumble app. Start an account. It is absolutely free. You with us every day. We'd love to have you. 11:00 AM Eastern Time, rumble. Com/bongino. See you on the radio show in just a few minutes, and back here tomorrow. You just heard the Dan Bongino Show.