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My good news first, last night, the Republican National Convention was outstanding. Another group of just incredible speeches. Again, the Republican Party finally got it. You need a motion. We can't just talk policy all the time. Policies, great policy matters to me. I am a policy wonk and always have been. I love policy, but policy doesn't bleed. Got to make it bleed. You got to make it real. You've got to make it fit on a Wheaties box, you've got to make it make sense.


Econometrics is fantastic, not everybody is the time to dig into it, you got to make policy bleed. Put some emotion in it. And they did that successfully again last night. I don't think it's big of a knockout performance this night one, but spectacular nonetheless and far surpassing anything the Democrats did during their disastrous zoo meeting, otherwise known as the DNC. I've got that. And I've also got a just a really troubling article in The Wall Street Journal.


We're going to go through piece by piece. You had better start preparing yourself. I am not kidding for some post Election Day chaos. You say chaos. There can't possibly be more chaos. Just wait. Today's show brought to you by Express VPN, protect your online activity today from prying eyeballs. Get a VPN. Don't wait. Go to express VPN Dotcom Mangena. Welcome to the Dan Bongino show producer. Joe, how are you today. Fine, sir.


Well, Daniel, the chaos is coming and we know it. We've been I know you saw that Hillary. Right. And Hillary Clinton. I admire the folks. You're not going to want to. Hillary is not even high to Joe said to me before the show, she's not even this isn't a dog whistle. Hillary's just like, yeah, this is what we're going to do. It don't go anywhere. It's going to be a loaded show. One more note.


Programming note, Paula and I will be flying to DC after tomorrow's show to go to the Thursday night event and the acceptance speech at the White House. Hopefully we'll have some photos for you on Friday morning. Don't worry. It's not going to impact the show. We do going to be a quick turnaround. Again, maybe not a lot of sleep, but don't worry, we will be back on Friday with some photos. Won't impact the show. So I'll tell you what it was like live being there.


So thank you for the invitation from the Trump campaign. Really appreciate. All right.


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All right, Joe, let's go. Let's do the good news first on this one, because it matters and I don't like start you off in the morning. Some of you listen in the morning, some of you listen at night. With bad news, get go and feel good, get the endorphins flowing, let's go to speech. More Dan Cameron, the attorney general of Kentucky again, who happens to be black. I always say that because that's all that matters to liberals.


That's it. Liberals are the shallowest, dumbest people on Earth in many respects. And all that matters to them is the melanin component of your skin. That's it. They stop right there. Further analysis not necessary doesn't mean much to us at all. Republicans, we just care about you as a human being. Shocker. Oh, my gosh. What a crazy idea. But then Cameron was the black attorney general of Kentucky, you could stop after black for the left, they don't need to hear anymore.


We just care that he's a really good guy and seems to be doing a good job. Gave a really incredible speech last night. Some of you may have seen it. Here's a little bit of it. A small clip where he just crushes Joe Biden as being the one with the real questionable racist commentary, not Donald Trump. Check this out.


I think often about my ancestors who struggled for freedom. And as I think of those giants and their broad shoulders, I also think about Joe Biden, who says, if you are voting for me, you ain't black, who argued that Republicans would put us back in chains, who says there is no diversity of thought in the black community? Mr. Vice President. Look at me. I am black. We are not all the same, sir. I am not in change.


My mind is my own. And you can't tell me how to vote because of the color of my skin.


Yeah. Yeah, oh, he's black and Cameron, he's not in chains. He is a free American citizen. Matter of fact, he's the lead law enforcement official for the great state of Kentucky. Now you're going to tell him that a vote. And you sure as hell ain't going to tell him, quote, he ain't black. Biden will say that because that's who Biden is. Biden's history of racist commentaries crystal clear. Now, you know, one quick note on this, I don't have the article, but just a note.


Jason Riley is an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal today. Jason Rather, who happens to be black, too, and he's a terrific conservative commentator. Riley says, listen, the Republicans can't win this game, accusing the Democrats like Biden of being racist and he makes a decent point, Joe. And the point is that, listen, the Democrats have practiced this. You're a racist for 30 years. They're really good at it. Yeah, it's the only thing they have is a matter, which is actually an excellent point and rightly is not wrong.


Riley says, you know, we need to appeal to the black voters, Hispanic voters, Asian voters on InMotion policy and just better ideas, which is accurate. But where I disagree with Jason is I don't think it hurts exactly. I don't think it hurts. Maybe not helped that much, but I think it hurts to point out that it's really the Democrats with this grotesque history of racism and Biden's history of racist comments. I don't think it hurts.


Do you think Biden's in it for the home team? Big fan of the minority community jury talks about you in the minority community, especially if you're black. I can change. In chains. You don't vote for him, you ain't black people look really. I don't think it hurts. I disagree with Jason a little bit on that one. Maybe they're not that much, but they want to play this game or everybody's a racist. Well, let's point out where they say things that are overtly racist.


All right. Moving on. A lot of great speeches last night. Don't have time for all of this on picking the highlights. I think the star of the night, my humble opinion poll, I think at the same time I write Nick Sandmen. Nick Sandman, who. Yeah. So this is kind of funny.


Not funny, funny, funny. Someone said this was a great idea. You know, Nick Sandman, who was the young Covington kid, teenager, teens, teenagers, more appropriate, who was at the Rally for Life, the March for Life. And remember, it was a huge he got in the face of this Native American elder was harassing him when the exact opposite was true. They stalked him and got up in his face. So, of course, CNN and the lunatics over there proceeded to trash Nick Sam.


And he then sued, settled out of court with CNN and others. And someone suggested, yes. And Sandman's speech, he should have pulled up in like a Lamborghini Sayan or something. I want to thank CNN Bumpurs make my maybe mildly inappropriate for the RNC, but still funny nonetheless.


Sandman, in my opinion, was the star of the night. Little more humble than I would have been, I'm sometimes missing the humble gene, although I reached out to me at Facebook Messenger yesterday and said he installed the cable in my house and was very impressed by how humble I was. I thank you, buddy. I appreciate that. He said you came in and introduced yourself, welcomed us into your house. I always do that. I used to work for a living, so thank you.


I'm not going to say your name, Mr. Cable Guy. True story, Paula. In our old house, he found me. He said I didn't know who you were at the time. Apparently, I'm famous, amazing and pretty incredible, but Nixey, I'm not usually that humble when it comes to dealing with the media. Nick was very humble and I thought he did a great job. I'm just going to play the end of this now. If you're not watching YouTube and you listen to our radio.


Don't worry. I'll describe what he does at the end. You may have seen it last night. If you didn't, it may have been, although the speech was humble, the ending is one of those moments, I think, good, solid conservatives, Republicans, libertarians and others and even Democrats fuming at the media will remember for a long time. This is the ending of this speech. Really, really good. Check this out.


In November, I believe this country must unite around a president who calls the media out and refuses to allow them to create a narrative instead of reporting the facts. I believe we must join a president who will challenge the media to return to objective journalism. And together, I believe we must all embrace our First Amendment rights and not hide in fear of the media or from the tech companies or from the outraged mob. Either this is worth fighting for, this is worth voting for, and this is what Donald Trump stands for.


Thank you all for listening to me tonight. And one more thing. Let's make America great again.


Hey, do we have a back anyway? Oh, now don't tell me about now. I will get a million magots in a post as we do right somewhere. And they are there any other way. So he an end to end. Let's make America great and he dons the red Magikarp. Why does that matter for for some of you have to may be unfamiliar with the story. When young Nick Sandeman, a young, white Christian young man, again, that matters to the left, not us, but it's important to the story.


He's a perfect target for the media. Young, white, Christian at a pro-life rally. Oh, my gosh. Confronts a Native American elder who really confronted him and got up in his face. He got up in his face, this Native American elder. Because he was wearing a maggot and the commentary for days with the lunatics on CNN was, oh my gosh, the maggots, the new Klu Klux Klan hood. Is it really? No better moment than CNN broadcasting the RNC, which they had to.


CNN broadcasting the RNC last night and having that speech play in full and Sandman putting that bag ahead on in the end as he calls out brilliantly, cancel culture and media hysteria. I in my humble opinion, I am Joe, Nick was the star of the night. Extremely well done, a very well-spoken, articulate, put together young man who fought back, who fought back against nearly insurmountable odds, the entire media machine and liberal Eco-System against him trying to destroy his life, his school, his state and everyone around him at that rally.


He fought back and he won. And I'll tell you, a quick inside baseball star I'll never forget I'm not going to name him, but a guy who used to do commentary on a cable network who I thought was a friend reaching out to me on D.M., having no facts about the Sandman incident at all. And say, you better come out against this man, this little white kids harassing a Native American elder. I said, I'm going to hold off on that bungee rope because the story didn't sound right to me.


Dude, what are you doing, man? You better get out in front of this now, going away. But thanks. Ever spoke to that guy?


Wow, man, I was right. We're pretty much always right on that stuff. Once in a while, we lose it. But the ban, General, wait seventy two hours or twenty four hours if you can. Usually the story will turn around and show it to be a hoax. I'm just saying. All right, there were some more gems last night, I thought. The standout performance of the night from the Trump family, they were all good, Tiffany was good, Melanie was great.


I thought Eric was really spectacular. It's hard to see. Melanie's speech was very good, too, and I have some little piece of that. But Eric Trump was absolutely spectacular. And I like Don Junior speech the night before as well. So I put on my parler account last night. I sent it out in a in a message I said, which probably drove liberals nuts. Trump Trump twenty twenty four would not be great. Eric and Judy or Don, Judy or whatever.


I don't care. Trump, Trump. The Liberals were crazy. They hated that. They lost their minds. They lost their job. What do you think that here's a clip of Eric's speech at the end. A very emotional appeal. We forget sometimes it. Donald Trump was at that and listen, all you dads out there and there are a lot of your mom still. You all know this to be true, Joe, you know, there's Paula, you know this, all of you listening.


If you're a genuinely bad dude, you're a sociopath, a loser, a life zero, it's really, really hard to raise good kids. You see it once in a while where a kid escapes a really terrible family, but it's rare. What do you agree, Joe? Most of the most of the losers you've known in your life, sadly, have kids that turn out to be not good guys. It shows up in the kids. Yeah, it shows up in the kids.


It's just they learn awful life lessons by social modeling and just behavioral model modeling what they see in their household. My point in this is Don Junior and Eric and Ivanka and Tiffany seem like really well put together. Good kids disclosure. I know Don and Eric. I'm going to say we're best. These are anything but I know them pretty well. Tiffany, not so much. I've spoken with vodka a few times, but they're always, always humble, respectful, smart, really good kids.


Minor adults now, obviously. If Donald Trump is the awful racist, misogynist, photophobic is the Fulbeck horrible guy, these lunatic Sienna's want you to believe he is, then how did he raise these kids? I don't understand. Am I missing something? We forget he's a father sometimes to the United States. We get lost in all the political nonsense. Here is Eric making a really emotional appeal, which I mean, Paula both looked at each other.


I love when I give you the commentary from people like it's Mystery Science Theater 3000. But it's true because, you know, I have to Hannity, I go right to bed and I'm not a night guy at all. I fall asleep. But I watch this and I you this was Eric's real standout moment. I mean, a real stellar performance. Here's the entry. Makes an emotional appeal to his father. That's very well done. Check this out.


In closing, I'd like to speak directly to my father. I miss working alongside you every single day, but I'm damn proud to be on the front lines of this fight. I'm proud of what you are doing for this country. I'm proud to show my children what their they're grandfathers fighting for. I'm proud to watch you give them hell. Never stop. Continue to be unapologetic. Keep fighting for what is right. You are making America strong again. You are making America safe again.


You are making America proud again. And yes, together with a forgotten man and woman who are finally forgotten no more. You are making America great again, Dad. Let's make Uncle Robert very proud this week. Let's go get another four years. I love you very much. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.


Spectacular. Spectacular. Presidential in its own right. I get it, you know, liberals are celebrating the Trump family too much. No, no, really, really well done. Really well done. I'm not objective, folks, I'm a conservative, I mean, let's be honest, I'm a Trump supporter, but I do try to evaluate these speeches as an objective observer would, because I owe you that. We don't want to give ourselves a false sense of security.


Oh, my gosh, that speech was so good. It was terrible. And then we're losing. Now, that speech was genuinely, really, really. Paul is always the ultimate arbiter. She loved it. I mean, she just said that I know we had to get on a bike one of these days she'll cave and open up her own mind. She can she doesn't want the. We'll get it, I get a lot of feedback, put Paul on the back.


She loved it. What a genuinely emotional appeal. Eric, really, I think, you know, I don't know what his aspirations are for office at all. Candidly, I have no idea. But I I sent my parler account, Trump troub 20-20 for the liberal, what was it? I'm sorry, I just love poking them sometimes it's just spectacular for those of you don't know, by the way, every morning parler, I tweet out the date and that, you know, whatever.


It's August 26, that Barack Obama's most corrupt present the history of the United States. I do that every morning on parler. You really need to check it out. I do it on Twitter and Facebook, too. It drives liberals crazy. It tries to read the comments. They lose their minds. Oh, sorry. I know you're supposed to laugh your own jokes. All right. So, Melania, last I thought it was another breakout. Great speech.


I thought it was terrific. She ended the night. The visuals were spectacular, obviously, in the Rose Garden, the American flags in the background. The fact that Melania is an immigrant happens to speak five languages, a fact probably lost on Bette Midler, one of the great morons of Hollywood. I'll get to that in a minute, too. Obviously can't play. It was very it was a long speech, but a very good one. But one of the things Melania hit on that I think gets lost with the I don't like Trump's tweets crowd.


I get that. I understand that. Believe me, I get it. I'll leave that for another day. I get it. His style's different, some people don't like it, I get it. I'm not trying to talk you out of that. But I always ask this question when it comes to Donald Trump's presidency, to conservatives, real concern, not fake conservatives, not the Lenin Project, a.k.a. the Lincoln Project, not those guys. Real conservative, what matters to you more and so, ladies and gentlemen, is a legitimate question.


It's not a fake question or a rhetorical one. It's a legitimate question. What matters to you more? Your perceived character of the person and obviously perceive because you don't really know Donald Trump, you know, I mean, let's be honest, I've met him, what, four or five times, Paula. And I I don't I'm not as best either, but I have a decent feel for who he is. I'm very comfortable with who he is.


But most of you don't know him, and I'm not claiming to either some deep understanding him, so you don't really know his character, but what matters to you more your your perception of his character. Or what he does to advance the conservative cause. Think about that for a second. Radio silence for one, two, three. What matters? Fair question, right? We've got a bevy of conservative judges appointed because of Donald Trump. We got the tax cuts we wanted.


Business competitiveness coming back to the United States. Listen outside the play, the plague was a unique disaster, would have collapsed any one second. It didn't matter. Ronald Reagan could have come back from the dead. So outside of the plague. And we're getting it back now with what we've seen, tremendous growth rates.


Massive regulatory reform, the fight against Planned Parenthood doubled down, you had Abby Johnson last night at the Abby Johnson, an incredible speech about the disaster, the apocalypse that the abortion movement in the United States has become. You think any other Republican convention under anyone else other than Donald Trump would have done that and allowed that to air? Not a chance. So what matters more simple question. And I'll get to Melanie because it matters in the speech. Does it matter your perception of his character or do his conservative results matter more?


Would you rather have a guy you perceive to have some perceive, because most of them don't, by the way, some stellar, unblemished character, a saintly figure in the White House who does nothing to save lives to abortion, to advance our economic liberty, to advance school choice and get kids an opportunity to escape the hell of a bad school. Would you rather them just have a better character and throw all that in the garbage? I can't answer that for you.


I can only answer it for me. And the answer for me is, I have no problem with his character and I believe what he's done for the conservative movement has been absolutely spectacular. There are things we can change. But there's no question it's been a conservative agenda not. Melanie brings this point up last night during your speech, and this is what I thought too much about a minute in this clip here where she emphasizes, hey, at least the guy is authentic.


You may not like it. You may perceive his character as being a little bit brash, little a little rough, some thorns on that rose. But nobody nobody on planet Earth knows Donald Trump better than Melania Trump all class, by the way, all class. Nobody and she emphasized what I just told you, at least she's authentic and he cuts through the B.S.. Check this out.


I'm here because we need my husband to be our president and commander in chief for four more years. He's what is best for our country. We all know Donald Trump makes no secrets about how he feels about things. Total honesty is what we as citizens deserve from our president. Whether you like it or not, you always know what he's thinking. And that is because he's an authentic person who loves this country and its people and wants to continue to make it better.


Donald wants to keep your family safe. He wants to help your family succeed. He wants nothing more than for this country to prosper. And he doesn't waste time playing politics.


Yeah. That's absolutely right. And this is real. Well, we don't like that real fine, don't like it, that's up to you. But at least he's not faking it, at least he's not giving you a false patina of who he really is, and then when you crack that patina and get to the marrow of that bone, you find out that's not really who we were. No, no. He is who he says he is. No, either the coach for the Arizona Cardinals is Dennis Green, but they are talking about their loss to the Bears.


Did you did you think they were who they said we are, who we thought they were? We are. We that's who Donald Trump is. He is who you think he is. He's pretty authentic. And I thought Melania's speech was very, very effective. Now, of course, cue the racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, trans phobic left. Yes, that's right. That's what they are. They really are. It's actually Republicans that respect every human being's biga, God given right to live freely.


You would disagree with how they live, but to live freely, as long as they're not breaking the law, we respect that. Gay, straight, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, immigrant, nonimmigrant. You follow the rules, don't break the law, you are free to live as you see fit. I mean, I disagree with it, but you are free to do it. It's the left that really falls in love with racism and xenophobia and all that other stuff.


No, damn, that can't be. Yes, it is. Melania Trump happens to have an accent. By the way, a fact that seems to really stir up the left, why would that be, Joe? I thought they're the one they love immigration on the left or WERSHBA or the Republicans are so anti-immigrant. We are really unmarried. Well, not that I don't understand that. Now, how do I get past that? Oh, my gosh, that's kind of weird.


And it. Man alive. Joe has people his family want from this country. How do you get past that? It's just crazy. I don't know how he did it, Joe. He had a sideline. Is his xenophobia just like maybe I don't know how we got past it. Right. Joe, how did we do it? How did something do some mystery potion that was given to us by left this stuff? It's really the leftists that are the xenophobes in the racist.


My eyes get red when I just I can't take the stupidity. So here's Hollywood Snob and has been Bette Midler. I think the highlight of her career was that hocus pocus or something or whatever she was, wasn't. So Bette Midler, who claims to be a singer or an actor, she tweeted out after Melanie's speech. Oh, God, she still can't speak English. Man. How many languages exactly? Does Melania Trump speak of five? Five, or if Joe Biden was talking five.


You need an extra fingers, Joe Biden doesn't even know numbers. I'm sure Bette Midler speaks five languages. Yes, she does ignorance, stupidity, greed, nonsense. That's not the language she speaks. Bette Midler, trust me when I tell you. Bette Midler would slay to be Melania Trump, but Melania Trump has no interest in being Bette Midler. Trust me on that one.


But that's Hollywood for you. Republicans don't like immigrants, really, Melania Trump's an immigrant, you're making fun of her accent, she speaks five languages.


You dance five. That's five more than USPI, you can barely speak English. Unbelievable. But again, Hollywood keeps lecturing us on where the Republicans and we're out of touch on immigration. Keep keep lecturing us. Thank you. It's all right. Listen, I want to get to my next point, but I have one more video for you. It's not it it's kind of related to the RNC, but a C-SPAN caller who calls in I don't know if you all heard this or did a call to C-SPAN that just lights it up, lights it up.


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Don't wait, go to express VPN Dotcom Bongino today express VPN Dotcom Bungeni today. Don't wait Hijau online activity from these prying eyeballs. You don't need it. We've seen what these people can do when they get their eyeballs on what you're doing. Express VPN, dotcom slash go today. All right, so I told you this this call Beth is caller. So Seaspan, they have this show where people can call and it's kind of like a TV radio call and kind of a thing, some of you've heard it, some of you not.


But caller calls in and says, hey, listen. I'm a Democrat or whatever, and I saw the RNC and I got to tell you, I'm getting sick. All this chaos in the street. And you see the look on his face and what do we do now? This is great. Check this out.


I'm a Democrat and our convention last week is no comparison to what I've seen in just the last two nights. What do you mean? I'm from Minnesota, where all these riots and looting and the burning started. And I mean, not a mention about us last week about saving our communities, helping our homeless, rebuilding our businesses. And this convention just in the last two nights has has awakened me that there is hope that there are people that are willing to fight for us, people in our communities.


Barb, are you and are you in the Twin Cities area or outside in the Twin Cities and the Twin Cities has some of the protests.


Have they frightened you? Absolutely. They've been, you know, seven miles away was I knew John Johnson of our party going into a neighborhood with two hundred of Black Lives Matter supporters and terrorizing innocent neighbors in a community. It is scary.


What's your name? Was it Barbes? She say? You think? You think Barb from Minnesota. Democrat who's tired of the chaos and was proud to see the Republican National Convention celebrate America and a return to law order and stability, peace in the streets. You think Barb from Minnesota is the only one who feels that way? Ladies and gentlemen, I'm out of the predictions game. But if you'll see, if you read today's show notes, I have two polls, Bongino dot com slash newsletter is where you go.


If you'd like to subscribe to our show notes, it's free. Of course, I give you the best articles of the day. I have two articles I need you to read. One about swing state approval ratings, polls closing, closing, meaning trumps starting to close in on Biden significantly in swing states, Florida, Arizona and elsewhere. And another poll showing a 10 percent difference in support for Trump over Biden, over Biden. I don't know why the left, which is usually smarter than this, not right there, pretty much wrong on everything, but they're usually tactically more gifted than this.


Why they thought burning down American cities. Marching through the suburbs, screaming at megaphones at three o'clock in the morning to wake people up and calling them mother. Fingers. Why they thought this is a successful strategy to persuade independents. I don't know. Who are the morons running this party? I'm hoping to get this, I got video of what happened in Kenosha last night, we warned you were you not warned that this increased chaos was going to lead to confrontations in the street because people aren't going to let their businesses further?


We have warned you nobody want nobody saying nothing about the left, no sane people. Nobody wants this. You were warned and it happened anyway. I've got that coming up to. And you think this message sells, you think Barb from Minnesota, she's not even the only Barb from Minnesota who's a Democrat who probably feels the same way. All the other barbs from Minnesota who are Democrats are voting Republican. You can email us at the show. I'd love to hear from you, too, Barb.


Number twenty two. I used to vote Democrat. They tried to burn my house down. Now I'm voting Republican. Shocker only to idiots. It's a shocker. All right, let me move on to this piece of Intisar, the whole show and its spectacular. Ladies, gentlemen, there's a piece in The Wall Street Journal today about. What happens post Election Day if a candidate just basically doesn't concede and the election's in doubt because mail in ballots are popping in all over, no postmarks?


What do we do? We've never had that scenario. Mail in voting could deliver chaos, Wall Street Journal delays will play havoc with federal electoral college deadlines, entire states could be disenfranchised. Folks, this article I read this morning, really, I have to tell you, really scared me. We're going to go through it piece by piece. I have an incredible five screenshots from it, which, Paula, when you agree, pretty unprecedented. It's like for Muttley events, they almost never happen.


But this article, you're going to need to know every detail of it before I get to it. Why? I think this is going to be a potential debacle post Election Day and you better start preparing, I mean, mentally in your head. Get ready for the idea that Election Day, you may not get a result. Or the next day or the next week or maybe even the next month, and the question then becomes. What do we do?


Why do I say that? Here's Hillary Clinton, as Joe told me before the show, she gets a sneak peek at these clips like no one else is, and then they're not even dog whistling anymore. They're just coming out saying elections don't matter. We won't concede it. Here's Hillary Clinton saying exactly that. Check this out.


This is a big organizational challenge, but at least we know more about what they're going to do. And, you know, Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out and eventually I do believe he will win if we don't give an inch and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is.


That was from the recount. And that's an interview Hillary Clinton conducted with Jen Palmieri, former Clinton swamper right there. And she's like, when Hillary says, I see what she does, my elbows. Yes, my elbows don't work on my shoulders. So imagine it's two arms. Yes. Other although the other arm seriously doesn't work. Am I messing with you? Can you do that of me as a referee, Joe? We'll go there are more.


She's cheering. She thinks this is great, that Hillary's actually recommending that Joe Biden, who could lose, not concede. Did you ever. In your lifetimes. Serious question, not hyperbolic, not a joke, not intended for effect. Do you ever in your lifetime think we'll be asking questions like, what if the candidate who loses doesn't concede? No. What does the military do? I know you did. I do know. No, no, Joe, seriously, what does the military do?


Who's the commander in chief? You know, Dan, that only happens in Third World republics. Not according to Hillary, right? What if they don't concede? Now, you may say, well, what does that mean, what are the mechanics and here's the reason I found this article so fascinating, because it goes to the actual mechanics of what happens. Let's go through this, memorize every bit of this. This is important. Screenshot one from the journal piece, ladies and gentlemen, under current federal law.


The presidential election must take place on November 3rd unless the laws change, which it won't. November 3rd is the date of the election period, full stop. And the electors chosen on that day must vote on December 14th to select the new president, vice president. There's an electoral college. Obviously, the popular vote only matters because it determines who the electors are. They must vote on December 14. These dates cannot be changed without an act of Congress and the 20th Amendment sets Inauguration Day on January 20th.


Keep keep that up a second, Paula. So we have three dates that are not movable. Unless the law changes, it's not going to change. November 3rd is going to be the election, December 14th, the electors chosen via the popular votes in those states in the states have to vote on December 14th and they pick the new president, vice president. And Inauguration Day is January 20th. Twenty, twenty one, not movable. There's not going to be a change.


That is the law. That's not Hillary Clinton's opinion. It's not Donald Trump's opinion. That's the law. Everybody get that. How do you get those dates stable down? Those dates are in the Constitution now. But the Constitution prescribes a process and laws were written according to that process and here's what the law says, which gives us those dates because they're not the same dates in every election cycle. Let's go to take away number two from the article.


Very important stuff here. Congress has done so by enacting laws mandating that, quote, The electors of the present vice president shall be appointed in each state on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November this year, November 3rd. And that the Electoral College must meet and vote on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December this year, December 14, the law.


As the Supreme Court held and foster versus love in ninety seven, taken together, the relevant constitutional and statutory provisions mandate, quote, holding all elections for Congress and the presidency on a single day throughout the union. What's the takeaway from screen cap one in screen capture? The dates aren't changing, folks. You can do whatever you want your liberal states to do. Vote by mail, vote by telephone, vote by carrier pigeon. It doesn't matter. You're going to have to get a vote in and you're going to have to get it in by November 3rd so the electors can pick the president by December 14th, so he can be inaugurated by January 20, no matter who that president is, Trump or Biden.


There is not going to be any law changes, everybody get that. Because the way Hillary Clinton talks about it, you would think that this non concession has some kind of legal basis. In other words, her recommendation to Joe Biden, you see where I'm going with this recommendation. Oh, don't concede. Has no legal weight whatsoever. And go. Those electors are meeting December 14th to pick a president no matter what. Joe Biden candidly, no matter what Trump does either.


If Trump says, I'm not conceding by December 4th, we're going to have a new president. December 14th, excuse me, I said December 4th. That's the law. It's not open for interpretation, it's crystal clear, but is it the Wednesday after the Tuesday after the Wednesday, Monday, Tuesday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday? Maybe that's all that is prescribed by the video producer, Drew. He was like a key figure in that whole music movement.


He always laughs when I sing my dopey song. Nothing's changing whether they can see it or not. December 14th, you're going to have a president. Now, the obvious questions, we have three more screen caps from this piece, very unusual, very good. What if December 14th comes and states are like, we don't have a winner, we got mail and votes coming in, phone by mail, vote by carrier pigeon email votes, we got Twitter votes coming in.


We're taking the online surveys, whatever. But if the states say, well, we don't have we don't have anybody yet. Well, there's a process for that. Will the process hold? Let's go to screen cap number three here from this excellent piece. It follows that all those state statutes permit the use of certain mail in ballots sent on or before Election Day, that's November 3rd. No ballot cast after November 3rd is constitutionally valid. No ballot cast after November 3rd is constitutionally valid.


Remember, the screen could keep this up on the screen cap I just read before. The law, according to the Supreme Court case, is elections are to be held on the same day if you're accepting ballots after that day, the election is not being held on the same day nationwide. Right? Pretty simple. It goes on. This implies that counting on postmarked mailed ballots that arrive after Election Day would be unconstitutional, pretty simple, right, folks, as it would be no way to tell if it were cast in time.


In addition, the winner of each state, each state's excuse me, electoral votes must be determined by December 14th, as we keep saying, are those votes cannot be cast? So we have two takeaways here. Take or take away, number one. The law, the Supreme Court, the Constitution, the statutory laws and constitutional law have all dictated the election must be held on the same day for Congress or the presidency on the same day that day.


This year is November 3rd if you get a ballot. Postmarked or not postmarked or postal may say was postmarked after November 3rd, that means you mailed it after Election Day. That is not the same day, November 3rd, same day, November 4th, not same day. November 3rd, November 4th, not the same, three, four, not the same day. Meaning your vote doesn't count. Sorry, your bad, you missed it. If the ballot is received senario to.


After November 3rd, with no postmark, meaning you don't know when it was mailed, it is still invalid. Those electors are meeting December 14. To pick a president based on that state's popular vote. Now, what happens when the chaos ensues? What if there's a dispute? Well, it was postmarked November 4th, but the voters saying he really mailed in November 2nd. Well, what if it doesn't have a postmark at all and it comes in at 12 01 and someone says, no, no, we came in at eleven fifty nine.


Oh, come on, then, that's not going to happen, really. You remember the hanging chads in Florida, if you sure about that. You think the Democrats who've already said Joe was not kidding? They're not it's not a dog whistle. We're not conceding. You think they're not going to sue for every one of these ballots will be tied up in litigation till December 14th, 20, 30, five. By December 14th, don't forget the date, this better be figure it out, because they're picking a president by law.


But what if it's not? Let's go to screen cap number four, I screwed it up this morning, I said to Paula, here's a screen cap six. She's like, there's only five at a Biden moment. Very sorry. Here's number four, though. This December 14th deadline is even tighter, thanks to another federal statute, which requires that any controversy, i.e., disputes over the electors the state is appointed, must be resolved under pre-existing state law at least six days before the Electoral College meets.


What does that mean? There's another date I got to memorize. Yes, there is sorry. Shows chock full of information. But it's true. Meaning not only are they meeting the electors on December 14th, but if there's a dispute about ballots and who the electors should be electing president. If a dispute isn't resolved by the December 8th, quote, safe harbor, the states legislatures have until December 14th to determine how the electors are to be selected or all.


What happens if the state can't figure it out? They forfeit their electoral votes. Oh, ouch. If a state meets the December 8th deadline. Because they have six days from December eight to December 14th to figure it out, if a state meets the December eight deadline, the result is conclusive and Congress must accept it. Lot to digest here. But I'm preparing you now for the chaos that's about to come. Hillary's already announcing it. If this election is close, get ready.


Was it Katie bar, the Katie bar? I'm telling you, get ready. For the chaos, the protests, you think the anti terrorist protests were bad? So just to be clear, you have a six day window from December 8th to December 14th, if there's a dispute, let's say the election in Wisconsin is tight, just pulling that state out for a swing state. Let's say there's a lawsuit over 5000 mail in ballots and Trump wins the state by a thousand votes, some of them say they mail them on November 3rd, even though they show November 4th.


Some of them claim it was at the post office at eleven fifty. Some say it was that after midnight. There's lawsuits over five thousand ballots, Trump wins by a thousand. The Democrats in the state and the legislature in Wisconsin say now Biden won the vote tally doesn't show Biden winning. It shows Trump winning. Right. What do you do? Well, there's a law for that. You have six days between December 8th and December 14th to tell your electors who are going to elect the president when December 14th tell them what to do.


And Congress must accept it. But what if that dispute isn't solved? And what if the Democrats in Wisconsin and the Republicans in Wisconsin refused to send. Electors deemed by the process there, well, the state could forfeit. Or something else could happen, meaning Wisconsin's electoral votes wouldn't matter at all. Or something else could happen, which is really. Really disturbing. Here's green cap number five or Dan Bongino this morning, numbers number six. At best, the result this is if there's a dispute, quote, at best the result would be electors chosen by state legislatures, right?


They pick them. That's it. The state legislators pick the electors. Presidents pick. At worst, states would be disenfranchised in the Electoral College. In other words, they can't come to an agreement, Wisconsin, about who won in their state. They don't figure it out by December 14th, it's over, you don't get any votes, or for those of you reading ahead, you're like, no way this could happen, really. What if they send rival slates of electors to vote on December 14th?


Leading to a bitter dispute in the United States Congress over which votes to recognize. Any victor who emerged from such chaos would serve under a cloud of illegitimacy, promising four more years of political instability.


Oh. Now, folks. Granted, on any sane electoral year, this is the kind of stuff Joe and I and Paula candidly would be embarrassed to talk about. No one's going to see United States. And what's going to do that send rival electors. Wisconsin sends Democrat electors for Biden and then Republican electors for Trump, who both think the other team lost. And the United States Congress is looking at them going, who? Who who is it? What happens?


What if the election is determined by Wisconsin, where they have 10 electoral votes? What if Wisconsin is the hinge? Could be any swing state, could be Virginia, could be Michigan. What if for the entire election, that road to 270, 270 electoral votes, what if that entire election comes down to one state and that state cannot agree because of a mail in voting ballot chaos who won? And they send rival electors picking the opposite guy to Congress and they're sitting on.


What do we do? This is the craziest thing I've ever heard. At Granton and any other election cycle, you'd be embarrassed to talk about it because you sound like a lunatic. Not now. Even a mainstream outlet like The Wall Street Journal is starting to entertain the possibility, given the Democrats obsession with spying on their political opponents, not accepting election results, weaponized the government and now Hillary Clinton openly talking about screw the election. We're not conceding anything.


You better start asking some real questions now. What do we do? All right, let me get to my last sponsor and I want to get to some some of the most disturbing video I've seen in a long time. Everybody's everybody's been warned. This is just this was inevitable, sadly. Today's show ladies brought to you by and branch what a millions of Americans and three former US presidents have in common. They all agree that branch seats are the softest and most comfortable, pure organic cotton sheets on Earth.


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If you spend eight hours of your life in bed, sleep in comfort. Go to Boehland Branch Dotcom is promo code Bongino again Boehland Branch Dot com promo code Mancino restrictions may apply see and branch dotcom for details. All right, just one more thing on that. Before I get to the violence in the streets, one may want to make sure you understand this. You know, any patriotic American should be gaming this out right now, using game theory as to what can happen because you can't be prepared for scenarios you didn't anticipate.


Right. You're Donald Rumsfeld. You know you know, the known knowns, the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns, there are going to be unknown unknowns, but there are unknown unknowns, right? We don't know what's going to happen, but we know what could happen. And we have to start asking questions that again, years ago would have sounded like they were insane conspiracy theories out of a comic book, like what exactly does the military do if the elections in dispute, if swing states that send rival elector factions electing a different president, send them and Congress has to make a call.


What do they do? Who does the military report to? Who does the Secret Service protect? These are real questions. Who does the Department of Justice answer to if forced to investigate election fraud about the election and dispute? If your mind is bending right now, so is mine, because I don't have an answer. I don't know. Your answers could be all the military reports of the guy who won, who says who won CNN or FOX. Really, who says?


Not Wisconsin says no, no, they send rival teams there saying different things, Biden more no, Trump one. Really scary stuff. This is Democrats for. OK, last night, the violence in Kenosha after the shooting, Mr. Blake, which we don't have the details on yet. We don't have the details on yet, but, of course, you know, liberals who absolutely have fallen in love with the idea of inflaming anti police and racial hatred in the country have to jump to conclusions and defend mostly peaceful protesters who were not mostly peaceful.


So I had warned on this show repeatedly. Nobody wants this, no one, nobody I know Hussein wants their neighborhood burning down and shootings in their streets, and if there's any sane person want that, I think the answer's no, we don't. Thank you. Nobody wants the apocalypse at their front door. Yet, of course, this Marxist terror group, BLM, and they're even worse fascist terror group Antifa, which is really pretty far, I get it, the acronyms.


I just like Protea, the pro fascist group. They love burning your streets down. And I had warned you repeatedly, is a man who spent most of his adult life in a prior profession in law enforcement, that my experience is these situations reach a boiling point. Where people who live in neighborhoods are like, you know what, you're not going to burn my house down today and I'm going to defend it. Do you blame them? And I warned you that violence was going to hit the streets.


I had warned you, because the only people who want violence are people who haven't looked at it up close and personal. I'm not going to give you this story again, I've spoken on the show a thousand times. But when you see violence up close and personal as a street cop and you go and you respond to a homicide. And you're in a bodega in the seven five precinct in east New York, Brooklyn, somebody I know might have done this.


And you see a kid on the floor with his. The contents of his skull all over the place. You don't forget that. These people out there, whatever, I don't even care what your politics. You know, shooting whatever we did. But I had repeatedly. Said that people are not going to sit back either. And they are not going to let you attack their families, attack them and burn their neighborhoods to the ground. Devastating incident, Kenosha last night warning.


Video is disturbing, it's being played on a lot of outlets, I actually. Thought twice about using this video because it is disturbing to watch, but it's necessary because you're going to see more of this in your streets if we don't get these hack fake, phony fraud politicians to establish law and order and call out these groups for what they are anarchists. We're going to see more of this. And nobody nobody wants us. Is the conflict between these groups, these protesters and these other acounter protesters?


It got violent, resulted in a shooting. The shooting was caught on tape. The results of the shooting are all over social media, you can see yours. I'm not going to post the pictures, but again, warning to parents with kids watching on YouTube, those listening in order. You can hear the chaos and describe it afterwards. This video is deeply disturbing. I'm not sure you want your kids to see this. All right. It's about, I don't know, 25 seconds long or so, Paul.


So give it like a minute count if you want to be safe. Check this out.


Oh, you do what you think. You saw and heard. You saw and heard. This is on an American street, this is in the downtown Kabul. Accountable, someone always send me an email after that. It's not this is Kenosha, Wisconsin. You want more of this and keep vote for the same people who think that I will just let these protesters, we'll just let them file down the street and burn people's businesses down and we'll call them mostly peaceful.


You want more of this stuff? Of course, no sane, rational person wants any of this. There's a process for police use of force incidents, a legal review process. That process is happening right now with the George Floyd case, it'll happen as well in Wisconsin. There's a crime committed, there'll be a legal review, there's an administrative law broken, there'll be an administrative review. If there are no laws broken, those reviews will say that.


This is a process. This is a war at your front door. Ridiculous. These videos don't have any sound, but you want more of this. Is for those was a Black Lives Matter sign in front of you and I think in some nondenominational church. It's burning in the background, the cars. Again, you want more of this? You got an election coming up. You got a choice to make. It's clear as day. One side supports law and order, order is process the process by which police use of force incidents are reviewed, that is order.


When people say law and order, that's what they mean. There is an orderly process. Where we review these things, I'm not for government overreach either, ladies and gentlemen. I'm going to get to that to say second, but my final story. But I'm not for police being thrown under the bus either before you've allowed the process to continue. You don't believe me, look at the Zogby poll, you think the Democrats are winning on this. Look at this new poll, Zogby hat tip poll, Bédard for this President Trump's job approval rating.


Fifty two percent now disapprove. Forty seven percent. Look at it amongst African-Americans. Thirty six percent approval amongst Hispanics. Thirty seven Asians. Thirty five. He's going up dramatically. Zogby Analytics. What do you think that is? Because racist Democrats treat black people as if they're automatons and they're not independent thinkers, as Dan Cameron addressed in the beginning of the show. You don't think black mothers and fathers, black employees, black union members, black teenagers, black citizens of the United States care about safety in their neighborhood?


You think they want this? Probably the most racist thing you could say, but Democrats treat them like that. No, no, no. We want riots in the streets. We know how black people think. No, you don't know squat. As evidenced by the fact that one side, the Republicans stand for law and order and the Democrats embrace and worship chaos. And people start to figure that out. All right, one final note, can we go to the CBS story, Paula?


Sorry, I'm going have to get that Spygate story. It's a good one. I will get to it this week. It's interesting, but it involves my book and it's kind of I don't like doing too much book stuff. I again warned you that not only was that fight coming to your door, but on the other side, that the big government fight is coming to your door, too. Ladies and gentlemen, the coronavirus plague that's been imposed upon us.


Has brought about an era of government activism and intrusion into your life like nothing I've never seen, and unbelievably, not only are some people just blindly accepting it, they're embracing it. The shutting down of businesses for no scientifically valid reason, as we've seen with Attila's gym in Belmar and all across the country. The harassing of innocent citizens is trying to feed their kids by opening their doors, the imposition of ridiculous rules like Andrew Cuomo in New York, you can serve alcohol, but you've got to serve food.


Well, we're going to serve Chip. No, it has to be used to be a sandwich. What kind of soup has to be a big sandwich? You think I'm kidding? Go look up. Andrew Cuomo making rules about what size sandwich before a bar is. Are you think this isn't tyranny? Well, what drives me crazy? And before I start this segment, so there's no misperceptions amongst the lunatic conspiracy theory promoting wacko libs that watch my show, I'm not an anti mass guy.


Some of you see me in public with one. Some of you see me without one. I make that determination. If I go in a business that has the mask sign on the door, I put a mask on. If I'm in someone's house and they're uncomfortable, I put a mask. I'm not a.. Mask. If it makes you comfortable, fine. I personally, it doesn't make me comfortable at all because I know it doesn't do anything or I don't think it does based on what I've read.


Some of the gators people were actually break up the droppings, but if it makes you comfortable, I'm not here to start a fight with you. I'm not 18 mask, I'm anti stupidity. And in the county I live in, which is allegedly Republican Martin County, Florida. We have county commissioners, what have I? I just supported this guy turns around and again, here's CPS, Martin County Commissioners Pask, another masked man, they these guys are unbelievable.


We have one, this is Sarah Hurd, who just I expect nothing from our terrible anyway, but we have two alleged Republicans, Doug Smith and this guy Ed can't be again, I'm sure this is happening in your neighbor.


I'm not bringing it up because it's my neighbor on this happening who just area we're Republicans, but you're damn, you're to wear a mask. We're going to say. There was no controversy in Martin County at all, just like in your neighborhood, businesses had figured it out, people were wearing masks anyway. There was no controversy at all. They did this mask, man, which I covered on my show. Many of you remember a month ago I told them they could stick their mask.


Man, they write up their cabooses, which they can stick this one up to. It tore the whole county to pieces. They waited till after the election and they did it again. So as I said last time, I'm not anti Mascoma anti stupidity, which these three clearly are. Don't call me anymore either, by the way. I'm serious. Don't even bother. So these three nanny state egomaniacs. I will ignore you like I did last time.


When I go to church, I'll have my mask when I'm in a place that demands that a private business is their business, I'll wear a mask or I'll leave. And when I'm around, people who I think are high risk, I'll wear a mask to make them comfortable. But I won't listen to you just like I didn't last time, you know where I live, you know where I live, because one of you put a sign up at my.


You can deliver the summons to my door just like last time. I pay all day. But you can take it. Just like last time, I just know this. We won't make this mistake again. I know it's past the election, you really don't care. You think you're in it for the cause or whatever you really false nanny state egomaniacs wallowing and bathing in a mud bath of your own power. I don't forget. My friends won't, and I've got a bigger voice than do you've got power, sadly, you got elected locally, but I've got power to.


I've got a microphone, which sometimes a lot more powerful, and I'm using it to help businesses around the country and counties around the country dealing with the same nonsense. I'm not antiemetic, I'm anti stupid, and we allow them to do this. Who knows what's next? This is happening in a Republican county. For the first time in the five plus years I've been here, I'm thinking about moving. To get away from these egomaniac tyrants. We give a lot of money to the community.


We do a lot for the community. We don't do it. We don't brag about it on the show. People know what I'm talking about. We do a lot for this community. We love it here. So when you drive us out, if we decide to move, you can take about. Well, take me or tax money and everything else we do for the community elsewhere. Well, we don't have to live under nanny state egomaniacs like you turds.


All right. So tomorrow will be a big day. Don't miss the show again. I'll give you coverage on Friday what it was like live. Hopefully everything goes nice. We get up there and it works out well. Hopefully I get some pictures for you. Really appreciate you doing it. And please subscribe to the show YouTube, Dotcom Bongino and on Apple podcast as well. Subscriptions are free and it really helps us move up the charts and people recognize the show.


Thanks a lot. Appreciate it. See you tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.