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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


So give to a listener yesterday who pointed out to me that we've been discussing bad data, me bad data like this is some kind of college physics class where we screwed up like an F equals M.A equation. I mean, bad data on masks and bad data on lockdowns due to the corona virus and how bad data leads to bad decisions. Because I'm hearing this a lot. Why are we politicizing masks? What's the downside? What do you want people to die?


Ladies and gentlemen, there are tradeoffs. And a listener e-mailed me yesterday and said, Dan, you had the perfect opportunity to bring up the turkey problem. You don't have to listen to figure this out. And I missed that yesterday. And that listener is right. I got that. I've also got Major League Baseball totally blowing it, emulating the disastrous policies of the NFL and saying, yes, go ahead and kneel for the national anthem, disrespect our country, our flag, everybody who fought for it.


No big deal worked out so great for the NFL. I got that more Today show, but to my friends and express VPN, protect your online data from prying eyes. Ladies and gentlemen, get a VPN, go now express VPN, dot com slash bunji express VPN. That Consulars bunch, you know. Welcome to Dan Bongino, show producer. Joe, how are you today? Fine, sir.


Well, I'm doing well, my man. How bad. Just so you catch. Yeah. Yeah. Brian yesterday was really busy, folks. We tried to stack as much in one day as humanly possible. We did. It was a multiple state enterprise all in one day. That ended with two appearances on Hannity's show last night. One of these days, I'll be able to tell you the story. It's a it's a darn good one. So let's get right to it.


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When you sign up today at fit bod dot mi slash bon geno. That's one month free. When you sign up today at fit bod dot me they'll mess that up. Fit bod that mi slash bon Gino. All right Joe let's go. All right, so first, let's get to this Major League Baseball story. Before I get to the bad data thing and the turkey problem, why I'm so bitter about the hysteria out there masquerading as science, leading to bad decisions everywhere.


So first, you know, you think everyone would have learned from the NFL alienating hundreds of thousands, if not millions of fans? I've watched maybe two NFL games. I think the two Super Bowls, because I had to provide some coverage and commentary for one of my jobs. But I think I've watched two Super Bowls in five years. That's it. Now, keep in mind, I was not a casual NFL watcher. I was a diehard. I was a big Raiders fan as far back as when they were in L.A., L.A. and went back to Oakland and now they're headed out to Las Vegas.


I could have told you they're starting offensive line who they drafted in the fourth round. Then in a certain year. I loved the NFL. It has now been fully abandoned now. And the radio industry we call these diehards, we call GOP ones like your diehard listeners, right? Yeah. It's unlike that Joe isn't somebody. Yeah. These are your listeners who never go anywhere. Your core listeners. It's you know, me, I don't know, 50 percent of your audience and yet 50 percent that come and go listen to three shows a week.


When you lose those people, you're in real trouble when you lose your diehards, right? Oh, yeah. It's over. Your stations finished. You have basically loosely connected people who tune in and out. They're not regulars. You can't plan your show. You're screwed. The NFL has alienated huge numbers of those. Yeah, they may have had some spikes here and there and some trust here and there. But trust me when I tell you the long term damage from the policy of allowing people to disrespect our national anthem anthem in our country and Neil has been catastrophic.


Don't listen to any of the blue checkmark brigade, that crap on our country and hate America. They want you to believe this is cool and edgy and kneel before the national anthem is so good. It's all nonsense. Believe me, real executives in the NFL know what a disaster this has been. Not only have they alienated millions of fans now who now want from their diehard P ones still loosely affiliated, occasionally watch once in a while fans tell us, you know, Mouallem never watching at all.


Yeah, they've alienated their kids, as I've said to you before. Joe, the real damage here. Joe, as a son. I have two daughters. Obviously, ladies and gentlemen, you are all the product of a mother and a father. All of you. Hopefully your mother and your father teach you things mostly good. You know, some people unforeseen learn bad lessons. But these are traditions, football watching Sunday, watching the Giants or Jets game or I was from New York.


They were the only teams on TV typically. Who's traditions handed down? I actually learned about football from my mom. She was a big football fan, right? Yeah, man, that's it, Jane. Which keeps a brand at its peak. What we would call in business hero goodwill. The value when a name alone. Coca-Cola. The NFL. Right. There's value in just the name being associated with the NFL or Coca-Cola. This goodwill in that, there's value in that because these products have been handed down.


Mom drank Coca-Cola. The kids drank Coca-Cola. Whatever you gave them say there's goodwill in that. It was goodwill in the NFL. The chain has been broken. There are thousands, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people in the United States who now don't regularly tune in and will not pass this onto their kids and their model is broken. This is damaging. So if the MLB made Major League Baseball has decided, oh, know what, we might as well jump on the Black Lives Matter pigs in a blanket frame like bacon.


What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them now bandwagon. And we're going to allow kneeling at our sport. Dukes It was so great for the NFL.


You could see it. Now, listen for a moment, because that was. The anthem is so beautiful for those of you listening on audio.


For those of you watching on video. Unfortunately, you saw something while that anthem was playing a beautiful song. You saw members of the San Francisco Giants again kneeling in disrespect of our country, the national anthem and all of those who fought for. Now, ladies and gentlemen, in an effort to clarify their position for the double digit IQ moron radical left this, who listened to the show and of course, do nothing but lie and mischaracterize your position. This is not a First Amendment fight.


I acknowledge that because of what they typically respond is what you don't believe in free speech. Can I be crystal clear for the liberals watching this show, incredibly unintelligent, double digit ones muttering about Democrats out there in on stereotyping. I'm talking about the double digit IQ Neanderthal liberals who don't understand basic English. Point stipulated. This is not a First Amendment fight. No one is making that case. You're arguing something no one's. It's not about the First Amendment.


Major League Baseball is a private enterprise. They can do whatever they want, Joe. They can mandate you, mandate you kneel for the national debt. They can do whatever they want. Yeah. It's not a First Amendment. Fine, OK. Do we get that? The jury's in. The gavel has come down. We get it. Stop creating strawman arguments. Nobody's saying that. No one knows what they're talking about. It's not a First Amendment fight.


They're not a government enterprise. Nobody's forcing you to do anything. I'm addressing this from a business perspective. It's interesting that the people mealing the San Francisco Giants members kneeling while our great national anthem plays. It's interesting how they want you to understand their perspective. Right, Joe? That's why they do it. It's the whole essence of a public statement, correct? Right. Yeah. Am I missing something? I mean, about asking you the hard question here.


The reason someone would kneel in front of cameras during our national anthem is so people will see it. Well, why do they want people to see it? They want people to see it because they want people to either ask them about an issue or they're trying to make some kind of statement they feel will get across or else they would do it in the locker room. Right. This isn't hard to understand. Right. Now I get got a liberals will have a tough time.


But for the smart people listening, you're doing it to make a statement, to state something. So they want you to understand their perspective. Their perspective is what by kneeling, we're supporting black lives. OK. I've as I've said many times, that's a conversation I really would love to have on this show if you'd be open to it, especially the black lives being destroyed by awful government policies, the black lives being destroyed by terrible schools and largely minority communities.


The black lives literally ending due to high crime due to liberals that will not enforce public safety rules and let black lives be extinguished every day. I know you want to talk. No, no, we don't want to talk about that. No, I don't want to. Over that then went over it. But they want you to understand their statement. But it's fascinating when we make a counter statement like, hey, it's not a free speech issue.


We get that it's not government. But the counter statement is, is that the act of kneeling while our national anthem is being played is an act of disrespect. Don't conflate it with genuflecting in churches are totally different. That's a ridiculous argument. You know, you kneel when you start a fight and NMM a class to when you grapple because some people don't want to do takedowns. It's nothing to do with you kneeling for the national anthem. There are two separate motions in two separate contexts.


Annealing, it's not disrespect. It isn't. Really? Then why are you doing it? Why you don't understand? I noticed when I watched the Ravens game a few, I will tell the story when this whole thing started. The Baltimore Ravens went over to play a game in the United Kingdom, and it was a fascinating moment where the left's entire argument that we're not kneeling a disrespect to flight. No, you are. You that's exactly what you're doing.


The fascinating moment was this. Our national anthem played overseas and these disrespectful players, Nield overseas in front of it to show disrespect for our flag. And you know what happened when God Save the Queen was was played? United Kingdom's national anthem. You know what happened? They all got up. Why? I thought it's not. If it's not disrespect in the eye. What is it? An act of reverence? I mean, this is it. What am I missing?


What am I am I missing? Batteries, then something's missing here, right? You got up when their national anthem played. Why? Because you did the answer because you didn't want to disrespect them. But I thought you weren't disrespecting in the answers. Of course you are. So it's fascinating how you want us to understand your statement, an argument that's clearly disrespect. You wouldn't do it for anyone else's national anthem just for ours. But when we ask you to understand our position, patriotic Americans who say, listen, we're the actual constitutionalists here.


Conservatives, not your liberal friends, the tyrants. We believe in your right to protest. We believe in your right to free speech, and I believe in free markets, free enterprise and private businesses ability to do whatever they want. But I'm suggesting to you that your act of disrespect for our flag. Has actually hurt, not helped your argument. So if your argument is really, really any has anything to do with black lives, it doesn't. You don't want to talk about that.


Then why would you start off with an act of disrespect that alienates the people you're trying to convince? What's the point? What's the point? If your point is to save black lives, why are you starting off with a gesture that alienates probably 40 to 50 percent of America who've now shut you down and are convinced you're not about anything other than disrespecting the flag? Because you're not about having a serious argument. It's about this respectful, shallow gestures, sadly meant to insult people.


You want to have that conversation? Come on the show. Let's do it. You won't do it. Because we've been the one advocating for school choice for black families. Give them an opportunity for public safety in black communities. We don't have to hear the cries and the tears of another black mother, a father who lost their kid in a high crime community. We're the ones talking about good, solid, strong free market health care, where patients can choose and aren't forced into government clinics in minority communities where the outcomes are disastrous.


We're the ones talking about that. Night, you. Sorry, but topic. Really bothers me. That flag matters to people. And if your goal is a serious dialogue to fix problems, your first act shouldn't be one of total disrespect which alienates the audience. Who wants to fix these problems to. I'm done with baseball. You do whatever you want. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm you know, your viewing habits are your own. But it's time for us to fight back against this nonsense.


You want to, Neil? You unio. But I don't have to watch it, and neither do you. All right, let's move on. I get to my second story. I want a hat tip. Tom, who sent an e-mail yesterday to our account. He was right. You know, folks, the mass hysteria and the lockdown hysteria over the corona virus. There is a misperception out there. And I we need to correct and it's typically levied by people who sadly either don't know what they're talking about or do or do know what the two men are lying to you.


And the misperception around masks and lockdowns both is that there are not tradeoffs. Now, these follow me here, Joe. If I lose the audience as the referee for our greater, you must stop me. It is your obligation, these arguments that there are in tradeoffs, that this is no black or white masks. And lockdown's right. Because that's how liberals don't they don't understand nuance or they ignore it. The arguments are framed differently. The mask argument and the lockdown economic lockdown argument, but they're both framed incorrectly by liberals.


And many others who don't understand how the actual science works. Let's go with the mask argument first. These mask mandates that you have to wear a mask and government should be the one to tell you to do it. The arguments typically framed by the left and others not willing to look at the actual science as this show. Well, why wouldn't you do it? What's the downside? As if there is no trade off. Again, conservatives, libertarians and others understand that there's always, always a tradeoff.


There's always a tradeoff when we promote bad data on anything, including masks. I'm going to get to that in a second. What the tradeoff, actually, these gentlemen. There is a downside to government misinformation and media misinformation en masse. And it's a significant one. Anyone telling you what's the downside, just put it on. Not willing to entertain the fact that there's always a tradeoff. Doesn't know what they're talking about or isn't familiar with how actual science works.


The lockdown argument is typically phrased differently, it's phrased as well, what do you want people to die? All right. Right. If you don't lock it down, you'll people die. Ladies and gentlemen, before I get back to the mask one and the data big data, probably the Turkey problem, which I think you're gonna like some of your older listeners have heard of before. What do you want people to die? Argument is amateur ish. This and really your advertising, your own ignorance.


You are. I'm very sorry, but you are. Folks, it's not us putting a value on human life. It's you. In other words, people who say you don't want to lock the economy down again, you want people to die. What are you going to put a value, the stock market on human life, not putting a value in the stock market on human life. You're doing it. Oh, my gosh darn. You can't say that people put a value on human life.


Yes, you do it every day. You're going to deny the latest home. And this part is only for serious listeners. If you're not a serious person and you don't want to analyze this rationally and you're just embedded in the emotion that conservatives want people to die. Conservatives who don't believe in economic lockdowns are the science from which I'm going to give you the actual numbers and a bit to. Stop listening, Max. None of this is for you.


This is for rational, sane people. You take risks in your life every single day. You go out and flu season. Do you not? Ladies and gentlemen, the flu is a very, very serious virus. Don't. I'm not even comparing the flu to Karen. Talk. I'm comparing the flu with your analysis of risk. There are two separate viruses that do two separate things and affect people differently. Obviously. Why do you do that? Why do you not get a flu shot during flu season?


You know, 50 percent of America doesn't. What the. That's why. Some of you are going to e-mail me back. Dan, how dare you promote vaccine? I'm not promoting anything. I'm asking a question. You e-mailing me that you don't really like vaccines, which I get a lot. Some people don't like vaccines. Makes my point, not yours. You've judged the risk. You've done your homework. You don't like them. You take the risk.


You put a value on your own life. I didn't do it. You're getting my point here. Yes, the arguments they use are emotional. They're not based on any real world reason. If you don't support Lockdown's, you want people to die. I don't want people I'm not putting a price on on people's lives. You do it every you put a price on your own. You get in your car every day. And I'll bet a five 10 percent of the population doesn't wear seat belts.


Why not? His data on seat belts is pretty crystal clear, is it not? Why not? Why did you do it? You get on a plane. Zone one yesterday. There's a risk, it's small, but there's a risk. Why do you do that? Because you've judged the tradeoffs and the tradeoffs to sitting in your house all day. Not getting in your car, not going out when flu season is and not getting on a plane cause you're afraid it might crash.


The risks you've deemed acceptable to your own life. You put a value in your life. You've gauged the value of both activities. I need to travel because I enjoy it for work or whatever it may be, and it makes my life more productive and I'm willing to accept the risk to my life, which is very real. Maybe small, but real. Why are we not doing that anymore? Well, I don't understand. I thought the left was all about tolerance and science and data and weighing scientific trade offs based on the value of two different scenarios.


Because you're living in a hysteric campaign, ladies and gentlemen. I'm getting goose bumps right now talking about that, not even messing with. I don't know if you could see that, but the hair stand because. One of the most profound revelations I had in my life. You know, the journey I've had with academics and intellectual curiosity, which never ends. The most profound revelation, I'm not kidding about a pin down one thing. Was the revelation.


And it's not a small one. It sounds like a small, but it's not. That there are really no good answers in a world of scarce resources. There are bad answers and worse answers in the overwhelming majority of cases when it comes to choices you have to make. And we're all rational maximisers. We try to maximize rationally our own benefit by making choices we think are better than the other one, bad and worse. We're all going to die.


We're all going to get hungry. We're all going to get tired and we make choices to alleviate those things. The left doesn't talk about the real world like that. They talk about the real world like it's somehow perfectible, that we're not going to age. We're not going to die. We're not going to get hungry is scarce. Resources aren't scared to talk about the world, you know. Thomas Soul talks about this in conflict divisions as if there aren't limitations on human behavior.


And they were just perfect choices vs. evil. Lock it down or you want people to die. I heard this about the mask thing. Let's go to that first. Again, the mask things just like. What's the downside? Well, the downside, number one is you're empowering the government to make decisions for you, risk decisions, you're perfectly capable to make yourself. Matt, wear the mask. I'm going to put you in jail or find you.


You can take that risk yourself. And they're doing it in order to get you to believe this is some. Productive fail safe against spread of the virus. They are propagandizing you with history and not facts. There's a downside to that. Let's go to this study that I have in the show notes today that is a must read, please. I've added up a few days in the show notes. Now, this is from the Center for Infectious Disease and Respirator Research and Policy.


This is all they do with the University of Minnesota respiratory diseases, infectious disease. This is what they study. Here's their article here, which will be in the show notes today, but Geno slash newsletter, sign up, listen to these everyday. Commentary masks for All for Koven 19 is not based on sound data. I'm not going to go through the whole article because I've discussed it multiple times. Again, because liberals have a tough time digesting information, I'm not telling you not to wear a mask.


I'm not telling you masks are evil. I'm not politicizing masks. I'm simply interested in the data. The hysterical media data suggesting that somehow these masks are going to be some kind of cure all. We can wipe out the problem in just four to six weeks. We don't want we can. Is there data on that? There is, because promoting estereo, leading people to believe that this is some kind of cure or oil cure all snake oil mix.


The two terms up has an actual downside, which we can see in this article when we don't do real science. I'm going to read every bit of this because you need to read it. From the minutes. University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy. You've heard it from the left, Joe, right? Well, what's the downside? Better than doing nothing. Well, is it they actually ask that question. You know, Joe Science.


Yeah. Quote, Wearing a cloth mask or face covering could be better than doing nothing. But we simply don't know at this point. Joe Data I know left this. You're cringing in horror. This is actual science here. It goes on. We've observed an evolution in the messaging around cloth mass from an initial understanding that they should not be seen as a replacement for physical distancing. Two more recent messaging, by the way, that's code for media hysteria that suggests cloth mass are equivalent to physical distancing.


And while everyone appears to understand that this messaging suggests that a cloth mask is appropriate only for source control. In other words, to protect an infected person from protecting others. Recent CDC and other guidance recommending their use by workers seems to imply that they offer some type of personal protection. You understand now why we do facts on this show. You want to wear a mask. You're in a business that wants to mandate masks. You go right ahead. Period.


I have nothing else to add. I'm not kidding. Do what you deem is best for you and your family. But media hysteria about masks, because the president was is an it was initially initially skeptical about some national mask man, and it still is. Has led people to believe Joe, follow me here, buddy, that it is some kind of replacement because they're so master right now because, you know, Trump wasn't in on the mass many that it was somehow a replacement for physically distancing yourself from other people.


It's not. It's not. In other words, they're giving you advice that is not only not helping you wear a mask. What's the downside? The downside is when we propagandize people about master than telling the truth, you're actually creating more risk. Bad choice. Worse choice. You're giving them the worst choice. By insisting to them, because you're into propaganda, not facts, it's somehow a mask is some kind of impenetrable, impenetrable barrier to this virus.


Then people get a false sense of security. You create moral hazard. Look it up, libs. And what happens? People forgo physical distancing, which is more effective because they've been told by media folks and others that the mask is the solution. You've created more danger. Not less. In a trade off, you've given people the worst scenario, not the bad one. Which is telling them what's the bad one? The bad one is saying, listen, this virus is very contagious.


A mask may help you if you're contagious from infecting others who may not be a bad idea for some if you know how to fit it. You know, touch your face a lot, especially if it's a quality mask. But it's definitely not a cure all, folks. And maybe we should consider physical distancing first before we take away people's liberties and start making demands, that would be a fair, reasonable message. Has well, you've heard. Because people want, of course, beat back Trump.


Detropia Mayor Mascia, well, macerate. That's it, man, that's the impenetrable wire. You know, you're actually getting people sick. This is the very essence, as the listener sent me in an e-mail yesterday, of what the turkey problem is, a turkey problem is this. Ladies and gentlemen, you feed people bad data repeatedly. And the data can spread like it does now virally on social media and on the Internet. And over 24 hour cable news and elsewhere, and you embarrass them and humiliate them for asking questions like we're asking here, like, hey, did these masks really provide the barrier?


We've been told they do. And you provide that bad data and you silence any opposing voices, that bad data now can spread virally. The example used in the Turkey problem is, again, if you had a farm and you had a few turkeys on a farm and those turkeys were living 100 years ago, those turkeys are living a good life, each other being fed by the farmer every day. You know, realize in a year from the date of their birth, they're going to be killed for food or whatever it may be.


But those turkeys back 100 years ago before information and bad data could spread virally. It wasn't really a problem. Say there were three or four turkeys. They got fed for a year. They're all talking to each other. A turkey bag of donuts. This is great. Farmer Joe's feeding us. Isn't this terrific? We get the scratch, the dirt, do add things, get off your heads a year later than affect anyone else. Other the street turkeys.


Right. The problem with bad data now, like you're getting on masks and elsewhere and lockdowns, it's spreading virally, is now we live in the Internet age where there's Turki's can go on Twitter and social media and the Internet and start to tell thousands of their friends on Facebook and elsewhere how great this farmer is by conscious farmer is awesome. Feeds us every single day, lets us play out in the dirt pit. Come on over and join us. Eat the turkey, start flooding into the farm.


Thousands at a time. They want to take part in this year long scratch and dirt fest where they get fed and they get nice and fat every year. And what happens on day 365 when these thousands of turkeys joining every single day think they're joining a party, they're joining a bloodbath. Because the viral spread of bad data about how great the farmer was. Led to their decapitation and serving on the tables of thousands of Americans who eat them for dinner.


You're being spread through media propaganda. Bad data. And that bad data is putting up significant risk. Do your own homework. When the turkey sends you a Facebook message telling them to J telling you, hey, join me on the farm, it's great over here. You may want to do some homework on Farmer Jones first, and you'd find out that Farmer Jones Farm is the leading provider locally of turkeys for dinner every year. And you may say, I'm going to do a hard pass on the turkey farm.


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It's just it's just very frustrating to live in a time where we talk about actual science and data from accredited institutions of higher learning that actually study this stuff, respiratory diseases. And it's all ignored. I didn't get this second screenshot on that piece of before I get to the lockdown's again. Why bad data on masks and the whole. Well, what's the downside is. What's the downside? I don't know. What's research, the downside? That's the answer to that question.


I'm asking you you're asking me what the downside is. If you're in the media asking people, why wouldn't you marram West? What's the downside? Isn't it your responsibility to know the downside before you ask that question? All right. We're weighing tradeoffs. Correct. Here's another piece from that University of Minnesota piece. Quote, The downside to this, giving people bad data on masks. They say, quote, We know of workplaces in which employees are being told they cannot wear respirators for their hazardous environments they work in.


But instead, they need to wear a cloth mask or face covering. These are dangerous and inappropriate applications that greatly exceed the initial purpose of a cloth mask. We're concerned that many people do not understand the very limited degree of protection and cloth mask or face covering likely offers as a source control for people located nearby.


Yeah, yeah, home is right, Joe. Joe doesn't say often unless I think that really digs him and hits him in the chop here. Yep. So now we're pushing to the public so much bad data on masks that were leading people to forgo more effective measures for infection control, like physical distancing that actually were. Don't do that. Don't worry. You have a mask. Giving them again in the trade off, the worst scenario. Don't worry about physical distancing, folks.


Masks. And it also they're telling people in workplaces. Don't those respirators don't worry. Put a face mask on, which will do nothing. Keep it up. Maybe in the media, if you're going to ask people, well, what's the downside? Maybe you should answer that question first and research the downsides before you ask the question. No journalism in that kind of thing. And this shows to load and go back and forth between pages three. On the lockdown's, what's the downside?


Do you want people to die? Let's go to Street by Tammy Bruce. She cited an article in the Telegraph. I put in the show notes that it may be subscription only. I put it in there anyway. An article in The Telegraph about the lockdown's Tammy Bruce, you may have known or you may know her from Fox. Shocking report on projected deaths in the United Kingdom due to cope with lockdown. Am I reading that right? Am I.


Could I possibly be? I am, it turns out. Shocking report on deaths due to the lockdowns not covered, folks. These are the deaths due to the lockdowns. You know, the lockdowns that if you don't want them, you want people to die. Cauvin. Fifty thousand. Yes, she is me. OK, so there we have a baseline there, so covered cause the roughly 50000 deaths in the U.K.. Delayed health care in the short term from the lockdown's caused 12 to 25000.


That's. Interesting, delayed health care, long term deaths are estimated to be about one hundred eighty five thousand. From the recession, 600 to 12000 deaths, 500 deaths from suicide, domestic violence, around 20 deaths. Accidents at home, low tens. So, again, for the foolish non tradeoff morons in the media and elsewhere who say, Lockdown's, what do you want people to die? I know people are dying because of your lockdown's. And in far greater numbers than those who have actually died or perished from Koven.


But because you're a fool. An ignoramus. Then you'll be in on, you know, ladies and gentlemen, choose me. There's a long day yesterday. I'm not. I actually care about human life. Deeply. And we can be sarcastic and rough around the edges on the show sometimes. That's not a joke. My faith matters to me. From conception to natural death, all life matters to me. All of it. Regardless of race, color, creed, country of origin, whatever it may be.


And the fact that you're not willing to accept that. And you're engaged in political pandering, using silly talking points like what do you want people to die? When you look at the data, the tradeoffs you impose on other people, it's actually you who want people to die. Not us. Because you're not willing to understand the Turkey problem. It's a real problem. How faulty data can spread virally. Faulty information, information is data. Talking points by the media.


You want to lock down, you want people to that spreads. And numskulls pick it up and put it out on Twitter or tampons. You know what it's like. He wants people to die. And what does it do? Not my case, because I been talking about this forever, but it intimidates some people into silence. And then they learn to support lockdown despite the fact that the data shows are actually killing more people than the virus itself. Again, it's you who actually wants people to die.


You know, if you believe in data and facts and stuff. All right, moving on. I got a packed show I got to flip back and forth today because it's loaded. Another interesting article I saw today in The Wall Street Journal by William McGurn, who does some really quality work over there. But I have to vehemently and strongly disagree. He has a piece up at The Wall Street Journal, their op ed column today, Portlands Part, a Pottery Barn rule.


You know, the Pottery Barn rule, folks never heard it. Now, if the mayor won't stop violence in his city, why should Trump let him off the hook? You know what that is, Joe? The Pottery Barn rule.


I mean. It was. Colin Powell, when he was working with the Bush administration and the the the initial one about the Iraqi invasion. It was apparently said, listen, you go in there and you take over Iraq and you break it. The Pottery Barn rule, you break it, you own it, you get it. So his take was, you know, you break Iraq. You go into it. You own it. So my girl's piece today and it's covered is quickly because it's important is is wrong and it's wrong for a number of reasons.


He's making an analogy between that. You break it, you own it. Rule and President Trump's, I think, incredibly brave and terrific decision to send federal agents into Portland to make arrests for the riots and chaos there that the local police under the direction of the communist mayor are not willing to do. He has sent federal agents to these collapsing cities because and thank God for this prison, the United States, he understands that not every single resident of Portland is a radical left this lunatic, just not like every citizen of California is a radical, left this lunatic.


And there are people there, Joe, who unsurprising to the commonsense folks listening to my show are American citizens to. And are entitled to the dignity of being an American citizen in some semblance of public safety. I don't believe McGurn suggestion here invoking the Pottery Barn rule. And with all due rebuild, Bill does a lot of great work. It's not a personal knock. We just disagree here. His suggestion is if President Trump sends federal agents, as he has into Portland to quell the mass violence, the mayor there.


Ted Wheeler, the disaster there, mayor disastrous May is not willing to do that if he expands this model, Joe, and brings it into Chicago in New York, like I am strongly supporting and some friends of mine in law enforcement do that, then he'll be held responsible for what happens there. No, no, no, no. I'm sorry, Bill. That is a. That is an inaccurate. Evaluation of what's going on. Now, let me give you the reasons why you understand his reasoning, his reasoning is well off where there the mayor's there.


The again, the disastrous Lori Lightfoot, communist de Blasio and Ted Wheeler, who's forfeited his city completely to criminals. And chaos in Portland. The logic McGurn is using Joe, well, when feds there when the feds are there, it gives Lightfoot and others a reason, say, look, they did it. Trump skies. Where's Nancy Pelosi? Calls them the stormtroopers. You get it? Yeah, I gotcha. I don't buy that. Yeah, I don't buy any of that.


And let me tell you why. Let me go through my reasoning. No. One, ladies and gentlemen, this is a very small Codrea, small presence of federal agents. We just don't have enough federal agents to go and act as a surrogate. Police department is not. We're talking about 100 to 150 men and women, probably tops. There's just not enough of them. They're not going to be running around the city serving warrants on every block.


They're there to defend federal property. I wish they could do that. I would recommend they do that. So the small presence. Means that the people in that city, they're not dumb enough to believe this, that somehow there's an invasion of, as Nancy Pelosi calls our brave federal agent, storm troopers. Those are Nancy Pelosi's own words, by the way, because she's a disgrace to human kind. No one's actually going to believe Donald Trump has taken over their cities.


By the way, it's the same reason I recommended he not bring in the National Guard to these cities because they have a larger they have larger units they can use, which would lead to an overt presence which the Democrats will then use to jeopardize public safety, not help it. We don't want them armed. We don't want them with shields. It's a bad idea. The National Guard. I think so. Federal agents are not there. Law enforcement officers.


You're not military folks. The presence is too small for these people in the neighborhoods that deserve that to say, oh, look, you know, it's the federal agents taking over our city. This nonsense, not the siege. OK, that Denzel Washington movie, everybody, you know. Stand down a bit. Secondly, why I think McGurn is totally wrong on this and the president is right. Ladies and gentlemen, life is about contrasts. I can't say this enough.


Human beings understand contrasts. Motion looks more profound when nothing's moving. When you're sitting on a flat plane in a desert with nothing moving, if someone jumps up and starts running, you'll see them. Because there's a contrast when someone jumps up and starts running in a crowd of people who are jumping up and starting running. You won't see them because they blend right in. The whole essence of camouflage to reduce contrasts. DigiCam and all of that to make your appearance.


Appear just like what, your background doesn't not create a contrast. Life is about contrasts. Elections are about contrasts. You versus the other guy. They're binary choices. What a contrast, right? From Litefoot, Ted Wheeler and Bill de Blasio, allowing their cities to be taken over totally by criminality and chaos and then federal agents locking people up. I've heard a few people say, Dan, that throw at him and Mark Karr, this is unprecedented.


Ladies and gentlemen, listen. I am a liberty loving patriot like anyone else. I have not supported the Patriot Act. I. I am all for the oversight of law enforcement and always have been. They have a serious responsibility. They can take life for freedom. No one should be able to operate willy nilly without oversight. That's not what I'm suggesting, but suggesting that because federal agents are arresting people and putting them in unmarked cars as if it's some kind of unprecedented storm trooper like Gestapo activity is so ridiculous.


You're embarrassing yourselves. I was a Secret Service agent. We didn't have any marked cars for our field offices. They have him in the uniform division in D.C.. We were federal agents. We arrested people and put them in unmarked cars all the time. What are you talking about? We didn't have cars. That said, there's a United States Secret Service agent in here. That's just a scare tactic. Everyone arrested should be treated with dignity, even though these people have no dignity being arrested.


These people are they know they're assaulting cops, spitting on them, trying to burn down buildings. But that doesn't matter. This is professional law enforcement. People need to be treated with dignity even if they refuse to do the same, which many of them will. That's a fact. We're professionals. We're not bouncers in law enforcement. People have to be read their rights if it's custody plus interrogation. People have to be brought in front of a court.


Habeas corpus still matters. None of that's gone away. Stop pretending this is some kind of unprecedented, you know, oh, my gosh, the president's doing some crazy and everybody's going to run against a president making books at No. The president's a law and order guy. And now you're starting to see an ad. That contrast now is evident. His guys are locking people up. The other guys are not. Third creates another contrast. The blamers versus the salvors, one of my girds points, I said, well, the president intervenes in these cities.


They're going to be able to blame him. OK. No one's going to believe it. But what's the problem? So you have the president doing something, actually arresting people, right? The solver, the problem solver. Just so we're clear. Through your complaining about that, the feds are arresting people, right? So you have a guy actually doing something. People under his control, federal agents going in, arresting people, and then you have Litefoot, communist's de Blasio and communist Ted Wheeler on TV crying and blaming the president about it, doing nothing.


Not actually solving anything, watching their cities burn. Then you have Trump saying, hey, you got my guys and they're locking people up. Contracts, blamer, salvors, blamers, salvors. Daraa, the Pottery Barn rule out the window. I'll say, finally, people on the ground will see what's going on, ladies and gentlemen, then don't treat voters like idiots. They know exactly what's happening. They're watching their city burn to the ground. You think they don't know who's doing something and who's blaming?


They're not stupid. I don't believe in the party Pottery Barn rule of rule at all, and I think the president's absolutely doing the right thing. All right, let me get to my final sponsor today. Let me just tell you what's going on, cause I got a I got important story here. Maybe you should cover this first, but get a video from Tucker Carlson is very powerful and a warning. Again. You are going to have to pick a side soon.


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Don't tell anyone. All right. So last night I was watching Tucker show on Fox News before I went on and on Sean Hannity's show. And I heard something really disturbing, ladies and gentlemen. And it. Kind of goes back to the point I've been trying to. Drill into you for weeks now that sadly and unfortunately, this fight is coming to your door. What do I mean? This fight? I mean it. Both macro and micro ways.


The macro fight is I mean, the fight for the future of the country. We have a tyrannical group of left this who believe in cancel culture, attacking free speech, calling everybody they don't agree with racists, locking up their opponents, discriminating against people. That's the left anti first street violence. Then you have the right respect for human life, respect for God given big our rights, respect for voter integrity, respect for things like patient directed health care, school choice, economic growth and prosperity.


This is a real fight. This wasn't always the fight. We once had Democrats like JFK, even Bill Clinton, who said you a big government is over. Those Democrats are gone. We're now in a legitimate on the gentleman binary choice. Do you want the country to survive or not? That fight is coming to your door. You won't be able to avoid it. The left will never, ever, ever leave you alone. But on the micro fight, two little things, like I told you the other stories about about my daughter's school, where things are going on in these schools, is that these little fights about little things, they are you know, we need masks on.


So why what are you basing that? I don't understand. You ask my eight year old to wear a mask. There's even fear, right? Phrases that make any sense. I'm just asking you to evaluate the kind of pros and cons of those fights are coming to your door to. Ladies and gentlemen, your opponents are very, very dangerous people. And by dangerous, I mean dangerous to you. This is a Tucker Carlson less sign and FOX about what the New York Slimes, you know, they're dreadful conspiracy theory blog, what they're doing to him to try to intimidate him and his family to get him off the air.


Listen it every single second of this.


The last thing this country needs is more narcissism. It's not very interesting anyway. People use the word I a lot tend to bore everyone but themselves. But tonight, we're going to make an exception to that rule. We don't have much choice. Last week, The New York Times began working on a story about where my family and I live. As a matter of journalism, there is no conceivable justification for a story like that. Paper is not alleging we've done anything wrong and we haven't.


We pay our taxes. We like our neighbors. We've never had a dispute with anyone. So why is The New York Times doing a story on the location of my family's house? Well, you know why? To hurt us, to injure my wife and kids so that I will shut up and stop disagreeing with them. They believe in force. We've learned that two years ago, a Left-Wing journalist publicized our home address in Washington. A group of screaming and tearful lunatics showed up while I was at work.


They vandalized our home. They threatened my wife. She called nine one one while hiding in a closet. A few weeks later, they showed up again at our house for the next year. They sent letters to our home threatening to kill us. We tried to ignore it. It felt cowardly to sell our home and leave. We raised our kids there in the neighborhood and we loved it. But in the end, that's what we did. We have four children.


It just wasn't worth it. But The New York Times followed us.


You believe this? You have an American alleged newspaper. That's not, say, profita like leaflet. That functions only as an activist arm for the far left radical anti-American left this. You have a far left lead leaflet formally known as The New York Times. Running a doxing story and Tucker Carlson, why why would you do what, Joe, is a serious question, Paula. Feel free to chime in, too, if you have an answer. Am I missing?


Because if I'm missing it, I really want to know it's not a joke. Think about it. I could act like a leftist for a minute show and try to find a reason. It's important. We'll try. What legitimate news purpose journalism purpose does publishing, if not his direct address? Tucker. But enough information about where he lives. What legitimate news purpose would that be? I'm serious act as a leftism and try if I'm open to it and my audience what?


Can you think of any. I can't. I mean, the only legitimate purpose would be to cause him harm and that I could think of thinking is a leftist. This is to hurt him and his family. You'd be correct. Now, if you were writing a story about. Tucker Carlson's history of successful real estate transactions, as I was told. I'm legitimately trying to think of a reason I'm not messing with you. OK, then that would probably be relevant, right?


Tucker bought it. And whenever the exclusive Malibu community 30 years ago and on this street and he's either he's good or bad at real estate. And because he's so good, he made all this money or is so bad he lost all this. I mean, that would be relevant, right?


Possibly, yes. You know. Thank you. What would a story about Tucker Carlson show his politics and his positioning on the show? What is his home address? Have anything to do with Paula? Can you think of any place I I'm opening up the floor here. Now, then Paul is not interested today, just like done with. Now she's giving me the wave off to. All right, so OK. Deal with that. With Kinnick Books.


There is no purpose. The purpose is exactly how Joe just described it. The purpose is to intimidate Tucker, to make sure that the people who chased him because he has children out of his other house, which I don't blame him one bit. His kids matter. The only purpose is to make sure those same people show up at his new location to intimidate him into silence, which he will not do. Ladies, Jumma, this fight is coming to your door.


You better get ready for it. I'm not kidding. There's an article I saw that talks about this very fight today, how you're going to have to pick a side. And quickly, you're not going to have a choice. It's an article I saw yesterday by a friend of mine, Jesse Kelly. Interesting article. I'll put it up in the show notes and you should read it because it describes the contours of something we've talked about quite a bit on this show.


Joe and I've referred to it as the new rules. Here's Jesse's piece, and I'll be up in the show notes tonight's short, but I encourage you to read it. Jesse's a military veteran who's been around the block. He has his own show as well. And in Jesse's piece, he talks about how the traditional war here has been lost. The headline A piece bows. It's time to go off. It's time to go offensive. We've lost this war, but don't go home and suck your thumb.


It's an American consequences. What he means by the traditional war is lost is, ladies and gentlemen, the culture, a cultural institutions. And media institutions have fallen. Like that movie, Olympus has fallen, whether they've fallen out with the big data is evident. Doesn't mean we don't fight back. Try to reclaim them. But those skirmishes have been lost. The media is dominated exclusively by leftist activists. College institutions are no longer institutions of higher learning their propaganda institutions where your kids learn nothing but how to become a radical leftist activist.


The media has been entirely corrupted on messaging, science has been corrupted. Pressure to to get it to do to silence yourself in the face of bad data. So Jesse makes an interesting point. Again, we kind of phrase that as new rules, but he phrased a little differently how maybe it's time to turn to guerrilla tactics. Now. If we can't beat them, let's join them. Quote Jesse Keli's piece. Do not waste your fighting against this modern social justice warrior insanity.


Distasteful as it may be, you need to embrace it. This is our way forward. This is our only option now. Feed them heaping helpings of their own medicine until a truce is called. The famous new rules show we did where I declared that we will now be using the left, this rules against them. Until a truce is called, which we recorded a couple of years ago, received a lot of interesting. Backlash from maybe about 20 percent of users.


Dan? We can't do that, the leftist rules are immoral and we shouldn't embrace immoral rules. What's your appetite? Remember that, Joe. I'm serious. What's your option? Your option is what? To allow your kids lives to be destroyed. That's not a moral latest number. Keep in mind, I'm not talking about violating the sanctity of big our God given rights. Or anything like that. That that's a leftist thing. No violence, no, I said it's their thing.


I'm talking about a simple set of rules. The new rules, they've declared that they've declared our rules. In other words, they've declared that boycotts are an effective way to silence people who have opposing voices, the right. Including me. My friend Sean Additive always said Boycott's really suck parred my language. Hasn't stopped the left one bit, Joe, right there bankrupting just about anybody they can get their hands on. Who happens to prevent Profess? Not a conservative thought.


A non radical leftist thought. Anyone they can get their hands on, they'll bankrupt. So if boycotts suck. Well, let's show. Let's show them how much boycotts suck. I don't like boycotts. I hate boycotts. But if Major League Baseball and others want to take a stand, we can take a stand to. And maybe when enough people fight back guerrilla warfare style and start taking the left's own tactics and shoving them down the less throats, maybe then they'll get the hint that this is probably not effective.


And what the right was warning us about a long time ago, that boycotts are really stupid and that businesses should be allowed. Joe, shocker to do business and not politics.


Maybe that was a good idea and we should declare a rapprochement here. Left this room, also left this rule number one, boycott's are great. We think boycotts suck. Let's embrace the new rules and show them how much boycotts suck. Left this rule number two, Twitter audits are a great thing. You know, Twitter audits show, you know what I mean? Let's go back. Fifty seven years. Find someone who, of course, Twitter exists 57 years ago.


But you get the point and find the tweet Joe Armacost sent out when he was seven and a half. Well, it said, gosh, I don't like this kid next door to me. He's a meanie. New York Times finds out the kid next door, Joe, happened to be Asian Joe's at the Asian zone. He said something when he was seven. Fire Armacost right now, huh? Yeah. Now I have to hit you. It sounds like a Twitter.


Just kidding. We love Joe Twitter on its suck, and they're really stupid. So let's show them. It's time the Twitter audit, every single leftist out there. Find out what they wrote in their past. Let's make sure those boycotts we know suck that the people who sponsor these folks as well. The Lenine project. You know, the the Lincoln Project is really the Lenine project. You know, the never Trump Grifter's out there that are one of them who subcontracts with the Russians or had them.


You know, those guys, the Lenin Project. Let's check out their Twitter history, because I've seen it and it's not. The sites are pretty. So it's really ugly. They went to Twitter, right, and everyone who is not a liberal, let's Twitter right. Of them to. You want to get into historical grievances with no context, no context for change at all, anyone in history who's made a mistake, however catastrophic it may be, wiped that history clean.


Let's not talk about it, Joe. Let's stigmatize and rip down statues and let's everybody who didn't agree by what today's historical standards are or today's standards, in contrast, historical standards. They're all evil. OK, fine. Well, let's do that. If that's your new rule or no rule for us to. When do we start talking about the Democrat's history of racism in the South? The Democrat, the member, the Dixiecrats, Democrats? Can we talk?


No, no, you can't talk about that. You can't talk about that. No, no, no. We're only talking about the civil war statute that not the Democrats profound history with racism. What do we could talk about FDR and his internment of the Japanese during World War Two? FDR. You know, the great Newt excuse me, New Deal Democrat. You know, FDR, their hero. Well, they've lionized. You said historical grievances without context are a good thing.


OK. Well, let's do it. Let's do that to. Finally, one more. There's no room for rizzle resolution, redemption or anything like that, and people's lives, when it comes to a left leftist, they find something you did that's wrong. You are to be publicly stoned and humiliate. Folks, I believe in forgiveness and redemption, but only if you do, too. If you don't is a leftist, I'm sorry, but you can't be forgiven either.


New rules. You wanted him. Now you can chew on him. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. I really appreciate it. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, YouTube dot com slash Bongino, also subscriptions and help us move up the charts on Apple podcast as well. They're all free. We really appreciate it, though. It helps us keep our marketing budget low. We like to keep the money in the show right here to keep everything tight and strong.


So YouTube dot com slash Bungeni. We really appreciate it. We'd like to get the 600000 subscribers now. We're getting there soon. I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for your support. We just heard Dan Bongino.