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This is the down labor part show with this two got Sparkasse. If God has fallen in love with a Cleveland Indians, we will get to that in just a second. But before we get to that, I want to wonder aloud with the audience, because sports can be a relationship that the customer has with his sports team.


It could feel emotional he or she has with their sports team where you feel like you're in a bit of a relationship. I don't know how many of you in the audience are dating or how many of you even remember dating. It's been so long since people could safely date. But I want you to imagine the relationship with sports right now being someone that you're dating and you can't figure out why things are just a note off, OK, because it's not just that I'm watching NBA games to guys and they look like really evolved video games sometimes like even better, as realistic as our video games are now, there are times I am watching the television and the absence of things make it so that I feel like I'm watching graphic animations instead of actual human beings.


This can't be it can't be happening to just me. There have to be times. Put it on the pole, Tony, please. At Libertador Show, are there times that you're watching NBA games and the graphics make you feel like the human beings are video game characters right now? But last night.


Sports tonight in South Florida for a long time have felt a little sad, but what I've gotten from my last two viewing experiences has been a little extra sad. One was watching the Marlins play in a minor league stadium last night with no fans like in the middle of Buffalo. It just it felt so minor league. And keep in mind, this is a team that has felt so minor league for decades.


The Buffalo Blue Jays. Great game, though. I mean, Louis Brinson almost had a big two run shot to keep the Marlins, you know, in contention that thank you God for nothing.


But the Buffalo ballpark is incredibly sad and not just because it's in Buffalo. It's just very minor league. But when I was watching and I know this happened, I know South Florida is going to recognize what I'm talking about during the Heat Pacers game, there were audio difficulties at one point and all you heard was lifelong broadcaster Eric Reid in his distinctively nasal voice, clearly broadcasting from a sad janitor's closet somewhere because all the other ambient sound got eliminated. And it was just Eric Reid's voice and it was dystopian who got to where.


I'm listening to him talk about, you know, what should be an exciting game. But all of the elements are gone. The ambient sound, the fans, his fellow broadcaster, whatever it is, they need to pipe in to make it sound like he's not in a janitor's closet somewhere far away from the action. And so it was just him talking into a microphone. And it made me so impossibly sad because my relationship with sports is a note off and I'm grateful that it's just a note off, because in that moment I was reminded, oh, wait, I had already changed my expectations for how sad all of this is.


I'm enjoying this to God. And my father and Pablo Torre are in a virtual crowd. Everyone allowed in because why wouldn't everyone be allowed in? There are no fans allowed at the game, but they need to bombard us with stimuli. What has replaced the home experience of T-shirt cannons flying T-shirts into the crowd is just an assortment of stimuli. Tell me, Mike, did you well, you fell asleep at halftime, so I don't even know if you do that.


He Pacers game. Yeah, I mean, it's I mean, 845 halftime. What do we in Spain.


Chris, did you what did you have that reaction to Eric Reid when all of a sound fell? I've got to think all over America, this is happening with the regional broadcast where you're reminded as we try to get back to something that feels normal. There are so many reminders that we're in the apocalypse like that that make appearances to remind us when sound blows out, when someone's coming to us from a janitor's closet, when the Marlins aren't playing a home game and are playing a team that is homeless and they're the home team in Buffalo where they don't have Major League Baseball and the park is empty.


So when a guy comes up in a dramatic moment and it's Francisco Cervelli who we found is Venezuelan, I thought he was Italian. We all did off to a great start with three homers.


I mean, well, there's only thirty four. Somehow I thought he broke into the league at thirty four with the Yankees.


You got that was I don't know that I've ever had an experience quite like this. OK, the situation in that Marlins game is thus. They're down for one in the nine. The Blue Jays relievers, while they get a runner on the Blue Jays reliever, then walks another guy on a three to Curveball. That is the single dumbest pitch I've ever I've seen thrown in the major leagues. He could have allowed a home run. What you can allow is that guy to get on base so that Savelli does what he did in the next at bat, which is three pitch.


He's hacking and nothing says dystopian apocalyptic future, like backup catcher Francisco Cervelli Hacking 3.0 during a pandemic and he hits a home run to tie the game for four. And I don't believe that anyone in that sad ballpark actually enjoyed that homerun. They all wanted to go home because baseball is sad and dystopian right now and he hit a home run to extend the game. This has to be happening all over sports to gods. Have you felt this where you get sad watching a game because something reminds you, wait a minute, nothing about what's happening now is normal.


Yeah, it happened to me as exciting as the PGA Championship was over the weekend, and it was very exciting. You had a moment on the 16th hole where and we and we discussed this on Monday where Colin Morikawa hit one of the great shots. In fact, I had it right. Number one, all time greatest shot, the history of greatest wow shot in the history of golf.


And there was no one. There was no sound. There was no celebration. It was just the shot. Gymnast's described the shot. There was no reaction to the shot. And yeah, so I've had those moments and I'm struggling. What to do here would sports because of the lack of fans. But certainly, yes, it is off a beat. But I'll take it for now then I will take it further.


I understand that you take it. But one of the things that has to happen, and I know everyone that is like Stewart loves Jim Nantz on their broadcast, his style, we need to replace it with Gus Johnson during these times, like during these times, an emergency replacement situation where you can't get stage star golf announcer guy doing the show in boat shoes. You need to go get somebody who's going to give the enthusiasm that you're not getting anywhere else.


It's so funny that you bring that up, because I was thinking as much as I loved that with a crowd calling golf in that moment with no crowd, the guy I wanted calling that tee shot for Morikawa was Kevin Harlan.


That's a driver right between the eyes. Like, give me something, you know, how much have you missed?


How much have you missed? Kevin Harlan, did you even realize how much you missed Kevin Harlan? Put it on the pole, Tony. Did you realize how much you've missed Kevin Harlan?


I had no idea.


It's one of the astonishing things that has happened to me throughout this pandemic that I had no idea how much I had missed Kevin Harlan until I started to listen to Kevin Harlan again. That guy is one of the few announcers that does not need that. He doesn't need any sound behind him. You just need Kevin Harlan on the broadcast. And what you have is excitement.


You don't need fans in the background just because he goes and he gets the enthusiasm from his nether region. It's like it's it's coming it's coming up from his undercarriage. It's Nance doesn't have it there. Nance doesn't have anything in the undercarriage. He can't go and get something extra from the hole. You get there if you can.


It's true. We we come back with God's love affair with a Cleveland Indians out of nowhere next. And finally, French authorities have opened a murder investigation after a 30 year old corpse was found in a basement during renovations of a Parisian mansion abandoned since the mid 18th century that sold for about forty one point two million dollars. The UFC heavyweight title is on the line when Steve Bowe is stepping out so hung up on the second day of the last name, that step is the easy part.


Now, what do I say?


You know, Chick Stewart's earlier this week, you got all the names right and stumbled on the word completed or competed. I don't know which one you were trying to say, but you missed one of them up.


Show me eBay. I know. Did you call me a complete their trilogy at UFC 252 on ESPN? Plus, it's a good fight right there. Looking forward to that one, correct?


Yes. You got very mad at me the other day because I became Bert Sugar analyzing that. Last I heard, sugar is such a great reference, I'm guessing.


Put it on the pole at Libertador Show. Do you know Bert Sugar is because that's an old reference. It is. And he looked like an old timey newspaper man from the 1920s. Whatever you imagine him looking like with an unlit cigar, he was always chewing. I just think that as good a reference as that is, I don't feel like the audience knows who you're talking to.


Can't wait to watch this fight, given your analysis, and just concentrate fully on the right side of steep mocho, the right side of Daniel. You see, if you on the left hand of chest. Yeah. You can't give them that window step is going to make you pay.


Every time I found the weakness of Cormie, it covers it up and then what a steep do to counter it. I mean I became Harold Letterman.


I became. Is that what's a better reference? Because Bert Sugar is funnier visually. Harold Letterman is a funnier name to throw out there, both of them too obscure for the joke to work.


OK, Jim I. UFC 252 is exclusively available to ESPN plus subscribers for sixty four ninety nine. Visit ESPN plus dot com backslash PPD for more details for all the latest headlines and information to the sports editor at ESPN Radio all throughout the day. All right.


Put it on the pole, please, Tony. Are funnier boxing named to say funnier name comedically, Bert Sugar.


Harold Letterman and a late entry Larry Merchant is good as well, Larry Merchant as a name is is pretty funny. I don't know if you can get that sound, Mike, of Larry Merchant, I think well into his 80s threatening Floyd Mayweather that he was going to kick his ass. Unfortunately, pay per view.


I can't replay that. But it's on YouTube, folks. Go ahead and seek that out. It's a great. If I were a younger man and it was just white haired Larry Merchant, I think, close to his 80s, so stick out during the pandemic. There are any number of things over the last six months here that have become illuminating, where the light that is shining on some of these things is inescapable, where things are laid bare in a way that doesn't have camouflage.


So one of the things over the years that has made me unpopular and you will see on August 17th as this roster at ESPN Radio becomes super sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, one of the things that has made me unpopular over 15 years is that I've been talking about the race relations as they relate to sports and beyond for a long time, and it has bothered people a great deal. They accuse me all the time of pulling the race card and I'm a race baiter and I've just been someone who's talked about this stuff ad nauseum for the better part of two decades.


And I told you at the beginning of the pandemic, as things spilled into our streets, oh, my God, what I was saying was so vastly underestimated in terms of the tensions in this country. So I was unpopular for giving voice to something that is vastly, vastly worse in a way that everyone can see. Now, the other place where it's become obvious to Godse in a way we can't turn back from this, we will not be able to turn back from this.


I thought sports was business greedy. I said all the time that the big disconnect between the customer and the athlete is that the customer wants to make it an emotional relationship and the athlete is like, hey, maybe this is prostitution. Don't get too attached. It's so much worse than I thought. Like, people doesn't care at all about where it sees an end, as long as the checks cashed during a pandemic like baseball. And now you see it happening in college football.


You see what's happening in college football with the hearts of kids, like the greed, the greed. You can't we can't go back to what it is in front of you. The bare naked greed is something that you will not be able to escape ever again. The imprint of this is not going to go away as you just see how awful the greed is, where they will distort everything. One homeless team playing in Buffalo against another minor league team that's fielding twenty seven janitors because they need to get to the end of the paychecks and the television.


We're three weeks into the season and that other team hasn't played a home game and they played a road game in the city of Buffalo.


They need to play a certain amount of games. They don't care who plays in those games. They don't care who the winner is. They don't care who the loser is. They don't care about anything other than getting the max amount of games that they promised to the TV networks and to the people they sold advertising to. That's it.


Talking about the sports with a Z crowd has been on us for years. Anytime we have our wacky fixed baseball shows and we put a pond in the outfield, I mean, doubleheaders being seven innings and a runner on second base already is it starts in six game seasons. And we'll just add teams to the playoffs and you get to pick your opponent on television in a special. This is stuff that we would have came up with years ago and called crazy.


I love it to God. They have taken a bat to the structural integrity of our most historic game in a way that is simply get out of our way. We need to get to the bank.


I think Christian Yelich might hit one hundred for the season and he needs to get hot to that to happen. I mean, you could have a postseason when the Marlins are involved. Let me think about that. But no one cares as long as we get the games.


It Chris, what happened during the last segment that we were talking that you didn't come on to the air with the best of your stuff, but you gave us the best stuff off air? I mean, the Plutarco guy, look, I don't want to be the guy that celebrating what Clevenger and the other Plesac guy for the Mayans did, they shouldn't do what they did. They did. But everyone has that for that during this quarantine in this pandemic is the safest of the bunch.


No matter what you say you did or the safe measures you took, they always took one safer measure than you did. And I feel like it goes kind of be in that friend here like his. He better not have any any webs in his closet or whatever we keep in closet. And if he better be very safe. I know if I'm another Indians' player I'm keeping an eye on going forward, it's Clevenger Plesac and they are going to watch Saja bluecoats every single move for the remainder of the season.


And Chris is right. He better not have a misstep. He better not have. But wait a minute.


Chris is not so right because for some reason, instead of skeleton's, he's got Webbs in closets like I think he was going for spiders there. Yeah.


Look what I meant, what I meant. All right, let's go. My private jet. This going to fuel itself. Here's the great thing. Here's the well, here is the great thing about the coatis through gods and you and everyone else who gets to win because you sit next to strident, obnoxious race baiting me. This is the tweet I get yesterday. I think Libertador needs another vacation. Keeping the coatis around as his punching bag for the hard network out is cheap.


I love the show when I get the show and I love Dan, but I turn the show off for the first time on Tuesday because it's apparent that he has checked out.


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But we got to talking about it because Lou Holt says college football should come back. He says that when we stormed Normandy, there were some casualties. So there have to be risks involved with bringing back the obviously necessary war time and war soaked sport of college football. According to Lou Holtz, Normandy was the reference. So we are emptying that file and we will in a second. But before I do that, I'd like to go around the room here and just give me a guy that you looked up one day at ESPN and he was gone and you were confused.


And it took you months to realize in the case of Lou Holtz. Right. The sport goes away for a while. So a guy like that is going to disappear every season in some ways. But ESPN does a good job of using those people in the off season. And so for me, Lou Holtz just vanish from one day to the other. He was the lisping voice of college football for this network network for a while. Who does that for you, Mike?


When you think of a guy who just vanished one day from to the next in at ESPN, Brad Dougherty, on multiple fronts, oddly enough.


Well, that's an upset. That's right. NASCAR put it on the pole, Tony. Do you miss Brad Dougherty, seven footer, seven foot all star, Brad Dougherty on NASCAR. How about used to gods? Who does that for you?


Meryl Hodge and Hodgy Eyes here one minute and gone the next. I don't know what happened to start the network. Chris, how about you?


This guy worked with Lou Holtz a lot. Marc may well.


Right, Mark? He got people so mad. People hated mark me because he would have opinions contrary to theirs on college football. Tony, how about you?


What whatever happened to Jack Crawford felt like he was great on cold pizza and a bunch of different stuff and just disappeared. I think it's Colin Brown's preseason games now.


Eric Mangini is pretty high on my list. Urban Meyer is another one who who is in the news yesterday. Got this is good here. This is good to have you. Tell me you've seen this video. It I love. OK, when the fourth wall television tries to give you we've got it together so much and it's harder to do during a pandemic. Tell me you saw this video of Urban Meyer giving very serious sound about college football. Was it to Dave Rabson?


Who was he doing this way?


I do think that it was dangerous speaking to guys that were here one minute and to stay friends and gone. The rarest of the rare ginger who vanished on us from one day to the next, I think is more of a blonde.


Is it either way, he's the face of the Big Ten Network.


OK, you guys, did you see this video? Did you see the video where Urban Meyer is giving very serious talk and then it is slowly revealed in the mirror behind him that he's clearly on a boat and then it's slowly revealed that what is happening on that boat is just some shirtless buddy and maybe nude body, given that we don't know about him yet. When you couldn't see the bottom half, I was all of a sudden in the mirror in the analysis in the shot.


And then you see Urban Meyer realizing he's on camera, try and shoot him away because he's in the camera shot, revealing to everyone that Urban Meyer during a pandemic is on a boat with a dude who might be nude. And it seemed as though the friend wasn't in a hurry to get out of the way and enjoyed messing with Urban Meyer.


But we could we could only see the top half of what was going on.


He was just all very unsettling to me from from the sunburn on Urban's face to what was going on in the lower third.


I put it on the pole. Tony, please join me in the television screen. Did you know did you know that Urban Meyer was on a boat before the got because I didn't I had not realized that he was on a boat, but of course, Urban Meyer is on a boat. Let's empty the rest of that little holds file. How much is in there? I guess we teased Twas the Night Before Christmas with Chris Berman. Lou Holtz. And who else is Caliendo doing?


Three different Scruton Gruden, Chris Berman and Lou Holtz.


Lou Holtz is coming up here at the end of this.


But we're emptying the loopholes file with a little old driver so lively and quick, kind of like a Drew Brees type man. I tell you what I knew in a moment, it had to be Saint Nick, more rapid than Chip Kelly's Eagles offense.


I love what he's doing there. His coursers, they came and whistled and shouted and called them by name.


No Dasher Dancer, no pressure in fiction. I'm coming on Cupid, on Donner in the top of the porch chop chopper. Well know to evaluate dish we dish well. Nobody circles the reindeer like the big man in red and dry.


Leave that before the came flat and that beat that I go back to the back so up to the house that the course usually with a sleigh full of toys to again just emptying the file here because Lou holds his back in the news.


He was in the news because we're going to coaches for insight and Urban Meyer has got a new guy on his boat. And Lou Holtz is comparing college football towards at least halts in my dick.


I mean, they have stayed consistent throughout their entire lives. Holtze went to Normandy and said, if you kneel for the national anthem, get the hell out of my country.


And again, Urban Meyer has got a new dude that might be nude on his boat. We don't totally. Now, let's keep emptying this Lou Holtz file.


This is another thing that happened on television, I believe, alongside of Reese Davis. And it's just labeled Lou Holtz is impossible to understand.


They will get to talk a whole lot more at halftime, I promise.


Well, I don't pay income tax again, the voice of college football for many years here on ESPN. Ladies and gentlemen, Lou Holtz making more sense when he's comparing college football to Normandy.


I don't yeah, I didn't go.


And finally, the final thing on our folder, did you know that Lou Holtz was the number one seed in our looks like tournament that was voiced by Bob Lee? Here was the Lou Holtz submission.


Lou Holtz looks like a train conductor. It's it's very efficient, we wrote them more efficiently back in the day. Yes, that's absolutely true. You can imagine him wearing that tiny hat and telling everybody that that they're headed to the next stop. But no one understands what he's saying over the tinny trained speakers.


Well, I don't think that's a cool story.


And I was actually going to talk about it here. Strogatz Because put it on the pole, Tony at Libertador Show. Do you like the idea of Fresh Prince of Bel Air being a drama? Because Will Smith loved the idea based on that four minute viral video that a lot of people enjoyed? And it's a cool story because a fan of the show did it. And then next thing they know, they're looking up. And Will Smith is producing the project with his production company.


And for many years, here's two gods we have wondered. We root for Wildsmith. We like Will Smith. Will Smith was so popular in the movies, at least in part because he was so likable. His his performance as Ali was an amazing bit of acting. He's an enormously talented human being who was dominating music and movies at a very young age and over the last 10 to 15 years. A lot of bad movie choices, his career now he's going back to some of the franchise hits like Bad Boys, The Places, it's very hard to age and creativity.


It is very hard to continue to reinvent yourself and age gracefully. And so he's going to an old standard. Remember, Bill Simmons long time ago got wrote a great article back at Grantland about like the Will Smith formula to how it is you become a movie star, the choices that you make, because at the time he was making the right ones with creatures and things in the movies that you need to sustain yourself. But now he's going back to his hits.


He's tried this Orch thing with Netflix.


Oh, Mike Ryan is pumping a fist right now because there's been a hockey goal and he's able to gamble during the show all of a sudden for entertainment purposes. Only a little brunch time, baby.


That's right. Those dudes do that. Grab your breakfast burrito. You got 11 a.m. Eastern Time hockey. Way too early, way too early, but a playoff game at 11 a.m. Hockey playoff game because it was a five overtime game yesterday that pushed this game to 11 o'clock this morning. And we are feeling very good about the Carolina Hurricanes in the first period and for the game. And they're playing with that Mr. Game seven just to Williams.


But luckily, they know it's a game, but you don't need them. You literally don't need Mr. Game seven four six games in this series to come rescue. You got to stop that. Took a risk, took a seat for life. All right.


So if you don't understand what's happening right now, I do not blame you because you understand I can't see any way for the microphone. And I'm absolutely loving this Stanley Cup playoffs. Dude, what is better than five overtimes between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Columbus Blue Jackets? Life in Toronto postponing the Carolina Hurricanes and Boston Bruins also from Toronto. I know this is weird, dude, but I am loving it. And that ice is lookin like a clean sheet.


I have this. They got a big old Carolina does from Joe Edwards and Mr. Gay won it.


How great. That was a clean sheet.


That surfer guy far away from the microphone said. And when I said I was going to explain to the audience what was happening now, I didn't actually want to elaborate on surfer character who stands far away from the mic analyzing hockey. I just wanted to break down for the audience what hockey was, because if you watch ESPN, you might not know.


It's a damn shame. Remember Barry Melrose in the NHL hockey team? My God, what a time, dude. But now my mouth is salivating as if I'm about to take a bite from a fresh, savage dude. Call that thing. When your Joe knows it, it's about to eat something sour. Blows my mind every time you long time in my mouth is just like these four dudes can be taught.


So you guys, this is the height of degeneracy, I would say in the height.


Oh, I don't want any money. But if it's like being I'm glad everybody chill out, dude. I'm glad we all collectively made it through this whole thing body because I'm about to bite into this and my body is obviously preparing me for it. But you never know how to it itself.


You know, I'm not even sure how popular Taat is as a sort of it's the ultimate flavor profile. Do you ever get a nice speech on a tombstone?


Oh, heart and soul. Oh, you get heart. It's a textural delighted, but really is you get the crunch with the soggy white fish man, the love a good city.


Put it on. Put it on the pole, please. Tony is serried chair with untoasted on a textural delight. Yes or no, because I'm guessing most of this the audience even know what a touchstone is.


Mike, I know South Florida does, but does that mean you mash up a banana, you fry that. So thank you. I was talking to Mike, though. I wasn't talking to the Natsuko. He's got to stay in character to the periods of. All right, so your boy has hurricanes MONEYLINE.


He won't be waiting on this one people to come through.


I am a little alarmed at. At 11 30 playoff hockey, the reasons, again, if you did not catch it, is because there was a five overtime game last night in which I think Tampa, Tampa withstood 85 shots.


Is that the number of the Blue Jackets to the Blue Jackets which stood in and I'm just learning about this bluejackets goalie, but could save the college football season is incredible. OK, so basically a game went so long last night that they simply had to cancel the night playoff game between Boston and Carolina. And so we have the delight of watching that game right now live again. The NHL, you might not have heard, has successfully and somehow quietly created a bubble as well.


But we have not noticed it quite as much because people ignore playoff hockey, even though playoff hockey is the single most amazing thing. Anything anywhere in sports.


A let's go.


My private jet isn't going to fuel itself. Does ESPN presently have anyone other than Steve Levy and Barry Melrose talking about hockey, do we have just two guys or do we have a third guy somewhere or a third person somewhere that's breaking down hockey on our network that doesn't have TV rights?


It's a shame, dude. You should send Renaldi up to the Canadian bubble, bro, to Kabul. He could tell so many great stories. I mean, just think about talking about the Arizona Coyotes. So many storylines there with the Utes. Did you know Geico is now offering an extra 15 percent credit on car and motorcycle policies, that's 15 percent on top of what Geico could already save you. So what are you waiting for your baby to let you sleep in?


What? We sleep in another half hour. Thanks, sweetheart. Love her. And you'll change yourself, too.


There's never been a better time to switch to Geico. Save an extra 15 percent when you switch by October seven. Limitations apply. Visit Geico Dotcom for details. Yes, on the day of Avatar, Joe appeared via the sharp job performance line. Here's your SportsCenter update, A's outfielder Ramone Laurino has been suspended six games at Astros, hitting coach Alex Sintra, 20 games for their roles in Sunday's benches clearing incident between the teams.


Did you hear what Laurino said by way of apology, Stuart?


A, I regret charging him because he's a loser.


I'm not much in the way of an apology. I had not been a loser.


I will not regret charging him. Did Sinja to accept the apology?


Well, that guy that part is weird. The idea that a coach is in the dugout making fun of someone's mother, like that's what was reported there. Isn't that why you got how many games did he get?


20, 20 games? Yeah. Yet what he gives a third of the season exactly. AJ Hinch got 60. He really turned that into a dub Yagiz d.H Yankalilla instead and could mess up to a month with the hamstring injury that forced him to the injured list this past weekend. And finally, Disney Plus has revealed they are working on a three men and a baby remake starring Zac Efron. This is his first movie with Disney since the High School Musical trilogy wrapped up in 2008.


And who could forget that trilogy, especially the first one, Wolf. Was that good?


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Stukas. Have you seen the latest report from the New York Post on ESPN's search for a Monday Night Football broadcasting team? Right now it's going to be Steve Levy, Louis Riddick and Brian Greasy. But did you see the report on from The New York Post on who ESPN made a run at? Wasn't it Peyton Manning that ESPN made a run out? Yeah, well, they do that every year. Every year they make a run at Peyton Manning. But it was Sean McVay, really.


Sean McVay. Hmm. A guy who is presently coaching, who is young. This is according to The New York Post. I don't know if it's true or not, but that is inspired thinking, right. Hey, we'll give you so much money that will get you out of coaching. It's an easier job. Now, Jon Gruden went the other way, right? He went from a very easy job in broadcasting to going back to the NFL and the grind.


And most of these broadcasters who come from that sport will tell you that. Being close to the game after you've played it. Is something that hurts and so you get as close as you can in broadcasting to the field literally, but you're reminded at every turn that you're outside of the action. And so now, because everyone's vying for these football rights, because you would imagine that Amazon would try and get into that game as well, what's being elevated here is the broadcaster that people are going after because they want to give a sturdier product to the NFL that represents the NFL.


So you've got promos everywhere as opposed to just Romo on CBS. And so you get a you know, a report like this where you're talking about getting an active coach who is young out of the game. And my guess is he would probably be pretty great at that job with that.


Have you ever seen him breaking down football? He does this a lot for the Rams social media. He is an absolute natural. I think he's going to be coaching in the NFL for a very long time. He gives off Gruden vibes. He gives off passion for the sport. Informative, but not talking down to you. He is going to be excellent at that. I'm excited to watch Hard Knocks there featuring two teams this season. He's one of the teams and he's supposed to be a real star of it.


Yeah, it's interesting. It's interesting. They would have to. McVay, it's interesting that the dollars are enough where I'm assuming Mikveh at least has to consider that along with his agent and his family. Tony Romo has said recently that he loves broadcasting. He gets paid similar dollars. The body, does it hurt on Monday? I mean, so McVay is a coach. He's not a player. And I'm certain Tony Romo would not go back and do it all over again.


But there is something, OK, I don't have to grind it out. I can still make similar type dollars and only work that one night a week and a couple of days leading up to it, getting ready for the game, which wouldn't be a lot of prep work for a guy who was recently who was now coaching in the NFL. I mean that.


Yeah, but it would be it would be a disaster. Public relations wise. You don't have your football coach fully committed to coaching. The second thing, you lose a divisional game. It's oh, the distraction.


Like, I think you're taking a different I think they're getting him out of coaching.


I don't think you think that they were trying to lure him. Yes, that's that's how I took that report says I'm not taking that as they just want him on Mondays because that would be interesting to coach because he's not busy. No, I.


I think that, yeah, they wanted to take McVay away from the Rams and make him, you know, put him in the football booth.


That's nutty. I think I prefer that job, especially if they pay me more. Well, here's the thing.


This is what I've learned about coaches, because I would say to God for sure, the easier, better job is the broadcasting job. Like, you don't have to worry about that all year. Think about Jon Gruden was getting six and a half million dollars a year for basically sixteen dates, like 16 days. Now there's work that goes into it, but he's not sleeping on a couch at four o'clock in the morning, like for sure, without question for the dollar.


The broadcasting job is the one that you want, especially given what's going on now where people are trying to make a splash because whatever seventeen eighteen million dollars is to give Romo and seems like a lot it's a penny in the bucket that the NFL plays with in terms of money. And if they want broadcasters paid that way because they want bigger names associated with their sport, then you do that to please your rights holder because everybody wants to keep these NFL games on their televisions.


They're the last thing that basically Netflix can't take from you. They can't take the live viewing experience of those games from you. Everything else on television is negotiable. You could watch it on demand.


So I wonder where ESPN goes from here. That's it then. It's that's actually fascinating that they went after McVeigh, but I wonder where they go from here. Is it is it going to be Fowler and Herb Srinath is no college football. Do you go after one of these coaches, like I consider Jim Harbaugh right now, if I were ESPN, that would not be a terrible hire. He's got nothing to do.


Perhaps that's that's actually a pretty good idea there. Stu, I'm sorry to sound so surprised, but what would the NFL reaction be if Sean McVay potentially under this hypothetical were to walk away before his coaching prime after a Super Bowl appearance just two years ago to walk away from a marquee job to be a television commentator? Would the NFL prefer him being a commentator than the head coach, the young, vibrant head coach of a major network?


You know, he gets to do more. If he's framing every event for them by teaching people about football, he gets to have more power in terms of influence for the NFL as a broadcaster than as a coach. But the thing that I was going to tell you about what I've learned about coaches dugout is. That they come often from playing backgrounds and when you come from playing backgrounds and then you become the coach, there's something empty about having less control over your results than you did as a player when you were taking care of your body and taking care of your team.


And you're in the action more. A coach is in the weird position. It's why it can be such a miserable job of being a control freak while having very little of the actual control. Once the games start and the bounces start and you're sitting there, you've prepared and overprepared, overprepared, overprepared, and then something happens, somebody misses a block and everything that you plan doesn't matter how much you prepared. So the absence of control is something that they're always fighting against by doing things like Gruden and sleeping in the office, overworking.


And it is such a miserable addiction who got so miserable that even though the other job is easier, they go back to go to coaching, to being on the sideline, to having, you know, control freaks who have very little control, just trying to get that control. It is to me, it's a fascinating study and sort of human happiness and human misery and how how distorted you have to be about challenges and competition to go back to that heroin addiction when the alternative is, hey, here's the same amount of money, you'll only have to work 16 Mondays.


You want it? No, thanks. I want to sleep in my office on a couch at four o'clock in the morning because I want to see if I can get my eight and eight team to nine and seven like it is crazy.


Arced on the damn avatar Joe appear via the show Penso, a performance line, Rob Schneider expected to join us here, I think.


No, no, Strugatsky had to cancel. He'll be back tomorrow. He had to cancel. We had a lot of success with him yesterday. He will be back tomorrow.


OK, thank you for the update, dear. Perhaps Friday, maybe Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, right. At what point do we go in and ask for Chris Rock and Adam Sandler? Because that is your department, my friend. OK, I'm on it. I'll think about it. Here's your SportsCenter update. A's outfielder Ramone Laurentia has been suspended six games and Astros hitting coach Alex Cetron 20 games for their roles in Sunday's Badgers clearing incident between the team's Yankees.


DH Giancarlo Stanton could mess up to a month with the hamstring injury that forced him to the injured list this past weekend. And finally, there's no antidote for a blue ringed octopus by. However, if you can get to a ventilator to help you breathe and wait out the 15 hours of paralysis, your muscles will start working again and you'll survive, he says.


Goodness. I think it's a good sentence, right?


You can just withstand the 15 hours of paralysis. The first is to get through a ventilator.


Yeah. Then wait out the 15 years of paralysis. Then the muscles will start working again.


And then we'll survive. That's right, for all the latest headlines, that information during the sports editor at ESPN Radio all throughout the night. Chris Coady brought up a good point during one of the commercial breaks, again, being better off air than he is on air.


He said, what don't you understand, Dan, about people getting fulfillment from their jobs? Like why wouldn't a job or a Jon Gruden choose football over the easier job of broadcasting because of the level of fulfillment that he gets from overcoming a bigger challenge? And it's a really good point. I would just submit to the entire audience, which do you prefer, easy money or hard earned money at Libertador Show? Put it put it on the pole. What do you prefer, easy money or hard earned money?


Because I think we can all agree that Sean McVay doing the Monday Night Football job would be a vastly by leaps and bounds, easier job, less of a challenge than coaching NFL football. Is that appal? I'm not allowed to vote on.


I'm just I assume that most people I get great fulfillment from my work. And I'm always told I know I've got great gratitude because I can't believe that we get to do the stupid thing where we get to create and they pay us money. So I get both things. I get the fulfillment and I get the money. And I understand why it is that people would always who got doctors, lawyers, they want jobs like that. They want that when they when they have their jobs, which are good in terms of pay and maybe in terms of helping people, they're like, oh, man, I want that job in sports.


I get to just talk like that. But I always assumed that the great majority of people listening to this right now don't enjoy their work. And so if I say making money at work. Do you want it to be easy money or do you want it to be maximum challenge hard? I get the priceless ness of fulfillment, but I thought the majority of the audience would prefer easy money.


I think you're probably right. They would. The interesting thing about coaching, though, is it is in sports, it does come with a lot of dollars. It comes with a lot of pressure. But you can have the best of both worlds.


Then you can get paid enjoyment and have fulfillment.


I mean, you get out of all of that wrapped up into one as opposed to you're never going to get the fulfillment of calling a game that you will coaching a game and helping your team and coming up with something that helps your team win a game. I don't think you can replace that fulfillment.


Understood. And you are correct because, coach, what coaches will tell you and players is that being at the center of all of that of the gladiator spectacle. Look, this is what we're coming back to if you see what's happening in America to get the games back out there so we can enjoy just the gladiator spectacle of this to distract us on what's going on in life. The people at the center of that wonderful competitive chaos will tell you that they get to feel a more heightened sense of alive than the rest of us.


You don't jump up and down in many places in your life with emotional joy, even the happiest days of your life when you're crying because you've seen a child born, you're not jumping up and down, yelling at a television screen, you know, hugging your friends in a way that sports does. So, like, I get the portion of it, but the amount of work that you have to do in order to get to that, I thought that the American people here who like to think of themselves as hardworking, if I say to them, hey, here's ten thousand dollars, you can either work really hard for it or not work really hard for it, and you could work really hard for it.


And this one will have more fulfillment if if you achieve what you're trying to achieve, because going forward, 12 in that league is a special kind of misery. Stewart's like, no doubt. Yes. Like that is like even even people like Shannahan wildly successful. My guest is his off season was total crap, like just like wake up in the morning and feel in your stomach something that's horribly sour because you were that close to the fulfillment. But six minutes from the fulfillment.


Well, I must be honest. I mean, one of the guys we're talking about is Jon Gruden for, you know, a long time, he chose the easier path because Lord knows Gruden was offered coaching job just about every offseason. He was here doing Monday Night Football and he was probably offered better coaching jobs than the one they ended up taking with the Raiders and pass those down to continue to work one day a week. He was great at it.


He was excellent at it. But the fulfillment that mean that much to him, that and that, clearly somewhere along the way, something changed and it probably had to do with ten million dollars and some ownership. Well, that yes.


But they also are addicted to the challenges. Like there is something to be said if you're a competitive person, if you're a competition aholic, that you would go seeking the harder dollars because your entire construct as a warrior is sort of where are the challenges, how do I problem solve? And those things aren't available to you in a booth where you're just going, you know, wow, I love football. And here is, you know, the banana play or whatever it is that he spider either with double banana.


You know, a wise man once said, I never feel more alive than when they're taking the chips away.


Was that Al Pacino's opportunity for the money?


I wanna tell you the terror of the movie. Matthew McConaughey goes shirtless and pumps iron to get the perfect pick after he hits a cold streak.


It's an unbelievable film, and I live my life by that mantra.


That's why right now I have no choice but to do because they're taking the chips away constantly. What is the update right now that you have for us on Boston? Carol, Logi is still live. We're not at it, too. Right now. We're playing some forum for a hockey. Five minutes and 53 seconds left in the second period, a little brunch time playoff hockey.


Danto I feel like we're going to be chasing this Carolina back the entire day, especially if I'm going to feel mighty alive.


There's a wire of a hockey team that we have. We have. And I don't know whether to do this now or tease it.


OK, let me tease it, because you have heard before what we believe to be the cockiest thing that Stephen A. Smith has ever said. We play this sound all the time. And I want to play it for the audience now because I think Stephen A. Smith has just entered the arena and said something cockier than what we have identified as the cockiest thing ever said by him and the cockiest thing ever said by anybody.


I have profound respect for the late Johnnie Cochran, God rest his soul. But if it might be the cockiest thing that I've ever said, Christopher Darden and Marcia Clark did an absolutely horrendous job as prosecutors, because if it were me, there's no way in hell Johnnie Cochran would have beaten me with that evidence today that they had. I'll tell you right now, I'm not even a lawyer. There is no way that you would have put 12 jurors in front of me with that evidence and I would have lost even to Johnnie Cochran.


I don't want that trial.


I've often said that the best two sentences in the history of the network are the cockiness and the swagger in those last two sentences that he said.


But I love that civility and all these what I can say this. It might be the cockiest thing I've ever said because anyone else says that we know it might have another name, but we've got another nominee.


But before we do that, I just want to listen to that sound again. And what I want you to absorb, OK, is not just the absurdity of the front end, but I want you to imagine, like straightening his jacket for the last two sentences as he sort of gets his confidence 100 percent in a place where yours has never been. And he says flatly that he's often said that I have profound respect for the late Johnnie Cochran, God rest his soul.


But if it might be the cockiest thing that I've ever said, Christopher Darden and Marcia Clark did an absolutely horrendous job as prosecutors, because if it were me, there's no way in hell Johnnie Cochran would have beaten me with that evidence today that they had. I'm telling you right now, I'm not even a lawyer. There is no way that you would have put 12 jurors in front of me with that evidence and I would have lost even to Johnnie Cochran.


I don't want that trial. I've got. All right, we're coming back next year with what might be a cockier statement that is maybe I don't know for sure.