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You're listening to DraftKings Network. So I wanted to take a moment here before we get to this week's episode of God bless football. We'll have Mike Golic on. We'll have Field Yates on talking draft. We'll talk to Austin Echler as well. I did want to take a moment to let the city of Kansas City, and especially the ones impacted at the tragic events earlier this week, at the Chief Super Bowl parade, That on behalf of everyone on this show, me, of course, Billy, Mikey Ye, everyone, all the voices you hear, everyone associated with this show, behind the scenes as well, that our thoughts, our prayers, our hearts are with you, Kansas City. They have been with you for a couple of days now. They'll continue to be with you moving forward. I can tell you as someone who went through this six years ago, Stoneman Douglas High School, in my city where I live in Parkland. Unfortunately, I am one of the few people in some way, shape, or form that can relate to what it is you are going through. I know how difficult it is, and I am so sorry that you have to go through this.


So sorry. And once again, we will get to the football here in a second. But on behalf of everyone associated with this show, I wanted to let you all know, that city know, especially the ones impacted by what happened earlier this week, that our thoughts and our prayers and our hearts are with you. God bless, Kansas City. God bless football. Billy Gill.


God bless football, Mike Golic.


God bless, football, Billy Gill. God bless, football, Mike Golic. God bless, football, Oh, I can't believe it's over. Mike Ye.


Yeah. God bless football, Stugatz. Now I'm depressed. Yeah. Well, you're depressed. Why are you depressed? Because football's over? Because he just said it's over. Yeah, but this is the season we always win, Mike, the offseason. What are you talking about?


Always something. Always something until late June, till mid July, where we all do the Mount Rushmore of something as we try and kill time before training camps open. Right.


How was Valentine's Day?


I heard you were We got a little drunk. We did a Sorry in advance. We did a family podcast, which Mike Yee produces for us. We started a couple of years ago with Sugar Land's Distillery. They make high rock vodka in partnership with Dale Irnhardt Jr. They sponsored our golf tournament for the first two years at Notre Dame, came and set up a bar at our house and such. They do sipping cream as well. We started drinking, and as that got going, there was cake there as well. Oh, jeez. At one point, I think it was my son Mike, put cake in the blender, and we put booze over the top, and we blended it.




It tasted pretty good. That was the genesis of the birthday cake sipping cream, which the Golic family, we are the ambassador ambassadors for that for Sugar Lion's Distillery. So March ninth is their 10-year anniversary, and that's when the Golic family birthday cake sipping cream will hit the stores. So, yeah, there you have it. So Chris and I were drinking as we were talking to the rest of the family. And, yeah, we had a few shots, and nothing like having a hangover at 11:00 in the morning.


They couldn't stop at one.


They couldn't. It was very good.


Very good. What did you do the rest of the day?




Oh, okay. Yeah. All right. Took a bell run or something. It was Valentine's Day.


That was Valentine's Day. We went out to dinner with Sydney and Ben, but we took a nap in the afternoon. It's been a while before that, it happened.


You can't do that. You can't drink in the morning, nap in the afternoon, and then go out for dinner at night. It's impossible. No one's ever done it before.


I don't remember the last time I drank in the morning. It probably was college. Chris and I are 61 and 60. How do you think that hit us drinking in the morning? We were floored.


I can't imagine. It's Gojo's fault, though, I feel like. That's exactly right. You got in the business with a vodka company.


I mean, That's the expectation, right? I mean, we're the right people for it.


I'll tell you that much.


They have to do quality controls, too, guys. They got to make sure everything's on the up and up before it gets released. Boom.


Make sure they're happy with their product, right? It's That's exactly right. We were very happy. How was your Super Bowl experience? Calling the game. We saw you in Vegas. How was the calling of the game?


Listen, it's always great because normally when I call games, I'm in the booth. So now the biggest game of the year for the last three years now, I've been on the field. It's nice when you have a nod and acknowledgement of people when they walk by. Jay-z and I had a nice little eye-contact moment. That was a cool moment there. I thought Post Malone did a great job with God bless America. The halftime show was weird in there. The acoustics weren't great in the stadium. So while I knew the songs, you could tell by the beat of the music what they were, you couldn't really... I don't know how it sounded on TV, but you couldn't really hear the words that well. Now, listen, he's a phenomenal dancer. And then you get Alicia Keyes there, Ludacris. That part was very cool. Loved watching the dancing, but couldn't hear the words very well. And then the game, I mean, listen, it's just fun to be on the sideline. And I love looking at interaction of what's going on in the sideline. That first half when Travis, Kelsey, and starts yelling at Andy and accidentally bumps him, and people are talking to Travis, other players after that.


That was a big moment. But that stuff, people who are are new to this. All of a sudden, I heard on talk shows, Oh, my God. Did you see Travis Kelsey assault Andy Reid? I'm like, Oh, my God. This is like sports people trying to go and talk politics. It's just a bad idea. So this is people outside the world of football who are now all of a sudden feeling like Travis Kelsi is an abuser of older men, and they fear for Taylor Swift's life. It just blows my mind. Now, did what Travis do was out of line? Even Jason and his brother, when they talked on their New Heights podcast, admitted it was, but this happens. This happens during the game, and then it's over. So while I didn't even give it a second thought, my God, because it's obviously the biggest game and you have more casual fans, did that thing blow up? Wow.


It's the first time I've heard someone say accidentally. It did appear to be an accident. He was super... Mike, he He was upset. He wanted Andy to get him the ball. Now, he did do a good job of expressing himself. He was very emotional, but it did appear to be an accident. It did.


Without a doubt. People, this happens almost every game in some way. Players pulled apart from each other, pulled away from a coach. This just happened to be on the most viewed game of all time. So there were a ton of eyes on it, but he is an emotional guy. He had one catch and one target in that first half, where even when they only He scored 17 points and one against Baltimore, he had 11 catches in that game. Now, we saw in the second half, he got the ball a lot more, but he stayed in and he chipped on Bosa a little bit in the first half, and he just wasn't getting a ball a lot. And he's a guy that's going to the Hall of Fame. He's a great player who wanted the ball. And frustration builds. He's an animated guy, and that's what happened. I didn't give it a second thought until you start seeing all the stuff around it going, Oh, my God, people, relax. It doesn't look good. I get it. It's not a good look at all, but that stuff happens. Then kudos in the second half because all week we kept talking about who we pick.


I remember I picked Buffalo over KC. Then I picked Baltimore over KC. Obviously, I couldn't pick the Super Bowl, but it's always like, Yeah, I want to pick the other team, but Pat Mahomes. While the defense had been great in the postseason, the end of that game, man, that was Pat Mahomes with the ball in his hands.


Yeah, doing what he does. Mike, we had this conversation with Le on our main show here, and I'm wondering, can you be an all-time great defense if Patrick Mahomes is your quarterback? Because you're right, the defense performed at such a great level. But what we'll remember is that final drive and Patrick Mahomes winning his third Super Bowl.


That's exactly right. But you have to put to it. I mean, football people will put to it for the fact that San Francisco only got a field goal in their first drive. It's a really good team, San Francisco. From top to bottom, the best roster in the game. And Kansas City tightened up when they should have in overtime and helped them to a field goal. I mean, we measure so much by postseason, right? And that's the one thing we talked against San Francisco in the postseason. All of a sudden, they were giving up a lot more in the running game, going that way. Kansas City, in the regular season, gave up 17 points a game. In the postseason, average given up 13 points a game going into the Super Bowl. And in the second half of games going into the Super Bowl, they were averaging given up three 2.3 points per game. So they were trending incredibly well. Spagnolo, now early in the game, didn't do the normal get after it pressure. He did in the second half, he switched it up. Me, you make adjustments, and it worked well. You just wonder why in a off-season of eight head coaching job openings that Spagnola wasn't considered for any of them.


Sure. Yeah, it's interesting. Mike, how close were you to the Andy Reid? Were you close when Andy Reid and Kelsey collided there?


No, that happened on one side of the sidelines. I was on the other side. I just saw the aftermath of it. Then I had seen as it calmed down there, other players putting their arm around Kelsey. Basically, I'm sure, trying to tell him, Calm down, calm down. But I was probably about 30 yards away from it.


What did you make of Kyle Shanaher's decision to take the ball first in overtime? It appeared, Mike, that he didn't know the rules to overtime. His team was confused. Everyone was confused. What did you make of that situation?


No, he knew the rules, but as he said, he never really expressed them to his team.


That's a bad job, Mike. I'm sorry. That's part of your job.


Okay, but let me ask you this. I agree you want your team to know everything, but now let me ask you this, what difference does it make? Does it change the way they play? The coaches decide, they decided they wanted the ball first. If you want to say that's a mistake, it is. Okay. But understand this. You heard Kyle's reasoning, I wanted the ball third. They scored a field goal. If they'd have held KC to a field goal, now it's sudden death. And San Francisco would have got the ball first in sudden death. Next score wins.


Also- But, Mike, you're not guaranteed a third possession. He's playing for something that doesn't exist.


I understand that, but let's throw this into the equation. I I didn't hear that. I brought it up, but I didn't hear many people bring it up. At the end of regulation, you go to overtime, they don't wait, right? You go out in the coin toss, you start playing right away. Sure. Does everybody remember what happened at the end of regulation? The San Francisco defense was on the field for 11 plays in a minute and 50 seconds. They were on the field a lot in a short amount of time, a lot of plays in a short amount of time. They were dead dog tired at that point. So now with no rest, coin toss, the norm would be defer. You would be putting them right back on the field again after that drive. So I hear a lot of people talking about that. That's a tough call when you have the choice to maybe sit them and rest them. So I got to believe that went into the equation as well. These guys were just smoked after that drive, and you were to put them right back on the field.


What's not a tough call, though, is when you get it down, fourth and goal, you have to go You're giving Mahomes. All Mahomes has to do is go down and get a countdown, which he did. Mike, you cannot kick a goal in that spot.


I disagree. Get the lead. You know what? You're in the Super Bowl, okay? Which means you have a really Good team. Make a stop. If you tell me any day of the week, I have the lead after our first drive in overtime of the Super Bowl, I'm going to take it. I know it's Pat Mahomes, but you know what Pat Mahomes didn't do every drive of that game? Score. They were not good in the red zone. They got one red zone breakdown because of a punt that bounced off of a San Francisco 49ers gunner. So they got the ball right in the red zone there and scored the next play. Other than that, they fumbled in the red zone, and they had to kick three field goals in the red zone. Then they got the countdown in overtime. But I don't mind putting it on your defense. Listen, at the end of the day, should they have deferred? Probably. But I'm not going to completely crucify, you got the lead in overtime.


Make a stop. I know, but you can't be the genius coach and come out and actually say, I was playing for the third possession. There's no guarantee third possession, Mike. You can't do that.


I agree with that, but I am certainly not on Kyle as much as everybody else is. I definitely am not.


I think Kyle thought if they scored a touch down on that opening drive, the game was over. It was a walk-off. It would have been great. Gatorade bath, the whole thing.


I disagree. I don't think Kyle knew the rules. They're talking about all the chiefs were saying all the chiefs knew the rules. Nicole Hartman didn't know the game was over when he scored his countdown. Everybody's talking about he didn't know it was over. Like I said, we want to make a big thing that San Francisco didn't know. If they didn't know the new overtime rules, what did that matter when the defense was on the field trying to stop Patrick Mahomes?


I'm not saying it matters. I'm saying perhaps it would change your strategy as a coach as to what you would do. That's all I'm saying. Right.


And that's on the coach. It doesn't change what players do on the field.


I understand. Did you get close enough to Taylor Swift? Were you close to her after the game? What happened?


Here's the downside of that. Immediately, we go on the field and do some interviews, and I got Chris Jones right away. I did get Nicole Hartman, who was phenomenal explaining the play and everything.


He was great. Started the season as a jet.


Exactly. But then I have to go in. I'm the one that always goes in and interviews the losing coach. So I had to go in by the 49ers locker room. Before he does his presser for everybody, he talks to the TV network, which was CBS. He gives them a few minutes, and then he gives Westwood One a few minutes. I get a one-on-one with the losing coach. I had to go in to do that. After I was in, that takes a while because it doesn't come out right away. By the time I went back out on the field, Taylor was already off the field. I did not get the encounter with Taylor Swift. I was a little bummed at that.


Why did Shanaher take so long? Was he figuring out responses to why he didn't know the rules to overtime?


Listen, by comparison, he came out a lot sooner than nick Seriani did the year before when I had to introduce him by about a half hour. Listen, I know Kyle's going to get dumped on the bottom line for Kyle is he's been in three Super Bowl, two as a head coach, and he's had the lead and he lost it. And his third down conversion rate, overall in those three games is 25%. And in this game, I think he was three at 12. So listen, he's got a lot of other issues outside of making sure to tell his team about overtime rules. They have some things to take care of on the field as well.


And some clock management stuff as well. But Andy Reid, we said these things about Andy Reid many, many years ago, and what Shanaher needs to do is go get himself a Patrick Mahomes.


Isn't that the thing? It really helped everybody's game when you have Pat Mahomes. It's so wild. On what good it can do when you have a quarterback like that. It helps you out so much. So right now, Andy Reid and Mahomes are halfway to Tom and Bill, right?


Mahomes is not halfway there yet. He still has four more to go, but No, I'm talking about Mahomes and Andy as a coach-as a tandem. Quarterback.


As a tandem, Bill and Tom have six. Correct. And these two have three. I know he needs that extra one to catch Tom, but I'm talking about the coaching in tandem right now.


And let's remember that extra one needs to be with Carolina or something like that, okay?


Yeah. How about it? Let me ask you guys this real quick. You know that documentary, Dynasty, is coming out about the Patriots? Yes. You've heard all the stuff about Tom saying, I wasn't going to resign with New England, and Bronx saying, I'd get to work and I didn't want to get out of the car, and all the talk about how they were treated and how rough it was and this and that, of which first I say, I'll take all that to get me Super Bowl win, but I get it after a few, you might get tired of it. It all leads me to this question. Because of the way Bill coached and the way Bill is, and the way Bill is not going to change, do we think Bill is ever going to get another head coaching job? Yes, I do.


You do?


Yeah, I do. Why didn't he this year then?


I don't know. It's a great question, but I do think a team will get off to Dallas or Philadelphia to a one and three start, and Belichick will be there for him. I do.


Okay. I just wonder if it's passed where all teams look at it and say, Boy, once He lost braided, and his way is a pretty hard way. Do we want to do that? It'll be interesting.


I do think he'll coach again. Billy, you think he'll coach again?


Someone will get desperate, I think, and see the name and be in touch. I don't know that he'll coach three years or whatever he's going to have to do to get the all-time coaching record. Because if he's taking over a team that's desperate, they're going to probably be a bad team. So it'll take more than a year or two to get the 15 wins or whatever he needs. But we'll see. There's There's always a desperate person looking for a name, it seems, in the NFL.


Yes, there is. Yeah, that's true. A cornerback.


That's true. Give me that. Yes.


Joe Flacko came back. Bill Belichick is in a coaching again, okay? All right, Mike, it was a great season. The Chiefs win their second Super Bowl in a row. They'll try to make it a three-peat next year. Golik, you were great all year for us. We appreciate it, and I look forward to staying at your house in Notre Dame this weekend. Thank you, sir.Yes. God bless football.


I will make sure that I give you the address to my house. Yeah, that's it.


I already have it.


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Billy, Mikey A. Something very exciting happened yesterday, and you know I cannot resist the temptation when this thing What happened? A mock draft was released. Just three days after the Super Bowl, courtesy of our friend, Field Yates. A mock draft, Field Yates. I was so proud of you. I've never seen you do a mock draft before. It's always fantasy stuff.


This is new territory for me. They told me, they said, Hey, if you can find your way on the various media platforms as a result of doing a mock draft, we'll give it the green light. So I was thrilled to drop mock 1.0. Did you have to go and kiss the ring of Kiper and be like, Sir, might I?


Please, can I?


I had to send him a couple of cans of hairspray, pumpkin pie, and I had to make sure that the Raven's pick was to his liking. Other than that, it was all good.


Okay. Were you in Vegas last week?


I was in Vegas last week, which was quite an adventure.


I'm nearly a week in Vegas. Did it kick your ass? Say it again. Did it kick your ass?


Oh, yeah. I came back home a beaten down man. My wife was like, What have you done to yourself? I went on very opposite ends of the spectrum trips over the past couple of weeks. After three days in Mobile, Alabama, for the Senior Bowl, I came home for a weekend and then shipped right out to Vegas. Two climates that will not be confused for each other. But Vegas I mean, it's just an unbelievable place in so many ways. I had no idea what time it was for one full week straight because the behavior of people at 4:00 AM is just as similar or just as likely to take place at noon, 8:00 PM, midnight, you name it. People are just They're honestly living their life out there in Vegas.


Yeah, you're still feeling it, though, right? I could hear it in your voice.


Yeah, a little bit. We're powering through, guys, but also a long day on Wednesday with the ESPN commitment. So I need a shot of... I don't know. I need an espresso shot right now, which I might after this wraps up.


What's your table game of choice, Phil? Do you play cards?


Blackjack, for sure.


Really? Do you have a run?


I did not have a run. I made a donation to the Great State of Nevada this past week.


That's just what they needed. Yes.


It's about time they finally made some money, right?


Is your wife agitated by how much travel you have to do for your job?


Well, the interesting part about my gig right now is that most of my travel is concentrated to a very unique time of the year. A lot of my travel takes place from New Year's until Well, right about now. I go to the combine in a couple of weeks. I'm home a lot during the football season, which is nice. It's reduced over the years, but she was not thrilled when I was gone for basically two weeks straight with two kids, two years and younger.


That's tough. Dicey. It really is.


Yeah, not ideal.


But I do imagine, Mikey A, you know field. We all know field here, okay? I imagine he crushed Valentine's Day, especially coming off the senior bowl, especially coming off Las Vegas. He did Valentine's Day better than we did. Is that fair to say, Mikey A?


Low bar, first off, better than we did as low bar. But I would imagine the word sonnet is somewhere in his gift.


Sonnet. Yeah.yeah. What'd you do?


Nice lengthy poem.


What'd you do, field?


No, here's the reality, actually. I have a get-of-a-jail free card as it pertains to Valentine's Day. What? We have a dog, and his birthday is Valentine's Day, so he turned four yesterday. Oh, wow. On Valentine's Day, I might always be fourth in my own home in terms of power rankings in my wife's eyes between the two behind our two children and our dog. But I am unquestionably fourth on Valentine's Day because when Cisco, the golden retriever, turns 4, it's a big day around the Yates household.


Okay. So you guys have declared Valentine's Day really a birthday for your dog, and that's more important. At least that's what you think, right?


I mean, it's not even what I think. It's like she's told me that in no uncertain terms.


I tried Let me teach you this. Whenever they tell you, do the opposite, okay?


Crap. I might have made a big mistake yesterday then.


Billy, you're agreeing with me, right? She's watching it, it's a dog's birthday. She's trying to tell you, Hey, it's Valentine's Day.




Only 364 days to get it right next year. I'm so ready.


How confident are you feel, just going off your mock draft here, that Caleb Williams is the best player in the NFL draft?


I think he's the best player in the NFL draft. I feel confident in that. There are some factors that can influence decisions between now and April. But absent Caleb having really bad interview process or telling the bears, Don't draft me, I'd be surprised if he wasn't the number one pick in the draft. People have referenced how this past season wasn't as great for Caleb Williams as it was in 2022. My usual response is that in 2022, he had one of the greatest college football seasons ever. Usc has become an unlikable program. I think the fact that Lincoln and Bradley has become an unlikable figure in college football, it has become easy to dunk on Caleb Williams. He was not as good this past year as he was two seasons ago, but he was still really freaking good. Every game, he has, I don't know, a half dozen wow plays. You don't have to spend too much time studying Caleb Williams to see those wow moments, whereas other players, you have to go searching for them like a needle in a haystack. Unbelievable accuracy outside of the pocket. He's so innovative. You're going to hear it a thousand times between now and the start of the draft.


He has some shades of Patrick Mahomes in terms of his creativity, his build of the Scramble, He'll keep plays alive. I try not to put too many players in the category of the best player on the planet like Patrick Mahomes. But certainly, Caleb Williams is one of the better second-reaction players that we've seen at the quarterback prospect spot for the past couple of years. He is definitely, definitely, to me, the favorite right now to go number one.


I put you in charge of the Chicago Bears who have the number one pick in the draft. What do you do?


I'm taking him. I'm trading Justin Fields, and I'm doing my best to get as many offers coming my way. Justin obviously has his moments where he has been excellent. He also has his moments where he's left you wanting more. I mean, that final game of the season up in Green Bay, at the very least a chance to play spoiler, just an uninspiring effort from the entire Bear's team, but offensively, they couldn't get anything going. My general rule of thumb is that three years into a player's career, if we're having the debate about whether the guy is the guy or not, usually leans towards the player not being the guy for the long haul. The players, I I think are going to get reasonable offers for Justin Field between the fact that there are rarely good quarterbacks in free agency, but also you've got a handful of teams that are not in a spot to take a first-round quarterback that I think is worth a first-round selection. That's going to turn into some legit competition for Justin Fields. We've heard all the teams already, whether it's Atlanta or perhaps Pittsburgh who should be calling Chicago, whether it's two, whether it's three, whether it's five.


I think there will be competition. And as we know, competition drives at the to the point where the bears could end up having not just the first pick in the draft, not just the ninth pick in the draft, but potentially some bonus capital to work with to surround Caleb Williams with even better talent.


So this is your mock 1.0. How many versions do you anticipate having between now and then? And how much wiggle room did you give yourself so that your next versions can change so that people keep logging in to see where you're ranking people?


Yeah, we'll have four as of right now. And I I suppose that is subject to change. But when we put together our curriculum, if you will, for the next two and a half months, it includes three subsequent additions, the next one being, I believe, right after free agency. So the Wednesday after free agency, we'll dip our toe into mock 2.0. The good news is that in terms of Wiggle Room, it writes itself. It creates its own Wiggle Room because in two weeks, we go to Indianapolis for the combine. When you go to the combine, you've got tiebreaker opportunities, right? You've got two receivers that are closely graded. If one runs a 4,4,5 and one runs a 4,5,7, you probably lean towards the 4,4,5 guy. If one of these offensive linemen goes there and he's, I guess, offensive linemen is a little bit different, but if his arms are shorter or longer, then that might break a tie as well. So I think the Wiggle Room will create itself organically. And there will be some changes, no doubt, from Mock 1.0 to mock 2.0. Heck, the night before mock 1.0 went live, I was to make a switch to one of my picks, and I resisted the temptation to do so.


Who was it?


Just tell us who was it.


Number 10. I wanted to flip flop offensive tackles. I wanted them to instead take Tyler Guighton from Oklahoma.


They should take a quarterback.


A quarter, yeah. Are you available?


No, but they should take a quarterback. I mean, there's this 41 years old coming off an Achilles injury.


Yeah, but he almost played last year. Remember?


At the end of the season. No, he did play for four plays.


No, at the end of last year.


He wasn't playing, and you know he was never going to play. He might never play ever again. I mean, I don't know.


Love your confidence. Yeah.


Mock 4.0. Billy, how do you feel about that? I feel like seven, eight mops is probably a better number than four, right? Yeah. No?


But he's taking it seriously. I feel like seven or eight is a bit much. I do feel like maybe you look at your quarter. Yeah, maybe next one, you just drop Caleb down to three, and then people are like, Whoa, what does field know? Is there something going on there? And then see if you actually tank his draft stock. And then by three, you just move them right back up to two. And then on number four, right back at one.


Yeah, not a bad idea. The other thing that I might do- You want to keep movement in their field so that people stay interested. Well, here's the other thing you got to do. This is a veteran trick that I've learned after being on this job for a few months here is there are players I thought about having in my first round mock draft in mock 1.0. What you do is you just slide those guys in, mock 2.0. Then what you've done is you've already created a pool of 36 players rather than 32, that if they get drafted, if a guy goes 28th and you had him in the first round in mock 2.0, but not mock 1.0, you get to say, as I've been telling you guys for months, this guy's got a real shot to go in the first round. So you create a pool of 40, 45 players by the time you finish mock 4.0. It's a lot of bases.


Honestly, that's all this is. You just have to be right somewhere. You just have to be right somewhere, field, right?


Of course. There are seats everywhere for us.


That's why 50% of the radio shows I go on, I take one side. I took the Niners and the other 50% I took the Kansas City Chiefs. At least I'm right, 50% of the places I was on.


Of course. That right there is the oldest trick in the book. You get two weeks to overanalyze one game. I'm with you. I had a much more, I had a slightly different, but fairly, I thought, pragmatic approach when I was in Vegas. Is any Chiefs fans that came up and asked me who I thought would win? I said the Chiefs, Niners fans. I said the Niners. Everybody was happy.


I was all love. You made everyone happy. My Q-Score was off the charts. Who is the best quarterback not named Caleb Williams in this draft?


I think it's Jaden Daniels from LSU.


Really? That's surprising to me.


I thought he was unbelievable this past season. 40 TD passes, over a thousand rushing yards. I've been saying this a lot, but I'll continue to reiterate it, did as much as you could do in one season to boost your draft stock, probably for any player since Joe Burrow, obviously also LSU back in 2019. Jaden Daniels is an unbelievable athlete. He's a great thrower, though, as well. Terrific throw in the football down the field, has touch, has accuracy, has big game production. I talk about clutch moments, and no one's Patrick Mahomes, but a part of what made the calculus so interesting for Kyle Shana Again, is when you put the ball in Patrick Mahomes' hands in overtime, if all he needs is three, you might as well just head to the locker room for the postgame, I guess, defeat. If he needs seven, he might get eight, right? He'll score in the final way for a two-point conversion. Jaden Daniels was similar this past year. I mean, not to the same heights as Patrick, but the idea that when the stakes were highest, he was his best, which to me is a really important trait for a quarterback.


There's a belief he instilled in a huddle that I thought really showed up consistently. Lsu obviously has a lot of talent, but defensively, they were terrible this year. I mean, they were awful. They fired many of their power players in the defensive staff. And that's not the coincidence. They were really bad. And They needed Jaden Daniels to be Superman, and he often was against teams that were definitely more talented top to bottom than LSU.


Field, who is the best player in the draft who doesn't play quarterback?


Marvin Harrison Jr, which is an easy answer. I'm not trying to cop out here, but the Ohio Statewide receiver does everything well. He's 6'3. We'll find out exactly how tall and how much he weighs, but let's call it somewhere between 6'3 and 6'4 and 220 pounds, but really can run well. He's one of those players that doesn't necessarily look fast when you're watching him on the field, but I guarantee you his time speed will be insanely good, and nobody ever caught up to him. Really good after the catch. It's got a big catch radius, right? You don't have to throw the ball super accurately to connect with Marvin Harrison Jr, which Ohio State bands would tell you was often the case this past year, as Kyle McCord is no longer their starting quarterback. He's now at Syracuse. Great in the red zone. He does it all. I mean, he is a very high floor, but also super high ceiling prospect, which if you're the Cardinal, is it picked or he's available for you at your biggest need on offense, I would think that would be the easiest. Send the card into the Commissioner right away pick in a long time.


Where do you think Michael Pennex is going to go?


What round? He gets a chance to go. I think at the end of the first round, it's probably where the conversation gets a little more interesting for him. As I mentioned, no trades in the mock draft 1.0, but we'll start to do those at some point in the near future, I would think. They're going to be teams. They're going to be moving up to the back of the first round to take advantage of that fifth-year option and also secure a player that they want. I think that's where Michael Pennex Jr. Fits in. Obviously had an unbelievable this season this past year, back-to-back years with 4,500 passing yards. The only two guys to do that in college football for the past 10 years are him and Patrick Behomes. Anytime you can be compared to Patrick Behomes with a stat, not a skillset, but a stat, I'm into it. So he was awesome this past season. There are some questions he got to answer. His knee and his shoulder will be very carefully examined the combat in just a couple of weeks. He had four season-ending injuries at Indiana, but none during his time at Washington. He stayed healthy.


Intriguing prospect. I think he ends up in the back of the first round.


I ask you this on the way out here. We have less than a minute. Bill Belichick, you work for the Patriots. You have a relationship with Bill. Why is Bill not coaching currently in the NFL?


It's a good question. I'm surprised. Every day I keep thinking, I'll wake up and Bill or Rable will have been hired as a head coach. Here we are. All the vacancies are filled. Two of the best, in the case of Bill, the best to ever do it are not currently head coaches. So probably a little bit of a perfect storm here. With Bill, you're not going to hire him to... Well, you most likely aren't hiring him to only be the head coach. He's going to want the influence or close to what he had during his time in New England. But those two are the 33rd and 34th head coaches this season. If the coach starts slow next year, I can only imagine the fan base is thinking, Well, we got Belichick and Brable waiting in the wings. If we want to make them our interim head coach.


Yeah, it's going to It'll be interesting to see. Phil, we appreciate it. Mock 1.0 is out right now. Check them out, esbn. Com, and all the ESPN platforms. For every mock draft you do, that means an appearance on this show, okay? So three more with you, right? Deal.


All right, good. I'll do 10 now. I'll do 10.


Okay, good. Mock 10. I can't wait. We'll talk to you next week for Mock 2. See you. All right, see you.


How's everyone doing?


Good, man. Hello. Sorry, we missed you.


I know, man. You know how it is for the Super Bowl week? It is crazy.


Yeah. What did you get into?


Interviews, appearances, meet and greets. I was on an Albertson doing a meet and greet. That's not as random as a place I've been at. I've lost my voice. I was talking for seven days straight, so my voice is coming back a little bit, so that's been nice. But yeah, it was a nonstop marathon of speaking, meeting, pictures, and all that.


Mikey A was asking me right before you came on, what percentage of people leave Vegas? Because I left Vegas. Vegas kicked my ass, and I want to talk to you more about Albertsons, but we'll get to that in a second. Vegas kicked my ass. What percentage of people leave Las Vegas and say, You know what? I kicked Vegas's ass.


Probably less than five.


It's a high number. Less than five less than 5 %.


Less than 5 %. The set of people are like, Yeah, I really took it to Vegas. I feel like most of the time it's people that are like, Man, I'm ready to go home, or Man, that was a drag, which is a good thing. But yeah, I think it's one of those experiences where you're not anticipating walking as much as you're going to do. You don't anticipate spending as much money as you anticipate maybe winning money. You don't win money. That kills your vibe. It's a bunch of smoking mirrors as as the saying goes, where you're like, Okay, here's how it's going to go. I feel like it rarely actually goes to plan.


I don't know if you caught on, and I saw it on not your social media, Austin, but the other person that I'm going to mention. Another friend of ours was hanging out with Austin and Gordie Gronkowski. It seemed like you were doing stuff with Gordie this past week.


Yeah, Gordie and I are part of the same, what we call it, the neighborhood. We have a lot of the same connections, one being Dave Meltzer that we were talking to And then we were also at a... We had another event together. Oh, shit, I forgot. They all blend together. Oh, we did a celebrity poker tournament together as well. So we've been crossing paths for the last few years now, and he came to one of my things I did for Experience, my app out here in Vegas. So like I said, we're part of the same neighborhood, so we cross paths quite often.


I like members of the God bless football community getting together, Billy. It makes me happy. I don't know about you, but...


It's funny how they get together never with us, though. That's my favorite part It's been all across the place.


Unless you've never played. Yeah.


Well, you guys got to start making some appearances more is what it sounds like.




Yeah, you're right. Listen, next year, I will join you.


When I say that, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Yeah, I mean, listen, next year, I will join you at Albertson. Right, right, right. Thanks, sir.




What were you doing? You're Austin freaking Echler. And Billy, listen, that noise you heard from Billy when you announced that did an appearance at that... What's it called again?




Albertsons, Vegas. It got the best of me. That's because that's Billy's wheelhouse. Billy spends a lot of time in places like Albertsons. But what are you doing there? Why are you there doing an appearance?


Well, so here's the deal. The Super Bowl is a focal point for a lot of advertising, meaning probably 40% of their budget probably goes to spend it on the Super Bowl in some way with appearances, commercials, things like that. And us as athletes get to take part in that and helping them spend that money. And so I was doing a paid appearance out there in Albertsons, a little bit off the strip. And so I'm in this place where people don't even know this is going on. So I got people walking in to go get their groceries, go get their syrup. And this girl was about to go make some chicken and waffles, she said. She was like, Oh, my gosh. She had no idea I was going to be there. So it was interesting, but it was made for some good conversations, being able to surprise people. But yeah, Super Bowl, you get into a lot of wacky things. I was at Topgolf. I was at, like I said, the Albertsons. I was in Jewel Night Club. You're never going to find me in the club, not very often anyway. And I was in the DJ booth doing a little Hype speech, getting everyone on this piece of that that we're putting on, excited for the club at like midnight.


I was exhausted. But yeah, there's a whole bunch of stuff. I did some stuff for Derry Queen. I'm all over the place when it comes to Super Bowl.


I love a good blizzard, do you?


I mean, home of the blizzard. They hand it to you, they flip it over, and, Here you go. Here's your blizzard. I mean, who doesn't love a good blizzard?


Mikey A.


Yeah, never had a blizzard in my life.


That's where he draws the line. It seems like not making the Super Bowl perhaps was more lucrative to you than making the Super Bowl. I mean, I don't know.


You try to get the same value. There's They're different values, but you try to take advantage of it for both of them. When I don't go to the Super Bowl, which I've never been, so the times I'm out actually partaking in all the things around Super Bowl leading up to it, I meet so many connections, meeting, like I said, expanding that neighborhood, running into Gordie, people like that. Doing the celebrity poker tournament, meet a bunch of other celebrities, meeting people in the investment space, entrepreneurs, meet a ton of fans, making their day. There's definitely things to take advantage of.


Of the 5% of people who leave Vegas and say, I kick Vegas' ass, how many of them have the last name, Grankowski or Kelsey?


I would probably say they probably kick Vegas' ass for sure. All the Gronk brothers, they have their beach party that they throw every year there. So they're getting paid to go out there and party and use their name to promote as well. So that's a win. And then also, Kelsey, shoot just the Chiefs. They never lost in that flippin stadium out there. And then obviously doing it in Vegas, too. There you go. That's a bonus. So yeah, they definitely won, especially this weekend anyway. I don't know about other times, but this time they won.


Before the Super Bowl, we talked to you about it, and we were trying to give you tips as people who live in a city that hosted the Super Bowl in their hometown before and said it's annoying when it's in your hometown. Did you like it being where you live, or did you find it to be more of an inconvenience because it got in the way of your everyday life?


No, it was great from my perspective, but that's because I was actually going to the Super Bowl. But the traffic on the day of got absolutely insane. Have you ever seen those... I forgot what country it's in, but there's no lights or anything, but everyone just meshing together. People just go... That's what it turned down to out there, because it would be a red light, like a left turn arrow, where the turn lane can go and everyone has to stop. No one's stopping. It's red. People are going through. The other one's already green, so they're trying to inch their way through, and it's just madness. And so it was only for two days. Luckily, I wasn't around the strip down on those two days, only just a little part of it. But I'm just watching these videos of people seeing all this stuff go down. So I really avoided the worst part of it. But for the most part, it was pretty smooth, I thought. It was like it spread out enough. And Vegas is set up to be able to hold a lot of people, like with the parking garages, multiple ways into the strip and everything.


So that was great. And then they have everyone that parks away from the stadium, and you get to walk across this bridge, across highway. So it really separates everything, spreads it out, but not too far, but definitely within a couple of mile radius. So I think Vegas, I think they're going to have it back here. I mean, going forward, probably a few times, just because... Did you guys hear about the betting numbers on the game?


Yeah, crazy.


It was like $50 billion that was bet on the game. And I don't know what that compares to previous years, but I'm guessing there was some type of heightening of that because of the Super Bowl being in Los Las Vegas, home of gambling and all of that. So overall, well done, NFL, well done, Vegas, in my part.


So you think Vegas did a good job because people were concerned, Joe Bach amongst them, concerned about Vegas hosting a Super Bowl. But you felt like your city that you're living in right now did a good job, right?


100%. I think it was a smash. I can't wait to see the numbers that come out. I'm sure there's going to be records broken of just numbers coming in, bets. For me now, that stuff matters because it's like, Oh, how's the city doing? That's what pays for my supplementing my income taxes that I don't have to pay here. It's all these betters that are coming and donating to the casinos. It's called gambling. I love to keep up with it. It's pretty cool.


We'll get to Billy in a second because he gambled for the first time in Vegas, and so I wanted to-He doesn't know what he's doing. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.


Before we go there, we got to know. Everyone's got to know. Did you guys win Vegas?


Listen, I was up by 12 points headed into Thursday night on Vegas. I was kicking Vegas' ass, but Vegas went on a 24 to nothing run, and I lost, man. That place just got me, man. It's bad. Okay, okay.


Billy, what about you? You were out there, too, right?


I felt like I beat Vegas. I feel like it was a good job. I didn't do much. It was just work every day, so I didn't really enjoy a ton, but I feel like the work was productive. I feel like we went in with a plan, we execute, and we got out alive. I was tired, but we got out of life.






Are you saying you hate your job? Or like, damn.


He didn't get to enjoy Vegas the way one would want to enjoy Vegas. Yeah, I didn't.


No, I didn't do parties.


I didn't hate your job.


Okay. I was like, Dang, Billy. We got to get this guy. We got to cheer this guy up.


I'm saying I didn't go out to parties at night. I wanted to do more networking than I did, if I'm going to be completely honest with you, and I wasn't able to do a ton of that just because we were going back and forth between Radio Row. We did a live show at the Circa two different days. So there's a lot of traveling in between. There's lots of interviews and stuff like that. So the plan was executed. It was just a matter of once the plan was executed, it took a lot out of me. So there wasn't a lot of extracurricular activities, if that makes sense.


That's what I kept telling my team, because there would be things that would be paid and be like, Oh, these optional unpaid things. And the week before on paper, it's like, Oh, that's great. Let's do them. And then you go out there and you do the things that you have to do, you're obligated. And then you're like, Wait a minute, my energy is in the dirt.


Or it took longer. Now we have to go over there.


Yeah, I was like, Albert is all day. Now I'm like, I could go to this optional hangout, but I just talk to people for an hour and a half straight about their barber shop that they work out down the road. And I'm like, Okay, maybe let's just go home and rest. That was specific.


You need to learn how to work through a line, my friend, okay? What people are talking It's just a quick picture. What's your name? Where are you from? Thanks for coming out. Boom, next.


I can't do it, man. That first engagement, I want them to feel special. I want them to feel like I... Because I do. I'm very thankful that they came to see me. I'll ask a couple of questions. I'll talk about what you got going on, where you're from. I can't just be like, picture next. Austin, you need a sidekick.


You need the guy to be the ass for you. You need the guy that's going, All right, Austin's had enough of you, move on. You need that shit.


Anytime you want to hire me, I'll do it.


All right. I got you.


I did say this, Austin.


I think that Vegas is a great host city. I thought that of the couple that I've done. I did Phoenix, Miami, Atlanta, Vegas. I think Vegas was a great city to host the Super Bowl, and I think that the NFL should go back there as often as possible because the city loved it. And since it was the first one, part of it was also about the city more so than the game, I felt like at some point. It's just like, Oh, this is Vegas. But it's such a great host city for that spectacle.


Yeah, absolutely. And there's other things like that. March Madness is a big time for Vegas. And so it's one of those things that's like a staple. I know all these people that are coming out for March Madness to be around the betting, to be around watching the games and things like that. Super Bowl is another one that fits right into one of those categories of this is just a great... It's a whole week because there's a whole campus. They got the NFL experience, they got media, they got players everywhere. Because So there's just a whole experience for the entire week that can go on and have all these cool lights and places to actually host all this stuff. So I agree.


And the stadium's right there, too, which is something that you don't get in a lot of cities where you have to drive way off to get to the actual stadium. It's gorgeous, man. Right there in the middle of the town.


Yeah, so true. So true. It just this city keeps growing on me more and more every single year, where it's like, this is in my backyard. I can be down at the wind. I could be at the, I could be all that within 18 minutes and then be back at home in normalized living. So it's been great.


Sounds like he's leaning towards the Vegas.


Yeah, I was going to say, we're talking about doing that in November, October, offseason. What are we thinking?


No promises yet. We'll find out here in about a month what's going on in my life.


What did you make of the game?


I thought it was great. I thought it was great in the entirety of it. It started out, obviously, a little bit slow as far as the offensive play, but defenses were both staying strong. And I thought it was really well. I think the risk was managed both on both sides where it was like, you don't have to push it. I had people that were with it like, maybe be going four on fourth down because they're just getting impatient, right? They're getting impatient, but they held true. They let their defense go out there and continue to get stops for them. Each team was inching up the scoreboard, which I think made it more intense as it got into overtime because you're like, okay, now there's definitely going to be a winner. It wasn't really clear going into the first four. It was like, hey, who's going to just barely inch by? And so I'm glad it ended with a one drive for each team. They get an opportunity to go out there and score. The fact that it went to overtime, I think, made it a great game. If it would have gone over to overtime, it would have been boring.


Like, what the heck? So I thought it was awesome. I didn't really care who won. Pat won. It looks like we have a new era of the Championship team like we did for the Patriots, which, hey, they've earned that. So if I'm in the division, looking forward to keep beating them because, hey, if you want to be the best, you got to beat the best. But I thought it was great overall.


Did you know the overtime rules in the Super Bowl?


Yeah, they changed them. You knew that? Yeah, I knew that.


Well, because Kyle Shanaher was coaching in the game, and he didn't know that.


Yeah, That's not good.


That's not good, right?


That's not good at all. Well, they changed it after the Bills and the Chiefs game. But yeah, I knew the rules. I don't know if it's because I was at NFLPA meetings or they talked about at the beginning of the year or what.


No, everyone was there. You were just paying attention because you're Austin Echler. Oh, yeah, that, too. I mean, Tony Romo didn't know. No one knew. I didn't know, to be honest with you.


Yeah, well, they wanted to make sure it was fair. So once you can just go down there and score a touch down. So, yeah. Well, here's the thing. You both get a possession. Yeah, you both want to go down and try to score. But look, if you go down and kick a field goal, you get four. They were like, Oh, the fourth down. They kick the field goal. I still think that's the right move, even if they don't get the ball. If they don't get the ball first, make your defense step up. Your defense has been playing well all game. So either way.


Your boy Brandon Staley would have went for that, though. There's no question. I mean, he's not kicking field goals when there's a down available to him. Oh, man. I don't say that critically. Like with Mahomes getting the ball back, I'm not certain I wouldn't do the same thing.


For sure. Just to make sure that, hey, you're going to force them to have to score a touch. But here's the thing. Now, if you don't get it, now all they're doing is playing for a field goal. And so I think that's tough. I think it's so tough if you say, Oh, hey, we're going to... Instead of making them go actually score, unless they had to score or at least tie, if you only make a play, Hey, Mahomes, you only have to get to the 40-yard line. I don't like those. I don't like those odds.


Knowing how hard it is to win in this league, when you look at a guy who's been in the league for six years, he's made it to the AFC Championship game every year. He's made it to four Super Bowl's, one three three Super Bowl MVPs. Are you sitting there as one of his peers? Are you like, what the fuck? How good can this guy be? How are you experiencing all this?


Yeah, I think it's a combination of what they got over there. It's obviously the great players, but then also in football, coaching has a big influence on the game as well. So I think they have a good chemistry going over there right now. And when you have that chemistry, you try to hold on to it as long as you can. Before, we saw it with the Patriots and braided. They try to keep that chemistry, try to keep that same demeanor. And it's the Belichick and the braided era. So I think we're seeing a new era that's probably going to stay coupled together for a really long time, and Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. And so I think it's awesome for the game, just in general, playing those guys. Obviously, you want to go out there and just beat them every time. You're not going to play these guys twice a year. But you have to put respect to where respect is due, regardless if you like them or not. And they've earned three Super Bowl now. So, man, it's amazing for the to see it shift and see a new powerhouse in the league that's taking over, because now that's the standard.


It used to be, okay, the standard is now over here. It shifts as we continue to evolve and new players coming in now.


Billy, Mikey, I'm going to pin him down. I hate to do this to Austin, but I'm going to pin him down. You always do every week.


He doesn't hate it either, Austin.


A little bit. I don't. You're right. But you played against both guys, Patrick Mahomes and Tom braided. Who's better?


Wow. Who is better? They're both really good for different reasons. And I think that's where it's hard to really compare. It's not necessarily apples to apples because they're not the same. I would say a braided and a Manning would be a little bit more like pocket passer, right? Really can distribute out, really can call the plays, get everyone lined up. And then I think you have with Mahomes who has the ability to create more than both of those guys did on his own with him just scrambling. I think that's one of the biggest things. It's not underrated, but it's one of the biggest strengths that this guy has is that the throws that he can make, sidearm and all over the place. And then also these scrambles for seven, eight yards. It's just so annoying, but he gets it done. So who's better? I want to say that Mahomes is trending in that direction, but I still got a few more years to go. But I would say, braided right now, just because I've seen his full career played out and I've seen him go for seven, even though Mahomes is hot right now. I don't think it matters when you get hot.


I think it just matters how long you're able to continue to play at the high level, how many championships you continue to go get. Mahomes is on the right You're not going to have to get in there.


Billy, he's right. He sent me a message. I presented that the wrong way. Game for your life. You need to win the game. It's a game for your life, and you could only choose one of two quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes or Tom braided to lead you.


And their pride?




Patrick Mahomes' prime, Tom braided' prime. I'm not certain what Tom Brady's prime was. It may have been when he was 40 years old. I don't know.


It might have been.


It might be today.


It might be today. He wins that game, by the way. If he's on it, he does. He wins it.


It might be. I still think I'm going to take braided.




Maybe I'm biased because I played Patrick twice. I've been playing him for the last six years and just been tired of all those games, so I'm going to take braided.


He likes to talk, right? Patrick?


No. I mean, if...


Yeah, if you-He's not talking to me, but he just likes to talk, correct?


I mean, everyone's got their personality. I have never had a problem with him as a person. Okay.


All right. Did you see Delsey Taylor last night?


Who do you have a problem with as a person?


Who do I have a problem with as a person? Oh, I love it. It's not that I have a problem with as people, that individual. It's more of an energy or vibration, have you heard, that I don't run a vibe with? And there's people that... The people that I do vibe with are people that are really trying to actually do good for themselves and actually respect the people around themselves. People that I don't really mess with is people that are really full of themselves and act as if they're above others and really think that, Oh, I'm too good for you. I don't need to be around you because I'm this person or I've done this. I'm not really a fan of that. I'm a people person. I keep a very open mind. I respect people because people people. We're all a person. And so even those people that I don't vibrate with, I still respect, but tend not to stay around those types of people because I want positive incorporating, uplifting energy, even though if we're not doing the same things, you're not going down the same path, I still am encouraging you to hopefully be a better version of yourself and make an impact that's fulfilling in your life.


So if you're not trying to do that or you're taking away from that from other people, I don't vibrate for those people. Those are the people I have individual beefs with. So I won't say names. For obvious reasons.


I was trying to find the guy that punched you in the head by accident in that fight, but I couldn't find it in time. That guy. Yeah.


Even that.


Why don't you go read that speech?


But My team, not my football team, my internal team, we'll go back and forth. We'll butt heads. It's not physically with a helmet to the face or a fist to the face, but it's healthy. It's healthy in a way to have competition.Not necessarily that.Dontay Foward. But just to have opposition. We're about to go play a football game. We're not friends. We're about to go smash into each other. So we don't have to be knuckleheads and try to knock each other out right now, right before the game starts, before we're even getting paid. Let's wait till we're getting paid to do it.


By the way, we've all Me, Mike, EA, Billy, we're all thinking this, and I should have addressed it earlier. Are we in the neighborhood, the three of us? Are we part of that neighborhood?


Well, clearly, you're in the neighborhood. If we're already crossing paths with other people that are in the neighborhood with.


That's true.


Yes. Here's the thing. I don't even know who's all in the neighborhood. You might have a house on the other side of the neighbors that I know, but I'm like, Well, you're still in the neighborhood. I just haven't been introduced to you yet. But it's inevitable. Eventually, if I'm proactive, I'll eventually get to a crossing with you. You're connected to Gordie. I'm connected to Gordie. I'm connected to you. You're in my neighborhood. I speak to you guys all the time. So, yeah, you guys are definitely in the neighborhood more than time.


Has the Harbaugh communication dried up at all, or where are we at with that?


Yeah, so well, we saw he put out like, Hey, we'd love to have Austin back on the team, which is great. I did see that. But until we're talking numbers and contracts, that doesn't really mean much.


It's just something you had to say. Is that what you're saying?


You can say you want all these players back on the team. But I do respect him making that shout out. I'm sure he got asked specifically about that. Look, he already let me know that he respects me, and I likewise exchange that. But it's something out of his control. I think it's something that he will have an influence on, but it just depends on what the entire organization is trying to do. Do they have an appetite for bringing Austin back? Do they not? Until we're talking contracts and paper, none of that means anything, but I do appreciate the respect.


Billy was wondering who our neighbors are.


Yeah, now just thinking about our neighbors and neighborhood, you know what I mean?


Who are the neighbors? We can get the list going. It goes on and on. My neighbors might be different than your neighbors.


Yeah, we have no doubt they are.


Your neighbors are better than ours by far. A hundred %.


We're at the end of the block. I like what you put on.


Exactly right. We're in a small house, and no one wants that no-one wants to be around.


You guys got some overgrown grass and stuff.


Exactly right.