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God bless football, Mikey A.


God bless football, Mike Fuentes.


God bless football, Steugats.


Thank you. We can't see Mike Fuentes. I can only see Mikey A. I can't see Billy. He's on vacation again. He needs rest from Radio Row in Super Bowl week. I miss Radio Row dearly. Fuentes, do you miss Radio Row the way I miss Radio Row?


Not the way you miss it, no.


Well, anyway, I've been in every time zone there is to offer. Mountain, Pacific, Central, Eastern. It It was weird, Mikey. I flew in to Chicago, and I'm an hour behind us. And then I drove to Notre Dame, and all of a sudden, because they played Notre Dame on Friday, Northwestern did. And all of a sudden, I'm back in the Eastern time zone. I'm like, Can we do away with time zones, please?


No. Why? No, we can't do away with time zones because that's how the world works. Because you're flying to your daughter's lacrosse game. You want to get rid of time zones.


I just think they're a waste. I really do.


People are going to be getting up at 2:00 in the morning at some parts of the world.


Listen, the larger point me telling you all that, how much I've been traveling, what I've been doing. I am now currently in Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, one of my favorite places in the world, because Northwestern will play the University of Colorado tomorrow. I am now in Colorado. But the reason I tell you all this is I have no idea what's going on in sports. I have no idea of what's going on in the NFL, which is really great, considering I'm the host of the biggest football podcast in America. So I don't know, Mikey, what is happening right now?


I mean, at this point, it's just a lot of rumors.


I love rumors.


The rumor mill is swirling. Really? I'm going to throw some rumors at you?


Wait a second. Wait a second. Fuentes, are you in on this? I have no idea what's going on. Free Agency hasn't started. I believe the Senior Bowl is next week. But Mikey A is going throw the rumor mill at us. And what, you just want us to respond, Mikey A?




Let's do it. Okay. Fuente, you good with that?


I love a good rumor mill.


He stole my thunder.


Would you call it a top five mill?


It's crawling up the list, I got to say.


It's crawling up the list. What do you mean the top five mill? Fuente, what are you doing? In honor of Mikey E. Tell me what you're doing. I have no idea what he's talking about. When he says top five mill, are you putting together a list of your top five mills of all time.


In honor of a news segment, Mikey A's Rumor Mill, we're going to have the Top 5 Mills.


Okay, great. So we'll do that at the end. I can't wait. That's a tease. Coming up at the end of this segment, we'll have Dwight Frini on, by the way, as well. He's going into the Hall of Fame, friend of mine. Looking forward to that. But coming up at the end of this segment, Mike Fuentes' Top 5 Mills of all time. Let's get to the rumor mill, though. So Mikey A, just throw out some rumors to me and Fuentes, and we'll respond.


All right. I've been scouring the rumor mill, and there is a team that is all in on trading for Justin Fields. And that team, according to the rumor mill, is the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Oh, wow. So Fields to the Steelers, that means the bears would take Caleb Williams with the first overall pick in the NFL draft. Justin Fields to the Steelers. So it's better than what they have, but anything's better than what they have. Do we know what They're giving up, potentially, according to the rumor mill, of course.


According to the great find, we don't know yet, but it's probably around a second round pick, maybe a two and a four.


All right, a two and a four for Justin Fields. He goes to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh made the playoffs without a quarterback. Justin Fields is a much better quarterback. I like that. That is a great fit. The Stealers need to get that done. Fuentes, how do you feel about that? Justin Fields to the Stealers with that defense and with those skilled position players. I don't know. That's Mike Tomlin. I feel like that would get Mike Tomlin back to another Super Bowl in the next five years. Fuentes?


Yeah, I had said that they're a quarterback away all season. And Justin Fields, he's young, he's mobile. He's a little different thing than Mike Tomlin had had. He's never had a mobile quarterback yet. You know what he's had. I think Trubisky is probably the guy with the most mobility that he's had. But I'm also seeing some stuff about Russell Wilson, so I got to keep an eye on that, too.


I mean, that's your own rumor mail. That's according to the rumor mail is here.


He's actually... I saw it earlier somewhere.


But maybe you stole Mikey A. 'S Thunder there. Maybe he was getting to that one.


Maybe he was. I saw that he's the favorite somewhere, minus 250. That's all I'm saying.


Okay, I'll just say this. The Steelers obviously need to upgrade a quarterback. They have all the pieces. They have the head coach. If they get a quarterback, they'll be a team to deal with in the AFC. Is that fair to say, Mikey A?


I think that's absolutely fair to say. I think it'll probably be contention, like they are anyway.


All right. Top five fields. Field Yates. Lambo.


Field of dreams.


Field of dreams. Fuentes put together a top five fields for us. All right. What's the next rumor, Mikey?


Oh, let's go back to the rumor mail.


Discovery fields.


Well done.


Fields of Gold.




Wait, what was Fuentes's?


Fields of Gold. It's my sting.


You're an ass. Anyway, why don't I go back to you for that? Go ahead. What's the next rumor, Mikey? So earlier in the rumor mill, everybody was saying the Falcons were going to go get Justin Fields, but that's not what the rumor mill is saying anymore.


Now, according to the rumor mill, there's another quarterback that they're going for. Really? And he is a first ballot Hall of Famer. What? According to Billy Gill.


No way.


Her cousins- Get out of here. To the Atlanta Falcons.




According to the rumor mill.


Well, that's what happens. The mill just keeps going around and around, and things change every time it goes around. That's what a rumor mill is all about. I mean, It's a mill. Okay, so who was the first quarterback going to the Falcons on the first trip around the rumor mill?


Justin Fields.


It was Justin Fields. Okay, but now he's going to the Steelers this time around on the rumor mill. And so now we have Kirk Cousins headed to the Falcons, according to the rumor mill.


According to the rumor mill.


For me, anything is an upgrade. When you have Desmond Ritter as your quarterback and Taylor Heineke as your backup, anything is an upgrade at the quarterback position. I don't know if that's enough to make the Falcons relevant in the NFC, but I do like the move because Kirk Cousins, as Billy has told us a number of times, should be a first-palent Hall of Famer, and it makes the Falcons better. How much better? I don't know. Fuentes, what are your thoughts here?


Like you said, Anything better is an upgrade. So far, we've named two teams that are desperate for good quarterback play, and he'll have weapons. He'll have pits, he'll have London, he'll have Bijan. And the thing is, he's 38 years old, coming off an Achilles injury. I don't know if I'd want as my quarterback, but like you said, he's better than Desmond Ritter, and he's better than Taylor Heineke.


What's wrong with having an old quarterback who's just coming off a major injury that kept him out for most of the year? I don't understand the problem.


You know all about it.


I want the Jets to draft a quarterback. Is that part of the rumor mill? I do.


It isn't, but it could be. We could add it.


Well, I want the Jets to draft a quarterback. They cannot let a 40-year-old quarterback coming off an Achilles injury dictate the terms and what this team does. The Jets in a quarterback draft, this is a quarterback draft. Everyone says it is quarterback deep. There are a lot of good quarterbacks in this draft. The Jets need to go get one because Aaron Rodgers will not be playing quarterback for much longer, might be a season or two, and they need to have a future plan in place. I know it pissed them off in Green Bay, but this is a different situation. The Jets need to go get a quarterback, okay? Anyway, let's get back to the rumor mill, all right?


I'm going to combine one here. A couple of big-time runningbacks, possibly going to interdivisional rivals. So according to the rumor mill, Austin Echler might be headed to the Chiefs, while Saquon Barkley might have his eyes on Dallas, according to the rumor.


Wow. And Tony Pollard is a free agent, right? Tony Pollard is a free agent. So we have Saquon going to Dallas, which I like a lot for Saquon and the Cowboys. We have Austin Echler, our boy, who's on with us every single week here on God bless football, going to Arrowhead. That is a perfect fit. I don't know how his wife is going to feel about it. We've talked to him about this, but that is a... Because right now, listen, Austin spent the first part of his career in San Diego. Then he moved up to LA, a couple of hours up to LA. Okay? Nice weather, nice weather. He lives in Las Vegas. Nice weather, great place. Kansas City? You're about to get married. That's going to interesting, but it is a perfect fit. Echler in that offense, the A in Austin stands for Arrowhead. I love it. How about that? Austin Echler will have 1,500 yards rushing and receiving, both. I mean, that is a perfect fit. I like that. Fuentes, what do you think?


I think it's a match made in heaven, really. It gives me Jamal Charles' vibes from when he was there, minus all the injuries. Pacheco came on catching the ball in the Super Bowl a little bit. I didn't think he had it at him. Clyde Edwards, Halear, isn't really that threat out of the backfield. So I I think, like you said, or I said match made in heaven, and I really, really like that move if the Chiefs can make it happen.


Yeah, so do I. That's a great move. God, the rich get richer, Mikey. That's what happens. You have Mahomes. That's what happens. When you have Mahomes, Kelsey and Andy Reid, guys And I guarantee, if Hecler goes there, it's going to be on the cheap. It's going to be for a year, and then I'll get a big contract after that. That's what I think is going to happen. I like that move.


Well, according to the rumor mill, not everybody who's rich is getting richer because according to the rumor mill, Brandon Ayuk wants out of San Francisco, according to the rumor mill.


I mean, wouldn't you want out of a place where the coach doesn't know the rules?


Or had to throw it to a number one wide receiver.


So Brandon Ayuk wants out of San Francisco, according to the rumor mill.


According to the rumor mill.


Rumor mill says it. Well, I don't know, Mikey, do you feel like Brandon Ayuk would be... Would he be as good elsewhere as he is with the San Francisco 49ers?


According to all the analytics nerds, he is the most open wide receiver in the game. He is the guy that is usually the most open, and he doesn't drop passes. He just doesn't get the volume. People don't throw him the ball. Okay. I mean, is that because of Shana Khan, or is that because Ayuk is that good?


I don't know. Well, I think the Shana Khan scheme, combined with Ayuk's talent, is why he's open all the time. I'm not certain why they're not getting him the ball. Probably because they have 19 other good skill positions players on that team, would be my guess. But if I'm Mayuk, I would not... Unless I'm going to a team that has a better chance of winning the Super Bowl, I don't think I'm leaving the San Francisco 49ers. Is that fair?


I probably wouldn't want to leave, but I would make some noise just to get a better contract, probably.


I love noise.


Can we squeeze one more in?


Can we squeeze one more in, Rumor Mill? Yeah, of course we can. Yeah, one more, please. All right.


According to the Rumor Mill, Jamal Adams would like to go back to the Jets.


No, thanks. I agree. Tell the Rumor Mill to shove it up. Bleep the Rumor Mill, I mean. Let it spin around again, and hopefully, Adams wants to go somewhere else. Let's keep going. Do the Jets want him according to the rumor mill?


According to the rumor mill, they haven't said anything. But according to the rumor mill, he would like to go back to the Jets. He didn't want to play with Gace. That's why he wanted to leave.


All right. Dwight Frini, Hall of Fame, are going to join us in a little bit. But more importantly and more exciting, to be quite honest with you, we have top five mills next.


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Hall of Famer Dwight Frini, going to join us coming up here in a few minutes. We will get to top five mills of all time, courtesy of Mike Fuentes. I'm very excited for this. I'm not certain he'll be able to come up with a good five, but we will all find it out together. Mikey, how did you feel about the statement I made in the opening segment as the rumor mill was swirling around and around and around about the Jets drafting a quarterback? So I have said forever, Mikey, that teams like the Jets should draft a quarterback every single year. I know they have Aaron, but he's 40 years old. He's coming off in Achilles, and this is a quarterback deep draft, according to all the experts. So how do you feel about that? Because I know most Jet fans would probably say, No, you need to go get an offensive lineman. You need to get someone to protect Aaron Rodgers.


And you're both right. The first pick needs to be your left tackle. The 10th pick in the draft that the Jets own needs to be a left tackle. But I also agree with you, they also need to walk away from this draft with at least somebody that you could say they might be our guy. I'm looking at a Spencer Rattler in the third round, a guy who, let's face it, because of all the things that happened with Zack Wilson, they're going to bring in a veteran backup. So whoever you draft here is going to be your third quarterback. He's going to be a development project. Let him learn under Rogers and learn under this other veteran, and maybe he's your guy in a year or two. But I would not draft one in the first round, especially considering you're not going to have a shot at either of the top two or three. I would look at a Spencer Radler or the kid from Tulane in the third, fourth round area.


And you do that without worrying whether or not it's going to upset Aaron, right? It can't.


It can upset Aaron because it's not a top pick. You're not trading multiple assets to go get his replacement. He has to know at this point. He saw what this team is without a good quarterback. You have to just understand we also need to take care of our future.


Right. I don't know if Rattler is really taking care of the future, but I understand. I want Michael Penix. That's the guy I want. I want the Jets to take one in the first round.


Yeah, you're not getting that.


You're not getting that. Are you telling me Aaron? Is Aaron demanding that they take a left tackle? Is that what you're saying?


No, it's just what's the point of having Aaron if you're not going to- If you're not going to go for it, right. If you're not going to go for it, what's the point of having him?


If you're not going to go for it, that's fair. Mike Fuentes. I'm hesitant to go to you on this. Do you have your list of top five mills available to us?


I do. I'm not confident in it, by the way. He seems sad about it.


I'm just so excited.


I know, but he seems sad.


Not super confident in it.


How could you?


There's so many mills.


How many good ones?


Sawgrass mills better be on there, my friend.


Sawgrass mills is an OLA, just because it's regional.


You have Oli?


Yeah, I have one Oli, and you just said it. Hold on, wait. I got to get the fanfare ready. Give me a second.


Okay. Oh, wow. He's giving himself his own fanfare. This is amazing. Should I do top five fields?


If you want. Okay, I'm ready. Whatever you are.


Okay. All right. Number five, Mike Fuentes. Top five mills. It's a tribute to the rumor mill. Top five mills of all time, according to Mike Fuentes.


I already gave my Ola, which is Sawgrass Mills. Sawgrass Mills, for those who don't know, it's right next to where the Florida Panthers play their home games. It's an outlet mall. Boom. Sawgrass Mills, Olai. Number five, a classic, The Windmill. Not only an architectural structure, also a dunk. Number Four, the Paper Mill. We use it as a slang term for making money, my friend group. You're visiting the Paper Mill? Yeah, I'm getting paid. Number three, Philadelphia's Own Meek Mill.


Here's a good one.


Having some dreams and nightmares about this list if you get my drift. You guys probably don't. Mikey laughed. That's good enough for me. Number two, former Spores Point Guard, Australian Patty Mills. He killed the heat in that 2014 final.


He's a heat killer. You're right.


Brutal. Absolutely brutal. Number one, the undisputed number one mill, Mikey A's Rumor Mill.


I am so desperately trying to come up with the top five fields right now.


I just gave you one.


Did you? Justin Fields, yes. Justin Field. But he's not on my list.


Big upset.


Still going off the rails.


Yeah, I love that. Hold on. I'm trying. Oh, is it Mrs. Fields? Mrs. Fields' Cookies, number five. Mrs. Fields. Get the fanfare ready, number five.


Hold on, I'm going.


You ready?


Go ahead.


Number five. Lambo Field. Number 4, Strawberry Fields. You're a moron. Number Number three, Joe Fields. Former jet, Mikey.


Joe Fields? Yes. That's where you got him.


I mean, he's a former jet. He's one of the all-time great jets.


I All time great. Look it up. All-time great. Okay.


Joe Fields. Do you not believe me? Are you questioning whether Joe Fields- I'm not questioning if Joe Fields was a person and a former jet.


I'm questioning why he's number three.


That's it. Okay. Understandable.


I love a classic, Look it up, in the middle of that.


Look it up. Well, Joe Fields. He was a jet for 12 years. All right.


Where was the- Number 2. Number 2.


I'm trying to think what I left out here. Lambofield, Strawberry Fields, Joe Fields. Number 2, Mrs. Field's Cookies.


It's a great one.


It's a great A great one, right?


It's a great one. They're hot. It doesn't get better.


Yeah. Oh, I need another field. Hold on, I'm scrambling for a field. I don't want to use adjusted fields. You do? You have a field?


I've got plenty. You got Wrigley field?


No, I don't want Wrigley. I have it. Number one, Field of Dreams. Oh, I, a field of dreams. Oh, why? A field of marijuana. I'm bolder.


Listen, you left out an Oscar winner. Where's Sally Field?


Oh, enough of her.


You don't love her. Really love her.


Sally Field would have been a good one. You're right, Missy Field.


I love that. I love that you dismissed her because you didn't think of her.


Oh, totally right. Enough of her. She's ever done anything to me. Because everybody's sick of all those Sally Field news stories.


Sally Field, Taylor Swift. I'm sick of them.


So listen, guys, we're going to have Dwight Frini on. He is... Mikey, you and I had him on for the first time a few years ago, and he lit up the airwaves when he was on with us. Dwight Frini, for me, is a guy that should have been, and I know it upsets him. We'll talk to him about it, should have been a first ballot Hall of Famer. He should have been a guy that retired five years to the day. He gets into camp and he gets into the Hall of Fame. He did not get in on his first go-around. He did get in on his second go-around here. So I do wonder if that bothers him. In fact, I think it probably does. But he is happy to be in regardless because he'll be a Hall of Famer for the remainder of time, Dwight Frini. But he is such a good dude, Mikey A. You and I had him on a long time ago, and then we had him on with Golik, and him and Golik started to hit it off. I'm so happy for this guy. I have played golf with this guy.


I have been out to Lake Tahoe with this guy. He always gives me a big hug when he sees me. But for me, Dwight Frini, growing up, was one of the great defensive ends I've seen. Going all the way back to Syracuse and then through his NFL career with the Colts, made it to three Super Bowl. People forget this, Mikey A. He was a member of that Falcon team with Kyle Shanahern that blew the big lead to the Patriots. Do you remember Dwight Fritty on the Falcons? Because I do not.


I don't remember him on the Falcons. I remember when last time, or one of the first times we had him on, when he talked about how some defensive coordinator thought it'd be a good idea to bump him out to linebacker towards the tail end of his career. Tom braided was just picking on him when they played the Patriots. It was one of the funniest stories because he was just winking at Frinney like, I'm going to get you. But Dwight Frini's spin move changed the way pass-rush happened. You didn't have to be so big and strong. You didn't have to be that LT dip. You could just be so quick off the ball and have that spin move, and you could wreck an offensive passing game.


I'm pretty certain his rookie year, he had nine force fumbles, to your point, and it was an NFL record at the time. I'm looking it up right now. Now I'm trying to remember the coach that kicked him outside to linebacker. He was outraged at him. I can't remember who it was. He was driving me crazy right now.


Was it with San Diego? Was it with the Chargers?


It may have been with San Diego. Hold on, I'm looking it up right now. It might have been the Chargers.


Hold And he had to cover Gronk.


Right. He only had three and a half sacks that season with the Chargers. His first year with the Chargers. He was upset. But he was so good. And That team probably should have won more. When you consider the fact that that team had Peyton Manning, it had Marvin Harrison, it had Reggie Wayne, it had Dwight Frini, it had Mathis. But here's the problem with that entire generation, all of them. Now, they got one, right? They beat the Jets once in the play-off, AFC Championship game, I believe, right, Mikey?


I was there, yeah. You were at that game?


I was. But here's what happened to that entire generation, including Peyton Manning, Tom braided happened.


Tom braided happened.


It's like everyone who played with Michael Jordan, you weren't winning NBA Championship, what Jordan was playing, unless he retired for two years, which he did, and then Elijah one got two. But no one was going to win a Championship as long as Michael Jordan was playing. As long as Tom braided and Belichick were doing their thing, really few other teams were going to win Super Bowl. Eli got two versus Tom braided. Payton got one. But when you really think about the names I just named on that team, Frini, Manning, Mathis, Robert Sanders, Edrin James, Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, that team, if Tom braided never existed, that team would have been the team that won six Super Bowl, not the New England Patriots.


Easily. It was just they ran into a buzz every year, and every year we looked forward to that game because you just knew they were going to face off in the playoffs. It often went the Patriots way, and it stopped.


Did you see Frini? Did you see the video of Dwight learning that he made it to the Hall of Fame?


I didn't.


He was at Jordan's private golf club. He walked in. Well, that's where he always is. And Tony Dungey, that's where I play golf with him. And Tony Dungey, when I have mail to send to him, I send it there. But Tony Dungey was waiting for him as he came in from his round, and he knew the second he saw Dungey, and he got really emotional, really emotional. Then his wife was there, got really emotional. And then he got really emotional at the end because you know who was sitting there waiting for him? Michael Bleepin Jordan. Like, Oh, my God. Dwight Fritty, Hall of Famer, next.


You know what that sound means? We made it. Pigskin season's over, and whatever material basketballs are made out of season is about to begin, even though it's underway and it's halfway through. You know what I mean? Now, we start paying attention to basketball until the Championship. Anyway, it's from fireside conversations and game nights. Winter means more moments with the coolest people in your life. Make these moments even better with Miller Lite. The great tasting light beer for people who love beer. The taste you can depend on. No games, no gimmicks. Just a great beer for people who like beer. Miller Lite. Great taste, 96 calories. Go to millerlite. Com/gbf to find delivery options near you. Or you can pick up some Miller Lite pretty much anywhere they sell beer. Taste like Miller time. Celebrate responsibly. Miller Lite Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 96 calories and 3.2 carbs per 12 ounces.


Mikey A.




We have a Hall of Famer on the show.


Look at him. He's a Hall of Famer.


He is. How does that feel, Dwight Frini? How does that sound to you? You are a Hall of Famer, my friend.


It sounds amazing. It sounds amazing, and I haven't come down yet.


Dwight, you and I have discussed this before. To me, and Mikey A and I were just discussing us right before you came on. To me, you're a first ballot guy. You're one of the great players I've ever seen. You're probably a top five defense event I've ever seen in the NFL. So to me, you were a first ballot guy. You didn't make it to the Hall on the first ballot, but you did the second time around. Does that bother you at all, or are you just happy to be in the Hall of Fame right now?


I mean, to be honest, there is a slight little thing there. When you feel like, I really thought. And the truth be told is, I don't really like to worry about things I have control over. And this Hall of Fame thing is stressful because it matters. It really does matter. And you try to say it doesn't matter. It really does. And last year, look, I was like, who knows what's going to happen? But obviously, I would love to be a first ballot. But what messed me up was when Michael Strahan and the Bruce Smith and whoever just come up to you, dap you up before and said, You're shooting this year. Don't worry about it. I'm just congratulating you before it happens. And you don't make it. Then you're like, Oh, my gosh. What are they thinking? But the truth is, there's so many great players, and that process has to be a tough process for those voters. And look, I'm happy I'm in. I just about forgot the fact that I hadn't... Other than you just mentioned it now, but the fact that I'm not a first down, right?


I'm sorry, Dwight.


Look, once you're in, you're in. Who told me that was Strahan. Michael Strahan told me, Look, he was bummed that he wasn't on earlier ballets, ballets from getting in when he thought he should have gotten in. It bothered him. But once you get it in, You just let it go. And that's what it is.


Did you go back to Bruce Smith after you didn't get in that first time around to be like, Hey, man, you jinked me?


No, I didn't. But it's just one of those things, man, where when it doesn't happen, you literally, you try to forget there isn't even a Hall of Fame. That's what it was for me this year. I couldn't tell you who was a semifinalist, who was on the finalist list. I had no I did. I just said, look, I'm going to go out and hit this damn golf ball. And at some point, they're going to tell me I'm a Hall of Famer. And it isn't this year. It's going to be next year. Whatever it is, it's going to be, I am done worrying about this thing. And this year, thank God, was the year.


So Baceli told me the same thing. He was on the ballot five or six times, I think, and he would tell me the same thing. And then he said, except every year it came up and it started to bother him again. But you just put it aside and hit golf balls. That was it?


That's it. You know what? Focus on my life, things I can control. Not that I can control where that ball goes, but I'm going to try my hardest to see how I can hit it. And look, they're going to have to come find me. And when it's time, they'll find me because they know where to find me. I'm easy to find. And they found me. It was great.


Either home or the golf course.


Absolutely. Home, and that's it. Either there or here.


Home away from home. It's your actual home, I think. Yeah, Exactly.


I'm the easiest guy to assassinate if you ever had to find me. It's not hard. You know exactly where I am.


All right, so put us there because I saw the video of you walking in, the doors open. You see Tony Dungy. You start to get very emotional. I've never seen you get emotional Dwyane, Dwight, but you got emotional there. Your wife is there. Mj is there. There's some important people in your life that are there. Coach Dungey probably being the most important person, and he's got the gold jacket on, and you start to weep a little bit. Put us in your head. What were you thinking? My wife lied to me the entire week.


Mj lied to me the entire week. As you know, I brought you out there. It's really relaxed. It's really relaxed place. They only have one rule, really. It's pretty much just don't be a jerk. If somebody's behind you that wants to play through, let them through. It's really that thing.


Especially when it's Lee Westwood. Yeah, exactly.


Any pro. There's two holes behind you. I'll just wait until I see McRoy just go by, Hey. The thing is, you wear whatever you want. You wear a T-shirt, you wear shorts. You don't want to be too dressed up. It looks like you don't belong. So that's me. Every day I come in, I wear my little T-shirt, I wear my little shorts, flip flops. I'm really super casual. Mj tells me, Hey, this coming week, I have I'm going to have a photoshoot, and I want you to be in the photoshoot for the growth. Okay? I was like, Fotoshoot for the growth? I said, Whatever. He said, So I want you to dress up real nice. All right? I said, Just nice, nice. And then you look clean. That's what he told me. I said, All right, this is for you. I'll do it, obviously. And that's how he set me up. When I get to the golf course, I pull up. They're trying to get me to go inside. I'm like, I'm not going inside. I said, The guy outside of the catty, he's like, Hey, you got to go inside. You got to go talk to Ken.


I said, Ken's the general manager. I'm not going inside. Tell Ken I'm going to chip and hit some balls until MJ hits me up and tells me I have a photo shoot. No, no, no, you have to go in now. I'm not going inside. So then the guy starts pretty much bullets his sweat, a going guy in his head. I'm like, What is wrong with this guy? He calls Ken, the general manager. General manager comes out. He says, Dwight. I said, I'm thinking to myself, I must have did something wrong. What did I do? Why are you running out of the clubhouse looking like this? And he said, Hey, man, MJ wants to do the photoshoot right now. I said, Why didn't he just say that? Just tell me. I can just walk in right now. And I walked to that door in my peripheral. I thought I saw a silhouette of Coach Dunjia.


I said, No, whatever.


I opened the door and here he is. He's sitting there and you can hear a pin And I just said, oh, my God. I cannot believe what's happening. It was not on my radar. I didn't even think about it. I didn't know when the timing of it was. I just literally thought I was opening the door to a photoshoot. And here's Coach Dunjee, my wife, MJ, everybody sitting there laughing at me. It's hilarious, but it was great, and I had no idea.


That is so great. What was your wife's role in this lie? What did she do?


She just lied to me all week. It was ridiculous. It It really makes me worry and think about what else have you lied about? Because you did that a little bit too well. This whole week, it was like, Hey, I'm going to go to with MJ's house to walk with his wife, Event. And I'm like, Walk? You never go walk. But you know what? This is the new year. This is, you know what I'm saying? New year, new things. This is January. Hey, maybe you have a whole New Year's resolution going on here. Okay, go ahead and walk. During the time she was going to walk, she was planning all of this, and she knew what was going on. So we're trying to figure out how do we surprise Dwight on this whole thing. And I think one of the ideas was have the golf... Well, While I'm playing my round, have the camera crew run up to me in the middle of a round. And she's like, There's no way that's happening. I'm going to see somebody 100 miles away. I'm like, What is this? And I might be running the office. I'm going away from all that.


She set me up pretty good. It was awesome. She surprised me. I had no clue.


Yeah, you got emotional. Was MJ busting your balls? He got you. Mj got you. He got you.


Absolutely. But you know what? He was like I was, very emotional. He knew what I went through last year in that whole entire process. It's a water under the bridge now, but in the moment, it was rough. He had He had to talk to me about it and get mad with me a little bit. It was good. I'm happy that he was a part of this process because he's part of my journey as well.


That's awesome. Who's making your introduction speech? Please tell me it's him.


I can't put him through that, man. I don't think I could put him through that. He's not the biggest speech guy in the world. He doesn't really like to do it. For me to do that, I don't think so. But I'll figure I haven't figured it out yet. No, I've been blessed to have a lot of guys that helped me out and got me to this situation, this position in my life. And I want to make sure I make the right decision on it. So I'm giving it some time.


All right. I'm available that week. We'll do it.


We'll do it.


Don't even worry. I'm available. You don't have to dance around it. Thank God. You know what? I'll tell everybody else, forget it, still's the guy.


Thank you. You're the guy. Yes. Listen, you also have to take a media member with you, so feel free. Again, I'm available that weekend. Yes.


Yes, I got you to know me.


But you won't do that to MJ. You're right. He doesn't like to- I wouldn't do it.


I wouldn't feel right.


I understand. I'm going to ask you in a couple of minutes here, I'm just going to throw some names at you. You tell me what they've meant to you and your career and helping you get to the Hall of Fame here. But if I told you back when you grew up in Hartford, if I told you back then in high school where you're playing four sports, you were a goalie in soccer, which is visually, I cannot see Mikey. Can you see that? Did Dwight play in goalie in soccer?


Diving, diving left, right, bullets flying by my head, 37 shots, 80 shots on me at goal. I'm just ridiculous. I did the right thing. I stopped playing.


You played one year. That was it?


Well, I mean, listen, soccer was a part of what I've done my entire childhood life. I grew up with two Jamaican parents. We love playing soccer, et cetera, et cetera. I was the goalie. Man, I'm diving. You should have seen it. It was just like, you go on the Harpard current, you look on the bottom, real small riding, Brene, 36 saved. You'd be like, oh, wow, he had a great game. But then you'll see six to zero, five to zero. It's like, I had all my save percentage was outstanding. But when you shoot, when people shoot at you 40 times, the average shots on goal probably should be around 15, 12. You should only have nine or 10 You shouldn't have 35 saves. There was no defense. There was zero defense. So I think it was a good switch for me to go to the other game of football.


It sounds like a Jets box score.


Yeah, exactly.


Wait, were But 41 shots in soccer, were you out there by yourself? What is happening?


Let me tell you something. I don't know what the game plan was, but it was literally like I knew I was going to get all the action. It was like I was stretching, doing all calisthenic. I got to get ready I know we're playing this team, that team. I knew we were going to get killed. But the thing is, I would be diving. You should see it. It was like a highlight film, but it didn't matter. We still lose five to zero every single game at At some point, they're going to get the ball in the hole.


It feels like Dwight, Mikey, had the most saves ever and also gave up the most goals ever. Absolutely.


I have both records. The most saves and the most goals given up. That is so amazing.


The Jameis Winston of goalies.


Yeah, there you go. 40/40 club.


All right. So if I told you back when you were playing goalie by yourself, no one else out of the field, Hey, one day you're going to make it to Kent. You're going to be in the NFL Hall of Fame. You would have told me what, Dwight?


I would tell you. I mean, listen, I would just say, I can't believe that. But then again, you would think, I always dreamt to wanting to be a great player. So I would be running laps around the soccer field, let's just call it, but in excitement and in joy with the fact that that would happen. But then again, I grew up watching Lawrence Taylor. Lawrence Taylor was my hero. I cried when he retired. I was a diehard Jordan fan in basketball. I wanted to be like these people. And I know that they were on Mount Rushmore, whatever sport or whatever position or whatever you want to call it. And I wanted to be there. All right. So part of me would be shocked. The other part of me be like, you did good. You ended up exactly where you wanted to end up. Exactly. But this is not something That's the thing that you think about, though, to be quite honest with you. When you're a kid, maybe you say, Oh, I want to be a Hall of Famer, this, the other. But that thought goes away once you get in the mix of stuff.


And I promise you every day I went out in practice for the college, high school college, the pros. That was the last thing you think about, is how you're going to finish and whatever. I was worried about this particular snap, this play. After the play, what happened after the game, and then go on to Monday, Tuesday, and carry on. And then after that, you add them up at the end. And that's just how I did my business when I was out there. Really short term memory. Don't try to look too far in the future. Don't try to look too far in the past of what happened and stay in the moment. And that was me.


What was the better feeling for you, winning a Super Bowl or making it to the Hall of Fame?


Super Bowl. Super Bowl is a team accomplishment that not many people have accomplished in their career. And I'm sure, I don't know what the numbers are, but how many players, how many teams, whatever. But it's so hard to win a Super Bowl because it takes everybody. It It takes everybody, and especially when you're winning a Super Bowl and you're a vital part of that Super Bowl. And when you win something collectively, there's something about winning in a team atmosphere that makes it feel so much better It's because you're jumping from the rooftops with all of your entire team because you all bled and you all grinded, you all sacrificed. And not only that, you did it for your family, you did it for your city, you did it for It's a different feeling. And that, for me, is in the most amazing feeling. Not saying that this isn't amazing, because this accomplishment here, similar to the Super Bowl, it took a team, right? And it took a lot of people to help me getting here. So it is a celebration, not just for me from an individual standpoint, but it's all for those who helped me get here.


There's a lot of people who put a lot of hours in there, man. So it's right there, one A, one B. But for me, team accomplishments is just the best feeling in the world, man.


No doubt. Dwight Frini, Hall of Famer with us. Man, that sounds good, Dwight. Dwight Frini, Hall of Famer. I mean, for the rest of your life, my friend. More impressive feat. Sacking Michael Vick four and a half times in a college football game. He's the best college quarterback I think I've ever seen, the fastest, certainly, and one of the best athletes. We're making it to the Hall of Fame.


Hall of Fame.


You sacked Vick four and a half times, man.


He didn't have a chance. And the only reason why he didn't have a chance is because he never saw me coming. If he would have saw me coming, he would have been gone. The golf and the liming had me. He's actually probably still in his stance right now. Whoever was blocking me, he didn't have a chance.


By the way, after they surprised you, did you and Michael go play 18? What happened there?


It's so funny. So you played golf with me, right?




This is the only round in my entire life I I did not care where the ball went. I didn't care. I still it across the green. I'm cheering. I'm pressing everybody. Hey, press, press, press, press, I don't care. I don't care what's happening out here.


Not today.


Not today. I said, I'll throw the catty. I said, Listen, this is the only day. I don't care what number you give me, whatever you give me, you're right. It doesn't matter. I'm just going to have a great job.


Yeah, because what? I did play with you, and you would get pissed off every time you hit a bad drop. You would hit it 3:30 to the left to get mad. I'm sitting there 100 yards, 200 yards behind you, and I'm happy. That's me.


That's me all day, every day. Because I like to be perfectionist in things, even though it's probably something I probably should bring down a little bit. The pros can't even get mad of it. Why am I getting mad? That's just me. But that day, there was nothing. I didn't care. I'm out here just having a good time.


All right. But Jordan usually praise on that, your emotion, okay? Did he win money there?


No, he was my partner. He was my partner. So we lost every single bet that we had. I don't think that he cared either. He was just having a good time with me.


That is so awesome. Do you imagine when you make the speech? I've been there. I don't know if you've been to a Hall of Fame ceremony. Do you imagine you're going to be nervous doing that?


I think so. Listen, You're going out there, you're on the stage, you're talking in front of thousands and millions of watching. Of course, you're going to be somewhat nervous. That's not what I do. Put a helmet on me and have me get in my stance. I can do that all day. Sitting there on a podium speaking about all these things. I think I will be a little bit nervous, and I think that something else is going to help me level out. And I can't say that right now, but what it's going to be, it's going to be. And I'm going to be okay from my nerves, I think. But the truth is, it's one of those things where... I think there was a study at one point when someone said people would rather die than have to talk in front of thousands and thousands of people. And that's how nervous people get. I think for me, I've done a little bit of that. I haven't done much, but still the magnitude of it, I would pretty much bet everything. I'll be a little nervous.


Yeah, and emotional. But you're natural, man. Mike, and I were saying right before you came on, you're a great storyteller, You really are. You're not a good, a great storyteller.


Well, there's going to be a lot of stories told there. I'm looking at my watch like, All right, how about this story? I only got eight minutes. I got to make sure I get the eight minutes in. I can't do the shortest speech ever, right?


No. All right. I'm going to throw a few names. We'll get you out of here in a second. We appreciate the time. Hall of Famer Dwight-Freening with us. Just going to throw some names at you, and you tell me what they meant to you in terms of helping you get to where you just arrived at, which is Canton in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Let's start with Tony Dungy.


I mean, Tony Dungy is the guy who was that father figure, man. He was that father figure out there on the field. It went beyond the game of football. He treated everybody like men. It was like, no, I never had a coach like that or never yell at me, man. And he would motivate me through just the way that he carried himself and how he treated me. So obviously, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't a tone epic.


Jim Irsay.


Jim is an awesome, awesome owner. Very unique, as everyone knows. He tells you how feel. And he was a guy that always would do anything, anything for the horseshoe. And thank God I had that type of winner.


Mom and dad.


Well, that's somebody, some people, I mean, my parents. I mean, look, they raised me the right way. Maybe when you were a kid, you couldn't understand some of the things that they did. But for them and for what they did with me, I wasn't raised. I had a lot of knuckleheads around me. Just put it that way. Somehow I got out of there.


They were all on your soccer team, it appears. Yeah, the whole soccer team was a bunch of thongs.


But the thing is, the truth is, man, they did an amazing job raising me, and obviously, I love them a bit.


The parents, it's such an underrated part in all of this because you know my daughter's playing lacrosse at Northwestern. It's the schlepping to practice and back to practice. It's all that stuff, right? You never forget that stuff.


It's those stuff, those things that no one even thinks about. It's every day, and they did it right.


Yeah. Bill Polian.


Bill was the architect, man. Bill was the guy who decided to say, Hey, this is our guy. And Bill, you've seen what he did in Buffalo, building that team. And what he did at Carolina, and what he did in the Colts, is just he built that Championship squad. And he had trust in this quote, unquote, undersized defensive end from Syracuse, go out there and play every single down and not listen to Mel Kiper saying that I'm a tweeter, and I shouldn't even draft him that early.


Who's the guy who kicked you out of your position? Who was the... Mikey, you told us a great story once. Was it Pagano? It was Pagano, right?


Oh, what? Pagano did what?


What? Did he move you from defensive end to linebacker or something? To linebacker against Tom braided.


Oh, my God. Oh, no. That was... Okay, so what you're talking about... What you're talking about was... Okay, let me just say this.




All right. We got Chuck. Chuck Pagano, great coach. Love him to death. He's awesome. He's awesome, awesome guy. He ended up moving me to outside. He was more of a three, four guy at the Ravens. He moved me to an outside linebacker. Completely different position. It wasn't the same as a defensive man. I wish he never did. I'd still love him to death. But it was one of those things where you put your hand on the ground and you know you're focussing on one thing. But when you stand up, you're seeing all types of motions and all types of stuff. You don't want to see that. I don't want to see that. So next year, they don't resign me at the Colts. I go and play for Chuck's brother, Pags. We call him Pags, John Pagano. John had me playing outside linebacker, right? And I was like, okay, great. Well, yes, there was the whole play against Tom braided, and he has me, I'm in space covering Gronkowski. I'm like, What am I doing out here? Five seconds later, I'm chasing Gronkowski 50 yards down the field. It was It was ridiculous.


We got to the story, Mikey. We got to the story.


It still makes me laugh.


It still makes me laugh. Payton Manning. Payton Manning.


Yeah, Payton legend, man. Payton's a big bro, man. He's the guy who set the tone offensively. And for him doing what he did on that offensive side made it a lot easier for me on the defensive side. He scored those points. And now all of a sudden, you got to get one-dimensional. You got to catch up with the offense now or Now, you're playing into our hands.


Robert Mathis.


He's my brother from another mother. He's that guy that it didn't matter. Look, we can be going. I don't even have to say anything. I'm just looking at him. He knew exactly what I was going to do, and I looked at him and I knew exactly what he was going to do. And we played off each other great. It's one of those things where you wish he gets in soon because he was a great player. And I don't want anybody to think he only had success because No, he was a beast, man. And I promise you he had more moves than you knew what to do with. And one day he's going to be in here and we'll be able to be on the same team again. He is a beast.


John Turlink.


Yeah, JT, man. He was that defensive line coach that I had. He was revolutionary. He's a guy that allowed me to do what I wanted to do. He played in the NFL. He coached a lot of Hall of Famers as well, and John Brando and Chris Dolman. Neil Smith. He was a guy that understood the game of football and understood that it's not all about the X and O's. It's about the talent or player that you have and how you make that guy make plays, give him the freedom to do what he wants to do. And that's what he did.


All right. And then the person who spent the entire week lying to you, but the most important person in this equation, your wife.


Yes, my wife. Awesome. Awesome, man. Where would I be without her? She kept me level-headed, and especially during these moments of retirement. It's tough when you're playing for so many years and you don't know where you're going to go, What's going to happen? And you get out there and then you sit there and say, Okay, am I going to hit the golf ball every day? And she sits there with me and says, Hey, whatever you want to do, I'm there for you. And she's my rock, and she's someone that just carried me through this process.


I wish I would get that response from my wife. Yeah, exactly.


My pain doesn't come with other stuff. We don't talk about that stuff. But she does say whatever I want.


All right, man. Listen, I I'm very happy for you, Mikey Ye, everyone on this show, we're super happy for you. Gola couldn't be here. He wanted to be here because he's golfing. Because he's golfing.


Smart man. That's so funny.


But we are so happy for you. I can't I can't wait to see the gold jacket on you. I can't wait to see you get inducted. I can't wait for your speech. I can't wait to see or find out what it is you take to ease the anxiety of making that speech. I can't wait for all of it, man. You deserve it. You're a Hall of Fame player. You're a Hall of Fame person. You really are, Dwight. Thank you.


Thank you for having me. You got it, man. You guys take care. Hit that ball straight.


Short, but straight for me. Yes, yes. There you go.


Stay in a fair way.


All right. All right, man. Congratulations to you. And again, if you need anyone to speak that week, I'll just let you know I'm available.


I got you number. I got you number.


All right. Congratulations, Dwight. Thank you for the time. We appreciate this, man. All right.


Thank you.