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This is the down labor part. Sure, we've still got Sparkasse. The best news sports could possibly get during the middle of a 20 20, that's awful and a pandemic. Ladies and gentlemen, officially a great white hope. We have a great white hope.


He shoots a shot from a place where it's never been a good place to shoot a playoff ending shot. He'd shot it from there. He's not American, but beggars can't be choosers either way. We've got a great white hope he is young. Thank you, Stuart. You are so right about him being white. And he had a game yesterday and they came out of that game. Stuart and Paul George came very close to getting out of that situation without too much damage.


But then all of a sudden Kawhi Leonard looks up, sees Toronto making a million threes and says, wait a minute, I came here to play with Lou Williams. Like, Lou Williams is the guy I'm going to play with instead of Paul George. He chose Paul George. That was Kawhi is choosing, by the way. So yes. And three for fourteen. I'm going to guess he's not healthy that that shoulder is bothering him. He can't shoot all of a sudden.


But the story of that game was Luka.


You can play the playoff P commercial, Mike, because it was making the rounds yesterday, I thought it was interesting to got in something that felt like it was out of our radio show. Shaq seemed totally surprised when they came out of that game and he was telling everybody some version of settle down, pump the brakes.


And Ernie and Charles both looked at him and asked him a question that he wasn't expecting, which was why why are you why do we need to pump the brakes?


And then he's like, because I've seen that before. Well, Shaq hasn't done it. That stat line is something you've only seen from Oscar Robertson. I don't know whether Shaq was watching him or and this had to hurt Shaq, Charles Barkley. Those are the only times that stat line has existed. And what Shaq hasn't seen, as he says, I've seen that before, is games never. And on that shot from there, that's a new basketball evolution.


That's never you would have criticized any player throughout history until recently for taking that shot in that spot instead of going to the rim or getting close. But I also think what Shaq is saying is forty three point seventeen rebounds, 13 assists. Who steals one block? He was hurt. You know, he was injured. No pausing is there. But Shaq is saying pump the brakes. It's two two. They still have Kawhi Leonard. But that's not what he was saying.


He was just saying, calm down about the hyperventilation of that performance. He wasn't even talking about the series. He was just talking about just look at Don Chipp and why are we celebrating him this way? But I just love the back and forth where he's like, just settle down, settle down, settle down.


And both Ernie and Charles were like, why? And he didn't have an answer. Like, he got stunned by it. Like somebody hit him in the face, right in the nose. And then after a minute, he said, because I've seen it before, except he has it right. That's the thing. Nobody nobody has. It's not we can sit here and hyperventilate. And I could counter with a couple of guys who have been as good at this as this at twenty one.


Anthony Davis, was this kind of good at twenty one man.


I don't know, triple double good. I think I know Jags. Tell me to calm down. Look at Donchak is already great. He's already a great player. So I don't think I'm like hyperventilating by saying this is going to be a really great player for our time.


Yes, he's going to be strong for a decade. I do look forward to seeing whether his three point shooting is going to get better because he's got unusual range. He steps back well behind that line all the time. And that has been. Fascinating to watch during these playoffs, the way that the offense is for all these teams have just expanded in a way that shots that were never good shots before now suddenly good shots because everyone everyone has this range that's three feet behind the three point line, considering the defenders right now in the league that could come out and guard him as he initiates all the offense from the perimeter, he's going to be able to get his shot up over any of those guys considering his size.


He's he's going to be a generational talent.


I think you guys should keep an eye on something because Adam Silver is not afraid of change and because something is happening, happening now aesthetically with basketball that people don't like, even as I've told you to guard, the quality and skill of play of what I'm watching is just crazy. To me. It's an insanity how well these guys are playing basketball. But Mike Brown was talking about making the court wider. And I think if there is a change coming to this sport because they don't like the aesthetics of 53 a game, they'll move the three point line out further and make it something that you can't have those cheekbones from the corner.


They'll make it a deeper shot because already the game has expanded all these Duncan Robinson's can hit from three and four feet behind the three point line.


And to do that, you're going to have to make the court wider. People take so many corner threes because it's a shorter shot.


They realize, oh, this is the same as the time that I was talking about eliminating the corner three because it's the most valuable shot. And I don't really know how that works.


We're like, it's an arc. You're beyond the arc. So I think that you're just going to have to make it the same size from everywhere and perhaps push that three back some. But I don't think that's going to change the math. They cracked the code. So people are now you see players that can bomb away from further away. So I think you're just going to see it more regardless of a moving the line back. But it might sort of incentivize when you really get the numbers.


OK, let's try to get some easy buckets at the rim and you might see some post. Blake, come back, you say made the distance the exact same, regardless of where you shoot the three from you and you're going to need to make the court bigger. Now, you're I don't know how that if you don't have to, though, Mike, because I'm talking about eliminating the corner three. I'm talking about the three point line being something that half circle.


Yes. That's a half circle.


I probably shouldn't do this today because the play offs have been fun. But I'm telling you, if the concern becomes this is not aesthetically pleasing, seeing everyone play Houston ball, you know, 53 is a game. This is not something our fans want. The evolution, I think, would be more. You should put that on the pole gear libertador show. Is basketball going to evolve to a larger courts? Are just the three point line that's a half circle.


So there are no more corner threes. Paul George came so close, so close to escaping yesterday without this. But I'm sorry. Look, I did this to you.


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Mike Ryan just mentioned to me while that was playing that he just wants to be as good at one of the seven things that Pat McAfee is that because if you saw him wrestle this weekend, I couldn't believe what I was seeing him do, wrestling back and say, oh, yeah, he was very good.


That good. That guy is good at everything. He puts his mind. So why not just try wrestling and be amazing at it?


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Geico for bundling made easy. Go to Geico Dotcom today. Østergaard got weekend observations in fewer than 15 minutes earlier than usual, very excited having them in on time. So you will get surrogacies, weekend observations, one of our more popular segments in fewer than 15 minutes. Billy, can you help me understand why it is that you before the show, we're talking about Jerry Seinfeld and Stephen A. Smith. I don't understand what you were talking about.


Sure. So this is going to be kind of embarrassing. I was scrolling through Twitter, Dan, as people do from time to time, and I was doing it kind of quickly on my phone. And poverty retweeted a story that I thought was a picture. I think it's from The New York Post that I thought was a picture of Stephen A. Smith really close to a television screen. And then I was like, what's Steven doing there? And then I read it and it said, Jerry Seinfeld says, blah, blah, blah, whatever Jerry Seinfeld said.


Right? And I was like, how on earth did I confuse a picture of Jerry Seinfeld on a picture of Stephen A. Smith? Because they don't look the same. Right. But I somehow confused Jerry Seinfeld and Stephen A. Smith. I don't know if it was the angle. I don't know. Maybe it's the lighting in the room. It doesn't matter. We don't know.


I don't know the poll when you're done with your yammering, please, at the Today Show, has anyone ever confused Jerry Seinfeld with Stephen A. Smith before? Anyone ever?


Well, here's the thing now. When people are scrolling, they won't make the same mistake because they're going to be on alert so that they don't make the mistake. But it doesn't matter. So then I started thinking, you know, they're both really great at what they do. They've had these great careers. What if they switched places like could Stephen A. Smith do Seinfeld? Could he be in B movie? Could he do all of these great things that Jerry Seinfeld has done in his career?


And I think the answer is yes. But could Jerry Seinfeld do what Stephen A.. Smith does? Like could Jerry Seinfeld be on The Young and the Restless? I don't know. Well, hold on.


Are you are you guys I mean, you do realize that Steve and I could absolutely not do what Jerry Seinfeld doesn't. Stand up comedy. It's like no bad apples.


And how many are you guys giving him a week? I feel like, Steve, like you guys must be kidding me.


The the sculpting, the stand up comedy man, I want first take and laugh all the time. But it's not because he's trying to make me laugh.


I got all the time I was trying to go through the guards this weekend, observations are coming up and they're telling me that you can't see Stephen interacting with Kramer and Elaine and George. Naturally, I could.


Newman Stephen A. Smith can easily be a black Lewis Black. Wow. Hmm.


Wait a minute. What would a black Lewis Black trying to think of a comedian's name?


Not every name or white. You don't need to make a pun for everything.


Yeah, I don't. That's right. That's what I was trying that they know. I know you're thinking of Lewis Black or you don't need to do it.


I think that you guys don't understand how hard the sculpting of stand up comedy is, how hard it is to get up in front of people and and be great at the sculpted skill of making people laugh when they are expecting to laugh.


Right. Or give you that. But do you think Seinfeld. I don't think you realize the difficulty in delivering a take exactly the way people want and expect it on a Monday after a big NFL college football weekend. I mean, you think Seinfeld could pull that one off that out?


I do, Østergaard. So I believe that Seinfeld could. Yes. Do what we do for a living better than us. Yes, I do believe that because this isn't that actually hard. We're just if you could do it, how hard you are paid one hundred dollars for a guy outside to change your tire if you could do it.


And this isn't that hard to do. Stand up comedy is a little a little more difficult than being Max Kellerman.


I didn't know we were you know, we were paying even a. Sorry, Bill, I didn't know we were paying him, because as of right now, I'm the only one who's paid anything. If you would like to chip in for my for my flat tire, that would be very, very nice, actually trying to protect you by saying we.


But now that we're at it, I want to again remind you guys that Stu got the critics of everybody not doing their job well and not being good at anything while he himself thinks he's good at everything. I got here with a flat tire and immediately paid one hundred dollars for someone else to change it for him, even though he's got a crowbar and a spare in his car he just didn't want and doesn't know how to use a crowbar to replace a tire.




Does it not a tire. And I don't know how well the nose gear head, but that's also why I use the way, though, because I can't I can't fix a tire either.


It's one of the many things that makes us the least masculine sports radio show in the history of sports radio. We don't have anybody around here who could change a tire except Tony and Roy. Tony and Roy are the only one, I'm sure that kind of self-sufficient five seven of the show cannot change a tire and they're not around here. So I had to pay someone. I mean, they're not even close to the studio, so I had to shell out one hundred bucks.


If you were to pay me the guys, you were definitely paid me.


Billy, I am curious if you get a flat tire and I say this honestly only because when I was your age, the answer to this question was yes. When you get a flat tire, do you call your father?


And I change it like an adult. Oh, so it's four seven. I didn't know that you knew how to change a tire. I thought you were in our group.


You do the jack and then, you know, you twist it right. I left you, Lucy, you know what I mean? But on the new tire, Jack, that's the word I was looking for.


I think I think you were thinking it like a tire iron, too. I also know how to change car. It's a it's calling AAA.


Yeah, me too. Hold that thought. Let's sell some ads.


I've ever crowbar helps you break into the car.


I mean, you got to know that Amy would also have one of those in his car. Weekend observations are coming up next.


The damn evidence was brought to you by Shell v Power Nitro, plus premium gasoline, all guests on the Dan Libertador show appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance log.


My apologies, Christine. We interrupted you. Go ahead.


And finally, Snoop Dogg employs a full time blunt roller who makes about 50000 dollars a year.


Thank you, Steve. Well, are you talking about Snoop Dogg? Well done or Christine? Well done. Both. OK, because.


Because Christine, listen, I am I am it it is a pleasure to hear the sports updates around here. It's like watching a long stride runner with a beautiful gait running through the one minute of sports update because you get it's always within a minute. You don't stumble, you're moving fast. You're moving fast. So it is a pleasure to hear, especially, Christine, where your first updates on our Sunday morning show 20 years ago were. Those are the first updates you were starting to do, because I remember you being nervous and I remember making a lot of mistakes.


Thank you. I did.


I was nervous. Yes, I was nervous. Yes. You and actually Dick Schaap on Saturdays, those were the first, like sets of updates that I did.


You have gotten so good at this.


You like OK, so thanks to my power rankings, but obviously I still think high time now for surrogacies, weekend observations.


It is time for us to catch to share his game notes. No one in the media will tell you what happened better than my boys.


Two weekend observations brought to you by advance auto parts. Did you get a free battery test and free installation? Gentlemen, listen to the automotive battery purchase only at Advanced Auto Parts.


So anyway, the gods last week he he farted trying to get back into his chair and we pretended it was just a chair making a noise because he sat down and they had Erato at Advanced Auto Parts did with a thirty eight point twelve rebounds, eight assists. This performance by LeBron James with a one thirty five one thirty three overtime game for the ages. Then things got real over the weekend. Oh, just like that. The NBA playoffs. Yes.


Are back with me.


You just spent two hours telling us it doesn't feel like the playoffs. I'm not certain that was then. This is now really. That was way back when. Over the weekend. That that was now and this is now. I don't know. But it's back. OK, if you look up this strapping young man in the dictionary, what you'll find is Dustin Johnson, D.J., Orlando Magic Virtual crowd. It's the NBA playoffs. You are coming home tied one one at least you can do is show up on time, for example, one thousand one hundred and seventy two as to why you don't give pitchers big contract.


Stephen Strasburg. The Celtics really are better without Kyrie Irving this season. Ending surgery, while not funny, is funny when you consider the season just started. Yet Stephen Strasburg will miss like six starts. Eighteen to twenty four months ago I said on air that Jayson Tatum has the best shot of turning into the next Kevin Durant. I was laughed out of the room by Mike Dan and I mean Alhassan. You know what that means then? It means I'm having the last laugh already.


Really. I know that he's pretty good. Tatum Yeah. Is it Kevin Durant. Yeah, yeah. I mean, that's not good. Kevin Durant is better than pretty good really. Smatterings.


You want to see how much Rick Pitino really cares about ionno offer him the Sixers job.


You got to give the Celtics credit. They're clearly having the digitally superimposed Sixer logo on that floor.


Did not bother them making the same joke for four days. So make it a good big weight of the spectrum. Chris Paul or James Harden. I can't decide who I want to see lose more. In the first round of the playoffs, the only thing missing from the NBA playoffs besides the fans is the defense headline had signed a player who hasn't played in five years. My response is, of course, they did open up the story and the rest of the headline read and put them in a new position.


My response? Yes, of course they did. The second most impressive thing Dustin Johnson did over the weekend was going 30 under par at the Northern Trust Open Blazers. You can't go back to the computerized Lakers logo down three one.


It's tough to of the four hitting the same note on the same joke for four days, which is they're all playing in Orlando.


But you got to split on the road between your postseason. You do not want to make these Dallas stars angry. When will you start listening? I often think about how much money Melvin Gordon forced himself last year. It's an odd thing to think about, but I think about it often. Sixers, who turns out losing as much as possible, isn't the greatest foundation for building a winning culture. Dan, you could feel it in the air, can't you?


We're just a couple of weeks away from Dak Prescott contract talk leading every first take a block. A welcome change from this summer when Dak Prescott contract talks merely led every other first take a block. You know how when you needed two yards, Lee Leroy Whored would get you three, but if he needed four yards, Ward would still get you three D.J. Augusta will get you a game. But what you need for he's still just going to get you one.


One of the great sports quotes of all time. You need two yards. I'll get you three, coach. You need four yards, coach. I'll get you through.


Did you know what the K and Kawhi stands for? No. No. Then then next time you get mad at me and my kids are getting excited over the smallest of transactions, we'll present you with Trey Burke. You know what the D stands for.


The ball's there. Oh my God. Isn't it all right. That's a D is silent. Yes.


Kawhi Leonard. Third best line drive jumper of all time. No. To Kobe Bryant. Wow. No one does, surprisingly. Number four is Bill Laimbeer, my likes. That is three weekends. We'll be watching regular season football. What a weird time. Also. Holy bleep. That's awesome. Yes. I say this every year. I'll say it again. I don't know who's running the race, but I wish that person was running my baseball team.


I don't need one hundred and thirty two more games to figure out of the angels are good or not seen enough. I'm good. Mike Trout. Here's an idea.


When something rowdy that had to be a long walk back to the hotel for the Clippers, Clippers Mavericks best game inside the bubble in front of no fans of all time. Yeah, the Nets play game four with one foot inside the bubble and the other in the nearest strip club, San Diego Padres. The dads, who the hell is having more fun than them? Speaking of hell or Briles? And those are the weekend observations.


So I don't know if Pat McAfee is still going to be doing college football for us at this network, but I think got that Pat McAfee might be the rare media star. You do not see this very much because we are very interchangeable, very disposable. There's a, you know, cookie cutter nature to what happens around here. But did McAfee just outgrow ESPN in like ten minutes? I know he got here being having a strong digital following and he was great while he was here.


You could hear it. You could hear he wasn't respecting things in the cathedral the way the other, you know, craftsmen do when broadcasting games. Very seriously. Is he coming back to us or is he already outgrown ESPN?


I don't know the status of his contract, but he was able to work for WWE while he was working for ESPN.


So reason to believe that he's so much better and doing a radio show outside of ESPN, he can do whatever he wants is the point. He was a great punter, one of the best all decade, I believe, and he left in his prime because obviously he had hidden talents that he wanted to explore. And so the latest you got, you've got to watch him wrestling like he is jumping. First of all, he's jumping on a turnbuckle. Wrestling.


Wrestling has gotten so ridiculously acrobatic. I was really stunned to see McAfee from the top turnbuckle do a flip and end up in the center of the ring and then fly out of the ring and do it perfectly, knocking down a dozen guys.


And that stuff plays well on social media. Look at this feat of athleticism. But in terms of like actual wrestling, like ring psychology, putting somebody over being a great heel promo work, he's an absolute natural, absolutely natural. I think he's going to be a megastar in wrestling if he chooses to do that. He had a wrestling promo. He's like, I made a million dollars in seven different occupations. He's that guy. He's good at anything.


But what are all of the occupations? Because I know Pat McAfee is great at Punti. I know Pat McAfee is great at radio. I know Pat McAfee is great at broadcasting. I know that Pat McAfee could possibly be great at comedy, although he hasn't tried that. But what are the what are the other way?


He's got a real estate venture or two. He's probably a venture capitalist, probably as some sort of tech firm that's worth a billion dollars. The guy is just success is magnetic to him.


You have him is good at comedy is Steve and I. I mean. The height of comedy, Stephen A. Smith. Yes, I mean, you think Pat McAvey is that talented? He could just pick up anything inside of a week or two when he's going to be great at it. I'm watching the wrestling mind blown.


OK, I had no idea exactly, you know, how punters could do that. Amazing.


Pat McAfee has actually done stand up comedy or and he was actually not Stevenage to get to this point at all.


So it's a little disingenuous to say, like he just tried wrestling this day while it seemed to come together very quickly. He's been training for that moment for several years and it paid off. I think he's going to be a megastar. I really do. So wait a minute.


You think that he's you think he's you got on the microphone and he's already got the athletic ability, like it can't go wrong. Like he already shows that he knows what he's doing. It's a testament to the guys that he's working with, too, because he's still green, but he's tremendous.


I'm not laughing at the notion of him becoming a wrestling superstar. I am laughing because I arrived at the point where he knocked everyone over like he was a bowling ball going into. How many guys was it? A dozen guys.


Ten guys. Yeah. And they're all helping him there. But still just the very idea that if you told me at any point before meeting this particular human being, here's the deal. There's going to be a punter in the NFL and he's just going to take up everything and be good at it. And then also he's just going to be wrestling one day and you're going to see a viral video of him jumping over a top rope after doing a flip off a turnbuckle and knocking down a dozen.


Got there are a lot of punters. I mean, how many punters do you have with that kind of athleticism?


You see Shaun Lynetta doing that seriously, if we were to go through punters. Do we have anyone other than Marquette King? Jeff Feagles could get up there. I want to just name Punter's for the next hour. Can we do that? I'd like to do that.