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This is the down labor part. Sure. We've still got Sparkasse. Very aggressive again, yeah, so aggressive. This is not 10 a.m. music, we're on seven a.m. West Coast.


Wake up. Good God, feel it in your chest, Guillermo has a useless sound montage to get to. How do you feel about it, Guillermo? How do you feel about your useless sound montage today? Oh, darn.


Only 11 more weeks or so, 10 more weeks. I don't even know. We're almost done with this season.


We're not. All right. We're not even halfway there, but OK, it is useless sound. Greg Coady has a new Back in My Day. And one of the great delights of Tuesdays with Greg Cody is that he comes into the studio or his home studio and offers that hasn't been changed since the 1980s. And he wants to talk about the thing that has already been chewed to death on Monday morning. He wants to talk about Dick Metcalf like we've moved on to other things.


We're contractually obligated to talk about the Chicago Bears and the Los Angeles Rams.


I'll never move on from Dick Metcalf.


I got to be honest, if Greg wants to talk about it, I'm here for less, lest you think that you are merely getting getting reheated recycled leftovers from Greg Cody on the to a conversation that you found in the local hour and on the Greg Cody show featuring Greg Cody. Lest you think that that's reheated and stale. Now, Greg Cody wants to do what would be a Monday show on Tuesday. So I go ahead, Greg, have at it.


What are all your thoughts on Dick Metcalf chasing down Budda Baker?


Well, I'm only in here on Tuesday, so this is my orbit. OK, nothing happens until I say it happens as far as I'm concerned. And what he did, he came back because Budda Baker is a fast guy. What Dick Metcalf did running the length of the field to save that touchdown. I don't care what happened after that play. I don't care that the Cardinals came back and won the game. That was the player of the year.


To me, it's it's showed such a fight that I was truly inspired. And as long as I've covered sports, it doesn't it takes a lot for me to look at a play in any sport and just go, wow, and my mother's a game. And I was just so impressed by that play.


I Chris, why are you laughing at your father? I know what you say. You're in C were inspired by it. You go outside and run afterwards, you to turn the channel. You didn't do anything. And I don't believe in me either Chris, that he was inspired by that. What did you do, go to the garage and get a beer. What did you do with that inspiration.


I ran to get my next cup of coffee is what I did run waddling through the house. I actually walked quickly through the house like a power walker. You chased it down, huh? Yeah, it did. Well, that's right.


I want to ask the question. Greatest chase downs in sports history. You got LeBron James. Mike's got an odd nominee. You've got Leon Lett and now you're putting Dick Metcalf in that class. Here's what I find funny about the analysis of that play. And I can't deny being just as awed by it as the rest of you. You had, you know, a giraffe chasing down a cheetah like they looked physically funny. Budda Baker is five, ten, one, nine pounds less than that.


And he was chased down by a giant man who made up ten yards on him. The part that I find funny is Budda Baker was awesome. Sunday, Budda Baker had a ninety yard play then under any other circumstances, an interception of Russell Wilson on the goal line. It's like a big Bigfoot getting out of a spaceship in the end zone.


I believe Bootmaker has the most expensive and richest contract in the history of the position in that league and he lived up to it on Sunday. However, he is no punch line.


It's amazing like he was great. Keep in mind, Budda Baker ran one hundred meters, ten point seventy five, two hundred meters. Twenty one point six. Yeah, like this is a track star. Yeah, he's not DK Metcalf though. Understood. But he's not only a track star, he made a winning play. And you guys are always lamenting ESPN ruining the kids with their highlight culture, ruining the kids. All they show is dunks. Budda Baker made the winning play in the he won the game bootmaker.


His team won the game. All we're going to be talking about is D.K. Metcalf on a on a loser of a team that night.


And if you think that's a tired topic on a Tuesday morning because it happened on Sunday night, I would like to turn your attention to the 2005 NFL divisional round where Bill Belichick, Patriots led by Tom Brady, visited Jake Plummers Denver Broncos. You remember this game? No. Why would you? You should, though, because that game had the greatest chase down in NFL history, more improbable than Bootmaker and DKA Metcalf Dan, because one champ Bailey intercepted a ball in the end zone, had a straight line route.


Nobody catches to the opposing end zone. Now, Chad Chamberlain, for those people my age, was a ninety nine in acceleration in speed and made it like he was the fastest player. It was it was a Champ Bailey for. Too, wasn't his combined time for Tu's when you would ask the question, who's the fastest player in the NFL? The answer at that time was Champ Bailey. He got chased down by a tight end that was traveling from the opposing hashmark Ben Watson.


Oh, that's when they remember that right there is where it began, the mutant tight end that could do anything.


It was Belichick who created a chant, ran a four to eight in the 40 seconds, and now Champ naturally led up a little bit when he was in the opposing red zone because he beat the last one, Jim Nance says.


And he beats the last man, Kevin Foley. And Ben Watson comes crashing into your picture full stride, covering way more ground than Champ Bailey had to chase down. I've heard Bill Belichick asked about this by NFL Films and in their facility, they famously have stills of contributions and important plays that contributed to wins. And he says, I don't have this photo op, but if there's ever one photo from a loss that I would hang up in this facility to sort of build this culture, it's that one.


So you guys tell me, Larry Fitzgerald in the Super Bowl with James Harrison didn't actually chase him down, but belongs in this discussion, does it not? Like one hundred percent finish. The play didn't finish. It still remains one of the most incredible plays in Super Bowl.


Not the most incredible, like not the most incredible was the end of the half. It was the end of the half. James Harrison goes out with James Harden in the very same game.


What won the Super Bowl was one of the greatest catches of oh, no, no.


Santonio Holmes, this this play. Can you imagine the play? I'm talking about ending game and ending a half. Now, imagine it's the same Santonio Holmes play the play I'm talking about. It's Larry Fitzgerald chasing Harrison for one hundred yards and getting there one half a yard to slow if he had gotten there. And I don't know how he didn't get there because James Harrison running one hundred yards had to be had to be running out of gas.


I am watching it right now. I'm so excited to play. Just started. Oh, there goes our Larry Fitzgerald had that play. And prior to the Santonio Holmes catch, Larry Fitzgerald made a play that without the greatest catch, maybe arguably outside of David Tyree in a Super Bowl, would be remembered as, oh, my God, what a great play from a wide receiver that wins the Super Bowl. For the Arizona Cardinals, the field was just one hundred and five yards instead of one hundred, Larry.


Larry Fitzgerald, degree of difficulty. He was like seven yards out of bounds. He was hurdling people. He had to go back in bounds, avoid people trying to block them. And then he almost got to Harris. He got to him at the two. But Harrison's momentum carried him in.


Cody, you have turned Budda Baker into a source of shame. Did you not both see how quickly both of those men ran past Russell Wilson, who is also purported to be fast? Russell Wilson gave up on the play. He he gets excused for all shame, even though he's the one who caused the whole thing right.


Quarterback fast is not fast. I mean, Lamar Jackson's past. Cuyler Murray's fast. Those guys are not DKA Metcalf fast. You know, I'm saying it's just it's a whole different ballgame.


Are we being unfair to Budda Baker? Oh, yeah, totally. Put it on the player that he's the player of the year. If nobody catches the elbow, put it on the pole.


Let me touch show. Are we being terribly unfair to Budda Baker. Guillermo's useless sound his neck. I'm pretty sure our new house might be haunted. What makes you say that the furniture is levitating?


Oh, and the ghost welcome home.


Yeah, that's that's spooky. You know what's really scary?


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No contract, no compromise.


So people are sending us a whole bunch of chase downs that are funny and amazing. Julio Jones has one you might not remember that feels a little Dick Metcalf, but Stu Godse. And I'm curious because he has very little retention, useless sound montage coming in minutes. I am curious whether you remember your own tweet, because early in this pandemic, I remember you tweeting something and I remember saying to myself, I'm going to ask him about it four months later to see if he has any recall.


And you tweeted out a play that you called the greatest play in football history. Oh.


Do you remember from your own Twitter account what the details of that tweet are?


Men four months ago. Yes, but you called it the greatest play in NFL history. So what one would assume that if it's that you'd remember it, right?


Yeah, and I don't it was Larry Allen chasing someone down.


It was the Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman. Larry Allen went to that, which is horrifying. Right. The idea, Cody, you remember Larry Allen, right? Didn't invent he didn't he have, like, record bench press? Didn't he do to twenty five like forty five times at the combine or something ridiculous. Larry Allen is reported to be the strongest man in the in the history of the sport.


Right. He was he was maybe the original offensive lineman as a big giant athletic guy. He was the best in the game for a time.


He bench press two hundred and twenty five pounds. Forty three times.


All right. And that I understand actually, you got to believe it or not, I actually understand just looking at Larry Allen, how he could have the kind of strength that your father had when you were a kid. What I can understand even looking at him, though, I know that he looks physically impressive with his shirt off. I don't understand how Aaron Donald is stronger than all of these behemoths that that he's playing against all of them, it's not just speed across from them when he goes into their chest.


All of these three hundred and fifty pound men go flying toward their quarterback, Loman.


Winston, he's got unprecedented strength for someone that size. It was why he wasn't the number one overall draft pick the knock on him if there was any, because he still got drafted pretty high despite his size was at this guy's too small, which I always found weird because when I was doing, you know, spring football, I was always told low man wins. And when they put me up opposite of this guy Cheek's, who is like two feet shorter than me, I'm like, come on, this is not fair to God.


I'm not kidding you when I say I can make an argument for Aaron Donald being the best defensive player ever because of where he does it from, because of where he does it.


One hundred percent not coming off the edges is so much traffic in there. You're constantly getting double teamed. You can make four as unlockable, OK, as Khalil Mack is as unblock a ball as Myles Garrett is, you can you can make the argument that that dude is the best defensive player we've ever seen.


You could I would argue with Lawrence Taylor, maybe Reggie White, but you could certainly make that argument based on the position. I'm just doing it.


I'm just doing it because SAP is the only one I ever saw. Do it that way. Warren Sapp, that you could talk about. Twenty sacks from the middle of the field when no one can get those.


Steve Levy was making a big deal on Bryant Greasy and Lewis Reddick on Monday Night Football last night that Aaron Donald was very upset and called the team out and they played soft last week. And Reddick made a great point where he said most players would roll their eyes. Right. But when you consider the source being Aaron Donald, those guys did not. And they had the best week of practice they've had all year because Aaron Donald told them to do so.


I have some Chicago Bears fraud stats that will get to in a second. But who are the stars of the useless sound montage, Billy? Who who do we who are we featuring today?


Dan, thanks for asking. So our friend Field Yates makes an appearance and we also have, I believe, the first time he's ever appeared. Hashtag Greaney is on this week.


All right. Here it is. Let's go show me how Greenberg is useless.


Our whole team just got beat today by them. They're really good. They were trying too hard or maybe it's we're overcoached. I'm not going to use any excuses. We can't run a production oriented business. One in six DARWICH Correct. And says, yeah, you know, they made some good adjustments. You know, I think we just got to adjust to their adjustments. I didn't have the right answer at the right time. We'd love to not be in those situations where our backs are against the wall.


You know, we left a lot of plays out there. We've been playing uphill every single game. Play your best ball and your best ball is need it simple.


Football is a game that needs to be practiced. It's a it's a game of team. We're not doing the basics. Let's, you know, let's quit candy coating it. I'm embarrassed. It's pathetic. The Cowboys stink and there's no room for hope right now. I mean, there wasn't a lot of time, but we said there's enough time. There's enough time. We've got to just keep believing and just take it one play at a time. Our guys kept fighting, kept believing.


Baker Mayfield kept the lead. And I think at some point that encourages your teammates to believe in you. Thankfully, our guys didn't. Blake man was able to hold it together. That's enough plays to secure a victory. That's the great thing about football. When the whistle blows, you know, your instincts take over. You just go out there and play.


You can really throw it. He can spin it. He can run around. I mean, he's quick as a cat. He's just moving around like crazy.


He's a pro player. When we try to square that ball and the ball is the most important thing. And we we we can't manage the other team. We're going to take care of the football. It's for it's for everybody. It touches the football and our team. I have to be better, which I'm looking forward to. I'm looking forward to playing the next game we're going to play tomorrow. It was the most important game today because it was the next.


We know it's coming up next week. We could throw the records and all the other stuff out the window, tall task with a guy like him. And particularly as we talk about from a nutrition standpoint, over the course of the game, we don't turn away good players.


And he's good. We have good players. You can't have enough of them. Well, that's good.


You can get in the yards and no turnovers. That's good. When you have days like these things, you seem to like the receiver.


It's hard to win them all. And we will keep trying. Zeke is our bell call and we need to get it right. Coaching, playing offense, defense, special teams running, passing, defending around the fast ball security line blocking number was going enough. That's the softest thing you can do in sports.


That's the opposite of tough. My father would have called you chicken something.


OK, man, it's NFL football. We play to win. We don't live in our fear. I'm saying it to your face. If you're watching or listening and I'm putting my name on it, if you're a chicken, you can say, oh, my God, you can't say that like Mike. Listen, Greenberg, it's irresponsible. I'm surprised the company has a bond issue. You can't say that. How was he not gotten in trouble? How is this not spinning headlines across the globe?


You can't say that.


And I can't believe his dad would speak to him like Liverpool.


And I'm putting my name on it.


You're a chicken. Oh, my God. We can't make you please stop playing that. And I'm putting my name on it. You're a charity responsible.


This network needs to be ashamed of this kind of language. In twenty twenty.


You're a chicken, Jon Gruden.


I recognized him in five syllables. That's really tough to do like that is that's that's how you sculpt these things. He's a pro player and we all recognize Pruden voice.


Why is Field taking the Cowboys season so personally? Like, is he part of the team? Does anyone speak more like a football coach then? Tomlin Like just in terms of of extrapolating every thought into a sentence that is punctuated with and we will own that or we will take responsibility for that tall task.


He's number one active NFL head coaches. Chuck Pagano, though, might be earning another shot soon. So fingers crossed, not Gruden, huh?


Not Gruden. Gruden is distinct and he's got distinct personality. But I'm with you guys here.


I think there are a couple of coaches ahead of him on our useless down time for Dan to reluctantly take part in something as still to and be happy doing.


The Colts really did have for a while there the Belichick Brady combination of useless sound that you had Pagano and Andrew Luck, and this is the Andrew Luck Memorial useless sound montage. And I do believe that we could consider naming it after Chuck Pagano. You're a chicken. I just I can't right now. I understand why. Get up work, man. This guy's riding right on the edge. You're a chicken like he's third, railing it to just the end of the sky.


ESPN needs to keep promoting him. Give him more shows. You're a chicken.


ESPN New Radio on Sirius XM is where you need to be if you live and breathe college football. We're talking live games, the latest rankings, conference and team news analysis from experts like Mark Packer, Greg McElroy and E.J. Manuell, all leading up to championship specials and more. Take Sirius XM with you and always have the latest college football info you need. Listen right now on the Sirius XM app or online at Sirius XM Dotcom slash. Listen, ESPNU.


Don Lemon tart, Chris, what was happening there? Can you please just explain to me, just give the audience a glimpse into what's happening inside your soul as your father is delivering clunker after clunker?


It's just not surprising. He was texting me last night trying to get lines for it to make it funnier. And I was just like, I don't know if this one works. You're not really bringing anything to the conversation. It's just classic great Cody to God. Actually, Christopher and I never had that conversation because I did reach out to him and got zero response. That's not true. That's what I can check my text right now. I just I was a fan of it.


All right. Show me that there are the Cody's a tag team in the show telling the coyotes as the crazy tag team duo, the show Killers.


This is both our show with these two guys on ESPN Radio. All guest on the Dan Labrada Joe appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line Pennzoil synthetic motor oils are made from natural gas. It gives you an unbeatable engine protection. The proof is in the Pennzoil based on sequence for a wear test using Essawi five w dash 30.


We will get to a Cam Newton conversation in a second. And Daniel Cormier is going to join us at 11 o'clock Eastern. Habib told him something interesting. Two guys that I had not heard, which is that when he was fighting Geikie before the submission, he had the arm bar and he remembered that she said he wasn't going to tap under any circumstances and he didn't want to break his arm in front of his family members. Right. And so he just moved it to the triangle and finished him that way.


Cormie, I'm curious whether Cormier has ever heard something like, well, that's very nice of him.


It was very nice and it's very, very gentle for a killer. We will get to that in a second. And as I said, Daniel Cormier going to join us at eleven thirty Eastern excuse me. So Christine Lisi, please continue.


And finally, after years of condemning Borat for its depictions of Kazakhstan, the country has officially adopted the catchphrase very nice as its official tourism slogan. How about that?


Oh, wow. They've been they've embraced him. I would have thought that they would have objected to it, especially since nobody in Kazakhstan looks like Borat, not a single person. He's just ignoring the stereotype. And ambiguously, I don't even know, just foreigner is what he's trying to give off there. Mike Ryan has some Cam Newton opinions that I do want to get to in a second. But first, we continue our quest to find the perfect to call the perfect to a song to serenade the new Dolphins quarterback.


The telephone number seven eight six four five six four eight three seven. Johnny, you're on ESPN Radio. Go ahead, Johnny. I'm sorry, this Patrick and two were never meant to make the start to cry, but he paid for saving it to with time. I'm sorry if it's Patrick who I am to now Berman to make the start to cry, but he played first statement as to what time.


Wow, we are. Oh, a thumbs up from Chris like he gives a sideways thumb. Roy has his head and his face in his hand. Billy is yawning with profound indifference and the singing sportswriter in the center square.


Oh, thumbs down, said Greg Cody from on the high.


Get it out of here. Seven, eight six four five six four eight three seven is the telephone.


Would you like to hear an offering from a Suey award winner?


Yeah, that's a tough one. Cough cough one time. Cody, if you want us to play that. It's a very happy song.


It is. It's got a lot of production. Billy was shaking his head. I feel like he wants to rip a sweet winner, a fan who took a long time to come along to tighten it up a little bit.


I'll do it. When Billy said no, I know it is. I got a show to do. We only got two hours.


It is the greatest insult when Billy has told you you are yammering. Lighten up on Chris. What's great about just this this terrible cornucopia of people that we put together on Tuesday is when you need something from Greg Cody that's a little bit more. You get a cough. When you need something that's a little less from a song, you get that too many lyrics. Why were you laughing, Chris, that your father is it because we had to turn off his microphone because he was coughing still thirty seconds into that song?


Yes. I was worried about him at first for a second. But he just he doesn't he always screws it up. You wanted him to cough to tee up the song. They turned his mike off for that. So we did get to hear that call. He just thought I didn't turn his mike off. I was begging for a cold. Instead, I got a call for an idea one time.


This is what happens to God. It's what legitimately happened. And it's the beauty of the timing of Cody. Great.


Cody was coughing when we didn't want him to and not coughing when we did the one time win with you people, the one time we requested a call, we had to turn your microphone back.


And you are working so hard to the call, but you only did so successfully when you were off the air. You can't come on cue. I'm not a trained asthmatic.


You're getting back to Cam Newton's through got because there's a certain number of ingredients here that are problematic for him. And one of those ingredients is he plays quarterback in Boston and he's replacing Tom Brady.


And Tom Brady is playing well.


Yeah, I was I was curious to see when Scott so like, would jump off the ship. And it was midway through the first quarter.


Jeff Garcia is now saying that Cam Newton needs to dress differently, which is just magic. And we've been hearing that take forever.


Well, but I mean, just across sports radio, like, how can I just put a blanket edict on this now for all sports radio America? I you know, I don't get to decide these things, but. White guy telling black guy how to dress, let's not do that one anymore, can we just stop doing that? One white guy says thing about how black guy dresses came. Newton actually went on the radio and said, he's right.


He's entitled to his opinion. He's a former player. He can say that I'm dressed ridiculously. And he actually said, but this is my culture. My culture is what he dropped in the middle of that. I don't think I don't think too many in his culture are also liking the way that Cam Newton dresses. He looks, you know, like Russell Westbrook. He fancies himself a fashion icon with things that most of us would consider ridiculous.


Well, we know that Cam Newton is a fierce competitor and he never really plans to lose. But we've done the shows where, like, maybe you have a backup outfit in case right after a loss of the last three games.


Yeah. In case you get benched instead of his playing the for the notion that what he wears to the stadium and home from the stadium or the notion that if a guy wears a baseball hat backwards means he can't be a leader, is let's just tell everyone, wear whatever the hell you want whenever the hell you can.


We stop talking about it. Can we stop making it a national issue across sports radio? Let's have that be racial progress in twenty twenty. Let's just bury that one. Jeff Garcia, don't do that. I wish the Pats would have won that game so we could celebrate the outfit he was wearing. Did you guys see he's wearing a hat? The behind the hat there was like a suitcase on the hat. It was it was an amazing outfit.


I think I need to see this because what I'm envisioning it looks absurd. What are you talking?


I'm telling you. Look it up. Let's find out how much that hat costs. He does he have that hat made? Must right.


Remember when Pharrell became a pop culture sensation because his hat and then we all search the hat and it was so expensive. I'm I'm guaranteeing this is way more than we'd ever pay for any piece of clothing.


Not only that, though, Mike, if this is all made by a tailor, I say this honestly. Is that tailor getting business off of what Cam is wearing?


Because I'm not sure of what he's charging Kamelot. I'm not sure.


I'm not sure Cam can pull it off and trust me on this. If he can't, you can't. And I'm just talking to all of you.


Dance puppets dance except for DK Metcalf. Yeah, we agree that. I'm pretty sure our new house might be haunted. What makes you say that the furniture is levitating?


Oh, and the ghost welcome home.


Yeah, that's that's spooky. You know what's really scary?


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You're not sticking around, right? The party's just getting started. Happy Geico.


We call today and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. Don Lemon tart, I'm not in this for smart people, Dan, I'm in this for dumb people. That's who I represent to God. I'm not in it for you and Pablo and Mina Kimes and Dominique Foxworth. I am in this for the land for the fancy shirt on steam and holds a deep dash fence.


Yes, that's who I am in this. Yes. Not you. I'm in it for loo section 114 Arrowhead Stadium.


OK, this incident, Lilibeth, our show with these two guys on ESPN Radio. ESPN Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance, I will get to the Dr. Pepper Twitter feed once I have the tweet from Roy. Sorry was the only way to do that. I don't think that was the only way to do that, I think there were many, many other ways to have you chosen to done it professionally. You could have chosen to not blame somebody.


In fact, that's five dollars. Was that that's five dollars. You blamed Roy for you being incompetent and just sitting at the top of the segment. You're blaming him for stuff that is your fault.


Okay. In my defense, it was his fault. OK, I'll pay the five dollars. I'll be fair.


I mean, I feel like you're just getting your money's worth. Should I find him again? Should it be a ten dollar fine? I'm fine, I'm not I'm not objecting to paying the fine, I'm just telling you it's his fault. I know, but I'm wondering now whether it's fifteen dollars or whether it's time dollars for the same fifteen dollars because I screwed up. I think it's a vote on what? I think it's 20 dollars now for blaming Roy.


You can't.


Listen, I have responsibilities. I have billboards. They're supposed to be sent to me. I couldn't read the billboard. Why? Because Roy didn't send it. How is that my fault? Is twenty five my fault? But it's Roy's fault. One thirty thirty dollars in my God. Thirty dollars in fines. Listen, I'll meet you halfway. I apologize for saying that it's Roy's fault 15, but it's his fault. Just so we're clear to twenty thirty five dollars.


Thirty five dollars and I don't have thirty. First of all, talk to me when you apologize. I'm sorry. Five dollars. I do it yourself. I got a twenty.


You saw forty. And that's not thirty five. And I'm not giving you forty. It's not forty. It's thirty six now. It's thirty six dollars.


Roy, I'm going to look you in the eye. I am sorry that you screwed up dollars.


Forty one dollars one forty one dollars because he also in the middle of that claim did not have money while having money so he owes forty one dollars. That was one hell of a spree that we have not had a fighting spree like that in a long time. Forty one dollars. My crime is laughing in your face because he knows that forty one dollars is actually going to hurt.


You know, it does hurt deeply, deeply. It's the one dollar that really hurts me. I have all I have is what is here. I don't have many of them. I have two of them. And so.


I mean, I would rather give you sixty than forty one, so I'm going to give you 60 the defense of the tweet now the go ahead, go ahead and do the go ahead and do the Dr. Pepper sponsored tweet.


We have news here from the dead Lebanese art show Nation. Someone has just hit us up with a Dr. Pepper Twitter feed. Mr. Boombastic at our piece speaks ask, why is being a chicken considered a bad thing? I mean, there are many other animals that are prey and run away in the face of danger. Why the chicken is getting singled out is beyond me. That is a terrible tweet. I am not blaming anyone but Roy, why is that a terrible tweet?


I don't like it in a bad mood. I'm down 60 right now.


Greg Cody, how bad is this going to end up getting for Cam Newton in Boston, replacing Tom Brady? Like and and having, you know, basically we have not seen in two decades the Patriots look like they've looked in the last month. One of the things I do find interesting here is got and I'm. Curious how we're going to end up doing all the math on this, whether it's going to require like the Bucks season getting derailed by a virus at the end in an obvious way, but we're kind of not paying as much attention as we should to the fact that the Patriots had more of those covid opt outs than anybody like their team has been wrecked by that even before they got covid and their quarterback got covid, like they had players right and left opting out.


We're just like that. Be the same team, but not Brady. Without Gronk, without a defensive player of the year, without all of them. Like, is that is that even fair, Cody, to to do? Is that a fair thing to be doing to the Patriots?


Yeah, I think it is. The Patriots have the most opt outs before the season by far.


But listening to Dan and Cody on ESPN Radio. Does this place look haunted? No, I don't think so. What about those two creepy girls? Come stay with us.


That is truly frightening. You know what's really scary? Missing out on this great service that you get 24/7 access to licensed agents. Thank you, creepy girls to see your room. Can I sleep in the car now? Happy Geico.


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