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This is the down labor part show with this got Sparkasse. I profoundly accept. The privilege of doing this radio show as the leader of this radio show today, I need to talk to Bristol, though, for a second board up. I'm sorry.


I don't know who is with us today. I just want to talk to him for just him or her for just a second. Can you turn your microphone on, please? Are you there? Hey, how's it going? Hello, what is your name, sir? My name is Kim and I apologize for the kinks we were working out on this. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. I just want to get to know who you are, because Bristol, we have to train new people all the time.


Oh, sure. And we get blamed for the mistakes. Is this your first time doing this?


I was trained yesterday. You should not be blamed for any mistakes I've made. And I assure you that. There will now be no more except for that one. Don't worry about it. I want you to relax. There's going to be more. It's totally OK. We embrace our mistakes around here. So it's fine. But it's so it's Cam. Welcome aboard. Thank you for being on with us. How do you feel right now? Are you filled with shame and horror?


Are you okay? Is everything all right? Oh, no.


I don't have too much shame. And I've made enough mistakes on other boards that your kind words have assuaged my fears.


OK, very good. I'm glad I was able to do that for you. Are you out of here in an hour again? Is it this rotating thing of death again where you come in for an hour and then we train another guy in an hour?


No, I'll be here the entire time. Oh, wow.


Well, it's good to start a relationship with you. Thank you. Thank you for being on with us. We forgive any and all mistakes today, and we will just bring you on air and celebrate any more. You do. It's OK if you make more mistakes. Sounds good. All right. Thank you for being with us. Thank you. So I am very confident Chris is very red faced.


What's the matter, Chris? What's why are you why are you horrified that I put him in a bad spot?


You just do this thing where it's like you're being nice, but also not nice at the same time. Right.


And then in 10 minutes, he's going to complain about how there's not enough show to talk about what he wants to talk about.


I just as you may know, you may have heard if you're around our proceedings here, the show has been suffering under some neglect recently from a lot of different sources. And one of those neglect is we have a different board up every five minutes, and it makes it a little difficult to do the show this way. And so I just want the audience to know it in a way that makes me, as always, the bleep whole around understanding that.


But we have two hours now. It used to be three. It's only two. We have to be more efficient. Billy is just merely pointing out that you spent four of our minutes speaking with Cam. I'm fine with it. But here's the thing.


I don't actually have to be more efficient because if you want longer form conversations that are not interrupted by any of this nonsense, you could check out both the local hour today where I thought Mike Ryan did an exceptional job on a topic many of you will find boring. And Bomani Jones also spent a full 50 uninterrupted minutes with us talking about everything happening in the sports world and America right now. And I thought it was fascinating.


We asked him two questions, didn't need to ask him much like he is unusually informed and unusually good at this.


And if you don't like the confinements that we have the shackles on radio, you could check out some of the stuff that's free or flowing, the big suey and the local our although, Mike, I got to tell you, like, you were just asking people to tune out by doing the soccer elitist thing, you do an elitist.


I'm an inclusive dude. I want to put these stories out there for you so you can gravitate towards. I'll shut up now.


Thank you. Yes, you're right.


We are annoyed by soccer guy. All of us are here. Even I'm like the least. Well, I'm not going to say that just because I'm generally annoying, but I'm not annoying about my passion for soccer. I want everybody to be involved.


We're annoyed by it, yet we continue to thunder forward with it. I don't understand. Like I mean, listen, you're the captain here.


I mean, why do you want an entire career? Well, first of all, I don't side with you, OK? You're your knees. As an aside, soccer's dad, your your soccer take for twenty years is soccer is dead in the United States. It's dead. This thank you for reiterating we're wasting time on this. How are we going to fix America?


We will do that later if there's time between the ads. Maybe or maybe we'll do it in the post game show where there's more room to work because we're not interfered by board ops and updates and everything else that they throw at us. What, Chris, what is the problem? Am I saying anything that's untrue? Where are the lies, Chris? Where are the lies? Why are you getting mad at me? Because I get distracted by a board up, starting with the wrong music and the wrong thing with a read joint.


What you're saying he interrupted the show. What he did interrupted the show. That's right.


Are you still there? Let's talk to Cam again here before we get to our sponsored read. How is this going so far?


Like how it's the. Okay. All right. So let's do it.


What did what was training like for you? Explain to me, Cam, what training was like for you? Like who trained you? Yes, Billy Makdisi trained me.


He's one of the great wonders sports teacher.


And when did you doubt yourself the most? Before today.


Before today. Yesterday that is going full great, or doing an impersonation of me that four people got in order to derail the show yet more, I want to get into something with Billy.


Thank you, Cam, for being on with us again with Kimie with a cut of his jib, as do I with Billy and Mike, because they were saying that I am an agent of beef and I wanted an actual agent who brought me beef. I want to create a position here at ESPN where there's an agent that brings me beef. But can you explain to the audience why you think I'm an agent of beef, that I do things to you and Billy where I farm out my beef?


I'm on to you, Dan Le Batard. You force Billy to fight with David Samson, even though he clearly doesn't want it. Why? Because you want someone to fight with David Samson this morning when I'm set on, you know, saving soccer in this country with Chris Cody and Chris Whittingham, you send us a group chat of what Armando Salguero tweeted out. And I don't have the strength. I don't want to be your agent.


A beef. You tackle Armando Salguero, but you use us because it's a beef down because you're a big sports media star. I do do that.


I'm not going to even deny that I do that.


I don't fight your fights because I don't know. No, not all my fights. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


I don't mind fighting people my own size, but going after many a local writer is something that your boy, Hank Goldberg, did to me for twenty years. And I don't do a lot of beefing with local writers because you're above local writers.


I don't beef down.


I used to be a local I mean, keep in mind, the most insulting thing possible to Armando Salguero is exactly what Dan is saying right now.


This show ain't free time for some at. Stuart, we have a sponsor here, Cam, thank you for all of your efforts. I'll talk to you next segment. OK, it has come to my attention that cammed screwed something else up, a lot of people couldn't even hear Cam because he didn't put the microphone on. Right. So what I would like to do right now publicly is Chris and Billy get very uncomfortable because poor Cam, the board op is just starting at work here.


I would like to promote Cam as the board up for this show at all times. I want that. OK, can we do this? Thank you, Cam. I want to send out to Amanda Giffard, Dave Roberts, Jimmy Petero, everyone at ESPN. Can we get for these two hours just Cam? I would I would like to promote him to the highest position of being our exclusive monogamists Baudot. Mike Ryan, are you behind me?


Not only that, I would like to start reporting directly to Cam.


OK, so Cam, what happened with the television feed? People are complaining that they couldn't hear you at all. So you didn't just sabotage the show at the beginning? I sabotaged myself. OK, yes.


What happened? So my program was on, so people listening on radio could hear me, but the TV mics feed was not on, so people on TV. OK, but it is now.


OK, Cam, welcome to the show to the pirate ship. I want to advocate for this to be our permanent board up. Please tell whomever it is in Bristol doesn't care about our show the most because it does seem like they're going through board ops at an alarming rate. Can you please just tell whoever it is in charge over there? You're our guy. And I have said publicly whoever's in the bathrooms in Bristol right now listening to the show, the only time you guys listen to the show, Cam's our guy.


OK, Cam, I'll have to tell a lot of people that, OK, yeah.


There are so many bosses here. There's so many vice presidents and lawyers, all of them bumping into each other. Tell them all, Cam Tzachi, schedule him two hours. Nobody else gets to do our show except Cam.


And even if you're not scheduled to come in. Yes, OK.


And just hover over hover over the person six feet away responsibly.


Hey, Dan said so. Dan, Dan said I had to be here. Yes, boy. Thank you. Congratulations, Kim. Congratulations on your promotion, Cam. Yes, Chris, appreciate it.


Mikey C must be enraged right now. Crestfallen. I mean, I would be smoking a cigarette somewhere on that. Well, you want to introduce the people who might not know Mike. See, is weekend observations to party. He's your he's your borde. He was my Baude up on Sunday mornings with me and my goal. Junior did a show from seven to nine a.m. Now we started a segment called Smoke Break with Mike. You see, in large part because as the board up of that show, when we really needed him, one day he wasn't there.


He was out by the dumpster smoking a cigarette. That was that is the person who is trying to get my story. Yeah, that's true story.


So why why is he enraged? Because you've already been promoted to a place that Mike has not arrived. You are according I mean, look, I don't know if it's actually going to happen, but I'm going to advocate for it. Our power is diminished, Billy. It's not going to happen. I know it's not going to really. OK, what's so hard about it happening, Billy? Giving us a board up America's biggest sports radio show. It's hard to have the board up for two hours a day like during a pandemic.


It's too rough. They can't help us out there. Why are you yelling at me, I don't schedule them. Why is it not going to happen? What's so hard about something that simple? A board up, having a board on for two hours a day so mistakes aren't made or mistakes are made that are so bad that we can promote somebody exclusively to the position? Yeah.


In the future. Do you want me to make this many mistakes when I'm the. Yes, I may never stop making mistakes. It doesn't matter who calls the shots or whatever you want to report to me now.


Yes, I'm fine with that.


All right. That's like the only guy that walks into a restaurant and he's like, why is my waiter not here? I want my waiter here. I want him here every single time I walk in this restaurant. Westy, where's my waiter?


Steve We're America's biggest sports radio show. I'm not just some guy coming in with four dollars to buy a muffin like you. Just respect the damn show we're doing. What's so hard about that? I don't understand. Like, am I making a complaint that I understand that a whining during a pandemic is not something that people are going to enjoy very much. But the idea that it's the bare minimum I can make front huge content empire is can you get me a board up every day?


That's the same.


It's not too big ask and training, so we don't have to train 50 people during a pandemic.


The guy I don't even understand what's objectionable about what I'm saying, except for the lack of perspective in it, because they're bread lines. Is that your tongue, she's been across the board, awful. It's odd that you're complaining about board ups one second or one second removed from saying you're above fighting with local writers like bored, obscene, slightly below the.


I'm not saying if I just gave the guy you raise, I in theory, is your boss. You gave him a raise.


He's the best boss I've had at this camp.


My self-assessment is due at the end of the week. You'll get a prompt.


I have to do mine. Thank you, Tim.


I appreciate your time. One at a time. Unfortunately, this segment, we don't have any time to talk about sports or society. Yeah, you'll fix America next segment. Yeah, but first, an ad.


I don't totally trust that Cam is going to hit the right sound here because we were trying to reach Cam during the break and in what is a fairly amazing first day as our board up, he wasn't there. No one could reach him. I was calling him. Mike was shouting down the line. Billy was yelling. Billy was yelling. He was yelling, hey, this cam guy's got an awful lot of confidence for someone who's making that many mistakes.


I tried to reach out to Cam and he has assistant now. Apparently, he has meetings.


He's moved up very quickly, maybe smoking a cigarette out by a dumpster with Mike, you see.


All right. So let's see. Let's see here. Let's see if the sound will be played. Christine, we interrupted you.


And finally, Elmo is the only non-human to ever testify before the U.S. Congress.


Christine, have you heard the first half hour of the show and what condition is calm and what first update, Chris? Well, I heard the front door up.


You weren't on the air for you're up to your microphone. Wasn't on what condition is Cam in right now?


I think he's OK. He might have you guys might have not have been able to talk to him because he came down to talk to me. They moved me to a different studio. And it just might have been in that, you know, 30 seconds that he ran down the hall to make sure that I was all set with everything that might have been what happened. OK, it's very funny. I'm sorry. It's very. Oh, it's great.


It's unbelievable. Like, laugh too hard. Yeah. I can't even I can't even stay in character. Thank you, Christine. Good talking to you. This has been an epic failure of a day for Cam. Like, in fact, I don't think a board op could have had Roy Roy, you've been doing this the right way for 14 years. Like are you feeling for Cam at this point that we can't reach him when we call him? He's made just an avalanche of show destroying mistakes in his first half hour.


Are you feeling bad for him or are you, like, just laughing like the rest of us?


I'm shedding tears in a bucket for this guy right now. Yeah. All right, Cam, what condition are you in? Are you okay? Because I was trying to call you during the break to explain to you that we're not actually mean people, but we're just doing a bit. But I couldn't reach you because you weren't there. Like, do you feel like because I wasn't there.


Is this bit now like serious?


Is it like moving on to where we're getting closer to see there? I mean, Christine was right. I was popping back and forth because the first time that I put her mike on, she was sitting in the different chair that I thought she was that I was told she would be in. So I had to make sure she was in the right chair now and I had to make sure she was ready for the, you know, and finally things.


So I've been running back and forth between studio, so I apologize for not being available at all. It's just perfect. You're seeing just Christine, just wave to me and she's giggling. You already sounds bored by our show.


Yeah, I'm not bored. I love the show. All right. I am the bored. I'm not bored. I like this guy.


He's got some moxie. Mean, this is why I want us all reporting to him, because Billy, even Billy, Billy, the most gentle soul among us, even Billy during the break was like, I got to tell you, Cam shouldn't have that much confidence because he's done a lot of show destroying things. Billy, who doesn't do that to anybody? Billy who loves to get in there. Why are you yelling at me? Danton's Always the bleep all it's right in cam cam cams ready.


Cam is ready to start replacing people. I'm ready to give him more and more power. Of course, he'll be yanked out of here with a vaudevillian cane at 11:00 a.m. So we train somebody else. That bitterness is not part of the bit that's real.


What did you make of the Manfred what is the guy's name? Browdy Van Wagoner. And they both pulled the Wilpon misspelled his name while putting out a statement. Why don't you explain, since you're the the Mets fan here, why don't you explain to the people what you saw happen on the Internet yesterday as the Mets went viral? So Vanderwagen was, I guess, you know, not Tourky didn't think he was talking into a live mic about Rob Manfred and the decision of the Mets walking off the field during yesterday's game.


And so that got that became public. OK, and Brody Van Waggett in who was the Mets GM, who is a former agent, he was talking about Rob Manfred, basically saying he's clueless when it comes to how to handle this and stuff like because because the suggestion from Van Wagoner is that Manfred wanted the game to be delayed from seven, ten to eight, ten. But everyone, after you're done with your social justice, an hour of silence, get out there and play the game.


And Van Wagoner is saying of at a live mic of Manfred, he doesn't know how to lead.


Yeah, he doesn't know how to lead. And that he had to apologize because he found out or at least he's saying he found out that that decision. Is not made by Rob Manfred, it was made by the Mets owners, the Wilpon and the Pods got mad at Brody van Waggett in and spelled his name wrong, and both of them released statements spelling the name wrong of their GM while castigating their GM.


The Wilpon bonds, it should be noted, have mismanaged that franchise in a way that is alarming, where they don't have money, the well bonds, because they got ripped off by the Madoff and because they've just been a disaster in every way and because the team is now for sale, because they need to get some of their money. The Mets have been behaving like a small market franchise. For how long now?


Oh, forever. I mean, it's been going on forever. So whatever success they've had, they've had it despite their ownership.


Behaving like a small market is not something, Stuart, that the Mets did when the bonds were flush. Correct. Behaving like a small market team is something that they became once the Madoff situation made an appearance. So like anyone, your team, you should be bothered that your team behaves like it plays in a small market.


I am bothered by it very much so. But again, the world bars. I do feel bad for the Wilpon, so a certain people don't really feel that bad, but they get caught up in them in the Madoff scandal, which they did, and to lose as much money as they did. And now they're trying to sell the team. So it's a very touchy time for the New York Mets because you don't want your GM, your active GM ripping Rob Manfred, the commissioner, then, you know, taking shots at the owners.


All of this going on while you're trying to sell a team. All this going on while important social issues are going on in the world of people trying to do the right thing. And so it's just a complete embarrassment to be the number one market in America and have your team operate the way the Mets, whose whose fault was it that those mikes were on and live cams?


Who's who was to blame for who was to blame for that live microphone, because there are a number of things here that are interesting. OK, I if I were the general manager of the Mets, I would really be punching myself in the face because I was dumb around a live microphone. But I would also you'd also be packing your bags. I'd be pretty upset that that got out as well if I didn't want to blame myself and then to have it be questioning Manfred's leadership, which makes it go viral, but then the owners pound on him is like, hey, this was not Manfred's fault.


And you add the lighter fluid of the social justice thing, which makes Manfred seem even greedier than baseball already is by saying, hey, assigning to him the idea, the incompetence of an hour delay and then get back to playing baseball bandwagon and put everyone in the sport in a bad spot by by doing that around a live microphone.


Yeah, but it seems like an unfortunate situation so far. And alas, a Mets fan, I haven't read too much reporting on how this exactly got out. I find it hard to believe it be it'd be a huge betrayal if the media actually put what was off the record out on to social media as on the record stuff. Maybe this was some sort of internal mistake we'll see in the days.


But I'd be curious how it actually happened, because what ends up happening a lot of times in these press conference or media availability situations is there are still people talking around the microphones after the formality of the thing has gone away. And so I'd be curious, can we get a Mets person on? I'd be curious as to how this actually happened.


Do we get a Mets person? No one's going to speak from the Mets. But Vanderwagen who need to know better. I mean, Dan, he just needs to know better to not I mean, first of all, of course, it's easy to say, but God forbid this happened to us because it could like anything like this could happen to any of us. And people would say, hey, Stuart, you idiot, it's alive, Mike. But we're around live mikes a lot.


We're not expecting this stuff to spread. And he just stepped in a major way.


Yeah, I actually remember like a local example of this, there was some viral video of one of the Notre Dame coaches saying we're going to make that turnover chain useless and trashing. It was not meant for air. It was somebody that had access to a satellite feed and put it on social media. And all of a sudden it becomes a thing. You never know who actually has a satellite feed or anything like that, but maybe it's internal. We'll see someone.


If it's someone's fault, someone's obviously going to get fired.


I think it was streaming live on the Internet. So someone was just sitting around and watching what they were talking about and recorded it and put it out. I don't think it was a media member that betrayed them. It's just streaming for everyone to see, man or man.


Someone's going to get fired the way the rules or whoever is the charge of starting that stream you got, you're the best.


When people get wet, their pants caught down, you're like you should have known. When I point out to you that it could have happened to you, you're like, oh, oh, yeah, yeah. That can happen when you're around live microphones all the time.


As the rules change on how this stuff goes viral, it honestly probably has happened to you guys and it just never been put out there because someone is kind enough to not put it out there. But it's easy for stuff like that to happen. I feel terrible for Brody because. Yeah, I mean, not that he had the greatest job security anyway, because that team is going to get sold, but I mean, to take out Rob Manfred pretty much poison now within that sport, he's got to go back to being an agent.


You got the whole Mets thing is amazing to watch when you consider, even if they're losing it, what that Mets franchise was.


The Will Ponds have run that thing into the ground and turned it into something that feels minor league in the biggest sports city that we have. Like it has been a mismanagement that has been breathtaking to watch that franchise where they're rivaling James Dolan for worst owners in that sport and stigmatises teams. These are both stigmatises teams. Amazing.


What's amazing is that it became a Mets story and not a Rob Manfred saw it because if that's true, well, if that's a bad idea.


But how could it not be a Mets story when both owners are putting out statements misspelling their general managers name while ripping him? I know. I think Rob is super happy with the Mets incompetence here. He's never been happier with the Mets.


Speaking of snapping, Stewart, so put this on the pole, please, Guillermo at Libertador Show, Did you not realize that America was truly upside down until we made Jim Gaffigan snap?


He's a chill dude. You lost it. I don't I don't know how America should feel about itself in any regard when we've pushed Jim Jim Gaffigan to the brink.


He famously doesn't get into politics. And that is no more.


Yeah. Now he's just brawling with people on Twitter and he's an even rage Jim Gaffigan people. Just this is a blight upon our entire country and freedom in general. You have the lovable pink, pale, frumpy Jim Gaffigan source of joy and laughter. You guys have contaminated his joy and laughter in a way that is making him fight with people on Twitter.


Physically, he looks like a guy who's incapable of rage, like he just wants to smile and be happy for the remainder of his life, feel like he just wants to smoke and eat cookies and leave him alone and just laugh with our country.


Had a Philip Seymour Hoffman sized hole in it once he passed. And Jim Gaffigan, I mean, he filled that hole.


Yes, he did. And now we've enraged him. And I'm just worried about us. Man, you've got a hot right now, guys.


You guys are killing the laughter. I'm just all of us. All of us. The laughter is dying. I please, Jim Gaffigan, come back to us, to our hairy bosom and just giggle and laugh with us instead of being enraged by the general stupidity that surrounds you more and more each day as people, you know, can't agree on masks or facts or anything. Or should politics be in sports or not in sports? Oh, no. Look at all the politics in sports.


I was watching a video of a team going to the White House the other day. I was like, how long ago is that? This might as well be in black and white.


So can you guys help me with what Keith Olbermann did on Twitter last night where?


I don't know, but I could guess. Well, wait a minute. Actually, here's what's funny about where we've arrived in twenty twenty. Keith Olbermann just wants to talk about baseball like he just wants he just wants to talk about the Mets and Manfred.


Oh, that's refreshing. Couple years ago he was screaming at me from his claws. That's right. He was doing things for Esquire in his closet. Now we're all in our closets. Now we're all taping for Marclay. He was ahead of us. He was ahead of the game screaming about politics. He was so out of the game, getting let go by ESPN. Forty different times. I'm just talking of politics from a closet for Esquire because of whatever happened with MSNBC.


His delivery looked like if you've ever watched V for Vendetta, just like the big wall screen of a politician talking to you, I want to recite my grocery list that way.


Mike, how ahead of the game was he? He was ahead of the game talking politics before anybody has a game in hiding in his closet.


And then he was forced to his closet and MSNBC. And now we're all in our closet. We're all in the closet. Can you help me, though, with Keith Olbermann saying he tweeted basically that if any of that is true last night about Manfred, that he needs to resign immediately because the act itself, Stewarts and Olbermann, is right on this, the act itself of telling the Mets to keep their protest to an hour and then tapping your watch and being like, but get out there at eight, ten, OK, that time's up.


That'll suffice. We need to get to the we need to get to the finish point on this. I understand why people were willing to jump to the conclusion. Then it was Manfred because of the bare naked greed involved in what baseball specifically is doing, where they're just rushing through the pandemic players going down left and right, we got to get to this morning. All that matters is getting to the money will go through, burning neighborhoods will go through disease.


All that matters is getting to the money. People were willing to jump to the conclusion that it was that it was total incompetence by Manfred. Right.


I mean, just basically sold their souls to get through a 60 game season and all the rules and stuff that they said they coveted for forever.


But it doesn't appear to be true, though, right? Because I don't know what to believe. You're the expert, but it doesn't believe it doesn't seem like this is something that falls on Manfred.


Well, I mean, they went out of their way to say does not fall on the weekend, but I'm not sure we'll ask we'll ask him about this and we'll make him giggle as well. We'll do that next.