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This is the down labor part, sure, with this to got Sparkasse. So we've got some Aaron Rodgers sound to get to, we've got some Adam Gase defensive sound to get to San Diego Padres stabbed outside of Pacers Showgirls International, where you've got to get to that at some point. But we begin the rare stabbing outside of a strip club involving an athlete. You don't see a lot of those. The video is kind of horrific. He was wearing a white shirt.


So, you see, the Tommy family had to go into surgery. You see all the blood on his shirt in the video and a stabbing outside that phrase, stabbing outside of a strip club seems very dangerous and a precarious situation. I don't know what the real details are on it, but the way that it's being reported is he was interceding in a fight between two other people that he was just sort of, you know, caught in ancillary, you know, violence.


We will see if that turns out to be true or not. But the video is pretty horrifying.


But we have to begin, as I promised yesterday, with Rick Renteria, family friend, because we didn't do enough of that yesterday. Nice. And baseball, the Dodgers last night did Dodger things. They're the best team in baseball. They scored 11 runs and they're like, wait a minute, Braves. We know you're fun and exciting in the top of your orders. Great that your pitching has been good against the Cubs in the Marlins. But we are a really good baseball team.


And they came out yesterday to save their season with eleven first inning run.


And now it's up to Kershaw to continue to save the season built in convenient back excuse. I love that. It's like he can't lose today, even if he loses because the back hurts. He got it today, even if he wins according to you.


Well, listen, I know in a 60 game regular season, pitching every fifth day could be grueling. And so, you know, I'll give him I'll give him a little bit. Oh, you want it, right?


Oh, you want when you say you can't lose today, even if he loses, the truth is he can't win today, even if he wins. Because if he gives you a season saving with back spasms, eleven strikeout performance shutout, you will say do it in the World Series even though the World Series isn't here. Correct. Do it again because the numbers have been so bad historically for him in the postseason. One good start is not going to fix that.


But he does enter today's start with a built in excuse. Backcourts did not face the number two starter now gets the face the number four starter. If he loses, it's because of the back. If he wins, he's heroic.


It's a heady play by Kershaw. Being the fifth day in a 60 game season, more grueling than pitching the fifth day in 162 games season, it seems like it's still just every fit. They also Brice Wilson, who he's going to be like, come on.


OK, well, back spasms makes it tough, though, but no excuses for Kershaw. Do it in the World Series. Do it again. Østergaard says, I have a big game during the postseason and he did already. But it wasn't a postseason. The two guys was counting because the gods his math on Kershaw is it's only a big game when he fails. But this takes us away from Rick Renteria in a way that displeases me. My apologies.


It also takes us away from something else that you guys can't make enough fun of. If you listen to the local hour today, you will hear what it's like to drive home with got through a rest stop.


You should check out the big Stewy and the local hour because you will find David Sampson was exceptional. Just talking about just ridiculous stuff that happened with the Marland and Stewart and the shipping container were exceptional riding home with the gods. But one of the things that they were making fun of there, and you can't make enough fun of it, and I'm surprised you guys didn't make fun of it as it was happening because I was reading PPR and I'm like, man, that phrase is Alyson's phrase.


That's a fantasy phrase. And I was passing it off as an advance metric, that fantasy that a fantasy acronym that I don't even know what it means, like the acronym PPR stands for what points per reception.


Yeah, but you trotted it out with such comfort. I did. And you're the smartest guy in the room. Yes. We all kind of thought you were reading a fantasy stat, but the chances were equal that you discovered this new advanced metric that none of us knew. And we didn't want to we didn't want to show that we were idiots.


I was thinking the same thing. Maybe Dan and Bill James got together. They sat around. They they discussed that. I do something to Bill.


James, Mike, can I admit something? Are you familiar with the the four corner graph that illustrates what's good teams and you always want to be in that top? Right. You see this in NBA Twitter a lot where its players faces.


Yes, I love the graphs, for example, that put the the faces of Jimmy Butler and Tyler Hero in one place. And then Kendrick is just put in the spot with just another guy, like in terms of what his overall value is when you pour in all the ingredients of measurement. Yes, that's one of it's one of my favorite ways, actually.


The visual aids, in order to do advanced metrics where you find out what the value of a guy is based on all of the things that the computer nerds put together so that we don't have to put it together ourselves because the analytics have gone crazy. It's hard to keep up with everything.


Yeah, I'm holding up for those watching on TV. I'm holding onto the camera. An example of offensive and defensive. This is your standard advance NFL graph that finds its way onto your timeline. And you just no top rate is good, right? It's measuring value. You've got no idea what this means. I retweeted. I get excited if my team's in the top right quadrant. That's all I need. That's everyone doing the work for you. It's all the numbers cruncher squeezing it into a cube and putting a face over here.


You can say now with this guy's good, he's got value. And let me tell you something, 95 percent of you don't know what it means either.


That's all well and fine. But ninety five percent of you do know what PPR means and I don't.


So you became all of a sudden a big fantasy guy. I know all of a sudden from one minute to the next. But again, this brings me back to my original point as every point in my life does. Back to Rick Renteria. And the way it brings me back to this is Rick Renteria was fired essentially because he hasn't kept up with the mass movement.


He was fired because he's considered one of the worst analytics guys, the secret weapon who took the Chicago White Sox to places they haven't been since that champion leader Louis Ozzie Guillen, Rich Renteria, who won a World Series Treasury, a very different kind of Hispanic dude out here representing my people, the age of Tom Cruise, the shape of me, Roly-Poly, Hispanic guy doesn't care, but just the sweetest person in the world, the sweetest everyone that you will not find one person who has anything bad to say about my beloved Rick Renteria.


He is the kindest man. Players love him, but he's a bit of a math dope like he does. And so the White Sox are like, hey, thanks for the playoff success. We've got a young team that's really talented. Get on up out of here. And what it reminded me of actually strogatz that's funny is. You saw how Michael Lewis parlayed and Billy Beane of the Oakland A's parlayed sort of market inefficiencies into, you know, a Moneyball movie that I thought couldn't become a movie.


Yeah, it made me feel bad for Art Howe because he was being played by Philip Seymour Hoffman's genius. Yeah. And Billy Beane was played by Brad Pitt. And I thought it was just unfair to Art Howe and Billy Beane. Brad Pitt is thinking to himself, the manager's job is to just put his elbow on his knee, on the top dugout step and be the leader of this boat while being middle management, like appearing like he's the skipper.


But being middle management, the guy who's in charge is actually Jonah Hill. The guy who's in charge is actually Brad Pitt. And that's what just fired my Roly-Poly friend, Rick Renteria. That's what just happened to him.


The Chicago White Sox had success, but not as much as they thought they should have had. Right. If he would follow the analytics the way the rest of the baseball had.


But the A's parlay that into everything but a World Series. Well, this is the dugout thing right there. We've talked how random baseball is. And so the guys gets to keep ripping the A's and Kershaw because they haven't held up a trophy at the end.


Am I the only person on the show that's been biting their lip the entire time, trying to just do a segment about 25 White Sox players, Paul, Konarka, Bobby?


Are we sure that Rick Renteria is that nice? Because I looked it up and he's been ejected 30 times in six seasons, so maybe he's not that nice.


What we need to get Rick Renteria on. It's funny that you mentioned Bobby Jenckes. Ron Kharkiv's because Bobby Jenckes, the way that Ozzie Guillen would call to the bullpen for him because he was the shape of me is to hold his arms out wide of his hips and say, send me the fat guy. Yeah, that's what pantomimed. He wouldn't go right arm, left arm. He would just go and just go really wide with his arms and send me the jiggling guy from the bullpen, Scott.


But said Nick. Do you guys want to Dods, do you guys want to do 25 white socks, any interest, Chris? Can we lure Chris and Roy and Billy into the 2005 White Sox game?


Jermaine Dye? I knew he was on that team. Uribe has to be there, right?


Oh, for sure. Yeah. AJ was there. Oh, wait.


So Takakura was the backup catcher, right? Yeah. Come on. This would have been the backup. AJ Pierzynski is always there.


He's never lost. So bearly right. Burley's. Oh yeah. You had contraries I believe was in Garland also on that roster. Obviously somebody say Jermaine Dye.


Did we say Joe Creedy. Yes. Jermaine Dye has been nominated. I'm still trying to figure out who was the second baseman on those White Sox. Dito Eguchi.


Dan, what's a different time? We love this time in baseball so much.


But what just happened there with your timing, Freddy Garcia, what happened? What did you just do? Chris, that was your contribution to the segment is to get the timing all wrong. That's right.


What did you say, Ross Gload? It was worth it. It was. I'm sorry. Since the 1980s, hip hop and America's prisons have grown side by side, and we're going to investigate this connection to see how it lifts us up and holds us down.


Hip hop is talking about what we live trying to live the American dream failing at the American Dream. I'm city manager. I'm Rodney Carmichael.


Listen now to the Louder than Ariete podcast from NPR Music, where we trace the collision of crime and punishment in America. Don Lemon, hard wired, I think I'm going to have you go out and get me some more soup. I'm going to just be slurping in on air because it's just I look at the sweat forming on my forehead, chicken soup, magical stuff. God, that's as close as I'm coming to a live spot right there. Right.


I'm Don Lemon Tart on behalf of Chicken Soup. This is a Don Lemon show on ESPN Radio.


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Nick Saban also is positive. Not surprisingly, the South is a bit of a virus soaked dumpster fire. And this was all incredibly predictable and mirrors the arrogance of our country politically. Really, what's happened in football in general is what happened to America. We had plenty of warnings from a whole bunch of different countries who were handling it differently. American football had plenty of examples beyond the bubbles of basketball and hockey, plenty of examples internationally of how to handle this correctly.


And football was like not we're just going to bulldoze through this and we're going to get our dollars however we can.


We're going to keep throwing these bodies, young and old, into a wood chipper, because what's happening right now should be offensive to you in college football and the pros in terms of how many of these human beings are getting injured because they can't play this game this way. They're getting hurt at a pace that seems disproportionate. Stargardt's like where you've got these teams, never mind the teams that simply can't play at all. The San Francisco 49ers are throwing out a mutation.


They are asking Shanahan to do something with just garbage. And they still beat the the Giants. But they're not physically right. They've just got they went into New York to play the Jets and they left with half their team hurt.


I know certain teams are just not getting enough practice time, not enough preseason time. The injuries are crazy. I wonder how Dan Mullen, the head coach at Florida, feels today, because moments after he said, I want ninety thousand of the swamp. And by the way, I wonder if Dan Mullins ever actually sat in the seats at the swamp. They pack them in like sardines like it cannot not be that important. Winning and losing where you're not in a position like that would apply to these apes.


It insults the gods. How many of these college football apes do you have to worship into a leadership position before you realize they're all lopsided, self-important apes? Like, I just don't I don't understand how a person who has a platform, who's in a position of leadership and is overseeing 18, 19, 20 year old kids, wants ninety thousand fans at the school talking about never go higher, go to the top of our country.


What are you talking about? You know, watching what's happening in America, I am it's irresponsible. What Mullan's doing is just following the lead of the governor of the state who's just following the lead of the president of the company. But that's not true what you mean.


But that's my point. You don't have to just be a follower. You could stand out and actually be. No, Dan, I tell my kids all the time, that guy in your television screen, he's not your governor. I am. I'll tell you when it's safe to go outside and it's not safe to go outside. Yeah, that's fine. And that's it's for lacrosse tournament. And then you're fine. Yes. Especially you.


all-American. Yes. That is months ago. What's happening?


It was it almost happened again this year schedule. It almost happened again this week. What do you mean? It was months ago, a little visit to Chicago this week.


We cancel because why were responsible adults and we realized you didn't even know it was a hot zone until Mike told you.


Yeah, you have visits to Delaware and two visits to Mary.


You were headed there again. When was he headed there? Monday. Again to another weekend?


Yeah, he was headed to Illinois. You lecture Mullen when you are him.


Well, I'm not Dan Mullen.


I'm not the head coach of the University of Virginia lacrosse program. Right. And I am listen, we made many difficult decisions. Oh, look at you. I am telling you, we're still not certain we're going to these tournament. And I will tell you another thing. My daughter is a trainer. All right, intern trainer for the football high school football team. I told her yesterday, we're done with this. It's a whole lot of sausage fingers on your hypocrisy.


Yes. I think you're just sinking us in lies and details mention you meant to cover the fact that. Mike protected you this week from going to a hot zone that you did not know you were going to for a lacrosse tournament while yelling at Dan Malloy?


I mean, I listened. I was still going to go. My wife, you know, we were planning on going. My wife ended up canceling the trip. I mean, what can I tell you? I had no idea that Illinois was a hot zone. I didn't think there was any hotter zone then than the zone of Florida.


How can you be who you are? Like, can we just marvel at you? Just did 45 seconds of waving sausage fingers around so we wouldn't notice that you are Dan Mullen. I'm not saying how can you make college football so important, guy, he says, as the guy who makes lacrosse high school girls lacrosse, that in part I'm not asking for 90000 people to come out and support my lacrosse team. I mean, I'm not he's asking you for ninety thousand kids to get hammered and sit in the swamp within an inch of each other because he wants a competitive advantage because Texas A&M had one.


It's absurd. Been coming and you coming in and out of hot zones while barely six feet from me and never wearing a mask and spitting your hot takes in my general direction. It's me that's at risk with you. And then it becomes us who's at risk with you and it becomes Gainesville. That's a risk with Mullen. And then it becomes America. Who's at risk with Mulvany at ninety thousand kids all hanging out, drinking beers, taking sips out of the same cops, doing Lord knows one of these games I've been to the games I've been to the swamp.


I know what's going on. It is that you have these kids doing all these things and then what do they do? They go home to see their parents for Thanksgiving. And this is irresponsible. It's irresponsible. The kids, the governor, Dan Malloy and everybody.


You can't lecture anybody. You can't. You can't. You got nothing to stand on. Probably, right. You're the same guy.


He's worried about kids traveling and bringing it back to the family. He's taking the entire family to multiple hard states. We leave Idaho.


Mike, you're positive, right, that he didn't know he was going into a hot zone again and that you talked him out of it because he was going, oh, I just crumbling again for nobody informing him that he was going to a hunter.


I did not talk him out of it. He was still going full bore into the hot zone, regardless of my apprehension about it.


It just fell apart because his very good bengoa won't tell us nothing is done for sommat. Alfonso Ribeiro joins us next. I'm not a big fresh prince guy, so hopefully the group here gets very excited about talking to Alfonso Ribeiro here. He's a great game show host right now, too.


So he's going to join us next. Game Show Network.


You watch it. I'm telling you, Mike, that is the first signal of aging watching soap operas in the game show network.


Don Lemon will be back in two and two still Godse. Let's go get a snack. This is a live up to our show on ESPN Radio. Alfonso Ribeiro going to join us in just a minute. Very excited for this on show. Pennzoil performance like Carlton, Pennzoil, synthetic motor oils are made from natural gas. That gives you unbeatable engine protection. The proof is in the Pennzoil based on sequence for a wear test using Essawi five w Dash 30.


He's had a very big career now. Amines kids somehow didn't know who he was in the State Farm commercials. He's also got America's Funniest Home Videos premieres Sunday, October 18th, 7:00 p.m. Eastern on ABC. But we are excited to get him Christine. Can you hold on a second? Because I got to move everyone out of the way to talk to this guy because I got a ton of questions for him. I guess I'll start here, Alphonso, and thank you.


Has anyone ever tried to physically harm you because they think you're Karlton? Yes, absolutely, a situation many, many, many moons ago where a dude walked up to me to go out and punch me in the face and I ended up whipping his butt, and then I was like and I stopped myself before I actually really hurt him. And and I was like, why did you hit me? Because I got so excited. I didn't know what else to do and I just walked away, OK?


I can't imagine how embarrassing it is, though, to hit Carlton because you think he's Carlton and then get your ass whupped by Carlton.


Well, the reality is that is that Carlton is a fake person. He's not real. But Alfonso, who grew up in the Bronx.


Yeah, very real as the Fonz. So how how how annoying is it to you? Because you've created a dance that Mike Ryan has claimed will live forever. Forever. How annoying is it to you, the number of people a day who come up and try and do some form of that dance in front of you? You know, years ago, I would say that that was absolutely annoying to me, but now I take it as a compliment where I recognized that I was lucky enough to do something to bring pleasure to people's lives.


And all they're doing is showing me ultimately the pleasure that I brought them. So I take it as a compliment now. But when I was much younger, I didn't quite see it that way. I was like, you're really annoying. Why are you coming up to be dancing in front of me? Well, what changed?


What changed was that age, wisdom, experience, mortality. Like what changed?


I think all of it. I think other than mortality, everything kind of changed. And it was, you know, at the end of the day, age, wisdom, understanding, getting out of my own head. And it's not just about me, but trying to understand other people better gave me the ability to kind of see it through their eyes. I had friends that, like, you know, showed me kind of a different way of looking at it.


And and I came to to actually appreciate what they were actually saying because I was able to see it in their eyes, but ended with them. Gave me that. Alfonso.


Did you think at the time when you're in it, did you think or know or say to yourself, hey, I am making this character is going to live forever, this is going to be an iconic character? Did you know it while you were in it? Oh, not at all, not at all when, you know, when you're when you're creating and you're and you're doing stuff where you're acting and you're being a character and you're you're so entrenched in your own, you know, creativity that you're not living on the outside.


You're just in your own head trying to be creative every week. So you don't have any perspective. You don't have any way of kind of seeing the impact that what you're doing might be having on other people because you're just focused on the next week. Right. So once the show is done, you've got a new script the next week, you've got to try to make that just as great. So you're so focused on that, there's no way to kind of see the impact that you're doing if you're truly in it.


You know, if you're in the trenches, there's no way for you to see, you know, the horizon.


It is funny to consider Fresh Prince as the trenches season.


Thirty one of America's Funniest Home Videos premieres Sunday, October 18th, 7:00 p.m. Eastern on ABC. Alfonso Ribeiro, I don't know where you guys know him from because it could be now to a new generation, the Chris Paul commercials for State Farm, or it could be America's Funniest Home Videos. For us, it's fresh prints, which only lasted how many seasons? Because I'm stunned.


We only did six seasons. We did six seasons. But in syndication, you know, it's been on for for 28 seasons. So 28 years later, it's still playing. So for a large generation, even though we were off the air, we were getting kind of a ratings we were still getting because people were watching this indication.


Why does it resonate that way? You know, I think that a couple of different things, I think we we told incredible stories, stories that still today are stories that need to be told and what we did it in a way that everybody can appreciate it and feel like there are lectured to because we did it, you know, where the an episode, where Will Will and I get pulled over by the cops. Right. It wasn't a lecture. This is just what happened.


And it was the reactions and the comedy that we laid into the story of how police just pull over black people because they're black, you know, so people could understand the story but not feel like they're being lectured to or told what what position they should take. It allowed the audience to take whatever position they felt was right. Carl Everett also. Afonso, you and you and the cast members with Will Smith and everybody on Freshmen's had a reunion recently and we were all surprised that Jenny Hubert actually showed up and had a conversation with Will.


Could you describe the relationship with Janet and Will and what exactly led to Janet being led off of the show?


That is Roy's baby. That is baby. That's Princess classers.


Well, I'm you know, I'm not going down the road of spilt milk in the past. Obviously, she and Wil found a way to get together and discuss it. And we'll see. Obviously, I wasn't there when that occurred. When she came on, I only did one of the days of the reunion because I had to do my day job, America's Funniest Home Videos. And so, you know, I don't know very much about what was said and how it was said and but I'm happy for both of them to have found peace in their relationship.


You really ended up in a place here where you gave us just Sportstalk clichéd stuff there. Instead of telling us about the dirty secrets, about how nobody liked Aunt Viv like you. You really you you've been around long enough to know Afonso. You just gave us Code Spiegler when we wanted some of the juicy details. You're like, I'm not going to get into the past, like, well done by once that you took that super seriously.


Well, listen, you used my life today is so positive and I'm so lucky to be living my dreams, that the idea of going into negative space anymore just isn't worth it. So I remain positive. I remain very happy. I've got great family. I've got a wonderful show, America's Funniest Home Videos, that's doing fantastic on ABC. You know, I have stayed calm and love doing a great thing from Mars. Rigley called Terrytown, which is an app that's coming out that's out right now, that kids can basically safely trick or treat this Halloween.


You know, I'm I'm loving what I'm doing. So, you know, the gutter is not a place for me anymore. Timo Perez. Alphonso, what you're saying is great, I love your resume. I love the shows, but I see one big hole in your resume and this is moving forward and something that I think you need to do. You've done Dancing with the Stars. I think you need to do the math. Singer. You know, I'll tell you, the the a lot of people lived through the last couple of years of loss and I've been on it and I'm always like, the problem with the messenger for me is the fact that you get nothing out of it until you lose.


Because you don't get to actually show people what you're doing, they just kind of see this crazy little math person doing it, and then when you lose, you're the loser of the week and your name is out there versus winning every week by doing something. I did a show years ago for Simon Cowell called Celebrity Duet that I ended up winning. That made sense to me because every week people knew it was me doing my performance and you get something out of it.


I don't understand what people get out of the Metzinger professionally. The love of the audience is great, but professionally, I don't understand what you get out of it. You only get your name in the press when you lose. But if you win, you get the golden mask. He's such a competitor, man, if only Chris Paul had this kind of heart. He won Dancing with the Stars. He wasn't on Dancing with the Stars to finish.


Third one, Dancing with the Stars. You want to do that show? All right. I'm going to kick everyone's ass like that. Kick that one guy's as it was so excited to see me. And then he punched me in the face.


You know, look, I am I am an incredibly, you know, competitive person. And for me, like losing isn't an option for me. Like I will say, good work. It's so good. It's so good.


Because you are the character in the Chris Paul commercials except like that. So that's his only show you kid what I got. Except I'm the only ensured you're going to need it when I bust your ass. I'll find you. Thank you.


Thank you. Got to have fun. Thank you. Sometimes the hook shot doesn't go in. America's Funniest Home Videos, Sunday, October 18th at seven p.m. Eastern. Thank you for being on with us. I can't believe I didn't even ask you about being in the Michael Jackson. Was it a commercial or video? Is the Pepsi commercial right?


The Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson in 1984, around the same time those two commercials, one was the what was called the kid, which is the one that I was in. The other one was called a concert. And that is where all of this real trouble started, where he burnt his hair coming down the steps while making the commercials. So it was a great time and a bad time, all in like two weeks.


You were there with him when his hair caught fire. You were there like you saw it. No, I wasn't there. But the other commercial. But I did see Michael did show me the raw footage of it about four months later, you know, of how and how it all happened. They had raw footage and online and people people could find it if they go to YouTube. But but, yeah, that's that's what he showed me. But it was it was it was a great time and a horrible time because obviously he went through a lot of pain.


But that commercial kind of, you know, changed my life.


America's Funniest Home Videos, Sunday, October 18th, 7:00 p.m. Eastern, ABC's Season Thirty one. It's one of the most successful shows in the history of our country. Alfonso, thank you for being on with us. I love it. Thank you so much for having me and I listen to you guys every morning, so it's a pleasure to hang with y'all. All right.


We'll talk to you tomorrow, then we'll call you tomorrow. Good luck. All right. We're calling you tomorrow. All right. Good to.


Donald Batard, your mother has seen me naked still, Godse, I don't like myself. This is done Liberta show on ESPN Radio. ESPN Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance News on the Dan Labrada show Nación. Someone has just hit us up on the Dr Pepper Twitter feed. Chris aims at Shameless AIMS. Eighty six says there goes the hashtag refeed are trying to wallow, going straight to immortality with Carlton. All right, thank you for listening so closely.


That took some strange turns with Carlton. Is he coming back on with us tomorrow. Might he hit me with a hole. I'll call you. He has the number to the bat line and I was like, look, I understand you're very busy, man. He's got like three different things he's working on right now. If you're ever on the freeway, like, say, next Wednesday and you just want to check in, give us a ring. The I'll call you means he's never coming on this program again.


The only one who has ever delivered on an I'll call you is Steve Garvey. That is it's you know what?


I have confidence actually. We'll see whether whether or not we'll see who's right. What is the wager that you guys want to make? I believe that Carl will call us tomorrow at the appointed time because Carlton always wants to win and he wouldn't want to lose with our audience. Right.


I should have taken that sort of approach while he was on the line, because now you're tapping into that killer instinct.


Well, he's listening. He's still out there listening because Carlton likes him some Carlton. He wants to hear what we're saying.


So if he's listening, I'll bet one hundred dollars that he does not call in. And Carlton, if you are listening, I will cut you in fifty fifty. And again, you are listening. I would like to apologize on Dan's behalf for saying you're listening and then he calls you arrogant.


I'd like to apologize on our behalf for never explaining that. Chris Coady was mentioning 2005 Chicago White Sox and the spaces when you stop talking.


And finally, the smash hit Dexter is returning to Showtime for a 10 episode limited series run with star Michael C. Hall in the fall of 2021.


How about that? All right.


The lovable serial killer and I'm talking about Christine Lacy herself, lab trying to rectify one of the worst endings to a beloved show ever.


They need to they need to rectify that. A lot of people are going to end up being excited by that. Dominique Foxworth is going to join us here, that is, that filmed in Miami are made to look like it's certainly not filmed in Miami outside of a couple of shots.


They absolutely needed to. They had a boat dock in Kendall down. OK, very good.


We've got Dominique Foxworth coming up later in the show to talk about something he's written. But we go right back to our Rick Renteria obsession for the next hour.