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Most vehicles, most locations. This is the 11th hour show with a still got Sparkasse.


This is so good if you're just joining us right now, I strongly urge you to go download the digital hour that we just did, the local hour we just did, because as the new morning show was starting on ESPN Radio, four hours of Keyshawn Jewell and Zubaan with one hundred guests, including Bill Belichick, we are stumbling around in a way that is uncommon even by our standard of sewage. OK, Jersey, I mean, New Morning Show, they sound fantastic.


They look better. Wow, you do not sound fantastic. That is just perfect. What just happened there? Let me watch. Yes. I mean, not you're just incompetent like this is this is where we've arrived. No, this is where we've arrived. And I want to get this out there because this is why your sports flashes were taken away. This is why they did you just hear Mike, did you hear how wonderful Christine Lacy sounded doing that update and how terrible Stewart sounded with his very first sentence that was soaked in the coronaviruses?


I was rolling on that. Let me get the audio. You got his first words.


I want you to be able to hear I want you to be able to hear how bad you sounded. But, Mike, while you're at it, as if you haven't done enough this morning, if you can also get me Christine Lacy real quick, because I want to talk to her. I've been struck out. She's so professional. I go way back with her. We used to do the Sunday morning shows where she was the update person. I don't even know if she was just starting his career or starting her career then not.


But Christine is there now. She has replaced you rightfully earned on merit. We sound much more professional with her doing the sports updates.


There is no shame in her replacing me. I am happy to pass the baton to her again. Just to recap from last week, she is third all time in my SportsCenter anchor update anchor. She is third all time in my power rankings behind the make man John Minko WFA and Bob USLAW WFA ad as she's just ahead of Bob. He used to work here at ESPN. Hey, this is a legend. I disagree, Dan.


The Duke Davis needs some work and Christine Lacy is at the top of the list. She is not anybody's third. So, Christine, thank you. We are delighted, delighted to have your professionalism involved in our general sewage. I hope we don't stain you in any way with all of this stuff around here that is not as professional as you are.


Good morning. I'm so happy to be with you guys. I'm really excited. OK, so this is going to be good stewards because we don't know what the rules are, Christine. Like we don't know. Do you know what the edict is from on high on why it is or how it is that Stuart Scott replaced on this? We saw an email chain that said that what he was doing is not professional enough, that it's it doesn't live up to the ESPN brand standard.


Is that something you've heard discussed in the hallways up there in Bristol? I have not heard anything. I was just presented with this opportunity and I am more than happy to take it is up to you. You are very Stewardson and I don't think anyone else can kind of. Do that sort of thing. No, no. You're so individual, you're so gentle, you are so nice. Thank you for just making that so antiseptic. You went into almost coach speak there in terms of protecting our players.


She did. Thank you for the compliment. But you have heard the updates and I wonder from someone who was third all time power rankings, first on dead third for me, you can move up the change here. But I am wondering, do you find them to be unprofessional? Do you feel like this was a good decision by ESPN or what do you think?


Well, I, I think that, again, you are very unique how you approach the updates and you do a great kicker. I don't think anybody can do a kicker like you. All right.


That's very nice of you to say, but I'm going to now. We did not plan this. It's just the way it worked out. If you're not familiar with what's happening around here, ESPN is debuting a new radio lineup. The morning show looks fantastic. It didn't sound so great. They had some audio difficulties when they started today, but so did we. And so this sort of thing tends to happen. But I want to compare, Christine, I want you to enjoy and understand why it is to gods was replaced doing this, your update there.


And some people didn't hear it, but it was flawless. It didn't have a single hiccup in it. And then we started our show after their professional morning show. And I want you to hear two gods I want you to absorb. OK, first sentence you spoke and how it sounded, the sentence with both your audio distortion and just the general illness that resides in your throat.


OK, Jay Z, I mean, new morning show. They sound fantastic. They look better. I don't hear anything. All right. Let's let's hear it again, just so that we can absorb again the juxtaposition of Christine Lacy, not a hiccup in her update and then still not mourning those very first words. Hey, Jay Z. I mean, new morning show sandpits. I think they look better and hip hop on my third show that they are ready.


I mean, Mike, can you pinpoint, please, the exact moment that the Flem closed is completely forgot his throat. Hey, Sam, fantastic. They look better. Oh, it hurt. Yeah. All right.


So, Christine, welcome aboard. Thank you for being with us. Can you tell me, though, are there any rules? Can we, like, put some and finally in there in the update for you or does it have to be like a totally serious thing? Just can we put a couple of sentences in your updates or is that not allowed?


Well, we we might have to do it outside of the updates because they're contained and they're only supposed to be 57 seconds. But we could I mean, I that would be a decision that's above me to make.


We could always cut some sports news if you. I know it's a dangerous time around. Here we go. That totally deserves a tackle. I know that that's not the way the company is shifting here. But we could take out a little sports news. Well, we'll talk about it over time.


OK, I don't want to put you in a bad position with management, so we won't be late, Christine. All right. We'll check back with you and we will see if we are allowed what we're allowed to do and what we're not allowed to do. But the thank you and welcome aboard. We are happy to have you on our pirate ship. I'm delighted to be working with you. Thank you. I'm excited. Thanks, guys. All right.


So put her in a lot of bad spots immediately.


Yes, Chris, I feel like she was probably looking forward to today and joining the crew, but I feel at this point now she's already like, what have I gotten into?


Yeah, we're going to ask her some uncomfortable questions on the air about what's happening up there in Bristol. But this is Stewart right here. Again, I just want you to enjoy on the day our show gets demoted, on the day Stewart loses his updates on the day ESPN Radio is rolling out a beautiful looking new lineup. This is how Stewart's The Boulevard show comes out of the gate. OK, Jersey, I mean, New Morning Show, they sound fantastic.


They look very choked up. I'm happy for Zubaan.


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So today, really two gods, if you look at it, this is not hard to see what is happening around here today. ESPN wants you to feel like sports is something back to normal today during months and months and months of this feeling like a shell of sports. And you only get these few things. You've already got used to the distorted baseball games with fake fans in the crowd and the basketball games where the audio drops out and the players look like video games and the virtual fans after all of this, after all of the movements in the street.


ESPN is trying very hard today to announce to everyone sports is back, beginning today, there's a new morning show. It looks really glossy NBA playoff game. Immediately after we go off the air, the NBA playoffs commence and games with stakes, not these distorted baseball games not fighting over in college football games with stakes. After months of ESPN being a place where there was a lot of social justice commentary, the machine is trying to get back into place today.


And so the morning show ended teasing Greaney at noon as if we don't exist and if we're not here. So I need to promote to you guys in the audience because they're not doing it for us here at ESPN. I need to promote to you guys that our local our today was fantastically awful. And you're going to love it if you're a fan of this show. And the digital only hour is fantastically awful and you're going to love it if you're a fan of this radio show.


But where we are right now, Stewart, is right now the machine tries to get back into place sports today. Things get back to normal when we sign off.


Should we should we just promote ourselves? That will be back tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. as it's no one else is promoting us. I'm excited that sports is is back. I I'm excited for this quadruple header today on ESPN. I mean, you get NBA playoff basketball from essentially one thirty in the afternoon. It's all about eleven thirty at night.


And I've got it's literally like Christmas Day. It's it it's it's what the NBA is on Christmas, except it's playoff games all day. It's games with stakes.


I did. And when you take the fans at home, court advantage and all this stuff, I will see how it plays out. But I have never had less confidence in the one seeds coming out of each conference that I do right now. Like, it feels like anything can happen inside of this bubble. Like I'm excited for the eight one matchup, Portland, the Lakers. That's going to be fun.


Well, Windhorst is saying that never has a one seed bought you less than what the Lakers have bought themselves because now they get Lillard in the first round and because there is a shift in a movement. Despite all of the noise outside the bubble, get in the sports bubble, live in this sports bubble with us. Stewart wants to give you sports Stewart's desperately wants to get back to, and I couldn't believe it when he said it before the show, I'd rather have Lilah's career than Kevin Durant Stewart's once he actually said it.


It's something he believes. Go ahead, make the argument. Please make the argument prisoner of the moment because you desperately want to get back to talking about sports just like everyone else around here.


Damian Lillard, please, please hear this and experience this the right way. He has stayed put. I believe he had C.J. McCollum have taken shots, subtle shots at Kevin Durant and his decision to leave Oklahoma City and join the Golden State Warriors who did not need him at the time because people like Dan were already calling them the greatest team he's ever seen play in the NBA. And so Damian Lillard and Kevin Durant are two totally types of different types of competitors.


KD is a guy where if you can't beat them, join them. Damian Lillard is a builder. He might not win a title, but he'll stay put and he'll do his best to win the city and the organization that drafted him that's been loyal to him. And he'll try to win that city a title. Now, he might not, but he made it to the Final Four last year and he did so in dramatic fashion, sending Paul, George and all those guys.


All this was all I'm saying. Kevin Durant's a better player. Kevin Durant's going to end his career. Having more rings is going to have more accolades. He's going to have more stuff. But Damian Lillard has what Kevin Durant will never have, the respect of his peers, full respect from his peers, which I don't believe Kevin Durant is ever going to fully get from everyone in the NBA. Damian Lillard already has it.


I would like to step back OK and look at the macro on everything that just happened here because as ESPN changes his entire ESPN radio lineup to give you a fresher, different sports feel, Stewart decided to recycle his Kevin Durant take and make an argument that could have been made about anybody in the last decade since LeBron James did the decision, you literally just broke in as if the first segment wasn't bad enough, where your first words are just a horror because you can't get them out.


You think you nailed that point. And it's a point that echoes across the entire decade of tired who got.


So in the first segment, you give us this Hajazi. I mean, new morning show. They sound fantastic. They look better.


And in the second segment, as ESPN tries to revolutionize the ESPN radio lineup, you recycle a decade long take in order to swipe at Kevin Durant again, which people can't hear enough from you.


What have you given?


Just out of curiosity, these show a free time for some at.


It's just resentment, just resentment and how it is you do the job, jealousy, that you get to work less and foul everything up and it always works out for you.


That's a good take. I'd rather have Damian Lillard score who's won nothing that Kevin Durant. Damian Lillard will probably never win a thing. Thank you Chris. I see your nod of approval there. I'd say he's got respect. Kevin Durant as I understand it. But it's the same thing we were arguing about ten years ago when it came to LeBron James. Did he take the respect or not? Because he took the coward's way out too. He joined another team and everyone crushed him.


And what ended up happening? Because you are saying this about LeBron James ten years ago, I was not totally different circumstances.


LeBron created a team. The Heat weren't good before LeBron got there. He created a team with Wade.


Who knows what I mean? That was historically good, you know what I mean? LeBron and Kevin Durant, the two of them. Over the last decade, they have been the story. Today, the playoffs are something different. LeBron is weak and Kevin Durant is not even in them. And you, prisoner of the moment, immediately lands in a place where you give give him a week. He's going to say in a week that Damian Lillard career was better than LeBron James.


This is good stuff to hire more oh oh new donors. Will Paul not flaunted the rules of sports brigands killer segment cards. What about a running mate? C.J. McCollum. Good enough to give me that room holds true. Gosh, I love your card too much more. Tell me more is coming next. That proves you dirty demons. No.


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Geico for bundling made easy. Go to Geico Dotcom today. Billy, why are you laughing what? Who are you laughing at? Why are you laughing? Dickie shot jr well and Zubin have better chemistry than you guys one day. And this is what is great about what is happening here in the first segment here of this new ESPN Radio lineup. This is what Stu gave you, a voice covered in disease. Jay Z. I mean, new morning show.


They sound fantastic.


They look better. The second segment you decided to reheat recycle a 10 year old Kevin Durant, LeBron James greatest hits from the Stewarts album, and then the third segment because you're not here in the studio and this is why you lost your update's. I feel like the third segment you start out by just reading over a bed of a parody song. Christine, are you still there? Because it was a joy to hear how professional your update sounded. Are you still there?


I am, yes. Do you think you should start doing the reads for to God so that you so they don't get read over parody songs when he's not supposed to be reading?


Whatever you need me to do, I can do. But I don't want to take anything away from anybody. Well, you already have. So it's too late. It's too late for that. Christine, you already you've already come in here with your professionalism and stuff that seems to be maximum countering you by just being on what has been a really dreadful day for us, just being maximum maximum got so far today. So we appreciate everything you're doing here.


Did you get any answers for me on whether or not we can do? And finally, in your sports updates are can I just ask you that every time until we've gotten an answer?


No, I haven't. I haven't yet. I'm just waiting for my my boss to get in to come in and see me, so.


And who is that pizza cone?


OK, so we will see. Well, we'll check with pizza cone and we can blame him or not blame him if we do not get the. And finally, he's probably got to run that up the chain a little bit.


Right. I'm thinking maybe. Yeah.


I wonder where that'll die, where in the chain where where it might be with me because I might not remember to ask him.


OK, thank you for being on with this, Christine. I'm going to keep going to you at every turn when I can because it's vastly more professional than the rest of what we're doing around here. Thank you for being on with us. We'll check back in with you.


Sounds good. You sound good. We do not sound good. I want to get back into something we were talking about in the local hour because it's not something that people would be privy to nationally, but it was uproariously funny in terms of just general awkward. OK, so you've got two different broadcasts during the Atlanta Braves Marlins game. The Braves broadcast is Don Mattingly being ejected from a game, and because the acoustics in the Marlins stadium, which is always empty, are wonderful, you can hear him just f bombing again and again and again, ejected from the game, comes out, has an awkward social distance argument with the umpire in which he keeps pulling his mask down over his nose.


He's too close and f bombs all over the place. That's on the Braves broadcasts. But on the Marlins broadcast, they had been teasing and this was so funny. Strogatz They had been teasing four innings. That coming up next was the curator and the head of the Negro Leagues Museum. And, you know, we're going to do this awkward celebration of one hundred years of Negro Leagues. And it's a celebration, even though what we're celebrating really is that black people weren't allowed to play with white people 100 years ago.


Like it's pretty just an amazing thing to have happen 100 hundred years later in the middle of what we're going through right now, that it's sort of a celebration of something that was truly awful 100 years ago. But it's been one hundred years of Negro Leagues baseball that was being celebrated. And they brought on the head of the Negro Leagues Museum and they asked him a question. They had not accounted for this man being a bit of a Yagmur, and they could not interrupt him while on the field, a totally empty field to Don Mattingly is storming out of the dugout.


He's talking about the Negro Leagues and Josh Gibson and Willie Mays and Hank Aaron and the two white announcers, while Mattingly is pointing at the umpire while Mattingly is dropping F bombs all over the place, while you have a moment of genuine baseball excitement where there is rage on the field and it's not just shifts and strikeouts and the game slowing down, but the two white guys in the booth simply cannot interrupt the Yagmur who is celebrating the Negro Leagues. And so what you have happen is Don Mattingly ejected from a game and this guy just keeps talking about the Negro Leagues, keeps talking about the Negro Leagues.


The next at bat starts and neither the play by play man nor the colored guy. Neither one of them can get in a word edgewise and Chris and Billy are just furiously texting each other because they're sort of disoriented by everything that's happening here. Chris, what was the funniest part of all of it? Imagining producers yelling at Hollandsworth, get in there, get in there? And Olins were saying, no, I'm going to check swing on this one.


I'm going to let this guy. There'll be plenty of argument, social distance or otherwise. I'm going to let this guy talk for as long as he'd like to talk.


It was either it was either the the conversation that you knew was happening in the headset's between the producer and the announcer says you knew, you know, that the producers were like, jump in there, jump in now. And Todd Hollandsworth and Paul Ceferino were just like, nope, I'm not jumping in right now. But the other best part was Don Mattingly continuingly having to lift his mask up and then them realizing that they got too close. So they had to separate.


And all this is Barole to a very serious I actually think that they were telling Todd Hollandsworth, don't jump in there because Todd Hollandsworth has this default where he chuckles before he says things sometimes. So he would have just interrupted what the guy was saying of Bob Kedrick would say with Yeah, Bob, by the way, Donnie, baseball out there really giving it to the home plate umpire was unbelievable.


Like, it was so funny to watch as an honest moment on television where they simply were afraid to interrupt the guy who's the head of the Negro Leagues Museum. And isn't that perfect in these troubled times that you can't even get to a baseball argument without the social stuff interrupting? Did you know Geico is now offering an extra 15 percent credit on car and motorcycle policies, that's 15 percent on top of what Geico could already save you. So what are you waiting for your baby to let you sleep in?


What? We sleep in another half hour. Thanks, sweetheart. You love her and you'll change yourself, too.


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You don't get the show. I'm going to have to explain parts of what we do to some people around here. This is a show about a show. That's what we do here on a day that has dawned here. That is a new radio lineup. Chris, you've written in the chat. I want to show everybody what's happening in this chat right now. Let them behind the scenes here on the Zoome. First of all, Chris Coady has said, if you drink every time Dan mentions ESPN's new radio lineup, you are already hammered.


I don't know why anybody would be playing that as a drinking game, but have you not realized that we need to promote everything around us, Chris? Do you not realize that everyone needs to be supporting everyone else here as the corporation decides to celebrate a new lineup and forgets about us again and again from 10 to noon? Even though we are the biggest radio show in sports radio in America, they keep forgetting that we are here and they've got glossy sets and everyone's dressed up.


And we'll see. We'll see how it goes for everybody on their glossies. That's all dressed up when they haven't worked together before. And we will see how they endure the inevitable rage that they're going to get because they haven't worked together before. And it's not going to be pleasant at the beginning as it wasn't for us, because people will make it real unpleasant before you can find your voice. Those guys have not worked together in the morning. Give them some time, please, to work together before you start with your criticisms, because this is what it sounds like.


After seventeen years of working together, I'll remind you, the guys after us, by the way, have to worry about that. They are doing solo shows. OK, that's right.


And it's just wonderful that you would say after the show you've had today that this is what it sounds like, 17 years of chemistry. But Chris, what's the problem with me? Advertising ESPN's new radio lineup. I'm being corporate helpful here, you know.


You know what, Dan? This one's on me. Your tone is great promoting this lineup. You know, and I'm not to take a look in the mirror and really assess my my assessment. Please do.


Please look in the mirror, Chris, because you and everyone else around here works for me, even though you don't work for me. Now, something else in the chat, though, and this is me being Leba Fosset. I don't know whether this is supposed to be on air or not.


You mean he fostered, you know, whatever you guys know, you know, it's not supposed to be on air and you're just going to do it. Should I not put this on air? I'm going to say with 100 percent certainty, whatever is about to come out of your mouth probably should be private.


Well, who's going to get in trouble for the back and forth on the open slot in the hours you guys are talking about?


We don't do that. That's that's but that's a private conversation. We can't say anything around you. I'm just going to have to back channel.


OK, so but I just want to know what's interfering with our ability to do. The show has become a thing.


Right. I can't I have to be careful with what I say around you. It's not my entire life is in foder, OK? It's not content. Sometimes people have business conversations that are just meant to be closed doors.


Why is my why am I the only one? My entire life is open for Dan to do whatever he wants with. Why is that not a rule on the show? I don't. Well because we have bosses and some of the back and forth here is about the technical ways that we do a radio show and it's being infringed on from a number of different angles. And so I want to know what's happening and I want to show the audience so that the audience can see what's happening around here, because I like to be transparent in the doing of this radio show.


And so I don't think that's wrong for me to just ask. You're objecting to how something's going to sound on the air because they're making yet another change to how we do the structure of the show.


I have to do this. OK, in a minute. So we have a library now at the end of the first segment. I don't like how it sounds having a library at the box in the first segment we use have a sports center read that would get some advertising in there, but it would mainly be content. I didn't want a library in there. I asked where could we move it because we had an open slot and apparently we can't. It's sold in has to be ten fifteen.


I'm really glad the rest of the national audience got to find this fascinating.


Is this transparency or rabble-rousing then put it on the poll at Libertador Show, is Dan interested in transparency or Rabble-rousing? What a great expression by you, Billy. Seriously, nobody your age uses that expression. Who is rousing the rabble? What is a rabble? And how does it do that? How does a rabble rouser put it on the poll as well at liberty to show? How does a rabble get?


Do you know how clearly you do? Do you know how a rabble gets roused want. I'm not leaky faucet tade.