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Most vehicles, most locations. This is the down labor part show with we've still got Sparkasse.


Mike, Brian's music is not working, so it is a cold open that we start with and we should start the guards talking Damian Lillard Dame Time. If we weren't starting there, we should probably start with a Seattle Seahawks getting losing his job. You heard this story right, losing his job. You know the story I'm about to. You don't know this story do you?


I don't know the story now, but I've got to got to. Seattle Seahawks got cut from the team for trying to sneak a woman into through the protocols as a man. But we're not going to start there either. And you are not paying attention to anything in sports if that story hadn't reached your doorstep. Stuart, I don't know what you're doing with your day, but it isn't working on anything because this was a story not a lot of people missed yesterday because of how amazing it is.


But this is not where we're starting either. Have you seen these photographs of Bomani Jones? Have you seen on the Internet these photographs, yes or no?


I have seen the pictures of Bomani Jones. Yes.


OK, this is where we're starting. And we're starting here because. Chris Coady. Yes. Chris, you want me to keep you out of this? This is how it happened. You want to keep putting this on, Tony, but this is how it happened. You held up to the zoom camera photographs, glamour shots of Bomani Jones. They are great pictures. He looks cool as hell across any decade. He's got shades. He's got a dashiki.


There are some pictures there. And Chris Coady looked at me with these photos while waving it at me and saying, Bomani has changed.


That's that's what happened, OK, that's what happened. And now there's this awkwardness because Chris doesn't want to talk to Bomani about it, but I want to talk to Bomani about it because he looks cool as hell. Tony, am I misrepresenting anything that happened here?


No, you're not misrepresenting anything, the problem was that Chris wanted to make me do it so I can face face Bowman's wrath and not feel like everyone's scared.


You just heard Tony couldn't speak all of a sudden out of nowhere because everyone is scared right now because they're scared of making fun of Roy. And it's not just during these sensitive times. It's not. They're always scared of making fun of Roy because Roy is brooding and Bomani Jones is someone we don't make a lot of fun of around here and nobody's making fun of these pictures. But Chris just said he has changed. And so I want to get Bomani on the phone and talk to him about these pictures because they're cool pictures.


Is there any chance Chris told you that in a private moment? Yes, of course.


Yes, of course. Yeah. You know, he's a man. Yeah, but here's the thing. Do you know how good attention has to be for me to abandon the story of a Seattle Seahawks wave trying to smuggle a woman as a man into a hotel? I want to sink into this, Mike. Please call Bomani. I want to sink into it right now. I want to talk to him about these pictures. Tell me those pictures are cool.


They're great pictures. If I took pictures like that, I would be putting up pictures all the time to.


Oh, so that yeah, I'd be so proud, man. I just for one minute of my life, Chris and I were talking about just for a minute, we'd like to see what it would feel like to be as smart as Bomani. I want to spend another minute knowing what it feels like to be as cool as Bomani Jones, because that guy is cool. He really is.


I I also would love for Dan to recreate this photo shoot. Yes.


Me in a dashiki. You'd like to see me in a dashiki with shades. I don't think I'll probably fit into the same gear that he wears, so I would have to have, you know. OK, Chris. Go ahead.


Chris, explain explain to Bomani what happened. I want you to be maximum uncomfortable with this. I don't want Tony taking this bullet for you. He was near it and you saw how ill equipped he was. He couldn't speak all of a sudden.


I am not embarrassed to say this to Bomani. He looks great in these photos. It's just not something that I ever imagined Bomani would do. I imagine that Bomani would maybe make fun of somebody that does that. So that's all that was my only comment. But it seems like in Cauchy and we've all changed. Look, it's been a rough go of it for me. I'm not well, but he seems he seems to have taken this quarantine and, you know, become more open and willing to share.


So he's doing a lot better than I am.


He's had what the kids call a glow up because Bomani Jones right now with these photos is someone absolutely that Bomani Jones would have made fun of two and a half years. They're great pictures.


No lectures. No there no there's no disputing how cool he looks. Handsome as all hell. It's almost as if he revealed the hairline and everyone's like, why have you been hiding that glorious hair line? And he's leaning into it and he's feeling himself a little bit. And these pictures are great evidence of that.


But there I think what maybe Chris is saying is Bomani was already cool. He didn't need to go to any lengths to become cooler. He was cool on his own. You know, I think well, now we have this.


So, Bomani, you've heard a portion of this. Can you help me, please? Because I'm not sure that they're terribly wrong about that accusation that perhaps ten years ago, that's not a photo shoot that you would have, you know, celebrated, but that you look cool in the pictures. So anyone who looked like that would put out those pictures.


I mean, look, man, I don't necessarily think that this is something that I would have made fun of previously. Like these this say this is the old railroad track. You know what I'm saying? Like this.


This is this is this is this is that that where happened was this quarter started and I was like, oh well I missed my head shaved. At one point I was like, let's just see how it goes. And what I thought was going to happen is that I was going to look ridiculous because my hair light had been running back and I haven't had in seven years. So I thought that I would look funny and then I would put up the funny pictures and then everybody would laugh at little did I know that I would grow the hair out and it would verify what we already know.


I know joke, baby.


You know, like I tried I tried to give you a little you know what I and and I guess that's what I'm but just wasn't in position to give you all the joy and the jokes that we all thought would go wired up. I just kind of wrote it out a little bit. And then I thought, you know, it'll be kind of funny. It takes some like 70s theme type things like this. They go last forever. Might as well do it.


Called up my brother. He takes pictures and I'm like, Yeah, let's go take some photos. Now, remember, I'll talk to him. I was like, yo, you know, I got a dashiki at crib. And he was like, I was thinking, a dashiki goes.


We throw all the dashiki walked around Harlem, you know, and then that's what the pictures came out.


It I don't know what I'm. That's just how the pictures happen to look where you booked the photo shoot, I thought you were just helping. I knew your brother took the photos and I thought you were just helping him out. You called him up and you booked the photo shoot just because you were sending out these third straps on social media.


I did not view this as a tourist trap. I thought that they would look like period pieces and ironic and the like. And my brothers always look at the sun to take a picture up. So he and his wife came out and they took the pictures. I can't help what other people turn to pictures.


What's your reaction, though, when I tell you that Chris Gote just said that you've changed? What's your reaction to that?


I mean, with all due respect, I've never had a conversation with that man in my life who in turn put this on the pole, Tony.


More flagrant disrespect. Who the hell is Tony? Or with all due respect, I've never had a conversation with that guy in my life. Bomani Jones is doing some very strong work on college football. You should check out the right time with Bomani Jones because he's out there reporting some of this stuff. I do want to get into, though, with Bomani, the difficulties we have in having fun, sort of mocking things around him because we badly want to play both the sound of you coughing, choking on the air.


But we don't know how to do it because we know that you don't like how often we play it.


Well, like I said, I minded a lot less that you played it or anything like that. Then the fact that everybody jumps in my mentions like nobody's ever done it before. The problem is a lot less you the people you associate with. I don't mind as long as it's funny, like with the pictures I just put up, everybody's telling the same joke, right?


You look like you would be bad. Like if that's the best you could come up with that to decide and let the pros do it. Oh boy. Chad and had a great life that looked like raffia. They like, get out now.


That was fun.


I just, I just demand that you're funny. Be funny. I think that's an appropriate angle for me to take from where I stand. I just don't feel funny to be funny, Bo.


I mean, a little disingenuous. It just sort of casually say that happens to everybody. I've listened to a lot of radio in my life. I haven't quite heard something like that.


But although there a of like what you want me to play. Oh, but you know what, my real problem with that is right away, you were like the cool we played. I was like, sure, I didn't think you were going to do it for like a month and a half.


That's what we do. But you, like you do have to acknowledge who the hell y'all are, right? That was the part that I didn't get. And I don't remember who it was.


Was it, Tony, by the way, somebody that worked in Bristol was like snuck that across to you, but it wasn't somebody that I knew. And I'll never forget. Somebody told me who it was if you happened to be in the studio, because I used to, you know, beam in to the Bristol folks that I was doing radio. I forget where I was. And they they put them on and I was like, yo, what's going on?


And that dude shook whoever it was was scared to do that.


Being him were not cool enough for him to decide that he was going to put me into the joke. I think you'd agree with that.


That's OK. But point to make.


Is this a fair point to make, you know, radio, is it a fair point to make that now a whole lot of this audience doesn't even know what we're talking about? I'm obligated to play it for the audience. Yes or no?


Hold on. Hold on, hold on. Hold on. You know damn well you ain't obligated to do nothing for me to do it at all.


If you decide to do it, then I have permission and I have permission, please, to play it for you.


So how did this start? With how cool I was looking. Right. I know now we can't let him shine. Why, why? Why will we let go my like this. So no. So we need to, we need to allow our audience to feel better about themselves. Oh masterful job I did. All right.


This was all a back door. So your play is there.


But I what is such an obvious cut. And before I get back to the second, I do want to make a point as much as people to say that I would make fun of somebody, put up these photos or whatever. Yeah. Act like I hadn't been on TV and thousand dollar suits for years, y'all, since 2013. I mean, come on.


We called it. Right. I had the sound cued up before I got him on the phone.


I wasn't trying to trick him. We just I was marveling at our friend Chris and Toby were to make fun of Bomani.


I know. I just wish that I had I mean, this is this is just where it becomes a problem. It is no peace. I can't do nothing back to y'all. I have no means quite honestly, don't nobody care enough about half of y'all for me to be able to have fun on my radio show with our podcast, split up and make jokes about it.


So I will allow you in this moment where you could just be like, wow, that's great photograph. Yeah, maybe maybe we should, like, you know, give my brother some shot at all these things. That's what y'all could be doing. Instead, I will let y'all get in a booster seat. See, I can get on my level and enjoy listening to me choke on the air. And one day I'll tell you the story of what I was choking God, which is a lot funnier than anybody else ever.


All right. So just so that we get there at Mumblecore, Jones is his brother. He's a very good photographer. And these pictures are cool at Bomani Underscore Jones if you want to see him. But now that we have permission, thank you. Here's Bomani Jones falling apart.


Coughing Welcome back to the right time. My name is Bomani Jones. Thanks for listening on ESPN Radio and the ESPN app. Excuse me. Welcome back to the right time with Bomani Jones here. We're going to be joined by Brian Windhorst, our insider at ESPN here very shortly.


I'm good. Some to cut down my throat. Sorry about that, Brian.


In the meantime, so good. I'm looking at it and I'm dying. Look it out. Why do some people. He didn't recognize what was going on. It is no way to tell what's going on without being on the microphone.


It was real at the right time with Bomani Jones.


It's very smart and very fun. Check it out. Thank you, Bob. Good talking to you. Hi.


You guys be good. We went very long with Bomani there, which means this is an extraordinarily short segment and what we have coming in the future because of radio's rigidities beginning on Monday, you're going to get more of us with more space to work on podcast form outside of 10 to noon. We will have a lot of different content for you and we will have a lot of stuff that has more room here because we've got a lot of advertising. And these two hours have have on the radio have been hit by not a lot of space to maneuver around.


And so beginning on Monday, we will be giving you a local hour and a digital only hour that doesn't have any of those confinements or rigidities or bars. So forgive me for this segment being so short, but because we went long with Bomani there, we don't have any space to work here.


And we'll get back on these clocks at the correct time in the following segment. But we've got to just give you an ad here again, though, on Monday.


Whoa. We'll give a sports opinion. Dan, something. Give us you can't you can't spend the segment saying that, hey, there's just coming. Just a commercial, this segment. All right.


My sports opinion is that these two hours are too confining with this much advertising. It's hard to do radio this way.


Yeah, but that's that's that's to do with sports. Sports. It's radio. It's a fact. I mean, it's.


Well, wait a minute, Stuart. You need to be careful here, because beginning Monday, your job is being replaced as update anchor. And now people just like in the 1950s will be able to get sports and highlights at the half hour sports and highlights, scores and highlights at the half hour mark on their AM radio. That's beginning Monday. You lose part of your job.


I've got sports. I've got sports. Matt Chapman, Al MVP. Hmmm, I'm being asked to do less, even less somehow, even less somehow. What a day. I know. I know. It's unbelievable. Stu Godse continues to get paid the same for working less. It's now two hours of radio from ten to noon. And also we need to professionalize the sports update. Mike told me about the email chain, your updates. What was it, Mike?


What was the phrase? Not up to their standard, up to the standard of ESPN, not up to the standard of ESPN.


Right. Sorry. Damian Lillard yesterday wheezes into this play in game against Memphis, and the bubble experience has been a huge positive everywhere except the ratings so far and the Games, the Suns and the Blazers were playing and Memphis felt like they mattered a little bit, even though we usually don't care who the hell is going for the eighth seed. But what Lillard was doing yesterday when he is down seven and they need this game for their season to continue after he said that he was not going to come to the bubble unless there was a chance to make the playoffs, he wasn't going to come play games.


That didn't matter because he's the killer and he only wants to play in games that matters. So in these games that have mattered the last three of them, he's got more than one hundred and fifty point. But yesterday, yesterday and this guy is so, so icy, he comes over the half court line guards while everyone there miked up for sound and the nets are talking to each other and they're like, pick him up at half court. You have to double him at half court.


He comes down down seven, down seven and shoots from the half court line. And in the wired for sound that I heard just got, the guy is simply saying the player is saying, I don't know which player was for the nets. I don't know who the hell is playing for the nets. He is saying you got to pick him up at the NBA logo, yeah, you have to get over there and then got to and I loved this so much.


There was sound because there are no fans in the place. There was sound of Joe Harris. Tell me you guys heard Joe Harris where Damian Lillard is falling out of bounds on a corner three OK he's falling out of bounds and he's guarded. And it goes in and you hear Joe Harris say, clear as day. Bleep bleep bleep dame. I can't even say it's it's God bleep. And he was just frustrated, like just simply like, you've got to be kidding me.


We did everything we're supposed to do. Damian Lillard You're falling out of bounds. And you just heard the frustration in his voice in a way that you normally don't hear a guy articulate where he's just befuddled because the ball has gone in and they know they've done everything right. And against this dude it doesn't matter sometimes from distance because he's going to get a shot if he can make it from 30 feet away.


I know you mentioned the ratings, but I think the expectation is that Damian Lillard is just unstoppable right now, even though last night he came pretty close to being stopped. Jammer nice seasoned rookie year. But we're all picking Portland in that in that game to get in the playoffs. LeBron versus Damian Lillard first round matchup, LeBron versus Damian Lillard, McCollum and Carmelo Anthony, or really informed team a team that made it to the Western Conference Finals last year.


All of a sudden you're going to have a really well rated first round matchup for the Los Angeles Lakers. Dame had some amazing shots, though, Dan, you're right, and there is no limit to his range, because I remember C.J. McCollum has been on my podcast like three or four times that he told last year when he took out Paul, George McCollom was telling them how you better pick him up at half court. He is shooting it with the intention of ending the series and send you home.


And then it was it. He was there. He took the shot. Paul George was five feet away from him. I mean, it's crazy.


Mike is love this dude forever because he thinks that he shoots to end people's lives with the intention to win in the series.


No shooting and people careers. Absolute killer. So fun. I mean, a lot of people get you know, Kobe was an assassin and he carried that mantra and absolutely lived it. Damian, since Kobe. He's that guy. He's the guy that's so icy, the guy that you want the ball in his hands at the end, because he I think he legitimately lives for this. He tells me, I won't tell me I won't. I love that.


But I don't think Dan, you don't think LeBron is is sweating the Blazers or Damian Lillard at all?


I think it's a weird seasons through. I think there are a lot of different things and if it's true what they're saying, which is the sight lines in the bubble with no fans help shooting teams because all of a sudden Gary Trent Junior can't miss a shot like it's if indeed the bubble is helping people, I don't know what to expect. I always expect the better team, the more talented team to win. I always expect the one to beat the eight.


And if I bet it, I'd be rarely, rarely wrong. What's it happened once. Twice for the eight is beaten a one. And one of them though, was in one of these truncated seasons when the Knicks took out the Heat in one of these seasons with a work stoppage where it was fifty four games or something. And it was all weird, I think is going to be hard because look what the Blazers do. Well, we all know it's Damian Lillard.


Avery Bradley is probably the guy on that Lakers roster best designed to stop him or give them headaches and he's not in this bubble. Rondo's dealing with fitness so Lillard is going to get his and it's going to be super fun to watch.


It's interesting the reputation that he has got because Caris Levert last night gets like basketball credibility points because Damian Lillard is saying after that game that guy's cold like he's giving, he is giving praise. He's giving street credibility to LaVert by by just being somebody who is maximum assassin. So yesterday, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal, and sometimes they have arguments that are a little bit uncomfortable, and Shaq over the years to God has been sensitive but sensitive within the confines of sports in the locker room is less sensitive than the average person.


I think athletes have this extraordinary confidence and they don't actually get that much up in their feelings when their back and forth on stuff because they've had the success over their life. And they they they have mastered what they do in the case of Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley. So even though Shaq can be sensitive and Charles Barkley isn't at all about this stuff, they have these good back and forth. And you're with me on this, right? They sound sometimes like they don't like each other very much.


They absolutely do. Yeah, it sounds like it sounds like Shaq wants to put his fist through Barkley's face. Yes.


So let's hear some of that sound from last night. This is courtesy of TNT and the NBA show. What is that called? NBA inside the NBA. Inside the NBA. Here is Shaq and Barkley going at it. Is that a fine asking them, forgetting the name of it, the greatest game show ever game show ever.


Let's play that sound, first of all, from not being a great defensive player, but having championship experience. I'm not about I'm talking about golf has got to step up here and what you're talking about. Hey, listen, listen, Rob. We have Rob a little Celebrity Rehab. Rob, they got your shot. Bob, I appreciate your big show. Robert George, James Posey. Don't forget, I got double trouble to get covered anyway. Karen, you're fat.


Listen, don't forget Kobe and Dwayne Wade carrying your fat ass coming from a man who's got no regrets.


I love it.


Well, and also, if that's the right amount of rebound, that's fine.


Thank you, sir. Not totally useless. Chris, can you help me, please? Why were you talking during the break about people disliking Joe Buck? Speaking of announcers, what did he do? What where where did the sport come from?


Well, last night I'm on Twitter, you know, doing what I do, just getting my scroll on. And I see on the right side of Twitter that he's trending. Joe Busquets and I do this thing now. It's my least favorite and my favorite game clicking on someone trending to see why. And hold on a second.


Hold on a second. Roy, why are you shouting into your microphone right now, even though it's on mute? What are you shouting as one when the whitest things I've ever heard?


I'm getting my scroll on.


I don't know what I do know what I wasn't getting my scroll on or was it doing what I do as it getting his scroll on was a cool thing.


Yes. OK, very good. Just tired Cody. OK, the entire is Roy is like the king of getting his scroll on. So I feel like this is like the last person that should be coming at me on this. So when I am.


But I'm not saying don't get my skull on that AMA. No.


Anyways, I digress or you guys digress. However, that saying goes so Joe Buck is my I just see Mike laughing. Right. I take it you're sitting there.


I didn't you guys who did die crush out. Now, Tony put it on the pole. Who did digress. Yes or no? Go ahead, Chris. Finish your damn thought.


So he was trending and I was like, whoa, why is Joe Buck trending? I hope he's OK. And he was OK. It turns out he was simply broadcasting a game and people just don't like him. And I'm asking the question because I don't have any bad feelings towards Joe Buck as an announcer. I think he's fine. Kind of like all like a play by play guys, like they just do their job. I don't really have a strong opinion about any of them.


And I'm just wondering what it is about Joe Buck specifically that people hate so much because he just seems like a guy who broadcast games. He's good. I don't understand.


We've been talking about this for years. He just comes off as a guy who is too cool. You know, he's got his feet up. He's not taking it seriously. It's so effortless for Joe Buck. He's got a sweater tied around his neck.


It just seems to be all about Joe Buck, more about Joe Buck than it does about the actual game. People don't like him. Correction next.