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This is the down labor part, sure, this still got Sparkasse. So we're a weirdo show that develops these strange obsessions, and this week it has been an obsession with Rick Renteria, White Sox manager, I'm hoping at some point that we can get him on the air. He is the white whale right now because we've been talking about him all week.


But the reason that we've been talking about him all week really is because our show is obsessed with 90s baseball. It's the one thing that unifies us in a time that America is more divided than it's ever been. Yet. And what I've seen happen, one of the strangest things I've seen happen. During the pandemic, Stewart, and there's been a lot of strange stuff in America. It is that this shows interest baseball so reluctant to change to Gotz never changes.


We don't want to put Spider-Man on the bases to advertise movies because we are old fashioned. We don't want to put more teams in the playoffs. A disease forces baseball to change and baseball's back. Like our interest in what it is that we're watching here has resumed Stewart's because Billy had to be infuriated the last night that the Astros and Carlos Korei are hitting a home run. And we're close again to these cheaters winning the whole thing because they've come back against Tampa.


They have to win two more. But the one guy you're rooting against, the Astros that you don't want hitting that homerun is the guy who's been most vocal.


And I mean, he says, I am here for a defiant, hissing champion. But so there on that end, we've got storylines in baseball interest. Go ahead, Billy. Tell it. Give us everything you got on the Astros before we get to Strugatsky, the other baseball story, because you got to get to the floor today on Kershaw. Like, I can't even say anything today, Wizzy. So we'll get to Kershaw in a second. What you're here for, which is just two guys playing his greatest hits.


I can't wait for the Kershaw's. Can we just get to the inquiry? You need to shut up already. OK, and Dusty Baker, don't get me started on him. We need to get back into the hole. Dusty Baker, the worst manager that has any manager ever done more with more than Dusty. What is happening? You know, listen, slow down, Billy. Slow down. So there's a lot going on there. He's making my eyes been twitching.


We don't need to go gather yourself.


We will get to the Kershaw. Everyone's waiting for the Kershaw's to God stuff. Yes. And I'm being patient. Belike, take your time, finish your sentences and get through this. Yes. Go ahead and explain to us the emotions, the careening emotions that the Astros are putting you through. No, we're good.


We're good with the Astros. The are not going to win two more games. It's not going to happen. And even if they do, they're not going to beat the Braves because the Dodgers are a joke. They're not going to make it to the World Series. We all know that that's not going to happen. The Braves, by the way, all over the Braves and Brian McCann is rolling in his grave with what these Braves are doing. If it was any team other than the Braves, I would be like, wow, this is fun.


But the Braves, I just do not like and I think it's because they're in the league and I've had to be dealing with them forever. But I hope that they're the Braves like the old days where where they make it to the World Series, that they win 14 straight division titles and they do absolutely nothing. Don't get me started.


These are not your old Braves.


These are not I can't hate these breaks that made me feel bad for Kershaw last night to God since I thought he I thought he was betrayed by his manager having to hold on.


Hold on. Someone else's fault got hold on. OK, you get your chance and I will get out of the way. I know you're ready to leave the bullpen. Just hold on a second, OK?


Yeah, he's a fraud.


The reason that I felt bad for Kershaw last night because he's got a manager who is managing from a different time and left him in the sixth inning to face the top of that Braves order, which is horrific. I'm just going to read some stats to you and then you can have the floor and I will get out of the way. And they are mostly stats that will support just about everything that you've ever said about Clayton Kershaw. OK, yeah. So this is from ESPN.


His career areas now go like this, two point forty three in the regular season, three point six eight in the Division series, while Division series in wildcard round four point eight four in the LCS, five point four to win the World Series. His postseason era from the sixth inning on is seven point three one, the worst of any starter with a minimum of twenty innings. And that's an area that's where that's where his manager betrayed him. His three go ahead hits allowed in the sixth inning or later since the twenty thirteen postseason is tied with Justin Verlander for the second most in that stretch.


Let me just get through these stats.


Here's to go to all yours. All right. Yeah, he's a choker.


This is from Hambo. Below is a comprehensive list of pitchers to start ten plus games in the LCS and World Series with an era over five.


That's Clayton Kershaw is the list. OK, Clayton Kershaw, that's there's no one else on short list. Clayton Kershaw has a three point. This is from John Morosi. Clayton Kershaw is a three point nine four era in his last five postseason starts, including tonight. I suspect that is lower than some critics would expect. So it's a yaara under four Gascón.


So here from ESPN stats and info, Clayton Kershaw has given up three Go-Ahead hits in the six that I just gave you. That Stat three go ahead hits in the sixth inning or later since the 2013 postseason, tied with Justin Verlander for the second most over that span, only Aroldis Chapman has given up more five.


Gaskin, I'm sorry, I just gave you that stat. So at and he had a great start tonight. Then he gave up two ground balls and never should have faced the third guy. The Clayton Kershaw narrative's narrative is in no small part. The Dave Roberts is trapped in 2014. No excuses. So how about.


Oh, my God. Oh, well, both the way Clayton Kershaw. Here's another stat. He leads the league in sportswriter's, making excuses for him. Get out of here. You can't be the pitcher of a generation and not go into the sixth inning. He wouldn't even have gotten a quality start. He's the best pitcher. Everybody can't get past seventy one pitches in a game before there's trouble. He can't pitch into the sixth inning. That's the manager's fault.


He's supposed to be the ace of a staff. He's supposed to be carrying this team for whatever reason. He does great in the regular season and he has issues in the postseason. But it's not the fault of the manager that you can't get through six innings. Come on. That's ridiculous. The fact that he had a four point six four one era headed into NLCS before yesterday's game has nothing to do with the manager that's on him. Right.


That's him being a fraud and a choker. As I explained to Dan earlier, here's the problem. Billy's right with Clayton Kershaw. You have all these people rushing to his defense and I don't get it. And you have Tim Kurkjian and Buster only and all these guys calling him the greatest pitcher of all time, which he is not, by the way, because pitchers are defined of about how they do in the postseason and how they do in the biggest spots that here is the problem.


I am listening to that game on the radio at Boog Zombi, of all people, is defending Clayton Kershaw and I love BU. But Boog says, with all due respect to the bashers out there, this is not 2014. Clayton Kershaw. Well, let me tell you what he did in 2014 in the NLCS. Boog, he was I went to with a seven one four Eora The moment gets to him, the pressure gets to him. I would rather have David Wells's career.


I'd rather have David Cohn's career. Heck, I'd rather have Charlie Morton's career than Clayton Kershaw. How about that?


It can be both things. Clayton Kershaw can be a great pitcher. He can be the best pitcher of his generation and he could be bad in the playoffs. But we don't have to make up excuses for him as to why he doesn't get things done in the playoffs. Like you've read the numbers. He has not been good in the NLCS of the World Series. So you don't have to lie to people and say that he is good and it's someone else's fault.


He hasn't been good. That's just what it is.


Fraud, choker, excuses. Gas can gas. Can I. I burst out laughing because I heard your Mahomes Alex Smith take in the middle of shot tonight.


No, no, you do win today. You win. But I just thought it was fun. Funny to hear you say which he's not, by the way. I just.


I heard echoes of your Mahomes Alex Smith come out as cleanly, though I got to be honest.


I get in theory, Dan, why you're saying Dave Roberts should have taken him out in that sixth inning? Look at his numbers in the sixth inning. He was at seventy one pitches. He had given up one run. You can't, like, tell you, but it's third time through the lineup with that top of the order that got him. Dan, I'm telling you. Seventy one pitches if you dare go out to the mound to try to take the ball to David Wells and forget.


Okay, I'll punch you in the face. Well, Joe, this is Joe Sheean that was quoting Dave Roberts. This is how people are managing today.


It's also not a small sample, by the way. It's ten seasons that he's been in the playoffs. Twenty twenty nine to 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. So it's not like four bad starts is the reason why he has a big yaara.


It's one hundred and seventy seven innings. It's basically a whole year he's been in the postseason and he's got a four seven eight four three one.


Eora Not bad. I am not, I am not here to argue. OK, I am not sorry. Sorry, got carried away. I mean, you just had to get in that not good, I mean, like you just had to. I'm going to get Bugan here to talk to you guys. I'm not here to argue on behalf of Clayton Kershaw today, OK?


But to lose an argument with Boo because he's going to be throwing bop, bop, bop W plus R to D 2s and all this stuff that no one's ever heard of. It's like, OK, fine baseball, you win, but VRD four point seven eight. This is OK.


But what I'm telling you about and you know, this is the way the baseball is managed, you can take this up with Kartun people know baseball better than I do, but the way that it is managed today, there was literally Stuckert, literally a guy last night who came out of the Astros bullpen whose name was Scrub. His last name is Scrub. He's just another scrub. What he threw was a breaking ball like Blyleven and ninety seven. And that's the guy that every bullpen is bringing in now in the sixth and seventh inning, because tired starters aren't the way we're going anymore.


Like that's not what they're doing in that to understand that. But when you're Clayton Kershaw, everyone calls you the greatest starting pitcher to ever pitch in Major League Baseball. You have to do with the other greats have done in the postseason. Go out and give your team eight or nine innings. That's what you have to get. I don't care how baseball is being managed today. That's what the greats have done forever. And that's what Kershaw needs to do.


And he can't do it. He's not capable of doing it. Hang tough.


But what do you think Satchel Paige would save his manager, your pitching five innings today?


He wouldn't say anything because he's been dead for many years. Oh. About Koni. All right, well, you can take it up, you're arguing with someone who doesn't want to argue with you. He wasn't good last night and he hasn't been good in the postseason. Since the 1980s, hip hop and America's prisons have grown side by side, and we're going to investigate this connection to see how it lifts us up and holds us down.


Hip hop is talking about what we live trying to live the American dream failing at the American Dream. I'm Zinnemann. And I'm Rodney Cormark.


Listen now to the Louder than Ariete podcast from NPR Music, where we trace the collision of crime and punishment in America. Don Lemon tart during the breaks, the guys are just staring at the television and he says to Adrian Jaroussky, who should probably go without saying, isn't someone who can hear what he's saying because he's on television, he's not in the room. Strogatz looks at the TV and says, Whoa, that's a nice shirt and jacket combo.


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Yeah, he'll be here in a couple of seconds. I don't know if he's going to argue or not. I don't know the specifics of what it is that he was saying. You can't argue that Clayton Kershaw has been good in the postseason. It's not an argument that can be made.


He was just he was saying this is not 2014 Clayton Kershaw. He can't do it like he used to. And so I went back and I realized why he chose 2014. It's the best season he's ever had. I went back and looked at his postseason. He was 012 with a seven four one.


One of the things that I have found heartbreaking about whatever it is to be inside Clayton Kershaw, his head at this time in his life, is that that criticism was something that he might have defiantly been able to throw his way out of curveballs and 97 miles an hour once upon a time. But the power arm in that sport has a short life. There is a surgery and some guys rebound from it. Kershaw has rebounded from that somewhat, but hasn't rebounded in a way that with age, Stuart, he's likely at any point to overcome what it is that has to be overcome to get his postseason numbers in a place that are reasonable.


He still had. I understand what you're saying. He's still at fifty eight innings pitched this year and had a two one six year. Right. Like, I'm just I'm wondering from your perspective, because you don't buy into, like, the choking stuff and I get it. What do you think is happening to him in the.


Well, it's not that I don't buy into the choking stuff. That's not what it is. What the part that you will always hear me object to is. I've been here and since Gary Williams, Jim Boeheim, and I'm old enough to remember you guys doing this to LeBron James like you did it to Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan at one time was somebody you guys were saying you can't win that way. Yeah, like, so I just we always move on to the next guy when when somebody wins it, we move on to the next one.


And Kershaw isn't it wouldn't appear, going to be able to alter this like Elway got some of this Dugan's like you like until you've won it. To me, it's a very simplistic way of looking at sports because a lot of things go into winning. But have the discussion with Boog Shamie just boogies here now. He's the voice of Sunday night baseball. He knows vastly more than me about baseball. So I have the discussion with him about it.


I mean, he knows more than all of us about baseball, but I was making the point earlier, I'm driving home and I'm listening to your call of the game and you're talking about Kershaw and the fact that this is not 2014. Clayton Kershaw realizing why you chose that year, probably his best year. So when I got home book, I checked the postseason 12 to 14 NLCS he was out to with a seven one four era. And I just got mad because I feel like so many people are trying to make excuses as to why Kershaw has been bad in the postseason, not just bad, not just this season.


He he now has over one hundred and seventy innings, which is essentially a full season for him. And the era is two points higher than it is during the regular season. But he's not a good postseason pitcher. That's it. Yes, so I think you missed the point, though, like no one, I didn't make excuses for him, but my my point is that we're continuing to litigate this thing like he's in the prime of his career and he's not in the prime of his career.


So as we, you know, would be like if we kept having this conversation and eventually he was still pitching and he was 41, like, at what point is some of what's going into the argument on the other side that he's 41, like, for example, last night? That would be a pretty good example, in my opinion, of. That's why guys aren't allowed to face an order three times, but he pitched five, four, five innings, but you let him get through the lot, you tried to get them through the lineup for a piece of the third time, and that's what beat them.


And that's what bites most every guy nowadays. So that's my point. My implication was not that he was brilliant in the postseason in 2014, it's that we are not looking at him in the prime of his career. This is not the same conversation as when he was the leading candidate for the Cy Young Award every single season. And it's not the same conversation right now. Decline is part of the factor. Back then, they wouldn't have thought about will you let him face the lineup three times because he's Clayton Kershaw.


Did you know the last couple of years, Cole Verlander in their prime? You'll let those guys face a lineup three times in a row, but 32 year old guy coming off with back spasms of you should let them face a lot of three times in a row. We're not having the same conversation. That's the point.


OK, so that's fair. I understand that in today's you know, it's fair. I made the point. I know it's fair.


No, but OK. But what is also fair is in his prime, he was also a lousy postseason pitcher. That is also fair. I think that the issue becomes this is that you take it all and lump it all together like you weren't having me on. And when he went in shutout against the Brewers in the Wild Card series, I was very quiet.


What were you telling him? What were you telling Boog about the careers you rather have about? By the way, I will throw this in as well, 58 innings this year, Eddie, to 160. All right. So he was very good this year. I mean, third time around the lineup. I get it. But please, you're Clayton Kershaw and everyone's calling you the greatest pitcher of all time.


I was making the argument I would rather have Curt Schilling career, David Wells's career, David Cohn's career. And I might be getting carried away when I tell you I'd rather have Charlie Morton's career.


Right, but I mean, you know, like and that's fine, but like then we're going to it just going to dovetail into asking Robert Orrie, would you rather have your career? Would you rather have Charles Barkley's career? And like you're not even finishing the question of Robert Auris? I would rather be Charles Barkley.


But like Schilling, Wells, Cohn are like they're borderline Hall of Fame. In fact, the numbers are probably just as good, right?


Yeah, I think I mean, probably about PWG.


Billy, do you have anything for Beug on the way out? We got to go to Teddy Atlas and he could be yammering and long winded. So do you have anything for both on the way out, Billy?


No, I like but I like how he's doing. How are you feeling today? Good. I'm good, man, what's going on, Billy? You know, just chilling. We're doing a radio show. Mark Sanchez is on the macing of crazy time.


Hold that thought. Let's sell some.


That's what we will try to get Teddy Atlas on the line next to God to tell the people why they need to be sponsoring the people who support us. I won that right. I don't know.


You guys kind of petered out there, both of you.


Well, it doesn't seem like you, really. I think I misinterpreted what it sounds like a strawman, OK.


Don Lemon tart, I'm not thin strogatz you think I look fat in these short? This is a third show on ESPN Radio. The day I left Dargah was brought to you by Shell v Power Nitro plus premium gasoline guest on the Dan Levator show up here via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. Teddy Atlas is going to join us there just a minute. Today on ESPN Daily, Georgia visits Alabama Saturday for a big SEC showdown against along with Bama coach without Bama coach Nick Saban.


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All right. So Teddy Atlas has to get out of here to go do first take because we got a big card, top ranked card tomorrow night. Prelims start at seven thirty. The the main card starts 10:00 p.m. on ESPN. But you can get what you need, ESPN plus, it's a lot of good fights if you're someone who likes boxing. And Lomachenko and Lopez is the headline event, Teddy Atlas. He's worked with eighteen championship fighters. So before we ask him and thank you as always for joining us, before we ask him about tomorrow night's fight, Teddy, one of the fights that you want to see set up, because it looks like in the heavyweight division, at least, that the promoters are saying that fury, fury and Wilder isn't going to happen again.


Those who are in charge, who go right now, I'm sorry about, is the furious guys who go right to it, you know, it's a huge fight supposedly over across the pond in Europe. It would be forget about it if it wasn't for the pandemic right now, they would probably not only for Wembley that would overflow. They probably need a backup stadium to put all the people to want to watch her fight. I you know, I think that I think that would be an interesting fight.


I think at the expense, if we can get past Corsia and Crawford would be terrific. Crawford, in moments for me, No. One, No. Two woman says I got another one pound for pound. I got called the number two pound for pound. I mean, it's like an ice cream, you know, choose what you want, like sprinkles. You don't want sprinkles either way as ice cream. They're both tremendous. And I would love to see those guys get together and the fight and struggle and and Lopez, that's the fight right now.


That's most important for boxing. I'll tell you why it's a pandemic. There hasn't been a lot of good fights. I mean, you have to pay them back on track on ESPN plus two weeks ago, but it was Rock'em Sock'Em Robots and it was unbelievable. Eight knockdowns and five rounds, but not the elite, not the names that people know, not the names to draw people, you know, to the tube, not the talent level that you got Saturday night in this fight.


There's been too many sponsors, quite frankly, in boxing since the pandemic. And when UFC came back, they put on top fights. They put on competitive fights. And guess what? The fans came out and guess what? The fans disappeared for the boxing. The ratings have been horrible. This is a fight to bring them back.


You bring up the important question, though, according to Teddy Atlas, what is the correct way to have ice cream?


Well, with sprinkles, I mean, I like sprinkles very much and, you know, and then you can also put in a little bit of the marshmallow. I like I like the creamy marshmallow. And I know I'm going a little over the top now, but I love toasted coconut. I really like it a lot.


Teddy, when you go sprinkles chocolate or rainbow. I like chocolate. I like that that that time, you know, where I feel that chocolate rush. I enjoy that.


Teddy, you got you a cup guy or maybe a cone guy. Maybe a waffle cone. Not far from Cole, you know, that's that's for the younger crowd, I guess, you know, and for me, just a regular cold, just a regular comb. And this way, you know, you can save the last little bit at the bottom and then you can just drop it. Right. You know, just take it all. And I, I think it's the best way to do it.


When you go marshmallows, you gotta go chocolate. Right? That's the only option. Yeah, I mean, listen, I love I love the spiritedly you know, the melted marshmallow, I love it on a Sunday. I love I love the marshmallow and the toasted coconut. Very good. And then, of course, you go and die.


You're going to die because it's very fattening. And it's probably took a weird turn. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, hopefully you don't die for sure, right?


You know, hopefully you don't die. You just you just call your cardiologist. That's right. Yeah.


That's a that study. How do you feel about these people that say frozen yogurt is an ice cream? Yeah, I mean, listen to them, you know, that's OK, they they want to live in that world, you know, not everybody can live in the big world. You know, where you're you're facing what you need to face that that's more comfortable for them. You know, a little bit of a safe. I wouldn't call it a lie, you know.


But but we also have a little bit, you know, where they say, you know, I'm doing the healthy thing and I'm OK. And, you know, I'm getting what I need to get to make myself believe I'm getting ice cream and the satisfaction of the things that I'm really not getting. And that's why I'm like because I'm really I'm really unhappy. I'm really I'm really suffering over how you feel about Sherbert.


Turpin is the is good listen, I'm not a cleansing your palate guy, OK, so don't even try to go down there. But you know, it is clean. It is clean. It is refreshing. It's nice. I think it's got to be more you know, it's got to fit in with the environment a little bit during the summer. I enjoy more. Steady, soft serve or regular ice cream, meaning if you pull up and there's a Carvelle and a Baskin Robbins right next to each other, which one is Teddy?


Walk it into the I'm going into a cause. I'm sorry. Oh, I'm going into the I'm going to tell you, I like to I like Baskin Robbins, but I want that I want that more of them at home. At home. I'm putting that into a dish. Nobody's going to see how much how big that is. That's my own business. And I'm going to sit down. I'm going to watch you guys on TV and I'm going to eat the hard ice cream.


Or if I'm outside, I'm going to get to sort of last question.


You like that Fudgie the Whale? Oh, I get it. You know, I get it from my next door neighbors. Got three beautiful little girls. I got beautiful grandchildren living with me, but they're not old enough to have Panesar let them eat ice cream anymore. The what that means states. But next door, the three little girls, they can eat anything. And I bring them fudge the well, they love it and they love me. So it works out.


How do you feel about going to the ice cream machine and going to swallow the mixture of the vanilla and chocolate?


Yeah, I like it. I mean, sometimes, you know, if you confuse that day.


OK, yeah, it's OK. I got to tell you though, it works. It works.


Describing an ice cream, the personality, a sorbet as it's clean. Like I feel like you're being polite and politically correct. They're like sorbets, not for you. You want to eat the shame ridden ice cream that makes you call your cardiologist. You're not a sorbet guy. Teddy APLA, Teddy Atlas. He worked with eighteen world champions. He's not a sorbet guy. Just say it. Teddy Scott being afraid. No, I wasn't afraid, I'm I'm not afraid if I was afraid, I wouldn't say that I'm ready to die.


It's a fair point.


Oh, very dark, Teddy. We were just talking ice cream, Lomachenko and Lopez. It is the top rank card tomorrow night, ESPN plus seven thirty Eastern, also 10:00 p.m. on ESPN. Teddy, thank you. Good talking to. Thank you for allowing us to waste your time. No problem. It's always good to waste time when you can I. Don Lemon tart. Hey, Dave, still got one up this incident about our show with their still got on ESPN Radio.


ESPN Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance News from the Dan Ledbetter Nation is a nation. Someone is just set us up on the Dr. Pepper Twitter feed. Alex Hernandez at Salay Handwrote.


Why is it written like that?


Somehow I feel like you have quoted this particular guy either either only there are one hundred Alex Hernandez is or you're only looking at one account.


No, no, no, no. You're forgetting about Bette Midler, the swindler. Exactly. Anyway, he gives Alex does gives his analysis of the Clayton Kershaw debate between me and Boog. Quote, You could tell who won the debate because Billy won from rabid pit bull in the previous segment, too domesticated Dongshan. Is that how you say it? Faster than fast fashion? Is it pronounced dock's? I think it's I think it's you. No, I think you know, I think Mike's got it right.


It's doxxing.


Right. But it's tricky. Yes.


I've always put it put it on the pole gear. Ledbetter's show Derksen or Dashan.


Hmm. I have other poll questions for you as well as well at Lebed Today Show, thank you to God for all the support there with a I said, hmm, put it on the pole.


All of these questions on the pole, please, Gearman. Tomato, tomato, toasted coconut. Yes, you know. Sprinkles, yes or no? Is is it clean a compliment for ice cream or a way to describe ice cream and our waffle cones for the younger crowd? All the things we covered there with Teddy Atlas, I won all those questions posed to the audience. I figured you love a good waffle cone. You just put everything in there.


I mean, yes, if you can give me more calories, I can't eat the cup, so go ahead and give me the waffle cone. Christine Lacy, please pardon the interruption you were saying.


And finally, Johnny Depp, who's been embroiled in ugly legal battle with his ex-wife, Amber Heard for years now, has the unlikely support of singer songwriter Sia. The Australian singer, unprompted, shared her support for Depp in a Twitter post which read Just showing my public support for Johnny Depp, adding, he is clearly the victim after hearing those tapes. Wow.


Yeah, I believe there's also and I'm not posing this question to Christine because she is much too pristine and professional to embark on these kinds of toilet talk conversations. But I believe the height of their friction involves somebody pooping in a bed, I think. Thank you very much. I appreciate the musical accompaniment there. Thank you, Christine. You want me to look that up? Please do. Please do it. I yes, I think there is something there.


Something about writing blood in a mirror. There was also that crazy love, huh?


Yeah. That sounds like every movie, I think. Well, not the pooping in the bed part. Oh, no, no. This is interesting. I actually think we're going to get to Tim Kirks in a second. Thank you again, Christine. Sorry to drag you into our sewer. The thing that I find most fascinating.


About everything that's happening with sports right now as basically these sports teams across our three major beloved sports, everyone is getting so much smarter, so much faster to God. So we've seen these evolutions, for example, in baseball. Oh, wait, it's got to be home runs in strikeouts and shifts. It's not anymore, you know, bunting people over and small ball. No, no, no, no, no. We've reconfigured all of the values.


Therefore, blank. We're going to change the way this game is totally played. And Clayton Kershaw is going to be a starter who you go once or twice to the lineup and that's it. Basketball, three point shot. All the math has changed like crazy. Everything has changed. Different evolution in real time. We've seen the sport, both sports. We've seen totally change because of how much smarter they've gotten in the last five years. Dominique Foxworth writing this piece for The Undefeated about how the Honey Badger is basically a defensive player for the New Age, because when he lines up, you don't know if he's the safety of the linebacker.


So he's an athlete who could play every position, sort of position like football and basketball. But the part that I find most fascinating is what you see happening at the highest level of expertise with the quarterbacks and value, because Aaron Rodgers plays Tom Brady this weekend and that Packers offense has been overwhelming this season, not just him, the Packers offense with the flu and a new math guy, you know, from the Mikveh, you know, new new guys who are going to change the sport with how it is that they're doing the value measurements.


These people know so much more about what they're doing than we do to not like what we're watching. It even the most expert of football people breaking it down have a hard time doing the quarterback evaluations. But when you pair these particular precise quarterbacks with coaches who can do things like what Andy Reid is doing, well, Leshawn McCoy, like, how are you going to stop what they're doing there? Watch one. La Shawn McCoy looks like in that offense.


Let me let me. Sorry. Excuse me. My bad I'm sorry. My bad Le'Veon Bell look great. Watch what he does in that offense versus what he does in what he did in the Jets offense. Like when you pair these people to me, the value measurements. It's a fascinating if the evolution in basketball and baseball don't get your attention. Football beloved King Sport is all changing up there at the top of the food chain with the very best quarterbacks doing what Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers are doing this year.


I have confirmed that Johnny Depp did accuse Amber, heard of pooping in his bed. Tim Kurkjian, next.