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This is the down labor part show. We've still got Sparkasse. All right, so we've got a legitimate creative tension conflict going on around here because I wanted today to come in here and just sort of as a Miami radio show, never mention the Miami Heat and the finals at all. OK, just do the whole show without mentioning that the heat loss, because we've been goofy and obsessed and weird over the last few months, being basketball dorks in the middle of a pandemic.


And we are grateful to this heat team for during the worst time of our generation's life, in the most upside down American year there has been than anyone can remember. Yeah. That we would get the feel good of getting taken away by a basketball team and asking a meaningless, in his opinion, on something very important, like how do you defend Anthony Davis in the post?


And so we became for a while there your dorky sports radio show. And I wanted to come in today. And never once mentioned the NBA finals just blow through the show, start with the Dolphins win at San Francisco is a big one, a giant win the Dolphins. I told you this a couple of weeks ago. The dolphins are last in football the last 20 years with forty point games for they had four in the last 20 years. The Jets had 12 and they've been terrible four and yesterday somehow out of nowhere because football all because of Fitz magic.


Just football. Just football.


San Francisco is a big favorite. Loses to the Dolphins and the Dolphins score forty three point, but.


We can do a show about just about anything. We were going to ignore the finals, but Mike and Stuart thought that would be really annoying to the audience, that they wouldn't find it funny, they wouldn't find it entertaining, they would just get bothered. Which leads us to get up.


So while we're doing this, get up spends the entire time as we're doing the local hour and we're doing the digital only our the best as we're doing those things. You got we're sitting here talking about not talking about the finals and a full hour goes by and then. It seems like GetUp never got to the finals, it was just Dak Prescott in the injury. And so what I wanted to do is sort of talk about the juxtaposition of these things, because the symbolism of it to me is interesting.


A bad Dallas team that is simply famous and our most popular sport lost its quarterback, who is a second tier quarterback, about just below the greatest you're seeing and is having an unbelievable year money with the finances that we talked about, like first take.


Good God, you spent the entire pandemic talking about decs contract and then he gets hurt with a gruesome Joe Theismann. One of those injuries where the footage sideways, the things that you remember, I'll say that Dallas team, that bad Dallas team that you just mentioned is two and three.


And in first place, I mean, OK, yes, fair enough.


But it is a bad Dallas team. My point being, though, look at how this is being covered on the day of actual achievement. We're choosing fame and you can't say news because it's not any newer than LeBron James. That's supposed to be the achievement, the winning of the championship. This guy you've been criticizing cross for decades on this network, except on Mondays during football season, right across, of course, a decade at this network. It's just been criticism of he can't do it.


And just we ended up a couple of days ago when Danny Green missed the shot. Then we fell on him again with can't do it. What are you passing up the shots for?


He did it. He won his fourth and get up. Spent the entire morning talking about the Cowboys quarterback.


That's amazing. When you look at it, just put that side by side is sports is upside down weird. The guy has the achievement. He won the title. It's not a two and three regular season game record. He just won the title. And Mike Greenberg can't stop talking to Rex Ryan about Dak Prescott to injury.


It is pretty amazing as we are debating amongst ourselves. Do we do this artistic thing, this bit where we maybe possibly annoy the audience by ignoring the achievement of last night entirely and get up does unironic. Ironically, the entire show LeBron James was a trivia question on a rejoin. It's so good. I mean, you can't you can't make it up because I sided with Stuttgart and Mike when they said, yeah, that's probably going to annoy the audience.


And then we saw get up actually doing it without a meeting like they didn't have they didn't have a meeting to say, let's ignore LeBron. It's just they got swept up in Dak. Wait a minute. This thing we were talking about when there were no sports during the pandemic, we talked for weeks and weeks and months and months and months and weeks and months. You know, first take obsessing over the nuances of the debt contract for months now.


First Take has decided to lead with LeBron and the NBA finals last night. I wonder if it would have been if Dallas lost. I mean, that Steven was doing. We got sound of Steven being somber now because he knows he can't dance around like he's been enjoying dancing on the Dallas Cowboys. I just find the interesting I find interesting is the symbolism of fluff and entertainment versus the stuff that's real achievement. Stephen is playing a character when he feuds with Dallas Cowboy fans.


It is a wrestling persona on television, even though Stephen has journalism credentials. But we've all traded those a little bit to be on this network as dancing clowns like that we've traded on there. And so he wears a black hat and he enjoys when the cowboys are suffering. But now the Stephen A.. We got was somber, Stephen, because the injury was gruesome. And underneath the wrestling persona, there's a human being inside of Stephen. So he's not going to mock the Cowboys or Dak Prescott.


They're no. And this is, I think, the reason this story resonates, besides the fact that it's America's team and America's team's quarterback. I think what what resonates stand is just I think it's relatable where you see a guy being carted off the field who probably should have signed a long term deal. Did it sign that long term deal and cost himself seventy five to one hundred million dollars?


Really gruesome injury. And don't know how career threatening it is with modern science, but would seem to be it would seem to be that he will not be exactly the same player because of the how gruesome that injury was, because watching it on television, it punched you in the face. But I just want the audience and everyone to realize what we're doing on sports today. LeBron James just won his four title. All we've done is compare him poorly over the last decade to Michael Jordan, the one player against whom we can compare him poorly.


Some of you, I guess, might say Kobe Bryant. And then you get last night's moment, which isn't just LeBron winning a title, but in the year of Kobe Bryant's death for the franchise of Kobe Bryant, it can't sneak into the Kardashians of sports. The Dallas Cowboys, they're the Kardashians.


They are the sports team for our generation. Not very good, but really famous. Like they they are hugely famous and they've won how many playoff games. We hire all of their players to be our. Most important announcers. Yeah, and when's the last time Bromo famously didn't win playoff games?


They want a playoff the year they lost to the Packers or the Dez Bryant play. It's been a Jefford.


It's been a generation since a generation since the Cowboys were the kind of elite that we give them in terms of respect and coverage that has nothing to do with excellence and everything to do with fame.


I kind of feel like it's the nature of how the Lakers went about winning. That game was over at halftime. It did feel like someone won a title last night. It was just weird with no fans being there to celebrate with the team. So I think it had LeBron hit a game winning shot to win Game six, perhaps be more excellent, most excellent guy we've ever seen.


He was too good. Exactly. No, he was too good. But you wanted to be more excellent than that by more for the story. No drama. No, I just want him to play quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.


Probably good.


This is where this is where we are, though, right? It's just football Monday. And so Dak Prescott, those I mean, those early games, those early games were not a lot of fun, although Mike Ryan, I imagine, is beaming today because he's got a foreign one football team.


He had the late game yesterday. The schedule changes.


That wasn't that wasn't always he got erratic Mayfield and one anyway, I guess a good defense, but something reputed to be a good Mayfield was great in that first half, but second half erratic but outdueled by more erratic Philip Rivers.


Well, you what?


I don't know who you're most excited about on the the Browns, but Myles Garrett is like one of these little Mack type menaces, like it might not be the, you know, Aaron Donald or Khalil Mack yet. But if if it's if there's a second tier, he's right there.


Those early games, I don't know. I mean, that first get that Chiefs Raiders game was fantastic. I mean, the Raiders. There's also the real again, I think they are this week.


When you talk about the games yesterday, there's the elephant in the room that, you know, there's covid happening and we have no idea when games are anyways, like the Chargers had four games moved and they haven't even had to go.


They are playing on Tuesday. Is Romo doing both games? Are we going to just keep having like how does this work? Who's the CBS broadcast I feel on Tuesday? Titans, Bill, you know who I felt really bad for it because ESPN actually got a win last week. They got a loss because Mahomes was going up against Belichick and that game ended up against Nance and Romo. And they could only get like advertising for Falcons, Packers, which was the lesser game.


But this week we were supposed to have a Monday night double header.


He was going to be Fowler and Hurby, who flew immediately to Foxborough following the game at Death Valley between Miami and Clemson. I follow Chris Fowler on Instagram. He was preparing for this game like you wouldn't believe. Land touchdown, wake up. The next morning game canceled.


Tom McCarthy will be on the call of the of the Bills Titans game along with Jay Feely at CBS is number seven broadcasting team. I'm not being I'm not being rude there, I'm I'm just reading it right off the page, that's what it says. I mean, there's no need to put that.


No, I don't. Hold on. Hold on a second. They've got what amounts to a weird year.


I know football's a monster, OK?


But they've got seven broadcasting teams. The person you mentioned, I mean him. No disrespect. Tom McCarthy, Jay Feely is who I was talking about there. That is not one of their best broadcast teams, it's their seventh, their seventh or seven. And Greg Gumbel was calling Lamar Jackson Murray off game yesterday and also had an interception that he called a reception. What he's their lead broadcast team is not. I believe that's their number two. Number two.


Excuse me, you got Romo.


And so Gumbel is the number two. Yeah. Gumble, I believe. Gumbel I could be wrong, though, but I believe he's he's number two.


I just I just want you to know that earlier earlier in the show, I was wondering aloud and asking the question and didn't even mean it as disrespect to the great Gumble Broadcasting Family or Greg Gumbel himself. But I was asking the question, are these announcers at the games? Because it doesn't seem like they can see what is happening out there when you've got an interception. That is that is your calling as a reception. And there was nobody but the defending linebacker there.


Right. A Gumble had to apologize for the entirety of the afternoon.


I mean, all of Lamar Jackson for calling him Murray. We made earlier in the show Murray Jackson and the interception he call the Murray Jacomo Murray on either Ross or Kylo Murray was playing a game in New York.


Where is your haircut gone? We know you don't get out as much, you don't drive by your regular sport clips and pop in for that MVP haircut experience that is so much more than a haircut.


But isn't it worth getting out for for that legendary hot steam towel for your face massage and shampoo that makes you melt into your seat? Oh, man. You remember that, right? We found your haircut. It's right where you left it. Sport clips. It's good to be a guy. When you need your bank, Capital One is right in the palm of your hand so you can check your balance deposit checks, pay bills and transfer money from your phone with a top rated app, and when you're done banking, put it back in your pocket.


A banking experience built around you and your life. This is banking reimagined. Get started online any time. What's in your wallet? Capital One and a member FDIC. Don Liotard, Mike Ryan is very excited, he's been talking for months about Disney, plus it's coming through Godse.


It's finally arriving, getting the bundle again, the plus, plus, plus bundle, the Hulu, ESPN Plus Disney bundle. I don't know what I'm going to watch first is still got people have been waiting for this for a long, long time with them on which is a Star Wars like themed like bounty hunter mini series.


That looks incredible. It's got a huge, big time Favaro doing that.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Jon Favreau Favaro, did you go last name on purpose or you just forgot about the first name first. It also sounds like you forgot about the last name.


This is about our show. We're there. Still got on ESPN Radio. ESPN Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance, Progressives Home, quote, Explorers change the way you buy home insurance. It is now. You can go online, get a custom quote and say both time and money are more progressive. Dotcom all guest on the Dan Labrada show up here via the Shell Pennzoil performance on. That Jack White back there is the White Stripes, yes, man, they were good, he was good on Saturday Night Live, you got an old school Saturday Night Live episode with a crowd in place to God that felt like the glory days of SNL a little bit because you got Jack White performing at the height of his powers, right.


The last, you know, the last rock star and doing the appearance on a moment's notice because the country Western guy was, you know, being flippant about the pandemic. And they took away his gig because they took pictures of him making out with somebody. And so Jack White steps in and then Bill Burr steps in with a rare comedy, don't give a bleep about any of you. I'm going to make fun of white women now. And you know what white women are going to do?


They're going to get really angry and prove my point about white women. And then I'm just going to leave the stage.


And it was art, you know, it's art for Bill Burr. That's that's exactly what he does. Right. Louis C.K. was going to be that comic. I remember one time stickups coming in here and being just awed that Louis C.K. started some SNL routine with like pedophilia as a topic, Israeli conflict as a topic, and then some third thing that was right on the rail. And I'm like, this guy doesn't fear anything. And so Bill Burr actually, as the white guy, Boston guy, actually, you know, was on the edge, living on the edge.


And one of the great things about it was the discomfort of the crowd reminded you of old dangerous comedy because the crowd, the crowds, and also it's an ultra liberal crowd. And he was on the line because he's always saying he's not yelling about counterculture, about cancer culture. He's always sort of saying they're jokes. It's comedy. Like it's isn't this the point? The point is just to sort of, you know, cause the sparks that make you laugh a little.


New York City sells super strict about their covid regulations. So I read that Lorne Michaels has to cast the entire audience, otherwise they are not allowed to be in attendance. So he's actually paying every audience member now. Makes sense.


I mean, I felt they went to great lengths, just like the bubble went to great lengths to get LeBron this championship. The league.


I mean, it can't be said enough. It really can't be. The big winner is the league. They got to the finish line. One hundred and seventy two games, zero positive tests like it's crazy. They were able to figure it out without a lot of precedent or science. They threw a ton of money at it. And wow, we've got a champion and it doesn't feel like it should have an asterisk on it. It feels like a champion.


It feels like the the Lakers earn that they were playing against very good basketball, even if the teams weren't on the top tiers in terms of seeding. You saw an exodus from the basketball teams because they weren't traveling. They were playing in the same gym every day. The skill level was very high. Naturally, it wasn't the same. It just wasn't. But there should not be an excuse me, an asterisk. Wow. That was just an asterisk next to a rare mispronunciation and coffin in the middle.


I don't know. I need to stop, though.


Stop for a second, because you always five dollars because. Oh, that's unfortunate. I'm not sure I have money and you're not wearing a mask either. You're not wearing a mask as you do that. And I'm like six feet from you. But by the slightest of measurements and not if you've gained some weight over the weekend like five dollars and you should probably owe more. You should put your entire health benefits card up there, because what you just did to me is potentially lethal and dangerous, even though your coach of your University of Florida football team wants ninety thousand of you coughing on each other so that he can win next Saturday, I put a twenty there for future finds this week.


I apologize. I don't even remember what we were talking about. I have no idea. I wanted to talk about the greatness of the loser in this case. I wanted to talk about how the Miami Heat stirred something in South Florida punctuating a decade, a weird decade. And we got a generation of kids down here who learned about basketball over the last ten years, a crazy down year, which started with LeBron James winning for this city and ended with LeBron James breaking the heart of this city.


Because none of you like this team, a poor man's version of the US against the world that LeBron and Wade and Bosh had. Nobody out there was rooting for this team or like this team. But South Florida fell in love with this team over the course of the season, and it took LeBron James at the height of his powers at thirty five finals MVP to break them over his knee. But this region is legitimately proud of this team, at least in part two gods, because it dragged us through an unpleasant, unholy time with a blessed little sugar of escape every once in a while.


So we didn't have to think about how feces soaked twenty twenty has been for three hours a couple of nights, so that that good crazy fear would get in you from these games. Fear talk to us by those 2010 teams because this was a poor man's version of that. This was not that in any way, but this city absolutely ended up falling in love with this team. I remember being in your favorite sport clips, getting set for that great MVP haircut experience.


Yeah, how about if we made that wait even shorter now with sport clips on deck, text alerts, when you check in online or with our app, we'll text you a 15 minute heads up when it's time to head in. And when you're the next man up, you'll get another text. Come take your seat less wait time more prime time sport clips.


It's good to be a guy. Don Lemon, today we have a montage of. Useless sound that will be for I'm sorry, I'm having trouble with my voice, what you want me to do?


I can't relate at all. I cannot relate to God.


I'll tell you what happened there. I just. Shovelled for turkey sticks into my face. Without using my hand, and I hate them the way that a pelican might, this incident 11th our show with their still guards on ESPN Radio McManaman scares you a little bit.


Oh, yes, it does. But you always seem a little surprised. I don't think you've ever messed it up, but it's a lot of times in a row and I can see you sort of slowing down before that speed bump.


And what I now what I pause afterwards because I'm so proud of myself for kind of like Kerri Strug on the horse. Yes, exactly. That's that's what it is. Gymnastics from the 1990s stuck the land. Yes. Landing well, got this weekend. Observations are going to be in a half hour. Doug Brown is sitting in for Christine Lacy. Doug, does McMeniman scare you as well or as a broadcast professional? You're not scared of that very much.


That doesn't scare me. But Stu Godse comparing himself to Kerri Strug, that's good.


Yes, that's that's quite a visual right there. If you remember that gymnastics moment, give him his kazoos.


And finally, only one third of adults worldwide can digest milk without intolerance. Speaking of things, two thirds of people have problems digesting and still active. You are a consummate professional. It's a ridiculous professionally sound. So good. You sound like radio from another time. How long have you been doing this for a minute. Since another time, I think. Exactly. Got it. You got it.


It sounds so good, though. It sounds like. How do you think you have mastered this craft? Sculpting, sculpting, sculpting over how many years doing this? Almost 40. You are so good at it. Thank you.


Over a little bit. I haven't had it up for a while. It's a little over 40 now.


Oh, thank you for lending Your Grace and class to these sewage proceedings.


My pleasure to be here, guys.


So I wanted to talk about something else as it relates to sports and two things that you had. I've been fascinated by what's happened to ESPN over the last decade. Right. LeBron sort of changed everything and made us a network that covered him. And over that time, what we did is a lot of argument television, a whole bunch of got to find things to debate, got to find things to tear down somebody or take a different side. So in that Seahawks Vikings game last night, I'm not telling lies when I say this guy comes in here today and has no idea what happened in the game.


None. He doesn't know. And he just blurts out at one point, wait a minute, the Seahawks won the game and then he asked Tony and Chris for a download and they gave him a download because he didn't see a play of it. And he immediately says, oh, Zimmers, a bum you got to on fourth and one, you got to kick the field goal and go up a just instantaneously playing the result that he had just been given a result that he did not know when he came in here.


So criminally playing the result, which is exactly what we've done across ten years of alleged journalism on ESPN. So this is what you get last night. Did Zimmer blow it when it's only the achievement of the greatest thing in that damn sport? It's Russell Wilson. He's down. He's got no timeouts. You're fearing for ninety four yards. How is that possible? Because he's galloping on a horse and you don't know what to do about it. He's only played close games since he was an embryo.


And here he comes with no timeouts. Zimmer The mistake you made was playing against Russell Wilson because he's really excellent at winning close games, because he's playing the game at a higher skill level than all. But like five people ever have played it, which is exactly the reason you need to go for three in that spot, make it an eight point game. You know, Russell Wilson's going to drive the length of the field. You know, he's going to score a touchdown.


And if you're up eight, did you know what you could do? You can't lose. That's what you can do, Mike. All right. And in that vein, Mike was just pointing at the television here because it is delicious. The lack of irony that ESPN has today on First Take. The question is, are the chiefs too dependent on Patrick Mahomes?


Well, that answer is yes. I mean, yeah, yeah. Yeah, well, I'm not a bad thing. Yeah, well, because they lost. Yes, I'd like to be I'd like I would like to be a dependent of Patrick Mahomes.


Why are we asking you if the Seahawks are too dependent on Russell Wilson? Is it because he won or if the Raiders are good, or did you want to defend it on the greatest quarterback any of us position? Yes, and that's a wonderful thing.


Oh, we all envy them.


The response is clearly start. Matt Moore. Right.


He had a throw yesterday to I saw it. I mean, across his body to Kelsey. Well, no, that's not the one. Not that. Throw it up. Don't throw. No, it didn't result. It was the first should have been the first touchdown of the game and he threw the ball. 60 yards in the air and caught Tyreek Hill in double coverage in stride, like he was throwing to a totally double covered receiver who was 60 yards in the air away from him and got called back because of something.


But it's like, I'm watching that and I'm like, I can make the argument that that's the best throw I've ever seen. And you'd have a hard time arguing anybody would have a hard time arguing.


I'm telling you, I'm not certain it's the best throw he made and that's what he's routinely doing. But the chiefs are clearly too dependent on Patrick, my home.


They have a cool sat on the lower third. The Chiefs average over thirty one points per game in the nine career losses Patrick Mahomes and they got held the thirty two yesterday. And I'm just waiting for smart people to tell me what they did exactly to hold that offense to thirty two points, a threshold that my Browns have just reached for the first time in three consecutive weeks since the 1960s.


Listen to me man. This is how bad football has been for 20 years around here. I gave you that stat before the Dolphins stunned us yesterday by beating the 49ers because football's weird. In the last 20 years, they had four games where they scored 40 points for before yesterday, it's dead last in the league. That's two decades of bad football. We've been eating around here where we can't even stumble once in a while into a game that the Cowboys have played three times.


I mean, even the Jets have stumbled into two AFC championship. I mean, we can't even stumble in. And yesterday they give us at the height of dolphins, one in three days, they give us forty three magical point.


The parlay teaser card killer happens every Sunday.


Danto Miami needed it, though. It was a rough week.


What happened to Garoppolo? It was a rough sports weekend to proclaim that the greatest sports week in the history of South Florida and all it ended with was ls every weekday ended with an L for us.


They can't take away game five. You know, they tried yesterday. It got all it kicked off with a bang Friday night. It was unbelievable. Incredible.


That's it though. That's it is all peters out the height of pandemic sport for us for South Florida Phillies. Marlins are out now. We've got to go sulking over there, limping to the two and three dolphin and the thirty seven year old Fitzpatrick does it the the next NBA season start next week, but no one knows.


Actually, you know what's funny? I read this stat. Let me see if I can give the right credit here. It's such a good stat. You got to and if you're looking for some solace in twenty twenty because the upheaval has been enormous and I, you know, we're all feeling it. The same in sports has just ended up being a little bit of medicine during a just a terrible time all around.


But since this is the stat that is accurate since. The NBA season started.


The Yankees have been eliminated from the postseason twice, what's worse since the NBA season started, that's ad can in part is the credit on that. So basically, if you only get your sports enjoyment and action out of hating someone else takes some solace in the fact that the Yankees not once but twice have been eliminated from the postseason. The last time with Garrett Cole and his three hundred and twenty five million dollar contract get eaten up in a game. He's got to win against the Rays.


That's why they paid him three hundred and twenty five million dollars to win that game. And he lost it. And they got him because they lost the previous postseason. It's why you shouldn't pay pitchers three hundred and twenty five million dollars. Are they too dependent on Karakol?


Let's go. My private jet is going to love you want to because it's hard cheves to dependent on Patrick Mahomes.


We honestly worried about doing a bit for the audience, trying not to annoy them and the artwork that is happening right now on ESPN daytime programming. It's better than a spoof. I couldn't make it up. You really couldn't make again. I wanted to come in here and as a joke, ignore the NBA finals. Our entire network is doing it today by wondering, are the chiefs too dependent on Patrick Mahomes? The week marks the sixth annual KPMG Women's PGA Championship at Agronomy Golf Club, October 8th through the 11th in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, as the first ever partnership between the PGA Tour, the PGA of America and KPMG, the KPMG Women's PGA Championship brings together the best LPG players from around the world to compete for one of the most coveted major championships in golf competing on championship caliber courses.


The KPMG Women's PGA Championship has elevated the women's game to new heights and puts the PGA players in the national spotlight. And the KPMG Women's Leadership Summit held the week of the championship, invests in rising women's leaders aspiring to reach the C suite by providing thoughtful content, tools and networking opportunities. Together, they serve as catalysts to empower women both on and off the golf course. KPMG continuing its commitment to the next generation of women leaders and proud sponsor of the KPMG Women's PGA Championship.


To learn more, visit KPMG dotcoms. Women's Leadership. Donald Batard, our thanks to Dominique Foxworth for sitting in with us, he has sucked at the Reeds today, but he don't think so. And even if he does think so, he doesn't think he's going to suck at the next one.


Still got Fox in socks, socks, box knocks, knocks and box Foxton socks, knocks on Fox in socks and box socks on knocks and knocks in box Foxconn socks on box on Knox.


Take that Dr. Seuss. This incident 11th our show with their still guides on ESPN Radio. ESPN Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance News from the Dan Liotard Show Nation. We have news. Dan Simon has just hit us up on the Dr Pepper Twitter feed will crest at Will Crest Ten. Ask, how many times are you going to disparage Magic Johnson at Libertador Show? It feels personal at this point. You're either doing it for you or Riley, but it's so obvious and disrespectful.


He did the work when he brought in LeBron James. How many times then, I mean, again and again, he left that job, he just gave up that job and look at what that job became once he left there.


But really, the job was to be able to get LeBron James and he got LeBron James. Yes, he did.


Also, he could be overseeing right now an empire. He could be overseeing a champion empire. No. Yeah.


I mean, listen, he still gets a little bit of credit. He still magic. And now he could tweet. I mean, win win. All right.


It just it just unfortunate timing for magic that that's when he left that job, because soon thereafter they immediately won without magic.


I understand. Like, Politico's getting some of his shine, like, you know, stealing some of the credit there maybe.


Is there plenty of shining beacons to speak to LeBron James, his greatness. But I think number one is you don't have to be a well-run franchise for him to come over there and completely change your luck if he wants to go there doesn't matter how poor of a job you did running your franchise, he will make you relevant again and got off to a slow start in Los Angeles. But look at all the turmoil they had last year. The absolute joke about here was embarrassing.


They can decide which bus is going to run. The organization Rob Palinkas laughed at and now champions of the basketball world.


The amazing thing about LeBron is it does not appear that he's even close to being done like it seems like.


How could you argue that he's close to being done? It seems like he could. I know, Dan, but I've never seen he. Oh, you have never seen. That's the thing, though, that I've been telling you for a while about appreciating the greatness while not comparing it to Michael Jordan. Over 15 years, this dude's body has been the height of what sports can be. It never gets hurt. It performs. It's that level. And all we've done for a decade is wonder why he's not as good as Michael Jordan.


Jay Williams was doing it after game five. You can't pass to Danny Green even though Michael Jordan passed it to Jackson and passed it to Kerr. We're every bit as dumb. Ten years later, watching this guy play and not recognizing that this is the biggest, baddest thing in the history of the sport. He does all the things Jordan does, does all of them, and does it sixty, seventy, eighty pounds heavier. Right.


But he still needs two more rings. But here's the thing, Dad. Like, if he's still playing at this level in two years, which will make him thirty eight. Thirty nine. That's ridiculous. How is he doing it? That's it's ridiculous. Now, it's not ridiculous. Two or three years from now. It's ridiculous. Now, Anthony Davis, the young man, and something unlike anything you've ever seen in the sport, and he's not the best player on that team.


LeBron James is he's the most unstoppable force in the paint. That game got away from Miami simply because everything was at the rim. He just caved everything in and world of athletic men at the height of the food chain in athleticism. He just kept going in and there was no stopping him. Jimmy Butler, great for six days, but now stuck in his butt crack like you can't do anything because he's just he's Shaq with skills. It's great. He's Shaq with the ability to make three pointers from where now Steph makes them, like, appreciate that evolution because he was never shooting from over there before.


And he's doing you a favor when he shoots from over there, because octave your defense in your head in he's been doing it for fifteen damn years. Young people, young people. It's going to be Kawhi this year. Now it's Steph that's better. Now it's this guy Giannis is better and he keeps everybody's head in and thirty five and we spend all our time on television ripping him for ten ten years.


You're very upset because you appreciate the excellence. It's hard. I do a pretty never gets. He never gets hurt like we could sit here. Miami is proud to have gone six games with them because they actually beat him with his best punch. And who the hell beats his best punch. Miami goes into its offseason. We're good. He punches that time. And look, our big guy got twelve points in the elimination. But Jimmy Butler, you're a hero.


You know why? Because you got stuck in LeBron James Krak hero, your Miami hero.


You've been ripping him across 10, 10 damn years, you personally not as good as Jordan. What do you want me taking away championship's? He's better.


No, no, we're doing performance. He's not. The day after winning the championship. Whose side are you on? LeBron or MJ? You say MJ. I say LeBron. LeBron can win the next 50 titles and still got to still be here.


Referencing Kerri Strug stuck the landing. Roy Roy corrects you, by the way. You didn't stick anything else. He says the pommel horse is a man's event. It is the fault.