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This is the down labor part, sure, with this still got Sparkasse. All rights to God, so I know what a lot of you are expecting from me today, and it makes me feel honestly like I've either misrepresented myself to you and the audience, which just my failure as a communicator or that I have no self-awareness whatsoever and that I wish to be right all the time.


And the only thing I like more than being right is never being wrong. And so what I want to tell you today is I'm already wrong on Josh Allen, I'm wrong already and will be wrong. That is a quarterback that you can win with. And he played well last night, and I don't do the measurements with wins and losses. He had one bad interception.


The other one wasn't his fault at all. Played a very good team, by the way.


Well, it's not just that he played a very good team on the rare three weeks of rest, OK, which is a bit of a competitive advantage.


It's not just that it's not just that he had starters, missing dugouts when it comes to the measurements of these quarterbacks, it's so difficult. I'm watching on get up right now. They just had, in retrospect, was too of the right pick over herbut to hasn't played. We have not seen him play a down. Right. Was Joe Buro. I mean. Yeah, what I'm saying is that as it comes to quarterback evaluation on television, we are stupid, OK, because the very best are largely guessing as well.


We laughed the Tennenbaum when he said herbut is the guy he would take overborrow and touya. Bill Polian, as I've told you, didn't know Lamar Jackson was a quarterback. It's hard is my point. And I'm already wrong because it's not just that Josh Allen is accurate last night. It's not just that Buffalo's skilled guys are really good. It's that the Buffalo offense even last night getting throttled and losing for the first time. Stewart is super dangerous. On third and long they iRace, they they reduced the margin for error.


You get a lot of teams in third and long and you know that that's going off the field. The very best ones, though, the best offense is you're not so sure. Yeah. And he's got so many ways to do it. And I'm stunned by how much more accurate he is. Stunned because I didn't think that that was something that could be fixed to that degree. And they do a great job of sort of using the short stuff to keep his completion percentage good, go long dangerously because he's got speed all over the place and he'll throw anywhere because he's got the arm.


You can make the argument he's got the best arm in the entire league. It's him or Mahomes.


Yes. I mean, Dan, he's been in the 50s in terms of completion percentage, his first two years. He's at seventy percent this season.


Ryan Tannehill was better Josh Allen last night. Ryan Tannehill is better Josh Allen at this minute. But what I saw from Josh Allen last night in terms of accuracy, if he can somehow get the judgment and the recklessness under control, he doesn't have to even eliminate it, Stuart. It's just get it under control some. So he's not the guy that every once in a while does loses your football game because his judgment ends up being that one time it was one time last night that that's whatever chance they had to get back in the game after he had played very well, got a ton of drops all over the field.


Yeah. I mean, he had nine interceptions a year ago. He has three so far this year. But you're right, like if he could just minimize those mistakes. The defense didn't play well last night. But if you can minimize the turnovers and the mistakes, then they're really on to something. My point is, I'm glad you finally saw. My point is I'm already wrong. It's not that I didn't see it before in the first four games.


It's that I come in with my baggage of not believing someone can correct accuracy and bad judgment. You haven't done it in twenty years. I've been waiting for you to want something in the way of accuracy. It's my marriage that has taught me this.


Like I. I am married to what was at the very beginning, a lack of accuracy and bad judgment. I knew it. I got married with it anyway. Twenty years later, I'm still surprised when it's inaccurate and shows bad judgment.


That's on you. That's a problem.


Totally. But you saw you once. You see what I'm saying, though, Tannahill was great last night. Tannahill, does he have the best power passer rating in the entire league at the moment? Better than even these guys like Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers and who are just playing at the total top of the food chain? Because what's happened with Ryan Tannehill since he left Miami has been a growth process that, if you get it, you got from Josh Allen, he will be better than Ryan Tannehill ten years from now because he's a better athlete by leaps and bounds.


If I didn't think you remember, Ryan Tannehill can throw the ball. You remember Ryan Tannehill, we thought, as given the standards of the day, less accurate than most quarterback rating this year.


Wilson's won. Aaron Rodgers to Derek Carr is is in there. He's three. Josh Allen, Dan Tannehill. So, I mean, Tannehill is having a good year. And if you want to go by QB R Tannehill is right up there as well.


So but so what I'm telling you on these quarterback evaluations is the Tannehill went to Tennessee as a backup to Marcus Mariota Tannehill. The entire league told you he wasn't a starter. The entire league said No thanks, we don't need Ryan Tannehill. He goes there. Mariota does what Mariota does which is questionable every game and a lot of six yard passes.


I mean basically Mike Vrabel told you he wasn't a starter didn't start them originally.


What was even the team that took him. He was not a starter. And now you look at it and you're like whoa I fear that, I fear what's happening there. I fear the accuracy, I fear the arm strength but. What I want to get into more with you in the audience is the idea of general gas Bagheri in sports media that makes you guys hate us so much because I know you won't admit he's wrong. It's something you really don't like.


And I wouldn't like it either if I were you. But what I'm telling you on Josh Allen is I'm already wrong. It's now just a matter of degrees of how wrong I'm going to be. Like, is it going to be that he's going to make me eat it to the tune of being an MVP candidate? Right. Because the talent is it's indisputable. Two guys out there were three times last night where a cornerback was coming in untouched on a blitz straight at him and he swiveled his hips away from him, not bothered at all, like flying around an elephant's tail stuff because he's so big and strong and athletic, buys himself time in the pocket, which is surprising to a lot of people.


But let's be honest here. You want to be any more wrong than you are right now, right? Like this is this is you have reached as far as you want to be in terms of being wrong, right?


Well, I would have liked to have not come this far. Right. But you're here right now. We don't want to go any further. I bring it all up after a launch when you guys expected me to come in here shaking my nipples. And what I'm telling you is I'm wrong. That dude's God. And I'm telling you, I'm not judging on wins and losses. I wasn't judging it for wingin on the fact that he won the four games because he has plenty of skilled talent.


A team is good to God, said I'll add Olivers an afterthought on on that team.


I love how nuanced you are. Well thought out you are because I was prepared to come in and say you were right.


It's the degrees of wrong. I am. I am. I am largely wrong. I am wrong and large.


This wrong is already a large kind of wrong because he is absolutely. Look man, what I my analysis was after seeing him in a playoff game where he did those dumb things right. He's running backwards like in overtime or close to overtime, like 40 yards. He's laddering the ball. He's throwing across his body deep to a fullback who's double covered like it was a person who didn't look like it knew what he was doing. He does dumb things. I know, but he's not, is what I'm saying.


He's not anymore. They corrected the dumb. And can we get bills management in here to do it for you? Because I have never seen accuracy and bad judgment corrected in my workplace. I've stared at it for two decades. How are the bills, the masters of this? Did they coach the dumb and of Josh Allen in one year? Because that's all they've been trying to say is quit being dumb. Josh, I assume they would be dumb again this year because he's been dumb the last couple of years.


Stop being dumb. And what does he do? He stops being dumb and makes me look dumb.


But you're basing your opinion on all people based on your opinion of me. I mean, that's right.


It's my world view through got. It's absolutely right. I just realized that in a moment of extreme clarity, I'm full of my resentment and bitterness toward you. It goes in all directions. Listen to me, America on Josh Allen. I'm already wrong. He lost last night. That's not how I measured quarterbacks. That dude is dangerous. Third and long, dangerous dugouts. There aren't that many guys in the league who were the guys in the league that he did it.


He converted so many third and longs last night because he was always in third and long.


Patrick Mahomes makes third and fifteen feel like third and short. So does Aaron Rodgers. There are certain guys that just do that.


Well, that's what happened last night as I was watching, hoping very much not to be wrong. I'm like, bleep and this kid's good.


He's good, he's good and it's exciting. And every once in a while he's going to be dumb. How can you win with dumb? I'm wrong, dammit. You've won with done. I have one with Tom. Yes, but we only get to the playoffs and then poop out and you run for 30 yards in the big game in the wrong direction. Hey, I'm Andy. I'm still not famous, but you might remember that I started Harry's because I was tired of overpaying for razors.


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Since the 1980s, hip hop and America's prisons have grown side by side. And we're going to investigate this connection to see how it lifts us up and holds us down.


Hip hop is talking about what we live trying to live the American dream in at the American Dream. I'm cinematic. I'm Rodney Carmichael.


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I want to bring in our baseball experts, Billy and Chris, because I need their help to understand what is happening this postseason, because the Braves are smashing. The Dodgers have been great. Best team in baseball all year, obviously, in ways that nobody disputes. But it's a short series pandemic. Anyone can win one of the always the best team, never winning anything. That's there's that. And the guys will now have Kershaw to make fun of here soon.


He had back spasms he couldn't pitch last night. The thing that I wanted to ask Billy and Chris is I was really rooting for the Astros to win the whole thing just because it would have been 20, 20, like this team that is disliked.


And, you know, baseball players are throwing because of themselves, by the way, not because they're some sort of victims, because they cheated and they got caught this just because anyone did anything to them.


This is why I wanted to talk to you about it. It's the specific reason, because I want to know how you feel right now. We've got a situation where nobody in sports having a better pandemic than Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay has never run sports like this. They've got two champions in town and Tom Brady Title Town like hockey. It must make Canada crazy. How crazy do you Roy, how crazy does it make Canada? The Tampa is holding up the Stanley Cup trophy and no one in America cares.


And it got buried by all the other sports. We didn't even know when game five in Game six were.


Yeah, they're not happy. They're not happy at all. Not at all.


So now you've got you've got baseball and the Astros, they're on the verge of elimination. And Dusty Baker gave all the cliches yesterday, backs to the wall, steep mountain to climb, tighten our belts.


And then he said, we've got to wear our big boy pants. We're coming from a 71 year old is just weird. We can agree on that, right?


Yes, it's weird. Did he strive to stay young and current? You know, I mean I mean, he's always relatable. It's always been him, though.


Dusty Baker's old as hell, but he's always been the guy on road trips in the jazz club.


Dusty Baker back in the day was maybe he was one of the coolest Major League Baseball players go sure. That he's here in Washington. But he's he's 71 years old. And I want them to win. I want them to come back from down three. Oh, even though Kurkdjian comes on here every week and tells us Tampa Bay plays baseball better than anyone has ever played baseball and they're smarter about baseball than anyone's ever been about baseball, and maybe they'll have a World Series to finally back that up.


Right. And only then will they get the validation from the gods if they win the title on something that we're saying is almost totally random.


The toothpick is what make is what makes Dusty Baker cool. And I'm with I don't know if that's what you're saying, then I'm kind of I'm rooting for the Astros. I don't know what I'm doing here, at least so. Right. They cheated and they're kind of the victim now, but they've become somewhat of an underdog. And I guess I find myself rooting for the Astros.


I have no idea what I'm doing. Why, I don't and Carlos Carib was a crybaby, but everybody is so, yeah, you cheated, you defrauded the league, you should have all been suspended. You got absolutely no punishment. You got no one throwing at you. You got no one booing you. You got to not even a slap on the wrist. You got basically like I don't even know what to describe. What they got. They got their manager fired for no reason.


Let me answer that. Quit trying to stop that.


Let me answer that question for Chris, if you don't mind. And Chris, hopefully you don't mind, but I feel like I can answer this for all of us. For the entire country. Bill, no one wants to see the Braves in the Rays, OK? No one wants to see that guy better. Yes, they are. There's a storyline there with the Astros getting back to the World Series.


Yes, I've heard of people on the Astros.


I mean, I dude, I've been watching this race. You know, I've been watching this race team play for like three weeks straight now.


And I still can only name, like two players, put them on the pole gear Lieberthal show. Have you been watching the rays for three weeks straight and can only name two players? Because I take the under there like I've been loving how well Tampa Bay plays baseball, but all of the all the dudes are the same to me.


Is Rocco Baldelli still hanging around there dancing the twins, right? Yeah, it's Carlos.


And you know, OK, hold on a second.


Are we going to do this or are we going to do sort of one go raise the, you know, grandpa's grandpa's race? Is that what we're going to do? Who else was on those teams? I think that's always been the case for the Rays. They'd have manager Joe Maddon, they'd have Longoria. They had who was the left fielder that got we're old. Who's the black guy that went to Boston?


Carl Crawford. Yeah, Carl Crawford. Like those price was on those teams. They had it up then, didn't they? They did have an upset.


So they must they have to still have. Matt Garza. Yes. Matt Garza. No, Ben Zobrist was here. Oh, Joyce.


No, that's that's too recent.


Matt Joyce Marlin is like. I know. I know.


I saw that this year. I saw that you went into the playoffs with the left handed bat of Matt Joyce. Garza's in Milwaukee now. He's not still in Milwaukee. He's still around.


Oh, no, he can't still. No, no, no, no. He's making that up. He's reading the Internet wrong.


He retired, but his last four seasons were in Milwaukee. OK, after a cup of coffee in Texas.


How long ago did he wait so long? Thousand did. Oh, where? Scott Kazmir. Scott Kazmir still there.


Great. Paul and Silber's. You guys already have been Zobrist. What's been Greive. A plug and play guy for that team to Ben Grieve. Who was there's a left fielder, Jonny Gomes. Is he there at one point? He was Jonny Gomes, yeah. David Price was there for a bit, right?


Jamie Shields. Oh, yes. Big game, James.


This is either the best radio or the worst type of radio. There's no middle ground. Chris Archer for a bit.


No, this is look, this is how I want our descent to look, OK? Means to God just throwing out the random names of old baseball players that nobody cares about just so that we can laugh to God saying the word Baldelli. They had Fred McGrath, the crime dog, no different.


Oh, you can't pull the Vinny Casti or expansion race out. I can't pull out Wade Boggs. No, we're talking about a specific area like the team that made the World Series and lost to the Phillies that era.


Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Is that good Lord stigmatises or did you just pull out of your for the Wade Boggs re's years?


Yeah, it was a good siko year to Mike DeFelice.


They're all right. Don't know it. Is Tampa really going to rule sports here like that? Can't be. That's the most 20-20 thing ever. Tom Brady is going to be the third of the champions in your town.


They have to still have Döner Navarros catcher, right? I mean, he has to be there. How old were you when you were watching these teams? This is Chris and Billy going back and summoning the memories of eight year olds.


I'm going to be honest with you. All the names have been dropping. I typed in the twenty eight roster.


That's the one I've been looking. He Troy on that roster.


Oh, no, he was never a race. I believe he was. Oh, put it on the pole.


Garmo Was he soft? Choi Ouray. Hold that thought. Let's sell some ads, he was not afraid, Mike, was he? I'm pretty sure he was right. I think he was around. Yeah, yeah. A cup of coffee is a ray. He saw Troy.


I'm sure he was a cub, a marlin, a Dodger, and then he was a kiya tiger mom.


I always get so confused. The Tigers in the right he's on when you type in 2008 re's roster. He's on that list of names though. Like that is weird. I don't know what happened there. Maybe he was there. Never actually played, I don't know, a minor league deal.


Are you guys cheating, are you guys giving Strugatsky Sopchoppy information via the Internet? I'm sitting here doing memories off the top of my head that isn't good. Radio Mike is totally right about this. Me longing for the days of was he saw ChawIa. Ray is absolutely not good radio.


Yeah, Seagate's definitely remembers that. On December 1st, 2006, he actually signed a minor league contract with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, where he was shot to be Tampa Bay's everyday first baseman. Sure, he decided to return home after failing to make Tampa Bay's forty man rock gods pretending to remember that time.


Oh, yes, I was following so sports so closely back then. Then I was following the meanderings of Hyssop Choi through the Rays minor league system.


So full of it. Don Lemon tart, by the way, Los Alamos is not Mexican, it's a Nicaraguan restaurant, get it right, large, long struggle to get the hell out of Dodge. This incident, Lilibeth, our show with a still guides on ESPN Radio.


So let Batard show is where you reach us via polls. I've got to separate Billy and Chris because they're talking baseball. It has been fascinating. To see them grow up through a generation of Marlen's betrayal's and like having their hearts broken by a team, you know, winning it all and then breaking up to see them become the fans that they've become of baseball has been fun to watch because young people aren't doing baseball this way. And it's because of the highs and the lows of the Marlins.


What they did that sort of was sticky to them. As that game slows down and isn't popular among young people, it's the problem baseball has. It's the demo that they've got to get. They're great with New Age media. They've been out ahead in sports with New Age media, but they need badly and desperately to get younger. And these Braves are not your Brian McCann Braves. It's Raul Akuna. And he likes to bat flip there. The Ronaldo Ronaldo, Konya.


Excuse me. Thank you for the correction there, Billy, but we'll get to them in a second. First, though, we've got wounded Bills fan Christine Lacy and her beloved kazoo.


And finally, you can drive south from Detroit and end up in Canada, who knew him? Yeah, you can do that. I thought, how can you do that by ferry, by driving south just like that? I think that's what you said. Unless you want us to drive a ferry. I just I don't think that our ferry. But how do you do that geographically? How do you drive? You get in the car. OK, so you're telling me there's a path to do that due south from Detroit?


I think what you're saying, there are parts of Canada you can get to quicker than you could Detroit.


I think what she's saying is that if you're an idiot said drive south, you'll hit Canada. So, guys, how are you understanding that? I mean, how are you misunderstanding all of it? All right. We'll get back in a second to Billy and Chris. I don't know what's the guy just did in the middle of pulling up a map?


I don't think that you can do that. Christine says it's so it's so like. Yeah, that's how we operate. OK, Christine, are you heartbroken because because you've got a good quarterback, you've got a strong young team, you curse at your Bills television. That game, I thought I mean, four times the Titans were starting in, you know, inside of the bills, 30 yard line on a, you know, weird Tuesday night with a pandemic fresh team like are you dispirited by last night?


Are you like, no, I'm encouraged. Bills. Football's been bad for a while and I could see it being good with this quarterback for a while. If he's what I think is four and one, I'm OK.


Yeah. And I did not yell. I don't know which one of you guys is it, Mike? I might kill you or I could kill you. Oh yeah.


I was yelling at Duncan Robinson.


I might kill you myself. I did yell so help me God. A couple of times when I did not yell, I might kill you myself.


Who were you yelling just so God, I feel like that is bad as it gets for you. Right. Like that range shot outburst that is. Yes. This is like you just rabid teeth bared.


Yes. I used a lot of bad words in a very short amount of time, all directed at Malcolm Butler.


No right. To Dan for Josh Allen. Take any of it. No, no.


Because you and you made me laugh in your first segment today. That was hilarious. You did make me laugh and you brighten my mood. So it'll be a good day.


Christine, he's a good quarterback. He's got and he's going to get night to get better, but he needs to stop making mistakes. And I just didn't think he could go from I mean, you saw him last year. You had to have your doubts.


I would imagine that the playoff game in Houston, I was a lot of. Oh, oh, yeah.


But, you know, a lot of that because I saw them is like. With the field position they had in that Texans game, if that was Jim Kelly, those would have been like three touchdowns and instead of the three field goals. So stuff like that. But I feel really good watching this year and see where they're going. And I have I whatever they've done with Josh is great. Having digs in there is also amazing. So, I mean, I feel OK.


You should have just been happy you were in the playoffs last year, right? You're still living in those Jim Kelly. Christine, hold on a second, though, because I, I we just came out and said it they badgered it out of me in the first segment and it was not politically correct what I did there, but I proclaimed that the bills might have coached the dummy out of Josh Allen. Just coach the dumb right out of it. He did things in that Texans game that did not look like a professional quarterback who knew what he was doing in the playoff.


That had to be maximum, Christine, least yelling at the television. No, it was.


But I think to like he like he kind of freestyle so much that I think sometimes they just were we're kind of willing to see where that went. And then sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. I don't know if that makes any sense. Like they were kind of, you know, letting him do his Josh thing. And the bills have made you crazy.


So were you were you yelling Jim Kelly would have, you know, last year, last year during that playoff game, I thought to myself, Jim Kelly in those guys would have had three touchdowns instead of three field goals. And then, you know, on third and one hundred, Heshan made that completion and that just turned the whole game around. So, yes, I was bad. OK, I'm sorry.


Not that I hold on to stuff, but, you know, you sound better. It could be worse. You could be a Jets fan. But she is wearing that builds barbed wire. Man, that has been a tough team to love that 17 years without the playoffs. And then they ran off the quarterback who got them to the playoffs and he went to another team and they punctured lung with a needle trying to get him on the field because of his ribs.


It was Titans, Bill. So I imagine there were airing Music City Miracle highlights there just to drive you crazy, right, Christine?


I blocked that out because that was a forward pass. Oh, you're staying nice. Yes.


Also also, what probably helps is being able to have a double secret probation practice at a pandemic during a pandemic. When you have an outbreak on your team. Maybe that's the secret. Wow.


It's those that. Wait a minute. I love you. So I think I got a little edge that was also patient zero. So I can't really say I worked at a bulletin board material right there. Didn't the time didn't the Titans used the pandemic as they used it as trash talk for the locker room bulletin board material.


Dan Ryan Tannehill. Ryan, Ryan Tannehill did not like what the media was doing in the days and weeks leading up to this bill's game. We don't like how you're talking about it. He went for Carlos Korea.


All right. So, Christine, I'm sorry for all of your losses. Her last name is Lacey.


I just called a I don't know why you did that, Christine. Thank you, Miss Davis. We will get back to Billy and Chris in a second. Yes. I don't know why you called her Christine Risi, other than the fact that you've been slurring for about three straight months as if you're drunk. And Mike had a stroke saying, Tannahill, I'm OK, everybody.


What happened to everybody? Just what the general idea of speaking Isakoff.


Maybe it's a second coffee.


I want to honestly know, because now I don't have time to get to Billy and Chris because I want to talk baseball with them. And we just spent a segment on Bill's football, our second of three.


OK, hold that thought. Let's sell some.


That's the other one was the rate of twenty eight. Let's keep doing it. I want to keep doing it. And my father said ad's there please. I want to go back to talking about early two thousand raise.


They wanted sports around here, write more sports, you know do these bills and yesterday's race.


Yes. I mean because topical.


Well look, I mean they're you know, the streets are on fire and everybody's yelling about politics and everyone's throwing feces at each other. And here we are sticking to sports right here.


Bills and raise in contributions of Mike defoliation, darting to the darkness.


You see, the White Sox might hire as their manager the cheater, the cheater.


We're going to get to that in a sec. You're my buddy Puric victory. This koala bear of niceness, they just fired him to get the cheater. They made the playoffs. They were good this year for the first time in eight years.


They're like a decade. Oh, I got to talk about that. All right. We're going to talk about the secret weapon. Rick Renteria, you want to go deep on 90s baseball? We're old enough to remember when that guy was as old as Tom Cruise. The secret weapon, Rick Renteria was a secret weapon because they bring him in on the bench and he Roly-Poly out there and he had like six hits in a ninety four losses, the same age as Tom Cruise, the same age was trying to imagine friends jumping out of an airplane and Google search Rick Renteria, people same age as Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.


It is mission impossible.


Donald Abaca, who fired today, still got three years of your life, will be spent on the toilet, this incident, Lilibeth, our show with a still guys on ESPN Radio, ESPN Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance News from the Dan Liotard Nation. Someone has just hit us up on the Dr Pepper Twitter feed about that Wayne Standfield at Raw Talent nineteen seventy six says, quote, You guys don't let Christie fool you. She's from western New York.


She knows more curse words than anything else. All right. Wow. Really. Hatefulness, barbed wired. Christine Recy.


I don't know why you did that. I don't know early sorry, Billy Crystal, Chris, I want to talk to you about this, because Rick Renteria is one of the few athletes that when I was young, my family dined with his family. He was the secret weapon as an athlete for the Marlins. Why are you laughing at that? Mike Ryan?


You have these random family ties to some baseball ladies names.


You broke bread with the rent areas of you know, it was just him.


He was a ball player away from his family. Like Mike, I would consider took him in.


I would consider I adopted Rick Renteria for a while.


I I like an efficiency somewhere in here.


No, look, this is the story of Rick Renteria. Rick Renteria. Do you not know the back story, Billy? Do you know the back story of Rick run Syria?


I mean, it sounds like he was a member of Operation Pedro Pan and you're family to them in hindsight.


All right.


So Rick Renteria was the surprise of spring training for the nineteen ninety three Marlins as we descended more into the historic baseball muck. All right. Is with an under the radar. It's like The Blind Side.


Oh, listen, did you just like The Blind Side? Thank you for bringing that back up. I missed my Michael Moore in his words. You look my big red is Michael Moore. No, he's your mom is Sandra Bullock.


So this is the back story. Rick Renteria, a huge surprise, a little roly poly guy just with a funny mustache. Unbelievable that he could be a square person and make the Marlins roster out of nowhere. The surprise of spring training. Nineteen ninety three he made the roster is the 25th man. And that season the beloved little Hispanic guy had to hit after hit during what I believe to be a 94 loss season and in that season captured the hearts of South Florida.


The Marlins weren't very good and he was their secret weapon. That was his nickname. There were posters, I think, I think of the secret weapon. Billy, did you have any of those posters? Does this even predate you? Oh, no.


I remember his great mustache that he had. I think I saw him at a champ sports autograph signing, but hit after hit.


He had one hundred career hit. I know. But the thing is, if he had like twenty one big hits or something like that, something. Remember the mythical season of nineteen ninety three. Billy Rick Renteria was a hero to you. How old were you then.


I was five turning six. I think I remember from that autograph signing at Champs Sports and International Law. I remember Rich Renteria. I remember Richie Lewis was there also. I remember Jeff Conine was there and there was someone else. I can't remember who it was. I don't know if it was like Darryl Whitmore or something. There was someone there that thought that they were like a big star and they had like the 90s Oakley shades on and were like very difficult for, you know, a nineteen ninety three more or less.


I don't remember who it was an arrest as the Strava was it. No, no, no, no, no. It wasn't him. Remember him. He had the same glasses as my grandfather.


Renteria had sixty seven hits that glorious year by the way, the secret weapon selling off his one hundred. All right. I think this is the show I wish to do today.


Is everyone riding with me on this for the next hour of radio. As we stick to sports, I want to tell the whole family story of how my lifelong friend Rick Renteria has just been wronged by the Chicago White Sox. But I am not biased about this at all. He was a Hispanic hero and he made them matter after eight years of failure. And over the next hour, we talk about what a dumb dumb he was always was about analytics.