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Sport clips. It's good to be a guy.


This is the third show. This still got Sparkasse. Oh, look, look at Chris doing dancing bench presses, Tony's head is bobbing pit bull playoffs, Miami matters what the hell is happening in South Florida.


Are you kidding me? The Miami Heat, we have been so starved for sports down here, we have been dying a little bit by the season. God almighty, the Dolphins haven't won a playoff game like this century. The University of Miami doesn't matter anymore. Our hockey team hasn't won a playoff series this century. And Jayson Tatum thought he was going to take something from Miami yesterday. And Bam! Adebayo said no.


In a way, that's crazy.


Kendrick Perkins is going to come on with us in a half hour. Basically, we're just going to be the hype man for him.


He's the number one Heat fan.


I weirdly, he's the Celtics. He's our most famously Celtics, but he likes them.


Goon's When Stan Van Gundy says that the Miami Heat is tougher than the Boston Celtics, I don't think he's looking at, you know, the intangible, the way that you might be looking at the intangible, like, you know, bared teeth, junkyard dog, tougher, tougher in the way that makes Jimmy Butler when he needs a basket, go neck first to the rim and get a foul on a defender who is exceptional.


Because he's just trying to body first get in there, even though that's where all the barbed wire is in the playoffs, Jason Tatum is 22 years old. He will learn he took a shot from great distance at the end of regulation of that game where he was just dribbling the ball and the teeth of everything was closer to the rim. And he was very far from the rim and he took a twenty seven footer.


That was that was frustrating to watch because it feels like Jayson Tatum can get whatever shot he wants, whatever he wants, and he settled for that shot.


But when and so I don't know how much he was driven to got. I honestly don't know. If what happened to him at the end happened to him because he was so meek shooting from distance earlier, even though he's got great range and he can get that shot and it looks smooth when he takes that shot. But when Stan Van Gundy is talking about toughness, what he's talking about is what Bam! Adebayo did at the rim when Jayson Tatum came with his arm cocked back to dunk.


And we saw one of the great defensive plays of our basketball lifetime. Even if you don't care about the Miami Heat, like, yes, you could point to what LeBron James did chasing down Andre Iguodala. And it wasn't very long ago, but it looked like that was going to be a dunk. It looked like a lesser wrist. Wouldn't have been able to push that away from the rim from any angle that I saw that play from. I don't understand how Bam's wrist didn't collapse and give way to the ball because of the force of what Jason Tatum was bringing.


It was absolutely amazing to be able to do that. The timing on it, Tatum way up in the air is coming down. The ball's essentially in the basket. He has his dunk face on like all of that and then Bam puts up the left hand and he gets it in. To your point nationally Dan that had to be a great moment. If you love sports, you love that moment. You had two young guys meeting at the rim game on the line and Bam!


Won it. And it's an amazing moment last night.


And they reminded you a lot that that Jason Tatum is only twenty two years old and it was just stark. You don't get very often. OK, this is what happened last night at the rim. As Dugouts describes it, Jayson Tatum doesn't have a playoff moment. Jayson Tatum will have a career filled with playoff moments, but he doesn't have one yet. He went looking for it last night and Bam! Took it from him at the rim and Bam Adebayo announced himself to America.


Even though Kendrick Perkins is not yet good with this name Bam out of the bar, you will close by exposer.


I'm good with it. He can say it however he wants.


Regardless of Mayo is a name that you might want to learn. The way you learned Antetokounmpo to by you will close by And I'm not saying he's going to be Antetokounmpo.


I'm saying that I struggled with that name for a long time before realizing I really need to learn this name. You know who I haven't done it with yet. Tua I'm going to call him to of forever. Same here I am just scared of his last name. Scared.


Yeah. Like a lesson I learned on Giannis Giannis Antetokounmpo I say it actually better than anyone I feel like in the media I am done with two. I am not sure I've tried it at home, I've tried it in private. I am not doing it. It's not. I can't say it. It's impossible. I wanted to give Alloa to start with romance, actualise dugouts, and not because Mike Ryan earlier in the show was doing a very anxious, awful just it really my stomach is still a little upset.


He was pantomiming a central Larry Bird slapping rear end with his towel on the sideline.


Whoa, you made it rear ends. I was just recreating a highlight that we've all had play throughout montages.


When people talk about the NBA, when you hear that steal by bird, you see a celebratory Larry Bird with the mustache and short shorts and a warm up top just snapping a towel back.


But it's sensual. It's sensual. Now, the rear end just happened to get in the way. Mike's right. You know, if it was intended for the rear, it was.


You can't wait a minute, Mike Green. I didn't make it sensual.


You know, Larry Bird made it central.


Anyway, this is what I wanted to talk about before we got interrupted by sports and Larry Bird. Not Larry Legend. No, a romance story. I want a love story. So we have told you about the story of my and more, it's an amazing story and subprime prime is one of the best in the world at basketball WNBA. She quit. In order to pursue social justice before it was the most recent trendy thing, she quit her life in order to fix our mass incarceration system or work on our mass incarceration system.


And she did this because of a family friend, Jonathan Irons, that she thought and was able to prove was wrongly convicted and deserved to get out of jail. On Good Morning America today, it is revealed that Maya Moore is marrying wow Jonathan Irons.


And so what just was a documentary has just turned into I don't know who thought your film, who does the romantic parts now? Who are like who gets to do well? They allowed Julia Roberts to play Maya more like, are we done with that?


This is a role for Scarlett Johansson, who was born to play. Hold that thought.


Let's sell some air.


So it's not going to be a black woman, right? It's going to be it's going to be a white woman that gets to play my amore, Scarlett Johansson.


They're not right. Roy doesn't know whether to laugh or cry.


By the way, the announcement was that they were actually married already, that they got married. So congratulations to them.


Oh, my bad. I'm sorry I'm a little late to the news, but that I was looking at my phone and my mouth was hanging open in sheer shock. I thought the Clippers losing was going to be the most shocking thing that made me do that in the last 12 hours. It is Maya Moore getting out now. She is married.


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Just go to Harry's dotcom and enter three three six zero at checkout. That's Harry's dotcom code three three six zero. Enjoy. Guest on the dam Avatar show up here via the Shell Pennzoil performance on the Big Ten has announced that the football season will resume October twenty third and twenty fourth, with the addition of strict coronavirus testing protocols, which will include daily antigen testing, enhanced cardiac screening and a data driven approach to making decisions going forward. The conference will designate a chief infection officer who will oversee collection and the reporting of data.


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There isn't a lot of margin for error on that one, so they are going back and forth and hopefully they can get through a season without contaminating those protocols because they will have to shut down again very quickly. And they will have looked to all of us like being a waffling conference in the wind where they go back and forth as the PAC 12. This is not surprising. In the least is the conference where the players demanded the money and never mind, just go away, bring there's no money.


We'll talk later. Maybe everyone will forget about this at a more normal time in America.


This is going to be an all you can eat buffet here today because it's been a long time since we could feel like this in South Florida and by a long time, I mean the last series against Milwaukee.


But Mike, how many of those songs do you have there that are playoff related and heat related?


And this team, this town, this is some of the back story on this radio show in this town, we became a national show while doing a local show because we stunk at sports in South Florida, though, the only thing since 2003 there's been down here that 17 years is whatever Dwayne Wade brought in the form of winning everything else has been a barren desert of awful. So we are grateful for this franchise. And in those 17 years you've got you've seen it as the Dolphins haven't won a single playoff game.


The Miami Heat took this town from the Miami Dolphins. It's something I never thought I'd see in my journalistic lifetime. And Dwayne Wade did that and he went and did that. And the US against them with the LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, his teams did that and Pat Riley did that. And so Pat Riley has been looking for an out to retire here. And over the off season, he was getting hit pretty damn hard all over the place with has the game passed him by and what it would look like a game passing you by.


He's exactly this, the evolution of the sport with three point shooters all over the place. And he's still thinking of post basketball and Showtime, Lakers and Knicks basketball from a different time in Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway. So at seven mid 70s, he reinvents the entire team with Erik Spoelstra, who taught us position less basketball with 2010 with LeBron and Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, sort of the advent to all of what it is you see all over the sport right now.


Reinvented and last night, the Boston Celtics, the hated Boston Celtics with more tradition than any team in the sport. They're young superstar, twenty two years old, goes to the rim looking for his playoff defining moment. And a guy who represents heat culture, sort of the descendant of Alonzo Mourning, cartoon muscle, manifestation of athleticism, can gaja one can guard your five guarded Tatum guarded Kemba Walker, he says to Jayson Tatum. Not yet, not now at the rim.


Somehow, I don't know how he did that physically, I don't understand. I've seen Jason Tatum swoop in like a pterodactyl, like the pterodactyl that he is. I don't know physically how that happened. It's why Magic Johnson tells you it's the greatest defensive play he's ever seen in the playoffs. Did it with his left hand, did it with Tatum coming down so hard, the force that I don't know how his left hand sustain the force of that dunk and prevented it from going through the basket.


I just don't I think the most amazing place I've ever seen.


A lot of people are confused by that. And Kendrick Perkins will come here to celebrate this with us. Are we of the opinion that he is going to say bam out of bio's name correctly, or is he going to say it the way that he's been saying it, which I think I like a little bit more than that about you will close by, if that's the way I like it.


The fact that Riley did this. I mean, Dan, it's amazing the fact he did this by acquiring Goran Dragic and did it in two drafts with Bam and that did it with Tyler Hero and turned it around this quickly from LeBron, Wade and Bosh to this is absolutely amazing. It may be his finest work. Seriously. Well, but you like to do that one.


Whatever is the most recent work is maybe the finest work.


Yeah, but this is work done through the draft and through free agency. I think Wade to me was most responsible for LeBron coming down here. What was it about Riley? This is Riley inspired, doing it through the draft and doing it through free agency. Billy, your sound is down for work, and Goran Dragic had 29 points last night, 29 points quiet. Not at all the story. If you're talking about the Miami Heat, maybe the third name you're mentioning, probably fourth, because Tyler here almost had a triple double.


Twenty nine points. Thank you. Mark Cuban, thank you so much.


Because you're given Pat Riley credit for Goran Dragic and I feel great. That's great. Arguably the best point guard in Miami Heat history. They thought they traded him to Dallas and Dallas won another direction after what was thought to be an official deal.


Can we do this around here, by the way, because you guys really loves to make fun of me, because he says that I'm always demanding apologies for Pat Riley. Of the people who say that the game has passed him by.


What can we go through on our personal parade of gasbags and find our most glaring failures when it came to criticizing this team? Because I thought they should have given the money to Hassan Whiteside. Mike Ryan at one point thought that Tyler Johnson was better than Goran Dragic. It might be his most haunting take. Do you have a more haunting? Is that your I said the are the lions that we're all in sixteen we're going to make the playoffs. Is that the equivalent for you?


Yeah, I'm not going to apply context of the discussion we were having. I was just wrong. I was just flatly wrong. Also, I wasn't on board with this Justise Winslow trade that brought Jae Crowder to town.


I said Riley failed Wade in the entire city of Miami.


I said last year that he should build around Josh Richardson and not Bam Adebayo.


He did say that he called Hassan Whiteside a generational big. All right.


Kendrick Perkins is going to join us next. Kendrick Perkins. The number one Heat fan going to be on a parade float, he's going to join us in just a minute here on the show Pennzoil performance, but there's not really going to be a parade probably in the pandemic.


I don't think Mike Ryan is getting Kendrick Perkins on the line. Number one, Heat fans.


If there was a parade, though, Kaepernick would be on the first float, would he not?


He is trying. He's a Celtic. We think of him as a Celtic more than thunderclaps. We think of him as a Celtic, I think won the championship. Right. With the Celtic. Yeah, I think it was part of Heat Nation.


I mean, he legend Kendrick Perkins is on the line. All right. We'll get to him. Hold on.


We'll get to him in a second. But first, I want to ask the question of the audience. Is Bomani right when he says that it's really kind of strange that the big the Big Ten would get more questions about not playing than the SEC and the S.E.C. get about playing?


You know, like it's a little it's a little bit strange. We'll get to Kendrick Perkins in a second. But I'm sorry, Christine, I interrupted you.


And finally, the expression Penny for your thoughts was first used in fifteen twenty two, if adjusted for inflation, each thought would be worth about 250. Now, how about that? How about that? Yes. Fagots is a little less Kendrick Perkins. With us now, this is very exciting perk. And I don't understand what's going on with you because you're supposed to be a Keltic, but you seem to have fallen in love with them. Goon's.


Absolutely. I have a job to do. I cannot be bad. Right. And I've been right with the Miami Heat. Once I once I said they was going to beat the Milwaukee Bucks, they showed me some before that they possibly could actually come out the east. And I believe they have a wilkos team. They're hard nosed. They play hard on both the years. They played extremely well. They shoot the three ball well and they got great leadership over there.


And I strongly believe that they could be the team to come out of the park.


What about what happened at the rim last night? Who that was one of the greatest blocks in playoff history. I think I will probably get a slight edge to LeBron James because it was the deciding factor, in my opinion, that they'll win in the championship and arguably the greatest championship in NBA history being down three one. But bam. Oh, my gosh. Way to go up with no fear. He was relentless, wasn't scared to get down. So and he blocked it with his left hand, his opposite hand.


I don't I don't know if people understand that it doesn't make sense.


It doesn't make Park explain it to us because it doesn't make sense that that was able to happen physically. I thought when Tatum cocked his arm that that was going to be the end of that. Now, Bam had something else to say about it, but that goes to show you the identity of the Miami Heat. That's what they do. They're not afraid. They get in to you even when you watch them play ball defense. They're not afraid to put on highlight.


They're not afraid to get crossover. They're not afraid to get dumped on those guys or harden those guys. And that's why I call them the goals for Bay County, because they play with a chip on their shoulder like they got it straight out.


The Highland Park Heat lifer Kendrick Perkins on with us right now. Given what we saw last night and I came away not really thinking that the heat actually played their best offensive game, are we looking at a short series bus out the Fabulous?


So I wouldn't say that. I wouldn't say that I do have the heat when it is said if it goes shorter, it would be surprising to me. You get kind of those thoughts that that the Boston Celtics have, especially Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart is is able to play the heat the way that he played last night. He's able to keep that up. It's going to be a really exciting series. And I think that he goes, oh, that's very, very disappointing.


He'd like anything he does. He like for you. It's very disappointing. He just asked you about the Fabulosos and what happened. You know, Smarts never going to do that again. Let's try again. Let's try again. Can we try this again? Let's fix this a little bit.


Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. All right. Let me let me maybe it was how I phrase it been out of the bayou and Jimmy Buckets and goons from the 305. This is a gentleman sweep at least right out the fabulous.


So part I tell you, if the heat wasn't going to is the with the ball, but.


He did her say with your chest perk, Jason Burke, Jason Tatum for Bam, you make that trade.


No, I think both parties say this is why when you look at Bam, he is arguably behind Yokich and Anthony Davis, he's the next big man in line, in my opinion. He's so versatile, he could put the ball on the floor. He's a hell of a passer. He's allowed trade at the rim. He runs the floor like a deer. He got a nice touch around the basket. He could shoot the 15 foot. He rebounds at a high level.


And like we see, he could switch one to five. And when you look at Jayson Tatum, he's everything that you need. If you opposed the Celtics fan and organization, he's a wing player, which is a guy driven league, a guy that could go out there and get you 30 plus a night. He has the complete offensive package, underrated defensively. I think both teams say no to the perk.


I genuinely do not mean this as disrespect, but you played the position Bam Adebayo played. You could not guard one through five. No, no, that's not true. That is not true. I mean, we actually when I was in Oklahoma City, we were down to the Spurs and we made a that we were going to switch everything. And you go back and pull up the clip. I lost the Tony Parker.


And you did? Yes, you did. Pull up the clips then, but you forgot about that.


I can not believe that insulted you like that usually as such reverence for heat legends like unbelievable.


Why he apologized to Perth today of all days. Apologised to Perth right now.


I'm so sorry I've offended you. I'm sorry that you're a heat lifer. You deserve better from me. I'm sorry. I don't remember you locking up Tony Parker, though. I don't. I don't remember that it's crazy you did that.


You knock it off. Well, it was a decade ago, so, I mean, you don't feel bad for, you know. But I know I tell you what, I'm nowhere close to it. Bam, bam. No, no.


You say it the way you want to say it. You start to into the bio, out of the bio, bam bam out of the bayou country.


I say I so you you you want to laugh at the Clippers a little bit because what just happened there is a pretty it's a pretty giant failure. Oh, Facil is one of the to me is one of the biggest upsets in NBA history. You talk about a team that was doing a lot of hold holding pep rallies. You may I mean, Kawhi Leonard left the Toronto Raptors. He not only had a city or state, he had a country that was willing to give him everything, along with a good coach, a great coach and a great supporting cast.


And he fought and he went to the Clippers and forced Paul George to come there. And they thought that they were going to leave it up to Big Brother thing with the Lakers. And here they are. They are. The team blew a three one lead of double figures in game five and six that could close it out. And you mean to tell me that you have Kawhi Leonard and Paul George and Patrick Beverley on the perimeter and they could do nothing with Jamal Murray?


Not to not not the team that was supposed to have the best one of the best defensive backcourt in NBA history, not deathin. Right. I want to go back to the heat, Tyler Tyler hero Kendrick Perkins, tell me that you've seen a lot of 20 year olds that fearless. Tyler hero people look at how was just, you know, the casual fans and say, oh, you know, he could just go and shoot. No, that's not what he does.


Every day he rebounds, rebounds exceptionally well at the core position he got down to got a high IQ. And he also take on the challenge of defending. Yes. Last night, I think Kemba Walker hit him with a step back and killed the made. But the defense and the courage that he had to go at him, it was textbook defense. It was just that one of those situations where it was it was good defense, but their offense and probably will bring so much to the table.


People don't understand his tenacity is is is so underrated. And his the way that he carries himself with like a veteran has been there before. He's not afraid of the moment at all. It's not only is he not afraid of he steps up and delivers in the big moment.


Yeah, he does. Oh yeah. You really did part friends, right? We're friends. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I'm good, but I don't know about them.


You got to know about them. Goes led by exposure. Then you got you got the Oji captain over there. You did this whole and everything get checked. Yeah. Yeah. They crowd who. The unsung hero.


I thought he was asleep and seeing his name thing. He was, he was a sleeper in a trade with Andre Iguodala and God knows this thing about the heat thinks this is why Jimmy Butler don't have to go through forty every night. Well, if you have multiple guys like Paleolithic commodities and is capable of giving you fifteen, twenty points when he's out and he can be guarded, you got a guy like Dr. Robinson who could get hot. You got Roy Dragic, who's, by the way, one of the most underrated players in the playoffs.


These guys average one more point fifty percent from the three and almost 40 percent, I mean, 50 percent from the field. War torn country from the three. Give him his just do he deserved and bam out of the bayou.


Per person, per person, per park park, thank you, Park, thank you, Park.


Hold that thought. That s some that cigarette must think we're creepy.


Chris was snoring to signify sleeper in the middle of that and felt the need to point it out.


That in Miami? Yes, Spanish in your loins, we are brown and oily and swaggering and loud and we smell like too much cologne and our entire economy is held up by dollars that have blood on it and cocaine. But dance to that Spanish softness. Feel it in your sensual places. Extend your sensuality by thinking of Larry Bird slapping a towel to increase your staying power. This is what we're doing to you in Miami, Celltex or those home games or away games.


So one on the road.


So the whole Horde Advantage series started. It's hard to march into the garden and win one of those two guards, but they did just that. Road warriors.


You know, someone tweeted this at me and it's a really good question. Now that it's down to the conference finals, why can't they just change the courts like they have the heat floor there for practice? I'm sure they have a Celtics one. Why can't they just change it instead of doing all the digital stuff?


I thought I read that that was part of the plan that once once we got to the conference finals, teams would start having their own courts. Hopefully that changes for the finals. But you if you notice, there are a lot more ads on the court this way. Yeah.


So maybe it doesn't change these games starting at nine now. All of them.


There's one more early start, early ish, oh, seven o'clock on Thursday to sort of get the jump on the Thursday Night Football. But then I think it's eight o'clock the rest of the way.


Student is already suffering a lack of sleep. There are many things that happen around here daily that will remind you of our age, but very little more than Stewart. Moaning Oh nine p.m. start that one hurts.


A Christ Almighty God is embarrassing. It's embarrassing. You're right. But it's embarrassing.


I'm going to text you all a photo right now and not everyone in the audience. I'd be weird.


I'm going to I'm going to text you guys. It would be I'm going to text you guys a photo because I can't believe the photo that I'm looking at right now.


And we're going to get to this in the in the next segment because there's not enough time to talk about it here because we went too long agitating perk. There's just no way that he guarded Tony Parker. You want to think about that?


First, I thought I thought the photo that you were looking at was the one that I sent you of him stuffing Tony Parker.


Parker were so quick and fast. There's no way Kendrick Perkins looks like a pharaoh and a square one. Like he wasn't guarding Tony Parker, no matter how he remembers it was put him in a body bag.


That's the way history will always remember it.


But the picture I'm going to send you guys, it defies physical sort of description. But we'll try on how bam block this shot and how close his wrist is to the rim as he's doing this with his off hand, because we finally got a basketball moment down here and we're going to squeeze the holy hell out of it.