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This is the down labor part show with this got Sparkasse. America is turned upside down now, there's protesting in Rochester, we haven't seen basically this fear of the other since McCarthyism, but I have found a place, Mike Ryan, where we have arrived at something that vaguely resembles in the smallest of ways after decades of fighting. Progress. And it's how Stewart received the news that Steve Nash is the newest coach of the Brooklyn Nets, because throughout any time in history when that hire gets made, Stewart's just simply says, yes, great hire name.


I recognized the name. That guy is the leader for the future. I want him on my team. But today, this is house to guards came in here when learning the news of Steve Nash, four year contract, new coach of the Brooklyn Nets. And I'm telling you, I found it shocking when it came out of his mouth. A student just said right after that he's like Dan Steve Nash, Brooklyn Nets coach. And then his very next thought, just a hiccup of pause.


Can't imagine why black coaches would be upset about that at all. I did say that.


I mean, I can't believe it. Usually throughout history to God says Cannonball on this subject. But look at what had to happen in America. First, you got to arrive there as his initial thought. Now, of course, he cuts to the head of the line. And, of course, all of us think, well, Steve Nash knows basketball and sometimes it works with Steve Kerr and you win a championship. And sometimes it's Derek Fisher with the New York Knicks.


You should get a guy who's got coaching experience. But I understand in today's NBA, if you got that's a good job. He just got if you got Kevin Durant and your point guard is a bit of a weirdo, why not bring in a guy who might be able to connect with a bit of a weirdo because Steve Nash had eccentric interest in Steve Nash knows that point guard position.


If it worked for Steve Kerr because he took over a team that was already good, was right on the cusp of being very, very good. I mean, and Steve Kerr did a great job and they went on a tremendous ride. And they'll probably have more championships and they're moving forward here. But what and it's going to work for Steve Nash because he does have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in an Eastern conference that is sort of weak. And so this is going to work.


But I do understand, if you're a black assistant coach who's been trying to become a head coach forever in the NBA and Steve Nash gets that job, you would be enraged that you would be upset. Of course you would. Why wouldn't you?


I just don't know. And, you know, I'm you know, where I am or where I stand on some of this stuff. I have not been shy about it, but I don't know if in today's NBA you actually need a coach who's got a lot of experience with coaching or if you need a guy who just connects with the superstars, especially on a team like that, where you've got two superstars that are pretty unusual cats and maybe all they need is a guy for them to respect.


And he's played recently enough that you would assume that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant would respect that. I'm not totally sure.


OK, in the list of things that you need when you're coaching those guys, if below lower on the list is scheme organization coaching experiences, big moments, I'm not sure from those specific two guys for that job. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, if you don't have to make sure that you get somebody that they simply respect. I might be the most important part, you're right like that might be for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Hey, this is a guy who's been there, who's done it, who's won MVP.


This is a guy that they respect and listen to, but it's not as a coach.


It's as a coach on the floor. Yes, I mean, brought up a point, Amin was saying he doesn't know why Steve Nash would take that job, because superstars generally don't take those jobs where they're coaches and they have to travel around and they have to work. And it's 14 hour days and all of that stuff. But the way they will take it is don't make me be an assistant coach. Don't make me do what Tim Duncan is doing, where he's sitting on the Spurs bench and he's doing some of the menial work.


Give me the power, give me the name. Give me the money of being the head guy. When you say black coaches who got upset about this at the top of my list would be Tim Duncan because he's like, wait a minute. At the very least, I've done some of this stuff on the bench.


It's on the Nats own staff, Jack Vaughn, that will return as Brooklyn's head assistant coach. I like Jack Vaughn, who played in Kansas and played the NBA and was not nearly as good as Steve Nash did not have. Nearly the career has to be saying to himself, Warren, I have a head coach that and Sean Marks came from that Spurs system.


So you would think if they wanted a player to connect and obviously they prioritized that because they did this with Jason Kidd. It didn't work out. And they were going to do it again with Jason Kidd because he was one of the candidates for this job again. So clearly they did an internal review and they realize, look, we have these personalities. We need someone in that head coaching spot. Because Kenny Atkinson was a respected coach. We were all stunned when Kenny Atkinson in the Nets parted ways.


They're clearly trying to connect with Kyrie and Kevin Durant on that superstar level. And they brought in Steve Nash.


Let me ask the audience this question, because I had seen some reports flimsy though they were, but logically they made sense. Gregg Popovich as Nets coach Gregg Popovich concluding his career by leaving the Spurs. I thought that was an interesting legacy decision. If I were in Pop's position, I would have been super tempted by that job. I would have left behind whatever it is that my allegiances or my loyalties to market were. And I would have said, yeah, let me finish the end of my career, seeing if I've got a shot here coaching Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.


But my question to you is this. Who would Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant respect more as their coach, Steve Nash or Gregg Popovich?


I would think pop, pop, pop, but I just don't think that was realistic. I mean, the compensation alone to get Gregg Popovich and we don't even know the inner workings of his contract over there. That's how good he has it. Forgive me.


Let me ask the question a different way to see if I get a different answer from you guys.


I'm speaking specifically about these two guys, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. You think the both of them feel like they really need a coach coach in the traditional sense of I need to be led by somebody because I can't lead myself?


Look, there's chatter in league circles that pop kind of botched the Kawhi Leonard thing.


He had a once in a lifetime asking the question because Steve Nash is of an age and of a time that Gregg Popovich is not.


But he also seems to be the guy, Pop, that has the ultimate respect from all the players LeBron, Durant, Kyrie, all those guys. I'm not certain there's another coach who has that. He has it.


He absolutely has that cash cash with some of the game's elite players, especially some of the older ones. But you look at what happened with Kawhi. The NBA's changing young people are changing. He built that cachet on Tim Duncan and David Robinson. Two players are just totally cut from a different cloth. I mean, they don't there's no similarities between them and the modern NBA player. So you take the Kawhi Leonard situation, which now Marks probably knows a lot about, and you see personalities like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.


I'm sure there are questions there, but I think it's a matter of compensation. POB is obviously the better head coach because Steve Nash has never had coach.


Oh, but the reason I'm asking the question is because the Brooklyn Nets have just hired someone who has zero coaching experience.


And in Gregg Popovich, you are talking about maybe the most experienced guy ever in terms of what it is that you're looking at to coach Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. And I honestly believe that while you gave voice to great players in that sport respecting pop, if there are two guys who might not as much as the others from the top of the food chain, because they're eccentric personalities, because they're millennials, because they're fighting with people on the Internet, they're fighting with people on the Internet, as, you know, secret accounts or their Kyrie Irving, you know, doing whatever weirdness he's embarked on as being Kyrie.


Those two guys might object to AMI rigidities of Gregg Popovich of Randolph Kawhi Leonard in the lone management era of Gregg Popovich. Like I can't think of two guys. There's not a team in the sport where I can ask this question and it's such a difficult answer with no experience. Guy with most experience. Who do the two guys at the top of your team? Gregg Popovich is top of the food chain. Everyone respects him. This obviously has to be a matter of compensation.


I mean, he's under contract with him.


I'm not. The only reason I'm not sure about that is because I wonder, do Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving at this point really want to be coached or do they just want the Hall of Fame guy who's a name who hasn't coached before, who needs them as much as he needs, as much as they need him? I think Dad's on to something.


I think they probably clearly they hired him. I know, but they're better than him. I mean, they're better than Steve Nash. I mean, this is one of the greatest point guards of all time MVP like Kyrie Irving is not better than to be. My Kevin Durant is better than Steve Nash. OK, maybe I'll concede, but he's a two time MVP, probably outside of Steph Curry, the greatest shooter at his position. Steve Nash walks into that room and he's not bowing down to Kevin Durant or certainly not Kyrie.


It's interesting.


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Over two point three million people are in jail and prison today. Black Americans make up forty percent of those incarcerated, despite making up only 13 percent of U.S. residents. This is not an accident. It's a consequence of decades of bad policy decisions. As we address systemic racism, we must address the crisis of mass incarceration. Joe Biden promised an ACLU volunteer that if elected, he'd reduce incarceration levels by 50 percent. We need him to follow through on that promise.


A commitment now to release anyone who has served half of a drug sentence would send a signal that he is serious. The ACLU believes our criminal legal system is broken, racist and unjust. Our next president must fix that and can start by releasing those hurt by the misguided war on drugs paid for by the American Civil Liberties Union. Ink rights for all drug. Happy Lou Dort day to all of you at Libertador Show there is something funny about his name that makes it a little extra magical, that in the game where you could find someone to criticize no matter who won and who lost, whether it was Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, James Harden, James Harden somehow advances while going one for nine from three.


But what a great play defensively at the end of that game. Two great plays, one with the block, the second one avoiding a guy. It was a dodge ball. I mean, how did he how was he able to slow or block the shot of Lou Daudt for a season?


George Luchador joins like LeBron James, his youngest player ever, to have an amazing game seven. I don't even know the stats. Just just know that there's something about the fact that his name only has two syllables and there's there's an O that you can't find. And Lou, there's something about Lou Dort that doesn't feel like it should be deciding game seven.


I was there a missing. Oh, and Lou. Guys, that game, the NBA last night absolutely won all of social media. It was incredible and these were quirky finishes. I don't think many of us have ever seen before. Each final five seconds seemed like they took an eternity. Was it Mark Jones on the call that said Chris Paul was born for this moment and then he loses the ball? It was born for a run from that moment.


I mean, well, he just scored 15 points in the fourth quarter, but it wasn't that moment because it was game six, right? Yeah, that's got to be fourth quarter of games, specifically, final possession of your season, seemingly a play drawn up for you. You lose the handle and it ends up in the hands of Dort.


Yes, I love all the Monday morning quarterbacks. Who knew why didn't Steven Adams go attack the rim? They're like all these professional coaches in hindsight, had it all figured out.


That's an excellent point, guys. The play wasn't drawn up for Steven Adams. That's why he didn't go to the rim.


OK, for those of you who do not know what Chris and Mike are talking about, that Oklahoma's Oklahoma City season ended because it would appear that Steven Adams on one of the munchkins from whichever munchkin it was, I don't know whether it's PJ Tucker, what he had it was Westbrook because Westbrook and Steven Adams collided on that play, one of those Westbrook one of their many six four players that the Houston, which is probably the center, could be their center.


Westbrook was playing center for them. Adams had a free run to the rim there where you could have lobbed it up to him and possibly. Had an easy layup at the rim because he had a sizable advantage over the guy guarding him, I would just say to you again. There are very little chances at the end of a season that the play that's going to be drawn up is to a guy who is something between a pirate and a barbarian. He is on the court and he is there to grab a rebound over one of the munchkins, if that happens.


But he is not out there in order for a play to be called for him to be rolling to the basket so that he's deciding your season. I do understand, though, why all the Twitter coaches out there would say, hey, that plays open. There's a reason that plays open. They weren't going to it. Everyone knew it, including the munchkin who was guarding the pirate by. Right. But when you need it and you need a bucket, you might want to go to the thing that perhaps no one's expecting you to go to.


I mean, OK, perhaps in game seven, perhaps the toss is to the pirate because everyone knows he's the fifth option out there.


But now to play both sides of this, they did end up throwing it to him near the three point line. So at that point, I guess they could have maybe done it that way. But everyone's right on. You know what?


Because your choices were Chris Paul or Luke Dorte. And so that's why Dort I mean, Dort was having a great game and he was six to twelve from three thirty points, ten to twenty one. He was thrown dawgs out there. The Thunder came up just.


And you got a working that's as bad a joke, it's as ever your job and you loved it, though. You gave us all those, set himself up, setting yourself up for the terrible joke. He was throwing a door out there as if Dawn's name isn't funny enough by itself, as if it's not funny enough that that guy had a LeBron James game while being named Lou Dort. Lou Dort is an accounting look. You can go find Lou Daudt right now at an office you're building.


He's in the department where you can find your account.


I don't think you can find a Lou Dawid anywhere except for that court. I didn't even know that that was a last name that was possible. All right.


If you're just joining us, we have been covering the hell out of that Heat game yesterday. And we were wondering and I need an answer to this. If Steve Jarvie is the referee in the history of NBA referees most likely to dress like you, Jack. Hugh Jackman in the greatest showman. I also want to put him in other outfits other than the greatest showman. Why? Because I want to see if there are any better outfits other than that outfit that look at me roughly.


The reason for this is you were arguing Steve Jobs and most look at me referee of all time. And this is a guy that once threw out Jimmy Buffett.


I was also arguing that Steve Jabe never disagrees with anything the referees have done, and it's infuriating. And we will talk about it next. Volvo helps protect what matters most, your family, the Volvo EXI 90 SUV, offers a range of advanced safety features like an available built in booster seat for your kids safety and comfort and the blind spot information system that has your back and alerts you to cars in your blind spot wherever you go. Some are safely explore exclusive offers on the 90 during the Volvo.


Some are safely savings event. Visit Volvo cars dot com. Slash us to learn more. We will get to Kyle Brandt in a second, but first, my apologies, Christine Lacy, we interrupted you.


And finally, Dan, many eyewitness accounts from airplane pilots flying into Los Angeles have led to an investigation from the Federal Aviation Administration on reports that a guy in a jet pack has been flying close to planes. The FBI has also launched an investigation. OK. Yes, it's Elon Musk that seems to be dangerous. It is. Thank you, Christine. We appreciate you being on with us. You feel like you're reporting this as fact.


Is Elon Musk. It's a billionaire with Bruce Wayne money doing hero things. That's what's happening. And the government's trying to tell us it's not actually happening. Pilots are telling you there's a guy flying really close to our planes in a jet pack. Right.


But if Elon Musk, it would he would have crashed, burned already.


I mean, sorry, we will get to in a second whether or not Steve Jarvie should be dressed as the greatest showman while doing everything referee related that he's doing in the NBA. But first, Carl Brand is with us. He's the host of the NFL Network's Good Morning Football. It airs daily at 7:00 a.m. and his 10 questions with quarterbacks and famous people is available by podcast on Spotify and YouTube. So, Kyle, thank you for joining us. What's a Joline you envy?


Give me a jaw line anywhere along in the history of sports or elsewhere where you're like, that guy's got a better jawline than I do.


Fantastic question. It's exactly why I came on the show. I'll give you a couple. I'm going to I'll keep it right here in sports and then we can branch out the jaw line on tight end. Greg Olsen is stellar, fantastic jawline. He looks like like a Murman, like some sort of Aquaman aquatic creature. And I still think the one guy's this is a little bit of a reach, but I have a feeling you could follow Casper Van Damme, star of Starship Troopers.


He played Johnny Rico in that movie. Has it's it's the it's the labron of jaw lines. It's prolific. If you haven't seen it, pull it up on Google.


I think Casper has been away for a while, but the jaw that's the one that's that's the gogia is how we long a competitor who deserves to be grandfathered in as a Hall of fame.


JOLINE We're going to get into the technicalities here. Dan But I actually think that Howie is more of a Chinh guy than a jaw line guy. And I've said before, if you go to Canton and you look at the busts, there's about three or four that have the right to say we're the best of us here. How is this prolific? Absolutely looks like a God. And then Kevin Greene's is fantastic. It's a massive hair and beard and he looks like the beast from Beauty and the Beast.


And then now than when some of the newer blood Ed reads is fantastic. So Howie is more of a chin guy and not on the Jay Leno sort, but more of the perfectly rounded 90 degree angle. So, I mean, he's a legend.


Yes. Mike, have you seen this Casper Van Den? You have Starship Troopers, while has never been more right about anything in his entire life.


Well, Kyle is an interesting one. We've been talking about thunder and lightning and Derrick Henry being a rare combination of thunder and lightning.


Kyle, your jaw line guy, Anderson guy, you know, you call one these shows and you hope you've never been on with them before. And you followed you guys for years and you've always known and you think you're going to come out, they're going to ask about the Cowboys. They're going to ask about Aaron Rodgers, something we're deep into the Starship Troopers jawline. Do you guys have any? Those are the first two that occurred to me.


Well, either I said no, I seem to have a problem with this. I'm not as good at this game as you guys are in that Jay Leno. Evidentally I was making a mistake between chin and jawline. Those things, those are totally different things you made. Yeah, I feel like such an idiot in that I don't have any subtlety or discerning. I don't I can't do this. He's a chin guy, John. Seen as a jaw guy.


Right, Kyle?


John Cena is a Jagi. Yeah. It's kind of like an AMA like some guys are into stand up and some go to the ground and pound chin and are totally, totally different. I just say another one occurred to me right now. I played a lot of football in the state of Florida, former Jaguars linebacker Pawpaws Lesnie. He gets so much attention for his neck, but he really did have a special job, too. And I want to send him some love, but definitely Sina Sina is jaw all the way around for sure.




OG's who's your number one neck guy for me? Takio spikes.


Spike, listen, it's really tough to beat Spike. That commis, of course, that how the neck down there in South Florida.


But if you look at Spike's jaw to actually know, don't don't underestimate the Zach Thomas joke at all. Yeah.


You know what that comment is in that club. Do an unbelievable job. You're right. I just stumbled upon that. So it's a little festival down in the Beja chin and we haven't even gotten to the best teeth yet, which is just kind of the down the street neighbor in the gated neighborhood.


You're seeing lots of entries, but that's how you set yourself up because you're a triple threat, because you're a tough guy, too.


I'm a I look, my teeth are fine. I didn't do the Invisalign thing. I Cam Newton has unbelievable teeth, perfectly straight, glistening white. And I think he's been one of those guys who has been caught on the sideline flossing during games, which I respect because of all the talents that Cam has his. Because you just could do a lot worse grain shoppers, I got to tell you, Tom Cruise has the most incredible set of teeth I've ever seen in my entire life.


Are those real? I don't care.


OK, well, cruise that PED's in the middle of his career. I'm going to say 2002, 2003, he famously got braces so in when he's reeling off hits through the 90s and the 80s and Top Gun in Mission Impossible. He had very strange teeth and he has now like he got help mid career, which is almost unheard of.


You can't respect that as a child as it to me was that that crew's going to Brace's was was Jordan saying I got to start working on my Lobach turnaround. I can't just keep dunking on everybody. I got to change my game a little bit. The young man's game. So I respect the crews went with that. A lot of people changed their faces through this. He said, now give me the braces. Who cares? I'm Tom Cruise.


He is the host of NFL Network's Good Morning Football. It airs daily at seven a.m. He also has the Ten Questions with Kyle Brandt podcast available, Spotify and YouTube. Who else are you putting in this tooth or teeth Hall of Fame category? You mentioned Cam Newton. Do you have a long list of people here?


No, I wish I could have prepared you guys for this segment. I know that Cam is fantastic. I'm trying to think of some other players that I mean, look, Brady Brady stuff is pretty much perfect. That's that's a turnkey house from from the chin up here.


He's supposed to get worth looking at as we get older. Like if you look at Brady coming out of Michigan and maybe 2000, 2001, he looks like a chubby kind of nerdy guy and he has gotten hotter and cleaner and better as he's reached his mid 40s. And Brady is a guy who's older than I am. So he's in every club. Kyle, thank you for being on with us.


We have been my whole life. It it's a maiden voyage. We'll talk to you football maybe next time, OK? And maybe not.


Then you want to talk about whose it was in the trap. A muscle club has got the best traps or best. Looks like we could do a segment on all of that. I'm here for you. I've followed you for years. It's an honor to be able to talk about anything.


All right, Kyle, then I'm going to take you up immediately on your offer. We're going to call you every segment. And I just want you to give us one body part that you want to analyze, OK? We're going to call you every segment of our remaining show until noon.


We have time for that. Oh, we have plenty of time. Let's start with biceps. I will do a former running back, Thomas Jones, out of Virginia. He is the seventh and the guys will do Cavs next segment. All right.


So coming up, find out. Welcome to the show. Welcome to the show. Thank you. I appreciate it. Check out the NFL Network. Good Morning Football airs daily, seven a.m., also the Kyle Brandt podcast available on Spotify and YouTube. At Shell, we know from the time you get up to the time you wrap up night, there's a lot of meet ups, eat ups and hurry ups. So come to Shell and get three things done at once.


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You are going to have to wait for Kyle Brandt analysis of the greatest Cavs in sports history. We are going to drag this out over days here. Kyle Brandt will join us again tomorrow. And we would just analyze body parts daily for a while.


I will tell you, the early returns are in, though, with our audience. Kyle Brandt, they love him and what's not to love.


I mean, speaking of which, this show, the shipping container, is very excited because when you say what's not to love, the Miami Heat are giving us giving our fan base here in Miami locally a feeling that is uncommon for this market when it comes to basketball, which is you are the lovable underdog. You don't have any of the hate and the polarization of so much of the decade in basketball. When it was LeBron and you were looking at Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, the Miami Heat have a chance to pull an upset.


This organization has the chance to really pull the biggest upset that it has ever pulled in postseason basketball.


You say this city, I think the lovable underdog in the NBA is just a rarity in general. Right, because Chalke always wins in that sport.


Yes. But there they right now, you have seen from some of the analysis we were talking earlier, you've seen that some of the analysis is plagued by people who have not watched this team all year, are expecting Jimmy Butler to be fourth quarter man in a way that is not the way this team has played. It's not going to be Donovan Mitchell against Jamal Murray. It's not going to be isolation guy being better than your number one, because the Miami Heat.


Don't have a number one as good as Milwaukee's number one, you are seeing something that you do not see often in this sport where the better team beats the better guy, right? That's not that's not the way this sport works. If you have the best guy, you tend to win.


If you have the best guy who is the MVP, who many people consider to be the future of the NBA. Yes. You you normally win the series.


I mean, that's so what you're seeing right now. That is really interesting. We've told you this before, OK? The Miami Heat is not merely building this season to defeat Yoni's. They are building this season to take Giannis from Milwaukee. How can it happen the way that you're watching right now. Where Giannis is playing against these guys is like Wait a minute why is this harder than it is anywhere else. Hey Giannis we can do that for you too in Miami because the goal of this blueprint is to put someone next to Jimmy Butler who is better than Jimmy Butler.


And so you don't have to get into any of those conversations about do you want Giannis taking free throws late. What are Giannis his signature playoff moments where he's hitting or creating a shot on a buzzer beater when four guys are guarding him and they don't have to respect him shooting a three.


It's amazing that Riley has been able to do this again. First off he's a couple of games away from the Eastern Conference finals which no one expected. So the now is taken care of because they've already exceeded every expectation that anyone had for this season. OK, but with one Jimmy Butler signing and a couple of draft picks and Bam and Tyler Herot, he is he has turned the franchise around and made it a place that Giannis would seriously consider in the well.


I mean to backtrack for just a second here because Riley is in his mid 70s and what we're talking about right now, a year ago would have been unfathomable. They had too much money tied up in Hassan Whiteside and Dion Waiters and James Johnson. They didn't have any salary cap room to get fast to get any one good, fast to get young, fast. And yet here they are with a bunch of players under twenty five years old being led by Jimmy Butler with a trade acquisition that seems in retrospect obvious when now you're looking at it and Jae Crowder and Iguodala are guarding Giannis you're seeing why they traded for those two guys in defensive moments to just be an athletic handful for Giannis in a way that doesn't get them in foul trouble.


Yeah, they're bad. Cap situation was obviously of their own making and they made a great run which in retrospect probably put this franchise back. But they acquired one of the most coveted free agents last year with zero cap room. Imagine what they can do with cap room and and the way it's set up.


The reason they did not trade for Danilo Gallinari here during the season is because they didn't want anything to jeopardize the ability. To get someone like Yonnet next offseason, but I'm telling you in the way that this is played out so far, Stewart's not just through two games, but in general the way that it is played out, getting the bucks in the second round. The thing that gets Yoni's out of Milwaukee, if you can pry him out of Milwaukee, is him looking around and saying, I don't have enough support to get out of the second round.


I need more help than what it is Milwaukee has built for me.


Even those guys, I think through two games, have they've given them enough, have they not? Middleton and Lopez have been pretty good.


This is the problem, Stuart. They've been pretty good because by design, the heat has been totally fine with anybody but Giannis beating them. Somebody is going to get those points from Milwaukee. You're right that they've been fine but they've been fine at least in part because anywhere Giannis goes four guys you're going to end up building some sort of obstruction in front of him Well Giannis may leave this thinking this organization needs to give me more but with the players I mean Khris Middleton is an all star George Hill is lethal from three.


Brook Lopez turned out to be really nice so I think if Giannis is looking like how can they help me go next level. Maybe it's not the players maybe it's a coach because Giannis needs to be better.


But here's the thing though I would say to you guys and the the audience at large, no matter how good you think Middleton is, he is not someone who is considered naturally like that's the Paul George to Kawhi, that's the guy that you want as your number two because he's going to be your Pippen.


Would people say that about Jimmy Butler? Yes. He'd be a great number two to Yoni's, a better number to the Khris Middleton. Yeah, you're right. They would. They would. I mean, I'm asking, is Jimmy Butler better than Khris Middleton? And and yes, certainly in perception.


Yes, certainly. Certainly in terms of regard, reputation. Like we could sit here and parse the numbers and we can do whatever it is you want. That's not going to be sort of metrically. It's not going to feel like we're studying it very well because you don't know how much better Middleton is made by the idea that you've got Yanase over there who caves in everything on every defense. I don't know what Middleton would be like as a number one.


Would it be S.A.M. like? I don't know.


I know Pam would be a better number to Dan Middleton to Giannis Imagine Bam as a number three oh where one victory from one victory from this becoming a conversation that's going to echo throughout America.


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Absolutely. Great. And you're cutting down on your sweets, of course. Wonderful. Then I don't even need to look in there. Great.


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