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This is the down labor part, sure, we've still got Sparkasse. You are going to snort today's show, OK? This is a sprint to our sprint, snorting cocaine. We've got so much for you. Football, it's coming. We will respect we will genuflect in front of football, but we do not have enough show here today. We got three great guests and we've got a lot of things to get to do. If you want more football coverage, more serious stuff, more good stuff.


We got two hours of radio for you, digital and local, our monsters today. But snort this sprint. It's our best picture category. We have no time for a big open. It's best song. Do it.


Breaking news from ESPN writer Paula Levine, and I'm sorry if I said that name from a survey of about 12 hundred athletic trainers across college division show that 59 percent of respondents said athletes were somewhat following covid-19 protocols and fewer than half reported that coaches and staff were in full compliance. This according to a survey conducted by the National Athletic Trainers Association. A very long read that doesn't allow us a lot of room to do much of anything, but we are going to speed through this show as fast as we can today because we've got two hours that are getting squeezed here on the radio.


And we cut out so many songs from that that that category was scorched earth, how good all of those songs were, and we had to cut out a bunch of them. So I think if you want more of that, you will find it in the post game show exclusively. But I think we should get to what, today? Because sports is moving way too fast. None of us can keep up with what it is that's happening in sports.


Last night was just, you know, cocaine again and again because everything was out. Can you tell me what you're talking about? I'm trying to do a radio show here, and you're talking to Mike nonstop.


Well, we were just working something out, me and my, because that was an odd billboard to read without there being any sort of, you know, like, sponsor attached to it. I just read, like, you know, some information. And so it's the perils of Sue.


God's not reading his spots before the segment sometimes. And Roy does his best, but he's working remotely and he communicates via the chat. But I feel like my hair is on fire today because there's so much so I don't have time to grab this.


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No, see, this is where we are with this though.


Like we should just start doing it that way so people can see the amount of things on our neck that don't allow us to do the show because we're going to tell you every nine seconds that something sponsor Dan really can't afford for you to harp on this right now as we have only two minutes of content, this segment before we get to our guest, Colbran, in the next segment, right back to what did you watch last night?


I mean, are should I do important social commentary? Because you have two options to do the important social commentary, but in 90 seconds. Well, but I did it already in the big city. Yeah, but this is a national platform. I know, but the big city has. And it's an essay.


Yeah, but the people listening right now probably only listen to their radios.


OK, but can you guys subscribe and read and review so that you can get the content that we're doing best that we don't have time for, to do on the radio subscriber review to the Dan Libertador show with Stu Godse radio show feed. And then while I'm just on my streaming platform of choice, search out Leveton ampersand friends and subscribe to that entire network, too, because there's so much good stuff.


There is really good stuff today. The two hours we did today local out like the stuff that happened last night. I'm telling you, we spent the morning and I don't think this is healthy, just snorting radio cocaine like we gave you in those two hours that are not here because we don't have time, because everything is sponsored and we don't have any room to move is not the best of what it is that we're doing. There was important social commentary.


Dan, you have thirty seconds of explanation. Do you have time to fix racism? All of it, yeah. Twenty now to cure the virus or train or to talk about, you know, the new emerging star in the Chiefs backfield, whatever you want.


Ten seconds you got so wants to talk about that. He says the chiefs are in that wonderful place where they could put Chris Cody in the backfield, need scamper like a bug for one hundred and forty yards because they got some sort of.


That is Kyle Brandt is coming up next if we have time.


This is a Radio eight ball. Today on ESPN Daily, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is known for explosive plays off the field, he's found also his voice. He also found his voice that should say Roy, a college football hero. He's evolved on both fronts on ESPN Daily. Subscribe wherever you get your podcast.


Five dollar for two dollars, two dollars for you. I need to apologize to the audience because I said earlier that we were and it's very early for this. The today's radio show was just going to be a sprint doing cocaine. And that's not what it is. It's gotten worse than that. It's a sprint doing cocaine and cafecito. And I have gone and I want you to imagine this, OK? My my face covered in powder. I have now climbed atop a horse and I'm whipping it.


And we are going. We've got to go. We've got to keep it moving. We might have time for Kyle Brandt, who right now has incurred the wrath of this radioshow for betraying us for first take yesterday. Big time here already. We'll get to that in a second. But first, I'm sorry I interrupted you, Christine Lacy. Thank you, Dan. And finally, Pope Francis says sex and eating are divine pleasures, said, by God, these to God's life ain't bad.


Here you go. Hey, thank you. Thank you, Christine. We appreciate it. Thank you, Christine.


We appreciate it. We have important social commentary to get to. We have football to get to. But first, the traitor, the traitorous Kyle Brandt joins us. Migraines furious with him. Mike, you take it up with him. It's not even my issue.


Well, I pulled up Kyle on the phone before this segment and he asked me how I was doing. And I had to be honest. Not great, Kyle. Not great, because yesterday I expected to be joined by Kyle Brandt, who's become a friend of the show in short order at our normal 10 30 spot. But he wasn't there. And I look up to my TV and bathed in white light is a smooth forehead of one. Kyle Brandt broadcasting from what appeared to be a salt mine with a fireplace not on our show, but with Max and Stephen.


Did you ask him about the fireplace? I asked him and he did confirm it is a salt mine. Defend yourself, traitor. You.


Mike's a little salt. That's that's a perfect segue. Listen, guys, we've been fast friends from the start, but I think this is a misunderstanding. I had a very important parent teacher conference to go to yesterday at ten thirty eastern for my seven year old. It wasn't first take his first grade. He was with Mr. Kellerman and Miss Karum and the gym teacher, Mr. Smith. So I'm sorry I couldn't make it. But parenthood has to come before talking about hot, hot guys draw lines with you guys.


I'm sorry, but I'm back. I'm thrilled to be here.


I mean, he politely admitted that he picked them over us. But it's all right. Let's stop being polite.


Let's start getting real time to question. And I bet I bet the answer for students is yes. Do you guys do you guys have you to watch that? So cheaters, that's on in the middle of the night. Yes. GRECCO It felt like that because some of your listeners tweeted clips of you guys. I think it was you, Danny, but actually seen me on first take while I was supposed to be here. And it's on video. And I feel like that was the Joey Greco showing the video of the boyfriend whose girlfriend's walking out of the motel.


Kyle, listen.


Okay, Joey Greco on the show, Cheaters, he got stabbed. I suggest you tread lightly. I really do, because honest to God, dude, you've insulted our entire radio show. It was the fireplace, even real because it looked like it was on the television.


No, it's absolutely real. I light it every morning with my takes, and that's why they wanted me on first take the thing out of the first take. I thought, we're going to talk about the Cowboys. All they want to talk about is. So Kyle, tell us who has the best lips and sports. And we got right into it. I said, Joey Harrington, phenomenal lips. And that's what we debated. It was a surprise turn, but I felt like I was with you guys.


I'm not sure whether to believe you or not that they not only stole you, but they stole the conceit of what we were doing with that. That can't be true. You're lying to us. He's he's making us he's flattering us is what he's doing to conceal and camouflage the fact that he's a traitor. And he chose first take over us and went and did serious football commentary instead of what we needed him for, which was to objectify the male body.


So what do you have for us today?


Well, it's probably a good thing that happened yesterday because I had nothing. We were we promised feet day and I was coming up with a blank and this extra twenty four hours. I got some good stuff, guys. The best athlete that we can objectify. We'll start right away in the size category. Will Purdue, former seven footer of the Bulls and the San Antonio Spurs legendary size twenty one shoes, won a couple of titles and they were really pronounced because he would wear these massive triple decker new balance high tops.


So they looked huge. You guys remember Will Purdue at all?


Yes. They want to be like seven awful centers that Michael Jordan carried to a championship.


Yes. Is Bill Wennington, Luc Longley, Will Purdue. And the best thing about them is they had eighteen fouls combined and he had huge, huge feet. Next up, also in the size category, what you guys know, I did work. I was talking to my co-host Nate Burleson this morning knowing I was going to come out with you guys and probably have to bring you chocolates and roses to make up for yesterday. I said, Nate, do you remember anybody in your your career who just have, like, crazy feet and Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson?


And that's the best part about now. He doesn't matter. Now he just goes ready to go. Oh, yeah. Well, you got he said craziest thing I've ever seen. Johnny Football, Johnny Manziel. I said, what? Hands down he goes. He's six feet tall. He wore size fifteen shoe. We used to sit around and gawk just at his feet in the locker room. Who knew about Manziel? It's awesome.


It's hands to his hands or something. Yeah, he's got giant hands, too, which suggests what Kyle Giant loves.


Massive glove. That's what they say, right? Yes.


Kyle Brandt with us on ESPN Radio. What are you going to do with us on Monday? Was that your first first take appearance? Had you done it before?


No, I've never done it before. I've obviously seen it for years. It was really fun. My never been on before.


They stole an nice they just they hurt him on our radio show and they simply stole a car.


Was a willing participant. Why. By that, because this is he's cheated on us. Why did I think we were monogamous? I don't understand. He does. Are we paying you? That's the thing I don't even understand. I'm entitled to this anger. Right.


Hey, Dad, I'll come on every day and break down the entire male anatomy from head to toe if you want. We got to talk turkey, though, otherwise we have an open relationship, my friend. OK, well, we will talk to you on Monday.


We will talk turkey on Monday. Thank you. We're not going to do but yet. Right? We're not going to do.


But you're really pressing your finale when we all agree that we are ready for the grand finale, then we will do. And Dan, I can't help but sense through the phone you're kind of eager to do that topic. You've been chomping at the bit for that, so to speak.


What are you trying to say? Of course I think you like, but I think that you're exactly right. I cannot lie.


I like big, but I cannot lie to you later.


You got to the best of a guy that sells winning.


The fireplace for this takes Casper, that one got Billy. Billy, you love this tune, Billy. This guy makes you happy like it is really good. Yes, no wonder. First Extoll. Hey, Max, look out, buddy.


Here's his lighting is a damn good Auret. He's not turning gray. Oh, man.


I'm kind of frustrated. I had a real world job, but it was just a glancing blow. He interrupted you, but you got him on.


The black guy does is win. You caught him on the well defined chin. And it was just you just grazed him. You just grazed it. It's time for the progressive MLB Snapshot coming up this weekend, the Red Sox play the Rays, the A's battle, the Rangers, the Cubs take on the Brewers, the Angels face the Rockies and the Giants travel to play the Padres. This MLB snapshot is brought to you by progressive insurance. Progressives home, quote, Explorers change the way you buy home insurance.


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That's where we are reading the baseball schedule and then telling you it's sponsored. OK, very good. Creative sales staff.


Way to go. But we love progressive. Thank you. Thank you. Thank. Profound thanks to progressive. Yes.


As supporters. Yes. They want. Why aren't the salespeople one of our supporters? Why aren't the content people that he has been one of our supporters not doing this with you.


You actually have eight minutes of time here to discuss something meaty.


What do you did you guys see that game this weekend or Middle Tennessee state had the ball with like 40 seconds left and two or three timeouts, and they were like at the four yard line and they blew it. That's kind of how we manage the clock on this show.


It's it's the worst clock management anyone had seen in football.


And I want to get to what is happening right now with Skip Bayless, because it was interesting yesterday what happened via social media where he was getting dragged. If you do not know this story, if you do not know the name that I am mentioning. Skip Bayless started as a journalist, a written journalist many years ago, was a very good writer on football, came up through the Dallas area.


And got distorted by television as television bought all the watchdogs in media and turned Skip Bayless his first takes doing turn. Skip Bayless into a cartoon monster, also into a very wealthy man. Now?


Well, that's correct. These two things are tied together because. Right. ESPN bought all the journalists that way, including me. They just bought the journalists who were doing a print work and would be most likely to be critical of ESPN traffic, not credibility. Put it on around the horn, made it Skip Bayless. And now you have the mutation that's in front of you today. OK, because Skip Bayless is very good at what it is that he did yesterday, which is getting attention for Skip Bayless by just basically doing the most lowest common denominator thing.


We're at the point right now where it pays not just in sports, but all over television. There's a lane to be the professional, awful person. Like there's just a lane for it.


Yes. And skip his car that he might have been the pioneer on it. Like, just how do you make money being a professional, awful person on television in terms of, you know, being a wrestling character? So this is the background to some of what it is that informs what you're seeing today. And I've told you the story before about how Skip Bayless wrote something in a Dallas Cowboys book that was, you know, tenuous, flimsy about how Troy Aikman might be gay.


And then Troy Aikman reacted as if that was the greatest insult that you can actually make and talk to his attorneys about how much it would cost to punch Skip Bayless in the face. And I think they told him two million dollars and he said he would have been willing to do it for one million dollars. And then when Skip Bayless went to Fox, Troy Aikman, who's at Fox, was really disappointed that they'd even hired him. Look, man, Fox in general is super disappointing in terms of being just copycat ESPN.


Let's just go grab whoever it is they've made and see if we could build around that.


And let's make them old people like they grab Skip for first date. They grab Shat Insha from that movie segment he did with us on our show. So you're right and lazy.


And so what ended up happening there is that Skip Bayless became what it is he is today and he gets on television, he says things. And this was super sad and it was cruel. And it was interesting to watch people in sports and from all sorts of demographics rushed to the defense of Dak Prescott because in a vulnerable moment while being interviewed by Graham Bissinger, who Bensinger Benzinger excuse me, who is like come up through the system, is like a child reporter on Letterman, I think.


And he's now become a very good interviewer. He's talking to Dask Dak Prescott about the suicide of his brother. And Dak Prescott is vulnerable and strong and talking about, like, how depressed he was and just how broken he was by depression. OK, and Skip Bayless took that opportunity to question the leader of the Cowboys and everyone pounced on him. And now he's come on today and he has not apologized. He just clarified like they're sort of skating through it, slaloming through it hasn't even apologized.


There's a clarification happening right about now. So I don't know what he's saying.


But it wasn't I'm sorry to be clear what Skip was saying yesterday, that he is clarifying now is that you you cannot be America's team's quarterback and admit those things. You could feel those things. You can have those feelings, but you cannot solve the public.


But he also said it showed like a lack of leadership. Well, this isn't the kind of leadership look, this is the disconnect all the time. Struggles between sports, media and athletes, sports, consumer and athlete. You saw it last night during Cheves Texans where you cannot allow these people a moment of humanity. You can't allow them one syllable of unity even without booing them. Like this is the construct in sports media where Skip Bayless just did something totally dehumanizing in the name of the importance of sports like that.


That's what's happening all over sports right now.


What Skip Bayless feeds by by pouring lighter fluid on this list, few and tried to catch because he's a Cowboys fan under the umbrella of, hey, your opponents are going to use that against you. That's what he was try. That's the point he was trying to make, that he cared about Dak Prescott. He doesn't care.


He cares about he does not. People say he's a very nice man, which makes it all the more infuriating potentially. Several people have told me that that he's a very nice man. Well, but that's what I'm saying. There is absolutely a lane all over television, not sports, television for be professional, awful person. You see the guys cashing those checks. I don't even need to name them to you. You see them all over.


The reaction to it, though, was really toxic and ugly.


When Deadspin is tweeting out, die in a fire, skip a great headline and an awful headline like if you saw what was happening on Twitter, people were just projecting years of angst directed toward Skip Bayless and attaching this really insensitive, cruel observation by Skip Bayless. It's a learning moment because a lot of people have stigmatized mental health, a lot of people stigmatize it myself. I went through some stuff and I didn't know what I was feeling. And the overwhelming sentiment was, I can't believe this is real.


This is a moment in which you should internalize some of these thoughts and show some contrition and have an opportunity to seize the opportunity to say, hey, I'm going to get better. I'm going to educate myself for him to come out on television and say, like we were the problem, we were the ones that misunderstood. It's really disappointing. And I accepted a lot.


You weren't going to give him the benefit of the doubt you wanted. That's really that's really disappointing. After the evening that he had been tweeting about the Rockets game like nothing had happened. And I'm going to share my thoughts on the opening segment. And those are your thoughts. This is a learning experience. You should have learned the world has changed. We're learning more about this.


It's not mental health. There's actual health. And for you to say, oh, yeah, let's pay attention to it, but not for the Cowboys quarterback.


It's just it's sick. If he admits that Mike acknowledges that, that takes a little bit away from the whatever character Cibeles is playing on that TV, it's sick and disappointing and I don't have high standards for him.


Tim Kurkjian is going to join us next.