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This is the Dan Levatore show with the Stugats podcast.


I don't know if I have this look right because Chris Cody, I would say, is generally the most positive or the most generally consistently affable among us. You don't I've seen Chris Cody having a whole lot of bad mood days. He's fairly consistent over the years, temperature-wise. But I see, I think, I've known you since childhood, what looks like a sadness in your eyes, that you don't look exactly right to me. You look a little despondent compared to where your mood generally is.


Yeah, it's been harder to get out of bed in recent weeks, and I didn't know why until it hit me. Football's gone, and I have a post-football sadness, and I think we all have it. Maybe you haven't acknowledged it yet. I can see you have it, Tony, just by looking at you.


It's something that men don't talk about. They're not comfortable talking about the fact that their mood has been altered by this secret private depression they have.


I came up with something. I was like, It can be anyone who's struggling like me right now, we can all do this. Let's all make a goal. Let's all set out to do something, maybe improve something in your life, eat a little better, spend more time with your family, and let's try to complete this goal by the start of football season.


Like 190 some odd days until football season.


So it's all right now?


No, it's roughly 40. Not that I'm counting. Spring football is back, baby. The NFL, it took the two biggest spring football league and combined them. And AJ McCarron decided to come back to the Battlehawks. But real football is what we're talking about here. That is real football. It's real good football.


Let's talk about this for a second, both your sadness and Mike Ryan. I heard that he listened to an 80-minute podcast the other day about AJ McCarron choosing not to go back to the Cincinnati bangles so he could go to the NFL's St.


Louis Battlehawks.


Did you at least double speed it?


No, you can't. It was on YouTube. Boomer, you can do that?


You can watch YouTube faster.


Okay, cool. Can you teach me? I can. Because I will admit that 80 minutes is a long time to watch. So you go to playback speed and you double it? That's a relief because I spent 80 minutes waiting for AJ McCarron to tell me whether or not he was coming back, and I had to wait two more weeks.


He could have been talking like this, and then you could have got there a lot faster. Really?


They do that on the mobile, too? Yeah. Wow. Click any YouTube film.


All right, hang on. Jeremy, my two times speed is pretty strong. I can do it pretty well. It was pretty good.


That's amazing. I think it'd be excellent if you tried to stay in there. Is that punishment?


For one show, you have to do double speed? I can do as long as you want. I just need to really think about what I'm going to say, so I have something to say when I'm talking. Thank you.


Do you think that you can do that without messing up?


I already messed up.


Yes, I know. I noticed that you're lacking confidence, but you came in very strong. I also am enjoying, and I have to enjoy this, Mike being dismissed as boomer by Tony.


Right now, he's literally showing him. He's like, What you do is you push this button.


But that should be the response instead of getting defensive like me and your dad would get about.


That's all right. I'm just like, I want to learn. Yeah, I want to learn. What do I do? I press the gear. It's not really cooperating. Okay, playback speed. How about that?


All right. Can you guys speed up the sound of the sadness in Chris Cody's voice as he talks about this post-football depression that he had? There is an establishment in Miami, Staple, Arbeter's Hot Dogs.


That is the only wood- That is so much better. Thank you, Tony. Wow, I'm embarrassed, but I'm trying to get better and learn and not just say, Oh, you know how that would land with other people? Sugats would be like, Oh, forget it. Just one speed. That's great. Thank you for teaching me.


It's really a game changer, Mike. You can watch many videos, multiple speed. It hits every time.


You don't have the confidence you need to have. He's not at four speed because people listen 2.0 speed.


Now they're at four because he's doing two.


Mike, did I hear correctly that what you played was sound from a show earlier this week in which I believe this... I don't believe we've talked enough about how disrespectful the controversy was that Greg Cody, as Ron McGill, talked about the great honor that it was to be inducted in the R-Better's Hall of Fame. A Miami institution, that Greg Cody couldn't stop laughing every single time it was mentioned that Ron McGill was truly flattered and honored, and Greg Cody was locking what was the honor of a lifetime. Clearly, locking it, laughing at it each time.


Is Is there a new feature, the playback thing? They've had it for a couple of years. A couple of years? Wow, I've never seen anybody talking about this. I've never picked up on... I've never eavesdropped the conversation where someone's like, Yeah, two and a half times speed it. I've just been out here. It could have It's wasting in the wind.


It could have been 40 minutes that you were listening to that AJ McCarron podcast.


Yeah, I just assumed that there was no way. I never even thought to look. I would have thought that this advancement in technology, I would have known about it. I'm sure I'm going to get track for it, but I'm not embarrassed. Look, guys, I'm to improve.


Yeah, I'm not going to lie. I agree with my dad. It's an odd honor.


Why is it an odd honor?


Honor? It's just strange, man. It really is.


You sounded a little like John Gruden.


What I don't understand about all of this is why is there a USFL division and an XFL division, but the Houston Gamblers are the Roughnecks, which is, as you know, famously the XFL-branded team.


That's the part you don't understand?


If you have two divisions, do you have one?


I mean, The season kicks off with champion versus champion. That's all cool. But you're supposed to have four and four. Supposed to have four USFL teams, four XFL teams. By the way, the tragic part in all of this is teams went away. There's actually fewer opportunities even though the spring football whole deal is presenting opportunities here. But for the league to survive, you had to actually reduce the number of opportunities there are over there. So you have a division for the USFL, a division for the XFL. However, the XFL teams outnumber the USFL teams, and you have the Houston Roughnecks in the USFL division, where I would have thought the Houston Gamblers, that is a proud tradition that they have. This is a franchise of Jim Kelly. Why would you opt for the Roughnecks over the Gamblers? Dan, your thoughts?


I think Mike is overcompensating here. I think he is super sad that real football is gone, and he is just totally faking all this just to make himself feel better about this. Oh, he's not faking it. No.


At Levitard Show, please put it on the poll. Do you question negatively the judgment of someone listens to an 80-minute podcast of A. J. Mccarron going to the St. Louis Battlehawk.


And we know he's going to go back to the NFL when he's done. No, this could be- He asked for his release from the bangles. He got emotional last year. Part of the the hard strings being pulled last year during the XFL season is he took this pay cut because he wanted his children to see him play this position. They don't have memories of him doing it for Alabama. He's like, I got to show my kids that I can do this at a high level. It's actually really cool. And not only does he go to the Battlehogs, but so does Brandon Silver. And now you're talking about an embarrassment of riches for the Battlehogs who added Ja Pierson from the Sea Dragons. I got to be honest, Mike, I have not been in, but that Ajay McCarron story actually may have just gotten me.


That's pretty cool to think that there's a guy who's trying- This would be like if Maneu went to Dania. What are we talking about here? These are two different leads. This is not even close. I saw AJ McCarron play at the highest level in college football, and the idea that now Now, all these years later, he's trying to basically resurrect moments for his kids, for his kids to be able to see, Hey, your dad can play.


To share that, that's really special. If you watch the Spring Boulevard interview with Matty Fresh, AJ McCarron is actually taking this job, returning to the NFL. It's not just selfish on his part. He's trying to fight for the league. He revealed that he has sent several DMs to The Rock that have gone unresponded. He left them on red. He revealed Yeah. And he revealed that the XFL players had to sign up for the USFL Players Union. They're repped by the Seal Workers Union, and they don't think it's actually such a great thing. These people have only $1,000 stipends. There is something really heartwarming and something really relatable by all these athletes trying to make the decision to, in some respects, lose money over their day jobs to chase this stream. And we're talking union efforts.


You really got me.


It's It's like Manu going to Dania.


I mean, it would be like that. It's just a much lower-level league.


It's not like that. And I go back, I circle back around to the original sadness. You believe that there's a post-football You guys haven't felt it?


I'm actually not doing a bit here. It's just been hard. You woke up sad because football is gone. Maybe it's because of the industry we're working, where it's just like, God, we were so excited, and now we're like, Vegas is done. Now we're just here. We're just farting out.


You know what the number one- Farting out.


No, I mean, it's just- I'm sad.


I like that show better when it doesn't have football.


Maybe it's not show-related. It's just I miss football.


Farting out.


I miss... I didn't like that day. Are we still going to do Thursday Thunder?


We are in a weird part of the calendar because network television history was made this last week. Because the Dayton 500 got delayed a day, that allowed for a specific type of program to be the number one show on network television. This was the first time this happened in recorded history. Do you know what it was? The The number one show on network television in this country last week, because of the cancelation of the Dayton 500 and it moving to the following week, was Friday Night's smackdown. Wrestling was the number one network program on television last week, so it's slow. It's real slow. And we need the Battlehawks to come back because the ratings were quite good.


It's not that slow. Do not worry. Base is almost here, guys. Do not fret. Spring training, baseball, coming at you. P's and C's.


It is not that slow. And I tend to like our show more when it has vastly less football in it. I don't like how much football has taken over our show. Never more so, I don't think, than last year. It's too much. It's just because it's a common place somehow where everybody is watching. I don't think Chris is alone in having a sadness in his eyes about the intensity of snorting football. It's how it is that that keeps getting bigger and bigger. The gambling is part of it. There's something about gambling on football that seems to be more enjoyable than gambling on the other sports. I don't know what's happening there. I really don't because I'm- Hitting a bet in any sport is pretty fucking awesome. But you were talking, you, at least in part, are enjoying that your Sundays, you clear out one day to gorge on the gluttoning.


Let's get nasty.


That is, well, you're the dirtiest. You're making an assortment of bets all over the place, and hundreds of dollars are running up and down every field for you.


You guys do the thing, right? Where it's 8:00 PM and you smell your armpit and you're just like, yeah.


I do. Good day. But with my inner thigh.


Oh, the inner thigh? Yeah, I've been there. You're sick. No, no, no. You're so sick. Oh, shut up.


You're sick. You're sick. You're never done it. All right.


No, no.


It's the real test. It's the real test.


It's when you need- You're not putting your finger in your ass. Come on.


Listen to me. We're not Monsters. I am not. I am not.


Doon Book, admit you've done it.


I am not judging that you said it or that it happened. I am judging that you said it out loud, that you admitted I'm trying to get better here.


This is a human experience.


It's that seat, man. You say crazy shit.


No, it's not crazy shit. It's just, oh, I'm crazy for saying I occasionally put my finger on my inner thigh to see if I need to take a shower. I'll do it right now.


You're the one who said you wanted stuff that wasn't for me.


I don't have to do it right now. I'm the only one that does it.


Nobody said you were the only one who did it.


He's got to do it right now. I showered this morning, so I don't need to do it. Don't do it.


I'll do it. You're going to be surprised. I'll do it. Don't do it. It's a swampy region. It can't ever- Why are you guys Zooming in?


We don't need to see it.


Relax, guys.


No, You should not feel shame for this. You should.


We just also shouldn't see it. We shouldn't see it. We shouldn't talk about it.


It's your fear of the mind. Let's move the camera a little up and my hand will just disappear.


How about it? Take time.


They got to follow you.


No, but it's especially gross on a Sunday night after eight hours.


And you still got the Sunday night game, too.


You shouldn't say that out loud. You should keep that to yourself.


Well, come on. What's the result? Don Lebatard. If all the rain drops were lemon drops and gun drops, oh what a rain that would be. Stugatz. Standing outside with my mouth open wide. If all the rain drops were lemon drops and gun drops, oh what a rain that would be.


This is the Dan Lebatard show with the Stugatz.


All right, we're here in Indianapolis, and we got a very special guest. He is the youngest player to ever compete in the FIBA World Cup. He was 16 years old. He's now the old age of 17 years old as he sits down with us. His name is Kaman Malwatch. He is part of the NBA Academy Africa in Senegal, and he's here part of the Basketball Without Borders program. They've got a little game or tournament happening here at All-Star Weekend, which is a great look to the future. So Kaman, thank you for joining us.


Thank you so much. Thank you for having me.


Come on. You're just coming fresh off of a recruiting visit. Yes. You've been to Kansas and you've been to Kentucky so far?


On Duke.


And Duke? Yes. What's that experience like? Because for high school players here, it's a big deal that, Oh, I went on my campus visit to these great schools, great basketball programs. But you're coming from the NBA Academy over in Dakar. Yes. All of this must feel very new and very stimulating, right?


Yes, it really feels new. Actually, the last two visits felt all right because I went on the first one. But it feels different, especially during the game time. And then all the fans are there, and then the crowd, and then you see the guys play, and then you imagine yourself being on that court. It feels really different, and the feeling is special.


Does it make you just want to be out there?


Yes. Sometimes I'll be like, What if I was dressed up and then warming up with the team and play?


What atmosphere felt the most exciting to you?


I think all of them. The atmosphere was great. Started in Duke, in Cameroon, and then I went to Allenfield House. Great fans and Big Blue Nation. They all have great fans. Their fan base is really up there.


How familiar are you with the different college programs before coming over here?


I didn't know much about that, but I knew how college works, how they play, but I didn't know the culture in the schools because I've never visited any school before. So I went and found out and checked up all those schools.


You came here from NBA Academy in Africa. What is a typical day there for you? What is that schedule? I feel like I don't think a lot of people know. You hear about it and it's like, Oh, that's such a cool program. But what's the day to day for you?


It's fun. It's a hard working day, especially if you're an athlete. People have different schedules. You have the time you walk out alone, individual workout. Basically me, I walk out at 6:00, so I'll be in the gym 5:30, and then I lift at 7:00 to 8:00. Then we do a team practice, and then everybody leaves the gym. We go get some breakfast, do school, and then hang out together. We have a cafeteria. So we have a pool table, we have video games, we have TVs. We just hang out there and then have fun and then talk to each other, learn different cultures, different languages, because all of us are from different places of Africa. So we try to communicate, and then maybe I'm trying to learn French, too. There you go, man. But French is a little bit hard.


I'm telling you, man, every additional language you learn is going to come back 10 times down the road. You'll never know when it's like, Oh, this came in handy. But that is wild when you think about it. You come to this academy, and it's the best players from all over the continent. But some of them speak French, some of them speak English, some of them...




Portuguese, if you're coming from Angola or Mozambique or one of those places. How do you guys communicate like that at first before anyone really knows common words?


I don't know how to feel. It's a different way of communicating. We might not speak the same language, but when somebody says something, you get it. No, he says it in his language. That's just a way you understand what he's trying to say. Then you be like, Oh, this and this. Then they'll start learning English, and then we start learning their language, too.


You're the youngest player to ever play in the FIBA World Cup. Yes. You, South Sudan, obviously went far for a program that is fairly new and also not very well-funded when you compare to the big powerhouse country. Yes. First of all, did you understand how big of a deal it was, not only for you to be playing, but for the team to be playing that well?


Yeah. When I looked at it more, I saw the bigger picture when I went back home, and then I saw what it did for the whole country. Everybody was waiting for us at the airport. Everyone was happy. Everyone was excited. It's like we have something, a sport in the country we support. So that's when I saw the bigger picture of it, and the Olympics is big deal.In Uganda?Yes.


You were playing soccer before you played basketball. Can you tell people how you got into basketball, how you made that switch?


Normally in Africa, everybody plays soccer. Everyone who is in Africa who plays basketball, they played soccer before that. But I started playing basketball when I went to a camp, and then so tall guys. It's my first time seeing tall people So guys who are taller than me, barely find them. And then I was excited and I was like, I belong there, and that's where I should start. Then the next time, I just came on the court and started dribbling the ball and laying up.


Now, the fun One part about playing for South Sudan is that many of the players from all across, basically, just scattered people, right? Yes. How cool was it to meet other guys, different backgrounds, but you all have a shared heritage?


We really had to bring it up together and be on the same page at first because we have guys who don't speak the language, maybe guys from Australia who didn't grow up where we're from. So we had to teach them how our culture is. So that's why we spent a month in the camp, and then the camp brought us together pretty good. Where did you guys do the camp? We did a camp in Australia, and then we went from Australia to China, and then China to Philippines.


That's so much travel. Did you have a favorite place that you been to visit?


I'm not among those ones, but I have a favorite place I visited. That's in Rwanda and South Africa, back in Africa.


So you guys, obviously, after the World Cup, you went back and you saw that reaction. What was that like for you?


It was a good experience. The first time, I mean, nobody knew me because I wasn't on the team. But the second time, it was more exciting. My family was happy. My mother, all my siblings were at the airport waiting for me. It's like the first person in the family to play on the national team.


That's amazing. What does your family think about you coming over here and going on this incredible journey across the Midwest, looking at all these schools?


Most of the guys in my family don't know much about basketball, but they don't know how big it is to visit those schools like Kansas, Duke, and all that stuff. So every time I try to explain to them, I'll be like, If you're in the basketball world, you'll know what these schools are because you're not there.


The other thing is that they're also very good schools academically. So So what are you looking for as you're trying to make this decision? What are the things that are important to you?


First of all, the basketball part is the development, how I'm going to develop, how they're going to push me to develop in that player I want to be, and then how they'll help me go to the next step. And I want to go somewhere where I will win, too, because I want to play in the NCA tournament, win a championship, and then be able to move to my next step, and I have a championship. And I want to study school, too, because when they offer you a scholarship, you can come back years later and finish your school. And that's what I will do, too.


From a basketball standpoint, how do you want to develop? Who are players that you've looked up to? Or were there guys that you would watch on YouTube when you were figuring all the basketball All stuff out?


When I started playing basketball, I saw videos of Yannis. That was like 2019. Yannis was in his prime, back-to-back MVP, defensive player. So I saw highlights of him, and I was so excited. I'm like, I want to be this guy. I want to play like him. I watch a lot of big guys in the NBA. I watch other guys who play between 4 and 3. I watch Joel, I watch Yannis, Katie. But to me, I think I'll turn into a player like Anthony Davis. He has My style of player, and then B, too.


You've only been playing basketball for four years. Yes. But your development is very apparent. Yes. What do you attribute that to? Why have you been able to develop so quickly?


First of all, it's the work we do at the academy, is how they push us, how they develop us into pros, because all we do at the academy is what the NBA players do. We shoot from the NBA line, we use NBA courts and everything. So They developed me that way, and then I put in the work, too. I stayed consistent with the work. I work every day. I make sure I work on my game, whether it's a Sunday or Saturday, do something, work on my craft, because I started basketball late. So I always worked more so that I can catch up with the guys who started before me.


Are there any specific superstitions you've developed, before a game? Is there anything you have to do?


No, I have routines, same routine. Maybe the way I stretch, the way I shoot, form shooting and everything. And then I have a routine before I check in in the game, before the game starts. So I'll be on the starting lineup, and then I'll touch all my teammates' hands, and it always gives me Good luck.


When did you realize, Oh, I'm actually good at this?


I didn't discover my full potential until I went to the academy. Because before, I was just playing basketball. It's like normal pickup. Until I went to the academy, that's when I realized I can be a good player. Yeah, I can be great. I can play basketball, and I can change people's life. I can impact people's life using this. As soon as I went to the academy, and then I decided to put in the work because I knew who I can become.


What's been the hardest part of your journey?


The hardest part was start back where I was. We lacked facilities. I'd walk a couple of miles to go where I play basketball. But the hardest part actually after that is staying consistent with what you're doing because with all that walking and getting tired, and then all those miles you walk, you're going to play somewhere I was in a different city. It would be frustrating, but staying consistent with it was very hard. It challenged me before, and then suddenly I just kept on doing it every day to help me get an opportunity to come to the academy. Then I got recruited. And then that's how I knew everything could go well from there because where we stay, obviously, the facility is like, you walk like two minutes, three minutes, and you're ready there. So I had no reason, no excuse. So I had to walk out every day.


Were the courts crowded when you would get there?


Yeah, back in Uganda, the court was pretty crowded. I would probably go at three, two, because by five, the older guys would come and then they would pick up teams for pick up, and then they won't pick you, obviously, because you're young, and they'll pick somebody stronger than you. And then you play in the World Cup and you're like, Ha ha, I should have picked them all.


If you could compete in any of the Saturday night things, so either dunk contest, three-point shoot, or skills competition, which one would you want to compete in?


I'll go with the skills one or the three-point contest. Those ones are better. I'll probably go with the skills one. I can win that, too.


Yeah, there you go.


Could you beat Steph?


In shooting?


Yeah, in the three-point contest.


I don't know. I guess we have to find out. Amazing.


That was a good answer. Yes. Best of luck to you.Thank you so much.In this journey. And hopefully, we'll see you again.Thank you.But as an all-star.All.


Right, for sure. I was going to say, when you're an all-star and you're too big and famous for us, you still got to come back because this is the first one we did.


All right, I will.Okay. All right.


Dan Levatard.


Sports. Stugats. More sports.


This is the Dan Levatard show with the Stugats.


I want to talk about whether we have enemies.


We know you do.


Because I have been developing a list.


I can't wait to hear it.


I'm not somebody who naturally has.


That is a big zig where I thought you would zag. You having a list of enemies feels so pure in some way.


My niece, who was nine years old, said something. We were at dinner, and she was like, I've never heard you yell at anybody.


I've never heard you yell at anybody either. It would make me wildly uncomfortable to hear you yell.


I did not know that this was a thing about me that was so obvious to others. It was not obvious to me, but of course, it's true. I don't remember the last time I really yelled at anyone. And so trying to generate hatred in list form was inspired by this.


I have a rival's list. Everyone the media that is within two years of me or younger than me, I must vanquish and I must be more successful than. I have to do it. They are all my rivals. And the reason I mention it is right now, rising to the top of the rivals list is Pablo Tori, and he will be vanquished. Pablo is younger than me. Pablo made fun of me a bit on this show the other day, which only solidified that he is my rival. And it doesn't matter that we're friendly. It doesn't matter that he's always been kind to me. It doesn't matter that I was at a Christmas party with him. I will vanquish Pablo Tori.


Then, nick Wright, host on FS1, opened his show with Kevin Wilds.


On Air Talent now, which we all know him as a producer, but on Air talent.




Live from New York.


Spilt some coffee. Of yours or mine?


Mine. Sorry about that. The show that's going to vanquish Pablo Tori. Oh, come on. Don't put that on the air. Why? I'm serious about it. Okay, all right. If you want to do it. We're going to do it together. All right.


Or am I? That's your ally.


I'm left here wondering what to do with all of this. And so, I have a list of enemies. I put into my notepad app. And so, number one is Vivek Ramaswami, who if you listen to a PTF- I mean, hell, yes. I mean, obviously.


I mean, of course. I mean, obviously.


Awesome, awesome enemy. Good enemy to have. Yeah.


The guy fucking sucks and is deserving of yelling at. Number two is currently nick Wright.


He asked for it.


Yeah, you got it. Otherwise, you look soft.


So advise me.


He called a rival, not an enemy. I think that's a compliment. You think of me. That's very sweet. It's the- You could- Yeah. Yeah. You could always do the like, oh, I don't think of the down member. The down member. Yeah. Like, I don't think of you at all. Or put them on your rival's list. Whatever motivates motivates you because all that is is fuel for you.


I think it does depend on what motivates you. What motivates me with my enemies. I have enemies. I'm not going to name them because to me, the most powerful thing I can do is not name them, not let them know I ever think about them, and then succeed. Yeah. So it's me trying to succeed as a form of, well, try me now, or getting to a place where I have enough power in this industry in myself to not be pushed around by people in the past who were able to push me around. I love that. So that's that's my MO. So I don't even know if I would have acknowledged the nick Wright. Can you? Except that you have to because it's content. You have to.




It's content, right? So you need to walk this line where it could be a joke to you.


What's your relationship with nick Wright? You're friendly, I imagine.


So we went to this Christmas party. Kevin Wilds' family Christmas party.


I have my invite lost in the mail, I guess. I don't know Kevin Wilds, but my last name is Wilder, so it feels like I should have been grandfather nick.


Maybe that's he sees you as a rival because if he's Wild, you're Wilder. Maybe.


Just one key stroke away. Yeah. I'm not good at math. I'm good at math, too.


He's just a typo of you.


Oh, wait. Wild. Sorry. Math.


I like nick. I liked nick.


Oh, shit. No, you can still like him.


So once upon a time, I I was like, I would have, I would have reacted more like, I'm inserted that I'm nick Wright's rival? I'm like, What the fuck? And now I'm like, Nick's killing it. Yeah. Yeah. Great. Like, he's doing... But now I'm complimenting him. And I'm like, Oh, am I supposed to do that?


Yes, you are.


I think he just started doing that.


That was absolutely a compliment. He's saying your name. He didn't... It wasn't like a Stephen A. Smith video, like the- With a very carefully placed-with a diss tracky-with a diss tracky-with a diss tracky-with a diss tracky-with a diss tracky-which let me just say, Dan and I made and sat down and did the drugs that we do. Just and watched that. And what a high point of my recent. Literally.


But anyway. No one has line read the word bastard- Exactly. Better than Stephen A.


But so that's He felt what he was doing. He said, My, my, my rivals are anybody within two years of me.


How old is he?


I, so I'm 38. I think he's 39. I'm turning 39 in September. He is older than me. I think he's... Nick?


I think. I think. I think. He'll be my guest.


I think he's 39.


Sorry. I'm so sorry, but you still have time to invite me to your 40th birthday party. What month? What month?


October third, 1984. He's a year older than me.


Yeah. And I'm a Libra. He's a Libra. September. Yeah. Hmm.


Hmm. Hmm. That's why your rival's. Hmm. It all comes back to astrology.


I feel like for content reasons, and I should not even say this for content reasons, I'm going to play this up.






That's fine. I think it'd be fun.


I think it's- For the audio listeners, I wish they could have seen the shrug and a resigned smile Pablo just gave because that was beautiful.


I'm an enemy's guy now. Is it KFA? But just give them, give the people what they want.


He did say he wanted to vanquish me.


Yeah. What does that mean?


Take up arms. Take away your show? He wants to- How do you vanquish someone with content?


Yeah, he wants to fucking cut my head off with a Samurai sword. Content.


I have an enemy currently, actually. Who's that?


Charlotte mentioned an enemy that she refused to say, and I would like her to say it and we'll bleep the name out, but I would like to react to who this enemy is.


Oh, well, it's the Kate agent who wouldn't let me bring my Fanny pack on as a third personal item, which is absolute garbage because it's attached to me. How does that take up space as a bag? It's only taking up my own space.


What was it doing on the outside of your shirt? Put it under your shirt.


She spotted me before. It was... This was a few months ago. Now, I have enough coats that it just… Smart. I could just… It's just like a tire around my wig. But, at the time, it was warmer, and I didn't have my coat on yet, and she had spotted me before I had it. But it couldn't fit in my bag. Guys, it was stressful. So that's an enemy.


That's a good enemy to have.


I also... Actually, you At one point, I did have a public enemy, which was Ed Wurder, because I tweeted, there was a job opening at Sports Illustrated. I think I remember this. Which is something I would love to be able to say now. Thank you. Speaking of enemies, thank you to ABG. Yeah.


Authentic Brands Group.


I can't believe that's their name. It's so funny every time. It is the funiest possible name. They're just a corporate-inauthentic Brands Group. Fucking shoe stomping out authentic.


Anyway, I remember this. There was a job opening, and I, I tweeted it. I think I said something like, If you are a woman or a person of color, especially, reach out to me about this job opening. And, Edward, or quote, tweets it. He was like, Oh, what? Like, men aren't... Like, white guys can't be good, too. Then we got into a whole back and forth. I don't think I would now. I think I'd just be like, Ed, knock yourself out, buddy. But I was like, the indignant at the time. I needed to cape for journalism and for, for those who don't have a chance. Also in the process, get a bunch more Twitter followers and look. By the end of it, he was getting... Seaward. He was getting so dunked on that I just felt- Capitalism was what I meant.


What does it mean at this point? Is it?


I thought we were saying content.


Oh, no. I meant capitalism. Unfettered content? It doesn't matter. It's Seaward.


They're going to beep all of these. It's going to sound like we're just saying the actual C-word.


Anyway, by the end of it, and everyone was like, Charlotte, you're amazing. Edwarder, you suck. I felt so gross by the end of it. I was like, I hate this. Even being the main character in a good way on the internet is gross. It's disgusting.


You vanquished Edwarder and didn't love how it felt.


Yeah, I didn't. I have no ill will towards Edwarder, but it did give me one of the greatest gifts of my life, which was the headline on TMZ. This was on TMZ, a headline, Edwarder Accuses SI writer of sexism. Against men. Wow.


I mean, what a picture of me and Edworder.


This is you. This is you. This is now.


A picture of me and Edward are next to each other.


Beautiful. Oh, man. I remember that battle. It was a good beef.


Yeah. So, shout out to Ed. He's not an enemy.


I have roles I could identify. I'm not going to tell you who the people are, but I've got one enemy, enemy light, not rival, but just a person I don't think well of. And if given the chance to bring negative or positive outcomes into their life, I will choose negative. That's this list of people. It's like, if given the chance, I'm not picking...


That's a long notes app heading.


I'm not taking the road less... I'm going to give them the short end of the stick. One of them is a guy who runs a charity that I donated a lot of money to when I did not have any money. Then when I got on baseball, he was like, he tweeted a picture of us in the booth and said, who even are any of these people? That guy. Oh. Then there was- Reserved. Then there was a man who I feel is mostly responsible for the outcome of one of my shows no longer being a show. He knows who he is, and we're not... Then there's actually another one of those at the second stop, and he just got a promotion, so good for him. But again, if his path crosses mine, it'll be a D-Motion. Then there's an X. Everybody's got one X. It's like, I no idea where this person is at this point or what their life is about. I don't keep any tabs on them. I hope it's going poorly. Mm-hmm. Yeah.


That guy sounds like a C-word.


Yeah. An unfettered C-word.


An unfettered C-word. Can you guys help me workshop how to vanquish nick Wright, though? Like a burn, like a good roast?


Yeah. Say something like, nick Wright. More than like, nick wrong.


Yeah, that's bad. So don't do that. But you could talk about how his- Keep that in a maybe pile. How his wife dresses him. He can't dress himself.


Oh. A compliment and an insult. Mm-hmm.


What about something like- That was...


Katie was ready with that.


I love his wife. I'm like a big fan of nick Wright. I know. She's great. Don't let her be. Don't vanquish her. She's at the Christmas party.


No, she's at the Christmas party. She was great.


Yeah. You know, I know how you should... I know how you can vanquish nick Wright. Have him on your show.


Actually, that feels like... He feels like nick Wright is, and I love nick Wright. I will say I put nick Wright on my show before multiple people are putting them on their show. I don't think nick Wright and I are rivals. But I will- For the record, I also... I'm only prefacing that because of what I'm about to say. You're supposed to be my- I'm only prefacing it because of the mean thing I'm about to say, which is that nick Wright does give the energy of, Come on my show and debate me then. He's the guy that's like, he's strong at doing that. Yes. Which is why you should have him onto your show.




I still worry about you. You don't think so? I wouldn't want you to take an L, an unnecessary L.


I just think, invite him on for a nice time.


Katie Nolan might be number three on my enemy's list. Marcus Jordan and Larza Bippin were going to be number three. Katie Nolan, doubting whether I could defeat nick Wright, that bloody ass bitch in a debate A PAB. A PAB. He called him a PAB. An unfettered. Oh my God.




Now you have to do it. You don't go into every fight thinking you can lose it. Is that just me?


Every time there's a possible fight, I'm like, How am I going to fall flat on my face here?


It's like Superstar's in a Dunk contest. Yeah, dude.


I appreciate how much you worry about me. Yeah. I'm like, Go for it, man.


Yeah, dude. Content. It's going to come out awesome. Seriously, everybody would watch that, though.


I like that Katie Nolan is the gate agent at the...


You can't bring that on. You have too many of that. At my ego. You cannot.


I'm like, do it.


You've got enough, sir. You've got enough.


Too much dip on your Fanny pack, sir.