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This is the down labor part. Sure, this still got Sparkasse.


Lest you think that we could not go older than Stu Ghazi's pistol Pete and Kerri Strug talk, Mike Ryan has spent the entire break researching audiogram. We bring in our resident football historian, Greg Cody of the Miami Herald. We are having a brawl. We are arguing about quarterbacks. Justin Herbert appears to be the truth. He underpressure in week five.


According to pro football focus, his passer rating was higher than anybody's one fifty four point eight. Second place on that list, Ryan Fitzpatrick, third place, Derek Carr.


So it could be one outlier, weird week of guys against pressure, but Justin Herbert looks like he might be the new young mobile quarterback that you're looking for in today's NFL. Mike Ryan just went down a research hole because Greg Cody, you and I. And Stuart were sort of reminiscing about Steve Young as an athlete because Mike Ryan dared to stick his toe in the water of Baker, Mayfield is an athlete like Steve Young was. And if I put Baker Mayfield in the 90s, he would look like Steve Young did.


All right.


Hang on. I'm so afraid of this becoming the actual truth, right? My argument was athleticism has changed and the barometer of athleticism has changed. Where you see someone like Baker Mayfield, who has thirty two rushing yards in the season, if you drop him in the 90s, the comp is closer to what Steve Young. It became Baker Mayfield as Steve Young. I'm not making that argument. I also thought as a child through a child's eyes, that Steve Young was rushing for thousands of yards and is like best season ever was.


Five hundred rushing yards. He was actually really comparable to someone like Aaron Rodgers on the low end of his career.


But if you drop anyone next to Troy Aikman, they're going to feel like a running quarterback.


I mean, Simmen should Troy Aikman. What we were talking about in the big city is the idea that the position is evolving and evolving quickly and in athleticism, these backups that are coming in, it's like dinosaurs. It's Andy Dalton and Joe Flacco. It's like seeing dinosaurs come in from the locker room and play quarterback big tall statues that you put in your backfield because we're seeing how quickly all this is changing. And one of the things we were talking about is the top of the food chain in quarterbacking in the NFL has never been this black.


And the stars in that league at that position historically have been white. The rules have been changed to protect those stars because so many other players out there are disposable and those guys aren't. You need the quarterback to stay upright. So basically the quarterback is playing a totally different game than everyone else. And how dangerous the Kylah Murrays and the Lamar Murry's, as Greg Gumbel likes to call it, how dangerous do they become when you change the rules for them and guys are afraid to also hit them at any point because you're going to give them fifteen, four yards.


So as that evolution happens, we started wondering whether Drew Brees is the third best quarterback in New Orleans. We started talking about how Drew Brees has a faster forty time somehow than Jameis Winston. We were confused by that. And guys were just generally confused by where Teddy Bridgewater fits in all of this.


So I was thinking, OK, I'm going to go even further back than Steve Young, because he wasn't exactly the athlete that I recall in terms of rushing production.


Where did Cody go? Where to go? I mean, we're in his wheelhouse. I mean, we just lost, you know, because I'm about to go to Otto Graham. That's a bummer. And I brought up Sid Lockman said the kid said luck as you continue to deteriorate by the day around here in a way that's appalling. He said the kid.


So I'm a Browns fan and they always talk about Otto Graham and this is this amazing dual threat. You couldn't find a better runner of his era than Otto Graham. So I open a pro football reference and I find Otto Graham's first year in the league changing the position to the tune of negative negative.


One hundred and twenty five rushing yards. Otto Graham's average rushing attempt was minus four and a half yards. His first year in the league. He never top two hundred yards rushing. And he's talked about as the Michael Vick of his time.


Did they did they give the keep stats differently? Then when it came to sacks and stuff, was he like Sacks Graham? Was Otto Graham sacked an inordinate amount for such an athlete of his time?


I think he was. Might do me a favor, get to, said the kid. I'll wait for it because I want you to say, what are you doing? Why? Why do you insist on his career rushing now? All right, explain to me, you go ahead and take the show from here. I'd like to listen to what you plan to do with this. You grab the steering wheel, do you the secret sit Luckman show that you've been wanting to do for twenty years?


Luckman from Advantra. He is. You're right, said the kid. I'm trying to I'm trying to support Mike here in his theory. And I think that he's right. So I wanted to check out, said the kid, because I'm telling you, Sid could scoot.


It's going to be bad, right, Mike? It's going to be laughably bad. You want his best year? I work here. I want. No, no, hold on a second. I want game log. This is two guys getting it totally wrong while dragging the show into the sewer with Sid Luckman. This is the way I remember it.


OK, let's play. You don't let's know before you were born, Stu. Right. Would tell me stories all the time. Most of the said Luckman. Go ahead. Give me. Did he ever have more than one hundred rushing yards in a season?


No, no, no. It never has its best season rushing the ball. He topped out at, it appears, eighty six yards. But let me give you the career numbers, though, because this is a body of work for said Luckman for his career. Two hundred and four rushing attempts, four minus two hundred and thirty nine rushing. You had to keep the stats for. Let's ask Greg, when they change the strike, did they change the way they keep the Russians dads, Greg Cody is now returned.


I don't know what is Zoome situation? Is is it Sid Luckman? Forgive my ignorance here, because this might be obvious just from his name. Is he Jewish? Yes. OK, so. So this is why this is why you are celebrating, Sid Luckman, as a as an American hero of integrity and give it away.


I mean.


Well, as a name probably should have, but I didn't want to be presumptuous on that. I mean, Sid Luckman from that Terry, you couldn't be more Jewish.


Greg, tell us, what did they change the way the stats are kept? Because we were talking about the relative athleticism of previous quarterbacks and we're talking about the terrible stats of Sid Luckman running the ball and Otto Graham running the ball. And we thought it would be good to start with you here. On the advent of young quarterbacks, says Justin Herbert and Josh Allen, try to keep the position from being endangered. Young white men can also play that position.


Now, can you tell us give us all your fond thoughts about statistics from the 40s and Sid Luckman, the nanogram.


I can't tell you what a dream come true it is that I would rejoin the show in the first words I would hear would be fantastic. As a matter of fact, I think that quarterbacks who took a sec used to have that sac minus against the rushing total. I'm not positive, but I think back and Luckman zero. If you took three sacks, you all of a sudden had thirty minus 30 yards rushing. So check that. But I believe that was the way it is.


But, you know, I don't think it's a black white thing with quarterbacks. I really don't. I think it's a mobile versus not mobile thing. But you have enough white mobile quarterbacks like Josh Allen where I think it's a wash on the.


I wasn't asking you black white. It's the rare time. I was just asking you for a time when the quarterbacks played on televisions that were black and white.


Right. I remember those days. Johnny Unitas was one of my first heroes, limping, limping. Is he back in his high blacktop shoes? A whole different era back then. Drop back quarterbacks working.


Dan Marino used to joke that his mobility consisted of taking a quick step to the left for a quick step to the right to avoid the three hundred pound rusher. But it's you know what if mobile quarterbacks the is the big thing now the run pass option. If mobile quarterbacks start getting injured because they didn't slide quickly enough, then the whole trend could slowly reverse itself to to drop style.


Cyclical cide back in 1945 had one for the ages. I mean he had thirty six rushes, four minus one hundred and eighteen yards.


I got to tell you, I am so disappointed that you were excited about talking, said Luckman and Otto Graham. And you gave us nothing on those two players, like nothing you gave us. We went to you. We thought this is the one opportunity. No, I don't want to hear from you now on it. We're up against the clock now. You're going to give me your opinion on it.


Look, it may be hard for you to believe this, but those guys were actually before my time.


It is hard to believe because you got said you told them all about said Lokman. We already accused the gods of being born thirty years after said Lokman while saying that he enjoyed watching him play and he remembers him running around out there. And then when we asked him follow up questions, he said, you told them all about it.


LUCKMAN I can tell you that the first quarterbacks I actually remember seeing were guys like Sonny Jurgensen, Johnny Unitas. Those were those were my earliest Fran Tarkenton. Everybody called Frank. Those were my earliest quarterbacks.


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Since the 1980s, hip hop and America's prisons have grown side by side. And we're going to investigate this connection to see how it lifts us up and holds us down.


Hip hop is talking about what we live trying to live the American dream in at the American Dream. I'm cinematic. I'm Rodney Cormark.


Listen now to The Louder than a Riot podcast from NPR Music, where we chase the collision of Crime and punishment in America. Don Lemon Tart, will you sometimes call your childhood telephone number? We all do. We all do. Thank you. Yeah, that Greg was saying he does as well for speaking in the microphone instead of that thermos.


You're drinking on my radio. We all do. Still got. All right.


I changed my mind. Do the rest of the show. You better enhance your whole network into the metal for you never know.


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Greg Codi of the Miami Herald says that people who are eating three meals a day are doing it all wrong. We will get to that controversial opinion in a second. But first. That is for Mike Ryan, based on what he just did during the break to us, a little private show for me and Stu got the rare print of loser game show.


Well, it's not I can't say that it's not preemptive. It's just that it's just that Mike Ryan decided to do a whole riff talking about Ron McGill. Ron McGill was on Good Morning America this morning. He will join us, the animal doctor, as he always does at 11 o'clock Eastern here. But he set it up. He didn't even want to inform me that Ron McGill had been on Good Morning America. It was all as part of a setup to a punchline.


So have at it, Mike. Ron McGill, I don't know if you guys saw this.


You guys see this thing I'm doing the whole all I can see this thing, that viral video of a cougar chasing someone walking through the mountains of California for six minutes, six minutes.


It was scary because it kept stopping and going and stopping and going. It looked like it was hungry.


It was terrifying and actually happened to me once. Yeah. You're kidding. No, I haven't happened to me once at a bar at Cosmo. At Helstone.


I mean, it it again. Oh, you got it preemptively. Cody White, you're supposed to eat five meals a day, right? That's how I've been doing it. Except there's supposed to be small portions and no one told me. So why three meals? Why are people who are doing three meals a day doing it all wrong? Well, I don't think anyone really eats three meals a day.


You know, my perspective is that you skip breakfast, you have a late, early lunch, you have a beautiful dinner and you call it a day.


I just don't you know, I don't understand people who eat three meals a day. To me, that's too much food intake. It's too the interval is too stiff and I just don't understand it. I'm not trying to say others are wrong. I'm trying to say that I'm right. I mean, you were saying that others are wrong, you were you are saying this was the argument. You were saying exactly that anyone who was doing three meals a day is doing it all wrong.


And the reason you're not a grotesque fat man is because that's how you eat, because you want to have your eight beers at night. Right.


That you can't argue with that. But, you know, there are only ninety five calories each. Yeah. I just don't understand the breakfast thing. I've never been a breakfast eater. Granted, usually my lunch is an omelet, so I guess I'm blurring the line there. But I've never been a breakfast eater. You won't see great codi consuming food before noon. I think he's right about this, I think for the most part in general, I think Greg is right.


It's very rare. The person that sits down and eats three squares a day, it's it's not happening. Right.


It's not like he can have his beliefs. It's that when he sees like my mom, like this morning, she was having some sort of fruit for breakfast. And then he says with pride, I'll wait till lunch like she was doing. So it's like she's doing the thing you're supposed to do in the morning, you know, eat a little something, get your metabolism going. And he has this, like, arrogance about it, like, I'll wait till lunch.


And it's like, Greg, you realize you're saying something that is not healthy to do.


Well, you know, am I calling myself a superior human being because I don't eat breakfast? Not directly. But, you know, maybe if you're inferring certain here, but not wrong or not. Bloem Exactly.


Well, but I mean, it's so important, though, Chris. I mean, your dad's still alive.


He's still tickin and he barely but he's still got I thought, help me out here, OK? Because I was under the impression that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. There are new trends now. It's fasting, it's 16 hours. It's eating an eight hour windows and fasting for six hours, which is what Greg Kotey is doing. Save for the beer, save for the late night beer that gets in the way of of that. But he is absolutely a breakfast judger.


Put it on the pole. Guillermo at Batard show. Are you someone who has three square meals a day? Yes or no? You guys are thinking that's rare. I don't think that's rare.


It was a marketing slogan. Whoever came up with the cliche that we all say breakfast is the most important meal of the day was a doctor that was working with a marketing company that was promoting a breakfast cereal. So much like engagement rings, it became part of our just American culture, but it was totally made up by a marketing firm.


If it was so important, you would think the the food would be better, right? Like I think of all the meals. I think lunch has the most options. My favorite is lunch. There are not a ton of options in the morning. They're not they're just not favorite.


Your favorite is lunch all day. We're going to go dinner now. I feel like lunches last place. No, I mean our breakfast. You don't like a good breakfast for dinner, even like what's wrong with breakfast food?


Because dinner. Listen, it's in my wife's hands. Whatever she decides to make, that's what we're having for dinner. Whether I like it or not. Lunch, I am all on my own. I have all of South Beach. I have the entire drive home. I can get whatever I want and she doesn't know about it. So for me, lunch has the best options. I'm left to my own devices and it has the most options of the things that I enjoy to eat.


That's why it's the saddest meal of the day for me. It's because when I'm alone and unhinged and I can do whatever the hell I want and I eat just like three Taco Bell burritos and it's like, God, this is so sad, right? It's a real sad time of the day for me when I'm alone with food.


Get to be a twenty year mark of marriage. Tell me how sad it is. All right, Gabriel, put this on the pole, please, at Batard show. Just rank them in order here. I don't know how you're going to write this at Libertador Show, but I want rankings from people to see if they're similar to Strugatsky because I would have guessed that breakfast would be last place for most people in terms of savory meals. I would I would guess last place.


But the way that Chris describes his incredibly sad lunch experience, where he's got a Taco Bell nacho cheese and his belly button I'm eating in his car, I'm willing to reconsider.


It's always said after the fact to ask Chris what he's in it, how sad it is, even for normal people like you guys, like you have it like a turkey sandwich and some potato chips for lunch. That's a better experience than like waffles and some eggs. And like like I just feel like breakfast is better than lunch.


Yeah, you mentioned that. Paid that man his money.


You also mentioned a profoundly sad lunching experience.


Know you're changing the math because usually it's like a cold pop tart when you're rushing out the door. It's experience like a brand muffin. You're paying for your lunch with the change in your car. You've got a bunch of fifty nine cent either love them 99 cent burrito.


Go get a nice deli sandwich man.


What's the matter with you back Cosmo at Helstone. Don Lemon, you can't have fun when you're old, still got look at me, I'm having a ball ball on it.


This is the our show. Were there still guides on ESPN radio?


The Rays were fun when they eliminated the Yankees. They came out on the field to a bunch of New York, New York, from Sinatra and Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind.


You want to Astros, Dodgers, it doesn't appear it's going to go that way. The Braves are really good. The Braves pitching is phenomenal. You got Kershaw in a must win spot today, which I absolutely love in the NLCS.


But, yes, I think the rays are going to ruin this for everyone. No one wants to see the rays in the World Series except for Dickey V. I mean, that's it. I'll put that on the ball game on the Today show is Dickey V the only one who wants to see the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series? I'm sorry, Christine Lacy. We again, we interrupted you by.


And finally, Apollo 11 had about 20 seconds left of fuel left when it landed. Speaking of running out of gas, here's Dan Stu and Greg Codi.


Yes, thank you very much, Christine. Are you very excited? Welcome back. Your bills have a rare Tuesday night football game. Are you very excited? You get nervous all day. You told us last time that you curse at the television and the animals and your husband run outside. When you're watching Bill's games, do you get nervous because your team appears to be good?


I do. I I'm nervous all day. Like Billy said, he gets with the Marlins. I am nervous all day. And the three hours are three and a half hours of the game last. It's not that enjoyable. And I feel very relieved when the games are over, which I need to have a better system because I really should enjoy this curse.


Do you have any earthly idea if we offended or upset downtown Doug Brown? Doug E. Fresh?


I haven't talked to him, but he didn't. He didn't text me or anything. OK, all right, good. Can you find out whether we offended him? Because by mistake, we killed them. The Duke Davis three times. Yes, I say we it was me.


It was I did it three different times.


So you're expecting what is this, a five PM game today or is is Tuesday Night Football? Tuesday, early evening football. What time? Seven seven. So what are you what are you expecting today? The Titans are your biggest test of the season. I think the bills are going to do well, Josh Allen will do well, much to your dismay. OK. Wow. All right. That's what we're all rooting for. Yes, it is.


What? Everyone's dismay. Yes. That is. Everyone here is absolutely rooting for my dismay. That is correct. It's the very epicenter of everything we do around here. Thank you, Christine. I hope it goes well for you tonight, even though I think your quarterback is going to have three turnovers. Look at her. She's steaming right now. She's laughing, is filled with rage. This is funny, though, in terms of quarterback evaluation.


What makes it difficult? I mean, I've been making fun of the fact that six time executive of the year, Bill Poling, couldn't tell that the MVP of the league could play that position. So obviously, it's a pretty difficult thing to evaluate. But Mike Tannenbaum is looking a little smarter today, saying when asked who would you take burro or two? And he said herbut because of the physical obvious gifts. But the way that quarterbacks, Greg and you've seen this quarterbacks in the past, young quarterbacks, it was too much to figure out.


A lot of them looked like Josh Allen would look at the beginning. Even Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning's two guys would throw a bunch of interceptions their first year, even after waiting for a bit to get on the field in the case of, you know, some of these young quarterbacks. Right, because they don't know what they're doing yet. But there's a level of sophistication that these guys are arriving with where Justin Herbert played a professional football game last night.


And anyone watching that could not have told you that that was a rookie quarterback.


He outplayed Drew Brees. Now he's in there because of what happened to Tyrod Taylor, the unfortunate incident with a punctured lung to Tyrod Taylor or else Justin Herbert would probably be waiting the entire season or at least late into the season to play. But you're right, it is rare. And a Joe Barrow does not have the same kind of offensive weapons that Herbert has.


It said a minute Herbert's team is hurt, but he's got Keenan Allen got everyone got by for the second Hooper hurt. But my first three games I Keenan Allen has caught I mean, he's been ridiculous with Justin Herbert.


No, I understand. But to Dan's point, I don't understand what's going on with the Chargers. For years they've been injured. I don't know if this is a training staff thing. I can understand it. Their defense is littered with injuries. And it is a shame because they're still good, right? I mean, éclairs out for I think for the year. So he has a hamstring with no surgery needed. So four to six weeks was the timeline on.


This is from Greg Rosenthal.


The Chargers were without a Pro Bowl wide receiver, Pro Bowl guard, Pro Bowl defensive end, Pro Bowl cornerback, all pro safety starting running back, starting right tackle, starting defensive tackle, starting linebacker. OK, all of these teams are getting hurt a lot more because there was no preseason. And because we're getting that money, like it doesn't matter. Like this is the all the bodies are being thrown in the meat chipper right now. Like this is what's happening throughout that sport where it's ridiculous.


How many injuries to forty Niners have, how many how many injuries the Chargers have? And you are just seeing a wood chipper is what I meant to say. But it's become a meat chipper. Cody, you were going to say regarding the evolution of young quarterbacks. Well, the fact that the fact that the Chargers weren't going to start herbut until Tyrod Taylor got injured underlines the idea that there's no set formula for when to play a rookie quarterback. And that's why I don't second guess the Dolphins right now for what they're doing, because they are watching to in practice every day to who didn't have the luxury of any preseason this year.


And so and parenthetically, Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing very well and just came off maybe the best game we've seen him play. So I don't think they should be in a hurry to start to it. And I don't think they should be looking at what Boros doing. And Burrow's had an uneven start or what Herbert is doing.


You know, Herbert was twenty three of forty last and I think it was that's not great accuracy. He has been very good.


But let's wait.


You know, I don't I don't think those numbers are right, Greg. I don't think you have your numbers right on on herbut twenty three or forty. Isn't that, isn't that good.


But I Greggy was twenty or thirty for two hundred sixty four yards, four touchdowns, no interceptions. One twenty two point seven rating.


Yeah that's pretty good.


What game are you watching. We were talking to you about covering thirty years of watching. What were you, what were you watching last night. It wasn't the quarterback of the Chargers, right.


No, I was watching that game. I was watching it raptly because I had predicted the Chargers with the points which I ended up getting that pick. Right. All I'm saying is that when when Ryan Clark goes on ESPN and says, wow, I wonder if the Dolphins made the wrong pick, meaning to over it. Too early to say that when you haven't seen to throw an NFL pass yet. That's that's what I'm saying.


It was Brees who was thirty three or forty seven. Just just so.


And when he talks about these guys not knowing. Yes, Herbert is only playing because a doctor punctured the lung. Think about that for a second. Punctured the lung of the starting quarterback while trying to give him a painkiller for rib pain. Belichick only started Brady because Bledsoe's lungs filled with blood. That wasn't going to happen. Like he was not going to he was not going to play Brady that year.


But I feel like there's still a similar type learning curve. Sometimes you put in a guy like Justin Herbert and he's Dan Marino, and other times you put in Sam Darnel, the Josh Rosen, they stink. But usually what I'm used to, though, what I am used to is you put in a rookie quarterback and he looks like Haskins, he looks like Daniel Jones, not Daniel Jones. In the first game, Daniel Jones, who fumbles twenty two times in eighteen games.


That's why I'm so surprised that Josh Allen has stopped turning the ball over at the same rate, because I didn't think that was something you could get better, but I didn't think accuracy and recklessness are things that you can improve on. Daniel Jones was a fumbler in college. He's a fumbler in the pros. He's somebody who loses the football and you can't do that anymore. Like you talk about a bygone age. Go look at what some of those quarterback numbers were in terms of interceptions.


The guys who were throwing it all over the field before the Dan Fouts is of the world. Like, that's not something you see anymore. That guy can't get a starting job. That guy now is Jameis Winston. He'll give you five thousand yards. But if you turn the ball over thirty times, sorry, we're not going to start you in this league, even if you're probably the better option right now than Drew Brees. Did you see Francesa last night?


FOUTS Two hundred and fifty four touchdowns for his first career. Two hundred and forty two interceptions for his career.


Joe Namath is in the Hall of Fame with more interceptions than touchdown. Well, he shouldn't be. I mean, that's a whole different discussion for another time off outside a year where you had thirty touchdowns and twenty six interceptions.


So to your point, how about Francesa last night, though, proclaiming Drew Brees done and then that going the way that went in the second half and overtime, the both of you didn't really need to rush out with that opinion.


Like to the pub does the. Don Lemon tart, I love me, some doctors have a lot of respect for the medical profession still Godse except chiropractors. This incident, 11th hour show with their still guides on ESPN Radio.


ESPN Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance News from the Dan Levator Johnson, someone who just hit us up on the Dr Pepper Twitter feed, Alex Hernandez. I don't know how to pronounce this. At San Leandro, in regards to our conversation on eating three meals a day, lunch, appeals to the idea of Stewart because he can eat whatever he wants, do so with stolen money, and then blame the janitorial staff while he digest hashtag the stew factor. I like that stew factor.


What is this effect?


It is lying, cheating, stealing. Yeah, I like it. Thanks. OK, what about phlegmy? Phlegmy is not part of the star factor that would make it.


Yeah. Stook. What.


Cristiano Ronaldo has tested positive for the coronavirus. What's the name of the 19 year old player who grabbed his jersey the other day? Mike Ryan, sweaty after a game and announced that he would never wash that jersey because we've got to put it on Libertador Show Guillermo, please put it on Lebed Today show will the player who asked for Renaldo's Jersey and say he never washed it. Now wash it because Renaldo has come down positive and asymptomatic on Korona.


Maybe Eduardo come off in an absolute sensation, as you said, says he will never wash that Jersey should probably change his stance on that.


Billy, how do you feel about useless sound here? Is it ready to go? You were in the dungeon, you were cooking. How terrible do you feel it takes you out of Monday's show? It hurt you in general. How are you feeling today about this?


I'm ready for tomorrow.


OK, very good. Here it is. He goes into the dungeon and consumes a lot of bad sound bites. Here it is.


Are really excited to get the victory.


You know, it's never easy and in the NFL, some ball kind of happy to see some of this stuff happen because you see who the winners are, who are and who can't handle adversity. Oh, yeah.


Mama didn't raise no worse. We got to be able to correct the things we need to correct or now we haven't been playing very complementary football offensively and defensively. I'm happy with the way we played on both sides of the ball.


Tough sledding for a first assignment. But, you know, it just speaks to his heart, his character.


That was a great team that that was all about the team. I think as players, we've got to play better. What the perfect performance by any stretch, but we're not looking for perfect we're looking to be good enough to win.


And he's got a lot of pelt's on the wall. He's a ball. That's a good 14 year there, day in and day out. And saw those guys how how they practice last week. You want to know what our record was?


You smell it in the water.


Yeah, I've got a lot of sand washed up there around, but not today.


We're just trying to move the ball around and make everybody defend the entire field, both vertically and horizontally. We have to be ready in any game to play the game that is called Raudonikis.


The format to the Red Sox talked a lot about how preparation and dealing with covid-19 had affected his ability to do his job as covid-19 and preparation affected your ability to do your job.


I don't know anything about baseball. This will just be another chapter and a great story. This is a fine young man. He saw what he saw.


You know, this is one game, you know, defense did the bend, but don't break it. All of a sudden it just the avalanche just hit. I don't think they want to play football.


The strength of our PAC is the PAC. The offense just rock and roll kind of is what it is. As players, coaches, collectively, together, we've got to be able to leave our mark on the wind.


I don't know if is necessarily more about what they did or more about what we didn't do. We look at it, look at it, hard to correct ourselves each and every one of us, and then move on to the next game. We have to be able to look forward and look out the other side of this thing that we have to look ourselves in the mirror and keep our heads up.


We got to go back and really look at ourselves in the mirror, me at quarterback. Any time you have something like this, you have to look more inward than outward. Had x rays and I did not say at all today. And so I don't know how to read them what was being smelt in the water.


I want to know what was in the water. Was it blood in the water bill? What was the back story on what was being smelled in the water?


I don't know what it was, but I would advise everybody listening. Do not smell under water. OK, thank you.


Drownded, who did you think was the star of this useless sound montage? Because there was some good stuff in there.


Tom, I made a nice comeback this week. This Kevin Stefanski, someone to keep an eye on and see what he's got. He sees it.


Greg Cody, I don't know if you noticed the guards, but it's not just that he has Dak Prescott in his fantasy league. Oh, no.


But he's also got Michael Thomas. He's got Michael Thomas was suspended for punching a teammate in the face. There's got to be more to that story. Greg Cody, I'm sorry. What a suffering your fantasy team is.


You know, the whole league is saying, how on earth of the love is that on recording, on ESPN Radio.