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This is the down labor part, sure, this still got Sparkasse. We've put out a couple of hours digitally, as we do most days, the local hour, you could check it out, we spent the entire time ripping through Godse. Also, the big Stewy has a controversial figure on it. Again, a controversial guy who is doing sports radio exceptionally well. We are joined by Shane Bacolod in the big city. So if you want to check those things out, feel free to.


That is the voice of Stuart. And we have not figured out how to do this correctly because Stuart's just arrived here. When I said we have been doing the two hours, it did not involve synagog because we believe that there are a web of lies here that Stuart is telling. We also believe that Stukas isn't actually watching any of these playoff games, that he's just sort of, you know, watching some highlights or listening to the morning show on the way in.


And so how do we want to address some of this stuff with God? Because Stukas just came in here and he just started with the details of all the things he was doing that none of us believe he was doing. Now, everyone here knows that God just makes a series of excuses to camouflage his laziness.


I think at the heart of it is, look, he showed up just before the national radio show. So there was a very clear cut off to the conversation where he's like, I got to go, I got to go. It's very important that I go now. And I think the resentment is building from, well, the local law is important, too. But he didn't wrap up that conversation for the local hour.


I wasn't expecting it. I got a call while I was driving in to do the local hour or the big city, whichever one you guys did this morning. And I had to take it. We did both without you. I prioritized. I'm sorry. This was supposed to be over on Tuesday, because if you listen to Tuesdays postgame show, that was going to be decision day daughter Rachel. Now this has been extended. No, I know what's coming.


A bunch of excuses, by the way, on the show today, an exclusive interview with Stan Van Gundy.


Chris, I see you're turning even a brighter shade of red. This always makes you deeply uncomfortable. You just want everyone to get along and everyone to like each other and you're just red. Who does it under normal circumstances. Do you have anything here? Do you want to quiz two guys on some of the. I'll watch his fingers so he doesn't type up box scores or anything. Do you want to quiz you got on some details from the games yesterday to see if indeed he was watching or he's just sort of skimming stuff.


Why are you picking up your phone? Put everything down? Just what? What do you mean big tax was coming in?


All right, Chris, do you want to ask him anything from the games yesterday to see to test whether Stewart has been watching any of this stuff?


Fox is a pro's pro, Dan. So he if I ask him questions, he's probably already learned up and watched what happened in these games. So I feel like we need to go about this a different way. But I'm just smiling, man. The guy has this ability to with everything you just said, I almost agree with all of it, but I still love him more and I just want to hang out with him.


Well, what are the kinds of questions that I can be asking him that would test his knowledge? I don't expect you necessarily to know the name of the guy who hit the Toronto game winner because it's not the most common of of name O.J. or something like that, Abdelnabi or something. He had a big three to win the game for the Raptors. It saved their season is not all I told you.


It is Ross Perot. It is not Paula Abdul Nabi.


OK, I'm going to do just go. OK, ok.


Tell us everything you know about the inbound. The inbound. I know, I know. The inbound pass went to I think Kyle Lowry. There was some controversy with the inbound pass eventually. Yeah.


Chris, you see he's faking it. That's got to be honest. I got to be honest. I know nothing about the inbound pass, nothing other than there was controversy, controversy, controversy. And it was a complete embarrassing. You're lying. You don't know what happened on the inbound.


I didn't watch the game. I mean, listen, I am not you're not going to sit there. And your Raptors. Celtics what? I'm trying to wrap up a deal for my daughter to go to college at all hours of the day, though.


How does this excuse apply for every waking moment? She's a big time recruit. I mean, what do you want me to tell you? And someone's got to talk, find out that someone is made.


The bare minimum that you can do is take five minutes to see how a game and say it. Oh, gee, I mean, you gave us got you couldn't have given us less information and you invented a controversy that didn't exist. The what is the controversy that you imagined regarding the inbound? Go ahead. Tell me what you imagine to be the controversy of the NBA.


This is the only thing that happened. You ask me about an inbound pass, which no one would ever ask me about. I mean, when does anyone ever ask about it? Inbound pass, they're benign is the greatest inbound pass in the history of inbound pass.


Aronoff, totally understand that. But I had to guess one of two ways. The greatest inbound pass in the history of inbound business or controversy. I would do this another way. OK, even though he's already admitted the lie that he wasn't watching any of it, what happened on the bare minimum? Thank you. Well put. Just some random country, some of it. This is how your career is going to end whenever it does end with you just going off the maximum laziness that you can have as someone who works in sports for a living is tell me something that happened in the last five seconds of that game.


Tell me some of the Raptors, the Raptors Celtics game, what happened in the light? You don't have to pay attention to anything but the last five seconds of a basketball game. Tell me what the situation was. Tell me what happened. Boston has the ball and what Boston has the ball. Bad turnover. OK, Raptors, your dad too. They did a three to save their season. Inbound pass, the greatest inbound pass in the history of inbound passes to OG with a three game over Raptors.


All right. So this nailed it.


No, let's try it again. What is happening with five seconds left in the basketball game between Boston and Toronto? What's the score? What's happening?


I think it's one to two, maybe one, two, three, one oh one. I'm not looking at anything right now.


I know Boston is up to OK, they're not up to because bought the Rondo needed a three to one. Yeah, but the game is tied. Boston has the ball so Boston hits a two and you.


But how and what happened with the two. I believe it was Jayson Tatum I believe with the. I was one of his five makes on the day. Yeah, good God, listen, I'm guessing the best guy I mean, I could go to the box score, but I wanted to do this honest with you guys. All right.


Well, turning over a new leaf, this is where you choose to be honest. Interesting timing. All right. What you missed in the last five seconds of the game is a paid professional who doesn't have to and do anything except the bare minimum of pay attention to the last five seconds of a game. Yeah. Is Kemba Walker making one of the greatest passes you will ever see to get an easy shot in that situation that no one gets in a tie game right at the rim?


Final five seconds than Kemba time and then he makes it and it's cardiac Kemba five tenths of a second left in the game And now Nick Nurse calls a play that Hubie Brown that he learned from Hubie Brown And the third option in the corner is the aforementioned Abdelnabi a big shot and and what ended up happening is that they inbound Kyle Lowry who says he has balls of steel inbounded over. The seven foot five Toco Fall, who played five tenths of a second in the game and was minus three.


You have him for those who defend that, but he didn't defend it because Kyle Lowry, terrible job in attack. There it is, ladies and gentlemen, terrible job. A big shot, Abu Dhabi.


I mean, if you would have just said the name Toco Fall. Yeah. Five minutes ago, you would have been like, all right, you watch it. We're good. Chris. Chris, buddy. Controversy.


I've got to be honest, I enjoyed the last five minutes. Yes. He went controversial, the controversial inbound.


To hold that thought, let's sell some that I could have swore.


I saw something with controversy inbounds pass and we just just skimming the notes and reading them poorly.


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Is there is there a name throughout history that I could give you a big shot, Bob, that's not a name. I'm is is his initials and he hadn't taken a shot for twenty four minutes. He hadn't taken any kind of shot. And then he was the third option on a taco fall inbound. Put it on the pole please. Chris at Libertador Mistake I made earlier. Do you ever confuse Taco Fall and Bowl Bowl. Is this something that you ever do?


It's something that's been happening to me on television. It's happened like four times on highly questionable where I keep confusing Taco Fall with Bulbul, even though they're not really that similar in that Bulbul has a well-rounded, versatile game while being a skinny, you know, pogo stick and taco fall is just, you know, seven, four, five and a bit of a circus freak that Celtics fans cheer for. But that doesn't do much of anything.


And when you combine the two, you get one of dad's favorite things in the world, the Taco Bell.


That is correct. I do Taco Bell bowl is how I order it. I order a double. So they bring me the double bowl, the the double taco bowl. I wanted to get into the idea, though, of what is happening with Tom Haverstraw. He's going to join us at Ten Thirty Eastern to talk about what's happening with Giannis Antetokounmpo because I don't think the gods for as much as you like to mock these guys for mental frailty in playoff moment.


I think that what's happening with him isn't a mental frailty. I think it's how he's being defended and I'm not sure how you alter how he's being defended. So we're going to talk to like, I don't know what the adjustments can be. I mean, I suppose you can put him in the pick and roll more. But anyone who's questioned this Milwaukee team was only doing so because they were saying the playoffs slow down. You get the half court offense and there is where Giannis can't just do his just you know the Ben Simmons move of He gathers a head of steam and you can't do anything about it because he's just dunking.


That's regular season basketball so that is not postseason basketball like postseason. Everything gets ratcheted up to to a more hostile defensive place. And so we will talk to Haverstraw about that.


But the first thing I wanted to do. Stephen A. Smith got it wrong, and he is howling about Steve Nash being hired by the Brooklyn Nets at a volume that is too high, even as you can wonder why black assistant coaches might look at that job and say, really, someone with no experience is getting the power in the organization, that is something that happens a lot, black or white, with point guards who are guys who are considered controllers of the game, guys who think the game coaches on the court during their careers, black or white.


Isaiah Thomas got some of that there. Jason Kidd gets some of that. There are plenty of guys at that position specifically. And it doesn't matter whether they're white or black who get to skip the line without having any experience.


Mark Jackson, Derek Fisher. I mean, there have been plenty of flawed generals who have gotten head coaching job.


Yeah. Those without any experience, I would say. You remember me doing this, right? I did this with Magic Johnson and I did it with John Lynch. Those are different kinds of jobs. And you have to be committed to them. And there are things that you have to learn in route to them. John Elway was given a job with a lot of power and not just power, but I'm talking about the John Lynch specific job. It's very rare for somebody to not have any training whatsoever and all of a sudden become the general manager of an NFL team, which isn't an all encompassing job.


Those are the times that you will hear me complain about the skipping in line. I actually understand this Steve Nash higher, even as someone who would say really, that's what we're going to do. No experience at all. I understand why. Too mercurial stars. You might want to reach them with a guy who is, you know, one, two MVP.


But of course, you also understand why and we don't know if this is the case, but Jack Vaughn, who is now the assistant head coach who is wanted to be a head coach his entire life, Jack Vaughn is is being prevented of being a head coach because they're going with Steve Nash. You would understand why he would be upset, right? Of course.


Now, Stephen was on the morning show this morning and he clarified a little bit, saying that his point was his issues weren't with Marx or Nash and specifically, but the process in general. So he did clarify a little bit.


Understood. But I think he clarified after realizing that Woj put out that, hey, this happens a lot, black and white. This happened like it's not you're not getting on television and saying this when Derek Fisher is hired, when Jason Kidd is hired, when Isaiah Thomas is hired. In fact, I don't know what Stephen Smith's opinion was on Isaiah Thomas being hired with no experience. But my guess would be, as a Knicks fan, that he would have embraced that like Knicks fans were embracing it.


Well, I mean, there was a point where the Knicks were trying to choose between Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher, two guys that didn't have any previous coaching experience. And this has actually happened in Brooklyn before. Jason Kidd is a person of color. He was given that job with no prior experience, and he was actually one of the final candidates to be a Brooklyn head coach. Again, they just seem like jobs that you should have to climb the ladder for, right?


They do. I mean, NBA head coaching jobs, NFL general manager jobs, it does feel like you should probably have some experience. I've got to wait your turn.


I think the day is dead now as stars get more and more powerful as you arrive in a place where the head coaches job is to be your ally, not your boss. As you arrive in a place where these guys have so much power as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, that after losses they should make Steve Nash run the sprints because of the amount of power that is changing in that sport. You go get a guy perhaps that people are going to respect because they've seen him play recently as opposed to, you know, Nick Nurse or I'm going to talk with Stan Van Gundy about this in the postgame show, because I'm curious what he thinks of the idea of a guy just moving into a spot with no expense.


They're clearly prioritizing someone that could be more of a therapist than a tactician. You have two of the most brilliant offensive players in the NBA and Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. And their pass is littered with high profile incidents of not getting along with teammates, being misunderstood, being mercurial players. And Steve Nash has a track record when he was a player of connecting to people you wouldn't expect. So they wanted someone that was a floor general and someone that could reach their players because these two players historically have been difficult to reach.


Hold that thought. Let's sell some ads, want to promote today's post game show featuring Stan Van Gundy. You guys, because usually the postgame show is end of the show banter amongst the cast. However, this time, Stan Van Gundy is going to give you some X's and O's. They took an hour away from the show. Right. So we give you basketball analysis with one of the most high profile commentators in the game, Samangan, in the postgame show.


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All right, he's the host of the have our show podcast, NBC Sports NBA insider. We love his information. I hope you guys noticed the show within the show that Mike is layering in musically. We like to play around with music around here. And Tom Haverstraw famously has a song in his honor. We will get to it in a moment. But first, I'm sorry, Christine Lacy, for interrupting you, Dan.


And finally, Nicholas Cage has been cast as a vodka drinking, Flashdance loving dragon in high fire for Amazon. The series is described as a gritty crime thriller with doses of magical realism. How about that? Yeah, thanks, Steve. We appreciated all of his movies should be I am trying to get away from those tax problems. Every last one of the he makes an alarming number of movies. It's jarring how often you will see Nicolas Cage show up because he's got to pay for those pirate skulls.


I hope you've cleared out your plans for the weekend because Primal has made its way to streaming platforms and primal, of course, the role that he was born to play a movie in which Nicolas Cage plays a big game hunter that is trapped on a boat with one of the world's most dangerous criminals, who escapes custody and unlocks cages featuring some of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Yes, only one person is equipped to hunt down. These animals are standing in the way of capturing this felon.


And that's Nicolas Cage.


I thought you were going to say and that's Tom Haverstraw. Let's give him his intro here, his Haverstraw music. He is the host of the Habas Show podcast, NBC Sports NBA Insider. That is a banger we all dance around when when we play that Haverstraw. Thank you for joining us. What can the Bucs do differently with Yanase offensively? So it doesn't look the way that it's like the first two games? Can they sign Malcolm Brogdon? Well, is that where they are?


That's where they are then, I mean, you look at this, Malcolm Brogdon, what they what he did against the Miami Heat. Twenty one points a game tennis's. You don't think they could use a Malcolm Brogdon to get into the teeth of the heat defense like he did last year? Is it.


They got sweat but isn't Bledsoe isn't that what Bledsoe is supposed to be there for?


Yes, but he's playing on one leg right now so they traded first round pick to get Bledsoe and then they extended him. Last year they decided to give that money to him instead of Malcolm Brogdon who I know. I think Mike Ryan is like the biggest Malcolm Brogdon fan on the planet and rightfully so. The guy was fifty 490 last year and actually could make some plays off the dribble to relieve some of the pressure from Khris Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo. And what I think is happening here is that the offense got stagnant.


They don't have that third lever consistently to get buckets when they need it. And I think Malcolm Brogdon, the fact that they did not or give him that contract and let Indiana take taken this last summer is a huge story that I don't think is getting enough play right now, because when it happened everyone was like, I mean, I get it. They just won 60 games. Maybe they don't need Malcolm Brogdon, but if things go south and they don't win, at least get into the Eastern Conference finals and win the title.


That's going to be a big move for them is that they just decided, hey, we don't want to pay the luxury tax this season and we're going to let Indiana sign them for 88 million.


Well, that's how you lose it. That's that's how you end up losing a guy who's going to get blamed if they don't get out of the second round and he ends up in Miami. Those are the kinds of moves that end up losing, you know, a franchise type of player. But, Tom, it can't be second round of the playoffs, your MVP of the league. And we're longing for Malcolm Brogdon like he's the MVP of the league, Tom.


Yes, but look, I think when you look at the numbers for Yoni's, the biggest number that stands out to me is 36 minutes per game. He's got to play more and a lot of that is foul trouble. And if you guys saw the column I wrote this week about Giannis Antetokounmpo offensive fouls committed he sack out there like people don't know how to guard him in the post and what the heat did is brilliant. They said look we're not going to match his size for size because if he turns to his right, his left shoulder and goes into Bam Adebayo they're not flopping, they're not going down like a ton of bricks.


He's going to stand there straight up and wall them off and try to defend him straight up. When you have Jae Crowder guarding him or Andre Iguodala Jimmy Butler, the size advantage is so distinct and referees typically when a guy gets hit in the mouth or hits, you know, in the neck like they've been getting hit in the series, know they go down and it looks like Giannis is just being out of control. And so what they're doing is it's like a subversive defensive strategy.


It's like this guy's bigger than everybody else out there and so we're going to go small and accentuate the contact that he has in the paint. And the honest truth isn't dominating those smaller defenders like you'd expect. Now his numbers, you know, on on the surface are fine. They're not 45 points a game or anything like that. But the early foul trouble and the offensive fouls is critical to their success because you don't want Giannis to be afraid to go right at Jimmy Butler.


Right at Jae Crowder. Right at Andre Iguodala. But all those guys have picked up, you know, offensive fouls against or charges against Giannis in this series and during the season. So that's a big part of this is that Erik Spoelstra decided we're going to go small rather than have Bam on him. And now Van is just roaming as a floater. Kind of like what Giannis does for the Milwaukee Bucks defense and it's just it hasn't neutralized Giannis but it certainly hasn't allowed him to go off for 40 or 45 50 points that he can't.


This entire thing and I understand why it's going to fall on Giannis that they've advanced here to the Eastern Conference finals. But how much have you seen from Mike. Budenholzer in the way of mistakes where maybe some of this should fall on the coach because it seems like he's being coached by Erik Spoelstra. He is it's too oh, of course, he's being outcoached right now, I think one of the things that Eric is so good at is figuring out lineups to be the aggressor and essentially say we're going to play our way.


And Mike Budenholzer, for whatever reason, has decided to keep Yoni's off the floor and giving him some extra breaks here down the stretch. And Khris Middleton, when like those those guys are your horses. You know, you saw Kyle Lowry last night play the last 38 minutes of that game and look what he did down the stretch he was owning. The Boston Celtics played like 47 minutes. And you just don't see that with the Milwaukee Bucks in Mike Budenholzer.


And I think, you know, a couple more threes go down in this game. This series might be different. But, you know, I look at the fact that the Milwaukee Bucks outscored opponents this regular season by seven hundred and sixty two points in the paint we're sorry. Seven hundred and seventy six points in the paint outscored opponents by that much in the paint and in this series that total. Is to say he'd have basically played the most dominant paint paint team in the NBA, even in two games in the series.


Normally we'd say after these two games, look, the heat just can't stay with Yanase. They're guarding him small. They can't do these things in the paint because he's just too big. Brook Lopez and them are just too big or owning the paint. But the fact is that Erik Spoelstra, that he have played them even in the paint, is a huge reason why they're up to.


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So the other day, Mike Ryan asked me to ask Pat Riley about the gesture that he has been making to Jimmy Butler and Mike Ryan said that there were some dad vibes on Pat Riley or even grand dad vibes because you're talking about somebody who came up at a time in this sport, OK, where he was one of the coolest things in this sport as this sport ascended on the Hollywood sidelines of, you know, the the entertainment capital of the world with Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar and the Showtime Lakers.


And you reach a certain age where you get the dad vibes of the grand dad vibes. But what I was not expecting and I think is happening right now is LeBron James is giving a whole lot of dad vibes off now. We talked to you before about Kyrie Irving breaking away from a LeBron James partnership where LeBron James was the old head, always talking about the things he knew. And and Kyrie was like, OK, I don't want that anymore.


That's not I'm going to go I'm going to be a younger player.


And I'm tired of it being LeBron League. And you heard Stephen Smith report during the height of the conflict that LeBron James was very much about LeBron James. As the Milwaukee Bucks dared to do their own thing without consulting, LeBron James dared to not play the Orlando Magic without, you know, bending, you know, kneeling at the knee of the king. But here is LeBron James, who is not gone Zero Dark Thirty, the way he normally does during the postseason on social media, at least in part because of everything happening outside of the bubble.


And he is socially minded. He's done a lot of amazing things for his people. OK, he's built a school. He has a build transitional housing. He has poured millions of dollars into Muhammad Ali's African Heritage Museum. He is doing real and important things like the Miami Heat are now training police officers. They're paying for police officers to be trained better. You've got LeBron James doing things with voting that are substantive, like actually pouring money and resources into making sure that his people are heard during this time in America.


And now he is coming after. And by the way, he can be all those things. And the guy who totally botched China, you don't have to choose between those things. But it could be the he botched China and it's his worst public moment. And also he does all of these things for his people. And I understand actually, because China is all of a sudden being thrown around by people who don't actually care about Chinese human rights violations until LeBron James.


They don't care at all until LeBron James points out that, hey, my people, my people, my people. And it doesn't feel like he's advocating for all people. It's just a convenient stance to take by people who don't care about either his people or the human rights violations in China. In fairness to some of those people, Muhammad Ali's wife took the same stance when LeBron did not stand up for for the people of China. I mean, she did so understood and it's a fair criticism.


But what I'm saying is it can be both things. He does a lot of great work. And on that one, he was, you know, the worst he's ever been in a public moment. But now he's going after Real Jay Williams. And I want to ask Mike as the source on who gives off dad vibes, explain to me what the bleep I got to do with this subject matter. I'm over here minding my damn business, preparing for Houston.


And by the way, I ain't never been nobody but my damn self. And then he puts the emoji here of a crown and then an expletive for the word feces. So Jay Williams was saying that in 2010, LeBron James wasn't himself. And LeBron James is saying, I ain't never been nobody but my damn self. And again, emoji of a crown. And I think that that emoji is what made me think that vibes.


Yeah, the emoji. Because I think you've been emoji by Pat Riley, right. He likes emoji. He's a big fan of the emojis.


He wasn't himself. Is he arguing that he was himself in 2010? He said he's arguing that he's never been anybody. Oh, he's in my damn self. You know, I don't. An exclamation point.


There's a crown here Barea on a switch and you refuse to post him up. Mob That was not LeBron James. I mean I'm sorry. Listen to me. He ain't never been nobody but my damn self is what he's saying.


I'm like the red face emoji with a bunch of like exclamation points at this point. What. He wasn't himself.


What is that is a game criticism of all the criticisms. Which one? Which part of you not understanding why I stopped believing him. I ain't never been nobody but my damn self.


Well, that's a double negative. Did he look like himself?


Dan, to you? What, JJ Barea was abusing him.


I mean, we're doing this show now. LeBron, you made your bed. Yes.


Yes. Now we're doing this crappy show with our contractually obligated LeBron James. You kept passing it right back like hot potato. You want your damn self, LeBron. There I said it. I'm with Jerry Williams on this in 2010 when you refuse to do anything with JJ Berry in your back pocket and also the last five minutes of Game six when you're just passing around the perimeter, scared you're not your damn self, you allowed someone nicknamed the custodian to get in your head.


You went into your home and became Tom Hanks in Castaway with a beard because you were wallowing in self-pity because you were not your damsel. Sean Stephenson said he was on your level. We remember you got beat by Deshawn Stevenson, got terrible tattoos all over his body. It was the second best player for the Mavs.


You know, why did he lose? Because you were not your dad's. Oh, yeah.


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