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It's simple. Text Leveton to seven seven three three three Adventure Auto and Advanced Auto Parts limit one entry per dazy advanced auto parts dot com are all the details. We will get to our looks like game with Tim Kurkjian here the World Series Game three is tonight. Our thanks to John Smoltz for joining us earlier. But before we go to Kurkdjian, let's go to Christine Lacy.


And finally, blue jeans are illegal in North Korea because they are a symbol of American imperialism about that. Wow. OK.


Be careful with the politics, Christine. I will. Politics. I'll take it back. All right. You better be careful.


Also, get the NFC right, because, you know, the Eagles are not tied for the NFC East lead. They're tied in the wins column. They are, but they're not technically tied. You know better than that. And I am keeping track.


Christine. Tim, I think we're going to enrage Tim Kurkjian right now, thanks to God tonight. I are about to enrage him with a conversation that started with John Smoltz. We are not sure Tim Kurkjian and you help us out here because you've evolved with the times and, you know, data, you know, numbers, you know, excellence in your sport especially. I'm nervous.


I'm scared, too. We don't we don't think that Ozzie Smith could have played today. Oh, no, we don't think that Ozzie, a wizard, the wizard, would have been a shortstop that anybody would use today. Are we wrong? Yes, yes, they are. He is the greatest defensive shortstop of all time, and given the importance of that position, you can make a case that he's the greatest defensive player of all time at any position.


He would not be revered or looked at the same way because he hit a lot of balls on the ground and everything else. But he would play on every team today, any team today, because he was that brilliant defensive.


Tim, if you could go through today the Hall of Fame and re-evaluate everyone that's been inducted and remove someone based on what's valued today, who would you take out of the Hall of Fame, Ozzie? I would not take Ozzie Smith is an offensive liability.


I mean, Tim, come on, quit slapping the ball around Wizzard how about you hit one over the fence once in a while?


Look, I understand what you guys are saying, and I'm not real happy about the fact that the game has evolved to the point where the greatest defensive player at any position potentially would not be as valued as much today. But I totally understand it. Right. To answer the question. Boy, that's really hard. I really don't like taking a Hall of Famer and saying he's not a Hall of Famer. I will just tell you that Harold Baines is the only player in the Hall of Fame that I did not vote for to go into the Hall of Fame.


OK, so every other guy who went in during my time as a voter, every other guy that went in, I voted for him. So there isn't anyone in the Hall of Fame that I didn't vote for except for Harold Baines. So I guess that's the answer. And yet that guy, without a couple of work stoppages, would have had 3000 hits and would have been a heart even when it clearly enraged him.


Coach. And I didn't think I was going to be able to do this, but I'm going to be able, I think, to link yesterday's show with Dick vital to today's show, the only memorable homerun that Ozzie Smith ever hit, was it off of Tom needing fewer? Was it off of Dick Vidal's neighbor, Tom Neednt fewer? Oh, yes.


Yes. It was the only homerun he had hit to that point in his career as a left handed hitter. And it was the famous Jack Buck called Go Crazy Folks. Go Crazy folks. You know, the Cardinals win on a home run by the Wizards, one of the great classic all time. But yes, that was Ozzie Smith's most famous homerun. He didn't hit many, but it was also his first left handed homerun as a major league player.


It was his only postseason homerun. I mean, he didn't hit home runs. He couldn't play today. Oh, yeah.


Look, I know you're trying to upset me and you already have.


We know, but but there are outrage here, OK? Defense is still value today. We have all these crazy numbers on defensive zone ratings and everything else. You don't think Ozzie Smith would have fared well on those who would have broken all the records? He had the greatest range of any shortstop I've ever seen. He was an absolute magician around the bag. But it doesn't matter anymore if you're a magician around the bag because we changed the rules. We're not allowed.


That's right. That's right. What do they say to me? All the rules have changed. So he couldn't play. Nobody would want them.


I mean, terrible. I just looked at his offensive numbers. He sucks like he's not good on that.


But you figure Bill no power. You figure he's an average in Aboriginal career to fifty three. This is bad. He couldn't hit.


Yes, he could hit. He was a better offensive player than you thought. He was never sought out even though he ran so long, he scored runs.


I can't believe I have to defend that. Terrible.


What does that mean to him. He's better than you. We're looking at his numbers.


He wasn't, but he played at a time where the goal of the game was to get a hit. It's no longer the goal of the game to get a hit. The Reds this year had more walks than singles. Think about that. That's never happened in a season that granted it was only a 60 game season. We met the five lowest team batting averages ever to make the postseason happen this year, all in the same year. We don't care about getting a hit anymore.


All we want to do is hit the ball out of the ballpark. I'm just saying that Ozzie Smith got twenty five hundred hits and yes, it's not valued like it used to be. But I'm saying today's style of play is not a preferred style of play. And Ozzie played at a time where you beat the ball into the Astroturf and ran as fast as you could to first and then you still second. That's how it worked back then. You can't punish him for playing in an era where his style was really encouraged.


It's different now, but he would be different than everyone else here because they would say hit it to the shortstop.


He's great most since he got the was 180 and he did that once. After that it was 160 is 2500 hits. But in nineteen seasons, I mean, jeez, careful, be careful.


But you guys for me, Hank or compiler, I hope I never ever I would never I would say we're serious. I was Ripkin. What. Rivkah don't get started now to me this. We're serious, I mean, he played 18 seasons, had twenty eight home runs, and he batted three hundred once. No. What's up with Saw? Can we talk about something else? OK, I got something here. All right, so does Gardner.


Minshew looked like the line coach at a Waffle House who does tattoos as a side hustle in order to pay off the Kenwood car stereo speakers currently on layaway for him at Wal-Mart.


Does Dallas Braden look like an overall wearing yo goal of a rural Arkansas town who spends most of his time playing the banjo outside of the town's only gas station?


Does Adams we were support Dallas Bubar to reptile land.


Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.


When we were in North Dallas, took it over to reptile land just to take a look at the place. It was really important. He calls it Uber to return him and he thinks it will be there for hours.


That's over a good scrap of reptile land.


Does Mike Leach look like the head nun of a Catholic school?


Yes, that is good faith. Does Andy Reid look like the guy who has his picture up on the statehouse wall for being the only one ever finish their famous 50 ounce rib eye called the belt breaker?


Does Jeff Passan look like a really, really nice vampire?


Yes. Does Adam Silver. Looked like the trail of dissipating smoke from a blown out birthday candle. There's Adam Silver, looked like a paper towel holder. Is Adam Silver look like a straightened out paper clip?


Does Adam Silver still look like the tall Slurpee straw from 7-Eleven?


Yes, I do. Yes, these are wonderful. Thank you. We appreciate talking game three with you, Tim. We'll talk to you next week.


Now to the Good Stuff.


Advance auto parts, people. Tom, needing fewer two days in a row, right? I can't believe we're saying this. I think people might side with us on the Ozzie Smith argument. I think 10 open. I think we've got to call some more baseball people here.


This is the story of a disgraced Olympian, a man accused of sexually abusing dozens of boys and young men for over 40 years. I remember thinking, if I scream, nobody can hear me. And the perfect storm that brought his accusers together. I'm not the only one, you know, the only one who is no longer. I'm I'm not a. And brought him out of the shadows. How do you get these boys to believe in you so much?


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Billy, what's on the mystery? Craig. What did you guys do on Mystery?


Craig Conversational Gaza on the latest episode of Mr. Craig. I'm going to toss it over to Tony.


And it was Bachelor with the boys. Bachelorette with the boys is back. Charlie Kravitz, Joujou Godi myself and Chris Codi discuss the first couple episodes.


Mike is guy. They're going to be running the account this weekend.


Is that something they've just broken into Juju Godi then. Yes he is. OK, very good. Juju is running the account for us this week and all the accounts for us. I can't believe it's taken me this long to get where it is we're about to go.


Let me conversationally say it's time for straight talk. It is brought to you by straight talk.


Thank you. Tonight we're going to have Chris Jericho in about ten minutes. He continues to thump Colin Cowherd over the head. So Chris Jericho returns live champion. I like what he's doing in wrestling. I mean, we'll get to that in a second with Chris Jericho.


But Billy said something here, and I can't believe he didn't say it earlier because he said, I can relate to Daniel Jones. What happened to him last night happened to me.


And I don't know what the rest of that story is, but I have to hear it. If you do not know what happened to Daniel Jones, he had the longest non scoring run by a quarterback in the history of the sport, 80 yards because he tripped five yards behind everyone else. He was faster, was great, impressive moment. And then everyone was laughing at it.


He was seven yards ahead of the closest defender, started the trip on the twenty five, landed on the ten roll to the No.


One near him. It should have been a beautiful ninety something yard touchdown run. And it wasn't because he just tripped. And Billy, when did that happen to you. What happened to you.


Well it wasn't the exact same thing. And I saw, you know, on the Twitter everybody was putting out the things and laughing, running into twenty twenty like it a dots like gifts and meanies and all that stuff. Right. With what's going on with Daniel Jones. And I couldn't help you feel bad for him because it happened to me, not in the exact same situation. I've never been an NFL player, but it happened to me in a situation on this very show.


And I'll explain to you how it happened, what was going through Daniel Jones's mind there is he realized I'm running out of gas. I see the finish line and I don't know that I'm going to get there. And he started running harder than his legs could take him. So the top half of his body was moving faster than the bottom half of his body. And he just collapsed. And that very same thing happened to me a few years ago when I was racing the freeze.


I saw the finish line ahead of me. I could not possibly believe that I was still ahead of the freeze. And I was like, I just need to get there. But I have absolutely nothing left in the tank. So I was just trying to will my body pass that finish line? And to this day, I still have a scar on my hand to remind me of the time that I beat the freeze and completely fell on my face and embarrassed myself.


Got what I believe is still a piece of the warning track turf underneath my hand.


That will stay with you forever, Bill. Oh, no, it will. It's a scar that will never leave my hand. There it is. You can see it right here.


So close to chasing you down he came, but he was running out of gas to. It was I still don't know how that happened, but that exact same thing happened to me where I was like, this isn't going to end, let me just get there. And just my body gave up on me. I banged my shoulder. I was black and blue on my side.


But, hey, that looks like an actual nightmare that someone would have got.


No one else looks like a nightmare because they were just showing the Daniel Jones play. And what was funny is the physical appearances of the giant man on his own team laughing at it because they're just enormous human beings and they're roaring with like a throaty gladiator, Viking roar at the fact that their quarterback just stumbled toward the finish line.


Billy, if that race had been five more yards, you would have lost and you would have fallen at the end the same way like three three feet short of the finish line.


But Billy is great form as a runner. He has tremendous form as a as a runner.


If that thing would have gone to the end of, like, the foul line instead of like, you know, middle of the left field or right field, I would have been the Braves bro that you see there with, you know, the the Sox halfway up in the shorts. It's pumping up the crowd and then the freeze passes and he totally eats it and loses by 10 yards.


I would have been me five yards and you would have lost what was the distance of that race? It was just the warning. It was it was it was almost from foul, pulled a foul pole.


It was very long. And thank God I won because on top of the fall it would have been the fall, losing on my face in the dirt with that skin tight body suit that I decided was a good idea to wear to race the freeze.


Chris Jericho joins us next. Don Lemon tart, bleep bleep, yes to God, bleep no bleep no, this is about our show with these two guys on ESPN Radio all gassed on the Dan Labrada show up here via the Shell Pennzoil performance line.


This is amazing. Jericho is back again beyond unbelievable Casper, the sleep company with outrageously comfortable products at not so outrageous prices.


We will get to him in just a second. He's making you money like champ Chris. Christine Lacy, though, please go and continue.


And finally, when mating, the male octopus tears off his arm, which doubles as a sex organ, meats with it and then swims off to die.


Wow. OK, thank you. Happy Friday. Yeah. All right. I mean, goes out of hero. So, Jeriko, congratulations. We'll get to the games in a second. So far, celebrities are 17 and 13 jerko, one, three and two last week after a one in four showing. So basically he's four and four over the last two weeks and he's got to do better. We need him to do better. I love what you guys are doing.


You have gone full on him as a champion over there. I saw video the other day of you like dancing around a table, singing like a show tune from the 50s like. And I love how you embrace that cheese, like the heavy metal rock star that you are.


Well, I mean, the thing with with wrestling and what I do is I always try and push the boundaries of what the kind of the tropes are in the business. So when we had this idea and we said we're going to go have a steak dinner and a steak dinner, are you kidding me? I wanted to make it seem like it was the most, you know, revelation thing ever. And it was like I was just going to be a food fighter.


What are they going to do? Meanwhile, the whole time I knew we were going to do and that's something that had never been done before wrestling me and my shadow was abcess with myself and we sang it ourselves and we choreographed the dance routine with the cheerleaders for the Jaguars. And it definitely it was the song is just so funny.


OK, I want to talk about this for a second. Like, how long did that. But did you have to perform that bit? Well, the thing is, it's funny because when you're in this business, it's pretty much guerrilla filmmaking. So, you know, if that was a Hollywood production, it probably would have taken four or five days to get that down if it was sounded like we rehearse it for six days. We rehearsed it basically for about an hour and then recorded over the course of six hours.


And then the next day is the night. The next day we had edit it. We had issues, some technical problems, legal problems. We got that thing signed, sealed and delivered to the truck, shall we say, twenty two minutes before it aired. So hold on. That's what people don't know about live TV.


So why did Sinatra's estate have to approve the music? Is that what the delay was? Well, it's a bit more intricate than that, but, yes, I mean, we've been working on this for months when I had the idea, like, who's the publisher? And you have to go track it down and not to get too far deep in the weeds. But it's not to say I mean, Frank song, he just sang it. Someone else wrote it.


Who's the publisher? Well, some old school Hollywood guy, 80 year old professional wrestling. Oh, my God. He was, in fact, his.


That's a great 80 year old. A great guy who was 80 years old. He sounded like Hollywood showbusiness in the 50s there, that guy now. So hold on. Explain this to me, because do you hear from other wrestlers who are like, what are you doing? Well, what are you you're turning it on its head? I'm laughing. I'm looking at it. And I'm like, oh, wow, he's spoofing the whole thing. But do you have, like, Hulk Hogan calling you, like, what are you doing?


Well, the thing is, and it wasn't this thing that we took it very seriously and that's why it works. And to have a comedy that you play it straight, Blues Brothers influence that movie where they doing something? And then out of nowhere, this giant song just brings out that as soon as it's over, they go back to what they were doing and don't acknowledge it at all. That's the humor of it. And if you look at the way I grew up in 80s WWF and were doing things like the slamming was, I remember watching Vince McMahon stand back with Hulk Hogan, face dancing girls in this particular powder blue.


That's kind of how I was born into the business. I've always said that element of everything I do has a little bit of a wink, which is maybe what people consider. A lot of my stuff is tainted because I don't take myself seriously, but I always play straight, always make sure whether you like the segment or wasn't didn't like it, except for the fact that it was good. It was well, well before.


If you hate dances because it's such an important it's such an important leader.


If you hate song and dance with your wrestler, who is the wrestler, most likely to be appalled that you would even try that as an entertainment and as a comedic vehicle. Like, is there a wrestler out there who would take himself or the sport too seriously and think that you're just being disrespectful?


I mean, I really don't know, because in this day and age, Russell has become so many different things, there's some of the old school policies and hate everything that we do anyways. But anybody like I'll tell you who would love to be with us. They might not care for, but they're going to send it's always a part of our business, always the whole world. That's one thing I enjoy doing. Like I had, you know, twenty seven hundred wrestling matches.


Times even come for a match. You know, that's a lot of falling and getting thrown around. So when I get a week when I just get to do a song about it, I think that's a pretty good way to continue. You know, your longevity in the business.


Jerico, you're going to be 50 next month. I don't I don't mean to bring up a sore topic, but you're going to be 50 next month. How much longer do you plan on doing this?


Well, it's not a certain topic because, you know, that's the funny thing. I some creatively, probably even physically, I'm working just as well as those have. So I never looked at how long four years or five years. I might have thought I was done. And I had a chance to have this whole rebirth with A.W. of just being able to really contribute any ideas that I have we can do, like you just saw this week with with with the dinner.


Debonair Herskovits, the moment I stopped being creative or maybe I feel like I just woke up to the level that I've set for myself about. But until then, who knows? I just wanted to be completely reinvigorated over the last year because of age, I was the reason to take it was because I just a strong AIW Dynamite Wednesday night champion.


You could catch him there. Chris Jericho with us. He is doing the celebrity prognosticator. The lines are provided, as always, by Caesar's William Hill.


And now it is time for celebrity prognosticator. Let's win some money.


The Saints, a seven point favorite against Carolina at home. Who you got?


I'm going with the Saints, Atlanta, two and a half point favorite home against Detroit. Who you got?


I'm going to do Detroit City, Detroit, Rock City, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Tennessee. That's the game you've like. Big Ben and Big Ben has carried you to one in four and three and two the last two weeks. Pittsburgh and Tennessee, Tennessee minus one.


Who you got I mean, sooner or later they're going to get a loss, but not this week.


I'm going with Pittsburgh again, Green Bay at Houston. Houston, a three and a half point dog at home.


Who you got going with my bro, Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay, Seattle, at Arizona, Arizona, three and a half point dog at home, Jeff Flock for the Seattle Seahawks.


OK, Duff McKagan, thank you for being on with us. We appreciate it, Chris.


I was just getting a stipend for doing a good job making all you guys the highlight of the week.


I'm going to see, I mean, your form for once again, I have only one.


Last week I lost on juice, to be honest with your knowledge, is having a bad year. And for the last two weeks, Chris Jericho, Christie, the great thank you for being on with Christie, the great baby.


I'll see you guys next week and believe it. All right. We hold that.


So let's sell some. That's why they started saying started doing. We were going to get the whole performance. You guys get it back. It's laugh out loud. Funny. They're trying to do it a little a little more a little more sacrilegious. Then then Vince does it like they are their storylines they're writing. They're actually trying to be creative. It's interesting.


It's really hard to do something we've never seen before in wrestling the construct. Everything is born out of a previous angle. To do something you've never seen before is really impressive. Don Liotard, it's Friday, I'm getting into the weekend, I want to get my drink on Stu Godse, we've got to open up the club.


Open it, open it, open it now. But is the computer buffering there is this incident, Lilibeth, our show with these two guys on ESPN Radio, ESPN radio waves presented by progressive insurance sounds this week have been brought to you by my computer career training for a better life.


So I am told by Østergaard and Gojo that during the college football game last night, Gojo made a mistake of some sort. What was the mistake that he made?


I think he threw it back to the play by play guy who said Thank you, Matt, instead of Mike. And Mike just blurted out stupidity. OK, so he just yelled stupidity. I like that as product placement on what it is that we're doing around here. We're going to open up the club in a second. But before we do that, I just want to marvel at something happening with strikeouts because it's been happening for weeks. And in this industry, you guys might know that it is hard to be at the trough and come up with a place to stake your ground where you can be unique and different than everyone else.


It can be a difficult thing. Nick Wright has done some good work on LeBron, where he has distinguished himself as a place to go. If you want to love LeBron even more than you already love LeBron. But you guys decided that his place, the place where he wants to plant his flag, he's been doing this for a three weeks to a month, is on that Bengals, the Eagles tie and how important it's going to be. He's been talking about it nonstop.


Any time someone mentions anything, he goes back to his analysis of the NFC East by saying that's going to end up being an important tie on that comment. I love a good tie. And sometimes people underestimate the value of a good tie. And I'm telling you, everyone blasted Doug Peterson about not trying to win that weird thing.


I don't know what you're doing where you guys you want to be the guy in twenty twenty who gets behind the tie, the tie NFL game. Like, I don't understand why this has become an obsession for you. And he's going to be right. Of course, at the end of the season, somebody is going to have to say, you know, that Bengals Eagles game that time was important.


In retrospect, you want to know why they're in first place right now? Because of the time you want to know why they'll be in first place in Dallas. Loses is doing this. Why are you doing this to me?


Well, I don't know. You're right. It's weird. You just every week you come in here and you keep talking about the time we're in a confined space. It's a pandemic. It's a crazy time. It's all I keep coming in telling me to be the Bengals. Eagles, that was really important. Didn't leave me alone.


But at the time of the time, no one really just I just leave me alone. You realize that you're the only one to realize if you get the take, it's an important take. I'm glad you have it. All right.


God Almighty. I stop. You stop talking about the time. It was a big time. Mike Ryan, let's go open up the club.


Little later than usual today, eight fifty one on the West Coast, we open up the club, it's unbelievable really.


It used to be an afternoon show. This used to be happy about, never mind a bunch of sounds from the work week and beyond.


What do we have when the damn game?


Like I did, I bored myself explaining that joke again. I did. I bored myself. Oh, yes. Oh yes. So many of you. TGF utf.


Oh what else you got back there.


My key doesn't get any wrong. Support is at three point six runs. OK, you got hey sevice only hang tough. Only seven starters in baseball.


How good. It is so good. Hang tough and incredulous. Frank I. Isola who else is in the club.


There's a guy who gets his name Randy here every time he takes a swing. It is. I think it's got Sabatina running around the bases. He's as fast as a hyaena.


Oh Rose Irana I, I, Jeff Passan I don't think is a breakout personality star at this network. I don't think that people realize that underneath that journalistic hard core baseball skin is a vaudeville performer and a prima donna.


That's Jeff Passant doing the same race song as Elmo as Elmo.


Prestigious journalist Jeff Passan, impeccable credentials, a professional standard bearer for the industry.


Tomorrow's Kurkdjian, the highest compliment I can give tomorrow.


He's tomorrow's Kirketon. Who else is in the club?


What are my biggest mistakes ever made was the day that we did. That's what you guys lied about. So that's the strongest. That's not me.


People were genuinely moved by that. You got that. You bury the hatchet with Dick Vidal.


Yesterday, I got called to the FBI because my back court look like you, Tom needin viewers, neighbor.


I hit a grand slam. I did more than a home run.


Oh. Who else in the club. Lorenzo had gotten the date wrong.


Oh, God. Etai twentieth anniversary. So I called Kornheiser yesterday. He was telling people it was their 20th anniversary because you got the date wrong. The big one nine celebrating the nineteenth anniversary.


This is literally the worst way to ever do this. This is burning my heart that this is happening. But if you can hear me, just understand. I'm sorry.