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Jim Gergich going to join us in just a second here on the show, Pennzoil performance live for a chance to win ten thousand dollars, plus a virtual meet and greet with the Dan Avatar Joe gang at Simple Tex are two seven seven three three three adventure Rodo and advance auto parts limit one entry per day, U.S. advance auto parts, dot com or details. So before we get to Tim Kirchen and we will do so in a second and before we get to this story about the Saturday Night Live musical act and how it's had to have flipped in an emergency notice situation in a way that's pretty funny.


I want to talk to Steve before we get to the kazoos and just ask him what kind of suffering he's doing as a consummate professional, that the hard network out has clipped him a couple of times by like a syllable. He's been super, super clean. Yeah, but the hard network out has come and gotten him. Well, those haunt you or do you just let those go a byproduct of the business.


Now, you've got me weeks. I don't know what's going on here. Right. I mean, I listen to them. I did exactly what Christine told me to do. I got beds and I had 44. I had 44 written down initially. I had 40 written down this time. And yes, I got clipped.


Well, what have you now? The rest of them for the remainder of today. Well, those two still really going to sit with you. Well, they've been very good. They let it go. They've been very professional. Yes. Please care as little as two gods does so that you lose them all together and you don't have to do them anymore. Let's give Steve his KAZUE music here and let him start the redemption process. And finally, the US consumes two billion dollars worth of mayonaise each year, and that's for just stand alone there.


Oh, yes, you're back. Thank you. We'll get to Kurkdjian in a second. But Morgan Whalen, he's a young country star and he was going to be the Saturday Night Live Musical Act. This was a big break for him. And he is now not being allowed to do it because there were photographs and a tick tock video of him, you know, partying and making out with a woman. And so they were in a bit of an emergency situation at Saturday Night Live for a musical act and into the breach, you know, comes the last the last rock star remaining.


Jack White is going to be the guest and really spun that into a win win upgrade. That one's going that one's going to hurt Morgan for a while. I don't think he'll be watching Saturday Night Live with Jack White. Tim Kurkjian with us now. Thank you, as always, for making time for us. If you want to talk to Tim Kurkjian, seven, eight, six, four, five, six, four eight three seven. The teams that are in the final stages of the season outside of Houston, it feels like the teams that belong here, I mean this it doesn't feel like there's anything fluky going on anymore.


It seems to have separated itself. The best teams are the ones remaining. Absolutely, Dan, the Dodgers are the best team in baseball and have been, I believe, since day one, the Braves are really good and they've played awfully well in the postseason if the Yankees or the Rays advance better. That's basically the best team in the American League for the Astros or a sub five hundred team. But, man, are they swinging it again in the postseason.


They look like the team that won it last year, even though they're slugging it down almost 100 points this year. So it's going to be a very representative group no matter who gets to the final four.


Hold on just a second, Tim. We're going to fix your phone line situation here. We will get to Tim Kurkjian in a second.


I'm super excited for tonight's game. It's Glass Now versus Gary Cole, two of the best strikeout pitchers in baseball, you know, with everything on the line. So that's going to be exciting. I'm not certain the Braves aren't playing better baseball right now than the Dodgers, but, oh, it's who they're playing against, a four to five game shutout. God's eye. Yeah, yeah. But four out of five games shutouts because they were playing the Reds in the Marlins like that's part of the part of the situation.


But go ahead, throw that to Tim Kurkjian now on a better phone line.


Timmy, I was making the point today, and I'm not certain the Braves, when you consider four shutouts, five playoff games, no team has ever done that. I'm not certain the Braves aren't playing better baseball right now than the Dodgers. Well, the Dodgers are the best team, the Braves are playing better baseball at the moment, but the Braves, the lineup, I mean, the teams they played haven't played particularly well. But again, the Dodgers began the playoffs against the Brewers, who were also sub five hundred and were knocked over 500 for any day during the regular season.


And the Padres have been so banged up with their starting pitching. They used 11 pitchers last night. They used 51 pitchers in six games in the postseason. So both teams, the Dodgers and the Braves, you know, went up against some wounded opponents here to save these.


Does guard 514 points to the next round, does Gardner Minshew looked like the guy who takes tickets while smoking when you go to get on his ride at the fair, does Christian Yelich look like he's lost his retainer?


Yeah, he does. Kelly Olynyk looked like the guy you meet on the third day of the music festival.


Yeah, he does. Adam Silver.


He looked like the figurine part of a bowling trophy.


Nick, you're on ESPN Radio with Tim Kurkjian. Nick, go ahead.


Hey, Tom, is the knuckleball pitcher extinct from Major League Baseball? No, not completely, but, you know, knuckleballers just never gotten their due when I covered the Rangers, Charlie was the best pitcher on their team and Doug Rader, who I just loved, he he would always say, you know, we just think that someday Charlie is just going to calcify on the mound during a start, he said, because he's a knuckleball pitcher. We've never truly respected them.


It's a really hard pitch to throw. I think we'll see another one, but not in the field. Niekro Charlie Willhelm kind of round.


Zack, you're on with Tim Kurkjian. Go ahead, Zack. Page him to the Rays. Have the guts or what? The rays are really good fellows. Nobody plays the game, plays the game better than they do. Their players aren't as good as the Tigers players of the Yankees players, but the way they go about it is better than everyone else. And they bring out a stable of relievers. Every one of those guys throws 97, 98.


They are a very dangerous team, but they're up against Garrett Cole tonight on short rest. Can't wait to see how this plays out. Tim, the Marlins losing, the only thing good about that is that you now don't have to retire. Make me feel better about the Marlins going forward. Who can they add as far as a bat in this off season?


All right, we'll try and fix his phone line again, in fact, we'll try and return with Tim Kurkjian on a better phone line in a second because there's plenty of baseball to discuss with him. But first, we're going to tell you how you can win 10000 dollars in a way that is pretty easy through advance auto parts.


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Advance auto parts dotcom for details. The week marks the sixth annual KPMG Women's PGA Championship at Agronomy Golf Club, October 8th through the 11th in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, as the first ever partnership between the PGA Tour, the PGA of America and KPMG, the KPMG Women's PGA Championship brings together the best LPG players from around the world to compete for one of the most coveted major championships in golf competing on championship caliber courses. The KPMG Women's PGA Championship has elevated the women's game to new heights and puts the PGA players in the national spotlight.


And the KPMG Women's Leadership Summit held the week of the championship, invests in rising women's leaders aspiring to reach the C suite by providing thoughtful content, tools and networking opportunities. Together, they serve as catalysts to empower women both on and off the golf course. KPMG continuing its commitment to the next generation of women leaders and proud sponsor of the KPMG Women's PGA Championship. To learn more, visit KPMG. Dotcom. Women's Leadership. Since the 1980s, hip hop and America's prisons have grown side by side, and we're going to investigate this connection to see how it lifts us up and holds us down.


Hip hop is talking about what we live trying to live the American dream failing at the American Dream. I'm Sydney man. And I'm Rodney Cormark.


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Who can give me the latest information on what people need to know about the latest mystery? Great stuff God says put out. Strogatz is doing a couple of stupidities a week now. I had Steve Smith senior on earlier this week and later today we will release weekend observations. And we are. Join me Mike Gola Jr., Mike Mikey and Dad Stanwick. We are joined by an old friend, Adnan Vork about that. Oh, Adnan.


Oh, and Steve Smith, the wide receiver, correct? Yes, the former wide receiver. Milliwatts on mystery. Great.


Dan, we have a fresh new episode of BBB and our friend Allison Turner joined last week to kind of catch up.


Oh, Allison, I know we miss her around here. So if you want your fill of end of Allison Turner, you can get it on mystery. Great. Tim Kirche returns with us. Now, you were saying that the Astros are hitting what is with the Astros this season because Altuve season was a total nightmare. Yeah, he he chased balls up in the strike zone balls that he used to crush before and simply wasn't getting to them. That's the technical reason.


But the way it was explained to me, he's like the most lovable little guy in the world, and he likes being liked like most people in the world. And he became one of the villains, whether it was his fault or not, for being a part of the cheating scandal and being a very sensitive guy, it really hurt him that people were angry at him and looked at him as anything but a lovable little guy. And I know it affected him, but he's coming out of it now.


You see a lot of spring in that step in this postseason. He hit a home run to centerfield yesterday, made a great backhand play up the middle. So I think he's back.


Timmy, George Springer, who we love on this show for some reason, me, Billy and Chris love him. Springer Dinger, who doesn't love a Springer dinger. He is so good in the postseason. I had this debate with a friend the other day, and I want you to settle it for us.


I say he's a top five postseason hitter of all time. Am I wrong?


Oh, we got to ask Tim Kurkjian. Does he have off the top of his head, does Tim Kurkjian have top five postseason hitters of all time? According to Tim Kurkjian?


No, I don't. And here's the reason, because we just last night, that group, that core group of the Astros just played their fiftieth postseason game together. It's just you get so many more opportunities now to play in the postseason. So George Springer just passed Babe Ruth on the all time home run list in the postseason with No. Sixteen. Then in the same game, he hit number seventeen, which puts him one short of Mickey Mantle on the all time postseason homerun list.


He's not a better postseason player, the Mickey Mantle or Babe Ruth period, but he's a great postseason player. He's better now than at any point during the season. He's going to have more RBIs out of the leadoff spot than any player in the history of the postseason. He's going to pass Derek Jeter pretty soon, like in the next game or so. So, yes, he's great. But he's not Pamala, he's not Babe Ruth and he's not Mickey Mantle, but he's really good.


Cody Bellinger had to catch the other night on Fernando Tatis home run. He robbed a home run. What would Tim Kurkjian say? Maybe that one's not, but are in the discussion for greatest defensive plays you've ever seen, given the stakes and timing of of playoff baseball.


Well, you know, it's really interesting because you don't see many great, great postseason defensive plays. You have Willie Mays in the 54 World Series, which, of course, is, you know, the greatest one that we've seen a million times. But given the circumstance there with Cody Bellinger and Fernando to hit it and it's a winnable, losable situation, I think that has to go right near the top of the list for defensive plays that I've seen.


And it's really a shame that we didn't have fans in the stands. And if that were a home game and he were to make that catch in a home game with all the fans there, that would have been something that, you know, you've never seen before. That was one of the great defensive plays I've ever seen in the postseason.


Do Duncan Robinson and Tyler Hero look like the villains in a ski patrol movie, or does Duncan Robinson look like the high school employee at a movie theater who comes in with a flashlight to tell you to please remove your feet off the back of the seat in front of you?


Or does Duncan Robinson look like an old timey elevator operator?


A good one. That is a good one. Does Adam Silver looked like a decorative?


What's that? It's the playoffs.


Leave me alone. Does Adam Silver look like a decorative caviars spoon? Does he look like a xylophone mallet? And does he look like a white cheddar? Gedo? Does he look like a freakishly long Secondo?


Does Adam Silver look like the single swinging light bulb in a police interrogation, or does he look like the grim reapers, less successful brother Jim Reaper?


How excited are you, Tim? How excited are you these these guys from Tampa and the Yankees, all that rides on this game tonight? You have a rooting interest. You've been telling us for a month now that you that Tampa plays. Baseball, smarter, they, they, the architects, everything the Tampa does is smarter. Don't you want them to be rewarded for it by knocking off the mighty Yankees?


No, look, I'm not rooting for anything, Dan. You know, I'm not rooting for anything. I'm rooting for a great story. And yes, Tampa would be a great story if they were to go to and win the World Series. But Yankees against the Astros would be a pretty good story. Also, the Dodgers against the Yankees would be a pretty good story. So I'm only rooting for four great stuff and we've left with only great stuff ahead.


So no matter what happens, we're going to get great stories out of this. And the Rays are a great story to me.


What's the better story, though? The better series? Is it Yankees, Dodgers or Astros? Dodgers, when you consider the Dodgers were the most vocal about what the Astros did to them?


Well, if you're looking for storylines, the Yankees have to win tonight. Then they have to play the Astros in the ALCS. Then the Astros have to win that series remarkably, and then the Astros have to play the Dodgers in the World Series if you're looking for juicy storylines. I think that's the only way to go. But really, Dodgers Yankees in the World Series with with this kind of firepower on both teams, I'm not sure you could miss with that.


Tim, always good catching up with you. We will talk to you again next week, sir. OK, guys, see it.


Thank you, Tim. Don Lemon Tart. You guys need to see Waterworld group outing this weekend, have group outing. You're going to have everyone over at your house to watch Waterworld. Yeah, well, Periscope still got what a terrible idea.


It is not offended if you don't invite me. This is about our show with their there still guides on ESPN Radio.


Superexcited Chris Jericho had a winning week. He's our celebrity prognosticator. Let me just back again. We're doing well this year. Now we have to be doing well. Chris Jericho, good to join us here on the show. Pennzoil performance on Casper, the sleep company with outrageously comfortable products that not so outrageous prices.


So, yes, Chris Jericho is four and one that only loss he was forced to take because he's you know, he's in business with Tony Conn, who runs wrestling over there. Otherwise he would have been five and out like he promised us. Before we get to Jericho, though, Colin Cowherd was one, three and one. So we are now 13 and seven. He's in trouble. He's nine, ten and one. He's under 500. And Jericho is here to kick some ass, as he always is.


So, too, is Steve. Steve, here's your kazoos.


And finally, plastic bags are used for only 12 minutes on average will take up to 1000 years to biodegrade. Speaking of old bags, interest how you can, by the way, great adjustments, Steve. Midway through the show, I know you left yourself a couple of seconds there. You nailed it. So hopefully I'm feeling better about it. He has to got to failures and he's suffering. You could catch Chris Jericho on A.W. Dynamite Wednesday nights, including next week's special one year anniversary edition of Dynamite Jericho.


Congratulations. Are you happy that you're four and one or you're mad because you didn't give us our promised five and only. I am up on my friend saying that this band aids you could be calling Cowherd anything is a good day for anyone. Not bad. Not only did I win the pool at my house that day, narrowly edging out my 14 year old daughter for 105 bucks, but I also out Colvard to be the champion here on the levothyroxine.


The pool in your house involves how many people and what are the highest that those stakes get. I think there was 22 people and five bucks tangency to five bucks and five times twenty one out of the five, that's about right. Very good.


Congratulations on all your winning. Yeah, well, my family's CHAKO just wins. He just wins it life like I mean, it's not just the jump jump going. It's also like you makes music on the side whenever he wants. Like what? What is it that gives you, Jeriko? Like the greatest thrill, the greatest adrenaline rush in your life. Well, I mean, I think it's just being able to do a lot of stuff, the last few years of my wrestling career was last week, and just the fact I was able to travel the world to the world and do all these great things and get paid to do it is awesome.


But little things like, you know, just delve into football.


So when you know, when this is a career, I like to say it's a career highlight for me just to be on the phone with you guys.


All right. Well, let's see. Let's see. That seems totally sincere, Erica. Let's see if Russell made this right here. It's going for and won last week and having this as is at the height of entertainment, the kind of production he gets when he enters the ring, I don't know.


It is time for a celebrity prognosticator. Let's win some money.


This right here, the radio equivalent of selling out the Tokyo Dome right here. My father saying that that crappy music, the lines provided by Caesars, William Hill, Chris Jericho, champion Carolina, Atlanta, Atlanta, two point favorite at home. Who does Jericho have?


I'm going to go with Atlanta, Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, minus seven. They are seven point favored at home. Who you got?


Yeah, I'm going with Big Ben. Never bet against football.


I love that. Indianapolis, Cleveland. This is become the game has become. So all you got to do is pick a winner straight up.


I'm going to Indianapolis.


Who I do. Mike Ryan is furious. But now let's be honest him.


You can't you can't do anything other than back away from your the Giants at Dallas.


Dallas, an eight and a half point favorite at home.


Yeah, I got to go with Dallas and Minnesota at Seattle.


Seattle is a touchdown favorite at home.


My wife would kill me to see the Vikings fanatic, but I got to go with my boy, Russell Wilson, Seattle baby.


And now is he actually your boy? Have you never you've never met him, right?


No, actually, his his security guard used to work for Queen the band. And so I know the security guard. He got me an autographed jersey from Russell Wilson. So it's kind of my boy. My my step boy. I know I know his boys, boy. Right.


But in terms of meeting him, like physically. Yeah, but it's his boss.


Who the hell have you thought I love you. You thought the same thing about Aaron Rodgers and you were wrong. Aaron Rodgers was just sick. So. Yeah. By the way, Jericho, what do you to come on my podcast? Because I got you the connection with Rodgers and then I ask you to come on the podcast and you went dark on me. I mean, what happened?


Well, it took it took about three months to get back in about another month and a half. Maybe I'll give you a call.


This always happens with you to blame and they turn around and say you disappeared. That's is all the time to is covered in shame right now. You never see it. How does that always blow up in your face? The guy we listen, at least I got back to him. People waited a lot longer than three months. Jericho, I got back to you.


It was impossible. Possible for three months.


You can catch Chris Jericho, A.W. Dynamite Wednesday nights, including next week's special one year anniversary edition of Dynamite. Anything special planned that you can tell us on that without telling us too much? Yeah, there's a third or fourth chair of the big announcement and I'll be there, but I want to see this to. If I win again, this week's Bellhorn want to follow, which probably will. Come on. I want you to start calling me Krusty the Greek.


OK, OK, we will do that.


That will be your character will replace who you are right now when we call you Jack action when you're not here and you leave.


I thank you for being on with us. Appreciate. Don Lemon Liotard, it's Friday, I'm getting to the weekend, I want to get my drink on Stu Godse.


We've got to open up the club, open it, open it opened. And now. But is the computer buffering there it is this incident, 11th hour show with their still got on ESPN Radio.


ESPN Radio is presented by progressive insurance sounds this week have been brought to you by my computer career training for a better life. All right.


So we've got to open up the club here. We've got a handful of polls to get to from over the last couple of days. But this is a segment that I like to call numbers, nothing worse in sports radio than math radio. But here you go as the Miami Heat play, what could be their final game of a magical season this year? Here are some numbers from this series to Godse. According to Simon Spurling Tylor, Hero has shot one for nine on wide open threes in the finals.


That's eleven point one percent, according to Zach Lowe. Thirty two point one percent represents the number of the percentage of Lakers offensive rebounding rate it would have easily led the league in the regular season. Adebayo presence has made no impact on that number. Meanwhile, Miami, a Miami has only grabbed seventeen percent of its own misses, a mark that would have ranked dead last by a mile, according to Zach Lowe. The number 16 dugouts. That's the number of James and Davis pick and rolls.


The Lakers ran in game four after just three total over the first three games, according to Second Spectrum. And finally, ESPN stats and info. This one you'll like. I know I've lost you and your mind has gone numb. You haven't absorbed any of what I'm saying. You're probably thinking of Roland Garros and the next bet you're going to make on Schwartzmann Nadol in game action. Yeah, I think it's the Joker's coming up next.


I have the Joker in the second match, plus it's ready for the challenge.


So this is according to ESPN stats and info. Jimmy Butler has scored or assisted on fifty point four percent of the Heat's total points in the NBA finals. According to Elias Sports, only two players have scored or assisted on at least 50 percent of their team's points in an NBA final. Those two players are LeBron James four times and Michael Jordan three times. So the counterpoint guts.


Yeah, LeBron really caught a break this postseason. Now, listen, he's had plenty of postseasons with a run, has been ridiculously hard for him, and he's out there doing it by himself. But this year, he caught some breaks, did not have to face Kawhi, did not have to face Yoni's. They got the heat without Goran.


I mean, typical media, typical media bowing at the throne of the king. You're going to have to kill Jimmy Butler tonight. LeBron James.


You want to hold that title up. You're wearing your mom's jersey. You're going to have to kill Jimmy Butler dead on the court in front of the world if you want to lift that trophy tonight.


We already told you, I don't think Mike Ryan is overstating things there. I think no, there's everything. Take it in the literal. I think he's understating them. Jimmy Butler, we told you if you were listening during the local hour that we fully expect him in uniform to show up for the bubble on Sunday, whether there's a game or not.


He's just going to go from there to Pirates of the Caribbean to check out that old GE electric thing.


You need to compromise them to a permanent end tonight. I don't think you got it in you. You have to not only say, do I have it in me to beat the Miami Heat? Do I have it in me to look a man in the eye and kill him? That's what I'm going to have to do tonight.


Did it look like to you or sound like to you that I was bowing at the throne of LeBron James called us? I said in March, no, I said without Goran. Oh, that totally changes the series. Yeah.


If you want to listen to the big two, if you want to listen to Big Cirilli today, Carl Douglas was on and he's a Laker fan. And it just ended with me and Mike Ryan screaming obscenities at him because he's a Laker fan, just screaming.


There's a lot of people are all talk when it comes to killing a man. But do you have it in you to actually do it?


Do you have the mortal combat that we used to play at the height of the playoffs when somebody needed to be finished? Because Mike Ryan is speaking literally? Listen to me, LeBron. You will have to extinguish the life of Jimmy Butler tonight, OK?


You will have to stamp him out in a soulless, murderous way in order to end that series.


Or you could just, you know, go into the post twenty times with your seventy pound weight advantage finish.


I love that finish. Wow.


That sounds old and must finish because it is as mortal combat now that it's mortal combat. Eleven with Sly Stallone is the voice of Rambo. Is it substantively better than it was back in the glory days.


Yeah. Yeah. Although they made Keano Australian.


I found that out. That was weird.


All right, let's get ready. Let's finish this. Let's get ready to open up the club again. Eight forty nine on the West Coast.


We open up. The club for the weekend is one of these underground speakeasies that you go to if you want to get drunk with breakfast, we open up the club eight forty nine Pacific Time.


Finished? Yes. Yeah, finish it.


I can't I like the rhythm of that a little Mortal Kombat finish makes me feel like the 90s right here. This music with this game finish.


Who else is in the club?


Oh, oh, oh.


Easter egg for postgame show listeners. Yes. Electronic. Who?


Who else is in the club. This guy in the chat room.


Like I bet your hair lines are sitting to. Oh yes. That is a great Chris Cody on the twitch with our fans are loyal customers make it feel like a part of the family. This is how Chris Cody ended it.


You've been watching me all night. I haven't been watching you go bleep yourself.


It was a rough time. It's a bad moment.


You can't play that enough. Again, we have thousands of people join us, thousands like them, like twenty thousand unique viewers. And Chris Cody was enraged with them. And at the end, he was just one of them. Ain't nobody was just mad in general because the heat lost and Anthony Davis, like, stuck a sword in his small like.


And you've been watching me all night. I haven't been watching you go bleep yourself. I bet you have made that listeners night. I I'm serious. That listener will be back for everyone that we really is. That's right.


You've been watching me all night. I haven't been watching you go bleep yourself. You probably have a receding hairline, too.


It's one of the weakest insults I've ever heard is the height of frustration. You have nothing to say. All I can do in this verbal matching of wits is push with you, that you also have a chat room like I bet your hair lines are sitting to you.


You're supposed to be better at it than I want you to imagine.


A stand up comedy club. I want you to imagine a guy getting heckled and in the crowd. What comes launched at him is you have a receding hairline and then in the chat room, like, I bet your hairline is receding, too.


Nobody knows what that is, Mike. Nobody knows what Tony's microphone did.


Elton John, huge Atlanta Braves fan Joe Namedrop.


And A-Rod.


I'd rather eat saran wrap than a spinach. Thank you. I'll ask him if it's true that tiny dancer was actually written for Mark Lemcke. OK, OK.


Obviously, somebody somebody was filming a reality life of Jello or A-Rod when A-Rod actually does ask Elton John if tiny dancer was about Mark Lemcke, OK, who else in the club?


Pat Riley brought in Jimmy Butler when no one else could in the heat three times on the Armani's and the Marlins on what they're doing. Sixty game season in Armani suits anywhere he goes and you get. All right. And the Heat and Derek Jeter, what they did to Bruce Sherman and Rob Manfred.


And that was Billy. I thought it was his finest moment this week. That's Billy impersonating me pre stomach cramps.


I mean, yes, it was before he had to leave to see the doctor because the Marlins made his belly sour. Who else in the club you're governor.


Here's an hour long lunch hour hard rock stadium team for David.


Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.


Dirty demon of debate. Very happy that we were talking LeBron versus MJ yesterday.


OK, one more draw on a cool dude, haha. Who else in the club?


I miss what is nearing extinction in America. The long car vacation of my youth.


That's how Raja Bell inexplicably ended up on the twitch broadcasts with us. Who else in the club.


This is literally the worst way to ever do this. This is burning my heart that this is happening. But if you can hear me, just understand.


I'm sorry for.