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This is the down labor part, sure, with this to got Sparkasse. Jeff passingly to join us in just a minute here on the show, Pennzoil performance like its champion versus champion at UFC 254 when Kabab takes on. It's coming this Saturday, October 20, for special start time at 2:00 p.m. Eastern.


He's scared of it, but he's scared. He was weird. He was afraid to say, Justin, it's written that way.


It says Kobe versus Gidgee. It doesn't say just in there.


I think you're afraid of the gate. You. I mean. I am scared of the. I got to be honest with you, it sounds a lot of people are everyone except Kabab is afraid of the Gadge. The guy sounds like something you'd be scared of. You should be scared of the gate. Yes. OK, all right.


Anyway, it's this Saturday special start time of two p.m. Eastern only on ESPN. Plus pay per view. UFC two fifty four is exclusively available to ESPN plus subscribers for sixty four ninety nine. It's a good deal. Visit ESPN plus dot com backslash Peevey for more details for a chance to win ten thousand dollars plus a virtual meet and greet with the Dan Labrada Joe Gang Tax Leveton. The seven seven three three three Adventure Auto and Advanced Auto Parts limit one entry per day advance auto parts dot com.


For all the details, be dismantled. McGregor in a way that makes me never want to see them fight again. And that's McGregor. And he's saying Kobe was saying, I want Saint-Pierre, which is not a fight I want to see.


I mean, how old is Saint-Pierre at this point?


Saint Peter came out of retirement and it was a bloody bout. And he he actually won that last fight and it would be a dream fight. But I think he's still scared of Tony Ferguson. But to kind of MacGregor's credit, he did sort of went around from Humby, which is more than most people can say, which is why the intrigue he got in his head in a way, and he got him emotional and weighing in towards the latter part of that fight.


McGregor seemed to be making inroads.


St. Peter is 39 years old.


Toward the latter part of that fight, Kabab was fighting everybody in the crowd.


Yeah, it was insane. I think everybody wants to see it again just because it was one of the more wild UFC fights.


We are going to get to Jeff Passan in a second, but forgiveness, please pardon the interruption. Christine. Lisa, you were saying.


And finally, according to singer Phil Collins, his ex-wife, her new male stripper husband and their three to four heavily armed guards have laid siege to his Miami mansion, threatening both implicitly and explicitly to prolong their unlawful occupation of the property through force.


Like, you don't have to steal the joke. How about you credit the joke? You could credit the joke. You don't have to steal the joke. You don't even want to do it, OK? No easy lover.


OK, now we've got to go back and get the credit because that's not our joke. It was stolen. Parsons got a song of his own. I've been told we'll get to him in in just a second. What is this song that Chris Cody is telling me about Stuart? That that person has a song about the Ray's hottest hitter?


It can this possibly be true?


I have no idea. This is the first I'm hearing it.


Well, Mike Ryan says it's absolutely true and better than that. He says he's got it. Every time I hear the name Arroyos Arena, it makes me think of the song Macarena. Oh, no, Jeff.


There's a guy who hits his name Randy Arezzo every time he takes a swing. It is I think it's because of Boyana running around the bases. He's as fast as a hyena.


Oh, Rose Irana genius is slightly less than genius, but it makes me happy nonetheless. And speaking of people who are slightly less than genius, fagots is out here claiming that Luhnow didn't know anything, that Luhnow. It's possible. Well, go ahead to ask about your passing the question. I just said, all I said is it's possible that a GM would not know what's going on in his own dugout as it relates to cheating. That's all I said.


I'm not saying he did. No, I'm just saying it's possible that a GM would not know.


Is that fair? Jeff?


It's also possible that on the first try Sagat, you could pronounce Kobe's last name correctly, but the likelihood of it not not quite right, but there's a chance.


No, there is not even a possibility. So what did you make of what Luhnow was saying yesterday, Jeff? What did you make of how he says, hey, I'm responsible for all the good stuff with the Astros?


None of the bad stuff? Yeah, I thought it was I thought it was a delightful 37 minute tour de force of self-indulgence, of blaming others for your mistakes, of not taking responsibility, of trying to sound like your contrite, because that's what's going to get you back into the sporting world. But is one of two things happened here. Either Jeff Luhnow did not know it was going on and thus was absolutely dreadful at his job, because if you're running baseball operations, your responsibility is to know if there's cheating going on or he knew and is just lying about it.


So either way, it's not a good look.


All right. So can you help me? Because taggants has been on the other side and he's been right for a long time about Kershaw because the postseason numbers have been bad. But how are we supposed to do the math on him as it specifically relates to how badly he pitched against cheating Astros'? I mean, I think that's got to be part of it, though, let's remember Kershaw's best World Series start, even including last night when he was really good, was actually against those Astros went seven innings, three hits, one run, no walks, 11 strikeouts.


So it's not like Kershaw. You know, they were his kryptonite necessarily. He just had that absolutely terrible game in game five when it was that 13 to 12 monstrosity of a game. And it's one start among, you know, 20 something that he's had in the playoffs. So I think it kind of just mixes in with the with the overall what you get from Clayton Kershaw in October, you're not quite sure what it's going to be. But, you know, as I was looking last night and just trying to dig into the numbers, it's interesting what Dave Roberts did.


You know, Clayton Kershaw was that only seventy eight pitches after the sixth inning and he got yanked. And in years past, if the guy's pitching as well as he has and is it only seventy eight pitches, you're like, is this guy going to throw a complete game? And he got yanked. Well, if you look at the seventh inning of his outings in the playoffs, he's had 13 times where he's pitching to the seventh inning. In seven of them, he gave up eighteen runs total.


A lot of the awfulness of Clayton Kershaw in October has been in the seventh inning. And so I think whereas you might want to blame, it's third it's third time through the lineup.


Right. It's not like the magic number of the seventh inning. It's when hitters are getting to see him a third time. You're good hitters are getting to see him a third time.


And that's exactly right. And typically speaking, in the postseason, you have better lineups than you do in the regular season. Guys who are going to be more patient, who are going to work you, who are going to make those pitches that much more stressful. And so, Dave Roberts, is evolution, I think, over the last two games has been wondrous to see. And it's the sort of thing that's going to put the Dodgers in a position to win their first World Series since nineteen eighty eight in years past and game seven of the NLCS, Dave Roberts would have said, you know who you you gave us a great seventh inning.


I'm going to go to Kershaw for the eighth and Kenley Jansen for the night. Not this time. He's stuck with a race for the seventh, eighth and ninth. The guy was brilliant. He shut down the Atlanta Braves. And the dogs are in the World Series now because of it. And last night with Kershaw, he could have said, I'm going to stick him back out there in the seventh inning, third time through the order that didn't didn't do that, didn't need to.


And the Dodgers are up one nothing now because of it.


Jeff, I asked him Gourgeon this and I'm genuinely interested in your in your opinion here because I know how great Kershaw is. OK, I love baseball. I know he's one of the great pitches of all time, but pitchers are judged by how they do in the postseason. So I ask you this. Would you rather have Clayton Kershaw, his career or David Wells's career? Well, that's a really good question, I would take Clayton Kershaw, as I thought you were going to say, here's a tougher one.


Would you rather have Clayton Kershaw, Strier, Madison Bumgarner, his career? You know, Madison Bumgarner is a guy who has been very good during the regular season and otherworldly during the postseason. He's a guy who's won three World Series rings, who had one of the great postseason pitching performances of all time against Kansas City in 2014. His career postseason era is miniscule. That's a tougher one. And I think the answer is probably Bumgarner, because you got the three rings and Kershaw still doesn't have one at this point.


But we got to remember, the Dodgers are going to be really good for a while now. And as long as Clayton Kershaw is wearing a military uniform every year he pitches, he's going to have a chance at pitching in the World Series and pitching for a championship.


He can fix this the way LeBron fix that, the way Michael Jordan fixed that in the earliest parts of their career. I did want to go back for a second, though, and just make sure that I have this correct, because game two of the World Series, it wasn't game to the second game Kershaw pitched of the World Series when he was tied to two game five, the one where the Astros were cheating and didn't swing at 51 of his breaking balls.


That is remembered on Clayton Kershaw. But why is it not remembered in a meaningful way? The game one you're talking about, where evidently he shut them down even though they were cheating.


You know, it's interesting when you look back and Kershaw, I think, talked to Tom Verducci about this and you saw this, I think it was the previous game with Alex Wood where the Dodgers had multiple signs going on because they were wary of what the Astros were doing. Clayton Kershaw gave a big old bird to multiple signs and said, I'm going to go out there and do my thing. And I think he regrets that because maybe it's a completely different outcome if he does stick with multiple signs and they try and throw the Astros off the scent of what's coming.


And maybe the Astros at that point don't have any idea. You know, they have they have claimed that they were not doing this during the playoffs. But, man, those are some pretty damning numbers that you put right there. And I you know, I just I wonder if Clayton Kershaw has a reputation and this narrative that has taken over about who he is in October and how he suddenly transmogrified into some sort of a completely different person just dissipates based on that one World Series alone.


If the Dodgers win the championship in 2017, how much does that change history, Jeff?


The listeners are demanding some elbow. Elmo, I'm just wondering if you can throw it to the ESPN daily song you sang as Elmo, because we've got to give the credit to ESPN Daily for making this song and putting it together. Can you do that for us, please? So we could play it again?


I mean, I can definitely do that. So I will say Pablo made me do this at the end of the podcast. That is how the podcast walks off. It's me singing a rosary in the Alamo in the Elmo voice. However, if you'd like me to do it, I mean. Oh, no, please.


I'd rather have that. Yes. No, I'd rather have that than what I was asking you to do. Please, if you could sing that same song as Elmo, that would be delightful.


Yes. All right, here we go. Are you going to give me, like, the Macarena music in the background, or do you want me to just go a cappella? Very demanding.


A cappella. A cappella, please. We don't have it. I should have had it, but we're not prepared to show that way.


All right. Very good. Here we go. OK, time for President Obama right around the corner. All right.


Thank you. Thank you. It is really exceptional. Ruins his voice for the whole day.


He has to go on SportsCenter and break down baseball, but at this point, cracking because of it.


I'm journalist, Ben writer, and I want to tell you about my new podcast, The Edge. Last year, the Houston Astros were caught in a massive cheating scandal, putting the legitimacy of their 2017 World Series in doubt. I'm talking to people who were there to figure out what happened.


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Yes, conversationally.


Plaga Instead of just the white noise of reading those guys, have you checked out the big seewhy and said, Oh, it's good today?


I was actually listening on my way and from work and wow. I mean some clever stuff with that big seewhy.


I mean that Brockmeyer character was appropriate everywhere and the general banter beforehand when you guys were doing toilet humor but trying to do it smart. I'm a big fan and you know how I found that podcast, guys, you know how I don't know how how I search the Dan Libertador show with Steve Gout's. I subscribe to the feed and it's the same show that I'm listening to right now. But instead of just the normal two national hours, I get a local hour that's catered to South Florida.


But also it's kind of wacky and a big city where you guys actually take more creative hacks. I should absolutely implore our audience right now to go out there and subscribe to the Dan Libertador show with Strugatsky. You should do that.


Yeah, but I don't want to. Are you sure you want to do it? Not not just yet.


Not just yet. Some dumb CLO's someday.


Shubert's, how would you explain to the audience, is there a sponsor to that very conversational conversation, a very conversational it's not for straight talk.


It is brought to you by straight talk wireless.


How would you explain to the audience who Gil Brandt is? Gil Brand?


He is. He's a Hall of Famer. He is a legend, not only just a legend in the NFL, he is a radio legend. Gil Brandt, old silver hair. And he is the first person every year to show up at Radio Row. And I am telling you, Jim, Rome thinks the Super Bowl doesn't start until he gets there. And I'm telling Jim, it doesn't start until Gil Brandt gets there.


Gil Brandt is an NFL voice that has been 78 years old my entire life, put on the pole.


Gamel Has Gil Brandt been 78 years old your entire life? Now, this goes back to Cowboys glory days, the last time that not the last time the Cowboys were any good, but the first time the Cowboys were any good, they became these big famous Dallas Cowboys, America's team. And it's when Gil Brandt was running the show at 78 years old. But he's still out there giving opinions. And on Twitter, I believe, if I'm not mistaken, his avatar is his Hall of Fame bust.


If I'm not mistaken, I saw it. It looks like Gill Brands Hall of Fame buzz. If it's not, it's then Wade Phillips is Hall of Fame bust.


I don't know at Wade Phillips necessarily in the Hall of Fame, but the bus looks to me like Wade Phillips.


How would you explain physically? Because he was available to everyone on radio row physically. What is Gil Brandt looked like? Because he's very small and square as well as being 78 years old your entire life. But here is what he says on Twitter. And keep in mind, guys, this is a lovable old man with many, many years of football expertise and he writes, they should write an NFL self-help book on how to handle a rookie quarterback. And Brian Flores should author it now.


He says that and what happens in the comment section is a dumpster fire. Anything to back that claim? Dolphin season about to implode. I don't understand the move still. And then there's this just yelling at him. He hasn't started a game. Let's see how effective it was after a few games. A bit too early to tell us the returns on their handling. Andy Reid should author the book.


He's 80 and alone Internet. He just gets on there with his Hall of Fame post and he tweets out something that's old football and leave him alone. You just attack him. You're Parana, all of you. He hasn't started the game. He shouldn't author the book and you read the book.


Need I remind you, once you got said about Andy Reid authoring that particular book because it wasn't that long ago that still got said of Andy Reid and the best quarterback any of us have ever seen. It wasn't that long ago that Stewart said you simply cannot bench the the three yards a throw of Alex Smith. If you're any kind of intelligent read. Go ahead.


Andy Reid. I dare you to go 14 and two and allow Alex Smith to leave Arrowhead Stadium to leave Kansas City. Go ahead. I dare you. Because of Patrick Mahomes. Because you think you could turn Patrick Mahomes. That's something that Alex Smith is not. Alex Smith is a very good quarterback. The audacity first off to do this to Alex Smith, who's been very good and loyal to Andy Reid and won him a lot of football games to Daniel Patrick Mahomes out there because Andy Reid thinks he's some sort of quarterback whisperer, which he he's not, by the way.


He is not, because if he was, Alex Smith would be better than he's been the last few years. So I was there. I mean, that's a record for come on, Andy Reid. That is not enough with enough money. That sets a world record for Stewart's not paying attention to any of the things he said. The sentence before that is straight talk is brought to you by straight talk wireless.


No contract, no compromise.


Time for Dan to reluctantly take part in something. He's still got the best quarterback ever.


I don't know about ever I mean, he's got one championship, right, he's got six. I mean, you're going to call him the best quarterback ever better than Aaron.


Don Lemon tart, we are what America needs, another sports talk radio show, STROGATZ Let's laugh at the jet.


This is our show on ESPN Radio, all gassed on the damn Avatar show up here via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. Listen to every single page of the 2020 World Series right here on ESPN Radio. Coverage of Game two between the Dodgers and Rays begins at seven thirty Easter. Matt Moore wrote something for action that I want to get to in a second to Gods because I find it interesting, like super interesting, I don't know that I can say that there's anything more interesting in the NBA than what Matt Moore has written about at the moment when it comes to play on the court.


But before we get to that, let us allow Christine Lacy, please, to continue.


And finally, men who can perform at least 40 pushups in one attempt are much less likely to suffer from heart disease within the next 10 years, according to researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health. Either of you, too, Mr. Olympia's back in the studio. Want to give it a try? Do we can we do that?


I'd like to give that a try. Actually, I think I could do 40 pushups along stopping.


Oh, I could do 40 pushups. Christine. Christine. A little aggressive, OK, right now. How about that?


But we don't have the studio setup. Maybe we'll do it. We'll do it on social media and we'll figure out a way to do it. Thank you, Chris. I'm just kidding. I don't believe your Olympic self rule and you've gotten meaner by the day around here.


So what did the former Dolphins backup quarterback write about the NBA?


Thank you, Christine. I appreciate it. Matt Moore for action wrote the following fan of the show, Matt Moore.


Which won the back of a quarterback. Oh, they're different, they are different. Yes. Matt Moore has not parlayed his backup quarterback career into writing for action sports about the NBA. But what he's writing about is the idea that Kawhi Leonard is more of a problem with the Clippers than you realize. And it's not for the nonsense that we get wrapped up in with chemistry or leadership or are, you know, are you getting Paul George the max out of him?


The problem as it relates to Kawhi Leonard and to God, this happened pretty quick because he just won a championship and parlayed an unprecedented amount of free agent champion freedom into just building his own team with a tycoon in Ballmer who is building billions around him.


And I don't know the shape of his body because with the Spurs for a year, it was a real problem.


And then he had to go on to load management or unlike any we've seen in the sports, to protect his body. And then when they needed him most in the second round, his body didn't have much left. It was fine in terms of getting you twenty five, seven and five. But we were all laughing and pointing at Paul George and it's like, hey, do what LeBron does, Kawhi. Can your body LeBron body at thirty five is able to do a certain thing.


Can your body do it. Carry it with Paul. George Anthony Davis is probably better than Paul George by a good amount, but Kawhi Leonard has been built around at whatever it is. Twenty nine or thirty years old like he's LeBron and now we're talking about Ty Lue and a bunch of other things. And I'm wondering the body, have we seen the best of what Kawhi Leonard is going to be like? It would seem so, right, Scott?


It would seem we've seen his prime. He's not going to get better with that body, with all the things that have happened to that body that mean they have to protect it in an unusual way. And we have the unprecedented thing on his past and his resume, the Spurs one blemish of what happened to his body with you guys. Like what what was happening between the fight on how he wanted you to treat his body and how you were actually treating his body?


I don't think I mean, I still think we'll see great Kawhi moving forward.


But as great as what I'm asking you, I'm not asking you about great. I'm saying as great.


I mean, he was great just a year ago. He had fourteen points in that last game against the Nuggets. He didn't do anything to save their season at the end.


Nothing I know, but the games leading up to that game. Twenty five. Thirty six. Thirty, twenty three points.


I mean against Guy he can be excellent without being as excellent. If he's not as excellent. You've got a problem on your hands.


You do. I still feel like I mean damn we're one year removed from the Raptors doing it exactly right. And him having a legendary postseason. That's correct. I still think he could some of that up again. I do think so.


To his body. He doesn't look like the same sort of explosive player that he was when he was with the Spurs. But he didn't look that way when he won finals MVP for the Raptors. He just doesn't have the agility and the athleticism that jumps off the screen like it it did in his younger days. He can't even get up there. But he was looking that way when he was arguably the best player on the planet.


Let me let me do it another way for you so you understand what we're talking about when you're in the LeBron James stratosphere. Yes. Kawhi Leonard is playing a strong man's game. The thing that people do not realize about James Harden, you realize that about LeBron, about James Harden, about Jimmy Butler, about Kawhi Leonard. They're stronger than the people they're playing against, physically stronger. And that takes a toll on the body. Unless it's LeBron, he ain't LeBron physically.


He's simply not that kind of he's got one is. I know. But what I'm saying. I know. But that's what I'm saying is that's the comparable burden in his own gym. Now, he chose to fight that guy in that city, in that gym for that city. And bombers only got him for two years. And it's not going to get better, that body carrying that load, because he's not to 70 to 80, that body carrying that load.


It's why LeBron it's why I keep telling you guys you're unfair to the way that you're watching LeBron in real time. It's hard what he does to be that indestructible. Look at how I would look at what it's already done to college ball. Yes. Think of the great players of LeBron Zera that Kevin Durant's, the Russell Westbrook's, the Kyrie Irving's, even the Steph Curry's. They're dealing with injuries the way that he doesn't he just doesn't get hurt.


And he plays such a physical game carrying all that weight around, charging to the rim at will. It's the most amazing thing about his excellence is that he stays on the court and you don't have one of these random series where you like. We got him hurt. We have a shot. Look at what one game did to Jimmy Butler. I mean, he turned into an open. And afterwards, and I remember them asking LeBron, hey, do you feel like you wasted a legendary performance, that game they lost against the Heat and Jimmy Butler and LeBron was like, no, we'll do it again the next night.


And he did two games.


Take that away from Jimmy Butler is two games. Time for Dan to reluctantly take part in something as two guys couldn't be happier doing, I'd be scared if I were Bulmer because it's built on something flimsy.


I'm not saying quite flimsy. I'm saying two years flimsy. Right. They traded everything for two years. They're halfway into the project. Everyone hates Paul George, and now they've just changed coaches.


But it's worth it. I'm not going to be surprised if the Clippers win the title next year, are you? Well, but this is the thing. It's worth it. Got Mookie Betts has already paid his contract, like with making all of these little plays in the postseason. If they win a championship, like, he ends up being worth it right there. You got to win the championship.


I'll pay. Herel They've mortgaged the future on. There's no one in the locker room. Seems to like Paul George. No one in the locker room now because all these things are leaking out about quiz privileges. No one really likes Kawhi Leonard opting out and going to the Dallas Mavericks.


That's a good move for him. Don Lemon tart, I think in the future there's going to be an app where you can just get complete honesty from people still got it in me. No, technology will never figure that one out. This is a done Levator show on ESPN Radio. ESPN Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance. What's for lunch is brought to you by Hello Fresh. Get a total of 80 dollars off using Gaudin at Hello Fresh Dotcom.


It is funny that you mention lunch to God and I want to tell the audience everything that's been going on around here because Mike is in an amped up state right now. I asked the question during the break, OK, it was a simple question. We don't have time for any kinds of questions. We don't have time for food. We don't have time for anything around here because we're just belching out and burping out, farting out content. OK, so I asked what I thought was a simple question.


You mentioned hello, fresh at lunch. I'm like student Mike. We're going to be here for a little while. Can I get anyone lunch? What I ended up getting was a kokanee bombardment of why it is that Stewardson. I do not have any time to eat anything because we've got to stay on this moving train at a thousand miles an hour.


You asked me if I wanted a rapper sandwich. I didn't get to answer. Mike answered for me. He said no. All right. So let me just stop everything for a second. Let me just slow everything down for a second, OK? We owe ESPN some rookies here. Can you just do them now real quick here, because we don't have time for anything. Can you just do the Loki's right now? Because Mike is furious, because we haven't had time to do the rookies.


Can you do them real quick right now? Because this is important in twenty twenty that we do the tape thing of telling people what to look forward to tomorrow. It's the guys join us Thursday, we'll be joined by Dick Vidal raised Fed. How about that? And Arielle Juani. Plus, there's an elephant living in my living room. That's Thursday in The Daily Show with News of the Gods on ESPN Radio.


All right. That's one you need to do.


Another one you need also cover yourself in case something dramatic happens, OK? Yes, something taped that is dramatic. So give the people a look now so they can look forward to what's on tomorrow's show, because that's how people are consuming media these days.


Hey, it's two guys join us today. We'll be joined by Dick Vidal and Ariel Juani. And you're not going to believe what happened in World Series game to the Dan Levator, Jimmy Stewart's today, 10:00 Eastern on ESPN Radio. All right. I want to listen.


My favorite thing is when they were on the wrong one of those, because Mike Greenberg has taped something you won't believe how Lamar Jackson ran roughshod over Patrick Mahomes last night because they ran the wrong one. All right. So there's that. We've gotten out of the way. We owe 40 push ups here at some point on social media. You've got to do something for a gambling show here with a dartboard that. Why did it fail? You taped it already, but it fell apart.


What happened?


Because it landed. It was a wheel. It landed on the Ravens is a problem. The Ravens are on a bye week this week.


OK, so we know is your second on the show. All right.


We've got a postgame show as well that we have to do here, but we only have so much studio time.


And you so have to tell the people what's for lunch, which is content.


What's for lunch? Well, content. Mike, why don't you tell them what's the content? What's for dinner tonight?


I have not gotten an answer to my question of what it is.


You guys would like me to get you for lunch, like for you to get behind a microphone and punch out some more content.


Luol Deng is still on the books for the Lakers. Still got lots. Yes. You know, they're paying five million dollars and twenty one and twenty two.


But what's for lunch, Roy? Do we have to tell people what we're having for lunch?


Yeah, we have to go around the. And tell everybody what for lunch as part of the deal.


Yeah. I just told people what's for lunch. We don't have to go around telling people what's for lunch. I just told them I did the lunch bit. Well, the sponsored lunch bit.


Well, then it was in Dad's having a rat. Me and Mike are having content. You guys go ahead. I'm having Hello fresh when I get home tonight.


Hold on a second. We all have to go around the room. What's everyone having for lunch.


You know, we could have been done with this by now. We are done with that. We've been making contact and Tony's having for lunch and brought to you by. Hello, Frank. What are you having for lunch, Tony? I'm having a nice chicken breasts with veggies. Oh, good. I think we need to make more conversational hearable. Billy, what are you having for lunch?


I'm skipping lunch to update my resume then. Chris, what are you having for lunch?


You're getting tacos. Somebody said Taco Bell earlier. And I have a rule when I hear Taco Bell, I have to have it for lunch.


Roy, did you already give us your lunch? Oh, I'm having.


Hello. Fresh leftovers, sweet and smoky pork tenderloin with apple carrot slaw, mashed potatoes.


And that boy sounds good. Can we can we just take one second to talk about how terrible Tony's lunch sounded? Like chicken breasts and vegetables like that, right. Chicken breast, investopedia. Sure.


That's the way to eat, Tony. Well done. It's so much better than my reheated frozen pizza from yesterday that was leftover.


No, it's not. It's not. I'm having content.


I mean, OK, join us on the post game show where we'll just sit here and just about pros darts at a board and tries to pick a team that's not going to buy this way.