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You were pretty insistent that Doug Brown's nickname is the Duke. I thought that that was somebody else's nickname who was passed away. A South Florida update guy is your nickname indeed. The Duke.


It is not. And I'm shocked that you guys have forgotten the great Dan Davis.


His nickname was the Duke. Oh, he passed away. No, he did not want that.


That's all right. That is the maximum penalty. That is 15. You don't know Mike. All right. Now, play that because sex to God, I did not mean to kill in the Duke. Maybe you should apologize to him. I apologize. Is he still alive? Oh, I did it again.


Do you have a number for the news guy walking around again? Oh, look, I know your dollars hundred dollar. Fine.


This incident, Lilibeth, our show with these two guys on ESPN Radio, Daniel Cormega to join us at a half hour.


Eleven thirty a.m. Eastern on these shell pens, all performance live for chance to win ten grand, plus a virtual meet and greet with a Daniel Avatar, Joe Gang Texel Avatar to seven seven three three three Adventure Rodo at Advanced Auto Parts limit one entry per Dazy advance auto parts dot com for all the details.


So sports are moving so fast that I'm not kidding. I'm not kidding when I say what I'm about to say. OK, Christine Lisi just finished her update. Christine, before we get to your kazoos, would you be kind enough just to read the last sentence of your update again? Coverage seven thirty Eastern ESPN Radio in the ESPN app, I'm sorry, the sentences before that, right before that, I'm like, oh, it's my fault.


Well, because the way that she said this at the beginning made me think that the Dodgers had won the championship last night and I just missed it.


No. What? Yeah. Like I said, Dodgers captured their first World Series championship in thirty two years with a win against the Rays in Game six. Correct.


But I'm saying sports are moving so fast that I just heard the first part of what you said. And I'm like, wait a minute, did the Dodgers win last night in the World Series over? That's what happened to me.


But that's Christine Lacy staple. She'll do that on the back end with a win tonight, with a win tonight. She builds it up. It's part of how we get to the end. Finally, that comes accompanied by our beloved gazoo.


And finally, Elton John has teamed up with Mattel to launch his own Barbie doll. All right. All right, I'll put it on the pole Pogemiller Avatar show. Would you buy your kids the Elton John Barbie doll? Kind of, Christine, today? Yes. Not quite as cruel. She's lady.


I don't know what's going on. Yeah, I don't know. She is one on Sunday. I'm good. Oh, that's a you be the Jets six field goals with six field goals. Yes.


We will get to Daniel Cormier at eleven thirty. But I wanted to read to the audience, this guy's been listening to our show for a long time.


South Florida guy Adam Smoot and this is what he writes. Let Batard show has been railing against it for a long time. But given the current circumstances, his take on meaningless small talk is even more important. Pleasantries are literally going to kill us. The reason covid will never go away here is American's insistence on never shutting the bleep up on my walk today, multiple walkers, joggers, cyclists felt the need to fling their spit in the air just to scream good morning to people they've never met and will never talk to again.


Now, Smoot is dark under all circumstances, and this is a dark time. But Mike Bryan, it's been such a dark time. I'm not kidding you. Mike Ryan is arguing that he has gotten positivity and inspiration out of that Ted LASO show. That is just simply sort of upbeat. How about you just be nice and decent to people and I'm happy about that.


But first, can we go back to Smoot? Is Smoot suggesting that we stop greeting each other altogether?


Yes, that yes. And that covid will never die because we're being too nice to each other, which I don't think is the predicament of twenty.


Also a weird thank you, Dan pivot as well. And mixed in. There are no pleasantries. Thank you, Dan. I have recently I couldn't really put my finger on it and I figured it out and talking it out to you guys about Ted LASO, my wife and my wife had to go back to work. So, I mean, it's hard with a one year old. It's very difficult balancing all these things. And you need to be more patient.


And I've just made a turn about a week and a half ago and just applying and generally this says a lot about me. I should have been like this all the time, looking at each situation on its surface and see how can I how can I help because my negativity, my frustration and doesn't do anything to actually help the matter. And we've done a pretty good job over the last few days of digging each other out of certain spots where we're being negative instead of positive.


And I think it's just Ted LASO show, I swear to God.


So Ted LASO is twenty twenty Jesus Christ for you. He's the start of a religion and a start of a lifetime. Change of perspective.


It's weird because I am committed to this positivity thing and I hope it lasts with me. But it seemingly came out of nowhere in talking it out with you. I think it's just because of this the central character on this show that tries to be super positive at every turn. And I saw how much joy my my wife and I, we've been watching Ted LASO in bed on the TV because that's where we have the Apple TV and we looked at each other after finishing the show two days ago.


We looked at each other last night like we really need something positive to watch. There's a Ted LASO sized hole in my heart right now and I need to fill it up with some more positivity. So I'm manufacturing it myself.


Mike is entirely right. I love love Ted LASO. He's he's a modern day Mr. Rogers type personality. And it's wonderful because, you know, cynicism comes so easily for me and others. And positivity sometimes takes a little bit of an effort. And Ted LASO is a positivity coach. I think it's it's a godsend that I think I think one of one of the things funny here is people, old people on Zoome, you mix everybody.


I was muted. No, I wasn't on.


So I think that one my positivity just ended.


Well, yeah it did just and and I thought one of the four hang in there buddy unless that happened there is that you were being positive about how you're going to change your life perspective and during the breaks do not immediately said negatively.


It'll last twelve hours, it lands at twelve midday. I've learned that. I've learned that.


Greg, are you ready to do your back in my day. Are you ready. Are you feeling strong.


I, I like it personally. It's a little bit longer than usual so hopefully others like it as much as I do.


I don't know I, I get through it. I mean what do you feel. And you're going to make it through.


You know, it's broadly I've done the subject before but in a specific way. So this is a lot different. So, you know, I don't know, it's I'm always a little nerve racking when it comes to a back in my day because they tend to be one extreme to the other. They tend to be really liked or vilified. So.


All right. Well, let's break here so we have plenty of room for it. We're going to do it in the next segment. We're going to do a back in my day and maybe talk about whether there's another defense. Coordinator in the league that we would have enjoyed getting Tabasco in his eye, interrupting a zoom call more than the Cowboys defensive coordinator, because I don't think this becomes a news to laugh out across the NFL if it's any other defensive coordinator other than the Cowboys defensive coordinator.


Thank God this is over.


How did he get the Tabasco and was just having lunch during the Super Bowl? You say old people with that hasn't happened to me yet. I haven't gone to mass. Never say no. I've said city to Mike Nolan doesn't exactly fit the coach that I would think would do this. Go Matt. Patricia, personally, I'd go McCarthy, but go head coach, big boss. He apparently had Tabasco on his fingers. He rubbed his eye and that was all she wrote.


I mean, it's going to be Patricia McCarthy or Andy Reid, right? Those are your three go tos on the Tabasco. Tomassoni the.


I think so, yeah. Also the Ryans.


It's a body type of holding against these coaches.


It's the pear shaped. It's the shape of the Charlie Weis who looks like his bottom half is sewed backwards under the body.


But Mike Nolan to me, just like gives off. I don't like spicy food. For some reason I could see Pete Carroll doing that. Yeah, good.


You know what I'm right about? I'm I agree with Mike on this. I see Mike Nolan being disciplined about plain food. He's going to give you a bland vanilla defense and he's also going to give you bland food. I am surprised that there's any spice in my Mike Nolan's like.


Yeah, like a dash of salt and pepper at most for Mike Nolan, a Greg Cody's Back in My Day is coming up next.


I'm pretty sure our new house might be haunted. What makes you say that the furniture is levitating?


Oh, and the ghost will come home?


Yeah, that's that's spooky. You know what's really scary?


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I'm pretty sure our new house might be haunted. What makes you say that the furniture is levitating? Oh, and the ghost. Welcome home. Yeah, that's. That's spooky. You know what's really scary?


Missing out on Geico for help with homeowners and renters insurance. Geico makes it easy to save a bunch. Great.


You're not sticking around, right? The party's just getting started. Happy Geico.


We call today and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. Donald Batard, why are you so bad at this stuff? God, I can't answer that question. It's a good one, though. I've been thinking about a lot. This is about our show. Were there still guides on ESPN Radio?


ESPN Radio is presented by progressive insurance quoting home insurance just got easier with Progressive's home, quote, explore, quote and buy online at progressive dotcom. Then it's time for Straight Talk. It's brought to you by Straight Talk Wireless. I skipped the conversational part of that billboard, just so you know, all kinds of podcasts flying out everywhere I've got to this week.


I'm very excited about tell the people I have Michael, Doc Emmerich, the great Doc Emerich, the voice of hockey. He is retired. He's written a book. All the proceeds go to a great charity. He joined us. He was fantastic. It's it's the second time in all the years you and I have been doing this or I got goosebumps when someone's voice was piped into my headsets. It was Vin Scully the first time. And then Michael Doc Emrick.


I love calling him Michael Doc Emrick.


It's it's an endangered species a little bit the old timey broadcaster whose voice resonates because it's existed inside your head across decades. It really is.


It was such a cool feeling. He's such a great storyteller, very interesting guy. We had him on and I'm taping with Stone Gossard. Used to play with Pearl Jam. I'm doing that tomorrow and we'll release that later this week. So I'll be like, You love Pearl Jam.


I only like two bands. I love The Grateful Dead and I like Pearl Jam. I don't like Pearl Jam. The way I like the dead. I follow the dead for for a couple of years. But I do love Pearl Jam.


Since this is all very conversational, I'd like to bring a production idea up to you guys very casually for twenty twenty one. Part of my digital media strategy is have a Freaky Friday week where you, Dan, take over stupidity for a week and Sucrets has to play investigative journalists long form interview guy on South Beach Sessions remains in the same channel feed, but you I guess, do weekend odds with Mike. You see Ben and you talk to someone, you have zero interest in talking to two guys.


Listen, I have set this up perfectly for you, OK? When you do it, you'll have to do nothing. Mean you'll love it. It's a great experience.


Just like seven more. Have everyone do the word transition have noticed.


So Greg Cody's Back in my day is in just a second. But these are proudly, weirdly, proudly ignorant Tuesdays around here. If you've been listening to Stuart and Greg Cody on the subject of data analytics measurement, they both think there are too many stats in the game. But I will say something to you right now to that I believe will excite you. OK, pro football focus does a better job really of separating. It's very difficult. And that's what we're getting more and more involved, smarter as fans and journalists.


And football is the last frontier sort of separating everybody so that you can individually measure a quarterback and understand all of the pieces around him have to do like Tom Brady wouldn't be doing this in New England. There are very few people would be like New England's falling apart in a way that's obvious. They don't have enough skilled position guy.


Tom Brady tried it last year in New England. That didn't work out well, loses in the first round to Tennessee. And so what I wanted to say to you, though, as it relates to pro football focus, is they have something that I believe that you and Greg Cody will like for all the ways they do the measurements, all the ingredients that they throw into the quarterback measurement. One of the ingredients is simply the advanced metric of. Big time throw.


Yes, big time, big time, big time for and so the leader in the sport, according to pro football, focus the leader and big time throwing the leader in big time. You know, I know who it is. You know what? Wait a minute. You think you know who it is. Go ahead. We should all to take a guess. All of you take a guess. Russell Wilson.


It's the obvious choice, I think. Here I'm going to go.


I mean, I think Aaron Rodgers, pretty big time pro when we where Rodgers in what is a big time throw. It's a big time throw. It's a big time. You know what you see? You know, when I see an equation here, it's like Dolphus Dimes. The equation is, you know what? When you see it, that's the first time.


This is the way the measurement is taken. Just like you. The real measurement is an interception. It's how many inacceptable balls did you end up throwing? Right. This is the opposite of that weight. This is like a big time throw my weight.


No, the opposite is like on inacceptable passes, I think, because it's to me.


Just tell me already. Right. I'm all ready to go. I'm going to do it in reverse. We're going to give you the the top five big time throws in the league. Number five, we have a tie at number five high between Aaron Rodgers.


And Josh Allen was in team big time throws for the both of the timeout, so this is the most big time throws.


Are you isolating individual big time?


This is right here at fifth on the list of big time throws. This is fifth.


I'm going to again, I'm struggling. Is this the number? Is Aaron Rodgers and Josh Allen, are they tied for the amount of big old team have made 17 big time.


Are we identifying the biggest of times on the third because they were tied for third big time throws is with 20 to Sean Watson, one winning quarterback here, trying to get a big win.


I'm struggling here.


Second on big time throws is Russell Wilson. Might possibly be first.


Tom Brady has. Yes, he was trailing by like 24 points against the Chargers. So was everything. Is this an accumulative thing?


He's got twenty four big time throws and Russell Wilson only has twenty three big time throws.


Wow. Patrick Mahomes not on the list. I love it. I love it, man. Greg he means by it.


Greg, I am sorry we do not have time right now for back in my day. But you understand, right. We were talking about big time throws. You understand.


I love big time throws. If they come in the last two minutes or overtime, they're known as extra big time, I think.


Oh, all right, Patrick. Daniel Cormier joins us next. Long Python style I found in the attic is curse no. Its eyes are just very lifelike.


Then what does its head keep spinning in my eye? Oh, that is scary. You know what's really scary missing out on Geico is easy to you. Can you can manage your Geico policy. Why not? Let's play with another.


Oh, we can just bury it deep in the ground.


Happy Geico. We download the industry leading Geico app today. Don Lemon tart, I mean, they used to call me Chris Karaoke still got.


That back row is bringing it today. This incident about our show with their still got on ESPN Radio.


Daniel Cormier expected to join us here on the show Pennzoil Performance Line today on ESPN Daily. It's finally to a time in Miami as tour will start at quarterback versus the L.A. Rams this weekend here, whether he's ready for the prime time and what's at stake, that's ESPN Daily. Subscribe wherever you get your podcast.


We will get to Daniel Cormier in a moment. But before we do that, let's check in with Chris Christie Lacy.


And finally, KFC is officially selling its fried chicken scented fire logs at Wal-Mart. Now back to somebody who needs no additional help making his home smell like fried chicken.


Oh, she's going right back to you. Yeah. Second, I thought she was watching that and she realized the bill's only beat the Jets.


So Daniel Cormier is with us now. Check out the D.C. and Hawaii podcast. New episodes are every Monday. Yesterday on the episode, he told you that Habib had told him that he went gentle on Jayjay because he was fighting in front of his family, didn't want to break his arm, instead went triangle when he could have gone. Armah.


I got to be honest, one of the nicest things I've ever heard. Oh, it's so courteous.


He is with us now on ESPN Radio. Have you ever heard of such a thing before? Is that something in the fight game that you'd ever heard before in the adrenaline of the action?


No, no. I've heard guys say it before. Right. I heard, you know, in the beginning of my career when they were telling me, you know, with the joint manipulation, if they don't have to got to break it. I was like, well, don't teach me submission's where I might have to break somebody's zone. I had no interest in learning but to be in the fight and to have known and call back to earlier in the week watching an interview and going, I don't want to break this guy's arm, different Doublemint.


You could see it from the whole performance of just a different level of an athlete that had to show that he is on Saturday.


Who's the second best wrestler in the history of the sport? Is he consensus number one? Well, I mean, private in terms of effective Amami wrestling, I don't think anybody's ever imagined. But I think it's it's the wrestling, but it's also the athletes get such phenomenal grabbling. It's the ground control. Right. He was always a great ground fighter, but he has mastered the style of fighting and now he's beating and finishing everyone. Right. So and it's kind of the fourth round that's for you in the third round.


This fight would just get to the second round. If he just stuck around, I guess the next fight would have been the first one is in question.


Do you believe we've seen the last of them? I do, right, because it's a different world, you know, in Dagestan, you live different how it is now tasked with being the head of household for his family, you know, for as well off as this guy is, if there was an athlete, he lives with his parents because that's what their culture says he's supposed to do as the youngest son in the family. So now the head of household and dad is gone and that's his job and responsibility now.


And if he said he gave his mother his word, I absolutely believe that. All right.


So let me ask you this question, because there's always skepticism around any fighter retiring early because so many end up coming back. Has there ever been a fighter, you believe, on an early retirement more than him? George Saint-Pierre, probably, but then he came back and beat Michael BISAN for a middleweight championship, so I think that was about the same on the same lines when George had that fight with Johnny Hendricks, which was a split decision, super tough fight.


A lot of people thought he lost. He stepped away. I was like, OK, this is done in. He's young. He's like 34 years old. And he ended up coming back. But that's the only time I would ever have believed someone as much as I believe I'll be today. And that those are the two greatest fighters in the history of the UFC.


Is there a fight that brings you out of retirement? Me? No, I'm good. Hey, Dan, I'm out here golfing. I'm traveling the world called the fight.


I'm eating right now, eating, eating, eating delicious food without having to worry about anything, eating delicious food, not having a diet.


Well, first off, I can't eat myself out of a job. You can actually get too big to be on television. So I got to be careful. No, you can't eat, but I got to be careful.


What's fine island like. Can you tell me can you give us some of the details that are you bored? Is it exciting? What what details can you give us from Fadila? OK, so fine went overdelivered right the first time you went to Fire Island, though, was better than the second time because the second time it was five weeks. So everyone that have memberships to certain, you know, amenities, they decided they didn't want to give those things up for five weeks.


So in the bubble, they closed the barriers to not include the golf course anymore because everyone at the course was like, we can't give up our club for five weeks to these people to play for free. So that didn't happen before you could get in Formula One car and go on the race car with the car to the racetrack so fast they didn't have that this time. So in those aspects, it was a little bit worse on my go around.


But in terms of the way people treated us over there, the beauty of the the things that we could do, the beaches, the pools, the service, it was it was hard for them. And like they wrote letters on my mirror every morning and then they heard Ariel and I showed Ariel claimed that he called the W Hotel and said, you guys are treated OK, fair. So we wrote a letter to Ariel on My Dear, that I said to him in a text message telling them, I'm trying to steal thunder for all the things that they've done.


It's insane how much they pay attention to the details.


Check out the DC and Juani podcast. New episodes are every Monday. Habib has said he would come out for a thirtieth fight against Saint-Pierre. Does that ever happen and do you want to see it? You know, initially he said he was going to do it, and honestly, if he didn't say I fought with my mom for three days to get this fight, I would say, you know what? He might come back and get the 30 year old.


But his mom told him she does not want him doing this thing that him and his dad had wanted so bad together without his father on this earth. And when he said that, I was like, oh, this is absolutely certain because of my history in wrestling, I've seen so many Russian Olympic champions at the top of the game just walk away when they could go another cycle with one another gold medal, they just walk away. And I think that that's what way he would have been.


He's I think it's over. And we had a great conversation Sunday and we talked about what we're going to bring to act as coaches now to try to make sure that our game continues to be what it's been for the last decade. And he sounds like a man that's relieved to be done competing and getting ready for the second part of his life.


What do you make of Reese Waters throwing out there? And it was an interesting point, I thought, and it was in reference to Conor McGregor. He was saying, can you imagine how big Habib would be if he were arrogant and racist? You know, you know, it's kind of crazy. It was like I was watching some of the shows like so because I'm happy for and I want to see all the coverage. Right. I'm talking to you guys about it, but I watch a lot of sports shows.


And it wasn't it wasn't I mean, I know the NFL and everything massive. Right. But a lot of people kind of didn't pay attention to it. And it was very surprising to me that it wasn't more on the radar, because if it was Turner kind of league, all the biggest sports shows in the world right now, I don't know what it is. I just feel like kind of plays a bit of a role in, you know, kind of will be the bad guy.


And people always kind of attract what.


But it's not it's not quality of fighter because it Beeb's a better fighter. Like it's not about your skills. It's about who's more famous. Absolutely, and nobody's more famous Congress like that. That's it. That's the truth. And you know what? More power to Connor. But it's like people fall in love with the storyline, right? That's why we that's why everybody paid attention to is it going to be Belichick or Brady. Right. The Buccaneers and the page.


Who's going to do better because of the storyline? Who was the who was all the success attributed to? It's like we fall in love with the story and sometimes we we lose sight of what's really important. You know, what's ultimately the most important factor from your perspective?


Because Habib seems to be uncommonly disciplined, culturally disciplined. I took what happened in the McGregor fight or more appropriately after the McGregor fight to not be out of character, to be in character is somebody who was deeply offended by everything MacGregor's people were doing before that fight. And that was just an assassin fighting proudly with rage about something and not who the dude is. He was just that insulted by everything McGregor represented. I think you are you are absolutely spot on, right?


You are absolutely spot on when people would say to me afterwards will have been acted so different and he he jumped over the octagon, I was like, you know, was it unexpected? I said, honestly, I have to kind of process. And everything is exactly what I expected, because he's not only fighting for the honor of his father, who's going to be fighting for his religion, he's fighting for his people. He's fighting for all the things that matter to him.


And it was exact. I mean, it's exactly what you would expect a proud guy to do when all those things that means so much to them is just so verbally assaulted. That's why when you saw the end of the third round, Connor said it's only business. He said, what do you want to talk? You want to talk about the top? You let's talk right like this about business. To him, it was absolutely personal. And in hindsight, not only for the past 40 years, that's gone.


I mean, that was so bad that he said in the build up to that fight. Daniel Cormie, exactly right, screamo Daniel Cormier with us here on ESPN Radio. Would you be OK with an opponent showing you any sort of mercy? No. Finish me off me, finish me, all right, let me speak to it later and just doesn't just engage you or enjoy these talks. Honestly, he will. But you know what? Just tried to tell.


He actually tried to tap the referee. Didn't get it. If you guys watch the fight you saw he tapped three times. The ref didn't see the ref and he ended up going to sleep, which for me, honestly, most times you get upset about a referee missing something that doesn't need to go out on the field. You know, he's the type of guy that worked out. So, I mean, it sucks that he missed the cap, but, you know, doesn't it, that he's not trying to beat and try to do that.


But check out the DC and Juani podcast. New episodes every Monday could be could be passed. Would be passed. McGregor for you. Right. I'm sorry to passed Saint-Pierre for you. I do believe that the man, because he think about these, that before before then never been dropped. Never been cut. There was never a time in all of his UFC fight where anyone thought he was going to lose, he won every single time he stepped into the offseason, every single time except to AK Daury.


He lost two rounds out of 38 in one of those round guys that he has lost. With the first one of the last, we can point to judges somehow score that. Well, it's just it's insane. It's insane. I told him that on Sunday as well. I'm glad you got the Good Wife was a lot ago because at that point you were losing so much. He was like, oh, my God, this is great. Oh, yes, you were losing.


Somehow he dominated the whole fight. So two out of the thirty eight thousand for the UFC loss. That's crazy. It's a match. It's a match.


Daniel, always good talking to you. Thank you for making the time, sir. All right, boys, thank you for having me. Thanks. ESPN New Radio on Sirius XM is where you need to be if you live and breathe college football. We're talking live games, the latest rankings, conference and team news analysis from experts like Mark Packer, Greg McElroy and E.J. Manuell, all leading up to championship specials and more. Take Sirius XM with you and always have the latest college football info you need.


Listen right now on the Sirius XM app or online at Sirius XM Dotcom slash. Listen, ESPNU.


Don Lemon tart, the praise is pouring in via Twitter at LeBon talk show, your interviews would be better if you knew how to ask a question. Hashtag SADD maker Strogatz. That's right. I'm a maker of side like the hashtag SADD maker you make said I am.


I make people sad and then become happy about their sadness. I am hashtag sad. Manker this incident Lilibeth our show with a still got on ESPN Radio. ESPN Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance. Catch every single pitch of the World Series right here on ESPN radio coverage of Game six. You didn't miss it did OK. It's the night between the Dodgers and the Rays starts at seven.


Thirty Eastern Time now for Greg Coatis. Back in my day.


And now it is time to take a trip down memory lane. Here's your guy, Greg Cody with Back in My Day.


Potato chips, an ode to the potato chip, but an honest one, as I have come to both sing the praises of the royal snack, but also to chant its deterioration real back almost 10000 years ago to the Andes region of South America.


What is now the area of southern Peru in extreme northwestern Bolivia.


Here was the birthplace of the glorious earth sprung root vegetables, allowing them to borrow some.


The beloved son, Nelly Dukey, my nana, used to pronounce potato with a B and a D. But we never did know why. Over time, the potato in its baked, mashed or French fried form has come to Bogart. The respect fast food is craving. The portability of the Freiwald gourmands champion, the potato done upscale.


But who will cry out for the chip? The best and most creative use of the spud farmer's time by far, is when he nurtures what becomes the distinctive, thin, salty chip unrivaled in the snack kingdom. Now, is the chip perfect? What on earth is what? The Mona Lisa smile. I've done it back in my day before railing against the excessive variety that solid the chip Thatcher.


The classic potato chip should suffice. Although a select few offshoots such as barbecue and sour cream and onion surely can be tolerated, you lose the real shipmaster at Bastad varieties, many of them foisted upon society by Lei's of all people. Ladies has a new flavor, I swear. English roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.


No, no. I'll let you give me a potato chip flavored like potato potato.


But there is a new threat to the chip that I believe I am reporting here for the first time in May be my biggest scoop since Ledbetter's engagement.


The potato chip is shrinking. Discerning fellow long time Chipo Horlicks.


Know exactly what I mean. Where are you at Idaho. Make it right. You open most any bag now and you see a sad, defeated army of undersize chips, the majority no bigger than silver dollars.


And those are the ones intact, not crushed because how is it that we package heavy, unbreakable batteries and impenetrable, hard plastic?


Well, the ever so delicate chip must brave the journey from processing plant to store to your mouth, delicately packaged in a paper thin crushable bag doesn't make sense. Why do you think I love Charles Chips? Protected, lovingly respected in the army armor of large tins. Now I noticed some lamenting how the potato chip has gotten smaller over time may seem trivial and never more so than in hellish. Twenty twenty. Yes, but imagine and appreciate the potato chip of your of my ute.


You generally tear apart the top of the sack like you did on Christmas morning. When you unwrap the gift and imagine to talk, I tank inside that immediate perfume of potato oil and salt. Oh, and the visual look at that mass of giant chips, some gruder in circumference, then a plain Carter, a pack of camels, some, I swear, almost as big around as a baldfaced and intermingled the ace of chips, the ones folded over for double the crunch.


Great Cody, back in the days of fourteen forty would make a contest of a brand new bag of chips. He would gently pick through the sack and carefully extract the very biggest chips he could find. The challenge. Could he fit the entire chip into his mouth intact and close his lips before the delicate wonder inside would crunch the jaw, would move side to side and exercise to prepare.


The corners of the mouth would spread wide and the mandible nearly unhinge in an unnatural gait as the sliver of enormous salty spud entered the mall with almost surgical procedure crunch victory. Greg Cody. And that's how it was back in my day.


If you simply wanted to talk about Charles's chips that are delivered to your house in like a bucket of trough, you just want it.


That's all you were trying to do there.


They're protected chips, right, Greg? I tell you, I speaking to radio. Yes. Is a side show on ESPN Radio, Vetri. Does this place look haunted? No, I don't think so. What about those two creepy girls? Come stay with us.


That is truly frightening. You know what's really scary? Missing out on this great service that you get 24/7 access to licensed agents. Thank you. Creepy girls, right. To see your room or can to sleep in the car now. Happy Geico.


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