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This is the down labor part, sure, with this still got Sparkasse. So Chris Coady has alleged in the chat he does not side with you guys saying, I have been snobby to Alfonso Ribeiro or condescending by I didn't say he was arrogant. I just said Carlton likes him. Some Carlton and Chris Coady has theorized that Alfonso definitely has a portrait of Alfonso in his house. So put it on the podium at Libertador Show. Does Alfonso have a portrait of Alfonso in his house at Levertov, which we discover that A-Rod does?


Right? Is that. Well, no, that was never proven. It was supposed to be half A-Rod, half center. People wanted it to be true. I badly wish it were true. But no one's actually proven that there was such a painting. Thank you, though, for making that realistic. That he would have over his bed, of course, a painting of himself as a centaur. I really do wish that that is the sports world that I lived in there.


Now, what is real is there is a picture of him in a magazine kissing a mirror of himself. That is something that does. Yeah, but the center painting has become just sort of word association doesn't to the point where it doesn't matter if it's real or not. We just projected it. So sort of like Richard Gear.


It's also like Kawhi Leonard. I should have let it sit there. Well, not there.


Christine Lacy, you are saying.


And finally, Amazon's largest warehouse is the size of seventeen American football fields. Speaking of taking up a lot of space to envy you.


Oh, I did see that one got it.


Was Rule a cruel cutting jibe from Christine Lacy.


Thank you for being on with us, Christine. I want to get some Aaron Rodgers sound here in a second. I also want to get to defensive. Adam Gaist, you are telling people now because this is the rationalization of somebody who has been in an abusive relationship for a long time. Stewart comes in here to say, no, I'm happy they traded Le'Veon Bell. And it's just the coping mechanism for his his his franchise is just a joke. Or they didn't they didn't actually trade him.


They just simply cut him. So they absorb all of the monetary losses. They couldn't even trade him because nobody wanted to take on a guy who was the best running back in football. Seventeen Jets games ago. Yeah. They didn't they couldn't get anything for him because nobody wants to pay how prohibitive his salary would be off of waivers. Yeah. This is a good day. This is the season I've been waiting for, for my entire life. Le'Veon Bell makes the Jets better.


He actually gives the Jets a slim chance of winning a couple of football games this year. Without them, they have nothing. Without him, they are starting in twenty twenty. Joe Flacco and Frank Gore. I mean, the Jets are finally going for it. They're going for one in fifteen. They're going for a win. Sixty two dead. I'm good with it because the most valuable thing in that sport outside of Patrick Mahomes or another player perhaps is the rights to that number one pick, because people are saying this is the best quarterback to come out of college.


That's Andrew Luck. And whether you take Trevor Lawrence or not, because you have Sam Darnel, whether you take him or not, you can trade him for a couple more picks. You did this with Darnel. Like, what do you do when you just talked yourself into whatever you think is the good hopeful thing? Your team is always going to screw it up? Well, I don't know if they're going to screw it up. OK, how much more proof would you like?


Hi, Matt. How much more proof would you like that the Jets are always going to screw? Screw it up. Do I need to go a fifth decade for you need to go a sixth. Like how am I what do I need to do? Occasionally we stumble into back to back AFC championship games.


All I'm saying is Joe Douglas, who's in his first, he's done that twice in fifty years.


Listen, when you've only done it twice, you'll take it the two times that a game. It was very exciting for me then. This sequence is important because Mike McHarg then hired Adam Gaze and then Adam Gase came in and stabbed them in the back and didn't want any of the players that he selected, which included Jamal Adams, Sam Darnel Le'Veon Bell. He don't want any of them. And so what he did when he got there is he got rid of the guy who hired him because he wanted Joe Douglas.


And I believe this has been the plan all along. I really do. I believe that, oh, this is the Jets, actually. OK, so you not believe. I believe Adam Gazit. Joe doesn't have a plan in place.


You are in such a hopeless place that you believe that this is orchestrated incompetence, not the general jets. Just we are a dumpster fire. You believe they're playing chess and Bill Belichick is playing checkers. That's what you are saying. They're going after Belichick with this is the plan, trade all of our good players and just be a laughing stock joke across the decades and the eternity. They don't have good players. That's the point. And I think Adam Gazit, Joe, they recognize that Jamal Adams is not winning you a Super Bowl.


Le'Veon Bell is not winning. OK, so. I just want to get this clear, so they got rid of them. OK, so but Jon Gruden got rid of them, took the hit, and now he's still there to oversee. Hey, look, we got a bunch of fast players. You're starting FLOCCO and Gore this weekend. I know, in an effort to get Trevor Lawrence. It's genius. Chris, go ahead and correct me.


I've been saying Lokos name because it's skinny in Spanish for my entire adult life and he's now a four hundred year old fossil. Go ahead and correct me, because I'm never going to get this name right, Joe Flacco.


And you said it's so quick that it sounded a little bit scary. You got are you considering that Lawrence, who I assume this is all about, you want them to get Lawrence? What if Lawrence decides to stay at Clemson because he doesn't want.


Sure. If you want him out, it. Sure. He goes right. But then you trade the pick and you know what I mean. I don't know what to tell you, but the Jets are finally doing what I've asked them to do. This isn't five and 11. This isn't six. It's said they are going for Allwood 16 and I've never been prouder of them.


All right. And this is your coach right here. This is your defensive coach. This is all part of the incompetence plan. This is your defensive coach arguing with reporters because, again, Bill Belichick is way behind the Jets. Have it figured out the path to the future is the surfer dude who is Clemson's quarterback.


I'm sure he'll get an opportunity somewhere else and we'll see what happens. Do you agree with the perception that you misused him? It's irrelevant at this point. I think the fans are interested in knowing why it didn't work out with a player of that stature.


Didn't work out. It didn't work out. We're going to focus on this game right now. Are you worried about the message it sends to the rest of locker room about the rest of the season? I think your locker room is pretty good right now.


So that's the plan. There you go. You guys out of them. That represents hope for two guys. I just want you to absorb. We're getting there are. Yes. No, this is where Jets fans are. Mike Ryan feels he's got a football team there. For one. He feels like they're headed in the right direction. I'm getting closer. You are rationalizing turd is what you are. You are Jets fans personified right there, always figuring out the way to, again, get brutally cut by your team because the way they're doing it now, when they get Darnel, I mean, honest to God, you got like you've been arguing so long on behalf of the hope of this team.


You've argued on behalf of you allowed Mark Sanchez to teach your daughters.


That was listen back to back AFC championship games. Those were the glory years, Dad. I mean, listen, I'm not convinced on Donald. I don't know the gazit Joe Douglas are either. OK, we're convinced on Darnel. It was that was then. This is now.


I mean, you have to give gay some credit, though, right? Because he's there. He's taking the tough questions when it's very easy, Dad, especially now over Zo. If you don't like a question, you just kind of pretend to be frozen. I feel like that, Sanchez, they need some context. It really does. Would you mind providing it's still a allowed Mark Sanchez to date his daughters? Let's go.


My private jet isn't going to fuel itself for a very long time ago, says two guards, to correct the math that the audience is doing. Wait a minute. Forgot his daughters are 16 and now still got to sing a very long time ago. The context that's required for that is, he said when they grew up, he would allow Mark Sanchez to date his daughters simply because he was the handsome quarterback of the Jets. OK, now, most famously known again because it's the Jets franchise for running into another dudes butt and fumbling.


But I appreciate you clearing that up. He rationalized it by by saying they got the two straight AFC championship games. Like that's the reason their advance auto parts.


I'm telling you, he just beat man. This is what four decades of jets does to you. Like, Greenberg hides it better because he's got the polished veneer of a TV foop so he could hide it better. But he's got the same sort of pain roiling within him about the jets. Like you will never hear Mike Greenberg angrier than talking about the New York Jets. It's it's actually jarring to see Mike Greenberg take off his television suit and show rage.


You'll never hear a more hopeful than he was the day they signed Le'Veon Bell. Might you remember? We had him on and he described the signing of Le'Veon Bell as if it was the greatest day of his life. You guys, you'll never learn. You will never learn. You are what is the modern equivalent of Charlie Brown and Lucy moving the football? Because you guys are always hopeful. Now, you've talked yourself into our guy's a dope on purpose, so we could get Trevor Trevillian.


It's unbelievable. I feel for you. Like you really need to step outside. You need to quit that addiction. It's very bad for you. It drove me crazy, man. Charlie Brown moving the football. What are you talking about?


Auto part eyes for the modern description. That is that is what I was asking for, the modern description of that. So rather than help. Chris just made fun of you. Yes, that's right.


That's that's yeah. That's the step in the Modern Family house that they never repair it. Thank you.


It's a little better. Since the 1980s, hip hop and America's prisons have grown side by side, and we're going to investigate this connection to see how it lifts us up and holds us down.


Hip hop is talking about what we live trying to live the American dream. Failing at the American Dream, I'm Zinnemann. And I'm Rodney Cormark.


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Dan, it is time for straight talk. It is brought to you by Straight Talk Wireless.


Is it at all possible to do that? Read a little more conversational where we're just sort of promoting the stuff we do. But it's not quite as much white noise as the reads can be around here because radio readers aren't very creative, because I'd like the audience to know there was a very cool thing done for the local hour today because we're giving you a lot of content and it must be hard to keep up with it all. And actually, it better serves us to make ourselves less available to you, to make ourselves more exclusive, where you can only get us, you know, in one place.


And we're bombarding you right now with too much us so that you have menu items. But the thing that I want you to know about the Libertarian Friends podcast network is that we will have a lot of different things for you. And it's new stuff and it's a creative playground stuff. And we're figuring it out as we go along, because this is this was all sprung on us. We did not expect to have to do this in real time while still doing a daily radio show.


So one of the things we stumbled on today is out driving home with the shipping container is a segment that really worked. And it was good. And it was Stewart got at his maximum Stewart's fun. And you can get that as the big Stewy today, maybe some other day. It'll be a local hour. But today it is the big suwit.


Yeah. And keep in mind, there's the Dan Libertador show with Stu. Godspeed. That's where you get The Daily Radio Show as you know it, including the local hour and that digital exclusive hour known as the big city, in addition to the Libertarian Friends Network that has all our fun side projects where you'll find Spottily speech sessions, the Menagh Kimes show, it's too much like it's all we know.


We're giving you too much. But it's so you choose what you like. We're giving you a newspaper, you take what you want, and we're telling you that we're going to surprise you in a variety of these different places with some of the stuff we're doing because it's unpredictable on purpose. And we know we're giving you too much right now. But that's the idea of giving you too much, getting back to what it is that we were talking about before, Rick Renteria.


Finally, I thought it was making that billboard more conversational.


Billy, how is the hunt for Rick Renteria going? We just began our pursuit of one of the nicest men in the world. And it's not his style to rip anybody. He's not going to come on here and rip the Chicago White Sox. Yeah, I know.


That's what we want as a media entity, but that's not what's going to happen. He's forever classy and kind. But I would guess that this is a bit of a death knell, right, on a managerial career, even as much as they recycle them when the White Sox have success with you and then turn around and say, well, you're not really an analytics guy, though. You're not the guy to lead us into the future on this stuff.


I don't know.


I mean, they're interviewing Tony La Russa, so I don't know if it's over for reentries.


And in terms of red to Riordan, right now, he's the white whale, but Captain Ahab hasn't given up where we're looking.


OK, thank you, Ahab. I appreciate all of your good work, the visual aptitude. We are playing with theater of the mind, their ability. I appreciate it.


Can you guys help me with something, though, because I want to know what's true here. Is it true that Mike McCarthy lied about spending his offseason immersing himself in the analytics because it just job interviews? Well, because I believe it's something that's been reported so that all of that was just in a job interview concoction.


And because he invited cameras into his life and it looked like he had to wait, he had to desktop set up on his desk. Dan really sort it was just for surfing the web. The other was for analytics. I was led to believe because anybody with two desktops on their desk must be in an OK.


So before we get to Dominique Foxworth, what I'm asking you guys is before the end of this segment, define for me whether Mike McCarthy just did the job interview thing of telling the guy, Jerry Jones, that he was interviewing with the thing that he might have wanted to hear, which was just an outright lie, because Mike McCarthy and we've talked to him, this is a guy who's on his tractor in Green Bay when he's trick or treating. This is not an analytics guy.


It's just not he has made certain analytics moves that have blown up in his face and everyone sort of wishing Jason Garrett would have never done that.


That's why that's what would happen to you if you were an analytics guy who didn't know analytics, who was just lying during your job interview.


I am desperately trying to find guys, trying to find. There was a camera crew that went into his home. What I am doing right now is irresponsible. I do not have my facts on this. I am being reckless because if indeed he studied analytics, I look like a real fool. But again, Mike McCarthy looks like an out of work Elvis impersonator who's not in the costume. That is not an analytics person. That's a person at your local diner who's ordering a lot of pancakes.


That is not an analytics person.


Not that there's anything wrong with it. Nothing is the right thing wrong with that? What are you kidding me?


If my dream scenario is sitting in a diner filled in front of a stack of pancakes and it's like the interview process where you tell the person on your resume that, hey, I'm proficient in Excel, and then they want you to do a job with Excel. And you're like, I was in that position to begin with.


Now he is on record, according to The New York Post is saying that he told Jerry Jones, now, this is not the guy you're looking for. So perhaps there were several lies during this interview. He confessed and told Jerry Jones that he watched every play of the 12 to 19 season. But I wanted the job. I have it watched every play of that season. You do what you got to do, right?


OK, we got to get to the bottom of this, put it on the poll, get my libertador show is proficient in Excel on everyone's resume. And then the next question, is anyone proficient at ZL? Don Lemon tart, why is the Fox robot always running it may still got I don't have answers, but I'll check it out again. There's really no way there might be. You never know in an answer that I'm just curious. No, I'm going to type in.


Why is the Fox robot always running at me and see what comes back? This is about our show with these two guides on ESPN Radio. I love that.


Dominique Foxworth, this is look, if you don't know who this dude is, the reason he's an up and comer here in this business in a way that's coming for everybody's jobs is because and he just reappointed ESPN and his staff get up making everyone uncomfortable. It's because the guy not only goes, you know, and gets to the pros as a cornerback and I make the argument right now, I'm not even joking about this. They always say that the hardest thing to do in sports is hitting a baseball, I believe with the way the rules are right now, where you can't even touch anybody.


That being a cornerback is that when the quarterback is so precise and he and the receiver know where the ball is going and the cornerback just has to be athletic enough to compensate for not knowing how it goes and makes it in that sport doing that position. Then he goes to Harvard Business School and now he decides, you know what I want to do? I want to write. I want to write. I want to be a writer of of, you know, human profiles.


Like I want to challenge myself by writing, which is harder than a lot of people know.


Dominique is one of those guys that could do whatever he sets his mind to. He just thinks so. I want to talk to him about what he's written. But before we do that, we have to come in with our high end kazoo music. And finally, after Ted Nugent recently called Tommy Lee a convicted felon, domestic violence heroin addict Tommy Lee fired back at Nugent, saying, is that guy even still alive? I thought he shot himself like 20 years ago.


OK, that's that's not America in 2020. That's pretty. I'm not sure what it's for. And we get both those guys on like that is like sometimes you just give me a hard pass for me.


He is he's out there on the fringes, on the extremes. I to most of us thought, put it on the pole at Lebert Today show. Did did you not think that Ted Nugent had shot himself 20 times in the last 20 years? Thank you, Christine. Appreciate it. I don't know what you know with with the shipping container or even know anything about Ted Nugent.


Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. Roy is always there. Roy is the first draft pick on trivia night.


Well, what would you how would you explain to people who Ted Nugent was and who he is now? Because he basically got a voice for being a bit of a rock star, edgier than most during a time when America was pretty repressed. How long ago was this? 70S, 80s?


We're talking about when he's near the 70s.


Right. 70S. Yeah. And so now, Mike, you're far away from the microphone because you don't want to go near any of Ted Nugent politics.


Want to talk about Ted Nugent. And this is a very weird intro and a Dominic Foxwell.


OK, Dominique, thank you for being on with us. You can read what he's written at The Undefeated. I mean, no one's ever had this many questions about Ted Nugent. You're very curious. Dominique, do you know anything about Ted Nugent?


I know we don't even talk about. OK, that's a weird intro. I would sit here thinking they dominated the nominees live drop or something like, no, I'm here waiting for them to say my name and they keep saying that music.


Didn't you hear all the compliments I had on the front end about your new contract with ESPN and now how you how you tackle the challenges of writing just because you know you like that? You're right. Where does writing rank in terms of the hardest things you've done?


As a guy who went to Harvard Business School and became a cornerback in the NFL, writing is a strong number two. It's the second hardest thing I've ever done after football writing. Wow. And and so why did you decide? Well, I never tried it.


Why did you decide you did that one time with a Father's Day piece that moved all of us trying to get on rather than debating Stephen everyday is another one.


But I mean, I don't know. I I had a writer on my titles and I've been at this company for about five years. And this is the first piece that I've actually like felt like a real journalist, you know, like all the other stuff that I've written as well as I completed this. I'm happy with the way it came out in writing, as hard as I was out of the process. I wanted to throw my computer because it doesn't come naturally to me.


But now that I've done it, never done it again. I've mastered writing and I retired.


What is the story about? And it is, man. Dominique, like you just spoke to me in terms writing is the most fulfilling thing I do professionally because of how hard it is. I don't exactly want to keep doing it again and again, even though it's fulfilling. So why did you decide to do this for the Undefeated? What about it is special and what is the story about? I remember when I was just writing about specific, specific things that I could speak specifically, so where do he stand to gain his versatility and trying to combine that kind of hard Xinbo analysis with a traditional kind of self profile piece and talking about how he's matured and when he's turned into his and his community and his team.


And he talked a lot about how important it is for him to be sensitive. And that's I asked him how he wanted people to with the first word that he would expect players to say or teammates to say. When I asked them about him and he said sensitive. Obviously, that wasn't the first words that came out of their mouth, but that's important to him. And so it was kind of refreshing to have somebody be that honest and to be that different in a moment where it feels like all our athletes want to be Jordan or want to be monumentality as a way to lead in a way that is softer.


And it's funny, too, because AJ Brown last year said the entire Matthew said he would kill him on the field. So those juxtapositions are hard to kind of circle squares, but he's a complicated person and talking about how he came into the league in a situation where his third round draft pick in large part because people didn't know what position he was going to play and they couldn't place him. And now we're at a point where he kind of revolutionized the way that we think about it.


And now we look for guys who are like Tyler imagining coming into the combine. Last year, his name was the one cited most by draft prospects. And when people ask, who do you model your game after, everyone is like Tyron Martin and you see all the other safeties who are kind of multifaceted, versatile safety. So it's just an interesting story coming from where he was when he was absolute wrong type of player to now he's the perfect type of defender that unlocks defenses around the league in a time when offense or defenses or the league is more hostile to good defense than it ever has ever been before.


So you're proud of the piece because it combines here's a revolutionary in our violent sport who's doing it a little bit differently with the guy who will be different enough to answer a question, the word sensitive. I don't think a lot of football players are ending up there as an answer. They may be that, but I would think they would cover it in bravado. Yeah, when I was working when I first started working on this piece, I wasn't sure the angle necessarily.


So I'm doing interviews that I'm thinking of doing and honestly and talking to Meina helped me a lot where I really wanted to take it in a football direction. And then I realized, like, I can try to combine the two and it's something that very few other people can do. So I'm happy if you are like someone who loves hard core football analysis, you read this piece and walk away having learned something and feel fulfilled. If you're someone who like to learn more about the personal stuff, the software stuff about people, I think you'll read this and feel fulfilled.


And and I'm proud of it. And I told you, like I said before, I retire.


Speaking of your retirement back in 2012, your NFL retire. I mean, if I told you that eight years later, because you play with Joe Flacco, if I told you eight years later, he'd be the starter in 2020, seeing where the NFL was headed with the quarterback position that he'd be starting for the Jets, you would have told me what Super Bowl champion Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco.


I mean, I would have said absolutely like why would I have any reason to deny that? Isn't that something that we've seen take place for the history of this sport? Like you reach the highest heights. Everyone every team we need to quarterback is going to convince themselves that maybe you can touch it one more time. I'm not surprised. But if you would have said Joe Flacco was black, we have a different story. We have a whole different.


Well, when I want to have I want to have this conversation with you, though, as surprised as it was to and of course, as it relates to the evolution of the quarterback position, Dominique Foxworth makes what go ahead you to make the joke. You distract me four times. Go make the joke now, Joe Black.


OK, so tell me, Dominique Foxworth, can you explain why it was worth it? It is. But he's so distracting because he doesn't do subtlety, because he's always waiting. Where do I live in my joke? Where do I live in my district in major desert areas to thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Stephanie, you got to let that thing breathe. That was a no joke. I'm blaming you, Dad. You know what, Rusty? You know what? This is how this is how done I am with everyone ganging up on me here. I don't even want to talk about race at quarterback. You get out of here. Dominique Foxworth will talk to you later and check out his check out this story at The Undefeated. Never mind. We are not going to talk about the evolution of the quarterback position.


Dominique, thank you. Check out his story at The Undefeated. I really do admire him for a lot of different reasons, not the least of which is he's just decided I'm going to write about people and I'm going to write deeply about people. And it's going to be because he's struggled. Dominique, you've struggled being on with us. We've told you how fascinating you are when you talk the X's and O's of football. But when you come around here, you feel the need to not do that because you want to get in on the jokes and the high jay.


Then Joe Blackhall, that's his money.


Don Lemon tart, so I keep reading about whales and dolphins and blah, blah, blah, then I stumble upon this great animal called the Narwhal, which is essentially a unicorn whale.


A unicorn whale. What Google it still got. Oh, my God.


And they are WHL. Thank you. Look at it. A life changer. Narwhal, this incident, lilibeth, our show with their still guides on ESPN Radio, ESPN Radio is presented by progressive Gerrard's Casper the sleep company with outrageously comfortable products at not so outrageous prices. Today on ESPN Daily, Chief Safety Tiran Matthew, how do you say it?


The honey badger I've always described him is like Walter Matthau. I get that one wrong.


Is it? It's not math now. It's math. We couldn't tell from Dominic's phone line who he was talking about. Well, he's become the model defender in today's NFL and he's faced his doubters on the path from LSU to Super Bowl champion. That's ESPN Daily. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.


So we've got some polls to update here. Billy, you will be happy to know that I have I have received a call from Rick Renteria. So we are very close to landing our white whale. I don't know whether we don't have time for it today unless, well, we would just want to put it in the post game show. We'd want to build a show around it tomorrow.


Would, yes. Yes. This is a national story.


And so, yeah, it is a national story. Right. Really. So we can tell what you guys are telling me. You wanted to know what that dinner was like where we adopted Rick Renteria into our family, a young Roly-Poly man who again check it out on Google. He's the same age as Tom Cruise.


Yes, Billy, we have a really big show tomorrow, though, so I don't know where we're going to put Rick. We have Jericho coming back. We have and Teddy Atlas wants to join via camera for some reason. So it's a big show already tomorrow.


Wow. We got a break down. Arch Manning's game tonight, ESPN two nine thirteen over Bonzo Michael. And he's got the balance, right. That's right. I forgot about that, Lomachenko.


But do you guys think that you guys think. That he's not going to call back tomorrow. Like, what's the balance over there we've got. No, no, no, he's not called back. Never, never again. Forget about tomorrow. I don't think he listens.


Definitely does it. Listen, I was going to say I have bad news for you. He also does not listen every morning.


So you thought that was fake Hollywood stuff?


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. He knows how to play the game. Yeah, he's good at it. I mean, so many guests have told us that over the years they don't listen. So nobody listens to Alice Cooper's listening to our show.


Everyone has been lying to me like it's all a move that they said. Trump doesn't listen to the show.


He said we were his good friend, everybody except him when he called us the best sports radio show in America.


That wasn't sincere. That was sincere. That was that was one hundred percent truth. Are you calling the president a liar? No, I'm doing the opposite. Dan? He said that we were the best radio show, but now Clay Travis is the best radio show, according to the president, who's desperate, who keeps calling Clay Travis. Breitbart Sports. Leave, it's OK, but I know what you're doing there. Let me see if I can find this clip.


You're going to get the club Donald Trump off the of the totally not sincere. You're going to you're going to wade into these waters, Mike. No politics with your sport. We're not doing that anymore. We're distracted by sports now. We have playoff games. We've got Braves and Dodgers. We never mind the rioting in the streets. We can now talk politics for those four minutes. But ESPN is trying to grind its way back to the way the money is, where baseball and football and basketball go on at the same time.


And we can now talk politics if we wrap it up in the sports playpen as the president of our country wonders, God's green earth, telling people he's saved college football using a almost literal political football to try to get re-elected in his desperation. Please tell me you found the site.


The trump folder is large. Yeah. Here's Tom Brady endorsing Donald Trump. I could give me a second.


OK, well, we've got a minute and 30 seconds left. Do you want to update some polls while we filibuster for Mike? I can update the polls, but I'm not certain Mike hit the polls sponsor while he's looking for sound Nebraska.


Well, we've got too many sponsors in the way I was brought to you by limiting jobs. Build your winning team to go to your sponsor. Don't speak.


All right. I got to hit it again. Now, the Twitter poll at Libertador Show is brought to you by LinkedIn jobs. Build your winning team today. Go to LinkedIn dotcom slash sports at Levitz Art Show on Twitter.


Does Alfonso have a portrait of Alfonso in his house? Might just save it for the post game show. We will find it eventually as you go through the Trump the Trump Dumpster. The Dumpster.


I think you have a great show. I watch it a lot. I guess we don't have to do it. The post game show, he said, wait a minute, that's not true. You're alleging that the president has spoken something that's untrue. Mike, you're doing that on the airwaves out there. You said I'm saying he meant this sincerely.


I think you have a great show. I watch it a lot. I really believe them. I don't believe that the president would lie about that or anything.


Not this president wasn't even candidate Trump. Damn, this is well before that. I think you have a great show. I watch it a lot.


Wasn't Pablo Torri dressed as an Oracle whale during that interview was Jesse Ventura.


Ninety five percent of the audience said yes, that doGet.