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Listen, man, can you imagine how it felt today to wake up to not only the news that Phil Jackson had been fired by the Knicks, but to have requests from Mike and Mike and SportsCenter sitting on my phone?


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So my apologies.


I want to get to weekend observations. We all want to hear what Stewart's his thoughts are from the weekend. It's one of the most popular segments we do, but things keep happening around here to sort of get in the way of that. So eleven, thirty eastern right now because a couple of things are in play. First of all, I wanted to talk about the passing of Joe Morgan, a more serious subject matter for people of all ages, really, because I think Joe Morgan is synonymous with baseball fans.


When baseball had a different standing in our sports universe, who grew up with Joe Morgan as the announcer. So I want to get to that in a second. But the thing we need to get to first is the conversation we were having during the break where you were pretty insistent that Doug Brown's nickname is the Duke. You kept saying that the football. Yeah, the Duke. And I'm like, I don't I'm like, I don't know if that's his nickname.


I thought that that was somebody else's nickname who was passed away, a South Florida update guy who passed away many years ago. But I don't know the story here. So Doug, is your nickname indeed, the Duke? It is not. And I'm shocked that you guys have forgotten the great Dan Davis.


His nickname was the Duke. Oh, he passed away. No, he did not. Oh, wow.


That's that's all right. Is a maximum penalty. That is fifty. You killed my. All right. Now play that because I killed the Duke. Fifty dollar. Fine. And finally, Matt Groening titled his cartoon The Simpsons because he thought it was funny to have the word simple short for simpleton in the name, speaking of perhaps overestimating the comedic value of simps. Oh, wow. Dan and Stu. Wow, what a monster segment here.


A fifty dollar fine for me for killing Dan the Duke Davis. I'm really sorry about that. Dan. That a boy. Dan, do you have a nickname?


What's yours. There's another fine you just said.


Oh my God, I like dogs, dukes. I mean, what are you doing? Hold on. I'm going to be a huge party when we finally get to have parties again. Hold on a second. How much do I owe Duke?


What is your nickname? Nothing that's really ever stuck over the, you know, the ones you'd expect downtown. Doug E. Fresh. I'll be your Doug.


You know that those are not the ones that I would expect to mount.


Doug E. Fresh downtown, no different than downtown.


Downtown, around downtown or we're not the same. They're not one.


That's two separate ones that get downtown.


Doug E. Brown. Doug E. Fresh is a different nickname. Right.


But neither of these, like you, are a pillar of radio update greatness. Neither of these visually, fundamentally, spiritually, are our nicknames that suit you.


What would do you think? What do you like? I said, nothing has stuck kind of over the years. Dave, you had to get downtown Doug Brown when you were younger, right?


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I'm just. Doug Fresh is all too. How old is Doug? Doug.


Well, we can't make fun of you. We have become this radio show. Stu. God, I'm just mocking him about where the show now that talks about Kerri Strug like, no, no, no.


Here's what he said for free. That is when it came up. Still, he said you would know. He said the Duke would know. That's how the conversation started. And I'm like, why would Doug E. Fresh know that?


Just to clarify, also, Kerri Strug still alive.


Thank you. I became a monster. Fine. Thank you, Doug. This is what keeps happening around here. That's the maximum fine. It's. And I deserve it. I totally deserve it. I did not mean to kill them.


Dave, maybe you should apologize to him.


I apologize on. Is he still alive? Oh, why it again. Do you have a number for the news guy walking walk into that one hundred dollar fine.


Oh oh oh oh.


That's you know looks very nice. Tempting. Yes. Dear God. If you. Thank you. I appreciate it. You've got something I have to put it in. I'm going to have to put it in the fine bucket. But speaking of actual death, Mike Ryan got hit hard by Joe Morgan, Billy Joe Morgan, Chris Joe Morgan. Does the name Joe Morgan mean anything to you? John Miller and Joe Morgan are the broadcast team for a lot of youths around here.


They were ESPN at the height of ESPN's powers. They were at the time at the height of baseball's powers, really, because at a time when there were stars throughout the sport and we were caring deeply about what was happening in baseball. Joe Morgan is a name that resonates with a whole lot of sports fans, baseball fans in particular, at least in part because the analytics movement sort of passed him by, like make sure the guy that we love around here, because he's created a good place and a bunch of great television, had a website that he would fool around with in his spare time, fired Joe Morgan Dotcom, a bunch of comedy writers were making fun of Joe Morgan because the analytics movement passed him by.


And it's sort of where, like a lot of arguing started about who knows better, the the nerds studying the sport or the guy who played it for because Joe Morgan to me is Big Red Machine is best second baseman before second baseman all became guys who could hit for power.


Right. Joe Moore, game one of the great second baseman of all time. Mike, why were you so affected by the passing of Joe Morgan? Because I don't think Billy or Chris I don't think that name really resonates with them too much.


I don't remember Joe Morgan, the baseball player. I only know Joe Morgan as the voice of baseball. That team with John Miller to me was the national team. That was the voices of baseball to me. And I was made sad when I saw that.


Billy, why did you make the sour face? I don't know why you got so assuming you don't know who Joe Morgan is. I don't know why he's assuming that.


Well, I mean, that that and then we were just saying that he doesn't know as much at the analytics people. Now, Joe Morgan was the voice of baseball growing up. He was a great announcer. And, you know, if you didn't care about the numbers. I didn't care about the numbers. I like Joe Morgan. Sad.


So that is interesting because you guys sigurdson are getting.


More used to sort of, you know, people that we grew up watching dying, right, getting old and dying or their or their kids playing professionally, now, you know, we're down the Duke Davis or Dan the Duke Davis, a record one hundred dollar fine.


Totally earned. Totally earned. Kill them twice.


I tell you, it's odd you knew it. But you know what? You're trying to beat me into a third one and I'm not going to do it, like comedically. You're trying to beat me in the third one and I'm not the first one was a mistake. I legitimately thought, Dan, the Duke Davis was dead. But I think there's another South Florida update guy nicknamed the Duke down here, was there not, who also died. What was your excuse for the second one?


Well, that was I was just going for the jokester. God, were you not there with me? You didn't see that the joke cost me fifty dollars. Usually that's a fifty dollars that goes in your pocket.


Yeah, well, that's going in my pocket. Paid that man his money.


And this is totally fair. By the way, we played the sound for you guys before and we'll get to the ad in a second. Forgive me, but this is people are accusing me in my old age of having done the wilbourne. And they are right. They are absolutely right. Wilbourne famously around here didn't understand the analytics of, you know, it's not just about wins in baseball when you're the pitcher.


And he and Frank Izola had this back and forth to Grant could become the first pitcher in 100 years to finish with an era of below two runs and without a winning record. His manager, Mickey Callaway, said that right now the Cy Young Award is the grounds to lose. Mike, I know you're big on wins.


Do you agree? Hell, no, because I'm big wins when the game Frank win the game. I don't care what the era is when you add them up at the end. You know, the Cubs probably had some Cy Young Award winning era champions in that hundred year plus year period. And if somebody said, I'll trade that for the wins, they get me a World Series. What would you do? If the answer is anything other than I'll take the wins, then it's fraudulent.


Then then I resign from following sports. Win the damn game. Mike, Mike, he doesn't get any run support. It's at three point six runs. OK, you got to hey, seventies only hang tough. Only seven starters in baseball.


And his NRA is one point where we are and many of you are pointing out I'm surprised none of you called me on it. I had Garrett Cole with my own hang tough. He struck out nine and five innings, pitching on three days rest, allowed one run. But you got to win that game. Three hundred twenty five million. They paid you to win that game even if you're not hitting. Hang tough. Hang tough.


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And so I want to sink into what just happened because it was an epically mistake filled segment for us.


First of all, you would think that and we were ready to do a whole segment making fun of Stewart because he thought that Doug Brown was nicknamed the Duke. When he was not nicknamed the Duke. He was confusing Dan the Duke Davis and Doug Brown. Doug Brown then revealed to us that he is Doug E. Fresh and he is downtown Doug E. Brown. And that got lost by the wayside because Doug and I mean, this is no slight, but Doug looks like professional radio update guy does not look or sound like Doug E.


Fresh or downtown Doug E. Brown. These are these are names. These are nicknames that are for somebody that you would imagine in a disco in the in the 70s. It was a different time when someone gave them those nicknames. Yes, that is correct. So but he was not the Duke. And lest you think that was the funniest part of the segment, it was not because I then killed in the Duke Davis accidentally on the radio. I'm not even sure why I asked Doug Brown, is Duke still with us?


That can really only go one way. I could have kept the curiosity to myself. But then when I in the tumult that ensued, which is a maximum fifty dollar fine, which is the biggest fine we give around here for accidentally killing someone, my last victim was frankly, I hadn't paid a fine of that sort since Frank, since killing Franklin. But in the middle of that I got fined the second time and two didn't get the joke. Keep the guns while it was happening, was moving too fast and still got me.


I made the exact same mistake again as if I wouldn't feel horrible shame at having killed the Duke already on there. Like why? Why would that happen? It's not bad enough. And I'm just going with the joke because it's got to be funny to the audience.


It's such an odd question that you would ask it. There's no upside. No, I'm sorry. I mean, it's your fist pumping because the guy is dead.


There's like some Mixu that all update anchors attend. Why were you asking downtown Doug Brown?


It's to each other. It is. And he did know and he gave us the correct information and stood out, was like, how is it possible that you got this comedic genius is such that he would confuse Doug Brown and Dan Davis, he would give the wrong nickname to the other one, and I would end up slipping in his poop and falling on the ground and being the idiot who is out of money, I waste money that he will no doubt steal, steal.


And it's double for a joke that he doesn't get the fine that was. Because I just went for the fifty dollar joke and stood up just looking at it like, how did you make the same?


You'll notice if you never know the way today's going, but you'll notice a couple of if you're 20 is missing.


What happened already for 20 years on that console? I have no idea what Ivan is always into. So far, such amazing sleight of hand. Still got his weekend observations are next. Geico presents Monster Counseling Dracula, tell me how you're feeling, no one understands how lonely this, no one will even let me into their house. I knock and knock, but they ignore me.


Huh? What else? I look in the mirror and they don't even see myself anymore. If you don't see yourself clearly. Can you really expect others to? I'm having a breakthrough.


It's not easy to be a vampire, but with Geico it's super easy to switch and save hundreds on your car insurance. Don Lemon tart cheesecake is magical, still got feed me. This is about our show with there still guides on ESPN Radio, all gassed on the Dan Levitated show up here via the show Pennzoil Performance Line. The Monday Night Football preview is brought to you by Progressive Insurance. Tonight, the one and three Chargers head to New Orleans to battle the two and two saints.


The Chargers are starting Justin Herbert, a quarterback who was only six years old when Drew Brees played his final game as a charger after sustaining a shoulder injury. Alvin Kamara leads the NFL through four weeks with five hundred and fifty seven yards from scrimmage at seven touchdowns tied for the most by any running back since Ladine and Tomlinson had eight and twenty five.


What happened that I'm just reading in the chat, Chris Cody just wrote, They have an actual goat on Undisputed with a LeBron jersey.


That's better than our coverage.


Got an actual go with the LeBron jersey on Undisputed.


The Saints will not play Michael Thomas due to an altercation with safety. C.J. Gardner Johnson to practice small business protection just got easier. With more than thirty coverage options available, Progressive has recovered more progressive commercial break up.


Did you see or do you know the back story on Golden Tate and Jalen Ramsey? The fight that they had Jalen Ramsey got find 15000 dollars. Golden Tate did not get find anything. The undercurrent to that fight got is that evidently Jalen Ramsey has two children with Golden Tate sister. And so when they're fighting about something, they're fighting about something that is real.


They're fighting. Yeah, well, I mean, this happened on social media, played out when Jalen, according to reports, split up with Golden Tate sister while she was pregnant. And what played out over social media came to a head after their game where there was an altercation. And even during the game, Jalen Ramsey had a textbook tackle on Golden Tate, meaning lit him up.


Doug, forgive me, Doug. Doug, what is it? Doug the dude downtown Freshie Davis.


What do you got? And finally, bats have received a lot of bad publicity lately, but here's one reason for you, Dan, to like them without bats, you wouldn't have tequila. Tequila comes from the agave plant and the agave plant is pollinated by bats. Thank you, Doug. Informative as well as having a great nickname. Would you please, please, please apologize to Dan the Duke Davis for me or send me his number or something?


I was just hoping that we could get through this segment without you falling off another one of my mentors.


Is he still alive at all? There you go. I you wanted to have a drink and it was a little delayed.


You got. Yeah, is that correct? Time now for Østergaard this weekend observation.


It is time for his two guys to share his game notes. No one in the media will tell you what happened better than my boys.


Too costly day for you. Weekend observations brought to you by advance auto parts. Get a free battery test and free installation with any automotive battery purchase at Advanced Auto Parts Adventure Auto at Advanced Auto Parts. Then after going nine of 11 for one hundred and eleven yards and leading his team on a game winning drive to beat the Giants in the red rifle is back. Is back.


Excited? Yeah. Speaking of being back for the fifteenth consecutive year, the Miami Hurricanes are not the 20th game here. Going up on twenty twenty twelve of twenty eight for one hundred and twenty one yards. No touchdowns and two interceptions. Derek King Wolf. I mean, Wolf.


Terrible other guy was good, is good. I have no evidence of that. After this weekend, Clemson's great Jerry Jones, his face was incapable of conveying the sadness that he felt. Danny Green said he received death threats after missing a three pointer that would have won the Lakers a title. I mean, that seems a bit excessive from LeBron. What happened there was.


Ah, yeah, that's a quality, Joe. Thank you. Take it back. I mean, seriously. I know what he's going through, like some things I'm doing right now. It was poorly delivered. He needed a longer pause.


But just on principle, that's a well written joke. Well, hold on. Let me hear about this long pause thing. What are you talking about? Perhaps you're right. I'm not I'm not ruling it.


I was I was gonging. Not the joke. I was gonging the delivery of the joke.


I'm going to try it again. Danny Green said he received death threats after missing a three pointer that would have won the Lakers a title. I mean, it seems a little bit excessive from LeBron James.


I was going to say to him, even worse, you're right. How about you deliver that joke now? But let's keep it moving.


I'm not sure what week of college football I just watched. I'm not sure when it ends or if everyone is playing, but it's awesome. We're five weeks into the season and I still have no idea what the bottom of Kevin Stefanski face looks like. Nothing says autumn has arrived quite like the French Open final death taxes and Rafael Nadal winning on the red clay of Roland Garros. Tim Duncan is now the second best Duncan to ever play in the NBA finals at David Robinson is now the second best.


Robinson, how about that? I wrote that after game five and regretted it by the end of the first quarter of Game six. I felt pretty good about it after the game five.


Duncan Robinson being better than Tim Duncan and David Robbs, the admiral. Yeah, the Florida Panthers traded defenseman Cliff PWG over the weekend. He must have stunk. There it is.


Oh, God. Are you bitter? Because he's got quality work. He's doing some of his best stuff. I'm thankful I wasn't at whatever sports bar Bill O'Brien was. That yesterday? Come on now.


I'm going to be the first to say it. I think Trevor Lawrence is a tad overrated. Oh, you are the first. And I don't think he'll be a great NFL quarterback, especially if the Jets.


I hate them.


DeAndre Hopkins among the first to say that, by the way, I don't hear he started slow last season. OK, DeAndre Hopkins looks incredible in those cardinal white uniforms. So does kind Mary Kliff. Kingsbury just looks incredible. I'd say the Cardinals looked like a Super Bowl team, but they were playing the Jets. I hate them. The way Jimmy Butler limped out of his seat at his postgame press conference after playing forty seven minutes in game five is literally how I always get out of my seat.


It is how you get out of bed in the morning.


How are you managing all of this?


After forcing a rush mutation of its sport in a transparent cash grab that was almost undone by two outbreaks, baseball finally has the stage to itself. That was it till Bill's Titans was moved to Tuesday. He baseball, baseball, poor basketball. Adam Silver, surprised by how bad the ratings were up.


The Bengals feel good about that field goal. They kick with twenty seconds remaining in the game because twenty seven three is so much better than twenty seven. Nothing. You know what the Bengals did, Dan? I don't. They avoided the shutdown. Well, I thought that part was obvious. I was looking for a cliche of some sort of the shadow. That's just man. I guess I felt as if I wasn't going for a joke there. I'm just.


Yes, yes. That's why they kicked the field goal to avoid the shut up area.


The Ravens I was pitched a shutout that I don't want to make the Alex Smith joke. It was good to see him back. It was a great story. It was also great to see that he picked up right where he left off. He really did. Patrick Mahomes must then for now, the Raiders or for real, better in college football this season. Good luck. Yeah, I bet LSU and had no idea LSU was playing at Missouri. I also took Virginia Tech, had no idea they were missing fifteen players because of Korvettes Low.


They've had more than that out.


Philippe Frags is a Razorback, Oklahoma, the rare fifty burger with a side of meaningless. The rays are the nuggets of Major League Baseball. Lane Kiffin work a salad and every now and then. Oh, come on. I mean, seriously, do you see him? Jimbo Fisher, please. With the people. Dad, did you routine people doubted you because you didn't beat anyone? That's why they doubted you. Anyway, you know, Mississippi tight end Sundays.


You know what I'm talking about? You know. You know what I know. At five, the New York Giants still firmly entrenched in the Knicks in the mix.


Dabo Lawrence, Balcones Collision Course. Did Thomas Dimitrov get fired for not firing Dan Quin? Things to ponder. Lightning winning Lord Stanley raised in the ALCS. If not for a senile quarterback who doesn't know what down it is, Tampa would be well on its way to being called Title Town. There were so many sports yesterday. Dan, I forgot about the ALCS hell is going on speaker to hell or Briles. And those are the weekend observations you got.


You mentioned Texas, Oklahoma. It was another one of those Gus Johnson classic. And because it went so many overtimes and because nobody in that conference knows how to play defense, nobody, Gus Johnson at one point just randomly started shouting words. A field goal kicker for Oklahoma missed an easy one. He's very good. And Gus Johnson shouted in this order, like there was just noise. But it was kind of sad noise because it's not a totally full stadium.


And so it's just a lot of noise and it's a surprising moment. So he, like Frank Vogel during the postgame celebration, is trying to summon something and he does this. College football. Fox Sports. Big.


I had avocado toast for breakfast, he shouted the words for times for me like it was a masterclass from Gus Johnson on Saturday. Did you hear the touchdown? Gary goes, Touchdown, Gary.


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Don Lemon tart, I feel like I've been framed. Still got a dead giveaway, this incident live at our show with a two guys on ESPN Radio. Let's do funniest thing from the sports weekend, we got a lot of funny stuff to choose from. Let's do it.


Hey, people, tell us what the sport make you laugh hard. This is Weekend Edition segment would go. What made you laugh this weekend? Funniest thing for the sports weekend is brought to you by Dell for your small business needs, a Dell Technologies adviser today at 877 asked Dell. Mike said I stole his in the last segment talking about Gus Johnson because he did. He just blurted Fox Sports out of nowhere at the height of dramatic tension. He just basically did a commercial.


I'm keeping it as my nominee.


College football, Fox Sports. I want to see it go back down. And it's funny, we can't get the sound to modern day.


There's a steal by bird. I mean Fox Sports.


Roy, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


Young Waiters is an NBA champion. Yeah, yeah. Jerry Smith is a two time champion. Tony, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


And rookie Chase Claypoole from the Pittsburgh Steelers had four touchdowns, three receiving one rushing one hundred and ten yards. He was an absolute monster and then took to Twitter and was an absolute star by Photoshopping his face on a Brady fourth down picture. All right.


Well, hold on a second. Where did he come from? Like, is this something a fantasy player or was he a fantasy player that a lot of people had? I'm assuming he was left off a lot of people's Rorschach's. He should have had five touchdowns yesterday. He had four. He should have had five lot of diamonds out there because there was no pre-season lot of hullabaloo coming out of Steelers training camp that this Claypoole might be a star and he did it.


And he'll be on everyone's fantasy team now. Oh, yeah. Congratulations. Whoever has the number one waiver in your fantasy league. So wait a minute.


You guys are telling me that this guy was a fantasy? Nobody before this. I'm telling you, he was available. My league. There was no preseason. So you really couldn't see the connection. He was getting in with Big Ben, but he burst onto the scene. Stan, we have a new fantasy star in town, I believe.


What was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


And Quinn Cook was left behind by the Lakers bus yesterday and then decided to join J.R. Smith's Instagram live and just comment on what the video was doing, saying things like got to walk back after I went to bleeping ring F and make a U-turn. I just left.


So he's wandering the lonely premises. Most things there aren't close to each other, right. Disney World look like if you'll be walking toward walking in uniform across the Disney campus trying to get back to whatever it is the Lakers were.


Chris, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


Ole Miss, Alabama, Saturday night. Lane Kiffin was wearing the smallest mask I've ever seen. I'm just going to say it.


It looked like a thong on his face. Again, this stat from Roger Sherman, Ole Miss prevented forty one yards of total offense in that game. Alabama had eleven drives, nine touchdowns, a fumble at the one and a punt from the Mississippi forty. So Alabama got all but the forty one available yards in the game. Still got what was the funniest thing from the sports week. And that stat is from Roger Sherman was a game of the weekend.


I was such a fun game. My funniest thing is Dwight Howard saying to LeBron during the championship celebration, quote, We got one, LeBron got you on and he has four.


They set you down. Dwight, you did not play that. He played all last night.


He drained a three, him and Solomon Hill. We're going at it, I believe. Right. Right. I don't know if you saw this, but I'm going. Funniest thing because we haven't talked about this. It is being regarded is regarded as the greatest knockout in UFC history. It was not among the lead fights. It was a couple of fighters who are lesser known fighters. And forgive me for not knowing their names. One of them had the other by the right foot.


And then he got, you know, spinning back kick in the face. But it wasn't even a spinning back kick because the guy was protecting against it, hitting the side of his face. It was like a kicked uppercut. And the cartoonish way the knockout unfolded from all the camera angles was just sort of like he was so dazed by it and it was so unexpected when you're holding one dude's foot to see the other one come off the ground and catch you under the chin, that he just sort of cartoonishly went down.


It is the knockout that any fighter would dream of throughout the history of time. Yes, he had to be there.


All right. Ah, you know. Yeah, I don't I don't feel like you are like you said to me, you said it before, you said it to Mike, before you said it to me. You like whispering to get approval. Made me, like you say, Fox Sports. Yes. He had blue eyes undercard known for years. Vick twelve. I'm sorry.


You just didn't want to let Jackass welterweight.