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This is the down labor part, sure, this still got Sparkasse. Eddie Van Halen no longer with us, gone at the age of 65 years old. Yes, Chris Cody, this is Van Halen. Chris Cody is like, OK, that's why they're playing that Van Halen, one of the best. Eddie Van Halen, one of the best to ever hold a guitar. This is old white guy radio.


Turn it up. Remember watching this music video when I was younger? Music playing gigs. David Lee Roth, we were talking earlier on the show, Glowworm Big SeeWhy about Van Halen. We were talking how different a band they would have been if they had chosen to be Lee Roth, not the same accounting firm of Lee Roth, but he was holding the entire microphone and was doing those, like gigs. Right. So he looked cool, wearing rainbow colored, tight, tight spandex, baggy pants and long hair.


The death of the rock star was right around there.


The NFL is in chaos and could possibly relocate Monday night's game between the Chargers in St.. From New Orleans to Indianapolis because of Hurricane Delta, according to ESPN. So basically, you just have football moving around, trying to escape a virus and a hurricane to make its money for everybody. Just trying to every turn. Let's see if we can move over here. Over there. Where's the money? Where can we safely grab the money? Where's a field?


Somebody just give me a field where there's no virus and just money. You would think, oh, just postpone the game, reschedule it. But no, they got to save those dates for the airborne virus. Yes.


And we need to give you ESPN Monday Night Football, because ESPN is not here to be sharing Monday Night Football with CBS. That is not how ESPN paid billions of dollars for those right now. And you can't get Mahomes in that transaction. And we're almost sounded so good on Monday. That's not how this is going to happen around here.


We're going to get our money, dammit. If there's a hurricane, we're going to move the game. We'll play it in the ocean. We will find a place where it's safe. The ocean right now is not safe because there are hurricanes. Play it in California or Oregon. Now, it's not safe because of fires. We will play wherever we have to play it so that we could get our cash and you could get your fantasy points. Christine Lacy, my apologies here for rambling on and getting in your way.


And finally, an Oklahoma district attorney is alleging the popular children's song Baby Shark was used to torture inmates in a prison if they really wanted to torture.


It is. Why don't they just show you out there?


It's infuriating. We don't know where it's coming from when it's coming. A little rope a dope, too.


And then she runs out cackling that.


Chris wants Elon Musk to send everyone up to Mars and from outer space. Is that why Chris was pointing up vigorously? I was wondering, like because I'm looking at the zoom chat. He was trying to communicate something. And so he was pantomiming playing charades. And so that was. Oh, wait a minute. How did how was to got to able to do the translation. That's my language on outer space. Yes. That is the next frontier for football.


You are so right.


Remember when cruise ships was almost the answer for the NBA. Oh my God, that was funny. Well, I don't think they need to send them to Mars.


I think they just need to send them to Canada. Yeah, Canada is safer, but it's much more fun, Chris, saying that it would be, you know, somewhere in outer space. You guys were having a great conversation during the commercial break that I demand to continue right now because we cannot talk enough about this around here. Go ahead and play it, Mike.


I did as a rejoin.


Their talking sandwich is going OK. I just wanted I wanted imaging for a talking sandwich is just as hard as they can. Yes, Chris.


Well, we were talking sandwiches, wraps, and I was saying that the most dominant food item, the LeBron James of food items like relative to that category is the buffalo chicken wrap of the rack because of the wrap, because there's no wrap that competes with the buffalo chicken wrap. Whereas if you talk about sandwiches, you're still a cheese steaks. There's turkey clubs, there's chicken cutlets, sandwiches. There's just so many top tier sandwiches. I feel like the buffalo chicken wrap dominates its category more than any other food item.


Name the second best.


But wait a minute. So you're not willing to rise that up into the big leagues and make it a sandwich? No, no, no. Is the buffalo chicken wrap a sandwich? Put it on the podium. Let me touch. Does the does the buffalo chicken wrap qualify to graduate to being a sandwich.


You're talking sandwich is going at it as hard as they can because I think Chris is right about this.


What is the second place rap. It's got to be some sort of chicken because it's just a fake burrito, right?


I mean, maybe rap is maybe a turkey rap, a tune, a rap. But but the buffalo chicken rap is head and shoulders above all the other raps it is. It's the LeBron James of Raps.


I think a chicken Caesar wrap might claim to be up in this category, but it's not on the level of the Buffalo rap.


No, we haven't seen those raps or no at our time area.


Our timing was a out there. Say it again. Do we have heroes? Is the same as real heroes more than a sandwich.


This is where we end. This is where we end up. We're saying in the sandwich category, the heroes are the LeBron James of all sandwiches. They're the best, the biggest and the best, are they. Yes, but within the hero domain, within that subcategory, OK, there is no standout hero because a chicken parm can be just as good as a cheesesteak or a turkey club. You know, like that.


That's what we're talking about, is going at it as hard as they can.


And what is if we're having the MVP discussion of sandwiches, then you're not doing a whole lot of a lot better than than a Philly cheesesteak, are you?


I mean, for me, it's chicken cutlet, melted cheddar or Swiss, depending on my mood, little lettuce, some mayo, lite salt, heavy pepper.


I just think marriage is going at it as hard as they can and trying to establish a rhythm.


I feel like I'm an early foul trouble here.


I just feel like if I just feel like there's just so many, like if we talk to one hundred different people, you're going to get fourteen different sandwiches that are their favorite. Whereas if you talk to one hundred people about their favorite rap, eighty two of them are going to say buffalo chicken rap and it's just more dominant is going at it as hard as they can be so mad at themselves. Do you not see monkeys trying to do a false ending there?


You just left it at the cross.


You're doing fine. Don't get upset. I've never seen you so engaged in the pandemic, so I love the Today Show. Is the Philly cheesesteak the best of the sandwiches? Billy, do you have an opinion here? Wait until Mike is done playing the music. Please bring. Thank you. You're talking sandwich. And it's broken. Bill, you can go to my favorite sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, and add it as hard as they can.


Hold that thought. Let's sell some maps.


Also, footballs fallen apart, but we're talking sandwiches are this weekend.


They're talking sandwiches now at it as hard as they can.


And the old classic grilled cheese. Billy, you're just the spirit of Stan Van Gundy or something by going the oh, I mean, I thought peanut butter and jelly.


If you're going to go with one of the one of the old staple P.B. and J. But let's not bring a PBJ because that's a whole divisive issue.


What's divisive about it? Everything is divisive. PB and J. T like grape jelly. Strawberry jelly. Do you like chunky peanut butter, smooth peanut butter, toasted bread crust? It's too it's too much of something. We can't tackle that too hot, too hot. Mean, chunky, chunky peanut butter. People need to get over themselves. What? Not this year, guys. We're not doing it are you. Mark it on the calendar, January 1st.


Twenty twenty one. We can we can debate this.


This is infuriating. February a year for I'll put it on the grill. Better peanut butter, crunchy or creamy crunchy peanut butter can get over itself. It's one of the greatest things in the world.


Oh, I like texture. I like texture. Get over yourself. You're talking sandwiches and at as hard as they can. You can listen to all three hours of the day, Dan Levator job, plus our Miami only hour and the big city on demand in the ESPN app and subscribe to the Libertador Friends podcast network featuring s Pete Sessions to ponder the mystery grape please rate and subscribe new episodes I posted every week. Wherever you get your podcast. Dan, it's time for Straight Talk.


It is brought to you by Straight Talk Wireless.


I know that sometimes these reeds can be like white noise because you're used to listening a certain way and you're just waiting sometimes for the guts to stop talking. I've asked ESPN for many years and everyone we've ever worked in in radio to do that better, where it doesn't become white noise in terms of the sponsorships on things. And so I will just accent here and echo what he's saying, which is if you want to support what it is that we're doing around here, the way you can do so is by rating, subscribing and reviewing on the Libertador and friend stuff, which will get you all of our podcast things.


You can use that as your own menu, your radio newspaper. After that, if you want to support what it is that we're doing around here. Did you see what Howard Stern signed for in Reaping with Sirius XM?


He really upped again. Yes. What? No, I did not said it's one hundred and twenty million dollars annually. He would be the third highest rated CEO, highest paid CEO in the country. He's from Sirius Radio since 2005. He's made over a billion dollars. And if you want to support what we're doing around here, we have our own pig vomit situation. I remember thinking that was a bad decision by Howard.


It was not a bad decision.


Overall, he's not even working that much. Right. He's like three days, three days a week at this point. He's just. Yeah, he figured out sort of before everyone before on demand stuff became a streaming option that changed all of television, changed radio viewing habits. He figured out that his audience was loyal enough that he could charge his audience for a subscription model. And I don't know that it was a good business move for satellite radio, but it must have been if they're still paying him right.


Like it still be him and they're still here. They're still here. And if they're reaping him again, it's because he has that value.


They're not just giving him like a lifetime contract, but he has such a catalog of content. So, like, today, I was just checking on Twitter. I think he's rerunning an interview he did with Eddie Van Halen. And I think David Lee Roth is joining like it's it's insane. Yeah.


His guest list is the strongest thing you will find just about anywhere in entertainment. It's still a thing that matters, even though, like he's in his late 60s now and he's doing it less than he ever has and it would appear being paid more for it than he ever has. Speaking of CEO, you saw the CEO of Ocean Spray gave that guy who was skateboarding to work, giving off a mood that went viral because he was drinking cranberry juice, ocean spray.


He bought them a car or a truck, bought him a vehicle. So he doesn't have to skateboard to work anymore. And the good job of the CEO there, well, it's a good way to get himself this kind of attention, which is worth more than whatever he paid for the car because he is now capitalize smartly on on a viral sensation by helping a guy out that helped out his brand.


I bet you sales have spiked for ocean spray. I mean, it's hard to make ocean spray cool, right? It's hard. He couldn't have bought himself twenty to any ocean spray in Fleetwood Mac. Being a tick tock sensations is not something that I had. But yeah, we did the and finally yesterday, Fleetwood Mac Streams is in the top 30 of Billboard Hot 100. Everyone's grateful for Dogface the Tock Star, and they rewarded him with a vehicle because the CEO.


This is an easy investment for the CEO of Ocean Spray to make. He's thinking to himself, we're in the middle of a pandemic. He said, how do I make ocean spray something that matters again? You'll never do it. It's like trying to make Fleetwood Mac matter again or skateboards.


The guy is just on a skateboard and I'm not sure why people loved it so much.


I'm really not so pleasant. It was unexpected. All of it was jarring. But the good kind, the messenger, everything top to bottom. I wonder what it's doing for head tattoos of feathers, ocean spray as a brand.


Right. It's not something necessarily you might get it out of habit, but what you're trying to do with commercials is basically plant. You can get any kind of cranberry juice. You could get whatever it is that you want.


But ocean spray is delicious.


But it's also got a reputation and a reputation that we haven't talked about recently. And all of a sudden all it took was a Fleetwood Mac song and a skateboard and a tattoo. A guy who didn't have a car boom pandemic gold, that is how you make money, that is how a CEO of this is that guy. Wait a minute, he bought him a car. Do you realize how much that dude in that video made that CEO like, oh, my God, it was a call all that.


That's right.


A terrible job by the CEO of Ocean Spray. If you're just joining us, Chris Coady has suggested that we play football games in space. Yeah, because hurricanes are coming and moving Monday Night Football and the virus is here and there's fire tornadoes in California and we just keep playing football.


Yeah, Mike had a probably a better and simpler solution of just going to Canada. Yeah. Or just not playing. No, that's not one of the options. Don't talk about it, you idiot. No, I'm sorry. I even had the thought I'd take it back immediately. Have you seen the slate this week? It was a moment, a weak moment in my month long depression and anxiety and pressure and tension about freedom in the world falling apart.


Christine Lisi, you were saying.


And finally, Koala Bear spent up to 22 hours a day sleeping, the rest of their time is spent eating and wandering around aimlessly, searching for a mate. If they don't find one, they just give up and go back to sleep. Here we go. Speaking of creatures that spend their day and walking around aimlessly. Yeah. Thank you. Appreciate that one coming at all.


We've got a lot of polls from the work week that we have not gotten to at Le Batard show is where you vote on them. It always gives you a decent idea of what we've been doing over the course of the week. We had an outburst of polls here a second ago because the sandwich debate erupted yet again. Somebody point out while saying that it's about the 100th time that we've had the sandwich debate and this is so true. Every this is via tweet.


Every single sandwich discussion in this show's history involves two gods fancying himself some kind of sandwich expert, but ultimately just talking about chicken parm.


So true, like, it is so true that he just throws out a couple turkey sandwich.


All he needs is chicken parm, some very basic it's chicken parm, meatball parm, chicken cutlet and a turkey would bake.


It is the extent of his sandwich. Knowledge is just that any time someone offers you a sandwich, it better be a chicken parm at Le Batard show.


If you want to vote on all these ridiculous things over the course of the week, you know, there are studies that back up that a sandwich tastes better if someone else makes it. Really? Yeah, because I would say the best sandwich is a sandwich that someone else made when you get out of the pool and you're about eight years old. There's nothing better. That's right, Sam. Maybe put a couple ruffles in between it, get some crunch.


That's the best type of sandwich. But the sandwich that someone else makes it taste better.


I've never thought a bit about it like that. But that he said there is something about like when you just make a turkey sandwich at home, it's not the same like you need it from a restaurant.


Like, I don't know. And it's hard to say.


And we're on Zoome.


I can't hear it. So it's like already playing.


I love it, that cadence. We miss the studio, we miss having everybody here at the same time.


It's why our timing is off and it's why we can't it's why we can't do some of the things that we normally do around here.


Just to have another conversation about sandwiches that we've had a million times where you guys diagonal cut or down the center, guys, they're talking sandwiches and as hard as they can diagonal down the center depends on my mood.


Let's try to put it off. You put it on the pole game at the Today show, you cut your sandwich diagonal or down the middle.


The Twitter poll Libertador Show is brought to you by LinkedIn jobs. Build your winning team today. Go to LinkedIn dotcom slash sports. Have you ever shouted at your television during a sporting event, quote, I will kill you myself? I did that. Mike did that. Duncan Robinson this week and then yesterday. Kendrick None. Fifty four percent of the audience said yes.


Got a squirrel up here. Wifey's compliment from the Gandhi. Jeff Pearlman. He was excellent. Best interview I've ever done. I'm serious Pulp. Sixty percent of the audience said no, no to pulp and a lot of votes on that one, too, does water make you extremely phlegmy?


That says to God's latest excuse, it's Greg's excuse.


I just backed him up on it. Eighty eight percent of the audience said no. Is it a good line telling someone who is wearing their hat backwards, didn't it come with instructions?


And it's great Konys insult of Chris Cody. Let's hear if this is a good joke deemed by the audience or a bad joke.


Fifty three percent of the audience said no. If you were Patrick Mahomes mom, would you wear a shirt that says QB producer? She does and she should. Seventy six percent of the audience said yes. Does a 16 year old need to know who Tom Hanks is?


Still got his kids do not know who Tom Hanks and neither of them are.


Sixty two percent of the audience said yes. If you walk past Flo from Progressive, would you ask for a selfie? Weird question. I mean, I would.


I mean, aren't all the questions. That's that's the one that's weird. Hey, guys.


Sixty two percent of the audience said that. No, they would not. Oh, I don't believe I'm calling them out. I don't believe you guys. Your selfie obsessed everywhere I go, you cannot walk around anywhere. Put this on the game. I twittered today show. Can you walk anywhere without seeing someone taking a selfie?


If Van Halen was the same damn but called Lee Roth, would it have been as big as 93 percent of the audience?


It would have been as big as, again, an accounting firm. Maybe Hagar, though. Maybe Hagar would have been OK. It would have been a little good, a little harder medal. I think Hagar I like Hagar would have been good.


They were good. That first album with Hagar was very, very good. Yeah.


A lot of people think Hagar is seeing Michael leaves in the caf. Amazing frescoed.


He saw Michael leaves in the cafeteria. Couldn't be bothered. He was in a big hurry, couldn't say the word cafeteria, so he said the caf.


Fifty two percent of the audience said no. Do you know the name of that aluminum foil thing that you put under your chin to Tan? Oh, it does have a name.


We looked it up. We looked it up. And now we have to explain this. This is Dave Soup, Campbell, at the Radisson up in Bristol, Connecticut.


OK, so it's a suntanning reflector, is what it's called. And if you did not know this story, a friend not very recently, back when Bristol was more of a pit than it is today at the old Radisson Hotel, which was a dump of the highest order. I thought he was arriving or she was arriving at the height of his or her dreams. And Bristol, Connecticut, at the top of the sports media empire. And they're standing in not by a pool, not in the grass, but in a lawn chair in the parking lot with a suntanning reflector was the leathery Dave Soup.


Campbell, at 11, Targ shows the gods. What else do you have?


There is a rat less than a sandwich. Seventy eight percent of the audience said yes. Is the buffalo chicken wrap a sandwich? Seventy four percent of the audience said no. Can chunky peanut butter get over itself? What are you doing wrong about this, Chris? So wrong. Fifty nine percent of the audience said no. It's appalling, Chris. It's just generally appalling.


Don't misunderstand me. I'm fine eating it. I'm just saying people who love it need to get over themselves.


Do you cut your sandwich diagonal or down the middle? This is early. The voting is early here. Fifty seven percent of the audience said diagonal.


Really? Yeah. Diagonal sandwich cutters. Yeah. Can you want.


He cut a diagonal and you you cut it diagonally when it's going to break, this show ain't free time for some and it is red faced with anger.


You guys need to understand something. OK, Parker's code, he had a rough day yesterday. His Marlen's laws to Khunying started this series with an enormous home run. Then his heat lose. His night ends with him yelling at Twitter viewers, our fans and customers yelling at them that they probably have receding hairline.


At one point he said, You're watching me. I'm not watching you.


An enormous. The ego I just pulled, the PAC man, so I'm not even kidding. You didn't do that, Chris. Well, I'm not watching you. You're watching me get over yourself. Receding hairline and you're so tired today. You're so tired today that your chemistry is small windows. It's been a note off all show. I'm so tired of looking into that room chat and seeing you read the piece with shame. He just threw his microphone.


He's telling people about trafficking.


I just want to revisit here just real quick, because I do think I've done harm to a pectoral muscle here, laughing at Chris Cody, I want to explain to the audience again that we used a show last night as a thank you to our listeners because we very much appreciate the loyalty and the intimacy that comes with the stickiness of this show. Wanted you to be in our lives a little bit and watch or feel like you were watching the game with us.


So we've done two or three or four of these. And you've come out by the thousands in order to be a part of this. And last night ended with Chris Cody screaming red faced in his zoom camera and on my computer, at least because you were the dominant voice on the Zoome, you blew up and everyone else went to the side. And so I see you after a very long day. All right. I hat you don't look like you smell great just because of the stress of the evening, because you said many times that there were sphincter troubles during the game because you were scared.


He is screaming into his computer and was the dominant face saying you probably have a receding hairline, too. He's yelling this at a general chat. He's not looking at anybody. He's just looking at a chat and he's yelling, you probably have a receding hairline to. And these were the last words. But this is when I went to sleep with your watching me. I couldn't sleep because he said it.


I was thinking about it.


Oh, no, I'm not watching you. Is bury that switch again. You were there to have a nice night with them. You know, like Charles Barkley said that he learned from Julius Erving, never meet your heroes because they will disappoint you. And so he said any time he's meeting someone, give be the first time he's meeting them in the last time I'll ever see him. He doesn't want to leave them with a bad impression. Chris Coady, Red-faced and angry, telling a viewer or listener whose hair he knows nothing.


What do they say to you that everything in life is constant? And it was the whole time it was a buildup. It wasn't just one thing at the end. It was the whole time. This one guy I'm not going to say use your name, but I know it. I wrote it down.


Of course you did. Yeah, I'm just I was done, man. I was done for the night.


But you morphed into it was weird. It was somehow it was meaner than a w e I post game show after bad something like well this is the thing I don't know. Mike Ryan enjoyed the tears of the Boston Celtics by calling into Boston Sports Radio. And now we're the new evolution of that. You have to tune in at the end of a heat loss to see Chris Coady, Chris Codi, lovable, affable Chris Codi, Chris Cody gets along with everyone.


I've known Chris Cody since he's a child. I've never once seen him angry until last night, red faced screaming into this room and it was real. And Ron, I'm going now.


I believe the word curse is I believe you were shaking and the sides of your computers, you know, I just closed my tablet. That's the last thing I saw. It was like haunting.


Well, Chris, did it go on? I mean, yeah, that's why I didn't go to sleep.


I was fuming last night. You tried sleeping. I might. Have you ever seen Chris Cody angry? No.


No, I don't think any of us have. I didn't think he was capable that I have to be honest. Billy, Billy, how about you? You've seen the rage, the red faced rage, the nuclear rage of of Chris Cody.


I was shocked to see Chris that upset, but you know what? Good for you, Chris, standing up for yourselves. The cyber police release, it won't stop, though, because now they know that it'll will irritate you.


So it's only going to get worse. Oh, it has. Oh, my Twitter mentions today are all about receding hairline. So I thought you just leave it alone, man. That is the television trap right there. You show them your vulnerability with your anger. You expect something in the way of compassion. But no, they will make you have even less hair because you're pulling it out in a rage while trying to sleep. All right, we'll get those Kyrie Irving thoughts from the Gods during the postgame show.