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This is the down labor part. Sure, we've still got Sparkasse. I'm sorry, Christine Lacy, we interrupted you. And finally, mankind has left ninety six bags of feces, urine and vomit on the moon. So speaking of bags of feces, no.


Yes, no. Back to you, Dan. Plus two, that means somebody else, somebody else on Twitter here is saying I'm a bag of feces as well by choosing these words, did the chubby tart just ask, is it Loveland Country? Ye gods, did this squealer ever crack open a bleeping book? I think I'm going to start calling myself Dan Patrick to.


Wait a minute. What's he still doing jiggling around there?


I did the chubby tart.


My apologies. It's a Lovecraft country. I did not know. That's a fine. I will pay the fine. My sincerest of apologies. You people get so angry about this stuff.


They really did. What what did he call you or what did Shelby Taat Shelby and told me to open a bleeping book as well.


You should do that occasionally. Thank you to God. Speaking of which, where's that message? Should we play it here? Because we've got we've got an hour of terrestrial radio left and we've got a lot of things to get to. And I don't think we're going to get to most of them. We've got magnets for magnets. And joining us for the third straight day and a half hour, the world's strongest man. We've got so many questions for him.


Mike, how should I set up Mike? Are you available to me today? Because I see you very stressed. You're dealing with television. They're getting in the way of everything.


I'm wearing a mask not because I'm adhering to super strict social distancing. And Koven, I'm wearing a mask so you can see me gritting my teeth or how it's set my face looks. Yeah, it's just been a day.


OK, so television tends to get in the way of everything that we're doing here. We are back on ESPN News. They do the helpful thing of making us slightly less good and they get in the way of just about everything else. You don't appear six feet apart like I measured guys I measured, put them in the other seat, the other sheets closer. What do you want me to do?


Like they don't want us to appear. Look, man, we've been doing the show like this. We're covered in hand sanitizer.


I mean, I've been bathing in it. And here's what I can tell you. No one cares about this stuff. Like when I tell you my Grion measured exactly six feet. He does it every single morning before Dad and I sit down like you want to sit down.


I love how giant the inside the NBA set is. Those giant people have to be six feet apart. So they've got like seven acres of land where four guys are sitting.


If you guys want to give us that studio or bring plexiglass, their solution is have Sagat sit in your studio. I'm like, no, no, we covered that. And I and I measured him. Sitting behind me is closer to me than he is to Dan. I don't understand. We've been doing the show like this for two, two months and not a peep. Everyone saw us and then you see it nude on your television somewhere in Bristol and you're like, oh, no, it looks close.


It's a trust me, six feet. Mike's in a mix in there even further from there. Mike, just trust me.


But who's saying this is it is it people like Bristol or like our listeners being like golf snitches and like they're calling their texte in the NBA like it seems, or caring more about the optics of it than actually caring about it?


Because we've been doing this for like this for too. Well, you went to a hot state that won a two week stretch.


But outside of that, like, come on, trust me, trust me, I left the hottest state in America to go to a state that's not nearly as oh, it's all using. Oh, while you're talking about how things look. OK, and let's explore this before we get to stigmatises Mezzeh, how things look now. George Hill has been vocal in the bubble. He has been vocal about like sort of why are we here? And yesterday he just sort of missed the national anthem and people were wondering, well, wait a minute, is George Hill escalating things here?


I assume from kneeling to just walking away during the national anthem, he was asked about it. And sometimes things the way they look are not the way they appear.


There's a specific reason you weren't out in the arena during the national anthem. You want the honest truth?


Yep. OK, I take it every time before the game. I've been doing it for the last four years. If you go back and watch any footage of our previous games before we come down here to this bubble, that's what I do before every game. And I'm so happy that you guys were snoozing in the hallways and caught me coming back from my pregame ritual. And that's what I always do. Not true.


So for the record, sometimes it can be a powerful, echoing, courageous stand. And some guy some guys are just taking a poop. And I appreciate George Hill's honesty. And and furthermore, Gameel put it on the pole Libertador show, are you envious of how regular George Hill is?


Well, the fact they can also control it like he's doing it at that. Time before every single game that he ever plays in, and it is amazing that we have noticed until right now. Forgive me, is that not the same thing I just said, being regular and being able to do it at when you're ready to do it?


I think you said that often. I was really focused, more honed in on the timing of it. It seems like he has the ability to go whenever he feels like going, which is an ability I'd like to have.


I'm more concerned about the handwashing, like, are we making sure he's watching his hands before he gets back on the court? I'm just picturing a scenario now where he's back on the court. He realizes he forgot to wash his hands and he's like, wow, everyone's touching this basketball.


That is, you know, so you're doing the same thing that viewers and executives at ESPN are doing to us where he's been. He's been playing basketball that way for many years. He's been evidentally regular for that many years. And you're wondering, hey, are you washing your hands correctly? I don't doubt that.


We have a very different diet myself in George Hill. But at 34 years old now, I am very envious of the regularity that he seems to be able to go to the bathroom to just on command. I remember back when I was 16 years old then, it was like a log flume back then. And now it's just it takes a while to get going. I need two cups of coffee.


You can go days without doing it, too. It's I have a mom on right now. It's been 48 hours. All right.


Log flume is both an uproarious and disturbing phrase. Let's get to Stewart's is messy. If you're not familiar with what's happening here. Stu got very jealous because I got to do during the Big Stewy Digital Hour a an essay. And yesterday I wrote something for ESPN Dotcoms two. God hates it when I take his writing shine. And so he decided to do a Tom Rinaldi type essay, a message on Lionel Messi. And this is what it sounded like.


Soccer, the beautiful game, a game soccer zealots playing is so complex in its artistry that just simple just don't understand to which I would respond by saying, no, we understand it just fine.


We're just not entertained by it. We digress at what is considered to be the world's game. He is considered the greatest in the world, despite the fact that he's never won the most prized trophy in his sport.


Born June 24th, 1987, Lionel Andres Messi lived with his family in Rosario, Argentina, a small, quaint town where the going gets tough, the tough gets going.


And he did get go to Barcelona.


It was there at the age of 30 where Messi sculpted his talent and where Lionel became known as LA Holga, a Tomica.


It was there he would fall in love with what is known in some parts as Joga Bonito, it was there in Ciudad Konda that he would sculpt his.


It was there in La via della della Tando that he perfected his craft.


It was there in La Takita del Plata. He would play his entire professional career. And it was there where he would be charged with and found guilty.


Oh, my God, of tax evasion and fraud.


Now, like the true fraud that he is. Oh, after one bad sees it, Lionel Messi wants out of Catalonia.


After two decades, the world's greatest player most assuredly must have told his owners face to face. Not the Polgar Tomica, he informed them via fax.


Oh, teams will line up to try and acquire the 33 year old legend, but I hope that they know this, that behind that youthful, innocent looking exterior, there lies a monster, a monster that will kill you, Villafane.


When his producer is called into question a monster that is capable of tax evasion and fraud, a monster that is also capable of standing in front of a federal judge and lying to the judge's face and a monster that is probably a tad overrated.


Rated fraud.


Put it on the pole, please. Gamble at LeBreton show.


Funniest thing or the funniest thing about the message to God is pronunciation of Barcelona, the piano, how overproduced it is or that Stukas is just ripping Mezzeh in an essay, a message to justify our unreasonable salaries.


I've been using a lot of words to try and describe how great that Denver Eutaw series is, but they still got only needs one.


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All right. So Mike Ryan is in golf today and I'm going to put something else on his plate. Mike, can you just put the computer to the screen so that people can see that Magnis for Magnason is there early? Again, he is very punctual. We're excited that he is back. He is the world's strongest man. He reminds us of a certain time in our lives that makes us very happy. Magna's can you hear us? Are you there and ready to go?


We can start asking you questions immediately, sir.


I can hear you. Can you hear me? Yes.


Very exciting. OK, so have you moved the entire weekend? I mean you look exactly the same. It's nice to see you. We wanted to know because you're joining us from Iceland. If you can get a restaurant table in Iceland before Michael Jordan is magnis for Magnason because he's the world's strongest man. Are you someone who can get a restaurant table whenever he want in Iceland? Oh, definitely.


So you and Jordan walk in your separate parties, you and Michael Jordan, and you both walk into a very packed restaurant at the same time before anybody. Wow, wow. Before any. Wow. Before anybody. So wait a minute. So you've got you are somebody who the the Icelandic pride is enormous, that the country loves you. I would think so. There are a lot of the the Froneman history, and that has to do with Iceland and the Vikings and.


So that that's. Something that has been in our genes for a long time, and it's all the hard work and the. What if it's you and Bjork, though? Oh, you and your legends and ice? Well, let's put it this way. I would let the month before Bjork. Oh, MBM.


That's right.


Agnes, what what is something that we would be impressed because you could crush it with a single hand, something that you could crush with one hand. The of feats of strength, all of the things that I used to do is I would cross like soda cans and just spray that sort out on just like that.


How about them open? How about if I gave you a baked potato? If I gave you a big potato, could magnets for magnets and just crush with one hand a baked potato? Pretty much.


All right. Wait a minute. We're going to do that. You. We've got to get this one in the mail. We've got to get an assortment of things in your hand to crunch things a lot more difficult than a baked potato.


Remember, baked potato is already mushy and cooked. How about a raw potato, magnis? That's going to be harder, right? But I want to test the still possible right. I want to test that. Chris, what do you have for these possible. What do you have for Magnis? For Magnason?


I want to know the worst pain of these two things. And if you have another option that's worse than this, I'll take that as well.


What's worse? Stopping stubbing your toe or a brain freeze?


Francis, who put that on the Today Show, what's worse, stubbing your toe or brain freeze? What do you have for magnets, for magnets in the world's strongest man now and forever, Billy? Magnus, I heard that you have a great story about polar bear, polar bear.


Yeah, well, it used to be years ago we were travelling and jump Sigma's them doing shows around the world and at some places you could go shopping for the families or something like that. And people at the stores were going like, oh, oh, you know who you guys you know, what are you doing? So we came up with a story that we were farmers from Iceland and we were the race for all of this and that. And we would think the milk that would make us so big and strong.


So pretty much everybody asked us if he could send them some milk.


Do you have construction going on outside of your home for.


It's awful. We've been playing with fire for like thirty five minutes here in the last break. I was like, I, you know, they're like drilling into the wall under my window and of course now no noise, no magnets.


We're going to come back with magnets for magnets and he arrives early and we just take him whenever he arrives because, yeah, we have to. So hold on just a second. We're going to get back to magnets for magnets in. And now another edition of Obvious News from Geico. A study says that soft talkers do not make great radio personalities. We asked local librarian Steve Sage about this and here's what he said.


Honestly, I don't buy it. I think I think very captivating writing is also an obvious news.


Geico makes it easy to save money and easy to manage your policy with the Geico app. So switching is a really smart decision. How do you feel about this?


I love the Geico and I use it all the time. That's all this news from Geico is using.


My apologies to Christine Lacy for interrupting her. And finally, Netflix is responsible for 15 percent of global Internet traffic. Coincidentally, Dan is responsible for 15 percent of global buffet traffic. That's not true.


Oh, that's a made up stat. I don't like how much magnets for Magnussen is laughing at that, but what am I going to do about it exactly?


I love our audience and mostly because she's great at what she does. She's professional, but mostly because she is taking constant shots at you. They are growing to love Christine and very quickly, they're very.


But they love magnets for Magnussen as well in the whole Garmo. Who do you love more magnets for, Magnason or Christine Lacy. Both rising very high on our popularity charts. I've got a couple of questions for you here, Magnus, if you'd be willing to play along. First of all, are you willing to come on with us again tomorrow?


I'm sure I can arrange that. Okay. All right.


And the other thing I wanted to ask you is, can we get you just a handful of household items? We will reimburse you to crush them with a single hand. I made a mistake of saying that it was a baked potato, meaning a raw potato. I think that you could I think that you could crush some interesting things with your bare hand, and I'd like to test it. Would you be willing to give us a handful of things around your house that you could crush with your hand and we will reimburse you?


I'm sure I could find something.


OK, very good. We will talk to you off air. This is very exciting for us.


I think he needs to go to the grocery store. He needs a crush on in his own house grocery store and then send an invoice to him.


But he's on. Yes. Or Amanda Gifford just will send him an invoice and you'll never get your money back or we'll just Venmo you. We will indeed reimburse you. You don't need to worry about that. Chris, what do you have for Magnus versus Magnus? And can I ask him enough questions? I want him to teach us how to be more of a man. What do you have for Magnus? For Magnus and Chris?


Well, you know, I mean, I got to go food. I want to know on a cheat day what's something you can crush your guilty pleasure. Something if you're just letting it loose.


Something you go to for food. Oh, I must admit that one of the things that I love cheating the. Is basically stole the soda. Hmm, yeah, that's you know, it's just something that, you know, you want to have a once in a while, but a cheap meal. I never really had anything keep me off, never let me know you're just eating like broccoli and potatoes.


I haven't had a problem with anything like that. I've always been pretty much able to eat anything. All right.


But when was the last time that Magnis for Magnason had something really just terrible teeth where he just decided, you know what, I'm going to crush a gallon of Haagen-Dazs? Oh, no, actually, I was at this hotel the weekend where it happened and I went to have on my left is this machine thing and I take a big sip of it. And the milk for saw, oh, no, oh, no, I pretty much back into buck up.


Oh, but wait a minute, that's not the same story at all. It's a story about sour milk. And I'm talking about when when is the last time that magnis for Magnason ate way too much with just fried food or terrible food, something he shouldn't have been eating and he just ate a ton of it. I didn't mean like sour food, just food that's bad for you. Food that you shouldn't be eating because you're a healthy man with forms that are bigger than me.


I think I've never eaten too much.


Really, you've never just got to like a McDonald's and just thrown down like, you know, five large fries, 20 piece nuggets, stuff like that.


I've never been really a fan of the fries. You know, I have a couple just for two for the taste. But I'm going to know if I would do that. I would go for the Nuggets, the Nuggets.


Nuggets. Billy, what do you have for Magnis?


For Magnason Mangus? How many beers is it take for you to get drunk? Oh, great question. Good question. Well, I don't really think we have often two kegs, three.


I think we forget we're talking to a healthy, strong man here. It takes a lot.


Roy, what do you have for MAGNES? For Magnason Magna's?


We already know how you are around tires, but how good are your own cars? Can you change your own oil? Can you change your own carbon filter? Can you change your headlights?


Yes, of course. My my profession. Actually, what I was studying as a young man was mechanics, welding. So even ship repair.


So, yeah, I know how to do all that.


Of course, the ship was the word that he used there, Tony.


What do you have for Magnis for Magnason Magots, as you've been traveling around the world, have ever been stuck in a middle seat on an airplane?


Yes. Oh, no, no. It was horrible for the people sitting next to me.


Have you ever opened the door and just had the knob come off in your hand or the door? Have you give us a story where you did something and you just didn't recognize your own strength and you're like, oh, that's things. I'm way too strong for this.


Yeah, things like that have happened. Often we call this thing is if you go to the bathroom and you lock yourself in because you you ripped out the door and you have a lot to tell, you have a lot of stories that involve you pulling thing off of the hinges.


Give us a couple of the of the of something like that of.


The thing that I'm getting into a car, I've pulled the door handle off, but I did learn to be more careful.


Billy, do you have something for magnets. Ver Magnuson magnets.


What is your gym name in Iceland and what does it translate to. But the the gymnasium is a young couple, which basically translates Nestel giant, of course.


Yes, nest of giants. That's exactly where you should be working out. I can't think of a better name for where it is that you're throwing around Waite's The Nest of Giants magnets. It has been a delight. We will talk to you off air and we will get you. We'll figure out one of the things we have to get in your hands so you can crush them with one hand tomorrow. Thank you for being a delightful giants are we very much appreciate the time.


Thank you. And again, remember sending that to Liam Chapman. Amanda Gifford, you will never see your money again.


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OK, Mom, I empty the dishwasher, vacuum the basement and folded the sheets out of the dryer. What? Oh, and next, I'm going to clean Martin's litter box.


Are we in some kind of prank show or something? That's a camera, isn't it?


There's never been a better time to switch to Geico. Save an extra 15 percent when you switch by October seven. Limitations apply. Visit Geico Dotcom for details. Today is fordoing, and today we celebrate the return of college football. On Saturday night, Austin Peay played central Arkansas in the Guardian Credit Union. FCC kick off the first college football game of the season. Despite on the very first play of the season, governors running back C.J. Evans Jr. taking a seventy five yard run to the house.


The Bears took the win twenty four seven thanks to a game winning 10 yard touchdown connection from Lucja in Washington or excuse me Winningham to Braylon Smith today is fordoing It's brought to you by the Home Depot with everything you need to do project smarter, faster and easier. Welcome to today's Home Depot. How doers get more data. I see you guys laughing. I know why and I'd be laughing at me too. I mean, that was a very clunky way of recovering from a terrible mistake.


I mean, WINNINGHAM, is that what the gentleman's name was? Luján WINNINGHAM. Yeah, you made it. Washington I did.


You know, I am trying to stay exactly six feet away from you because I don't want my to get in trouble. So the microphone is in front of the computer screen. I can't move the computer screen. It also it's in the way of some of the words. I don't know what to tell you. So what explains your last twenty years of reading, Paula?


Oh, I don't know. And I mean, they took away your sports center read.


That's why Christine Lacy is a delightful part of our lives. I know. I know. Because it's not it's not on Brand for.


Yes, I feel like we really spun that into a win. It is a big win for me and a big win for Christine Lacy and a big win for our audience. To be quite honest with Annika, she is taking shots at your shots. I would never take it. You can. I just request that ESPN please stop putting things in front of us that we have to spin into a win. Can I request that?


Because I've now requested it. OK, I want to get to the polls, but I don't know if there's time, because first we've got to we've got to get the funniest thing from the sports weekend.


Hey, people, tell us what the sport make you laugh hard. This is Weekend Edition segment. We go what make you laugh this weekend. The funniest thing for the sports weekend is brought to you by Dell, Dell just announced their Labor Day sale save up to 50 percent on powerful business computers with Intel core processors. That will keep you ahead of the competition. Call 877 Ask Dell.


Let's go around the Zoome here. Chris, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend? Forty eight year old Manny Ramirez signing a one year deal with the Sydney Blue Sox of the Australian Baseball League is going to hit 400.


Mike, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


There's a new signing for Tottenham. He just signed from wolves and he had old tweets that came back to the surface that revealed he was an Arsenal supporter, Tottenham, an Arsenal bitter rival. So his introduction video to his new supporting fan base was him deleting his tweets. Very clever by the social media department.


Put it on the pole, please, at Batard show, can you tell that Mike Ryan is talking through a mask? Roy Roy, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend? The Lakers wrapped up their series against the Trailblazers. Which brings me back to Charles Barkley picking the trailblazers at one game, one that they will sweep.


That did not happen. Did not happen. That is the real the really the opposite of that happiness, the very opposite of it. Like that one as poorly as it could have gone for Charles. And he will do something like that again in the next round. And no one will remember because he is still got. Chris, what was the funniest thing? I'm sorry. I already did. You Bill. You can't hear me. Billy, your what was the funniest thing from this?


J.R. Smith and tried to shoot a three from out of bounds.


Thank you for saving me, Billy. I got tangled up there. I appreciate it. Did they make the court smaller?


So many people are stepping out of bounds. Am I the only one that notices this?


No, there are a lot of people stepping out of bounds. OSTERGAARD What was the funniest thing from the sports weekend? Marcus Moore saying he's not a dirty player.


I honestly can't remember, Tony, whether or not I went to you already. That segment that this is spinning so much around here. Tony, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend? If you already gave me something, give me something else.


No, then you haven't gotten to me. Quin Snyder, his pants. Very, very nice. I'm upset with other people that are that are, you know, giving him flak for those high pants.


That was the funniest thing from sports for me. It looks like game was strong on Quin Snyder yesterday. Pablo Torre made me laugh out loud with a tweet saying Quin Snyder looks like he calls Batman Batman the God to my gone.


Do you want funniest thing? Everything is spinning here way too much. You have then. Yeah. My funny Marcus Moore said he's not a dirty player. Yes, you mentioned that. Thank you.


Yes, I loved that silly controversy yesterday. I thought that's why I thought the Clippers got Marcus Morris specifically to do that. I thought that is the entire point of bringing Marcus Morris to what it is that you're doing. I just like Boban grabbing teammates by the face and you noticing that his hands are bigger than any hands you've seen. I think got people I've told you this before. If you're wondering why Chris Paul is so good at that size, the hands on that human being are ridiculous for his side.


Right. They also have no rings on them. Mike, did you actually wince you actually you actually can't tell from behind your mask what it is that you're doing back there? That was a good one.


Sigmon I got the next laugh.


I ve covered hockey necks, that is.


Yes, that. You guys need to remind me tomorrow to please let magnets for magnets and promote whatever it is that he wants to promote. We are wasting this man's time. We have done it three straight shows. He's a magical, magical person from a nest of giant. And we appreciate that. Tomorrow, we got to please tweet us things that you'd like to see Magnus crush with his one bare hand. It's a good boy. Is it moved in four days.


It hasn't promoted a thing or changed his shirt.


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Absolutely. Great. And you're cutting down on your sweets, of course. Wonderful. Then I don't even need to look in there. Great.


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