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This is the down labor part show with this got Sparkasse. Let's think into this just a little bit more here, because unbelievably, Mike Ryan went into a file cabinet in the back and did indeed find his top five most handsome radio producers of all time. So number five, Mike Ryan, you want to start with number five? Number five, C10 O'Conor.


It one, if you give a go, Dan Patrick family, I think if you could only choose one, it has to be easily lead dog for me of the Dannatt's number for my Grion, the great Eskisehir.


Oh oh.


Oh, the great one made it mourning's WFA in alleging everything Dan hates about radio. I mean one Burset go ahead and Google Google him. What was his name again. Mike if you don't mind. You have to say it that way. A great Eddys Kazarian. Yes.


Number three, my Grion, most handsome radio producer of all time Prime Liem Chapman.


Mike and Mike Williams show Mike and Mike with a hair flip out the back prime.


But 20 years ago, an absolute deanship, a producer or as Dan likes to call them, Liam Neeson before he deteriorated.


Number two, Mike Ryan. This one was tight.


Steve Cerutty, the Rudi's number two. And finally, this this No.


One must be one. Handsome, handsome. I mean, no surprise here.


The epic jaw line of one, Kyle Brandt, number one, and wide Gulf wide gulf between Kyle Brandt and Steve Cerutty. OK, no offense, Steve. I mean, you're number two. That's something to be proud of. Two spots, you know, the great Eddie Psychosurgery.


Tony, are you despondent here? You were hoping to to make this list? I thought that perhaps you might be in contention, but you were not you did not make the top five. Look, Dan, you know, sometimes when you're as good as looking as I am as a radio producer, you know, some people tend to get jealous. And I see that Mike also didn't add himself, too. So maybe if we get a little truth serum into Mike Ryan, we would see me.


We would see him. You know, he just had to fill in for the audience.


You're very clearly not familiar with the great Google. And I'm telling you, image search is a your dive.


Again, self awareness, the great what can you guys do me the favor, please, of making that name trend? I would like that name to to start trending because you guys can't stop looking up what this person looks like. I also want to put on the pole Batard show. Gameau, please, Laima.


Kirk Cousins or twenty 20 lamer question mark Kirk Cousins or 20 20, because it is hard to gods tell me there are a lot of examples of this. I know we beat up Russell Wilson. For being a bit of a starched stiff, even though his playing style is liquid and fun, he his personality is very robot quarterback, at least what he lets us see.


But don't you think it's kind of rare that your Dawkins's has to be a special kind of dorky for you to play that position and for we the Dorcy to say that you're dorky, you know what I mean?


Like that that you bike by by virtue of playing that position, playing it even a modicum of well, if we were poor, we will extend you a little bit extra cool, a little bit extra handsome. But Kirk Cousins does things that are like, man, your your you're a bit of an herb.


Yeah. You're you're a dork. You do get cool points for for being quarterback. Kirk Cousins happens to be a pretty good looking guy, but he does come off rather dorky for a quarterback. You're right. Russell Wilson is certainly in that category, especially when you consider how great he is and how dynamic he is.


There is nothing dorky about Mr. Unlimited.


So help me out here. Audience How many quarterback personalities or are you willing to assign that guy's dorky understanding that our starting point on this is or at least my starting point, I'm not here to tell you that I'm cool. I'm just here to tell you that when I see quarterbacks, they're usually not the dorky that Kirk Cousins is.


It's weird because Brady is kind of dorky. It's he's he's handsome, to my point. Those two got to my point. He doesn't get assigned to that because look at him. He's statuesque. He's in the pocket. He wins. He plays a violent man's game. He's a leader. Like you have to be an extra special, Dorcy, to appear dorky to us when you're playing that position. Yeah, it's weird.


The six rings don't hurt either with Tom Brady. They they bring some cool factor. Let me ask you guys this question.


Who's third on this list? If I say to you that position quarterback and you are looking for sort of a note off on the coolness, I think Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins are two. We're putting in the top three. Who's the third? And not only I'm giving you all a history, never mind even thinking that you can find it right now in today's game, I'm going to give you all of history and ask you, give me another quarterback that you're like and I'm not talking about like the stiffs.


I'm talking about the guys whose personality you get to know because they're relevant. They're starters. They're playing they're playing a good amount. Kurt Warner seems to be.


I disagree. Really, I disagree. He's not NamUs. Well, he's religious. He's he's pure. He's like he's someone who does the right things, but he's also statuesque. He grows a beard in four minutes after shaving. He's handsome like I he carries himself well.


Grocery boy, they're making a movie about him now. He's charismatic. He's had a long time broadcasting career. You can't be kind of boring and dorky by pulling out. All right.


A couple of nominees for you guys to consider. I think I have the answer, Eli. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And Payton. Yeah. Oh, yeah.


Well, Peyton and maybe Archie, the whole the whole family or the royal family of football is a bunch of dorks.


Andrew Luck has some narrative.


Oh yeah. Oh, that's a good one.


I think you feel it in you hear about a year, you know, since I decided to hang them up, you know, early retirement right now, you know, just having a good old time white picket fence, you know, till you guys do it good is pretty good.


You took that one off. You retired. So what happens to Mike? Like Mike is a bit of a Daniel Day Lewis method actor here in that his chest caves in and his shoulders become wire hangers. And he gets into the physical nature of the of the impersonation by summoning also sort of a jowly pituitary problem.


I've been reading a lot of books. You know, my wife got me the Kindle excited about the Kindle.


It's like a book, but it's like, did you just put, like, in the same breath as Daniel, a bit of a method actor? He gets deep into character and again, physically, his body just sort of falls apart. His chin juts into us with the impersonation. It's aggressive. And again, as I mentioned, it's it's pretty pituitary. And it's also funny to see him pantomiming back there while watching him try and work out the rehearsal with the guy that's open a life insurance policy.


Oh, yeah. Do any grown up stuff.


Now, this might be the stupidest thing I've ever said, but does Patrick Mahomes almost give off a little bit of nerd? A little is it just boys doing that? I said a dollar, a dollar. There's a dollop of nerd there. No, I think you're right, Chris. Don't be afraid of it. You said it with a lack of confidence, say, with your chest. Come on. Like you say, say it.


Get it right again. Not try, try, try again. Try to consensus us. Now, the break, Chris, with your hot take you got you be the one out there looking the way you do that says that Patrick Mahomes has a dollop of dork in him. Go ahead.


I mean, you can that you're doing it, not doing it.


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Mike Ryan is getting eviscerated nationally and internationally and he deserves it. And I support those people eviscerating him for his top five most handsome radio producers list. Lacking diversity, there are no Asians, no black people. Not with the industry on that, folks. There is no point being defensive. But the great risk is there was there are no women on his list.


And yeah, I thought I thought about that one. Didn't want to do that one. Yeah. Record on that. That is correct.


Good call, Mike Ryan. Still, I march with the people in the streets on your list being flawed. I leave your side immediately and I side with them and all of us can smile and be diverted.


But look, man, I've been on like three conference calls trying to fix that list.


The industry is it is a bit of a plague. That is the truth. Magnis for Magnussen has made his way into the Zoome call. He is joining us from a gym. I don't know whether he can hear me right now, but I need to apologize to him because we have not promoted his gym and B, give him the floor so that he can promote what it is. He's been very nice to us. If you want to support the things that Magnis for Magnussen is doing, he is here to tell you about the gym that he's promoting.


I have aired and not promoting this for Magnus appears just to be a nice guy. He's a big guy. He's intimidating strongest man ever, but he is just a nice guy. Teddy bear. We failed him, though, because he keeps coming back again and again. He's the most popular man in Iceland. He could get a restaurant table anywhere and now he's going to crush things with his bare hands for. So Magnus, tell the people what it is that you want them to know about your gym.


Well, I was a little bit busy today, so I couldn't make it home to a set up, so I just set up here in the gym.


This is the nest of giants, and this is what you'd call a hardcore gym home away from home, right? Pretty much, yeah.


How to and. How does magnets for magazine, Magnason, describe a a real gem like what does that mean? Well, a real Jim needs to be a place where he can make mice and yell and scream, you know, that's to to hype the hype, the other noises that come from your body.


Yes. Yes.


Billy, you you are familiar with this clanging and banging you can hear in the background. Billy, are you excited for how is this segment going to work with Magnus for Magnus and Billy? Like, are you excited? What do you know about what he has there and what he is ready to do in terms of in the next segment, crushing things with his bare hand?


I know as much as you do, Dan. I'm guessing he's just going to be crushing some weights at the gym. I don't know if he has a frying pan or basketball already. OK, well, let's find out.


Magnus, do you have anything at the gym that you are going to try and crush with a single hand or we abandon that because you're at the gym today and we can't do that?


Actually, not because I got caught up in things like to cancel on you guys yesterday because of a box office meeting. And I went in to talk to them yesterday and I'm going in tomorrow and I'm having the operation on Monday. Oh, OK.


Are you. Is that for the needs that you were telling us about?


Yeah, that's that's my first knee replacement. And then in about six to 12 months, they will be able to meet. Maybe we can improvise, Magnis, since you're at the gym and we can go around and just lift up heavy things, maybe punch out some windows on the knees are still good, lift up a treadmill.


Actually, Magna's could not. You're not somebody who performs like this. Although I would go to a concert if you were doing nothing but lifting weights, I would fill an arena to watch it. Is there a feat of strength that we can get from you now without making you uncomfortable? I don't know what I can do for you guys. It was the bar. I mean, I just you're in a jam. You're like it's just it's just that heavy stuff.


And, yeah, even though we have some training, if it's just, you know, for people that are cool. So and from this place also, I do my own line training, which I actually because of my operation, though, I have a couple of openings so people can contact us to try to get to online training with me.


How do they contact you, Magnis? They can go through strong faith to see to find that out or through my Instagram account. Magnox Vermaak and send me a message and we'll see what we can do.


Magnis, we have a friend of our show named Kim Kirketon. I don't expect you know who that is. He's five foot four, one hundred and forty five pounds. How far do you imagine that you could throw him or shot-put.


Yeah, well, I don't know if it's a competition any more, you know, but I know they I knew a couple of years ago they used to do was throw throwing. So I don't know if that's still happened.


I don't think no. I think that's politically incorrect. Now, I don't think the news has reached Iceland yet. That is not something that we're doing anymore. But if you look at him, I was either going with laughter at the idea of hopefully throwing Tim Kurkjian a great distance. Do you think.


Oh, I'm sorry. Go ahead. I interrupted. I was training for the last one. I used to work as a bouncer, you know, see how far I thought I could throw people were.


You were good. Were you a good bouncer like nobody? No, I'm no good. How does it feel like how often did the incident start while you were a bouncer magnet?


Very rarely. Yes, usually. I usually I've looked just to talk to people.


So are you of the opinion because you're the real world strongest man that that guy who was on Game of Thrones is a bum compared to you that you would have been better in that role than he was?


Well, of course I would've. But let's put it this way. I taught him everything he knows, but I didn't teach him everything I know.


Yes. Yes, that is right. He is. How big is he? He's he's he's like four hundred pounds. Correct. He is a big guy.


He's a tall guy as well and. He is to look at look out in my gym, and that's how we got him strong. Then he opened his own gym two or three years ago and he's been trading vessels. Magnets, we will let you get back to your weights there. I don't know if you want to come back with us tomorrow to try and crush things. Are you out on that?


Because you've got surgery coming up, all the surgeries now to one day leave you alone on this front because we're making there's no SPRAINING million in any way right now. But, you know, yeah, I could come back. And if you want to talk about tomorrow or even after the operation, we'll talk about that.


You have nothing but time on your hands. What time is the surgery on Monday, by the way? Just to could you squeeze us in Monday?


I get in in the morning.


So, Magnis, I think you really need to just bring something tomorrow so Dan can just drop this and leave you alone about it if you want to get rid of butter.


Right. If you want to get rid of us.


He's not bragging. You know, let's put it this way. This is like, you know, happens then when if you go out clubbing, everybody wants to come out of wrestling or whatever. And, oh, I look at it. I got nothing to prove. That's right.


You know what? You want to get rid of us. Just crush. I mean. All right, we're going to mail. You still got to tune in tomorrow when we meet Chris Coady, rip open a phone book, I guess. Thank you for being on with us. We appreciate you making time for us in the middle of your workout, sir.


Right. Thank you, guys. All right. Volvo helps protect what matters most, your family, the Volvo EXI 90 SUV, offers a range of advanced safety features like an available built in booster seat for your kids safety and comfort and a blind spot information system that has your back and alerts you to cars in your blind spot wherever you go. Some are safely explore exclusive offers on the 90 during the Volvo. Some are safely savings event. Visit Volvo cars dot com, slash us to learn more.


You were saying Christine Lacy. 500 person capacity cruise ship to form his own covid bubble in order to stop further production delays to the seventh installment of the Mission Impossible franchise.


How about that? Yeah, I read that story. Thank you, Christine, that the Tom Cruise is approaching 60 years old and he's got to get the end of this franchise out there, whether there's a virus or not. He does his own stunts. He sticks to the side of an airplane.


That's commitment to the franchise. Man, that is I mean, you can I can't believe that he's still doing this at whatever it is, 56, 57 years old. Men are action stars. The rock is about 50. Liam Neeson still running out there making the same movie again and again, our action stars honorees, the Kiyono silence, the coolness.


Reeves' had a nice little late in career comeback, and he just I think he just wrapped production on a reboot of The Matrix franchise.


But who was the young action stars of Ryan Reynolds is their Jason Momoa.


And if you look at Ryan Reynolds age, I just saw a movie that he was in six underground. Ryan Reynolds is just Deadpool and every movie now. Right. That's just what he does. But I think he's older.


Do that is correct. So where are the young action stars? Anyone does anyone have we need to bring Magnus for Magnus and back again and again for the rest of time. Billy, you said the worst case scenario was him coming on here and injuring himself, crushing things. I would say the worst case scenario is him coming on here and not crushing anything. How did you feel about him in Iceland?


How how did you feel about how did you feel about the fact that we were having him on today basically to crush things? And he's like, man, we can't say anything to him. We just have to eat it.


I feel like you crushed the segment you did.


But what happened to all your planning? What happened to, you know, talking to them about what were the items that you said you wanted to see him bust a basketball with his bare hands, right? Yeah.


I think my most ambitious idea was him bending a frying pan, if he could do that. But we didn't. I think the the lower scale things was, could he crush an egg, which seems like something that's easy, but it's really not easy if you crush egg. That's that's a hard thing to do. Really. Yeah. Try to do it. It is.


It's hard to crush an egg with your bare hand. That's something that's different.


The thing that it's just hard to do it from the point of it. I'm pretty sure it's easy to do from the side. No, go get go get it. You'll see.


I don't want to make him do it. No, you won't be able to do it. You won't try to crush it on your head. It's like this possible because he likes the trick. No, I don't think it's a trick.


I bet you you can't do it. All right, Chris, I'm sorry you got stuck with this again, falling, we need a pay off. We need to pay off visually. Mike Brian will push the computer toward the ESPN news camera we've been building for days to this pay off of Magnis for Magnason is going to crush something in the audio medium of radio. And we are going to get this big payoff. And then he just refused to do it, didn't plan for it, got busy, is having surgery.


So now we need some sort of payoff and we're getting Chris Cody. I was not aware that an egg was hard to break. Let's see what we have here. Mike is going to put the camera and the computer together so that people can see that.


Now it appears that Tony is also gone to his fridge. He has an egg as well. So I don't know how we want to do this. You know, you want to go Chris first, then Tony, what is first just so I can direct this. All right.


Well, this is so not surprising that Tony has some Buji egg that's not white. He has like some organic, like, you know, like, come on, what's wrong with having some diversity from your eggs?


He's got a brown egg over there. You get you against that. You're against diversity. Uji eggs.


OK, I see these eggs at the at the grocery store. I like just give me an egg. The cheapest egg you got. I don't need this organic right.


Eggs of egg belly. What, what do people need to know as we venture out here. Is this a competition between Tony and Chris to bust an egg? I'm I'm skeptical of all of this. I thought for sure it was very easy to break an egg with one hand that you need to be super careful about eggs or you will break them easily with one hand.


Well, you need to check them and make sure there's no cracks, because obviously that'll impact whether or not you're going to crush the egg. Right. That's an advantage. So what are you saying, though, Bill?


You're saying if you squeeze it from the top with your fingers, it's hard to crush. It can't be hard to crush if it's just inside your fist.


I've seen people try to break eggs between their form and their bicep by flexing and they can't do it. Eggs are hard to break.


I bet you Chris can't do that. OK, I can't do that.


All right. I'm I'm feeling like they're trying to trick Tony and Chris, but they see this is a big trick.


It seems so easy when I just give it a light tap against the ball. It just the whole thing explodes. That is correct. I just want the audience to appreciate, though, the incredible dilution of us trying to do this with the world's strongest man and have it be a basketball. And now it's just Tony and Chris with an egg. All right.


You guys need to take turns. We need to settle on who's doing this first and exactly how they're doing. All right. Well, Tony's got it on a flex muscle. So let's start with Tony. Let's see if Tony can indeed crush an egg with a flex muscle. I will do. Billy, do you want to do the play by play since this idea, this segment idea that is drowning into the quicksand?


Well, nothing's going to happen because they're not going to be. All right. All right. All right, all right. So, Tony, is there did he break it down? He breaks it. Yeah. Yeah. What an idiot. He fell for it. He won first place.


Appear like the joke's on you.


Oh, it's everywhere. God.


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At Le Batard show on Twitter is where you vote on the polls, I suspect at some point here we will we will be talking about what it is that's going on with the Big Ten. Some of the reporting out there feels a little bit flimsy as the president of the United States is clearly trying to use college football, getting back at something that can impact swing states. And it is unknown. It's been reported that the Big Ten had voted overwhelmingly to cancel its season and now might be reconsidering it after some public and private pressure from them from the president of the United States.


I find wildly symbolic and amazing if the Big Ten were to come back, that the only group of kids who would not be playing and quietly would be the ones who demanded money to play. Right. The ones from the conference that said, hey, we're not coming back unless we get money. And everyone just says, okay, never mind. Let's see if we can do this without those guys. Are you in the spirit? See you later.


We're going to go ahead and try that over here and see if they've been marching with people. We'll make people notice.


And I'm telling you, if they change the way college football was in just this respect, OK, where you weren't trafficking on the poverty so much that so many of these kids have to stay near schools if they want to see any of their family and friends ever see them play football, because they might not be able to afford to go across the country to the West Coast in order to play football.


If they simply made it somewhat more just I feel like the whole SCC would fall apart if it wasn't trafficking so much upon the need to take guys and have them, you know, feed the machine, feed the machine, don't ask for money, just feed the machine. And Nick Saban, to his credit, is marching with his players, but they're going to throw those players out there and unpaid labor is going to entertain us very soon. Consequences be damned, really, because if we die, we die.


As Kirk Cousins says, I don't know what's going to end up happening there. But as we've told you before, it is fairly amazing that when you see outbreaks in Alabama or Auburn that we are literally headed to the place where SEC football players are safer, colliding and in their huddles than they are going to class with other students who might have the coronavirus and are being irresponsible.


Happy week. Zero way to spring. Just going to be the PAC 12. I mean, the Ivy League. I think the Mac. Yeah, the action. Yeah.


Mountain West also postponed.


Well, how excited are you, Mike? Because the University of Miami's quarterback, Derek King, is a lot of fun to watch. Miami fans are going to really enjoy watching this kid play football. He on any field he steps on, he is the best athlete.


I'm super excited. I think I've been annoying with local sports because my Miami Heat are marching towards the NBA finals. We can do the the Miami Hurricanes are back show next week.


Then you can do that because they are a college football is coming in some mutated form.


Are you reading anything? Got that.


Suggests what the real dangers are like, what are the calamity scenarios for college football like what what can happen in Wisconsin in a national championship game?


I mean, that's true. That is a disaster scenario. What about in terms of illness?


Is anyone reading anything in terms of what the dangers are if we're talking about this seriously and not just going for the students jazz hand stroke? That's if he's reading anything I did, I didn't even realize it started, I mean, yeah, that's my read.


If you guys feel like Stiglitz is lazier than he's ever been, you feel like I know I am. You don't need to answer that question. I am telling you flatly right now I'm lazier than I've ever been. I mean, I was going to back you up. You have been putting out more stupidity.


But in terms of staying informed, I can't remember the last time I asked him, hey, did you see something in sports? And the answer was yes, I saw that.


We're all kind of feeling that one a little bit. I'm not about to throw stones. I just want to straight month without watching TV.


Can I be honest? It's the lack of fans at these events, is it? It's affected. Here we go. It you feel like the playoffs? No, but I need like I'm watching the U.S. Open and I can't remember the elbows. Andy Murray. And we had a great match. And Andy Murray, by the way, it looks like he's one sneeze away from blowing out that back. But I'm telling you, he had a big shot with a fist pump and there needs to be fans cheering after he hits the shot.


And when you lose that, you lose something. I feel the exact opposite.


I feel like I've gotten used to sports without fans and I'm kind of good. Just pipe in a little crowd noise every once in a while. If I if it's a big moment that I'm good, I'll try tennis, though.


I mean I mean, Clijsters and Murray back playing at the U.S. Open with no crowd there to root them just right.


Yeah. You need like you need the crowd at Flushing Meadows to be spurring on Andy Murray. Let's go, Andy. You know, you need that from the fifty thousand there and you just don't have it.


I would like for you to finish this the way Hulk Hogan does, just sort of running from one end of the ring to the other, getting his crowd hyped up. Go ahead and just do the last thirty seconds of our radio show telling America how important the fans are and how sports can't exist without the fans.


Well, here's what I think the fans should do. And I'm perfectly willing to be the person in charge of this. The fans need to unionize because I am telling you, sports are not as good or as entertaining without the fans. You need them there. It takes away from the great moments when, you know, you hit a big shot, an NBA game, and there is no crowd there to cheer it on. Just a virtual guy sitting on a screen with his dog in his hands.


I mean, we need the fans. I will say this. The fans are the most important part of the equation in sports.


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They won't even fit into most shirts. Thankfully, biking really embraces vest culture, so I feel accepted.


Guy go motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.