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This is the down labor part. Sure, we've still got Sparkasse. Chris, what were you showing us on the Zoome chat there, roaring with laughter What were you showing us?


I was showing you a poll from Miamis Will Manso Channel 10 down here in Miami. He put out a poll, Eastern Conference Finals predictions poll, getting a gauge of where everyone's at. Here's the options. Heating for heat in five heat and six or seven. All right. Heat six is winning so far.


Yeah, of course. It's nice because the fans want to say, you know what? I think we'll win the series, but I don't want to be scared by that game seven. So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to take Heat and six, that game seven on a neutral court.




But no, they don't want to worry about that. My father always just predicts heat sweep so he doesn't have to bother with any of it. That's all he says. Always heat sweep. Yes.


Billy, Ron, this is a really important thread we have going today. We'd like to know your prediction for the series because we're getting that all on the record. So, Ron, who's going to win the series and mean how many games? Heat and seven runs.


Not scared of a game seven. I'm sorry, Christine Lacy, we interrupted you. And finally, there is naturally the sense that as a people, people tell, relatively speaking. Come on, come on, come on, let's hear. Let's hear speaking alone and back at you. All right.


Thank you, Christine.


If you want to talk to Ron Paul, seven, eight, six or five, six four eight three seven, why does it still got to get to be malodorous?


Guys are really taking their shots at me, man.


Boy, what do you have for Ron Magill of Zoo Miami?


Ron, I know that you work for the Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation Department, so that makes you technically a government employee. But what do you think about the county potentially building a theme park next door to Zoo Miami where there is a rare bat population there?


I am going to tell you what I have been told. I have been told I cannot make any comments on that and must refer all those questions to the Parks Department. Whoa. Wow. You can take it. You can take it from there.


The rare no comment from Ron McGill. There is a topic is too difficult. We haven't dealt with that in years with the animal dog.


No, no, no, no. Let me make this very clear. It's not difficult if you want to call me on a personal phone and ask my personal opinion as Ron McGill citizen, I will give it to you. I cannot speak on behalf of the zoo.


We are about Ron McGill as a personal citizen.


He can't speak and that would be cheating. Ron is a good try. Ron McGill straight from Zoo Miami and then say, Ron, we go personal. You can't do that.


Ron, ever since I was a little kid, this has long been rumored a theme park at Zoo Miami. How many of these deals have been brought across your table and then quickly evaporate?


Oh, about that question, I can answer tons of them. It started out with, like 20th Century Fox wanted to build like another Disney World here that soon went by the wayside. Then another big company took something over that soon went by the wayside. It is now been shrunken down to something considerably smaller, but that's all I can say about it.


What about Ron Mago, roller coaster enthusiast, Ron Wigo?


Roller coaster enthusiasts will go to Busch Gardens and a place where there aren't rare bird populations. Greg Cody, what do you have for Ron Magill of Zoo Miami? Hey, Ron. In New Mexico, birds, perhaps hundreds of thousands of birds are mysteriously dropping dead. Can you shed any light on that?


Yeah, you know, nobody nobody knows the exact cause of these things. This is not a first type of event. You can go on YouTube and Google, you know, birds dropping out of the sky. Nobody knows what it is. It could be something in the atmosphere. It could be the smoke from the fires drifting over. There's so many different things. Nobody knows exactly what it is. But like I will say, this is not a first time occurrence.


You will see photographs, literally thousands of birds falling dead out of the sky.


Were you not distracted, disoriented and afraid for Greg Cody and the just sheer amount of disease in his voice?


He does pretty bad, Gene. OK, you're very polite. Thank you, Ron.


I read recently, and I think someone mentioned it on the show yesterday, a python that hadn't had contact with other pythons but had given birth without having contact with. Well, explain that to me, please.


Well, this this is not this is not terribly uncommon. There are a lot of first of all, there are a lot of reptiles that can actually change their sex from male to female without encountering the opposite sex. There are some reptiles that can store sperm for years. In other words, they breed one year. They'll store that sperm. They'll keep it alive for years, years. Can you imagine if that happened to people? Oh, my God, what a nightmare that would be.


Because what happens is they don't come across the meat and then all of a sudden they can have that that sperm fertilize their eggs and lay the eggs from a breeding that they had years ago. How flipping unbelievably fantastic is that as long as you're not the dad that you know some babies coming up to you like five years later say, oh, by the way, remember that little thing we had five years ago?


Here's your kid just born yesterday, Dath Ginger, you're on ESPN Radio with Ron McGill.


Dath Ginge, a doctor. I wanted to know what animal in captivity are in zoos is the most pickiest eater. I'm Darth Ginge, ESPN. God, I love this. So, you know, it depends. I can't say that it's going to be an individual animal. Now, there are some species that we have to come up with, incredible formulas, something like, you know, the giant anteater. They have to come up with a certain kind of slop, a mix that is a special for the animal that is really important.


You know, it's quite a recipe that has to be made up. But generally speaking, you'll find it's more individual animals as opposed to a species. You know, like we have an. I hear that only eats a certain kind of otter ball that's made like a cake. It's got to be baked in an oven. It's got all kinds of things into it to get them to eat this thing. I think a lot of cases, the animals kind of train us.


So I'm not going to eat it and think, oh, my God, we've got to feed. It's got to do something so that we make it like this is OK. Now we keep eating that stuff and, you know, all of a sudden we're giving this stuff that really should be getting a.


Derrill, you're on with Ron Magill of Zoo Miami. Go ahead, Darryl. Hey, Ron, when birds fly north for one hour, how long does it take? It depends where they're flying. I mean, there's some birds, you know, the Arctic tern, I think flies like thousands and thousands of miles. It's really incredible. Some birds don't fly that far at all. Generally speaking, you know, birds can cover, you know, well over 100 miles a day in flight.


So it all depends on the the distance they're flying. Their migrations differ from different species.


The telephone numbers, seven, eight, six four, five, six four eight three seven. Go ahead.


Got Ron, who's the Nikola Jokic of the Animal Kingdom productive. But no one wants him at the party. No one really wants to be around him. You make me think through God's productive and what he wants party.


Trent, you're on ESPN Radio with Ron McGill of Zoo Miami. Go ahead, Trent. Hey, Ron, I was out in the yard last night for a possum and a raccoon looking like they were giving each other the kind of thing, just curious who would win in that fight. You know, I think the raccoon would probably win because it's much faster, much more agile than the possum, though. The possum, of course, you've heard playing possum once he realized he was going to get the gibbers beat out of them, just may just play possum and in the end win because he doesn't get really badly hurt and everybody walks away unscathed.


But if you were going to go, you know, fight reflexes, teeth, power, quickness, I would go with the raccoon.


Is there an animal that playing possum doesn't work with that playing dead is not going to work with the possum is going to get consumed either way.


Yeah, a lot of animals. I mean, a lot of animals. If he's killing them for hunger and not killing him for territory, the sooner we play, the better the sooner you start eating them to start eating them alive. But playing possum doesn't always work. There are other animals there, snakes. The hognose snake, for instance, does the same thing, gets freaked out. It rolls over on its belly. It opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out.


It looks like it's dead. It's hilarious to look at it, but sometimes that doesn't work. You know, like a bird of prey, a snake eagle will come down a play that I'm going to eat you anyway. So if they're eating, too, if they're fighting the animal to remove a threat, playing dead helps if they're, you know, playing dead to avoid being eaten, well, that doesn't help, but it just expedites it.


Ron, is there an animal that kills for pleasure and hunts for sport?


Yeah, a lot of cats do that. A lot of cats do that. I mean, anybody has a pet cat knows how many time a cat will catch something and drop it on your front porch dead after it stops playing around. Which is why I tell people you shouldn't have your cats roaming free out and out in the street now in the backyard, because cats kill a lot of animals that they don't eat.


Roy, close this out with Ron McGill of Zoo Miami.


Please jump in back off of my original question. Can you describe this a little bit more for us?


Yeah, the bottom at bat is the most endangered bat in the United States. It's the largest bat in Florida. It gets its name, Bonnett. It bat because it's got these huge ears. It hang over its face. It looks like a bonnet. It doesn't believe it even exists. Down here in Miami, we found a tiny population of them here in the rock pile on around Zoo Miami, which is the most endangered habitat in all of Florida.


And, you know, they play a major role in controlling insects, but, you know, just keeping a balance in a very delicate ecosystem. So the bond, the best the largest of the bats, has got the huge ears. It looks like Bonnet's on its head. I mean, people are going to look and say, well, that's not very attractive, but it plays a big, major role in the environment, always illuminating the animal.


Dr. Ron McGill. Thank you, doctor. Thank you for being on with us, Ron. We appreciate it.


Love you guys. See, dog? Well, it is time for some summit.


Every executive who's tried to remove Ron McGill from this show thinks he's an animal doctor.


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But Greg Cody. Forever, the Holmer. Chris Coady, his son, is laughing at Will Manso of you know, he is a Heat broadcaster, Channel 10 broadcaster, saying only offering the predictions of heat and for heat and five heat and six or heat and seven. Greg Coady is calling the Miami Heat America's team, even though no one outside of Miami is rooting for America's team. And he's calling the Marlins America's team as well, even though he already called the Heat America's team.


And no one outside of Miami is no one outside of Miami can name a couple of Marlins like you just got no shot. So, Greg Cody, go ahead and give us your Holmer analysis. Is the dinosaur columnist over four decades whose voice sounds like all four of those decades have been soaked in whiskey and cigarettes. Give us your analysis. Is the Miami Heat home? Are we finally have games that we care about the pandemic? Twenty twenty, nothing stranger than the Marlins are playing in games this this week that matter and they're playing against the Red Sox and the Red Sox do not care what happens in those games because the Red Sox are God awful.


Go ahead and make the argument. Miami is America's team in both baseball and basketball.


Yeah, the Marlins are Miami's cherished team, they're America's team because of the very anonymity you mentioned. Nobody expects anything of the Marlins. They're rebuilding. They're starting from the ground up. Nobody knows who they are. Mattingly is the manager of the year, the surprise in all of MLB. And so they're America's team. The Heat are America's team because they're the opposite of the Big Three era heat, which was the perennial favorite expected to win every game.


This Heat team, a lot of people thought they were going to lose to Indiana, whom they swept. Then they beat the number one seed, Milwaukee.


Now, ESPN's basketball power index says the Celtics have a 69 percent chance to win. So the Heat are big underdogs yet again. And I think there's a there's a real Cinderella quality to the Heat's playoff run right now. I think that makes them a fun thing to watch. And I do think they're a likable team. I think when you've got somebody like Tyler Hero, twenty years old on such a big stage, I think there's a lot to like about the heat.


And I know that's a parochial opinion, but I also think it's an accurate one.


Gregg, I think you're right on the Marlins with the heat, though. Here's the problem. The heat are standing in the way of something the rest of the country wants to see. They want to see, you know, Lakers, Celtics or maybe Clippers, Celtics.


But certainly, you know, are you sure about this? I think the country would like me to see what you're doing 1980's like. Is that what you're doing it based on?


I'm doing twins also with Kobe and Paul Pierce and Ron Artest. That's more interesting than LeBron. This is Selma's in Lakers are always more interesting, I think, for the rest of the country.


You can't really say the Celtics team is all that interesting. You could like it as a team. You could say that you would enjoy watching them. You could say that they're going to win the series. But I don't think people are looking at that team and saying, wow, that's an interesting Celtics team.


No, but it's more about the uniforms in the cities. It's Boston. It's L.A., it's tradition. I think people would like to see Jayson Tatum against LeBron James. I think they would certainly like to see that the people who run this network would certainly like to see that more than the heat versus either those days because they know the ratings are going to be monsters for those games because of the history in the laundry. But there's no actual history between this core Celtics team and not core Lakers team.


There is actual history between LeBron and the Miami Heat and I understand 80s and whatnot. I mean, the demo that you're going after remembers LeBron with the Heat more than they remember the classic battles of the Celtics and Lakers.


You think they remember that more than the Kobe Laker teams going against those Celtics teams with Paul Pierce? They remember that. But two entirely different teams. There's no anchor to that pass. There is an anchor, an easy story to tell. This is the first time if it happens and that's a big if because LeBron has got to get through the Clippers or maybe the Nuggets, nuggets of everybody.


But I mean, you have a brilliant story to tell me. You've never been able to see that story. You've never been able to see that play out. You got close. But then Chris Bosh is blood clots ruin what would have been something that LeBron seemingly didn't want any part of. Now it's different neutral court. It won't be as poisonous around him. But it's a cool story that we haven't seen for player. It's 35 years old. I mean, we're a long way in to start covering new ground with this guy.


We will give you all the SUI winners coming up next. My deepest apologies, Christine Lacy, we interrupted you by. And finally, getting 55 older significantly increases the risk of divorce 60 percent. That sounds like good news for Jan. Yeah, yeah. OK, very good.


Thank you, Christine. Now it's getting aggressive. Time now to announce our Stewy winners.


And now the winners of the 2020 Soulis Awards best back in my day sandwiches, the good old sandwich, it got away from us.


It was simple.


Once Sandwich knew what it was, it was ham and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, a burger. Simple, nothing fancy. Nowadays, we've tried to turn the sandwich into the work of culinary art. It was never meant to be. We've draped a lunch pail man in an Armani suit. Plain bread was fine.


But now that she bought a roll or a video phone, that's true for most of the job. But now it's a only source best.


Stewart's mispronunciation, hermaphrodites, hermaphrodites.


Best laugh Chris Coady with an odd laugh out of nowhere.


I'm the guy that was dunking reverse dunking in Pahokee. I got this. And Jadeveon Clowney comes out like, what does that best story?


Alejandro Narciso, Antonio Brown's videographer, tells us the truth about what went down between the Raiders and Antonio Brown told the owner he was a nice conversation.


He said, look, man, like I just don't think this is going to work out for either of us. I don't I don't feel the love from you guys the way that you think you say you do. And I would appreciate it if you released me and the owner was like, OK, you know, I'm going to do everything in my power. I'm sorry, but I won't go. And then at that point, maybe it was like, all right, it's low times and I like them.


So he posted it. And the second he posted it, I'm getting hit up by Bleacher Report and all these people I hate when we post something close to zero two party consent, you're going to go to jail. And I just I freaked out. I was like I was like, what did I just do? And I go and I find this. I like hanging out with these kids, you know, everything's good for me. This is all new to me.


Like, I'm used to everyone just tormenting fire emoji.


And I'm not like you're a clown, too. You're a moron and all that. She is crazy. I'm not.


And then I sit down, sit down by the pool house. I just contemplating everything. I was like, now I feel like saying, all right, now what just happened?


And then it only got crazier for then because then yesterday I landed in Vegas because I had to go shoot something in Vegas and I started getting hit up like, oh, apparently we hired social media experts to smooth sail this this release of a social media expert. I'm literally like a 25 year old. Nothing like he's planned this whole thing.


I know. Maybe, like, post what he wants.


I'm not his consultant, you know, worst mistake. Dan reads an inappropriate Twitter handle by mistake.


This is what's happened with Aaron Rodgers. The defense gave up forty five points. The defense gave up forty four points. The defense gave up 37 points. And the other three losses, he led a game tying drive and never got the ball back. This is from Barry McCaffrey. Never got the ball again.


No, that can't be his name. I dumped it. It's impossible. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You just fell for something good.


Coleman The stats are right, though. The stats are right. I can't trust anything. Are you sure that's all right? Yeah, I am. And I trust and the stats are right that that name is not really the stats are right. But what I didn't see it my bad. I got I wanted to give credit to the I wanted to give credit. That was an innocent mistake. I mean, you should be ashamed all you want. It was an innocent mistake.


That's dismissal. Michael Doleac, this this is coming back on our show tomorrow.


Oh yeah. That was that was decent. But the two previous were by far the best.


I mean I think maybe leave it alone and don't go to jail. All right. You're right.


I'll leave it alone. Michael, thank you. We'll do it again with you tomorrow.


Yes, tomorrow.


I paid that man his money. What is the most impressive thing you want is to ever ask the question tomorrow? It's done with and it's the best answer I've never heard tomorrow.


That aggressively is a question. It's a stutter of confusion.


Best Michael Doleac, song listener.


Fill my neck, my back, my neck, my back, my my condola.


My best revelation, Alejandro Narciso. Antonio Brown's videographer reveals how they got consent from Jon Gruden to use their phone conversation.


In Antonio's controversial video, a BS marketing manager called him and says, hey, you guys know that that's illegal to, you know, Pursat without telling him first. And I was like, damn, he's right. So I was in the process of taking all the Gruden stuff out. And then I told they'd be like, send the video to Gruden. And then she wouldn't think because, like, we can get consent that way. So my whole thing the entire time when we were waiting for Griffin's response was like, we're going to be like, listen, I'd be I love you, man.


But, you know, that's disrespectful. I can't be having you permission to be having you post, like, our own conversation. And then he responds like 15 minutes later, three tech CEOs. Wow. I love it. I love it. I love it.


And I was like, what, what, what?


Oh, well.


And then we were like, all right, there's our best limited fake Mike Ryan, limited fake Pablo Tauri officiating dad's wedding.


Do you dig, Valerie, to be your lawfully wedded wife then?


Do you hear the thing I now pronounce you husband and wife? A letter from Paul to the if he's the most uncomfortable moment.


Jason Leasure is unnecessarily mean to David Samson.


Jason, with that being said, we bring you aboard live from Radio Row. Your thoughts on this segment.


So far, it's incredibly boring. Is that going into the mic? Am I on the air now? You're on the air and make sure that you guys can be at each other's throats.


Why are we doing? Well, I don't know who you are, Jason, but we're doing it because I was asked to call in at this time to talk about a movie review and then move into other subject. But I don't drive this show. I drive nothing personal. This is being driven solely by Mike. So a level of boredom that you feel should be pointedly directed toward Mike, not me.


I mean, you had to have gotten bored during all that. Did you bore yourself during that?


I actually never bore myself. I do a lot of things with myself, but boring myself is not one of them.


My favorite part was when you bristled at people being in it just to make a profit. That bothers me too.


David, is there anything wrong with just trying to make money?


Well, OK, well, if it was boring, it's certainly not boring anymore. I have a follow up question. I know Jason. I think we're good. I just really has a job other than this.


Yeah, no, he's got nothing personal. Nothing personal. Yeah. Believe that I.


Are you as uncomfortable as I am with this whole thing? Things haven't gotten off to the best of start between Jason and David. I'd say.


I don't even know who Jason is, though. I know who you are and I don't like you.


Oh, my God. Other than that, I think it's going great.


But Jason, all I ask is at least meet me before you say that. I know you just don't remember.


Well, that's totally unfair because I've met a lot of people and it's impossible to remember everyone. So maybe I remember your face if it noteworthy.


Best musical performance listener Andrew Streeter, Craig Cody, kill the radio show.


But you but you is what the lyric was. Steve Levy was on the most recent stupidity they debuted last night, I'm sorry for the late game they got most of you probably went to sleep instead of watching 16, 14 titans over the Broncos. But Mike Ryan thought that ESPN put poor Steve Levy and the original broadcast team in a different and a difficult spot. Last night, the the team that was debuting Monday Night Football, the second game.


Yeah, obviously ESPN and Monday Night Football are trying to find signature voices. Since Mike Tirico left, it's been a bit of a revolving door. And last night with the second part of the doubleheader, ESPN debuted its new number one team from Monday Night Football, Brian Greasy, Louis Riddick and Steve Levy. And you're familiar with the show business cliche. How am I supposed to follow that?


I mean, very unfair. Everyone praising Fowler and Herb Street for doing an NFL game. These guys have had chemistry built over two decades on television together. And you're throwing a team that's working together for the first time trying to make a first impression. Everyone was still just glowing after hearing Hurby and Fouler. It was so unfair. I actually thought the guys did a good job with it as we start to get to getting used to these new voices. But that's impossible to follow that.


I love that you say that they did a good job, as if you have a choice of saying anything other than don't have it, even if they did a very bad job, I would tell you what a tremendous job they did. Now, Levi and Gracie had worked together before they did college football together, and they had done the last two years, I believe, the 10:00 Monday Night Football game for ESPN. I think Steve Levy is excellent. Oh, yeah.


Yeah. But you wouldn't say if you didn't. No, no, not at all. Never, never. Never. I will take one shot at ESPN. I recently purchased a four K television and this has opened up a new portal for me in terms of viewing experiences. This is incredible. And pretty soon they're going to debut 8-K, but no one's even broadcasting in four K now. All I want to do is watch things in four K, there's like four sporting events a week that are in four K, you could have nobody in the booth.


But if you give me a four K Monday Night Football game, I will watch that thing start to finish please.


But here's the problem with technology. And for K they're already making a K as you pointed out. So by the time you get the four K TV into your house and you get settled in and you're used to it, there's something better already out of the market. That's why I just keep waiting till the final.


It's exactly how you would do it if you were in charge of anything. I really wonder what kind of TV Greg Coady has in his home, because I imagine there's an old school TV in there that's standard def that Zenas. Yeah, yeah. There's a scene at the Magnavox.


I'd love to say that I have a a big 1960s console, but thanks to my wife, we actually do have a flat screen TV that I don't know if it's for K or whatever.


You know, you talk about KS and I think of the great CODI Show podcast because the Mount Craigmore name of the case this past for the love of God, immediate reminder for the love of it was a natural transition. All right.


Thank you. First of all, the gods, I'm pretty mad at him because he he said that he didn't do it. Back in my day today as punishment for last week, he totally recycled the back in my day. He had done cars before. And I don't understand why he was punishing us for him recycling something like, you know, how hard it is to challenge stewards for laziness around here. It's again, you are accomplishing something codi not unlike Jon Gruden this weekend.


It's really hard in that front office to have the worst hair. But Jon Gruden managed to usurp the owner of the Raiders on terrible hair.


I mean, we're asking bare minimums here. Great. Dan happens to be right. I am lazy, OK, but there is not been a single Monday. I've walked in here without my weekend approach.


You're all embarrassing. That is your work once a week. Every week Stewart is out working you, Cody. Well, listen. Apparently, I committed a mortal felonious sin last week, my daughter enjoyed The Daily Show on ESPN Radio WORLDSTAR.