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This is the eleventh hour. Sure, we've still got Sparkasse. By the way, I need to issue an apology. I really should have the reckless, reckless speculation sound because I completely mixed up Hannah and Slusser with Victoria Fuller. It happens all the time. Victoria Fuller was the bachelor contestant who was in the modeling photo shoot for the White Lives Matter shirt, which is even worse than an all lives matter shirt somehow. And she had to apologize. And then, you know, Cosmo wouldn't post the digitally shared winning photo of her and Pete on their date in their bathing suit.


There was it's it's a thing. The point is Victoria Fuller is the one who did it. Hannah and I have no idea if you're a controversial person, but congratulations on bagging a couple of quarterbacks.


And I hope it's not too awkward for, you know, that. You know what? I appreciate you taking the higher ground on that. All right. So, Dan, Limited show brought to you by the Home Depot with everything you need to do, project smarter, faster and easier. Welcome to today's Home Depot. How doers get more done, she says, based on Jason FETs, let's head over to the show Penso performance on where we are joined only days away from the beginning of the NFL season by our friend Mike Tannenbaum.


Mike, thanks so much for the time. There was a big controversial story last night, went out on ESPN Dotcom. As we now know, according to reports, the Saints were trying to do some little trickery in acquiring Todavía Clowney, where they were trying to essentially get another team to pay the bonus and all of a sudden make a trade. And it was like buying a draft pick. So, Mike, when you read that story, what was your reaction to what the Saints are trying to pull off?


Yeah, great to be with you guys.


You know, they were trying to get creative. They were basically seems something to absorb part of Todavía Uncloudy salary, which would be paid in the form of a signing bonus that's going to be approved by the first team. And then 24 hours later, he be traded to another team in the league fundamentally, as opposed to anybody trading picks for cash. And that's certainly what this would have been and apparently has been reported. It got nixed by the league office.


I thought it was creative. But again, under the CBA, that's certainly what the rules are. And we all know what the league wants is for everybody to play by the same rules. But like, I'm curious.


Yeah. What's the difference between this and what happened with Brock Osweiler, which everybody thought was, oh, wow, that's a surprising and creative way to get something like that done. Was this just that now the NFL was looking out for something like that and doesn't want it to continue?


Yeah, that's a great question. I think maybe there was more picks or players involved. It's just a one pick for one player. But I was thinking the same thing, to be candid. You know, is this really materially different than that? So we don't know clearly how far down the road is. I know just from my experience with teams like we did look into those sort of things, it's hard to get deals done, too, by the way, because you're trying to get two separate agreements, one done with the even one, though, with the other team.


So there's a few moving parts here. And again, reportedly it was looked at by the league, but there is a lot of work to be done. But I think it's a really fair point is it sounds very, very close to Australia's still. We're talking to Mike Tannenbaum, ESPN, the NFL front office insider on the show Penso performance on The Dan Liotard Show. But suspending Jason fits in for the guy. So all eyes are on the quarterback position.


Let's start with Miami, where they've announced that Fitzpatrick will be the starter. If you were down in Miami, how much rope would you give to him before we actually got him in the game? I would go with that for a long time until they really felt the two to protect themselves, a new 15 to 20 plays where he could run the offense. He knows where protections are, where you want to have to be the guy for the next 10 years or so.


I would make sure that this is the guy until further notice. Now, let's just don't get up in green. Made a really good point, which was when you're the number two quarterback, circumstances really dictate when he's going to play. So, you know, if there was an early injury, let's say I would make sure that there's a 15 player package that you knew inside and out because again, no offseason program, no scrimmages, no craft, no preseason games.


And because of that, you just want to make sure that you can protect himself when he goes in.


It's the levator show is do not suspend Jason Pittsville in and talking to Mike Tannenbaum here. Mr. Bychowski gets the nod for the Bears. And I'll tell you, a couple of months ago I thought to myself when people asked me, Who do you want? I said, I will be great. If Mitch took enough steps forward that they felt confident in him. Would it be weird to give up what they did and take on the contract a falls? But, you know, whatever is going to put them in the best position.


And we saw some signs of life from him a couple of years ago when he put together enough offensively to help that great defense lead them to success.


Over the last couple of months, I'd sort of convinced myself that there was no chance he was winning it, that Foles was brought in for a reason and they didn't pick up the option. How do we end up in a place where the better option for the bears is this guy is just about continuity? Yes, sir, with you. It's not the better decision. Not even close, close is the better player, better quarterback. Robiskie is about thirtieth in the league, an average purpose.


And if I know that, I promise you that opposing teams, defensive coordinators know that as well. And I've been very fortunate to be around great defensive minds, Coach Parcells, Coach Belichick, Rex Ryan, Eric Mangini. And they will tell you that if and when the field is compressed, it's a lot easier to play defense. So this really makes no sense to me. If we were drafting quarterbacks in the NFC North, guys, clearly he would be the fourth.


You have a Hall of Famer and Aaron Rodgers and two really good quarterbacks and Matt Stafford and Kirk Cousins. And I just think Chicago is at a competitive disadvantage.


And you don't think there's something that could have happened over the course of this this training camp where the light turned on for him, where Naggy realizes you can't throw the kitchen sink at him and, you know, he takes steps forward. You know, sir, I think fundamentally it's hard to do that, like we were just talking about what you like with no preseason games, no scrimmages, I just don't know how you can simulate and see that he's gotten certainly better by having the ability get the ball down the field under a passer with consistent accuracy.


Again, I'm not saying that Nick Foles is an elite quarterback, but he's a winning NFL quarterback. He's played really well in big games. He has a better arm, more consistent arm. He's a good enough athlete. And with that defense, to me by far, he gives them the best chance to win. We're talking to Mike Tannenbaum.


And it's not spin in Fitz. It's the day in limited show. But since there's been, I'm just a bit forced. I have it already. So, Mike, the game games start in just a couple of days. But one thing we haven't talked a lot about is officiating. We've had some officials opt out. I'm a little curious what you expect from officials that also haven't had any preseason or time to get ready to get themselves in, quote, game shape.


What do you expect from officiating?


You know, that's a really interesting question. We're going to see some things Thursday night that we just are going to have to there'll be growing pains in the kicking game we're seeing tackling and we're going to see in officiating football's game of repetition, you know, talk about game speed and it's just going to take a while. So I think we're going to see some calls that are missed. And I think importantly, you know, this whole controversial pass interference, rule replay, you know, now it's back to on the field, which I think we all believe that's where it should be.


So I think it's a good point. I think that's going to be a little bit of a work in progress as well. Mike, we got to let you go.


So I don't want to get too into the weeds here, but I'm curious what you make of the practice squads this year and how things will be different for teams in terms of carrying players in case of illness and otherwise. Yeah, it's interesting, you look around the league, guys like Josh McCown make it, who is a great emergency quarterback, that made a ton of sense to me. And then on the other hand, you see guys like Josh Rosen, who hopefully he could get to a situation where you can coach develop for the next 20 years.


He'll look back and say, wow, that was the best decision I made. And I had a long and productive career in the NFL. So I think we're going to see a bunch of those sort of like unusual situations like New England, for example, has two kickers on the practice squad today. Obviously, that'll change between now and opening day. So very unusual year. But I think we're seeing teams take sort of different approaches about short term as well as long term.


And I think we'll see a whole bunch of veterans get activated off the practice squad throughout the year.


Mike, we always appreciate your expertise. Stay safe, my friend. Thanks so much for hanging out with us this morning. All right, thanks so much for having me, guys. It's a new season of love and it's sport clips, haircuts. All of our stylists are clean certified and guys smart. So come in and get yourself back in the game with our legendary MVP experience. It's a man, Kaisha, with our hot steam towel, relaxing shampoo in a winning cut.


Check it online and walk out with confidence. Sport clips. It's good to be a guy. And you know, Michael, it's actually the spin in fits take-over is what it is, it's a little bit towards Libertador show too that you had such a good job rating in the last segment.


I knew it was going to come back and bite you. You get cocky. That's what happens. She says, I'm Jason Fits. She's still smart. I still can't read. I can't read. We all know this. This is what's happened. It doesn't get any better. And now in a segment where leaking confidence, you know, it's just it's leaving me. It's like America's Next Top Model, like after the makeover when, you know, the hair changed and she no longer believes in herself.


That's right.


I'm not sorry. Oh, my God. I forgot about ANTM when they did the hair thing and they'd be like, you get a buzz cut and then the girl would cry, oh, just epic meltdown. Tyra would have to give her an inspiring tale about how she's going to stand out from the rest of the girls. Then they would cut her like the next episode right after they gave her a buzz cut to go back in the vault.


Like, that's that's the thing that I've gone down this rabbit hole too many times at this point. And like right now, I'm just sort of I find myself late at night binge watching season five currently. No. Yes. Like, it is amazing how right after the makeover, somebody sent home and they're sent home with, like, awful hair every time.


That person should be very, very mad. It is the Dan Limited show is to God. She scares me. And I'm Jason Fitz, represented by Progressive Insurance. And we were just talking to Mike Tannenbaum. The NFL season's only a few days away, Sarah. Obviously, there's a lot of hope for a lot of fan bases, but this year particularly feels weird because none of us have seen anything from our team. So I'll ask you first, the big news is that Mitchell Miski is the starting quarterback of the Bears.


We all know you're a Bears fan. You know how you feel, all your goods, your level of confidence through the roof.


I'll tell you what I'm doing. I'm I'm rethinking everything I ever thought about life. I'm going down deep, dark holes where I try to spin everything I read and see and hear into some indication of what's to come. You heard me talking to Tannenbaum.


I'm like, is it possible, though, that maybe like over the last couple of months you've just got really good at football, great chance that he's really earned this? It's bad. It's bad news. And then I heard Trabis. I think we have the sound. He was doing his presser after the announcement and he was describing the way his teammates reacted to the news of him getting the call to be the starter. And I just take a listen, then I'll break it down.


Teammates come up to you and they congratulate you. But it's it's business as usual. I mean, a couple of guys give me a hard time just joking, joking around. But I think I think the guys are excited. But we're more excited to get back to business for playing football this week at Detroit. And we're we're excited the season is finally here. And I just love our mindset in the building, that business like approach we're having for you.


See you guys flying around. Everyone seems to be locked in and really focus on the task at hand. So as a leader, you'd love to see that. And we're just trying to get more and more of that.


OK, first of all, there's like a thousand cliches in there. But secondly, I'm thinking to myself that the person asking the question I was hoping for some nice anecdotes and tales of like teammates, you know? All right, man, you got this. We're confident in you. This is great. We're so happy about the decision, like through the roof about where we're going to go this year and said he's like mostly business as usual, which really has me concerned that everybody in the building is also like, oh, no, I just I want some sort of proof that everyone's like, he earned this.


And not just there was no offseason and no preseason. So we have no idea whether Nick Foles is caught up. So we're just going to go with the guy we already had, even though the whole reason that we didn't get his options on and we signed another quarterback is because he wasn't good enough.


Look, the quarterback situation is messy in Chicago, and I want to laugh at it in general, but I can't because my team seems to always have quarterback issues. But you're not wrong on the translation. I think there's an easy, easy one here, too. I love this. Matt Nagy, the bears that go to again, he has a pass with fall. So that's why I expected Foles to win the job. I mean, they've worked together.


Foles knows the language. I thought Foles had just come in and when the job he didn't. And so Negi now obviously has to answer questions about his chances. And I think his wording was particularly interesting in this answer.


You have an opportunity here to have a really, really cool story. Is it going to happen? I don't know. But you have somebody that's been through a lot, had some highs and he's had a lot of lows and he's worked his tail off to now win this job and have an opportunity to prove a lot of people right.


It's there are all I keep thinking about is if you handed me something to read on radio and you're like, hey, this hasn't gone well for you in the past, you've had an opportunity. Now, will it work? Who knows? I mean, not exactly a confidence builder right there.


Yeah, I don't think there are very many jobs where it imbues confidence to be told, listen, you haven't you haven't had a lot of success. Things have not gone well for you. I'm going to give you another shot. Will it work? I don't know. And I'm not willing to even say it will, even if that would give you more confidence and would make things easier for you, because I don't want to be on tape proclaiming something that I'm pretty confident is not going to happen.


So I'm just going to keep it real. Even keeled. Killed. Yeah, this is what I want. A cool story. This would be if this guy ends up being successful, wouldn't that be wild? That's exactly how I want to start the season.


The just the thought of me being in a press conference, it's a. Are you going to be able to read this and it's like maybe, maybe fun finding out like that feels like what now you're like going to be a fun ride, figuring this out one way or the other. By the way, it's always a fun ride to check out ESPN Radio at home. Just tell Alexa to play news from ESPN and ESPN audio home brought to you by Mercedes Benz Van Drive, a Mercedes Benz van.


Find out how far an extra mile really goes from customization and service to financial assistance. Mercedes Benz vans are ready for anything. Sarah, I'm ready for the season. But I've got to tell you, like, this is a confessional moment for me. I always remember 2006. 2006 was the year that the Raiders went undefeated in the preseason. Right. And Archila come back as their head coach. And suddenly, I mean, I had a swagger.


I went into week one with a swagger because my team was going to be better than anybody thought. They lost that game. We won 27 and nothing. And I think I gave up on the entire season by halftime. So where is your line in the sand for Drabinsky where you're just going to, like, decide that this season is going to be too painful?


First of all, I just want to say that, like Fitz, you know that I love you and I love working with you and I have the utmost confidence in you. But I think you just admitted to believing that the preseason means anything. And that's a problem when you're worried about your football acumen.


If you considered a winning record in the preseason as an indicator of future success, the only people that love preseason in Madden are the people whose teams actually stink because the way you watch your team win is preseason. Yeah, unfortunately for the Lions, they can't even enjoy it anymore because they too had the undefeated preseason that then led to the first ever win. So they understand that nothing no no weight can be placed in the preseason. I'll say this much.


I am usually pretty optimistic to a fault because it's more enjoyable for me to have a little bit of hope and be disappointed than to have no hope at all. And I will say that. But whatever, two years ago when the Bears actually had a great run and got parkade, I actually had not that big expectations because I was like, we're going with this Mitch Robiskie guy who we saw a bit of with, you know, with the season before.


But I don't have high expectations. I don't know what the defense is going to look like, you know, Matt Nagy, blah, blah. And instead, I was pleasantly surprised by a really great run. So then I went into last year like, oh, we got this. We're building off last year and it was brutal. So somewhere in the middle is where I need to sit. I can't get too excited because it's too disappointing. And I also it's no fun to have a season where you just know from the start that you're going to suck.


Look, I always say this. My favorite team is a little the relationship of my favorite teams, a little like a bad, you know, relationship in life. Like when the season ends, you have a really good understanding, like when your relationship ends, you have a really good understanding of what went right.


It didn't work out. And then all of a sudden, a little while later, you got free agency and suddenly you're like, you know what I really miss? I miss the way she did this. And then all of a sudden you get to the draft and you're like, we had some good times and then you get to OTAs and preseason. You like things have got changed and then the season starts and all of a sudden you get kicked in the nose again.


You realize that everything's going to be the same. That's that's my cycle every year of fandom. So this year is going to be different. We'll see.


It'll be fun to see the same problem. You know, I remember how good it felt for the drinks and so quickly forget the double drinks.


Oh, well, you can never forget the trouble doing.


All right. It's a dog show is two guys. She says me. And I'm Jason Fitz. Coming up, a lot of a lot of talk coming out of the college football world, not just from some of our best experts, some of the biggest players in the country. The question is, do you want to hear it? You're not going to be able to choose one way or the other. We'll tell you about it next. It's the Dan Libertador show is Stewart's on ESPN Radio.


Well, as amazing as the snacks and sweets are, because let me tell you, Christine does bake better than anybody. As amazing as those are, Christine, you're even better than all of that combined.


So we were hanging out with us and and appreciate everything you do for ESPN.


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Another easy thing.


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Look at that. A heartfelt moment. Sarah, I am twenty years. Look, I can't imagine you do get a free free. I always go back to free. You get a little statue when you hit twenty years. Right. Like it's a little mouse statue.


Nice. I'm certainly worth all the toil.


I mean I'm, I'm hanging until I get that mouse that I mean heck or high water. I am going to get that mouse statue. It's the darn limits art show is to God, said Sarah Spade. Jason it's filling in and obviously college football right around the this weekend is when everybody's got their eyes on it. I know games have started, but this weekend will be the big beginning for much of the college football community. By the way, shameless plug.


You can check out countdown to game day digitally on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, all of the places you consume ESPN digitally before game day on Saturday morning. I'll be hosting that. So hang out with us there. But we got a statement over the weekend from college. Football players, including Trevor Lawrence with the hashtag Our Voice Matters, and the statement wasn't just a statement about using their voice. It was a statement with five, what they call a five point plan of actionable steps to create real change, including ensuring all teammates are registered to vote and have November 3rd free from athletic obligations so they can vote, discussing with presidents and administrations how to further raise awareness about racial injustice and create initiatives.


They also want to create community outreach initiatives by clothing, food, school supplies and book drives. They want to normalize having routine conversations about change, policing, legal rights, addressing recently justice, etc. between college football teams and police departments. And on game days, they want to use their platform to raise awareness by wearing shirts, utilizing statements on helmets and jerseys, and playing tribute videos to recognize victims of racial injustice and share their stories really quick, really quick.


Do you always say via or only when you're reading, when you're not reading, do you say via? I would say via email. All right.


Europeanisation is accepted on this one. This one I am I am confident while I was not you're not in charge of explaining to people which pronunciations are allowed because you just invented words earlier in the show. But I do agree with you that via and via are both commonly are you a video person?


I'm a VA person. I think our relationship just hit its first. Sometimes when I read, I say via. Really? Yeah, well anyway, carry on.


OK, so those are their actionable items. I think the biggest takeaway for me is, is a simple answer, and that's for anybody that thinks that college football is just going to return and all of a sudden people are going to be able to watch these games and not hear from the athletes. That's just not real anymore. I mean, that cat's out of the bag and it's not coming back in. And my hope is that people will receive this message with as much passion as they received.


The message from players in the Big Ten saying they want to play because it's funny to me that the players spoke out about what they wanted, but what they wanted was playing. Everybody was on board. Well, if what they want are actionable items to create change by using their platform, I hope college football fans embrace that the same with the same vigor that they embraced just the want to play games.


That's nice. And it's cute that you want that and hope for that, knowing fully. Well, it's not going to happen. I mean, this is everything we've seen around the conversations about college football has revealed hypocrisy for everybody. Right. If if people are saying the things that you agree with and they're taking a stand for social justice issues that you care about, then it's listen to the kids. But then if the kids say we want to play, we don't care.


It's just kids are too young to know that their future health is at risk here. Let's let some administrators and physicians and experts take over on the opposite side. It's these kids are telling us that they want to play and they should be listened to and their voices are important, but they shouldn't be listened to when it comes to social issues because they're just kids and they don't know what they're doing. Right.


I mean, it's going to happen for everybody if if if, you know, they're not espousing the beliefs that you have, you're going to find a way to criticize and say that their voices aren't worthy. But your point is a valid one, which is people who don't want to hear from these guys, people who don't want these players to speak up for these issues. They're not going to have a choice. Like you said, it's a Pandora's box.


We've already opened up the fact that these athletes and these leagues at the professional and amateur level are unwilling to be quiet about issues that affect them and that are probably heightened by the intimate nature of a locker room where you've got a whole bunch of people with different backgrounds and colors and ethnicities and religions and everything else coming together for a common goal, much more so than maybe the average American living wherever they are in a homogenized area and community. And so if they feel like they want to take up the mantle for something like this at a younger age than ever before, it's just a reflection of society where a younger and younger age is in part because of social media, in part because of the elevation of voices without the traditional gatekeepers hiring them to do a column or write for somewhere or be a talking head on television, you're able to hear many more opinions and lived experiences expressed, and that's affording younger people the earlier decision of I don't need to believe and think the way that everyone in my community does or my family or whatever.


And I think it's good for us that's for the younger generation to get involved into care, because most of the time they're espousing views that are way ahead of where our generation was at the time. And I just I think you're right, though. A lot of sports fans are going to be sorely disappointed on game day when they want to, quote, unquote, escape to ESPN Radio presented by Progressive Insurance, a progressive.


They're making things even easier. The hope you bundle your home and car insurance together so you can save on both learn more progressive dotcom or one 800 progressive. And to get too deep in the weeds for one second, sir, I do think that this is going to have a long term effect on the college football recruiting community, because what we're seeing from athletes to your point, is even at a younger age, they understand their platform. So athletes coming out of high school are not just going to be looking at where they can go to the NFL because there's a lot of schools that can do that.


They're also going to be looking at which coaching staffs in which schools can let them represent their set of beliefs and however they want to use their platform. So I think this is a huge turning point for the college football community, not just for today, but also for the future. Football is. Back this week, finally in Draft Kings, the leader in one day fantasy sports has millions of reasons why you should be excited to kick off the football season draft.


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Operands 931.


I'm Jason FETs. When we come back, some of the worst stories from Labor Day. What's the worst day that somebody had at work? We'll tell you what you guys have been telling us next.


Dan Libertador show is Dugan's. It's the Labor Day edition of the Dan Levitas show is dugouts, which means you're getting a little bit a little bit different treatment this morning. Spending fits. Sarasin Jason fits. We're usually on from seven to nine p.m. Eastern on ESPN Radio. So if you're having fun, feel free to hang out with us. If you're not, then it definitely wasn't us and you're listening to a different show.


And so feel free to subscribe to this benefits podcast. Yeah, Sarah mentioned earlier we do some exclusive content on the podcast. You can only get there. So get out there. Rate reviews, subscribe to all that good stuff. It is Labor Day.


So in honor of the weekend that just happened and you guys weren't paying attention over the course of the weekend, one of the bigger stories is that Djokovic was disqualified from his match over the weekend because he was frustrated at a moment and hit a ball, hit it away from the court, but he hit it towards sort of the back wall. And as he hit it, it went straight off the neck of one of the lineswoman that was working the match.


So obviously, that is an immediate disqualification and rightfully so. But it led to sort of a little bit of a thread that we saw throughout the course of the week, because that's a bad day at work. When you're undefeated for the year and you've come out and you put yourself in this tournament and then you get yourself ejected because you pitch a little bit, that's a bad day at work. Also, a bad day at work is the Nats, GM, Mike Rizzo, who was ejected from the suite for yelling at umpires now.


I love that, by the way, like that. So that's some real guts right there. Like the first time I was ever in Camden Yards in Baltimore, I started yelling and the guy behind me told me to sit down and call me an idiot. So, you know, I get it. Like, if you can get your voice to bellow in a stadium, but to get kicked out of the Sweetser, it takes a little bit of work.


And that's a that's a bad day, right.


Well, you also failed to mention that the person who kicked him out was, of course, Cowboy Joe West, who somehow managed to make the game about him. Even when there are no fans, when someone is yelling at you from the sweet hundreds of yards away and you still have such a thin skin that you can't just ignore it. Come on, man, Cowboy Joe, get it together. And then he said if it was Donald Trump, I reject him, too, but I'd still vote for him.


Unnecessary information, Joe, just to keep it to yourself. And also, we're really objecting games that are all the way up in the suite.


Oh, it's a bad day for Rizzo, but also a bad day for Joe West. I mean, that's sort of a double double bed.


And you heard a really great story from our very own Dan Orlovsky about a bad day one of his coaches had.


Yeah. So he was he was on a podcast talking about just the dysfunction of playing for the Lions. And of course, Orlovsky gets killed more than most for his lowest moment. But he also had to play out a franchise that has just one of the most embarrassing team histories of all time. And he talked about his three seasons. And this was on Chris Long's podcast, by the way, Green Light. And he talked about how one of his offensive coordinators fell asleep during a game.


Now, keep in mind, this is when games had fans. So you're in a giant, loud stadium. Your job is ostensibly to make sure that your quarterback and everybody else on your offense is functioning well. And he fell asleep in the game. It was either Mike Martz, Jim Carletto or Greg Olsen and Ted Turner. He didn't say who it was or everyone's left guessing based on the years he was there. But, yeah, one of his offensive coaches fell asleep in the middle of a game.


That's a bad day at work, too.


Yeah, I'd say that. And although Lions fans have been falling asleep during games for a long time, so, you know, it's just a man of the people there. So as a result, we've asked you guys, you can tweet us at spin at Sarah Spain, at Jassam Fitz. You can also tweet at Spain and FETs, if you like, but you can tweet us and let us know your worst day at work. And we've gotten some tweet responses that are interesting.


Jeffrey on Twitter, Sarah said Thursday, my boss threatened to shoot me.


That's that's a pretty great read.


That feels like the day that you just turn around and walk out. Also one that stood out here, someone said worst day at work happened at the store. I managed. I saw a customer shake his leg and out of his pant leg came to pieces. He just walked out. I go back to the clerk. I had to send cleaning it up. Did you feel bad because you didn't go clean it up? Just like it's very in that moment, they could have gone and cleaned it up.


I'm just speaking of bathrooms, Dixon said worked at a bar restaurant. The outside bar had a trailer remodeled into a bathroom, all five toilets clogged and full, middle of summer, no air conditioning. And for the cherry on top, multiple wasp nests inside. I went in armed with a plunger and a can of breeze. I'm not a great day at work. I don't know what you do with that. There's just a spot that you're like, nope, not today, not today.


Mike said first day as a cable tech. I ruined a pair of pants because I put my knees on the customer's carpet to drill a hole. And there was so much Kappy that it instantly saw.


There was also a pair of bloody pair of chicken legs tied together dangling from the cable line. I sure, sure. Of course. So many questions on that. But like a moment like somebody that has had multiple cats in my life. Kappy smells from a mile away. Oh, through.


Well, so somebody wrote in as a cable tech and mostly just had photos of a couple that had goats in diapers and then a sink situation that was terrifying.


And it occurred to me I can't think of much worse than having to just walk into strangers homes to fix things and they're just gross or like hoarders or like just dirty or like and imagine like I don't really think about that, like when people walk into my house that they're going into all these other potentially terrible places.


Yeah, you are so right about that. I do like this. I can't tell the name. And NFL Will said I was driving a forklift in a Glidden paint warehouse with three skids of five gallon paint pails of paint, 24 pails per skid. And I hit the brakes. The whole thing fell over. Needless to say, I was shortly unemployed. That's a lot of pain, but that's a lot to say. You'd be happier. Just call and tell.


That's all you need to do. Dell just announced that Labor Day sales save up to 50 percent on powerful business computers with Intel core processors that will keep you ahead of the competition. Call 877. Ask Dell. Keep tweeting us your worst stories. We'll keep reading them. Plus, we're going to get back to the bubble. Next on Dan Libertador show was to Gotze.