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Most vehicles, most locations. I'm sorry, Christine, we interrupted you.


And finally, in 2013, a woman claimed she got pregnant by eating McDonald's. Thank you, Christine. We appreciate your time as always.


Stuart, I want to play something in front of the audience that's more serious because I know we're all enjoying Luke in the games and the play offs are fun and there's plenty to talk about. Now, we you know, we crawled across a desert across four months looking for any kind of sports content. And during that, the streets were aflame. And you saw on ESPN how politics stumbled into everything we were doing. We didn't have sports to talk about.


And then we were talking all the time about social justice stuff over four months. And now the screaming in the streets has quieted some. Right. And sports are back. And I ask you, please, to pay attention to the video that's gone viral in Wisconsin because it'll make you sick to your stomach. It is disturbing. And if it had happened two months ago, it would have echoed across America from sea to shining sea in a way that it might not today, because it's easy for us to get lost in the distractions.


So what that screaming in the streets was about for racial justice. I ask you to take a look at that video. If you watch it, it is in front of his loved ones, in front of his loved ones. It that video will disgust you the same way that George Floyd Narrating His death will disgust you. And you need to look at it because I don't want to get too far distracted because we're saying all the right things with the social justice messages.


But we're not noticing what these protests were about and what they are about and where they started with George Floyd. And there was this silence. And George Floyd was not different from this video right here. We just know that name because of the timing and because of where America was being aflame. But what I'm telling you is this video is the same as that video. It'll make you throw up in your mouth a little bit. It'll make you say no, not in front of his loved ones, not in his back, not you don't have to shoot him that many times.


What are you doing? Like, what are you doing in this America? What are you doing? And it's infuriating and I don't want you to get too far afield from that because it's really easy when the sports come back, it's why the basketball guys we're talking about, they should we actually go do this? Should we actually do this for America? Should we go entertain them and distract them when our people are being, you know, not allowed to breathe because an officer is on their neck or shot in the back seven times in video that we can all consume and have a feeling of nausea set into your stomach, not just sports coming by, but just, you know, normalcy to your life coming back in some places, not all places, whether you believe it should or not.


But don't forget the conversations that are being had and listening and all the progress that was made is a fair point. As people get busier and busier, more distracted and more distracted, this is what I'm telling you, that screaming in the streets goes back across centuries because. That is normalcy for black people. That is their normalcy. They don't want to go back to that being OK, where there's another name and another death and another, I can't breathe and it doesn't matter.


And we don't remember the name because it's just another one. It's another one to disturb you in the video age. We were supposed to come through all of this after Rodney King. And it's what Carl Douglas has told us, how many times where he's like. All that's happening now is that you are seeing for yourselves what black people have been screaming about across decades. It's irrefutable and it will sicken you if you care at all about humanity. But the place that you will lose me is you don't care about the humanness of black people, the humanity.


You do not think of them as human. If what all you see when something like that video appears is a threat, who is a black man and he's a threat just because he's a black man. And even when he's got his back to you, he's a threat because he's a black man, more of a threat than anyone else, like absorb it because those those streets have gotten quieter and the machine wants to shift back to where it was. We're always talking about the difference between white and black America, where black people are like.


The system works. And white people are like the system. Doesn't work. You're in a place right now, you tell me I'm wrong about this, where the system, the systemic racism that people are talking about here. That black people look at that and say, this is the system working the way that you want it to work, you incarcerate us at a ridiculous rate. The jury pools are contaminated at a ridiculous rate. We die in the streets at a ridiculous rate.


We're dying from the coronavirus at a ridiculous rate while still doing America's labor because we do not have the money. And so disproportionately we end up in the meatpacking plant that you've got to go in because you're less human than others. And have been less human than others in our country for how long I know I've gotten super serious on this all of a sudden, but I'm telling you, you can't watch that video and not feel something awful in the pit of your stomach unless you do not think that black people are worth beyond dignity, the right to live.


Just the right to live, because if you if you can imagine, OK. When George Floyd happened to Guts, all of us are like, oh, my God, he's telling you, please stop. He's calling for his mother, his mother, who's no longer alive because of the pressure on his neck. Please stop.


He's telling you if that doesn't reach you, OK, if that if you say to yourself, no, I'm sorry, the police officer's got to protect himself or here I'm going to smear George Floyd because of whatever his criminal past is. If that doesn't get you, then I want you to imagine. Watching in horror as a loved one of yours. Runs to a car away from police and then is shot in the back seven times and you have to watch him die.


It's not just America that's got to watch him die. You're right there. And all of us are watching your loved one die. Like, to me, that reaches across the spectrum in a way that should touch parents. It should touch everyone. It should connect us through that thread of humanity to God, because the part that will make you sick is. The helplessness of all of those people about doing anything about our government. Armed unofficial military protecting a system that works just fine for the people in power, resulting in that too often throughout history, across decades, the black people.


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All right. So let's discuss what it is. That was the sports story of the day yesterday. Loukia Dunk.


Oh, I always thought this was obvious. Champion's League. Congratulations to Bayern Munich. OK, I must have misread that one. OK, biggest competition in all professional sports.


My bad. I'll sit it out. I'm sorry. Xenophobic decision America only and so please back off. I understand world's greatest game and all of that. But in America, what we're watching right now where there are stakes is basketball. And Luca Dunkerque did something yesterday that statistically has not been done very often, only a couple of times in the sport. And then he finished the game with the game winner that you never see from that distance.


Like, that's not that's a new evolution in the sport where a guy decides, no, this is where I'm going to shoot from. This is my comfortable spot in this situation.


He was hurt, by the way, every time, every time throughout basketball history that we've been watching what you want to get and are much harder to get these shots at the rim. Everything you want stuff closer to the rim always. That's and it's harder at the end of those games to get closer to the rim because everyone keeps you out. There are very few buzzer beaters at the rim. They're tough to get. And even the greatest among us playing basketball, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan.


They missed more often than they made by a lot. Even though we don't remember that and I can't remember a single Michael Jordan miss, I know it's crazy that you're talking, but in those last spots, they statistically, all of them miss a lot more than they make. And and you're doing really well. If you shoot like 18 percent in those spots, you're doing well. If at the end of the games, you're shooting 18 percent on game winners because everything just gets tightened up.


And Luca don't think it's going near half court and say, no, this is where I'm going to end this game right here.


After Kawhi kept bringing you back with two pointers, kept bringing you back as Lou Williams keeps bringing you back with two pointers, I'm going to end the game from out here. But another part of the story, and I don't know how much this has been covered, I don't know the difficulties in covering it. So help me out if this is happening conversationally on ESPN or elsewhere. But Montrezl Harrell said something during a game calling him be a white boy.


And as we do, this social justice campaign, as Black Lives Matter is spread out on the court, that is not something that is necessary. In the middle of this, we can all agree that that kind of talk is not OK in Montrezl. Harrell apologized to Luka yesterday. But for those of you equating this with, well, what if someone said the other word, they're not comparable words. One of them is loaded throughout history with the powerless getting impugned with it by the powerful.


Calling a guy a white boy is bringing race into it unnecessarily. Montrezl Harrell apologized and should have bringing in race totally unnecessarily. But it's not the same thing. Those aren't those aren't comparable. They're on what the two words are. So I don't know how this is being discussed. The NBA is not going to step in. And I would imagine that conservatives grabbed this sort of thing and run off into the distance with the idea, well, what if that had been the N-word that someone had used?


Can you imagine the controversy? That would be. But again, it's not the N-word calling somebody, even even if you go cracker or honky, it's not that. And so while he shouldn't have said it, please stop with those bogus comparisons.


Now, I saw Jewell from the morning show also post something on social media over. I mean, they're clearly not the same being that you just said them.


Yes, that's correct. Right. But that don't you feel like that's people just grasping at anything?


Well, but that's where we are. Scott's if you're paying attention to everything that's happening in this country, I mean, you saw what happened, you know, with Curt Schilling and board of directors. It's a literal wall of division that was being run as a platform that has over the four last four years what you've seen happen. It's I mean, it's obvious to everybody involved. He's on the board of directors. Curt Schilling is. And money is allegedly being stolen in a situation where they were trying to fund a wall to keep white people away from Mexican rapists and others and that marching people, all that division stuff that you find everywhere in our country right now.


Curt Schilling was wrapped up on the board of directors of that thing. And we're just we're just so divided on everything.


Beautiful country, and I'm not that good at that. Hold on a second, though, we've got a problem here because do we know if this has been disinfected?


Well, I don't know that that would be the last time that this happened.


We got said, I think this box has the coronavirus in it. So now we are going. Do you have it? Will you why are you on the list?


There's another box on top of the box that I don't know if that box has been just like somebody who's trying to get a rabid raccoon out of his basement.


I mean, do we really even need to check it at this point? I think it did its job well, a little too late, I guess, because I was filibustering for about 15 seconds, waiting to be really surprised if anything's actually in there. He's having a hard time opening it at all. It's cross. It's batteries. It's just bad.


Rusty, there are two batteries, double. There's some sort of lighting gadget. There's one lonely question running. All right. So this is. Hold on a second. This, in fact, that police department has put some sanitizer on that, because I don't I honestly don't think coronavirus can live on surfaces that long.


I think in the Cleveland in an abandoned hotel, there are all sorts of diseases here that have grown up for a long time.


And I believe absolutely that in this box opening up a time capsule, you're a mad scientist.


What scientific experiment would you run if money and ethics weren't an issue? Jesus, money and ethics weren't an issue. Hmm.


I mean, there should be no problem for suicides, at least half of that. I mean, this is a student. Wait a minute. I got to say, wait a minute. I can be a scientist. This is the one route to. You know what I know. Yes.


Let's see if this is a judgment free zone then, right? Yeah, of course. I'm taking the question. You're a mad scientist, mad scientist. You can call it whatever I say. You can't call it into question. I cannot. Right. I cross-breed. It's disturbing. Ever seen an island of Dr. Moreau? No, I'm going for air again. I'm mad. All right.


He's mad, not me. I would never do that.


We promised you on the front end that there would be a judgment free zone, no consequences, because we'd started with the idea that you were mad that Baker Mayfield turned to someone that's like a half man, half cheetah.


You could say that. You can say that because it's. Do you have anything better? Well, you're mad.


Mad. And we're not calling into question my ethics, so I feel like I'm for this.


OK, does anyone else have any half right? No. Man does.


Roy, what do you have here? Not only I actually complete some television. If what you're smelling is food, I don't have the television make the food for you. How about that? All right, you two good options.


I think the same sort of morality. Wow. Roy is just looking for his own life convenience. But again, he's mad, so there's no judgment here. It's not about it's just he likes to smell things. And so he would waste his scientific power on just being able to smell delicious thing.


I'm mad because I'm hungry and I'm hungry. OK, very good. It seems like a waste of the madness and the science reu the way that you have used it, helping no one except you wanting the scent of barbecue in your house, like you could just, you know, buy an air freshener with instead of using all of this science on something like that.


You've got to duck the question. Dan, I'm continuing to judge you. You have to we need an answer from you.


I mean, I think a good invention, by the way. Right.


Is I'm thinking in terms of something that prints money. I mean. Just something that Prince may have those right? Well, just for me, yeah. OK, thanks. OK, so makes more money and ethics are not an issue that's just going to decide to make some money on other people's money.


I think I'd make a machine that keeps dogs as puppies forever and lets them live forever also. Wow.


How about humans? Why do you care? I'll think of something that puts your money that I get to keep. I mean, we're already doing that.


I just want to get rid of calories in general. Can we just do that? Stop counting calories. Wow.


So all human scientists are doing something selfishly as opposed to helping others. Well, you're mad.


That's right. And finally, a jiffy is an actual unit of time equivalent to one one hundredth of a second. Who knew? Well, who did know that? Thank you, Christine.


Probably it's always I'm guessing Rick Pitino knew it. Rick Pitino at some point figure that one out. Fixer's job, people are going to want that, including, Rick, if that's how much they care about the job they just took. But that's a job, isn't it? Joel Embiid That's now a couple of seasons The lasting image on him is him in tears him a giant of that size being just sort of broken and said I know people are going to go after Brett Brown they're going to go after Joel Embiid They're going to go after Elton Brand.


The guy to go after if you're a six year fan is Ben Simmons to be that athletic and that talented. And now three or four seasons in one, you know people are telling him hey, work on the three in the off season and you have a guy who is refusing to work on the most important shot in today's NBA game. To me, it lies with Ben Simmons like he is the problem there, the fact that he could not hit that shot and refuses to work on that job, when you consider how important it is and how much money he's being paid, ridiculous.


There are times where student morphs in, you know. No, it's just so interesting. You don't have to be sorry. It's just the lack of introspection after a quarter century. Doing this is amazing. You're the broadcaster who refuses to read scripts and watches scripts and gets demoted and loses his job because you just refuse to practice. You simply refuse to practice or take any care in the doing the scripts correctly. And then you come on the radio with no degree of irony, no sense of humor.


You just crush Ben Simmons for being you. It's self-loathing. I mean, let's be honest. You guys didn't want me to practice. You never wanted me to hit that shot. You want me to hit the three? I mean, so I'm in practice. OK, well, we did my job actually, guys. We made the most of the situation like we have with everything, which is why Christine Lacy is right here when they've foisted upon us a sports update that can't exist the way that we used to do it in their thirty minute slot.


So we have to bring her on again after you've been replaced by her because it didn't fit the brand of the network right now.


How about Ben Simmons get to work? I mean, enough about me. Let's talk about Ben. I mean, seriously, you're focused on me. I'm focused on the Sixers, about we can focus on Venezuela and what I would say to you by way of analysis on that one, because it's always interesting to me that you assume that these people have no interest in working on that sort of thing. Jimmy Johnson once upon a time was asked why his team with Emmitt Smith didn't do more screen passes because it seemed obvious they had one of the best offensive lines ever.


They've got Emmitt Smith. And then his response was, we're not good at it. Like, no matter how much I coach them, doesnt matter how much I try to. No matter how good they are as otherwise at everything else, we're not good at that thing. So we don't we're not doing it. I don't think it's a matter of laziness or Ben Simmons doesn't care about his craft. I think he can't shoot from out there. And I don't know a lot of guys who can't shoot from out there that suddenly learn how to do it.


I know like Jason Kidd went from shooting poorly from out there to shooting well from out there. But Ben Simmons doesn't seem to be any good at shooting from out there.


But it seems like everyone's learning how to do it. I was Brook Lopez. Good at it. I know. I know. I know. And that is where the game is changing in a way that you're just sort of confused by when Giannis is merely. Unprecedented for his size shooting from out there, if it had been 10 years ago, but now everybody of that size has to be able to shoot out there, it's it's the fastest way that game has evolved.


It's the thing in basketball that has happened, like in baseball, where it's all or nothing. We've all realized we've got to shoot fifty threes. We all got to get good at hitting home run. And some guys in the big leagues probably still aren't good at hitting like Gordon and Billy Hamilton are not going to be ever hitting home runs.


I guess I'm just surprised that a guy who's that athletic who it appears like if he worked on it for a minute, he's really good at it. You're you're right. And what I would say to you is that it's possible that it's like asking Billy Hamilton to please hit the opposite field home runs because that's what everyone else is doing. Ben Simmons for size will totally cave in your defense with a size and athleticism, with the ball that doesn't have much in the way of precedent.


But he can't shoot.


And don't forget his ability to defend, not on the perimeter. We were saying, like Luke Advantage is going to be able to get his shot off over anyone. Ben Simmons is like one of the few that can keep up with someone like that on the perimeter. I think it's really just frustration because you see Ben Simmons and if you just learns that outside shot, he could be an MVP, they should be better and everyone expects them to be better.


They came with expectations this year. And because they're not, you're going to blame Ben Simmons. Somebody else is going to blame Brett Brown. Somebody else is going to blame Joel Embiid. Somebody else is going to blame Elton Brand. Like that's how that one happened. I'd like to blame all of it. I love the blame game.


I mean we're all pretty disappointing and terrible, just like that franchise has been my entire life losers as you said.


Yeah. Clinical losers. They're good riddance to this team. I don't know. Sixers fans get off having expectations. I we lost the bunch so we're supposed to be good. OK, ok. OK man. All right. OK. I mean, I mean if that worked everybody would be doing if that worked, the Cleveland Browns would be a dynasty. You got to kind of know what you're doing and when you get the picks you've proven. Yeah Embiid worked out and Simmons despite his one gaping flaw he worked out but you had a lot more shots than that to get more talent and you botched that.


I mean you wanted all these lottery tickets and you can't even get out of the first round. It's hilarious.


Funniest thing from the sports weekend. We will get to the funniest thing from the sports weekend in a second at Libertador Show is where it is that you check us out if you want to vote on any of the polls, the polls are available at Batard. Show us two guards will pull those up in a second. But first, let's do the funniest thing from the sports weekend.


Hey, people, tell us what the sport made you laugh hard. This is weekend. It is a segment we call What Make You Laugh this weekend. But he is staying for the sports weekend is brought to you by Dell, Dell supports Small Business Month with savings up to forty five percent on computers with Intel core processors speak to a Dell Technologies advisor at eight seven seven as Dell or visit Dell Dotcom slash small business deals. All right. So we don't talk about this beforehand, so we don't know what it is that anyone is thinking was the funniest thing from the sports weekend.


But if I had to guess with Mike Ryan, I've got to guess. Let's see. Let's see if I'm right here.


Ha ha ha ha. Oh. Oh. All the banter in the world this summer, we're better off without Jimmy Butler. He was the problem.


Terrible franchise that we mentioned that a terrible franchise had has built its entire identity on losing as much as possible. And when it comes time to winning, they're surprised when they're not capable of it. Dan, I laugh at this franchise, not just the funniest thing from this weekend, but pretty much the funniest thing of my lifetime.


I mean, it's Mike has been going after Sixers fan and he gets the last laugh.


Told you this day was coming. Spike and I told you this day was coming. Sixers fans, you didn't want to believe me. It was here early, too, because we can all see the problem. But no, you held out hope and you wanted to wait for the playoffs and it came and went and you're gone four games, that's all.


You got terrible losers out of my life. You don't allow me to be funky for a second. ESPN Radio was presented by Progressive Insurance. Today is for doing. And today we celebrate soccer. The UEFA Champions League finals yesterday and Byron Munich are the champions of Europe for the sixth time as they defeated Paris Saint-Germain one nil. Kingsley Coman, who graduated from PSG Youth Academy, got the championship winning goal in the fifty nine minute sweeping through all the Champions League.


Yesterday's victory completed a treble of trophies for Byron Munich as they also won the Bundesliga and the German Cup. This is in today's Fordoing. It's brought to you by the Home Depot with everything you need to do project smarter, faster and easier. Welcome to today's Home Depot. How do I get more done?


I'm really glad we removed all the clinginess by having you back here in studio.


Corporate. That's godson's falter corporate. This entire half hour has been nothing but sales like it's just the burden, the crucifix of sales not being creative during this time and then stuffing three hours worth of raids into two hours. Was that our fault?


It's just my we missed it, so. I know, but it's within us. And no, I don't think corporate is writing anything about my Munich's trouble. Right. We probably added something there.


There's just way too much in the show. Don't go balls in the way of the show, Tony. Why can't I go to polls now? Because those are corporate sponsored as well, Tony. I mean, stop sales. Like, let us do the show.


That's not really about being a radio show works. We can't have the sales stop.


They don't need to stop, slow down, quit stuffing stuff in our face. Like let us do the damn shows.


Parliament, thank you so much for all of your support. We know that we're a difficult show to support by this very segment.


Being an example, Tony, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend? Lay off people.


Georgia after a three four fourteen shooting from the field from nine points. He said something I would also say to my pro and basketball team, to be honest, in hindsight, if I shoot the ball better, this series would be a lot different.


Yeah, that's very true. He had a rough go of it yesterday. I'm assuming he's injured. Like there haven't been three straight games from a guy who shoots more than ten shots where a guy is shooting twenty five percent or less since Bob Cousy like he's put together three straight games of nogo cuzzi overrated. Who's Chris? What was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


Just Pat McCarthy being great at everything he does was refreshing at wrestling.


How about you, Roy? What was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


Rory McIlroy mishit a chip shot and the ball went backwards into a water.


Has it put it on the podium, put it on the podium I times. So have you ever hit a chip shot backward into a water hazard?


I have have you? Yes, who else has got the funniest thing nominees, Billy? E.J. Calladine, Fat Joe played each other one on one at basketball, Dan, and let's just say they were not the best.


So good. It must have been so bad. Oh, my God. Like the scene and along came Polly. No, I mean, they can't be graceful out there at this age. In shape. No.


Turns out then something can stop Fat Joe because he did not get all the way up.


Is that how you become more like? Do you have more? Because that's three good ones. But I'm going to go ahead and assume you're out of material. Do you have another one? Keep it rolling. That's right. In that room.


Got in there one one might say. Does he have another one?


Yes. Yes, man, I need up like that thing. All right, get out of here and get out of here. Go straight into the hurricane. Walk straight out. Straight out. Just walk straight out your door and go straight to one of those top tropical depressions. Take a dinghy out into one of those tropical depression. And I don't care if you ever come back. At my funniest thing of the sports weekend is your father, Chris Cody, tweeting out a photo of him and his wife on her birthday with a sweet message about the caption saying that the photo was on their wedding day.


But his wife had to point out to him that she's clearly not wearing a wedding dress in the photo because the photo was years before they got married. But because he's a narcissist in the photo, Greg is wearing a tuxedo. So he looks at it, although it was clearly not his wedding day. I just assumed it was their wedding day. Because his wedding. Yes, because, well, I'm wearing a toxin. Cares about the bride. I wish I could have married myself.


The Greg Cody show featuring Greg Cody. He is the most like he is a total distortion of what narcissism and entitlement become when you just keep giving it rewards for just sustained and relentless mediocrity. Tomorrow's his day. I love him as you would while ripping Ben Simmons, because you. Yeah, you would love Greg Cody, another one who gets a lot of money and praise and showered with applause because he gets next gets to sit next to strident, obnoxious me who's always the bleep hole.


Yeah, that is tomorrow on the show, Cody of the Miami Herald.