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Most vehicles, most locations. It is going to be so good as you look at the layers within our show, layers upon layers. Mike Ryan is doing a private show out there for people who are inclined to listen to his private show and hear the rhythms and sway and do what is coming out of these unbelievably professional Christine Lacy reeds. And you can hear as he reads that he's reading something for the first time and he's afraid of all of the speed bumps.


Now, as an added bonus, this is something that actually happened during the break. Mike, I'm not making this up. The new ESPN radio lineup. Which has us going from 10:00 a.m. to noon Eastern. Just completed its first hour, and Stuckert during the break said, I'm tired during the break, I'm not making that up, I'm not making that up. That is something that happened. Billy, what do you what are you shaking your head about here?


That is something that happened. He said he was tired during the first break as an excuse for why he's been bad.


He's 100 percent right on this. Everybody thought like two hours. This is going to be a breeze. Today's one hour has felt like seven hours so far. I don't know what's going on, but this has been a very long hour. And you combine that with I woke up super early, tailgated five thirty because I wanted to see the debut show of Jersey. And I got to tell you, Zuba Mohanty, he looked fantastic. And that guy, he could talk.


Are you Filton?


Here's another guy who can't really talk.


Jay-Z and the new morning show. They sound fantastic. They look better.


Mike, your thoughts on Stewart saying he's tired because you were just saying during the break, oh, my God, this show has flown by two hours, isn't enough room to do a radio show. We need to spread our wings a little bit. We got to like we got to get to weekend observations to God's. We'll probably do that in the after show because we don't have time to do it during the show. We're going to be putting out an after show now.


Yeah, we have a postgame show that's going to show up on your podcast feed if you subscribe to us. If even if you do on subscribe resubscribe, let's game the system a little bit. It'll show up on your phone is its own self-contained episode. And since they cut an hour from us, we've run out of time considering all the technical difficulties. So the postgame show will have we can observations today.


There's an after show. I have more work to do after this.


How have we run out of time? We still have an hour left. It's interesting.


They've just changed everything in a way that's super, super subtle. And yet we're all thrown off. Everybody here is thrown off. Billy thinks we've been working for seven hours. Mike was underneath the Clevelander for two hours trying to fix the show and thinks that two hours isn't enough for him to do a show. Chris does bring up a good point.


We still have fifty five minutes, so we haven't run out of time unless we're planning on mismanaging our time moving forward. So we have another benchmark.


Funniest thing, these are sold in. So we have to do funniest thing. There's a segment right there. And plus I need to get Dan's breakdown. The Blazers.


Lakers. Yeah. OK, what about Nuggets jazz? That's coming up right up. Right after the game.


Right after this. You should mention that Mike Conley left the bubble for the birth of a child. I mean, where are his priorities?


You don't want to really do that as the show. Yes to God.


I'd also like to hear Danny Merchants breakdown of the fight.


I mean, we have not gotten a break from the boxing boxer or is Courneya with a finger po Teddy Atlas is saying we got to cover up those finger that fight delivered.


Dan, I would love to hear your take on. Yes. Instead, we're going to there's no time. There's no time after show. Maybe in the after show we can talk about the Cormie a fight. There's no time during this show to talk about the steep Cormie fight. Why is your head in your hands, Chris? Why is your freckled face and your head in your hands?


I just don't know what we're doing.


What we're doing is funniest thing from the sports weekend, which Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike just mentioned is sponsored. All right, give me a second. Oh, you need to go get to that, think that's running out of time and it doesn't work. So, yeah, I don't think we have time. And I wish we could be the kind of show that could just go off the cuff, but we can't.


All right. So did you not know we were doing funniest thing of the sports weekend here?


Hey, people, no one was watching the sport make you laugh hard. This is Weekend Edition. Saturday we go. What make you laugh this weekend. But he is thinking the sports weekend is brought to you by Dell Dell support Small Business Month with savings up to 45 percent on computers with Intel core processor speed to a Dell Technologies adviser at 877 S. Dell or visit Dell dot com slash small business deals. I don't feel like there's enough room in this segment or time in this segment to actually do funniest thing.


I feel like we've run out of time because of the rigidities of radio and the general confinements of everything that's happening around us. Should we do it in the next segment? Should we get to where there's no time in that segment? Is there going to be a miscalculation? We should have done better.


Is there going to be time in the next segment? Again, no time for weekend observation this hour, but you could get it as part of the after show where we will have more podcast content for you. Does anyone have anything funnier than what?


Have I already stated it then? We have to move on. No time. No Time segment. You have two two minutes now to preview he pacer's.


That's tomorrow, though. Yeah, well, I thought we were going series by series. Well, what about the series? That's right. After after our show, there's going to be playoff basketball. Every day is going to be like Christmas Day with playoff basketball games. That's the thing. And by the way, this is a miracle, like honest to God, what Disney and ESPN and the NBA have pulled off here, getting us to games that we believe are going to happen.


And furthermore, games that we believe are going to happen to gates that aren't contaminated by, you know, a bunch of guys being out. Yes, Mike Conley had to leave the bubble, but it's not like we've been hit with during these first eight games here that were a lot of fun that developed the evolution of another player playing game. It's not like we've been hit with anything that would make us think that these playoff games aren't going to be played at full strength.


No, I mean, you had the Ben Simmons injury and then, as you pointed out, you have Mike Conley who had to leave the bubble. Unfortunately, we'll see what happens there.


But I'm then I'm excited for it. Like, you know, I told you I was going to keep it.


I unfortunately, it was for the birth of a child. Well, fortunately for the Connollys, unfortunate for the Utah Jazz, there's a lot of money on him in the off season, like only to have a veteran point guard to make a championship argument that you fouled up our radio show all day to day because you had to go see your daughter play the birth of his daughter.


You're going to attach to our highly paid contract again. I said it's fortunate for the countries, it's unfortunate.


And everyone else that you talked to say that I wish I had more time in this segment to do. Funniest thing. Maybe we'll have time to do it next.


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Tell him, got diehard batteries of the MVP of reliability, the durability player of the year, year after year. Thanks for giving the battery life. I you give you a second to get there. My goodness.


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It is brought to you by Straight Talk Wireless again as the new ESPN Radio lineup is debuted. Mike Greenberg going to be here, the Greaney Show, noon Eastern. We are here to remind you that we have more space to work with audio via podcast as a supplement to everything we're doing for two hours here on the radio today. And I'm promising you that if you are a fan of what we do around here and how poorly we do it, you want to check out today's local hour.


You want to check out today's Digital Only Hour, and you're probably going to want to check out the postgame show because we've got more room to roam. We never know whether those are going to be 10 minutes or 40 minutes because we've just got more room to roam without the interference of sponsored stuff and having to make sure that all of this stuff stays free because we exist for the sponsors. And we've told you before the way this works, newspapers died, at least in part because they were throwing yesterday's news in your bushes and asking you to pay 25 cents for it while giving it to you free immediately on the Internet.


And all of entertainment has ended up going that way. And radio and television and the movies didn't figure out that. And it's why Netflix is propping up the entire economy, because Netflix figured out what radio hasn't figured out, what television hasn't figured out, that if you give it to people on demand for free, they're going to have fewer and fewer reasons to listen to it when you want them to and when you want them to watch commercials. Got this happened to me last night.


I saw Goodfellas on a commercial channel. I will stop on Goodfellas every time and watch it as soon as a commercial got there. I bailed out every time.


If you put Goodfellas on my television, I will stop. That's got to be true of much of this audience right at Leadbitter. Joe, put it on the pole gismo. If I put Goodfellas on at any time, are you stopping?


But now you don't have to stumble across it. And if you just want Goodfellas, you type Goodfellas into Apple TV and there's Goodfellas. I mean, you don't have to wait for it. It's just there whenever you want it.


It's always there for it, isn't it isn't though. Right? Because the way my TiVo works, sometimes I can go back and find something that's part of my subscription. But sometimes, like with Goodfellas, because it allowed me to go back if it's free with the subscription. But what if they now charge you three ninety nine? That was a distinction that I actually made last night. If Goodfellas is on, if it's free and it's commercial free, I would have watched it and I would have just stayed there.


I do the same thing with Casino. They're on all over the place these days, but I won't do it if I have to pay for it. Like I will not spend the three ninety nine. If all of a sudden you tell me it's not totally free. That sounds like something that a lot of America is doing. No.


Yeah, I would say that that's pretty fair. It's like it's the point break. Like I'm not going to pay for that like so I'm totally with you. It's a movie I will stop on every single time. But you're right now that I stop on it, what it is free and I get to that first commercial break up. What am I doing? The commercial.


I don't have to sit through commercials before going, what will you stop on every single time, no matter what it is that's going on in your life? Because Casino and Goodfellas both do this to me.


Oh, The Shawshank Redemption and Saving Private Ryan.


Both of those movies are the greatest, you know, watch or they can't both be the greatest. Shawshank is on my list. I will stop on it. Saving Private Ryan would not be on my list. Do you guys have anything? Do you guys have anything that you would put on the top the very top of the list for movie that I will stop on every last time, even if I've seen it a thousand times.


I mean, to America for me is one that I will always stop and watch no matter what.


Coming to America. Wow. You went old school there. I found recently. And this is a shocking thing to say. It hurts me to say it. Those Eddie Murphy movies don't quite hold up those Eddie Murphy movies as he was a star streaking across the sky 48 hours. They they don't. I like Valerie gets mad at me because I'll stop on all of them trying to give it a chance.


And I'm like, oh, my God, McNulty, what the hell happened to you?


Like, how did I'm like McNulty, how the hell did you make it as far as you did in your life? Stewart Are you shocked to hear me say that? Because I'm shocked to hear me say that.


I know I am not shocked. I will tell you, though, what does hold up from Eddie Murphy. Those movies don't, but and Delirious do the stand up stuff. Does those movies do not. Oh, you're right. I'm not totally sure in twenty twenty that there won't be all sorts of stuff in those that absolutely doesn't hold up. Like I don't think, I don't think you have that one. Right. Like I think my guess is that when I hear language in the movies from ten years ago that I'm like, oh that wouldn't fly today.


Those words would absolutely not fly in the same sentence anesthetic. I know I've gone from rags to riches, such as the opening of one of the greatest films of all time.


Every single time Goodfellas is on million dollars and will see how the hell did he get back.


We go, everything's breaking and you're back. I don't understand what's happening. How did he crack our system? Is it because of Bob and then Meiners?


Olmert is on the morning show and I back in the car. So all of it is all this new. Once again, I'm back, baby.


Please get him out of the kitchen and I'm out of here now. And once again, we've run out of time to talk about funniest thing from the sports weekend.


Maybe maybe we'll get to it in the next segment by Joe Pesci in the trunk and back from the dead. I don't shine shoes anymore. That's right. Those are shoes anymore. It's a new season oh, and it's sport clips, haircuts, all of our stylists are clean certified and guys smart. So come in and get yourself back in the game with our legendary MVP experience. It's a man, Kaisha, with our hot steam towel, relaxing shampoo in a winning cut.


Check it online and walk out with confidence sport clips. It's good to be a guy and you'll be stepping down like pro.


You may have heard some of the frustration in my voice over the last couple of weeks. I am sorry that things are moving so fast around here that it doesn't appear our radio show can keep up. So because things are changing at a rapid rate and you could check out ESPN Radio's new line up all day to day. Greening's after us in a half hour, Max Kellerman. After that, the Golic Junior show. Forgive me, I don't know who he's doing that show with.


I don't know her name. I don't know how to pronounce your name promoted. Yes, I have seen it promoted, but I don't know her. Jimmy. Yes, the WNBA player. Right. Former NBA player Jimmy.


OK, that and then after that, it's what?


Sarah Spain and Sarah, Spain and Fitz, you know, a classic. And after that, it's Fitzsimons or. No, it's Freddy Coleman. Yeah, the stalwart. We were saying that we've been here through numerous ESPN radio reshaping a dude, seen it all.


So during the chat, during the break, Chris Coady said Juwana man. And I think he said this seriously is a movie that he will stop on every time. And I can't believe what he's saying there. But before we get to that, I need to explain to the audience, because there was a live that was supposed to be at the last segment and we didn't do it. And because we've got a bunch of things sponsored around here and because it appears and I don't know if this is actually the case, you know how much I feud over the years with the people in sales to Gods.


But it appears to me today, based on everything I'm looking at here, that they have put so many sponsors in the show that they're trying to cram three hours worth of spots into our two hour show.


Do I have this wrong or is that what they're trying to do today will give you that appearance all gassed on the Dan Levator Joe appear via the show Pennzoil performance line. It's that time of year. The NFL is almost a year and ESPN fantasy football is right around the corner. I mean, the NFL is just moving forward. Draft your team, compete with your friends and take home the crown. Sign up now at ESPN dot com slash fantasy football.


Let's take a minute here for our friends in Casper. Hold on.


Hold on just a second. Real quick. Is that the what does that spot is that from the last segment or is that for this segment? What is that spot?


That is the billboard that was supposed to lead in to this segment then and now I'm going to do a commercial that was supposed to be for last.


OK, we didn't get that right. We kind of botched the timing on this. So let's do the commercial from the last segment, please. Apologies to everyone listening. This is not our fault. It appears that they're trying to stuff three hours of spots into two hours and they're making it very difficult. Go ahead, God.


All right. So let's take a minute for our friends at Casper. We do appreciate their support. Over the years, they have been great to us. Years of research, hundreds of thousands of iterations. The result, the latest and dreamiest and sleep innovation, introducing the new mattresses from Casper, waking up with back pain, introducing zone support, Casper's unique ergonomic system designed to keep your spine alive when you sleep. There's something brand new called air engineered foam wires with preparation's that help regulate your sleep temperature.


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Would you please go back to that copy and again pronounce the word that is spelled PR are 80 I o and s. Can you have it. Yeah.


Perforations. Sorry about that preparation's. Yes. Perforations my pristinely c on the updates now because she can read and she's professional. Do we have any other sponsors that we have to get to this segment. Next segment. We already did the funniest thing sponsor. We don't have to do that. We do have more sponsors to go to. However, there's not enough time to actually go to the sponsor. Really? Yeah. You've run out of time. You were already six minutes in and I still haven't gotten your breakdown of the magic book series.


OK, but we've got more stuff to read. We've got to read this. What else do you have? There's got what is there to be read?


It's playoff time and both basketball and hockey and draft kings, the leader and one day fantasy sports is putting you in the center of the action. With millions in prizes throughout the week, there is no better place to make it rain. There's no better way to put your sports knowledge to the test than to compete for millions of dollars of prizes throughout the week. Download the Draft King's App. Use Promo Code Danda play free with your first deposit today. That's promo code dead only a draft.


Kings minimum five dollar deposit required eligibility restrictions apply see draft kings dot com for all the. Good house. I'm trying to send the rundown back after the show, make sure that we've hit all the right notes you guys have talked about to Carrusca leaving the playoff bubble.


We have not yet. Chris, what are you putting in the chat here? You're blaming me. You're blaming us for what's happening here with all of these all of these reads. I mean, it just it seemed like we were blaming ESPN for us not doing the last segment when I don't I'm just not going to tell you this is a new this is this is new for all of us. I'm just trying to figure out what we're doing here. I would be worried about having too many sponsors moving forward.


And I think that we've handled that situation perfectly, horribly today.


Yeah, we can. Observations brought to you by advance auto parts. Now, I'm not doing them here, OK? We won't be doing that. I don't have time for that. I don't have time to be the sponsor. I will do the actual observations during the digital hour, the bonus hour, the post game show, weekend observations, though, when I do do them, are brought to you by advance auto parts, get a free battery tested free installation with any automotive battery purchased only at Advanced Auto Parts Adventure Auto today.


Right now, only at Advanced Auto Parts.


Raschke is hugely important to that team. However, they do have a great backup goalie, so you might not see much of a drop off. I guess we have to respect everybody's privacy and it's their own decision. But the NHL bubble has been spectacular. Damn.


Why would he leave now? Stukas, do we have anything else that needs to be read here? Because we don't have time for funniest thing and we don't have time for weekend observations. Is there anything else that needs to be sponsored here so we could get out of this segment and have time and we got the polls too. Are they sponsored?


The polls also sponsored three oh three protectant. The Twitter poll, Leadbitter Joe is brought to you by three oh three protected three to three protectant and cleaners. Keep your car looking newer longer.


What do we have time for here? Nothing. We have time for your thoughts on whether or not they should play college football.


The Auburn thing scares me a little bit when the Auburn players are saying that this is a fairly amazing thing, I'm about to say, OK, because the Auburn players are on Twitter saying that everywhere they go on campus, there's no one wearing masks. So we are actually headed straight toward a place both symbolically and literally, where the players aren't allowed to go to class because they're just there to play football, because everyone around them, the only place that they're safe is colliding, because if you put them in a classroom, you got no masks by any of the students there.


And you can't protect them from getting the virus. But if you keep them from going to class and just let's be honest, Auburn has been doing that one for years. There is no better school for that one to happen where Auburn just puts guys on the field and it doesn't matter if they go to class or not. But no, they can't go to class because the collisions are safer than class. That's an unbelievable that we would arrive in a place where the Auburn players are worried about students infecting them.


And now you're in a position where Auburn is going to have to make the decision, hey, do we purposely have to keep these kids away from education?


All Gus Malzahn now very upset that everyone playing on a level playing field is unbelievable when you think about the idea that there could be a giant playoff and they have to pull these players out of classes because the classes in the books and the learning is insane. But the football is.


So because I'm either interested in transparency or a rabble rouser, you can guess which at Libertador show on Twitter to Godsell, read the poll updates in a second. I'm curious, Billy, because I want to put out there for the audience something that you've been saying in the chat. And you said on air that you don't think we're going to have to worry about too many sponsors anymore after the way that we've done these sponsorships today. And here's why and how I disagree with you.


There is no greater fight that I have had in my 20 years in radio than with how bad and just terrible salespeople are in terms of creativity. The solution is to everything. Hey, Dan, read some live spots. It's just awful. And it's been stuck out snows. It's been 20 years running. And furthermore, the way that we do the ads around here and everywhere and radio is a tune out. It's white noise the way that we do them.


I've been begging for 20 years for someone to give me a creative way to do these ads. We just did the product placement in a way that got heard in the last segment. In a way, it usually doesn't get heard because people were expecting show there. And so I'm not sorry for reading the ads that way. We just got the sponsors, the attention that the sponsors crave when they pay for that stuff. That is a lash out at people who are stuffing three hours worth of sell me, sell me, sell me, sell me into two hours like it's not right.


And they shouldn't do it because it affects the content and the content is supposed to be pure.


Right. And you think you're tone right now is helping? No, it's not helping. Of course it's not helping. Big fine.


Yeah, man, that's why we instituted the tone. Fine, because although the content of what you were saying wasn't exactly great either, Dan, the way that you were saying it was just awful across the board.


OK, but the live spots have cost me money for so many years because I don't get any of that money. Stukas gets all that money while flirting with Greenberg and go look at every turn. I don't get a dollar of that.


I'm happy with how things are. I mean, a show does so. And as a whole, the shows and an earner. Right. We we earn. And that justifies our presence here on ESPN radio that they just cut by an hour.


You know, like if we would have tried, we could have found time for weekend observations in this hour, but I don't think you're right, we didn't have time for weekend observations or funny thing from the sports weekend. And what you explain to me, you said today's show is felt like seven hours to you. Like where where was the time for us to actually be able to do anything today within these two hours?


I think the seven hours really came from like five thirty to nine forty five this morning before the national show started. That felt really long.


Well, if people want us in a more open environment, you will be able to download it on the podcast in ten minutes when we do a postgame show that might have more of the things in it that could have been in this show, but there wasn't really room for it because of the amount of sponsorships that we had today. Let's go ahead and update the polls. You've already read the poll sponsorships to guards at Libertador Show on Twitter.


Have you ever, Bob, for apples? It's a good question, it's really not, but. We haven't done much else today. Why are you arguing with yourself about the bombing? I know it's a weird thing I'm doing right now. Fifty one percent of the audience said no.


What are we doing here with bobbing for apples tomorrow? Who's going to do it? I will. There has to be tomorrow somebody on this show that is bobbing for apples on the zoom so that we could put it on social. Who's going to do it? I need this decided Chris Coady stuck out to God's going to do it. Who's going to do it? Somebody needs to do it.


Why am I doing it? I didn't bring it up. It wasn't my topic. Chris Coady brought it up. He thinks he could do it. I'd like to see father versus son tomorrow in a bobbing for apples contest.


That's how we could make that happen. That's. Yeah, that's good. I kind of like what you guys did there. I was initially disappointed because he said no, but then he put out a better suggestion. He did. Let's do that, Chris. You buy the apples, I'll reimburse you.


I Levator Joe on Twitter, is there an interest in transparency or rabble rousing applause ticketless.


Eighty nine percent of the audience said Rabble-rousing. Do you know how a rabble gets roused to ever find that out? I don't think anyone ever even have time now.


Eighty one percent of the audience said no. They do not know how a rabble gets razzed. Do you stop on Goodfellows every time? I did. I'm shocked by this because I do. I love that movie. It's a classic 60 percent of the audience said yes, I am shocked by the 40 percent who do not.


Never underestimate the ignorance of young people. And good point. Those are the polls. Thank you, Stuart. For those of you looking for basketball coverage, we have never been to pre game show. We don't really do any of that. But I am promising you that our basketball coverage is really good. We go out and we get people who are better than we are at the analyzing of games. And we're going to watch a Heat game with some of you this week.


We're going to figure out a way to put that together and we'll get the information to you here in the coming days. We're going to watch Game two of Heat Pacers as a show with the people in the audience who would like to watch it with.


Man, that sounds awesome. I'm moving right now, so I don't have a TV. So sports have picked back up and I'm really going to rely on this show to keep me updated on what's going on, especially with what's happening in that pesky BUX Magic series, because a lot of people have a Chalke Dan home court advantage for the number one seed. But this is a rare instance where the eight seed actually has a home court advantage. How about that?


In a long time since the Orlando Magic played in games that people felt like watching, I believe they made the playoffs last year. Did you feel like watching them? Nope.


Not even certain how I feel about this year. I'm a punt on this first round matchup back for the Bucs second round match. I think he can push them if they win. Yes. That's shocking that you would say that. I'm really surprised by your thing.


I got my eyes pass. The Pacers got to concentrate on the task at hand. And those Pacers, they're bothersome.


Jimmy Butler says the rivalry with TJ Warren is dead. No, it is not, Jimmy. He may or may not have hung up on our show last week. I still don't have an answer to that until we get an answer to whether your rival can be roused. And I don't even have an answer to whether TJ Warren hung up on us last week. Let me give you the answer. He hung up on us last week.


So what do you think of Jimmy Butler saying that's dead? Come on, Jimmy. I thought you wanted to scrap. Come on, Jimmy. You're the voice of this team.


It's well alive with us. Jimmy Butler. Don't care about us.


One one hard foul, Dan. And it all comes back. That's it. Yeah.


All right. Pacers Heat. Are we the only ones who care about that? Miami and Indiana. Miami. I'm sitting here making fun of the Orlando Magic with the Orlando Magic are going to watch Pacers either. Right. Those are things that are only cared about regionally. Right. Like whatever we think that rivalry is here in Miami, that's not what the country thinks. They're like, wake me up when that one of the four or the five is playing against the bucks, whatever happens in the NBA.


And again, we cover that better than anybody. Trust us. Just don't go by today's example. The NHL playoffs are going to be better and we still have nobody to talk about it. All right.


So join us on the post game show. We ran out of time here. Funniest thing from the sports weekend. And Østergaard says weekend observations on the post game.