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This is the down labor part show with this got Sparkasse. This woman, Sally Jenkins, has been doing her job really well for a long time, and we're going to get to her in a second because The Washington Post has had some reporting that is very thorough and Sally has written an opinion column about it that is very strong. But before we get to that, Christine Lacy, please continue.


And finally, Ben and Jerry's employees get three free pints of ice cream every day, which is coincidentally what Dan has for breakfast every morning.


What do you mean you've never made a mistake?


Sally Jenkins with us now read what she wrote. She's been doing it for a long time. Very, very well. Better than most. Sally, thank you for joining us. Among the things being reported by The Washington Post, which are the ones that are most appalling to you, that the nation at large you feel like needs to know? Well, I think the most appalling aspect would be just a complete violation of those cheerleaders who had, you know, to learn that there they had certain expectations of privacy at these photo shoots and that, you know, staffers said in video rooms and, you know, cut out shots of their nipples and crotches.


And, you know, we're served on by the upper management of this football team. I mean, that's that's just I mean, I don't know what to call it. It's it's beyond, you know, it's just gross. I mean, again, as I wrote in a column, it just, you know, it makes you want to find a grease cutting detergent. What should the NFL be doing? What is their obligation here? Their obligation is to get rid of this owner who has created this culture in which it's you know, it's literally impossible for a woman to hold a job at a franchise without being sexually harassed and demeaned.


I mean, in any other industry, this guy would be so gone in any publicly traded company, in any other industry, his business partners would absolutely jettison him overnight. I mean, this isn't just a small blip on the Dan Snyder screen. This is a systematic harassment of women in the building over 21 years. There are 42 women who have come forward to The Washington Post, 42. Why hasn't that happened to Daniel Snyder? I mean, I just think the other owners don't like food fights with their fellow owners.


Some of them don't have the moral high ground to criticize him on. I mean, a guy like Jerry Jones has had his own issues. Jerry Richardson, obviously with the Carolina Panthers, we saw what happened there. Other teams have had issues with, you know, cheerleaders feeling demeaned. You know, I just think that it's a dinosaur industry still in some ways. And, you know, the tail of the dinosaur is still flapping on the ground for the life of me.


You know, I can't believe I'm about to be 60 years old. I can't believe I'm still writing about junk like this. I mean, I really can't. I mean, it's embarrassing for the league.


The Washington Post reporting has been very thorough. These things are hard to get vetted. These things are hard to get into print. Daniel Snyder's recent behavior, taking the name off the team, hiring a black president, you know, whether this is him trying to be in job saving mode, is this public relations or is this a sincere effort to change what's happening there?


Well, Dan Snyder has never made a sincere gesture in the entire time he's on the team. I mean, his team lapses into total crisis and then he acts. That's the cycle. He does a couple of things to try to placate the public, try to win back ticket buyers or season ticket holders, and then the whole cycle starts all over again. He fires people, he demeans people, and the team never gets any better. And they they might have a couple of decent seasons because he gives a coach a little bit of leeway to run a decent operation.


And then the whole thing deteriorates again and they wind up three and 13 with everybody fired and the entire building miserable. That's the Dan Snyder cyclers owner. And it's repeated over and over and over and over again.


Sadly, the allegations, they're horrific. They're horrible. I'm with you. I'm just wondering, do you think, in your opinion, is it at all possible for all of this to happen under Daniel Snyder's watch without his knowledge of it happening? Of course not.


And in fact, we have people on the record. I mean, this is not murky reporting. There's nothing vague about this story. Our reporters, Liz Clark and Wil Hobson and Beth Reinhard did an unbelievable job of corroborating and finding layer upon layer of employee. They interviewed over 100 people at the organization. 42 women have spoken with them. They've got documents. They've got the videos themselves. They've got producers who've gone on record saying that they witnessed videos being made and what their what they were told the videos were for literally, you know, people willing to put their names to this.


They all know Dan Snyder's litigious. They all know, you know, the consequences and potential for retaliation here. And they went on the record anyway because it's true, the ownership. You believe that it feels threatened. You believe that it worries that. Daniel Snyder. I don't know why I'm referring to him. As it but the Daniel Snyder is under duress now and thinks he might lose his team, you know, it's hard to say because he lives so hermetically sealed in his limousine and his yacht and his suite, I don't I don't believe he has any real constituency within the league.


He doesn't have friends or colleagues or supporters within the ownership, is my understanding that there's no one who's going to fight for him within the league. None of them particularly care to do business with him. I just I'm not sure they have the stomach for a really prolonged legal financial battle with a fellow owner that that's what I'm not sure of. So I don't know what Snyder's perception is of whether or not he's really under threat. You know, it's hard it's hard to say.


He obviously is feeling some kind of pressure because he he doesn't do these sorts of things. He doesn't, you know, pander to the public this way, you know, unless things are really, really bad with the team. I mean, that's been his pattern, as I as I said earlier. So I'm assuming he feels a certain amount of threat and is worried enough to to do some of the things that he's done. Like he he would never, never remove the word Redskins from the team name unless he thought he was really endangered.


I mean, I'm pretty sure that that was something he felt so strongly about. He said it publicly. He said it privately. It was an absolute non-negotiable with him for, you know, many, many, many years. And suddenly all of a sudden, he's he's under pressure enough to have done that. So I'm assuming, yeah, he does feel some pressure, the extent of it. I'm uncertain of Sally Jenkins, Washington Post columnist. She is exceptional.


You should check her out. Can you please tell us what your reaction is or how much you're getting of the 2008 boys will be boys? Is it that bad? Are you getting a lot of that? You know, I'm not actually the only person saying that is Dan Snyder, to be honest, I haven't heard anybody else say that but him. And he essentially said that in his ridiculous statement, you know, that these allegations are years old, so on and so forth.


I mean I mean, that's just I haven't heard anyone else who actually had the nerve to make that sort of statement.


Sally, thank you for being on with us. Appreciate your work. Have for a long time.


My pleasure. Thank you for having me. Awkward transition time for some ants. Have we had anything but awkward transitions around here today? Nope. Eleven thirty Eastern Action Bronson and Magnus Burr Magnuson together, put it on the pole. Please gamble at liberty to show. Do you know who Magnus Magnusson is? Yes or no?


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Not the most timely of things with Jim Belushi, but the big Stewie is here for you with some timeliness. Carl Douglas, many of you enjoy hearing him on our show as the lawyer for the show, the O.J. Simpson lawyer, fantastic storyteller. We spent the show, spent a good amount of time with him today talking about everything going on in America. And he is, you know, four decades of civil rights activism. It's a man you want to hear from because he is very good an expert on this subject.


In about 12 minutes together on the show, Action, Bronson and Magnis Bert Magnason put it on the pole. Please give Lebed Show can action Bronson B. Action Bronson when he's 90 pounds lighter because Action Bronson is now about the health lifestyle.


It's actually pretty cool because they're joining us together on Zoom In as part of that zoom. Mr for Magnusson is on the zoom right now, just sort of waiting around casually for his interview. And compared to the rest of the people in a shipping container, he certainly sticks out.


Yes, he's very strong. Can he hear us? Because I don't want to say who that was. Yeah, it says Magnis Ver and there he is. And so he's there. He's very strong. He's a very strong human being. He is biometrics, the strongest of human being. Those are the biggest forearms I've seen since Kimbo Kamper. Wow.


High praise, congratulate, congratulations. Now he is flexing his muscles. He's a totally terrifying human being. He will he will be joining us with Action Bronson. He can hear us. Can we hear him, though? Let's see.


Can you hear me, guys? Oh, yes. Very, very exciting. There you go. Thank you for taking time out from throwing kegs of beer over a wall to make time for us. I want to talk to you about your training regimen, and I want to talk to you about all the things you have to do to be so strong. Like when did you realize you were stronger than other human beings? Well, let's say I just thought stuff that I was always strong and growing up, you know, like the strongest in the class, et cetera.


And I started weight training as I did, putting at risk of falling in a lot of weight training. And for some reason, I just got stronger and stronger.


Well, it's because you kept lifting enormously heavy things and kept challenging yourself to even heavier things. That's how that happens.


Well, I trained harder and more than anybody else. There you go.


Are you the strongest man in the history of the world?


Well, I don't know if that, but, you know, it takes something to win the world's strongest man four times. And that is a lot of competition there. And actually, you know, if if things have good have gone my way in a couple of times, I should have won six times, but I'll take four.


OK, well, wait a minute, though. So if you the guy he was robbed a couple of times. What went wrong those couple of times? What happened?


Well, I did a mistake, a one on time, and that cost me the title. And the last event I was off, I wanted to. I was cutting a big stone, inclusive stone, I was in Iceland and I wanted to readjust it a little bit on my own, I was cutting it because I picked it up and I felt so weak and I picked it up too high and it was blocking my view and blocking my breathing. And unfortunately, when I wanted to lower it slightly, I lost it.


Oh, did that one haunt you, does it haunt you, that mistake? I mean, how could it not? I hate when that happens. Let's put it this way. I never, ever watched that show. Oh, wow.


OK, so we we are going to get to action. Bronson and the world's strongest man should be six time. They've got new single action. Bronson does. I don't think Magnus does Latin Grammys. It's available now. I don't. Why are you two together? Forgive me. I don't know the reason that you guys are specifically together.


I can probably answer this because we had two South Beach sessions with Action Bronson and he was obsessed with Magnus. He kept saying how much he wanted to work with him. This is a lifelong obsession, so it's actually cool that it came to fruition. That was directed at you, I think magnet's just sort of how it is that you two ended up together and what it is specifically that you're promoting while you're together.


Well, I thought it was kind of cool that, you know, my body was used for this song and and whoever did that. You know, all the facts and all that to get Oxfam's Ross's face instead of mine did a real good job, really.


So it looks like action. Bronson is doing world's strongest man things from 1995.


Exactly. You know, I could I have posted these and things like that and I could even have people, you know, commenting underneath, you know, commenting in on him, on his uniform.


So now have you two are you guys talking for the first time on our show? Is this a dream? Oh, this is the first time. All right. We'll stay right there, sir, because this is very exciting action. Bronson, they have never spoken before. All right. Well, let's put them together in the next segment. That's very exciting. Just stay right there, sir.


We'll get right back to you. All right. Doesn't look like he's going anywhere. Damn, that is straight talk is brought to you by straight talk wireless. No contract, no compromise.


This ain't free for some artists.


Stay right there, I must admit. An unexpected twist for the interview. Was this being the first time they've spoken?


Yes, right. This is a big surprise. So are we are we surprising action, Bronson, or then we just ruin the surprise.


Find out next. I don't know. It's good. Excellent. Excellent. We've got an advanced auto parts support here that we have to extend right now.


Now, action is getting into the Zoom's. This is going to be right there. Yes. OK. Oh, no, no.


Just do what you to do and I will. I'll do it. I got to do. All right, so they are here, Magnis, for Magnason and Action Bronson, I will tell everybody, no cursing, please. And I'm directing that most at Christine Lizy. What were you saying, Christine?


Finally, sex, actually frustrated male fruit flies, fermented fruit to make themselves feel better. Sexually frustrated. Male sports radio host drink gin and tonic. Oh, wow.


A shot at synagogues. There are shots to God. All right. Very good. Give it a shot. It's accurate all over again. All right.


So Action Bronson is here again. The single is Latin Grammys, and in it action. Bronson's face is on the body of the world's strongest man. To Magnus's credit, he did not move at all during the break. Stay right there. I never felt stronger than telling him to stay right there. And he sat like I told him to action. Bronson, thank you for joining us. Please tell Magnus here and your first conversation with him why it is we put this together because you love him so much.


Oh, well, Magnis, hello and hello, hello, everybody. Good afternoon. I just wanted to put this this meeting together of minds because of my admiration and my admiration for the men, Magnus's and Magnason. World's strongest man many times over one of the pioneers of the sport, a man near and dear to my heart, and I took his likeness from the ninety five strongman in Bahamas where he won. And very easy for a.


All right, his his zoom kind of petered out there, and you won in very easy fashion magnets. Do you know what do you know about action, Bronson? Well, actually, I didn't know too much before, but I actually like the song very good with that video and then I've checked out a couple of more of his songs. And what I like most is. As I understand, he shot himself into the gym and his training he has he's lost he's lost 90 pounds is is magnets for magnets in a very good dancer.


I can't imagine you being much of it. Are you are you getting down to Latin Grammys? How does that work as a dance? You know, what do you got?


I'm I'm not much of a dancer unless I do a little dancing after winning an event. Yes, that's right.


Now, do we have action? Bronson there is his connection. Any better action? Bronson, are you there? OK, we're going to keep talking to Magnus for Magnussen then anyway, that's OK, we can do that. Thank you for all your support there. Just laughing in my face maniacally with a red face. Among the challenges that you have done in your life, which do you find to be the most grueling one, the most difficult one of all of those events?


I would say the most difficult one would be like it's like running out the back if you're dragging something, pulling something, you're going backwards and it's like and the friction is so hot that that your legs start giving in. They'll they'll give up in the end. So. That's one of the hardest things I ever did. Action, Bronson, what is the thing? What is the thing that come back? What is the thing that he didn't like when you remember the nineteen ninety five world's strongest man?


Like, what are the events specifically you're remembering?


Well, it's not just the events. I mean it's not just ninety five. This man has won it consecutively. You know, this is one of the greatest strongmen in history. There's only a few minutes. One, two, three times. Four times as one man. That's one five oh actually maybe two now Brian Shaw and Mario Genachowski. But this is an original an original Oji right here, Icelandic giant. I just I love them. I love it.


Explain to us the nature of your obsession, though. What was it as you were growing up at a certain time, years old, growth, 10 years old. I used to watch Late Night on ESPN. It's just like all those late night shows. I just love anything that was on late night. This captured me. He said while you were off there, while the connection was bad, he had mentioned that you have lost a lot of weight and that he admires that.


What got into you? Why did you decide? I thought it was all I thought. We enjoyed being about the munchies and. Oh, it's lowering again.


OK, the connection is bad again, unfortunately.


Dr. Magnis. OK, back to mine, Mr. Magnusson. This is going about as well as it can go. Thank you, Billy, again for laughing in my face.


Magna's me, I think actions by me.


Yes, we can hear you. Hello. Yes, sir. Action. Action, man. I'm really sorry. This is the this is literally the worst way to ever do this. This is burning my heart that this is happening. But if you can hear me, just understand.


I'm sorry, tomorrow.


I mean, listen to me. Listen, I lost weight because I had to I always wanted to be a strong man. I wanted to be a giant. But I can't carry that type of weight around, have family. I have people that love me. I like lifting heavy weights. I like working out. I had to rekindle that flame, you know, and just watching old strong man and watching dudes, you know, just lifting weights again just got me back in the groove.


So, so heavy, maybe we can do a training session together one of these days. Oh, goodness, that would be oh my. That would literally be a dream. We got to be there. Be a dream come true. All right. We got to figure out a way to make that happen.


We've got to I've been trying. Listen, I've been trying to do all kinds of, you know, like the old stone. I set up some as I'm set up some at the Stones. I'm trying to do. I'm trying to do farmers walk back and forth. I'm setting up little you know, I'm doing strong man circuits with the weight that I could do right now. Yeah. I'm taking, you know, so I'm trying to I'm trying to take the lead from you, OK?


And oh, there you are. Yeah.


Oh, everything's ready again. All right. Action. Bronson, this is a dream for you and this sucks, but technologically it's been a disaster. So it's a technological disaster like most things are in the world. All right. It's OK, though. Just we're going to let both of you go and we're going to tell the people Latin Grammys is the new single. And again, it is the it is the face of action. Bronson on the body of Magnis for Magnason.


Thank you guys for being on with us. We appreciate it.


Thank you. Thank you, guys. That's right. Magnus, I'm going to I'm going to call you one day and we're going to just talk menu. Yeah, sure.


All right. You got clanging and banging. Thank you, guys. Thank you for being with us. We appreciate it. Billy is not helpful, as usual. Just roaring with laughter in my face.


The entire time I wrote down a note to Dan Billy, I dared him to ask them to come back again tomorrow.


Yes, Magnus is still there. Magnus will talk to you again tomorrow. We'll talk to you again tomorrow.


Fine. All right. We're going to call you again tomorrow. Yeah.


Magnus, I wanted to talk to you tomorrow. And boom, boom, don't move until tomorrow. Right there. Stay right there. And in twenty four hours, we're going to talk to you again. Want to try to under promise and over deliver, so I say what I'm about to say with some hesitancy, but I believe that the next information I give you here is something that you in our audience is going to find shocking. Wow.


OK. College football starts this. No, it doesn't. No, it does not. I think it is this weekend, do we have a BYU situation? Who is is it a Navy situation?


Who in college football is playing this weekend, allegedly two week zero, a time honored tradition that dates back to last year, week zero. I believe my goal is Junior has to go to central Arkansas. I'm going to look it up. But college football is actually happening. And it reminds me of baseball because things are coming together that make me sort of uncomfortable. I mean, it seems like it would take a while for South Florida to play Notre Dame.


But no, they just decided, let's do it. So this is fun. Put it on the pole, please.


Give my libertador show. Are you shocked that college football starts this week? And let's update a poll today to God, please, at Libertador Show on Twitter.


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At Laboratoire show on Twitter, can action Bronson B Action Bronson if he's 90 pounds lighter. Good question. The only one we had today, 67 percent of the audience said, no, boys, I have your schedule. This is exciting. We kick things off Saturday, August 29th at nine p.m. Austin Peay versus central Arkansas.


Yes, that is regarding credit union folks kickoff.


Gojo has confirmed via text. He is on the call. Yes, yes, yes. That is our week zero kickoff. And then we get ready and going in earnest on Thursday, central Arkansas at UAB.


Throw out the records when those who get together, Chris and Billy, I would like to know because I don't know which of you was laughing harder in my face, enjoying. Oh, Billy, the awkwardness of action. Bronson and Magnis for Magnússon with us. Can you explain to me how you experienced that? I thought it went as expected, I mean, what else could we have gotten out of that? Right? I think it went as well as it could have.


Maybe a little better phone connection, but I think it lived up to what it was supposed to be.


I'm actually happy that the phone connection for Action Bronson wasn't great because then we got a deeply apologetic action. Bronson, which was also very heartwarming and cute.


That's a funny action, Bronson. Well, I mean, think about this, though. This is a childhood hero you're meeting. And how human is that? You just can't get your technology right. You're meeting somebody that you've been wanting to talk to since you were 10 years old, a radio show in cheap, high jinks that are particularly ill timed at this point in America's, you know, burning. You know, we just played the radio hits of let's put these two guys together and they'll meet each other and we'll all watch voyeuristically in a way that makes them feel kind of awkward and then the technology goes bad.


In fairness, though, I mean, if you're very excited to meet him, don't do it from a car on a phone, you know, I mean, like, sit down, get ready to meet Magnus for Magnus. You know, don't leave it up to technology and cellular devices. Don't leave it up to us.


A radio show, OK, but it's a pandemic. And there are some there are some issues right now with traveling to go see people.


A toast to all of you for apparently being the only vehicle where this could happen. Action.


Bronson couldn't meet his idol anywhere but here. Now, do we even know if Magnus for was here in this country or in Iceland or where he was? Do we know where he was joining us from? No idea.


But you would agree. Odd day, right? Kind of odd timing to have Magnus from magnesite.


You guys in for two segments. Why do you why why would you say that?


I know MBM. I mean, you put it on the pole at Leveton Show. Thank you guys for just blurting his initials and then some snorting. I appreciate you. I appreciate you for telling us. What is it?


What is monogrammed towels, what looked like uselessly in in our defense, we knew how weird that would be on a day like today, and we only planned for it to be one segment.


It's not our fault, but it just popped up on my screen and I got very excited. Keep them in the waiting room, man. He put his forearms.


He folded his forearms in front of him. Both of them were cinder blocks. And as soon as he arrived, OK, because he remains every bit as enormous as he was when he was throwing, again, full kegs of beer over a wall forty feet high. And he joined us and he surprised me in the room chat. And then next thing you know, I'm looking at the top of action, Bronson's vehicle, because he can't get the technology right.


So again, Magnus for Magnusson is going to join us again tomorrow. We'll ask him whether he's in Iceland or where he is because those world's strongest man competitions to me were transporting in the same way that they were to action. Bronson, where I was like, oh, my God, I don't know what it's like to be strong. That's amazing to see these people who are so strong. And why do they feel the need to carry a seven ton rock.


Yeah, from over here to that bus. What is this world?


I'm checking that they they started lifting like items you would find around a national park as opposed to actual weights that weigh the same. It's just a lot more impressive when you lift a car, then you lift the weight of a car. I love that accent, Bronson apparently set up his own world's strongest man course in his yard or wherever that just to his scale, though, like with weights he can lift.


Right. So it's not like a boulder like these guys. These guys come up and hug a boulder and then carry it for four six blocks. It's not quite the same, honestly.


I want to listen back to that speech session with him because he got down into it. How much he obsess over this? He revealed steroid use in that speech session because he idolized Magnus. It's so weird that we were the place they met.


And poorly, though not so weird, really. This is the place that they would meet. Paulett.


Can you explain to me, I would like with the last 20 seconds of this show, a deep dive, introspection on why you felt the need to go M.V. and then just sort of Beyblade?


Well, you know, I this probably as of a nickname, I figure I shortened it up for everyone. MVM sounded like a, you know, a good place to be. All right.


And then you finish it off with a beautiful.