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This is the third show with these two got Sparkasse. So Mike Ryan has some advice for Greg Cody. We'll get to that in a second, because we are a show that likes to sink into its mistakes. And Mike Ryan claims that Greg Cody is running away from one of his mistakes when he needs to celebrate it. But before we get to that, let's please stop interrupting Christine Lacy.


And finally, there are no mosquitoes in Iceland.


Oh, wow. I was not familiar with that. Yes, put it on the pole. Very easy on the difficulty level reading there. I mean, I Batard show did, you know, put it on the pole that there were no mosquitoes in Iceland.


Magnus killed them all. Yes. Excellent work, put it on the pole as well. Did Magnus kill all the mosquitoes in Iceland? Mike, what is your what is your quibble with Greg Cody? What is the mistake you speak of?


I know that Greg Cody is running away from his most famous mistake. Even when we bring it up to him on the show, he kind of shies away from it. I have it on good authority that the freezing cold take account has actually scored a book deal. It's actually a great idea for a book go through history's most freezing cold takes where sports historians got it wrong, where writers got it wrong. And one of the most infamous NFL examples of all time is Greg Cody's column about Scott Mitchell replacing Dan Marino.


Now, I also have it on good authority that Scott Mitchell has already agreed and spoken to the author of this book. But the author of the book reached out to me yesterday saying, hey, I've been emailing Greg Cody like crazy. All the emails that are publicly available. I've even gotten private emails and he is ducking me. I think he's embarrassed of this when we should be celebrating this. Greg, this is such an amazing achievement, one of the worst predictions of all time, one of the worst heartaches of all time.


You're the author of that. Go get your go on. All right.


Before we get to Greg Cody's thoughts here, I just remind you that when Greg Cody wrote this column at the height of both Dan Marino and the newspaper column in general, he went on a local TV affiliate here and he had his face pixilated and his voice distorted, even though it was Greg Cody of the Miami Herald. Yes, it's and I'm not making that up. Right. Always wanted to do that. You'd think I'd make that happen. I don't really surprise you.


So, Greg, your thoughts on this matter, please. I remember that that was funny.


I was standing in front of the Herald building now raised and it was funny. My voice was literally distorted because we were having a lot of fun with how outrageously controversial the the column was. But I, I haven't run from this, you know, to this day I maintain that in retrospect, in the clarity of retrospect, I think I was right.


And you're still defending it for the love of God. And I would be happy to speak to this guy for his book.


By the way, as long as I get my cut, you know, as long as they get bigger on book sales were good. Really.


He's right. I mean, if you give his time permission for his take, his lousy day, he deserves a cut, a small little piece of the action, if you know what I'm saying.


Greg Cody has spent his entire life asking athletes to make time for him, athletes that get no money from what it is that he is doing when he waste their time quoting them or writing these newspaper columns that are ridiculous. Right. But Greg's time is running out. And so he's trying to grab every dime that he can make. I don't blame him. I mean, look, in all honesty, I mean, I'm the guy who just on the Greg Cody show podcast, I just Chuck Todd on Meet the Press moderator was kind enough to come on to me because I come on with me because he's a big, um, fan, grew up down here, talked about Cain's football, politics and all that was great and didn't charge me a dime.


So, yes, to be very honest, I'm happy to talk to this guy for his book.


All right. Put it on the poll. Gameau, are you surprised that Chuck Todd came on to Greg Goateed at Lebed Today Show?


Are you going to respond to the guy? Oh, like you said, yes. Now, you going to respond to him? Yes.


My guess is after the show, you won't. Mike, you have my permission to give this guy my personal email as long as the only emails emails me once. Oh, OK. Wow. And then loses it. All right.


Very good. Greg is also very excited. We finally got the day. Yes. Billy, did you have something here?


Not just scratching my nose, OK, I'm glad Tony is also very excited because he wants to talk about his fantasy league, as he always does. He's ripping our show for not doing a fantasy league this year, and he's very worried. Are you worried about Michael Thomas? What are you worried about?


No, he was my number one draft pick. I had the unenviable position of picking like right around fifth in a 10 team league. But I got you know, I got Michael Thomas and, you know, I'm putting a saddle on them and riding them, galloping with them all throughout the season. I think the logos are going to be in for a big year. Last year, we made the playoffs in the FBI fantasy league, fell short of our first championship, and nevertheless, we feel real good.


You don't sound you don't sound like you. Good bye, good to see you. Running out.


First of all, I don't understand why I'm sure anyone ever toughing it out. The first time I've ever heard the quote, I feel real good through a death rap.


There's the combination, first of all.


First of all, there are a number of reasons. All of that was funny, not the least of which is why does he always go into press conference, speak? We feel really good about our team.


I love that. Everyone else loves that. That's not a criticism you keep doing.


You know, as you know, I'm the CEO and director and vice president of football operations, Greg Global. And when I'm in front of a microphone, you know, whether I'm wearing a suit or not, I have to talk like I'm wearing a suit.


Let me ask you guys this question. As Billy says, he's exhausted by sports right now because it's all moving too fast and baseball is moving too fast. Did you make your customary time for fantasy leagues? Because this is not this is something that takes a lot of time. It takes an investment. A lot of people are, you know, looking up there trying to find sleepers all over the place. These fantasy podcasts are blowing up because everyone's trying to get this information to get into the fantasy game.


They really are.


It's a weird time because I did a baseball draft. I did it in the summer. You're not supposed to do it in the summer. It's supposed to start in April. And so the NFL, everyone's got questions about whether the season's going to actually end or not, if it's we're going to get 16 games in. So I did one league this year, unlike other years where I'm in seven or eight, I am upset we're not doing the Lobo's League.


That is upsetting to me. I think as a show, we probably should have continued that.


So you could go for it. You can run it if you want. Well, I thought Greg runs it. I mean, he's the GM vice president, CEO and commissioner.


I've had that's Greg's global. So that's the PR. You know, we refer to Greg's Lobos as the thirty third, meaning the most important football franchise other than the NFL. And, you know, yes, I can spread myself, then we can put Lobos in two leagues.


But Pure Fantasy, which spawns the gorilla, as you know, has always been the flagship.


Seagate's says that he's disappointed that the League of Lobo's is not happening, but I'm pretty sure he's the only one missed the draft last year. Besides that, I ought to draft it.


Yeah. Yeah. Stunning that he would be totally insincere and not take any inventory of anything he has done before and not care at all about consistency because he's allergic.


I remember we agreed to a trade, but it couldn't actually process because you guys had no idea how to actually log into his statement. That is correct, yes.


Yeah. So I'm not running the league this year, but I'll gladly participate. Auto draft and auto drafted and won the entire thing one year. I also drafted got to the Super Bowl last year. You guys really should be ashamed of yourselves on that.


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Learn more about their sustainable practices and find your pair it all birds dotcom today. If you missed any of the show, you can listen to all three hours of the day on Libertador plus our Miami only hour and the big city on demand in the ESPN app and subscribe to the Daughter of Friends podcast network featuring SBT sessions, stupidity and mystery. Great. Please rate and subscribe. New episodes are posted every week, wherever you get your podcast and it's time for Straight Talk.


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A lot of good stuff today in the big zui and the local our the local hour is Miami Heat dominated. The big story is the conversation with Bomani Jones long form that is very insightful, as most of them with him tend to be. But we have not celebrated here on the national show enough. The Miami Heat's victory over the Milwaukee Bucks here, rare to get a surprise of that kind and not have it be that much of a surprise because so many people actually picked the Miami Heat based on match up.


Yeah, which is why I don't understand why we're wall to wall coverage on Yanase in the Bucs failures. When everyone thought Miami was good enough to beat the Milwaukee Bucks, many experts were picking them. So how about job well done, Miami Heat. It's kind of frustrating because you have what is a historic upset in the NBA playoffs. And I already hear the excuse machine churning. I kind of really hate that this is happening in a bubble because I truly think that the Miami Heat would have defeated the Milwaukee Bucks under normal circumstances.


The gulf between these teams in terms of this individual matchup wasn't home court, wasn't fans in an arena. Miami is specifically designed to stop what Milwaukee does best. You saw that in what should have probably been a sweep.


You want to see, though, if guys like a rookie, Tyler Herot, could do what he's doing in a bubble neutral court. No offense if he's able to do it on the road in Milwaukee. I understand. I mean, those are they won the series at five. So if they played in front of fans, it stands to reason that the Heat would have won that series regardless because of the better team. But that does add an element, especially for a rookie like Tyler here.


How could he have those same games, those same moments? What he's playing in front of 20000 fans, not on his home court got grown men on this team.


I know. The old adage is role players and rookies. You can't really count on them to deliver on the road in the playoffs. Tyler Heroes probably. I think we saw the moment get a little big for Duncan Robinson in parts during the series, but Andre Iguodala is not going to be scared of that. Jae Crowder obviously not going to be scared of that. They got some grown people out here defending. I'm really excited about this potential Celtics Heat Eastern Conference finals matchup because that's an absolute toss up.


The thing in the series to me that points to Mike being correct about the Miami Heat could have presented problems for this team under all circumstances is. The MVP of the league and defensive player of the year when he was out there, he had the worst plus minus of any buck.


I know I that does not happen very often. Like, go go look at what LeBron James is plus minus is when he's on the court. You rarely see a series where you're watching the MVP of the league and the defensive player of the year. And he's got the worst plus minus of any player out there when he's not even playing that many minutes, but that answers my question.


Mike, you know how this works. That's why he's the story today. They have the story today. He lost in five games.


What's it going to go if you're a Milwaukee Bucks fan? Maybe. I mean, I kind of think that you're grasping at straws if you lean on this injury, because that happened late in the series that to most already looked like it was over and you have the whole bubble atmosphere.


Those two teams weren't really close in this series and that wasn't a close match matchup. The Miami Heat blew them out. It was a gentleman sweep.


The Miami Heat have spent the most of the playoffs just simply leading. They've lost one game. But even though Chris Cody was very nervous because he's a real amateur, he poops. His pants are ridiculous circumstances. First quarter of game five, up three one. Act like you've been there before. Chris Coady, what are you afraid of in the first quarter of game five? Up three one with no MVP.


You're you're terrible in terms of terror.


But I understand that because you're up three. Oh, you think you're cruising to a series victory then Giannis goes out It changes things just a little bit dynamic chemistry and then you get off to a bad start the very next game. I understand why Chris would be nervous one quarter into that game. Exposed them at the core at the at the intermission.


So put it on the pole please. At Libertador show supposed to. Well he did. He said everyone OK at Leadbitter. Joe are you a seasoned fan. If you're scared in the first quarter up three one in game five. What were you going to say there Greg. Were you about to be ashamed of your son? No, I was going to point out, you know, this is going to be the excuse minded, are going to be looking for reasons to take credit away from Miami and it's going to be Janis's injury.


But Miami with three and one against the Bucs in the regular season and then 2.0 when Yanase was healthy. So that's five and one. There was a matchup problem that was just integral with this series, and it played out exactly the way people who liked Miami thought it would.


Who are you speaking to there? The excuse minded. Who are you thinking of? Who is who is someone who is excuse minded?


I think that there's a lot of fans out there who aren't beholden to either team who are just assuming that Miami pull this upset because Yanase wasn't himself for the last couple of games of the series. But that's not the case. So I just think there's a tendency right now to not give Miami credit for being the better team in this series for looking for reasons why this anomaly, anomaly, a result happened.


We've all heard the tired take by now with soukous. It doesn't feel like the playoffs because there's no fans there. For me, what really feels like playoff is working up a healthy dislike for your opponent? I haven't really felt that even with the Pacers, because that series wasn't particularly close, even though they have their history. The Bucs, I certainly didn't feel any disdain for the Milwaukee Bucks. I was a blow out of a series anyways. But next round, a fairly recent playoff history with the Boston Celtics and the Toronto Raptors.


Kyle Lowry is always flopping and I just hate the Celtics. So this is going to feel like the playoffs.


That is straight talk. It is brought to you by straight talk wireless. No contract, no compromise.


Money, money, money, money.


We've got a new SUV category for you coming up next. That right there. The Ryan just gave voice to why I didn't do a rant today. I do not hate the Milwaukee Bucks. I couldn't muster anything for them at all.


No feelings towards them.


Couldn't even muster some jokes. Again, another sweet category is up next. Best back in my day. But first, you got going to tell you about draft pick up. Football is finally back at draft. Gaines, the leader of one day fantasy football and daily sports has millions of reasons why you should be excited. Gives me having a good day to day two.


It's five dollars when you do it directly into the money. I don't have any money on me, Mike. You're not supposed to go to the ATM. You're not supposed to deal with currency in case you haven't been watching the news. I do have a couple dollars of. In the post game show today. You will find an exclusive suey, the best story told on the show over the last year, you will find it only on the postgame show today.


Before we get to Greg Coatis, back in my day, sushi. Let's go back to Christine Lacy.


And finally, according to new research, not moving to dance music is nearly impossible. And according to existing research, moving in general is nearly impossible for dance. Oh, I think she just hit the table. I find that unacceptable. She's become cruel. She has. It happened very quickly. Thank you. Yes. Then she will do that to that. Laugh haunts my dreams. Thank you, Christine, for being on with us. Let's get to it.


Best back in my day, Stewy.


And now Natsui nominees for best back in my day flavored coffee basic regular coffee has been elbowed from the stores and specialty shops shoved to the gutter by flavored coffee.


A can of Maxwell House sweeps.


The typical flavoring used in coffee is a chemical consisting of eighty five percent propylene glycol, the same synthetic substance used as a solvent in antifreeze in the airplane.


The truth, it's also a fact of flavored coffee tends to make use of cheap, stale beans. The lab made fake flavoring is then sprayed on the old beans which are sprayed in oil to adhere to the flavoring. Give that a thought next time you're taking a sip of your fraud coffee medicine that made it taste like cherries jubilee. Me. I'll take a heavy ceramic cuff. A plain old hot black coffee. Please pull the orange coconut. I'm Greg Codi and that's how it was back in my day.


Telephone operators.


I miss the effort. Once involved in making a phone call, you had to work for your connection, had to earn it. Millennial's don't know anything but the ease of it. Reach into the pocket, grab the do anything smug phone and call or text anywhere in the world in seconds all by yourself. Because Millennials don't remember. The telephone operator never knew the pleasure. Telephone operators were born in eighteen seventy eight when Alex Bell hired George Willard Kreuz and Emma.


Not women soon took over the role because they were seen as more courteous and were paid a fraction of what a man was just like today.


The decline into technology, into the smartphones of today began, of course, with Maxwell Smart shoe phone in nineteen sixty five and there was no turning back. The lid had lifted on a bottomless Pandora's box full of portable cordless telephones.


By the early eighties, the first commercially held cellular phone has begun.


The global takeover tradition kicked in the arse to the curb, while the one addiction stronger than crack. The addiction, called convenience, raise a toast to the graying, forgotten army of old telephone operators living out their days in the fog of bank memories of plugs and jacks of being needed. Find one of them, visit and watch the light blink on and long dead eyes and the tears roll as you whisper.


Yes, I'd like to make a collect call. Operator, can you help me? I'm great, Cody.


Yeah, that's how it was back in my day.


Cartoons, all the simplicity and joy of primitive cartooning. The Saturday morning cartoons were a staple of my youth, a touchstone of Americana. That tradition passed away quietly without ceremony, a legend dying alone. That's all, folks. The simple cartoon of hand drawn stills has been supplanted by CGI computer generated imagery animation. It's too good. I don't want reality in my cartoons. Give me primitive art, not state of the art. Give me old school. Yes, lo fi.


Something to transport me back just for a minute. Yes, I'd regale in laughter oh by myself watching Looney Tunes as Sylvester the cat failed yet again to catch Tweety Bird and exclaimed Foreign Succotash. Animated films nowadays are too real, too perfect.


How popular do you think Mickey Mouse would have become if you looked like an actual rodent? No.


You need a walking upright in red pants with two buttons and big yellow shoes. Phony. Simpler times. It occurs that these days of self isolating and socialization are a perfect time to reflect on the simple pleasures technology that shunted to extinction. Everybody is doing a little dance on. No, I'll take tic tac toe. Thanks. And where does Instagram have to be so instant anyway? Whatever happened to the art of waiting like small children and garden set to bloom?


Patience is a thing that needs nurturing internet. How about exploring your inner thoughts instead? Oh my God. Tender. Whatever happened to man setting you up with Diane Sun for it to be face time and not the kind you do on your own? And by the way, Amazon did not invent doorstep delivery grandpappy. Well, Bill, Cody's dad used to steer a horse drawn carriage that delivered big blocks of ice to folks 60 pound blocks. It left the black iron tones.


Lisa have to choose bottles of milk delivered every morning to 14 40. A door to door vacuum cleaner salesman came to our house once, threw dirt on our carpet, looked it up and sold my mom a state of the art. Electrolux jubilate the calliope music of the ice cream truck in my neighborhood. What drew me from my straight American? No, it was the bells signaling the arrival of the Charles chip truck with its magic cargo of those glorious big brown tins in the city.


Wonder they contained. You know, it could be true. It wasn't made for these times. I'm great, Cody. In that how it was my band that quarantining.


OK, so the world turned upside down within the past 10 days or so and we're all coming to grips with it. Right. I am not here to make light of a grave situation. What I am getting a kick out of are people acting like saying at home is the biggest burden in the world. This is nothing new to me. I spent my entire childhood alone in my bedroom at 14, 40, playing baseball. Well, one day maybe my mother and the other teams were in the other room playing mahjong for crack three bam.


As I was hunkered in not only playing baseball on a piece of cardboard, but doing play by play like Curt Gowdy. And you wonder why I only had like three dates in the entirety of my high school years. My mother always used to tell people I love being alone. Keeps a cell phone user, hey, if you're bored already, search around the house and find one of those weird rectangular things filled with open words called a book. Reach up on a high shelf in your closet and find a Monopoly game you last played in 1983.


We are well equipped in 2020 to stay at home in a way we weren't during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. I survived that. I can survive this. I'm happily alone in the abode and about to get back to what I was doing. The Stratemeyer game is dusted off its 1967 middle of the 5th and Yazz is up. Come on, Dice.


I'm Greg Cody. And that's how it was back in my day.


Yeah, sandwiches. The good old sandwich you've got away from us. It was simple.


Once Sandwich knew what it was, it was ham and cheese. Peanut butter and jelly. Grilled cheese, a burger.


Simple, nothing fancy. Nowadays, we've tried to turn the sandwich into the work of culinary art. It was never meant to be. We've draped a lunch pail man in Armani suit. Plain bread was fine, but now it's that she bought a roll of bones.


That's true for most of the job. But now it's a really sorry. I didn't even know what a sandwich is anymore, but I know what it isn't. It isn't a hot dog.


A sandwich has bread on the top and bottom of what's inside, whereas hot dogs bread is on either side of the meat. Other foods that are not sandwiches include Plutarco gyros, burritos, chicken with waffles and the king of the gastronomic oxymoron, the Open-Faced sandwich.


I can tell you the namesake of the sandwich, John Montagu, Great Britain's fourth earl of Sandwich, would not approve of the modern complication of his design because Sandwich in the seventies created the sandwich for its very simplicity. The English aristocrat ordered Minion to hand him meat between slices of bread so he could eat one hand while simultaneously playing cribbage. Sadly, Lord Sandwich was a complicated man, sort of a loss, to be honest.


In his time, the statesman was considered incompetent, corrupt, a degenerate gambler. His first wife went insane. His second was murdered by a jealous suitor. While across the pond, Tom Jefferson and those guys were signing the Declaration of Independence sand, which was in the Hellfire Club where British aristocrats portrayed.


Under cover of immoral acts of debauchery, in summary, the guy who invented the sandwich was a pretty bad person, but he knew what he liked, wanted and needed between slices of bread. Let's honor most dishonorable man by dialing back the sandwich to its origin and luxuriating in what we never do anymore.


Luxuriating in simplicity. Give me ham and cheese in a square of mustard between bread, please.


As the so called open-faced sandwich, the only open place I want in the vicinity of my sandwich is my gaping maws.


I walk down the perfectly audible delight before me.


I'm Greg Codi and that's how it was back in my day.


I was standing. I was there. And you? Oh yes. My favorite part in a year of Greg Cody talking was how terrible his sound quality was.


So a politician who got went to Twitter and wrote Charlie Sheen totally carried Two and a Half Men and there was response and a correction that read, and this is funny because I don't think there are a lot of people who would take the time to respond to that.


But one response was, is that why after Sheen left, it lasted for four more years and I won an Emmy for best actor in a comedy, I was Jon Cryer doing something that he shouldn't have probably have done, because we all kind of know that Charlie Sheen carry Two and a Half Men, don't we?


I mean, does he play Alan? Does he play? Because I think he's right. I think the series carried on for four more years. And Alan was just a big part of the show as Charlie.


I'm sure he's right. And it stayed number one for a while. But I just love that he's the one defending himself with his Emmy best actor in a comedy that none of us knew he had won. You have a good Greg Cody's story. You've been promising us for two days from going golfing with him this weekend and he wore his surgery hospital socks. What does that story you promised to tell us today?


Yeah, Greg, I'm sorry to do this to you because I'm not certain Greg realizes that. I do know the story. I should know the story. I was tipped off by one of the one of the bag boys, bad guys at the at the golf club. So we played 18 holes myself, Greg Codi, Chris Cody and my friend Tom. And Greg was complaining on the sixth seventh all they did a blister on his thumb. And so we stopped after nine holes.


So Greg can go inside and get a Band-Aid. So, Greg, what inside to get the Band-Aid left his golf cart outside. I went inside because Chris and Greg were very, very thirsty and they both needed a Gatorade. So I went to the bar. I got them Gatorade's I, of course, got a fountain coke because that's what you get when it's really hot. You need something to drink. You get a fountain. Coca-Cola. That's what I got.


They got Gatorade's whatever. I digress.


Greg went in to get his Band-Aid. He left a golf cart that was his that had his golf clubs on the back of the car.


Does Greg know what the story you're about to know? Does Greg know that he did this? He has to know. He went back and got his car.


He has to know what happened. So he came out of the clubhouse. He got his bandaids. He went back into the he went into a golf course. OK. The golf cart had no clubs on the back of it. Greg was there, he had already played nine holes of golf with his golf clubs on the back of the golf cart, the golf cart. Greg got into it, drove to the 10th tee. Had a garbage can and a broom in the back, OK, so it was it was somebody whose job it was to clean up the golf course.


This is an act of senility. Mike Ryan is totally shocked. Chris, do you want to defend your father in any way here?


This actually stems from my dad's awkwardness and cheapness, because when he was handed the Band-Aid at Stuart's his country club, they, like, take care of everything and you're just supposed to take care of them, like with tips and stuff. And my dad wanted to tip at the end of the round, but this was mid round. So he's like, do I give them money now for my band aid or do I just wait for the end? I'm like, it doesn't matter, just do whatever.


And he got so awkward and weird that he just got weird and jumped into the wrong car and drove off with the wrong.


Now the people working there asked me, had Greg been drinking? Here's the thing about Monday's golf and was the rare timing wasn't totally sober, totally sober. All right. So this is just making fun of Greg Cody's mental descent, because this is simply an act of senility that can't be defended. But Greg Cody, who is radiant, incidentally, after listening to all those back in my days, he's going to listen to again 14 times tonight. You can defend yourself on this senility of.


Well, on the senility.


Yeah, I don't think it's the humidity, but you just heard the our show on ESPN.