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Don Lemon tart, you need to listen to Kush. That still got that could slash crucial slash. Wow, that clear things up.


This is about our show.


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So in our ever changing technological world you can get some of the stuff that we're doing in different places than perhaps you're used to. So Brockmeyer had been a frequent guest on this radio program, but there's not really the room to work with him given how tight the windows are now with all the sponsoring of stuff they've done around here and the changes they've made. So if you want to check out Brockmeyer opening up his own podcast and doing so with his second guest, Stewart, it is a very funny listen.


Jim Brockmeyer interviewing Stewart on his own podcast as Brockmeyer, the disgraced Kansas City Royals minor league announcer who doesn't actually exist but does for our purposes, interviews Stewart. You can check that out today on the big Stewy. It's a digital only property and I'm endorsing it. I'm telling you right now you should listen to it because it will make you laugh a lot.


A daily feature on the Daily Limited Show with Stewart's feed. We tell you a lot about Batard and Friends. That's a separate entity. This is the main radio show feed. Every day we give you a local our catered to South Florida and we give you a big swing in which there's a lot of different things that go on there. Carl Douglas is going to be a guest on the big city tomorrow.


Mike, people are still trickling in here complaining, yelling at the dirty demon of debate for not making his hockey team either the flames or the devils. They are yelling at you or trying and yelling at the dirty yell at me. Just because you're sort of in charge of when it is the dirty demon of debate gets on the seventh ring of hell. Yes. You guard the gates and he knock on here earlier and he said his hockey team was who was it?


It was the penguin penguins he loves, said the kid.


Yeah. And I thought it was Briles who guarded that seventh ring of hell.


He moved right past him and he got in here on the Jordan versus LeBron debate. And if LeBron wins one more, does he pass Jordan, as Isaiah Thomas has proclaimed on the Max Kellerman show as they repurpose the sound for first take?


Because that's what all of us are. We're just repurposing all our own sound and getting you to the next game here at ESPN because we're all infomercials for sports. So Max Kellerman talks on one microphone and Isaiah Thomas says that thing into another microphone. And then they take that stuff and they go take it to Stephenie and then Steven exit and he yells about it and then they go take it to NBA downtown. Anybody want this great sound of Isaiah Thomas saying there is no doubt that LeBron with a victory, but only with a victory, he's not greater now, but with one more victory, he will be greater than Michael Jordan, 900 chuck emails later.


That's the 9000 Chuck solid emails later. Hey, somebody said something about LeBron and MJ. Get into the network, make sure he got he is on a bender today. It's unbelievable. Somebody said something about Michael Jordan and LeBron. Let's poop it out and have every show discuss it. Thoughts. Christine. Lisa, you were saying.


And finally, due to the high demand, their difficulty to grow and Dan's proclivity to put guacamole on everything, avocados could be going extinct soon. I put guacamole on avocados.


Thank you for being on with us, Christine. I've got a number here from Nick. Right. That is pretty good. Here's to got when it comes to the stat surprised all of us when we were watching the other day and the Lakers were up after the third quarter and the stat came up. The Lakers are 55 and oh, when they lead after the third quarter, that's a fairly jarring stat. And so Nick Wright points out that in Lebanon's last two healthy seasons, there are 106 and one when they lead after three quarters, they've only lost one time.


If they have a third quarter lead, you say that's incredible and you'd be right. But here's what's also incredible. The 95 96 bulls, to your point of Michael Jordan is forever the greatest and will only be the greatest. And there can be no challenges no matter what. Isaiah Thomas, as he says, there's no doubt. But Stukas is here to tell you there is plenty of that. And so Chuck Xyloto with 9000 emails.


I'm just here to tell you he's wrong and he's a poor messenger, that's all.


Well, the 95 96 bulls were 78 and one when leading after three quarters. And the part I want you to notice, there's not the one.


It's the 78. Like, how were you always ahead? That's a great that's unbelievable.


Like I mean, the Lakers are fifty six now after leading. Right. Three quarters, but seventy eight one is crazy. Yeah. Michael Jordan.


That's right. Michael Jordan. But 56, you know is also pretty good to got it is. And 106 and one in the last two healthy seasons is better than 78 and what it is but pretty good.


You know the Jordan stat is great because that's what Jordan LeBron is pretty good because that's what I'm sorry about.


That shows that the image he wants to have this discussion like points would be totally good. Totally good. With no sense of irony, no sarcasm. I'm not kidding you for the remainder of our lives on this show, being just him saying again and again that Michael Jordan is better than LeBron, I would he'd be totally happy doing that show just every day.


Again, I've got a shocking stat for you, one that never came up in our research. I don't think at least we never asked him because he's been a recurring guest. Bud Grant, the famed Minnesota Vikings former head coach that has a famous garage sale.


He can't do the garage sale because of the pandemic. Well, he was a backup guard on a Minneapolis Lakers championship team. No. Why? Courtesy of Alhassan Hansen. Zach Harper in NBA. No, no way. Yeah, he averaged two point six points per game.


But Bud Grant, Bud Grant that we got to call him and talk to him about it always since we can't make it any more finals recap. Right.


I read somewhere that Bud was going. This is going to be difficult for Bud, but he's going to try to do a virtual garage sale. That's what I read. So perhaps it's still alive and well.


That makes sense. But we never talk about him is one of the great to sport athletes of our time. Granted, that was not of my time.


Cody, stop. And you said he was a bucket. You said he was a bucket, quite literally. Yes. Averaged two points a game, quite literally. He was our bucket.


Well, in that day, they didn't have three pointers. You don't know what he would have done if they had three ball.


You don't want to shoot from the outside. He's a sniper. But Grant. But Grant. All right. We got to call him and talk.


You do the thing where you're just picturing Bud Grant now. Yeah. What do you mean? Am I going to get inside the mike? And that's what I'm picturing is Bud Grant. This is Purple Vikings and it's what I am picturing actually. Now that you ask, is Bud Grant now in his 90s with a flawlessly executed fundamental chess pass and bounce pass? He would just come into the game and his form would be flawless and he would not play very much, but it would be in a uniform at this present age of 90.


And it would looked like one of those tutorials back when the black and white videos were being made. And maybe they were actual peach basket.


Oh, dude, who is your did you ever watch one of those videos? Because be this will be Marovich taught me the fundamentals of basketball. Yeah. And I go out on the court and I realize, oh, you can carry I still try to like dribble the basketball with the top of my hand in there and you watch Tyler Hero come down the court, his hand just go over and over again. But man, he could throw a mean bounce pass pistol.


Pete Pistol Pete was playing a different game back in the day. He really was was it. And he was breaking every rule. I mean put it on the pole you got.


No, I don't want to put it back. What is happening with this guy was so ahead of his time. Look, I'm not doing this.


This is not how I'm going to age with Stewart.


So I talking about the shot and I'll be like, I'm not doing this on the radio. Like, this is not I will not someone get somebody in here who can help it not be like this. Like it can't be God's like talking about pistol Pete and the cha cha. Like we are going to lose what little remains of our audience if God is allowed to age this way, somebody polish him up. Did you see how lazy and indifferent he was about polishing up that turn of a JJ Watt take for the thousandth time?


You started with Budka. Let's go. My is young person criticism. We can ask McCrann about the cha cha. You want them on the show? You're going to be the soon to be three. Eighty five year old as a total non sequitur, went to Bud Grant to liven up the show. The week marks the sixth annual KPMG Women's PGA Championship at Agronomy Golf Club, October 8th through the 11th in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, as the first ever partnership between the PGA Tour, the PGA of America and KPMG, the KPMG Women's PGA Championship brings together the best players from around the world to compete for one of the most coveted major championships in golf competing on championship caliber courses.


The KPMG Women's PGA Championship has elevated the women's game to new heights and puts the PGA players in the national spotlight. And the KPMG Women's Leadership Summit held the week of the championship, invests in rising women's leaders aspiring to reach the C suite by providing thoughtful content, tools and networking opportunities. Together, they serve as catalysts to empower women both on and off the golf course. KPMG continuing its commitment to the next generation of women leaders and proud sponsor of the KPMG Women's PGA Championship.


To learn more, visit KPMG dotcoms. Women's Leadership. Don Lemon tart, I'm telling you, we are good here. Trust me, I've never let you down to God.


It's like living a life. Imagine living your life. And every time you take a step, you know, you might step on a landmine. That's my life. I'm married to a minefield. And he doesn't know that he's a minefield. It's just like, trust me, Dan, we got this while cleaning the chocolate out of his teeth with his tongue. This incident about our show with a still got on ESPN Radio.


This is also why Michael Jordan will forever be greater than LeBron James. Does LeBron James have a song like this?


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It is brought to you by Straight Talk Wireless as part of that libertarian friend universe. I'm urging you to listen to what Brockmeyer and the Gods did on the big SUV today, because if you listen to one thing from the show today, that's the thing to listen to because it will not disappoint.


Did you see that Jags owner Shad Khan is selling that boat that Chris and Billy, Chris and Roy were on? Did you see that he's selling it now?


I saw that he's selling it. I didn't see how much he was trying to sell it for. Well, Roy Chris, what would you say that that boat should go for? As you guys have been on it? You guys saw that it had a garage with boats that any one of us would love to have, plural? Right. There was a garage with several other boats in it, correct?


Yeah, that's right. Yeah.


Exactly what else did you guys see in there that would give the audience and see, this is real elegance I saw yesterday. You got to I don't know if you saw it trending on Twitter, but for some reason and I don't know why this was where it started, Ruth's Chris was taking a Ruths. Crist was taking a beating on Twitter as sort of the lowest end of class that there can be. Like it's not high end class. It's just it allows you to sort of turn the doorknob on class, but you sort of barely get your foot in the door on class.


This what we're talking about on this boat was not whatever it is people were saying about Ruth's Chris yesterday. This was the very height of opulence. So we were supposed to make a video to show it to you. But Chris and Roy failed in a spectacular fashion as you could fail. They just went on the boat, wandered around, got very poor video and turned it into nothing. I do. I have that wrong. Yeah, you do is a mystery.


Great episode. I mean, the theater of the mind, quite vivid pictures they painted.


Dan, OK, but visually we got nothing. Right. Nobody saw anything that basically there were your four eyes that saw something and that's it.


Our leader also refused to let our video guy come on the boat. So that was also an issue. Well, yeah.


Your leader was too busy entertaining Tony Köln so you guys could do your job and you came back with nothing.


You were entertaining Tony KCON on his own boat. Yes. Because somebody had to be entertaining.


I mean, yes, that's why that's why we were invited so that I could sit there and be me. Yes, that's correct. That is why we were invited on the boat. That was a do you question. That was my job. Well, I mean, if we really want to get into this, it was originally going to be student being student. Yeah, but I had to do it first to God because to God, turtle cross mitzvah and also had a death of, you know, seventeen relatives.




It was a tough weekend. Super Bowl Friday then. Yeah I understand.


One hundred and ninety nine million dollars is what the boat is going for.


One hundred and ninety nine. Well that fits someone's budget just by one million. Right.


I do find that funny. Like do you really think shed con that you're luring in the guy who says to a one, I think it's too much, but at one ninety nine I do. I love that I'm getting that million off there and. But how many boats, Chris, how many boats were on the boat. Like seven, they had like three full sized boats, a few like paddle things, some jet skis. It was insane that both the boat.


What's it called? A boat garage they had underneath was the most impressive thing.


I wish I saw it, which is something we could show our audience. If you've seen the movie on Netflix six Underground starring Ryan Reynolds, I believe there is a key scene as that movie crescendos that's filmed on the bad guy is on that boat is as if not a spoiler alert.


Speaking of spoilers.


On November 17th, you got. You cannot only gamer's your unite, you can not only get mortal combat 11, but mortal combat 11 features Rambo well and it features Rambo with Sylvester Stallone actual voice. Oh, that's huge. Stallone is lending his voice a whole different to mortal combat.


11, the Rambo character and its amazing moral combat's done this. Or if you do a special preorder, you get Freddy Krueger, you get Robocop, you get Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator model. This is huge. So this is next level. I was a Sylvester Stallone.


I was reading an article about another Rambo. Nevertheless, yes. No, the last one.


What should have been rated X for violence like the last one is the last drop of blood, the most violent. Was it the last word on the one before that last one?


The most recent one. He goes across the border to get back, I believe the daughter of someone who was kidnapped by the cartel.


That's supposed to be the last drop of blood. Right. As I told you at the time, there's always more blood. Yeah.


We catch up with John Rambo, who is now just a lonely ranch hand in El Paso.


And how old is the slathered in human growth hormone? He is still wearing the shirts that show off how vascular he is. You will ignore that. It was ten years ago that in an Australian hotel, Sylvester Stallone, the man who plays Rambo, was just hurling steroids from the balcony and had to. What was the penalty for that? Do we know what the penalty was? Sylvester Stallone went right back to work. We're still chasing Barry Bonds out of baseball.


But Sylvester Stallone now is the voice on Mortal Kombat. Eleven, because you're allowed to do it in Hollywood. You just can't do it in sports. The line is seventy four.


That is straight talk.


And his private jet isn't going to fuel itself. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. No contract, no compromise. Give away time then. Go ahead.


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Don Lemon tart Vladimir Guerrero is seventh in war in Nationals' and Expo's history still got how many expos are ahead of him? Oh, easy.


Gary Carter's first name Rains Rock. Andre Dawson. OK, Steve Rogers, large symbolic firewall. And then Ryan Zimmerman and then Osam.


This is about our show with their still got on ESPN Radio all gassed on the Dan Labrada Joe appear via the Chapin's all performance line.


Today on ESPN Daily. Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach is unlike anyone else at college football. Ryan McGee weighs his chances for success in the SCC. That's today on ESPN Daily. Subscribe wherever you get your podcast.


Ryan McGee's name does not end in a W. Regardless, you should subscribe anyway. Stewart loves a good bolls quote. Honest to God, you just delivered the news to Mike Ryan as if you were bringing him the Ark of the Covenant. Well, because Jarvis Landry said of Kevin Stefanski and the throw that Jarvis Landry made to Odell Beckham, he just gave the quote of coach has balls. Is that what he said? He's got some balls, man.


OK, so that is the quote. And you delivered that to Mike Ryan with a great deal of zeal, even though, you know, save for Adolf Hitler and Lance Armstrong and Mike Lowell, every man has balls and and and furthermore, no one wants to be in them. So I don't even understand that expression. Right. I really don't understand. It's a weak part of our body. It's not a strong part of our body. I mean, everyone has balls.


Not everyone has to. As you know, our good friend Mike Lowell is one of those people. But you mentioned that already. I don't know why you need it. I just want you to I mean, you just name drop Miklós testicle. Is that what you just did? I did a good friend, Mike Lowell. It was one it was a weird thing to do. But everyone does have balls, but some people have bigger balls than others.


And that's I think that's what Jarvis Landry is trying to say about Kevin Stefanski.


OK, well, regardless of whatever it is that he's trying to say, I do think that that is a it's a fairly silly way to discuss any of. I got excited, did you not? I don't. Well, he he stopped getting excited. The less and less subtle that you got, I think, is what happened. He started to get excited and then his excitement ended up dissipating in a way that was pretty substantive. But he's excited about his brownnose in a way that's fairly unreasonable.


And today he is wearing some sort of University of Miami coaching gear. We talked to him about that Whittenburg. It is it's a little strange thing that he's wearing. It's something a fifty year old man wear this for my utility belt to talk to the rest of my team.


He absolutely thinks he's part of the staff. Maybe he has a stat. Yes, he is the team chaplain, Mike Ryan. We will talk about this a little more in a second. But first, please, Christine Lacy, continue.


Erkan Edes, 23 pounds of pizza annually. Oh, here we go. That's a two state deal. Oh, here we play, telegraphing her passes. You're not having to eat anything after 6:00 p.m. the last one was a little bit more subtle.


So it looks like football is in some real peril here. Two guards was saying during the break he was saying that the NFL is discussing the idea of teams making the playoffs by winning percentage. Now, we were talking about the idea of forfeit a couple of days ago. Whether you you can't have a situation where the Patriots kind of contain it and get punished for it by having to fly into planes, they have to go play. The Chiefs and the Titans do it a lot worse and don't get punished for it, get rewarded with by week after, by week and freshness.


And if you make it a winning percentage, they'd be incentivized to not play another game and just go to the playoffs like they're undefeated.


It's so Schefter was talking about this with Greaney on Get Up this morning. And Mike, I'm interested in your thoughts here because there is so much uncertainty with day to day and with this NFL season that they are discussing. If not, all the teams could play 16 games that the Titans perhaps could only play 13. Might they go 10 and three? But your Browns, they play all 16 and go 11 at Fort.


I mean, if I'm just looking at this selfishly, which I do when it comes to my sports teams, I do. And I don't care about their bodies. Look at the sport that I'm rooting on. The Browns have a 751 percentage right now. I don't want them to play another game. I get in the playoffs with a seven fifty win. Your body's not ready. Twelve more games just shove your face into the disease.


But the thing is, I don't know what you do about any of this, but it really does stand to reason that wherever it is that these people can find competitive advantages, they will. And while I'm not saying that they're going to be running around breathing on each other in order to cause outbreaks, I do wonder how you handle any of this stuff when built into what it is you're doing is you just punish the Patriots. They got unlucky at quarterback and they had to fly day off to play the Kansas City Chiefs weekend at their best position because you just moved the game around a little bit versus what the Titans did, which is canceled and didn't have to wreck their bodies.


Right. And and create all the attrition that ends up. That's the other thing. You insure yourself not only rest going in, you insure yourself a full healthy squad if the Titans don't play another game again, this comes off as cold because we don't know the long term effects of this.


If given the given the obvious choice, I would say please don't get the virus. But if you look at it strictly from a competitive balance situation, the two people that got it so far outside of Bill Murray, the practice squad, are the reigning defensive player of the year and the team's quarterback. You're looking at Tennessee and are like, damn well, they caught a break. Maybe we should have just had more players get this because we have no answers to what the tipping point is.


It appears that it's 11, 12, 13 to have your game postponed. But if you're the Patriots, wait. Hello. Most important position on the field. So why can't one be the tipping point?


But imagine if you're a team that has more wins and don't get in as opposed to a team that gets it. Like imagine the reaction to that. If you're Bransford waiting forever for the Browns to the playoffs, go eleven and five and don't get in because your win percentage is not as good as the time.


There are 16 games even in a shortened season of six games in Major League Baseball, you take away a sixteenth of the season. That is massive relative to what baseball has to deal with or any of the other sports. We're at the quarter mark and we're having a legitimate MVP discussions because the season's gone after four games.


I would say there is a legitimate MVP discussion and you are not going to let this Josh Allen thing go.


You're wrong, man. It's all right. I wasn't about Josh Allen, just about the silliness of discussing an MVP a quarter into any season.


I mean, Brett Favre said on WTOP Radio that Josh Allen is going to run that division for the next decade and a half. I Brady type run is what the gunslinger's that you know that.


You know why? Because Brett Favre looks at Josh Allen and sees a bit of a mirror. Brett Favre, as we know the likes him some Brett Favre. Yeah, but if Josh Allen has that career, you're wrong. I mean, yes, of course. I said that Josh Allen was a terrible quarterback, but in today's NFL, that kind of recklessness is not something that teams abide. Mike mentioned something interesting there where he says that this discussion comes off as cold because instead of talking about, you know, heart damage or lung damage, we're sitting here talking about the fairness of seedings and winning percentage.


But is it any colder than what football's doing? Just grabbing money at every turn and pushing through all of this disease like a blocking sled, moving games all over the place just to get. To wherever it is they need to get to, even if their players end up getting injured at a disproportionate rate because they haven't had preseason, I mean, this is the game. This is what everyone is signed up for. And what the players union just negotiated with that league so that everyone can grab for the money is, yeah, we'll head into the illness like an army and we will have casualties.


And we are doing this for money. And it's just never that naked. It really isn't.


No, no, it's certainly cold. But I like the optics of appearing like I hold our show in a higher standard than even the NFL. Meanwhile, I'm going to be watching regardless. Give me my football. Yeah.


And you will watch it even if it's, you know, eighteen players out for your team because they've got the virus, but they're wearing your uniform colors. I mean, the bodies are never quite this disposable. They never are like that. Sport has a very, very low standard for disposable and now it's more disposable than it's ever been. Don Lemon Tart Press, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend I got Tyrod, Tyrod Taylor, Tyron Smith, I'm sorry they were talking back here, so they were making me a little nervous.


They'll make excuse. Tyron Smith holding a football on his hands. It was looked so small.


Still got suspect. Wow. You limped in with that? I got rattled right before I went on air. I'm going to say to my mike, all right.


This is about our show. We're there. Still got on ESPN Radio. ESPN Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance Casper, the sleep company with outrageously comfortable products at not so outrageous prices.


So Chris Cody tries to shake off the shame that he has on him right now. Every time we play that rejoin of him, unable to speak. It has been a rough week for Chris Cody. It has been a tiring week for Chris Cody. Our twitch stream with an audience of thousands of people who love us ended with Chris Cody screaming into his computer. You probably have a receding hairline, too. You're watching me right now. I'm not watching you.


And then bleep off Twitch. So and then he closed his computer. So that's how his night ended. He is alleging that we have some good sound here. From who? Who's the sound from Chris? What is this sound we're about to hear? It is last week ESPN broadcasting Reds versus Braves, Matt and A-Rod on the call I love I love A-Rod energy when he's on a call, but, you know, dating Jaylo every once in a while, he gets very Hollywood and he had a serious name drop.


And here it is. All right.


So here's my rock and roll story. OK, you see, the Dodgers won last night. They have a long list of celebrities. So do the Yankees celebrity fans. You mean everything is right and so do the Braves. The Braves have won Elton John not only live in Atlanta, what huge Atlanta Braves fan. And I just saw him about six months ago and he started breaking down Braves. Their pitching loves Dale Murphy. Chipper Jones is his absolute favorite.


And I thought I thought he was playing a prank on me. But Elton John, huge. Great fan, too. And. All right. So next time you see I. Yes. Elton John, ask him if it's true that tiny dancer was actually written for Mark Lemke. OK, I doubt it, but ask him if he's that big a Braves fan. Maybe there's a whole writing theme to some of his music that we were unaware of.


Rocket Man gets a half point for pulling a good name.


Lemcke That is a good name. Tiny dancer A.D.s for the Braves. I guess Terry Pendleton, I don't know. You go with that was tinier than Mark Lemcke.


Also, if you do the math, I'm sure he might have just been like, you know, estimating how long it's been. Six months ago is April. I doubt they were hanging out in April.


I saw something the other day on the set of all these guys, you know, Ortiz and Frank Thomas on the set of FOX. They have these guys there in just impeccable suits. They're your favorite players from the 90s and 2000s, and they are all wanting and predicting a Yankees Dodgers series. But I was legitimately marveling at the fact that six months after seeing Elton John during a pandemic, here's A-Rod as our voice of baseball, standing on the Fox set.


And I'm like, wow, we really didn't care about the steroid thing at all like that. That was a thing that we milked for, like a lot of content for a long time, like just screaming and A-Rod. But now he wants to work at Fox and ESPN. I don't think the rest of us are allowed to do that. I don't think the rest of us are allowed to be the voice of the sport over here. And also, I was legitimately surprised.


I'm like, wait a minute, he's still doing that. He's allowed to be the voice of baseball for two networks is a guy who cheated in a way that got him a penalty greater than any we've ever seen in the sport.


He's A-Rod. I know. It's wonderful. And he's hanging out with Elton John. And my guess is that my guess is that that happens because of J. Lo, not because of Elton John being a brave fan or writing tiny dancer about Mark Lemcke.


And I love that he totally didn't pick up on basters and sarcasm there. He's like, OK, I will ask him about, you know what? I will do that. Yes, I'm doing right now.


I will do that even though the timelines don't exactly match given when the song was released, maybe he had the foresight to know of Mark Lemke's incredible and LDS at one time.


Not only that, I just loved the idea of Elton John just having a sinister personality and kind of bleeping with A-Rod because he's a little bit brighter than A-Rod is. And just being like, yeah, totally. It was about Mark Lemcke. Yeah, I was moved by him hitting for 40 in an LDS and I decided to make tiny dancer tell him that he's right. Yes. Please pass that along to Matt and make sure to say it on the broadcast.


I've always loved Mark Lemcke. I've had several framed pictures of him in my house with candles.


My favorite part about that clip is best surgeons are two to. Yes, of course you've got to you've got to be on TV.


I can see the count I always love. When baseball gets in the way of conversation, it's going to on radio. I see the countdown. You look, it'll never be funnier than it was with Brennaman. Like, you got to respect the baseball genuflected. What's the count? You got to tell me to count. Whatever the story is, whatever's happening with Apocalypso tonight is in the outfield. I do not care. Is it a three one pitcher?


Is it not a three one pitch? What do you mean? The left fielder just got swept away in the tsunami. Is it a total pitcher of three? One pitch is the better it.