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CE Advance Auto Parts Dotcom for details still got his weekend observations are coming in seconds but first we continue with Christine Lacy.


And finally, Robert Downey Jr. was once arrested after he was caught driving naked in his Porsche with cocaine, heroin and a 357 Magnum, or what Dan refers to as Tuesday morning.


I was just going to make that joke myself. If you didn't make that joke. I was just going to say Tuesday in Miami, the same exact joke, Christine, go back into hiding right under your desk because Patrick Mahomes is coming for your stuff tonight. Time now for Ghazi's Weekend. That was that was whimpered fear. It was whispered fear from Christine. But she's hiding under her desk. Well, Patrick Mahomes, he doesn't even do that to your team if he's coming to beat your team up.


Isn't that I'm a jet fan. Everyone does that to the Dolphins. They do that to your team. Time now for us to Godsends Weekend observation.


It is time for us to catch to share his getting notes. No one in the media will tell you what happened better than my boys. Two weekend observations brought to you by advance auto parts. Get a free battery test and free installation with any automotive battery purchase at Advanced Auto Parts.


Advanced your auto only at Advanced Auto Parts dinner with a win over the fifth ranked North Carolina Tar Heels. Eighty I'm not sure is any good and could just as easily be ranked fifty fifth regardless. Dan No. Just like no, no, not just like that. The Florida State Senate oh are bound. They lost fifty eight to 10 to Miami a couple of weeks ago.


They're back even a five and one. The Falcons still have stretches where they look like they could win the Super Bowl. They do. It's unbelievable. Notre Dame, congratulations on killing two birds with one stone. Not only did you win ugly, but you also did what you had to do. But mark my words, Notre Dame, the axes going to get you somehow, I mean, some way to set the homeless. I do a double digit ACC underdogs coming is coming.


If you are rooting for the Astros, you're lying. Except for Dickie V, he would never root for cheaters. Charlie Morton. Now, that's an ace. Dan, you know what the C and Charlie stands for? It stands for a Hoeness. Oh, Dan, you know what? The two O's in Morton or their onions? Dan Oh, you know what? The T in Morton stands for? Dan Testicle.


Yeah, my I is in the region. Yes, I was in the Hoeness. Thank you. After an impressive freshman year, Auburn quarterback Bo Nix is off to a very shaky start. You, of course, know what he's going through, right, Dan? What's he going? He's going through a sophomore slump. That's what he's going through. Dan, five interceptions in four games. Bo Nix, more like Bo picks this. Does it appear to be your father's Everton?


The toffees that I say that right? I have no idea. Seven games, three, ten average, five homers, eleven RBIs, eight runs, fourteen eighty three tops. And you know what Corey Seager was? He was locked in. Yeah. Yeah. He was as locked in. That's pretty good. Oh. To be a fly on the wall when the Alabama team got to perform the three covid test to Nick Saban.


Can we have some other doctor perform?


It was a false positive, right? It was. Isn't that what ended up happening there? Apparently thinks that. I just love that he rushed back. I know Starbucks drink holders very flimsy. It would appear that Ross Barkley is the perfect midfield compliment to Jack Grealish. Dan, don't look now, but Aston Villa more for real. Oh, wow. The villains. You broke that down. Yeah, it did sound like I was reading it all either.


Not at all. Football team giants, the rare one in four versus 015 with major playoff implications, all of them in the mix. Still, even after the game, football team giants the rare game between a one in four adeno and five team where the winner and the loser are still firmly entrenched in the mix. Kirk Cousins is bad again. I mean, it's a billion dollar company charging me six dollars for a shot of espresso. And all I ask is for something better than a flimsy.


Cardboard drink holder. Oh, no, thank you. You've experienced a couple beans, let's go to Starbucks and a cup of beans and you've been milking us for a long time. Let's go.


Come on. Yep. Three years from now, we'll be saying Justin Jefferson is the best wide receiver in football. Randall Cobb is still playing football. Is Jordy Nelson, 30 to seven Atlanta. With two minutes to go in the third quarter. Surprise, Minnesota couldn't pull that one out. They have the Falcons right where they wanted that. Scratch that on Jefferson. Two years from now, we'll be saying Justin Jefferson is the best wide receiver in football.


And Chase Claypoole him to pylon cam. I love you watching our I love you more. Stephen gets Koutsky. I can't say that name. Why did I write this? It was OK. Bad first two weeks. Couple of game winners now another bad week. Missed one early, maybe one late. Did you know it's been forgets Koski up and down. It's been quite the roller coaster. Oh sorry. Chase Claypoole is a man who makes me feel like less of a man.


Not the way DK Metcalf does though. Metcalf makes Claypoole real less. Oh come on. Yeah, come on. Put it on the pole Garmo. That gets not you man does not have make Claypoole feel like less of a man.


Clem's in the rare seven the burger with a side of unimpressed. Did Bill Belichick forget how to do math death taxes Tottenham Hotspur bottle jobs like I'm sorry he just scared of it you know.


I'm sorry you have no part in it but it's fine. We're fine. Just barrel through it.


Tottenham Hotspur bottle shops. There's worse five to one team in NFL history. Is this the golden age of tight ends? I mean, I saw Logan Thomas yesterday and I actually asked, is that the tight end? Is that guy the quarterback who used to not be a very good quarterback for Virginia Tech?


Only seventy pounds heavier than those guys you're playing with on offense. They are the reason Tom Brady left Derrick Henry. Holy bleep. That's all I got. Yeah, pretty much all you need. Yep. Scratch that on Jefferson. In one year, we'll be saying Justin Jefferson is the best wide receiver in football. Congratulations to Romeo Crennel and Ron Rivera, who both lost games for their teams. Aaron Rodgers threw a pick six. I was sitting there, Dad.


I saw it happen. It didn't. I was on my couch. It didn't happen yet. I still had to rewind. My television didn't happen just to make sure didn't happen. And it happened. It didn't have someone to keep an eye on. Eagles wide receiver Travis Fulgham. Oh. Oh, really?


Really. Oh, you've got an eye on him.


He potentially might make DK Metcalf feel bad about the. Oh, no, no, no, man. There's no such man.


The Jets are trying to win. I love them. The Jets at six punted for first down in the first half. I love that in the second and third quarters combine the Jets had two passing yards.


I love that. Joe Flacco and Frank Gore.


Big weekend for the Jets in the race for fourth place. Giants win, Falcons win and the Jets are now the only winless team in football. The Jets have suck the life out of Joe Flacco. Poor Trevor Lawrence. Scratch that on Jefferson. Jefferson is the best wide receiver in football. Oh, nothing like a Game seven Sunday Night Football salad to top off the weekend. Nothing says sports. A twenty twenty like an NFL Monday night doubleheader that starts at five p.m. Eastern College Football feels like it's hanging on by a thread.


How are we doing? Speaking to help our problems, Dan? Those are the weekend observations. You you said you're tired, exhausted.


You said you said the Atlanta Falcons do not. You said that they look for stretches like they could win the Super Bowl.


And basically those stretches are when Julio Jones stretches, like if he's healthy, those are the times that you're like, oh, wow, more of a man than D.K. might somehow show me the money.


Matty Ice could still get it done. Calvin Ridley is out there. I mean, if Ridley's your second best wide receiver man, you are you have flashes where you look like you can win a Super Bowl. I'm journalist, Ben writer, and I want to tell you about my new podcast, The Edge. Last year, the Houston Astros were caught in a massive cheating scandal, putting the legitimacy of their twenty seventeen World Series in doubt. I'm talking to people who were there to figure out what happened.


Why did the most innovative organization in the history of sports push itself not just to the edge, but over it? Listen to the edge on radio, dotcom, apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.


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The 100th episode of Stupidity is out this week. How are you celebrating the 100th the 100th episode anniversary of Stewpot?


We are doing an award show. We are handing out the we're calling them the Stewie's and we are handing out Stewy Awards to all of our weight. We have eight categories and the people will vote and I will have the right to to overrule them.


It's a dictatorship. Yeah. If I am coming back with EP, Abbi's not coming back. Does that ever. Ever he's done. Was the politician like being dragged in there.


Although there are moments there where stands back and I were listening through to some of this where we were reminded really was on with us once right after I was on the first time I ever did around the horn and really came on the came on the podcast that week. And Abby was still a part of the podcast. And she was so good in the interview. And it reminded me a stanza just how good stewpot it he could have been had she stuck with it or she wants nothing to do with it.


It really you getting frustrated with someone else's lack of follow through, that's a good one.


He always falls on that landmine no matter where he's walking through life. That is a landmine. That's the God's is always going to make go on.


I mean, she pressed really on a couple of things. There was an engagement ring story like she got everything out of reality. And that was really, you know, when we were putting this together, that was the thought behind having Abby involved. She will get things out of people that I won't be able to get. And like she was terrific with Adam Gase the next couple of times Gates was on, it was Dods, I mean, because it was just you, the Jets fan.


And it was yeah. It was just you trying to do your job instead of farming it out, outsourcing it to your wife. Yes. I've got a couple of things that I want to get to here. Put it on the pole, please. Gambo Batard show good idea or bad idea? The Return of MTV's Cribs. Good idea or bad idea and also sad or happy CocaCola getting rid of Tab tab. One of the the original. I think it's the original.


What do you have back there Mike.


I was listening on to ESPN Radio over the weekend and Marty and McGee were on gets you pumped for a college football Saturday. They if they had Tom Rinaldi on the air and they broke this news to Tom Rinaldi and Tom Rinaldi had to do a Renaldi ism around tab, it was a creative idea to have audio of it. OK, very good. I didn't realize you had something for. Oh, my gosh, if I, you know, accidentally sort of wandered into tab land here, you know, how much I hate.


Makes it seem like ultra produced, doesn't it? It does. But this is absolutely pointed at everything around here going more than it taste.


It transported us back to a simpler time when we didn't wear seatbelts, when no one wore a helmet. If they've lowered their bicycle, it seemed to have some competition from beverages like Fresca.


But no, not had stood alone at more than a sweet treat as something that could deliver the very best in us.


Allow us to do what we wanted, when we wanted, whether it was chemically dangerous to us or not.


I mean, it is a funny word, is it not? There is not a soft drink that is funnier to say is just a comedic word than tap.


No Fresco's Cresco. The way he delivered Cresco is pretty good. What is Tab's stand for? Does it stand Tabby's is gone? I didn't even explain this because some of you were too young to even know what TAP is. Or you must think when you go to the grocery store and you see that pink drink, like, what the hell is this thing in a pink can? But tab, is it the original sugar free drink? Is it the original?


It's the original bowl, not just Coca-Cola, period. The idea of a diet drink did not exist before.


Tap tap have buska.


I don't know what it stands for. OK stands for bedsore krasker. I did not expect you to know off the top of your head. I do not. I wanted to get to Soga to steal that idea for Marty McGee and use it with Renaldi on stupidity. How are you going to steal the idea?


Just have far out work to Renaldi. See if Abby will write an essay with Renaldi Resculpt instead of Abby Longboards Outbrain all day.


Let them do it. I say, OK, I want you to understand, like fully absorb what it says about everything happening in the Weener household that your wife will not work with you on something that she's actively making better, that you take pride it.


Just saying like it's a place where she could a playground. She was making it better. She was helping you. It was marital bliss. Some couples that love each other want to work together on creative projects forever. Right. What do you say? I'm just curious whether you've been introspective at all about it.


Well, I wanted to work with her on it. I know, but she did.


Two of them was great at it. And you're like, where are you going? Why won't you help me make money for our family? Because I don't want to work with you.


Geico presents Monster Counseling Dracula. Tell me how you're feeling. No one understands how lonely it is. No one will even let me into their house. I knock and they knock, but they ignore me.


Huh? What else? I look in the mirror and they don't even see myself anymore. If you don't see yourself clearly, can you really expect others to? I'm having a breakthrough.


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Don Lemon, can't we just love laughing at losers to got arthroscopic try again, arthroscopic the ah, you've got to get the sound in there or ah or throw this is the Don Lemon show on ESPN Radio, all gassed on the Dan Liberta show up here via the Shell Penso performance line.


The Monday Night Football preview is brought to you by Progressive Insurance. Two games today at five p.m. Eastern, the Chiefs will make up their postponed game versus the bills. Both teams are at four and one this season. Dan continues to be wrong about Josh Allen tonight, as it normally at its normally appointed time, the three and two cardinals will take on the two and three cowboys. The Cowboys win this game. They will have a firm firm command of the NFC East.


They really have three three. It will be like two games up, but everyone else, a win for the Cowboys would put them in the driver's seat, like I just said, in their division. But if the NFC East was a car, it would be on fire hurtling towards a cliff with more than 30 unique coverage options available, progressive, no small business learn more progressive commercial. Com.


If your car is hurtling on fire toward a cliff. You need progressive insurance, a good time to have progressive insurance. Christine Lacy, another early game for Christine Lacy, 4:00 a.m. she was up scared because Josh Allen and her bills are playing the most terrifying thing in the sport. Is she going to make it till five?


I don't know. I got to work till six thirty. So I get to watch half the game here while working. So that'll be fun. You should live streaming, cursing at the television. Let's let's continue here, please, with Christine Lacy. And finally, a rat can fall from a five story building without sustaining injuries. So, Dan, you can throw your guts out the window.


That explains how it is. God's always survives when I throw it out the window. I thought I had no idea where that was going, but very nice job. To you, you went to Dan first to made me think it was about Dan, but it was actually about when she went right. First of all, we all knew who it was about. Thank you for being on with us. Christine, we will get the funniest thing from the sports weekend in a second, but.


Mike, I had to ask you, and I don't know how fast we could put this together with a guest, I'd ask Billy and Alison to see if they could find somebody who could talk in an informed way about what happened to the angels this year, where just a horrific situations. Two guys, you get Tyler Skaggs dying from a drug overdose and then it is a team communication director that ends up being indicted and now is facing, you know, losing decades of his life because he was, you know, evidently giving to a pitcher a drug that ended up killing him.


And I'm guessing when he was doing that, he and this is never an excuse. It's never something that gets you off. Ignorance is not something that will make you not guilty. But I can't imagine that this person knew the level of wrong that he was doing or the level of risk that he was taking in terms of giving drugs like that to an athlete who needed probably some pain medication just to feel better on the body like this is. This is the great unspoken thing throughout sports dugouts.


What those people do for a living hurts. It hurts even if it's just pitching, even if it's baseball like to do it every day, hurts your body and it puts all of them at risk for something that alleviates that pain, that would tempt all of us if we found ourselves in perpetual pain and it helped us do our job better and furthermore ended up sort of lightening the mental load because you feel happy all the time or you're taking something that makes you physically feel good instead of physically feel like crap.


Eric is his name.


He he was the media relations director for the Angels. As you as you pointed out, the only thing I think people would question is why is Tyler Skaggs coming to you, the media relations department?


Because you can get it because doctors know not to do.


That's how addicts operate. I never go anywhere they can get it.


But might that you know this within any sports organization? That's a pretty big job that Eric had being in charge of communications at some point. Doesn't he say to himself, like, Tyler, you need to stop coming to me? Or does he say something to a superior of his? That's that's I guess all I'm saying.


I think given the fact that he's indicted, I think we know how that shook out.


I also love, though, that no matter what the topic is, always have an got not just have an opinion, but you will always play the result.


Like no matter what happens, you're like, how could someone not have known? How could you not know? But I think taggants, whether it's Michael Vick dog fighting or any other immoral thing that ends up with people losing their careers, I think a lot of times they don't know the risk they're actually taking until it's been taken. And now we're all reading. Wait a minute, it's not just your job that you lost and put in peril. It's not just your career.


It is decades of your freedom that you have put in peril because you're a drug dealer on the side without probably even identifying as a drug dealer. You're probably just saying they're all doing some version of this. I got to get some pain medication to these guys. I just want to talk to somebody who's more informed than us and who has done some reporting about the specifics of how it is that this situation ended up playing out, according to the indictment, because that is something that I want to get into.


But that's like the funniest thing of the weekend. So I need some transitional help here in terms of advertising, because I can't go from that to the funniest thing from the.


That's good to know. Thank you. Tom Rinaldi, thank you for saving me. Time now for the funniest thing of the sports weekend.


Hey, people, tell us what the sport made you laugh hard. This is Weekend Edition segment we call What Make You Laugh this weekend.


The funniest thing from the sports weekend is brought to you by Dell. For your small business needs, call Dell Technologies adviser today at eight seven seven as Dell Chris Cody.


What was the funniest thing from the sports weekend? I could just say the Jets or Adam guess, but I'm going to be more specific and say Joe Flacco running for his life, losing twenty eight yards. I'm running back. I felt like running backwards.


Twenty eight yards is more than he's run forward in the last three years. Mike, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


Tony, are you to blame for this thing going viral? You had a friend that had a thigh tattoo of Tyler Heroes snarl, but it turns out it's not real. What can you tell me about this?


Yeah, so a buddy of mine who works for the MLS sent out a video in our group chat about a Tyler Hero tattoo on his thigh that was very, very ugly. And he tricked all of us into believing that it was true. I put it out even though I had kind of back channel with him. Hey, this really is like, no, it's not. But, yeah, we threw it out there and it was ingolf betrayed. By your sources, you got it's the first rule of journalism, you're only as good as your sources and your source tricked you with a Tylor hero snarling tattoo.


Roy, what was the funniest thing from the Sports Week weekend?


The Lions did it.


They managed to win a game where they had a double digit lead their size six games. Congratulations to the Detroit Lions for being less Jacksonville than Jacksonville. Billy, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


iBrain tweeted out, what the hell is Twix?


Is he talking about Twitter? Is he talking about the candy bar? I think he's talking about Twix because he said Twix. The candy bar. Yeah.


Yeah, but him maybe. Wow. Dan speaking old people there, he might have to. He might. And that's which I am absolutely fluent in old people.


I don't I mean, there's no way Bob Ryan I mean, the Twix came out like it was Bob's wheelhouse. All right. What's more, he's got to know what had to explain your tweet tomorrow. No, not tomorrow. Next segment called by Ryan. And let's see if he can explain his tweet in the next segment. What was the funniest thing from the sports weekend? The Jets having a combined two yards passing in the second and third quarter of yesterday's game.


So bad. I love them. Billy, what do you got for us here? What was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


Bob Ryan tweeted out, what the hell is Tweeks? Boy, that I already go to you. Speaking of old people not understanding have gone to everyone. Has everyone gone?


I mean, I got another. If you want to go back to me. Sure. Give me another one for Troy Aikman. Said the phrase no risk, no biscuit. Is that a thing? You got to risk it to get the biscuit. I thought it was no risk, no reward. I think he combined clichs. Oh. Back piggybacking off of Troy Aikman, he was the star got to the day yesterday because there was a stat that Joe Buck brought up and I was like, look, the last person to have three hundred yard games for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was Doug Martin.


And all of a sudden, for no reason, Troy Aikman blurts out Muscle hampster and that was it.


OK, for the record, if you're wondering how I got it confused there, it's the simple old person thing of Mike threw his funniest thing to Tony. And so I forgot that Tony hadn't gone yet. That's what happened there. My funniest thing, Clemson beating Georgia Tech that way. The punter played quarterback for Clemson. And at one point it wasn't just 73 to seven. At one point, that punter playing quarterback for Clemson threw for a first down to Dabbous when his son played that man.


His money, who I like to imagine as a toddler and likes doing that stuff. He likes to run it up on people. I think he specifically wanted to get Herb Street son to score a touchdown against Miami one time. That's where they're playing right now. They're so much better than everyone else. Just getting everyone touch that.


Don Lemon tart, I'm just about that bad interview Ball's still got. I'm a fan of doing the right thing. This is a Don Lemon show on ESPN Radio. ESPN Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance. Today is fordoing. And today, one of the New York football teams got to win. I mentioned in the previous segment of the NFC East was like a car that was on fire hurtling towards a cliff. The Giants this season is like one of the wheels falling off.


However, yesterday they barely got by the Washington football team who's like the broken windshield you could barely see through who wrote this with 30 seconds to go, the football team was able to score to Kyle Allen.


Twenty two yard touchdown pass the camps in football team. Wow. She did while down twenty to nineteen, decided to go for two and a potential win but failed to convert. Joe Judge earns his first victory as Giants head coach. Both teams remain firmly entrenched in the mix. Today is for doing and it's brought to you by the Home Depot with everything you need to do projects smarter, faster and easier. Welcome to today's Home Depot. How do I get more done?


We are trying to locate Bob Ryan and we'll probably have to wait until tomorrow. We are in a position here where it might be Los Angeles that wins two championships during the single weirdest sports lifetime sports year in our lifetime. Or it might be Tampa Bay who wins two championships in the single weirdest year of our sports lifetime.


And Tampa could make it a third with with Brady. Well, Tampa is in position to make it a third. So too is Jared Goff. So too is Justin Herbert. Forgive me for not knowing this person's name, but you were mentioning New York football, the reporter, Munish Medda. Am I pronouncing that correctly? Manesh Medda. Right, that Adam Glass is more than a bad NFL head coach. He is a malignant, duplicitous presence who consistently trashes his own players, coaches and front office behind the scenes to shield himself from blame.


A cancer who must be removed right now. Hashtag take flight. I have never understood better than now how it is that Stewardson Adam Gaiser friends.


I am going to miss out on my prediction.


Is it is it answers to gods. Is it unfair? It's totally fair. But but here, here is the thing I keep trying to tell people you want Greg. Well if you're a jet fan, you have to be pleased. If it's not going to go well and it's not OK that it needs to go really, really bad. And it is OK. And this is the season you've been waiting for for your entire life. Why would you want Gregg Williams to come in and try to win four games?


Right. Try to win four games, which is enough for you not to have the rights to Trevor Lawrence when you can have Adam Gazit there with a bunch of players you don't want to play for him, don't want to win for him, and he doesn't care. Sitting up there after during the postgame press conference, just taking the criticism to the Jets play Jacksonville this year.


Yeah, they must strike because they play everyone in the AFC East. Jacksonville does. Sure. Because that game is going to be a monster, because the Jags are pretty obviously tanking as well. They just managed to win a game. But Washington wants in on this game. Washington, I don't know why Ron Rivera is out here saying after the game why he went for two. He says, in order to learn how to win, you've always got to play to win.


I didn't think Washington was playing to win.


The Jets don't have the Jaguars. That's the other thing with the Jets. They have the toughest schedule remaining yet. This is fantastic.


So that's too bad because we could have had a real. But those are the three worst, right? It's it's the jets far and away. Yeah. And it's Jacksonville and Washington right after that. Correct. Like that is. Well, who else do we put in that category of bad? The Bengals aren't that category of Houston. Houston.


Well, yeah, but Houston's going to win a couple of more games here. You know, just because the quarterback is so talented. Atlanta has one win, but they're too talented. They're going to win enough games.


Chris, you were wondering if I was putting the Jags in the AFC East? No, I thought that because the Dolphins had played the Jags that everyone in the AFC East was playing the Jags. I thought that that is is how I don't know whether it's not different because the pandemic schedule, I've got that wrong. No, you play everybody in your conference from another division that finishes the same place you did the previous season.


OK, so I've got it wrong. The teams that scare me the most are the football team and and the Giants. But the Giants don't. I'd be shocked if they take a quarterback. Right.


So why would you be shocked all of these teams would be moving off of quarterbacks they recently drafted. That's Gettleman. And he was wrong. Did you not see the first segment first take today? We're writing quarterbacks off to two seasons, and that's usually where the cutoff is.


I mean, the Jets are the only team. I mean, they've. Played six games of including the teams that have only played five, the Jets are the only team to not reach 100 points on offense. But if Haskins is already done and if Donald is already done, like why wouldn't Daniel Jones be pretty damn close to being done? Why get on?