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All guys study Dan, Levator, Joe up here via the Shell Pennzoil performance line, Tim, you're going to join us there in just a second for a chance to win ten thousand dollars, plus a virtual meet and greet with the Dan Levator Joe gang, Tex Love. It's hard to seven seven three three three Adventure Auto at Advanced Auto Parts limit one entry per day. Advance Auto Parts Dotcom for details. Pardon the interruption. Christine Lacy.


And finally, cannibalism is allowed in Idaho under life-Threatening circumstances. Speaking of things that bite back to you, Dan and Stu, that's lazy.


That's just lazy only is it really is transitionally. We need to do better with the way that we're writing those. Christine, do we make you uncomfortable with the Amber heard Johnny Depp talk or was it OK?


We were OK. It's all good. All right. Thank you. Tim Kurkjian with us now. I feel like she should be our barometer on these sort of things, whether we're on the right side or wrong side of decorum and taste. But the thing that I wanted to talk to Kurkdjian about is go ahead. You and Billy have your Kershaw discussion with Tim Kurkjian. Tim Kurkjian has an uncommon mastery expertise over the sport that he covers. I tend to defer to him on just about all opinion matters when it comes to baseball.


Well, Tim is the guy who has told me forever that Clayton Kershaw is perhaps the best pitcher he's ever seen in Major League Baseball history. And so before I even argue with you, because I'm not certain I have to argue with you, how did you feel about last night's performance, Tim? Are we have we arrived at a place where you could agree with me? Great regular season pitcher, but not the greatest pitcher of all time because in the postseason he's been lousy.


I never said he's the greatest pitcher I've ever seen. Pedro Martinez is the greatest pitcher I've ever seen for a short period of time, a five year period. No one's ever been better than Pedro Martinez when I did tell you about Kershaw is he has the lowest ICRA 15 innings or more in the live ball era, which is over 19, 20 on. That's what he's bid. And he has been close to that in the postseason. Here's the problem.


He has the lowest grade in the regular season. He has the highest grade of any pitcher that's ever thrown 100 innings in the postseason. So that's where it just doesn't follow. How can you be the best in the liberal era, regular season and the worst when it comes to the postseason? Granted, you've got to be an awfully good pitcher to get 100 innings pitched in the postseason. But that's the dilemma with Clayton Kershaw. Tim?


Well, we were saying Seagate's and I is that, well, still got some more socity.


Guys are saying he's a choker, but the Arianda guys can a choker and a guys can make.


The argument that I'm saying is it can be both. He can be this great generational pitcher in the regular season in the in the postseason. He just doesn't seem to have his is almost double what it is in the regular season. And at this point, you know, he's played so many games with so many innings that even if he has two or three great performances, that he's not going to come down. And we just are kind of tired of people saying, well, this whole postseason narrative with Kershaw isn't a thing because it is a thing.


I mean, you have this great pitcher, you want him to go more than five innings and struggle the third time through on a lineup.


Yes, look, you guys are all right about this, but this speaks to the point I have tried to make for 40 years now, this is the hardest game in the world to play. And when you're off by a little bit, great players cease to be great players all the time, including in the postseason. Justin Verlander was terrible in the postseason until he figured it out and then he became great. Barry Bonds had terrible postseason and then he became great.


Even Ted Williams hit 200 in his only World Series. Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux. They were not great in the postseason either. This is the sport. No great NBA player averages eight points a game and shoots twenty seven percent in the finals. It doesn't work that way, but it does here. I'm not trying to get Kershaw off the hook. He is both. He's one of the greatest pitchers anyone has ever seen. But until he has Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson type postseasons, people aren't going to elevate him to the highest of levels.


All right, Tim, whose career would you rather have? Would you rather have David Wells's career or or Clayton Kershaw? Well, David Wells won 200 major league games and some rings and threw a perfect game. So let's not denigrate anybody like David Wells. He was a darn good pitcher for a long time, but I would rather be Clayton Kershaw just because three Cy Young and a first ballot Hall of Fame induction already guaranteed. I think I would go there and I still think he'll win a ring before he's done.


And it might even be this year. But, boy, are they up against that now.


All right. Well, I want to ask you about Charlie Morton.


I mean, yes, he's got he'd rather have the career of Charlie Morton than Clayton Kershaw because of it.


Charlie Morton is really good.


I know Clayton Kershaw is one of the best we've ever seen. You just can't deny that.


Does Darryl Maurey look like the famous child actor whose adult acting years have not been very kind to him?


Does Drew Brees look like every astronaut from the 1960s at the Today show on Twitter if you want to vote? He does. I mean, that one is so good and it really is very good. Every single astronaut from the 1960s. You were saying the hardest thing to do. And I know we've had this discussion before. And it's widely considered a universal truth that hitting a baseball is the hardest act to do in sport, not pitching a baseball, hitting it, hitting a baseball.


And what I was arguing with today's NFL rules and the precision of NFL quarterbacks when they know where they're going with the ball and someone like Dick Metcalf knows where the ball is going, that being an NFL cornerback right now strikes me about as being as difficult as hitting a Major League Baseball. Do I have any argument there? I think the baseball argument is stronger, but I'm old enough to have watched cornerbacks play 50 years ago and I remember that what that was like, you could actually hit people back then.


You could you could hit people coming off the line. And now I would never want to be a corner in the NFL because everything is a pass interference call and everything is designed for the quarterback to go. Eighteen four. Twenty two for two hundred and eighty yards. It's a good question. I never want to be a corner anyway, but especially now. But I still think hitting a baseball is harder, especially given the stuff that we see on a daily basis today.


Tim, can you help me here with how much smarter baseball has gotten since Moneyball, since, you know, you had Lewis and being team up on the Moneyball book? I am hearing the analysis yesterday of a baseball game, and I was so happy to hear the announcer say, and I never thought I'd live my life and hear this, said Bregman was over five in his last game, but each ball he hit, the exit velocity was 98 miles an hour.


So the context is Bregman was great last game hitting the baseball, but he was also over five. He just happened to hit it hard to places where it was caught. I can't believe how much smarter baseball has gotten. Well, we've gotten smarter in a lot of ways than there's no doubt, but I watched that game, of course, and I didn't need to know that he hit each ball at ninety eight miles an hour to know that he smoked every one of those.


And I don't need any statistic to tell me, look how hard he hit it. I watched the game. I know how hard he hit it. But yes, we the think the way we could teach these days is unbelievable. The data that we have and that data makes players better. There's no doubt about it. The question is, are we, as the human element left the game so much now that these numbers are telling us what to do rather than a pitcher out on the mound thinking, how am I going to get this guy out like Zack Greinke did the other night in a critical situation?


That's what we still need to see more of, is a manager coming out telling a veteran pitcher, I think you can get this guy out, go figure it out. Instead of someone coming out and saying your spin rates down, we're going to have to do something about this. Just go out and get the guy out. That's what we need to do.


Does Bruce Arians look like the saxophone player in your dad's Steely Dan cover band? And does Matt Patricia look like the roadie for the second place finisher of Battle of the Bands? Does Dallas Braden look like the local exterminator who, after taking care of the possum problem under your house, holds up the road and by the tail and exclaims, Looks like me and Ma are eating good tonight.


What does Frank Vogel look like?


A man watching his daughter make the same mistakes he did.


Adam Silver looked like the sad lamp and a bachelor's apartment without a lampshade.


Does Adam Silver really guy look like a pencil tire pressure gauge?


Does Adam Silver look like the little springy thing that prevents the door from hitting the wall? Does Adam Silver look like your femur?


You later, Tim Splash. Good, good. His life is medicine man almighty. Mighty. Since the 1980s, hip hop and America's prisons have grown side by side, and we're going to investigate this connection to see how it lifts us up and holds us down.


Hip hop is talking about what we live trying to live the American dream failing at the American Dream. I'm Zinnemann. And I'm Rodney Cormark.


Listen now to the Louder than Ariete podcast from NPR Music, where we trace the collision of crime and punishment in America. Don Lemon tart, Google still Godse, if you Google this incident, 11th, our show with their still guides on ESPN Radio, what's on stupidity this week?


What are you doing? I just heard you say that you had might be a amanti the Miami Heat announcer on your podcast.


We were missing Mike E.S. So we needed A Mikey B and might be Amadi came on. He's the in-house voice for the Miami Heat at the American Airlines Arena. He came on and delivered a couple of very funny lines. So we just went through and found as many Mikis as we could to replace Mike E.S. and Mike Ryan was also one of them. OK, Mikey, so check out the stupidity with Stu Godse. Also, Mr. Great. Billy, what is on mystery?


Great. This week we know we are inundating you with stuff. You guys treat it like a buffet. Billy's chocolate fountain has what in it today.


Dan, thanks for asking. Another episode of BBB. We talked about bad sports movie scenes. You talked about borrowed salt and pepper shakers, bats and more. OK, all right.


Very good. I wanted to ask you guys this question because Jeanie Buss is getting to celebrate a championship right now. Jeanie Buss, that is a fairly historic thing that just happened on LeBron James watch where an organization that was under it, basketball's historic organization. It's the one, right? It's either them or the Celtics. Those are your two choices. Anyone else is finishing a long and distant distant third. She inherits the family business from her father. Her father is such a playboy and misogynist that he's literally showing up at games during the Showtime Lakers age with multiple Playboy bunnies like he's a poker playing hound and proud of it.


I know that HBO and Adam McKay, who is on the big story today, the director of, you know, Step Brothers and Talladega Nights, a real era of comedy. He's working on a Jerry Buss project that is about Showtime. But now his daughter, his daughter arrives here running the family business after wrestling it away from the brother who was incompetent. And now as the most powerful executive who is a woman anywhere in sports outside is it the Rams are the Saints who are owned by the Saints, are now owned by a woman.


Jeanie Buss as an executive now becomes the winningest.


What happened in that whole Catholic Church thing with the Saints? It kind of went away quietly. There was it's difficult to talk. It was like, hey, let's have our PR people help you cover this horrible stuff up. Kind of just went away. It really did talk more about Taysom Hill. Yes, that is correct.


And that is how you guys remember that. That's how football would like it. I'm guessing most people don't remember that thing.


I mean, helping the Catholic Church cover up, I don't get that much attention. Horrible child abuse. It didn't get that much attention. Allegedly. Allegedly recently. Yeah. Using your power and influence to say, hey, actually. Oh, yeah, that sounds like a bad situation. Let me talk to my media relations team will help get back to you.


We've got Chris Jericho coming up here. He doesn't deserve to come back. He has as an entertainer deserve to come back.


But he was one in four last week, say to his face, because I was not going to say, it's OK, I will. Team one. He beat Collin now. He didn't beat him. He tied him.


And again, he was one in four. But we will make fun of him about that in a second. But first, a word on Daryl Morey. I can guess where Stuart is going to go with this. No rings. Get out of here. Do you have anything more substantive to say about that now? You got it. OK, so no rings. Get out of here. The part that I find interesting about Darryl Mooring, because he is an eccentric, he is an unusual guy.


And basically he came over to basketball and this was a bit of a dalliance for him. He was a risk taker because he wasn't quite as scared of it as others. And so he can't he trades all these big pieces, keeps trying and doesn't ultimately win the big prize. But he's a guy who likes to do musicals, for example, likes to write plays that are strange, and he's also at the center of this China stuff that got basketball into so much trouble and really cost basketball hundreds of millions of dollars while he was fooling around with a tweet.


And at the center of that, I don't know how much that has to do with him leaving basketball. But the way the impression that I got yesterday is that Daryl Morey left basketball because it was this play thing to do in adulthood. And he's going to go try and tackle some creative projects now and just do some different stuff. That's the impression I got. He may maybe reporting comes out that says he was run out about the China stuff, or we could have all seen this coming.


But I feel like he just sort of got bored and is now wandering off. He's done the most he can do there. And it was fun. And now he wants to try stuff that isn't, you know, that doesn't confine his freedom the way talking about China would in the NBA. Well, he could sell that stuff to.


Don Lemon. Da da, da da. I have got to got stuff, but I did. Do you have it?


This incident, Lilibeth our show with these two guys on ESPN Radio. All right, our celebrity prognosticator fire that a heater, even though he wasn't for last week, is Chris Jericho and he joins us on the Shell Pennzoil performance in Casper, the sleep company with outrageously comfortable products that not so outrageous prices.


He totally took advantage of the unwritten rule that you have to beat the champion to be the champion. He tied Colin Cowherd last week with an abysmal one in four record unacceptable by any standards. He goes to the champions tie, goes to the champion. We'll get to him in a second. But speaking of champions, Christine Lacy, pardon the interruption continue. I'm on the set of Spider-Man Homecoming, Michael Keaton with Tom Holland by whispering during their fight scenes.


Oh, wow, she's got brains.


Nicely done. Really? Christine No, that was a legitimate limited impersonation. We welcome those around here. Chris Jericho is an entertainer. I wonder if he's got any limited impersonations. He's a champion, though, and Synagogue's even he's embarrassed by one in four. I don't want to speak for him, but Jeriko, I mean, one in four. You didn't expect to be making this phone call today. He guaranteed fibrinogen. That's one in four.


Listen, I'll tell you one thing. Right now, I'm not le champion for nothing. I know how the rules go. I know how the charts go is a champion. And it's hard to beat the champ, this one and forced us to be proud of. But the fact that I'm back on it just shows the reason why that you want to be on in the first place. This is championship material here. This is true leadership that I'm showing you.


Yes, it was one in four. Was it a terrible story? Of course. But they don't ask you how you want your fights. They just ask you how many you want. So here I am.


You know, you had an ugly windlass. The lines are provided by Caesars. William Hill. Let's do our celebrity prognosticator with the red hot one informed Chris Jericho. I know it is time for celebrity prognosticator. Let's win some money.


I got to write these gems down.


Jericho, you're a master promoter. And because we don't want to be people who just take from you, what is it that you need people to know about before we get to your picks for the week because you're red hot?


Well, first of all, I told you last week, if I came back this week, I would want you to start referring to me as my new prognosticated name of Christie, the Greek, so you can start by calling me that. Second of all, you want to end up doing just Google me right now. We've got some big business here, baby. I got to see this one for record and state charges first. The has a big OK.


You got a lot of talking to us. All right. All right. So Google, if you want to know what he doesn't want to promote anything. He's just saying, Kristie, the Greek fine cursing the Greek Baltimore at Philadelphia, Philadelphia, a seven and a half point dog at home. Who does? Christie the great cat.


I'm going with Baltimore.


He likes chalk. That's what got him in trouble last week. Chicago and Carolina, Carolina, minus one point five.


Who does Christie the great cam, Carolina. Cleveland at Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, minus three and a half favor at home.


Who does Christie the green cap I got to go with with Big Ben against Pittsburgh, Washington at the New York Giants, the Giants.


Woof, woof, woof, woof.


I'm Washington at the New York Giants, New York Giants. Minus two and a half.


And can you please tell me the full name of the Washington team?


Once again, it's the Washington football team that has to be the worst team in NFL history. So as a result, I'm going to take the Washington football team.


Settle down, Jack. Action. OK, settle down. We see. Great guy. You know a lot better, frankly, Chris, I'd agree than Jack action. Green Bay and Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay plus one, a favorite, Aaron Rodgers, your boy, Aaron Rodgers against Tom Brady.


Yeah, it's all just a boy, but I live in Tampa and last week was an ugly loss for Jeff Brady. He's going to go on a rampage this week ago with the Bucs.


There it is, Chris. See the Greek? So from now on, also, Chris Jericho, if you want to know what he's involved with, Google him.


Thank you. Randomise every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. on TNT or I'll get in trouble for my boss. The Time family, illustrious Jaguars, 7:00 p.m. Central.


By the way, those lines were provided by Caesars, William Hill, Jericho. When you come in on stupidity already, let's go. I gave it Roger's number.


Yes. After six months of by the time he gave me his number, he forgot who I was.


I also know that it's close to God. It's unbelievable to not. You've been blaming Jericho for not getting back to you for months now, and Jericho did get back to you. You didn't get back to him. Like, how can you do that with a straight face?


Because, again, Chris, thank you for being on with the Levertov.


Chris, the Greek gods of the outside begging for quarters.


Wow. OK, thank you, Jericho. Good, because I'm following your gambling advice. And one in four.


Hey, I, I just want to be back next week to four more jobs and it has to be somebody from Christie the great see next week, guys. OK, very good.


My grind. Did you have anything on the subject of Jeanie Buss. Because I was trying to celebrate her and we got distracted by the things that we're doing around here.


Yeah, she's had to overcome so much, even within her own family. When you think about gender dynamics and sexism and misogyny, remember, she actually had some bona fide some credentials within that organization of being good at her job. And when Dr. Jerry Buss passes, she's not getting the team. It goes to her brother, who has zero the credentials. When we talk about any of the Lakers success, we talk about Jerry and Jeanie. And we never we never spoke about her brother.


And her brother had a trial run, first crack at it and he failed. And Britain In Session. It's the movie that it's the television show that McKay executive produced on succession, where the man, because it comes from the past and riches and a different time in America, in the world, the men are in charge. The men are always in charge. And when it comes to the literal succession of the Lakers, the brother was boob. They had to wrestle away from the brother, big brother.


The woman love basketball so much that she loved Phil Jackson like was engaged to Phil Jackson. You had all that awkwardness there with Phil. Phil Jackson was engaged. Jeanie Buss, a part of their connection, spiritual loving connection that stays to this day was basketball was the love of basketball. Phil Jackson got run out of there because of at least the incompetence that was happening between. Now, imagine that two guys drink that one in in terms of family dynamic.


You're Jeanie Buss. Your father was a misogynist. Your brother's incompetent. Phil Jackson is your fiancee. You get bypassed at every turn, you get bypassed at the altar, you get bypassed by your lineage, and now you're a champion with LeBron James, with the family business, you're the one who protected your father's name, your father, famous misogynists like just famously a man who treated women as objects, right?




That moment where she's standing there accepting the trophy as the person who runs the Lakers had to feel very good for her. Right.


Based on all the stuff I made, she protected the family lineage. She protected like her father benefited from Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Pat Riley gave him a genius that he parlayed into Hollywood to making that team Hollywood's team like movie America team, who's their most famous fan, courtside at their games like that. That's what that that team was Hollywood.


And she was still trying to honor her father, Dr. Buss, because magic was like a son to Dr. Buss and Magic was still running the basketball operations. I mean, we we can still remember the disastrous season that was last year with magic just announcing to everybody and backstabbing behind the scenes.


Jeanie was the one person that was actually there for the glory days. Jim Buss can't go into a room and say, trust me, I got this is the one with the bona fides, the credentials, the championships to her name. So kudos to her for turning it around.


And now she sits atop the mountain, absorb this Dugan's absorb, absorb what it is we're saying.


And at the height of the Metoo movement, as you see everything that's happening in America right now where women and minorities are finding their voice, fighting for what we're talking about here, equality now absorb what just happened with the Lakers. It's not merely. That she restored the family name, she did it in a way that her brother couldn't, that Phil Jackson couldn't and that Magic Johnson couldn't like, look at those three men, look at their credentials, look at who was put in charge of that organization and look at who it is.


Is holding up the trophy today for the Lakers because it is a women. It's just a woman who restored them and it is a woman who restored them when basketball legends couldn't. Don Lemon Tart, it's Friday, I'm getting to the weekend, I want to get my drink on Strogatz.


We've got to open up the club, open it, open it opened and now. But is the computer buffering there is this incident, Lilibeth, our show with these two guys on ESPN Radio. ESPN Radio is presented by progressive insurance sounds this week have been brought to you by my computer career training for a better life.


We are going to open up the club for the weekend in just a sec. And again, 848, the time I am in Los Angeles where I don't know if you've been reading the stories to guys, but we've got multiple incidents at the Los Angeles Airport of flights coming in and some dude is flying out there in a jet pack as a plane is coming in.


Like this is multiple reports about a jet pack that can get up into the sky high enough so that you've got ironmen situations where people are up in the sky where you find airplanes. It's not one incident. It is now a couple of incidents where our technology is taking jetpacks into the sky. Do you guys want to do that? Does anyone like I am scared who wasn't even amongst the sounds experimental in a way that would scare me. I've told you every once in a while I'll look out my window here on the beach and it feels like one of the scenes from the ancient movie Water World, where a guy is pedaling past my window, you know, on a in a balloon.


And I'm like, that doesn't seem safe. If he falls from there, he's going to be falling several stories to his death.


If he's got engine failure, I'm afraid of heights. Like it's like I have a serious fear of heights. So, no, that's not something I would like to do at all.


It's all about you shipping containers. Are anyone amongst you who wants to go up in a jetpack into the sky in a way that's getting in the flight paths of jumbo jets? Do any of you have that adrenaline rush in you anywhere?


I would maybe do the water one where you're like on the water and the water is jet packing. You like, you know, twenty feet above the water.


But I'm not doing the one up in the air and I've always wanted to fly. So, yes, I will try it once and maybe only once. Yes.


And that will be your final effort. Billy, I'm sure you have no interest, absolutely no interest in even watching videos of this stuff.


Correct. Now, this is idiotic. And then what's going to happen is the person is going to get hit by a plane and then we're able to see that he got hit by a plane. Why did this happen? He had such a bright future. It's like, well, no, don't fly around where airplanes are flying that you can get hit by an airplane.


And I want to go in the woods.


What makes you think I would be in a jet pack going up the sky? Very good. Excellent work. Let us open up the club for the weekend.


Billy runs the risk of having a very poor weekend if the Astros going to make it to the World Series.


I think I'm I'm curious, though, Billy, how do you feel like it's part of your hatred for the Braves? Is it borne of the fact that Ozuna is not thirty years old yet and he's got an open house over nine hundred in the postseason?


No, it's I hate the Braves since I was a little kid because they're the Marlins rivals Nemesis and this Ozuna A I wish you would have it. It pains me to be angry with him, but oh God.


I mean, the Braves of own that division, right? I mean, if I'm a Mets fan, I hate the Braves as well.


Shepherd named his son after he named his son Shea, just because of how many home runs. Chipper's says he enjoyed hitting home runs there to silence a crowd in New York more than he enjoyed hitting them at home. Let's open up the club here.


I miss villans with the confidence of a Chipper Jones, the name is Kid Shea because you own the Mets.


So great. Where's that guy today? Like a guy that comfortable? I want to be a villain to those people. What is the first sound that you allowed in the club?


I love you. That's right. That's. God's calling Christine Lisi.


Christine, I'd love to see who else is in the club.


Brunch is the absolute worst thing on Earth. It was invented by the devil at his brunch, according to Billie Joe.


It is a bit strong. Who else is in the club?


They'll charge you seven ninety nine for an egg that an hour before or an hour later is to ninety nine. It's so ridiculous. It's for suckers. Who else is in the club.


It's called the original House of Pancakes. But you know the DJ's call it hot cakes even if you know the DJ's call it. Who else is in the club.


And finally you can drive south from Detroit and end up in Canada. Who knew?


Those kazoos are not going to get old to me. Just how incredibly crappy the world's greatest contribution made in life and his life. He should name his child. That is the sound of the kazoo. Who else is in the club?


There should not be an excuse me. That was just stop, Wolf.


Let me hear that again. There should not be an x o o. There should not be an x o on the medal stand. There should not be an X. Oh yeah.


It's like him getting stuck in a webbing of snots being.


I want you to just imagine a giant cobweb of snot and Stewart sticking his mouth in it being who else is in the club. Ryan Tannehill and Ryan Tannehill.


A tongue twister isn't Ryan Tannehill.


Ryan Tannehill. That's it. With even a little bit here. Mike sleeps with those or doesn't sleep because of those who else is in the club. I listen to you guys every morning, so.


Oh, where was he? I told you, we're going to go.


It's a pleasure to talk to you tomorrow, then. Good. Oh, all right. I'll see you tomorrow. All right. All right. Good day. I forgot about him.


He didn't call. I'm so disappointed. Postgame show losing isn't an option. Who else is in the club?


Do we have anyone else in the club? This is literally the worst way to ever do this. This is burning my heart that this is happening. But if you could hear me, just understand. I'm sorry.